Half elves fall in love chapter 65

Chapter 65: Morning waist training 【Dianne ・ Aurora】



Well on the way, even though I entered the miraculous spring (with Jeanne and Hilda-san), I´m unable to move at all because I worked too hard during those 10 times, I was at a loss. Laila is astonished again at my own goodness without the recovery of the miraculous spring while she is the only one in good condition after making me enthusiastic and act all the way until I am exhausted.

“I thought I had a little more physical strength. If I go to the large desert dungeon again, I´m going to walk a lot of kilometers a day”

When I complain, Anzeros, who carries me, smiles.

“Good grief. I couldn’t imagine how weak you would be if you didn’t see the limit once in this way. It’s not really good”
“U……I know, so you don’t need to say it. Ah, it’s better to really do some running without having to say practical training”
“Okay. I’ll come along tomorrow”

Anzeros dragged me down to the protected fountain in town. Polka, or the silver clan family both have a miraculous spring, but here the miraculous spring water can be drunk, so its effectiveness is slightly different. It is good for small injuries and drinking it is highly effective for illness and physical fitness. I should just take a bath and take a drink after taking the bath, but I can’t even let Anzeros drag me to the men’s bath and it’s better to let me drink it at the protected fountain than that. At this place, a delicious drink using the miraculous spring water is prepared.

“Yes, welcome…… what isn’t it blacksmith Andy and his partner”

At the protected fountain, Aunt Lindsey welcomed me and Anzeros.

“I don’t know if you´re a hero, but it’s almost like your 100-man commander and Princess Aurora did most of it”

……Well. No, when I look at the facts, I’m not really active as I cheered in places or lowered the work difficulty level by making the crest, but I’m not very active and most of the really big successes of Laila and Maia are hidden from the residents. As it is a human town where even a half-ogre like Jackie is slightly feared, it will be tough to receive the dragons moderately. Well, Maia is aside, but Laila is not likely to care too much.

“But, it’s not good to let you be carried by a girl”
“Haha……I was training to strengthen my physical strength a little bit”
“At least walk and show up. Do you want to have some lemon water?”

Lemon water is good for strength recovery. There are some other variations, such as wild grass tea and dilute salt water, but all have one thing in common.

“Yes. Blessings of the Guardian of the Earth”
“Thank you”

Gently holding the mark, I have been blessed by Aunt Lindsey. I don’t know if it is effective or not, but it is Polka with a lot of simple Trot church members. It is something we can drink thankfully for this blessing.

“Nguu……ngu……puha. After all Aunt Lindsay’s lemon water works best”
“Haha, everywhere is the same”
“That’s what I say. It is famous that the syrup of the secret ingredient and the fine techniques are working”
“It doesn’t matter if it works. It’s my taste and I think it’s tasteless with lemon alone”

Even though I say something, Aunt Lindsay is glad about that kind of small concern.

“Hmm……I also want to drink it a bit. Can I have a cup?”
“Yes yes, wait a minute. ……Is that lady, Andy’s girlfriend?”
“E, ah, emm……”
“That’s right”
“Simply put, it isn’t easy to say”
“Well, yes”

I make a wry smile while stroking Anzeros´s head who refuses to change strangely. And, while pouring out the lemon water in the pot, Aunt Lindsey was smiling.

“……What if you don’t say it roughly? Or perhaps I should say, Apple-chan and Selenium-chan. Four crotches”

Not good.

“Huhuhu, don’t spit Andy!”
“Fo, forgive me!”

I managed to escape the pursuit of Aunt Lindsay and fled back to the inn with Anzeros with slightly recovered legs.

“N, no matter what that aunt says, I like this story……”
“Ah……which reminds me you, at Basson”

Anzeros was a frequent introduction of girls by many shops. She was supposed to be a man. Well, let’s see. Such a subtle kind of envy.


Dinner place. While I was waiting for dinner, when I was completely absent from the room, information exchange was being carried out between the six people who were satisfied with everything today, Dianne and Aurora who was working in diplomacy in the baron residence. Yup. It had been done.

“10-man captain is still a handsome man”
“Well, I’m really thinking that we’re not going to get pregnant too soon. It’s so dark, and it’s not funny anymore”
“N, n…… but for halves, I mean one person in five years is good on average……I am patient”
“I’m not really sure if Apple is unselfish or greedy”

The satisfied group are excited


The dissatisfied pair staring at me with expressionless eyes. I’m scared.

“What is the intention of doing such things while we are not there, Andy”
“Even if Andy-san is busy while unmanageable the expectation at any time, and it has been self-weight, I expected to be by your side all the time”
“No that”

However, I can’t do my best anymore. Despite drinking the miraculous spring water, it is not convenient enough to make a human’s physical strength inexhaustible. Fatigue is faster to the end, the extent that tiredness is not carried over the next day.

“Elder sister told you that 10 times a day is the norm for you”
“Oh well, I think it can be said that it is the minimum if it can only be done with magic or pear.”

Hilda-san agrees. ……Is it the minimum?

“If so, talk is fast”
“That’s right”

I……stand with Dianne and Aurora. I´m scared of both of them.

“Why do you have such a frightened face?”
“Don’t worry, I won’t force you to do anything”
“I don’t know if that’s a laugh. I want you to stop communicating with each other at once”
“Ah, what? It’s just a natural conclusion”
“That’s right”

Dianne and Aurora nod at each other.

“Today you have done it 10 times. And yet we are outcasts”
“If so, we should take precedence over the next opportunity”
“Ah, it’s a natural logic”
“Yes. There is only this one”

They smile sweetly. I feel pressure from their smile.

『Tomorrow it’s my turn from morning (selfish) ♪』

“……from morning?”
“Even if I leave you alone, you will be eaten by my sister before noon”
“Anzeros told me, you were talking about running with Anzeros, but it is not impossible to seed Anzeros on the roadside”
“Dianne-chan……hold on. What do you think of your sister?”
“Aurora too……what do you mean”
“You’re a frustrated married woman”
“You’re a nasty faithful ​​slave”

Hilda and Anzeros stagger.

“Dianne-chan is in a rebellion……!”
“……Kuu, I want to refute but I can not think of……u!”
“No, no no, you can argue, Anzeros”

These people are not good either.


So, with a creepy notice, I was freed and I spent a quiet night. The next morning.


The futon is somewhere. Then, when I opened my eyes, Aurora in pajamas and Dianne in a dancer’s costume dropped my futon from the bed and they both crouched towards my crotch.

“……Ho, you really come from the morning……”
“Of course. ……I, I just dedicated my virginity to you a while ago. There’s no reason I can’t become like Anzeros even though you´re crazy about Anzeros and Selenium. ……I was very patient”
“I’m the same. You promise me to put out your semen every day, to seed me and to make my belly be filled with Andy-san’s human semen as soon as possible……th, this manly indecent scent drifting meat stick, I have the right to have my baby bag persistently loved”

Both who say that they are nasty, bring their faces close to my morning wood.

“……You are a superhero in the town more or less”
“What about it”
“I don’t care”

It was cut off in an instant and thrown away. ……In fact, I was really helped by the greatness of these two people this time and I was even a little carelessly wondering whether it would be good to have such great people feel free to do it now.

“I, I don’t have collar……but still I´m your woman right……? I’m glad being addicted and seeded, as I´m an exclusive woman for you”
“If you´re not bored with my body, you can order me in the cafeteria or on the street anytime……rero……nmu, chuu…… I will take off my underwear and put out my buttocks to train your waist……nmu, chuu……haaa, I, I……am willing to obey always……nnn♪”
“I said to Hilda-San yesterday because it’s the hardest thing to do in my hometown”
“Oh, it wasn’t your hobby?”
“As long as you can get rid of it when you’re attacking……nmu, chuuu……I’m wearing underwear that can be removed immediately……reroroo, hamuhh……puha……if you don’t want to be seen, you can always cheat with an illusion, don’t worry, get estrus at any time……chuu♪”
“Do you want to be attacked so much in front of people?”
“Nguu…….chupoo, no, but. I just want to be attacked anytime without hesitation♪”
“Ah, as Aurora says”

Both suck on my penis while alternating every time and request me to do indecent things with them.

“Sometimes it’s okay to break up my clothes silently, holding me down and use me as a semen toilet as you like……♪”
“Haaa……I’m thrilled just imagining it♪”

And from the strain I’ve done that kind of thing, I can’t do it either.

“Ye, Yeah, then……first of all, clothes are in the way, take them off”

When I ordered the two, their cheeks dyed red and they joyfully took off their clothes and threw them away. Dianne´s body has a plump and firm impression. Aurora´s body has a thin and delicate impression. They are reminiscent of a solitary fox living in a dense forest and a pedigree-booked cat living in a royal palace. However, their bodies which can be said to be the best balance on each standard, emit a sweet and sour scented lecithin by serving me and having a delusional confession, so they were burning with heat.

“Now who will be first?”
“There’s plenty of time. In your favorite posture without rushing……♪”
“Yeah, then both of you hold your legs and stick your pussies out”
“Huhu, you bully”
“Gentleman, that’s what he is!”

Well. I will do what I can do to Dianne. ……However, without being compiled in particular, they sit on the edge of the bed and stick out their hairless labias to me while panting with indecent expectations. I´m required to use their two vaginas freely and pour my love every day into them for letting them become pregnant. I jumped at the indecent bodies of the southern heroes while being a little touched by the fact.

“Haaa……is that so, I want you to have sex with me……♪”
“Well then, I will do my best”

I declare so to Dianne.

“Huhu……yes, this was training”

Dianne smiles thinly and shakes her hips.

“I feel like I want to use my body, but I don’t want to hesitate”
“I don’t want you to hold back, because I am your boss. I hope you will do your best for such a pleasant workout♪”
“How can you get a child from this training……”
“It’s nice. You’re healthy, I feel good and I can give birth to a child. There’s nothing wrong with what I thought”
“It’s not romantic, though”
“Each his own”

Grabbing Dianne´s supple waist, I rush into her vagina and penetrates inside. Dianne has a melting expression and demands a kiss from me. As soon as I put my face out, I will be kissed.

“Nuu……huhu, Andy´s penis is the first thing in the morning, that entered……♪”
“It feels so good that it’s breaking the rules as usual…… ♪ Not good, I……”
“You’re getting better and better”
“Because I will continue training on my own”
“Yo, you idiot……♪ If you are made to be without such a reserve, what will become of me♪”
“Please feel relieved even if you faint”
“U……you, devil man♪”

I actively and violently ravish Dianne who seems to have switched on her switch. On the other hand, Aurora breathes roughly. The desire to continue being scolded even if you give up and to want to get together is understood as taking it through each other’s genitals. It has been transmitted. Dianne doesn’t care about this side and I can do it without hesitation because she is obedient and inexhaustible. The genital, body and mind have been customized to the feeling that it is just right to each other with a greedy love.

“Haaa……great, my uterus is scraped……I’m addicted……I want semen, that’s what my uterus says♪”
“I see, your cervix is ​​craving for it……!!”
“Then, give……to my womb, give it to me……my pussy, wants Andy´s sperm!!”
“Of course!!”

Momentarily, ejaculation. Dokun, Dokun, Dokun……. It was possible to ejaculate at the timing synchronized with each other’s excitement. This sense of unity is unique to Dianne only.

“HHaa……haa……huhu, I feel like I’ve been remodeled every time we do it……♪”
“Me too”

Rubbing each other´s overheated body, we make a light kiss and smile.


And then I immediately pull my penis out and presses it against Aurora´s slender body still attached with semen.

“Haaa……Dianne-sama and Andy-san had sex, your penis……I want you to put in quickly……♪”
“Of course I will put it in. You are training too”
“Yes……huhu, if you put in this cock, Andy-san’s and Dianne-sama’s love juice are likely to be staying in my stomach”
“Is……Is that so?”

I thought seriously for a moment, but it was immediately denied by Dianne. Th, that’s right.

“Even if it is, will I become pregnant?”
“N, no no”
“Dianne-sama’s child in my womb…..my child in Anzeros-san……huhu, it’s also interesting to have put it in such a way inconsistently♪ If there is Andy-san’s child, there is no reason not to give birth”
“You’re pervert……”
“A lot……please give me your sperm. My womb is always waiting for Andy-san’s sperm. I would like to get wet every day with Andy-san’s semen”
“You´re a good match to Anzeros at the pervert level”
“I am honored♪”

This girl is just at the age how ripe she is, even though she is still at the age of impatient marriage and birth.

“Good, then it’s the second feast of the morning of this day, drink it well! You perverted princess!”

I embed my cock in Aurora´s vagina. The soft but crispy vagina holds my son firmly and squeezes with a sense of innocence. I dare not to touch her body and just squeeze Aurora with my waist only.

“Haahh……co, coming……inside my vagina, come to a great extent……mo, more violently, it’s good……!!”

Aurora shakes her whole body with one motion of my waist, distorts her expression, sticks out her tongue and gets insanely disturbed. Taste her vagina without touching her, I enjoy the disorder of Aurora.

“Haa……haaa……wo, womb, comes down……Andy-san´s sperm is received……Andy-san´s sperm……♪”
“Good, then you drink it pervert”
“Aah……drink it! Let me drink, let me become pregnant!”

I move only with my hips and I knock down the uterus which has come down according to Aurora´s words and I ejaculate. Plunging my sperm into this pervert elf that expresses her joy of being pregnant by shaking her whole body.


And exhaustion. My penis is still enthusiastic with the two naked bodies in front of my eyes, but if I don’t take a breath for a while, the next one is painful.

“……What position do you want to use next?”
“Steadily come more and more♪”
“Wa, Wait a minute, let me rest a little……”

Dianne and Aurora aren’t exhausted yet and look back at me with desire, while I prepare my breath with both hands behind my back.

“Then here is our turn?”

Aurora and Dianne face me together.

“Andy-san personally blame us with the ten times norm”
“……Didn’t my sister also say that you can’t ejaculate anymore?”

If they got on top, it wouldn’t be my “training”, but it wouldn’t be forbidden either.

“Eh, wait……is that theory too hard?”
“Hey, you should stay still♪”
“I wish I could count the stains on the ceiling……would it be a rule of the world?”
“E, wait……uwaaa!!”


“……Can you run?”
“……Is it good from tomorrow……?”
“Yeah. ……For the time being, let’s go to Lindsay-san”

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