Half elves fall in love chapter 66

Chapter 66: Contract with Maia 【Maia】



“That, 1, 2, 3, 4″
“1, 2, 3, 4”
“5, 6, 7, 8”
“5, 6, 7, 8”
“Your voice is getting smaller”
“I, I know”

A very steady running with Anzeros under a refreshing morning with fine weather. After all, my fitness is limited to running. Yup. It is possible to adjust by myself and it is good that I can see my physical strength by extending the distance I can run little by little. …..However, it is far from physical strength before going out on a trip.

“Bu, but Anzeros’s physical strength……”
“Ah that is, I’m a swordsman”
“Aurora is also a swordsman but she isn’t like you”

It’s not like me, though.

“Well……I always have to do a little basic training. If I can’t meet for at least half a day, I cant practice efficiently”
“Don’t say something absurd……”

There is no attack from the elves any longer and the monsters around her have been cleaned up by Dianne, so Polka became peaceful. I wanted to stay here a bit more, but the remaining time is only five days. Even if we’re fast by using Laila, it will surely take nearly a full day, so we have to leave here in 4 days.

“I also wanted to stay a little longer……”
“I’m looking forward to the next vacation. I don’t know how many years it will be”
“The next reorganization is going to be next year? I’m thinking about leaving the army at that time”
“Would you go back here?”
“I don’t know. I don’t have a home when I return … I also have to do my blacksmithing again”
“……I think it’s better to live around Apple in Basson without leaving the unit, it’s a serious story. You’re not saving money”

I worry while running. There is no intention to become so great in the military in the future. I mean, I don’t know how much I can do it but I can’t take a night class. A soldier is a field where the body is capital. It is hard for long-lived species such as humans and ogres to continue for a long time. If you work for ten or three hundred years for three years, there will be few, if any, pensions, so it is a kind of theory to quit by that time and take a steady occupation in their hometown. If I can’t quit this time, I can’t afford to do my best until I become a 100-man commander. However, there is no way that a 100-man commander can become sensible just by sitting around. It must be done so long as the track record and public aptitude is solid and everyone admits that it is more appropriate for promotion than the other 10-man captains.


The other 10-man captains…..Anzeros is a well-received, honest and respectable Ace Knight that everyone recognizes. Perhaps in the crossbow corps, she has the highest profile other than Dianne. Isaac is also a strong candidate. He is kind of a soldier who has leadership, tactics and execution power.

“Williams is also fine……and you can’t overlook Kiron? No in the first place……”
“What are you talking about?”
“Ah, no no”

As a matter of fact, the chances that I can become a 100-man commander in the near future are infinitesimally small. If you have a partner to feed you, you should wash your feet as soon as possible and take a new path. So. Before I met Selenium and before I woke up Apple, it was good that I was a soldier. Well now, that. ……I want to be fully aware of erotic things and I don’t want to leave them alone too much. If I can live together with them and earn money, there is nothing better than that. But how do I earn that money? That is the question.

“I can earn money by doing special express flights with Laila……uh, I don’t have to do this and I can’t support it……. And a crest engraver……I need to study more at Klaves and I’ll be presumptuous to sign up”
“Th, think slowly. You can continue your blacksmith training and we will live with me and Dianne’s savings”
“Emm, if I start my blacksmith training again, it will take three years, five years if I’m bad”
“U, uh……no matter how much money, leave it to us……”
“Good grief, that’s an uneasy face”

I pat Anzeros’s head. I’ve been a little excited about the smell of sweat that comes from the nape of her T-shirt and the ponytail that stick to her slightly sweaty skin.


Anzeros lowered her ears a little and blushes. Did she felt sensitive because I was a little naive? Or……does she want to do it? No, no. That’s not good. It has become a direction to have an erotic special training be forgiven, saying, “Because it is too tough from daytime and at least after the evening”. But……. Damn, cute……. I want to push her down……. When.

“Oh, Andy!!”
“Anzeros-san too! Hey!”

From a little distance, we were greeted by Johnny and Keel, who seemed to return from a snow-covered public road. It’s difficult for Anzeros and me to flirt in front of them. We take some distance as they approached.

“He, Hey”
“Oh, you’re really doing some training. It’s exactly what Aunt Lindsay said”
“Still alive? Are you so weak that you’re disliked by Selenium-chan and the others?”

In an attempt to put out a strange sign, Johnny takes a circle with one hand and raises his forefinger with the other hand and Keel makes a tsukkomi with his belly.

“Stop. Anzeros-san is looking”
“I, I see, ahaha”

You are not wrong either, but it is a great help if you give yourself weight. It’s also tempting for Anzeros or subtle anecdotal laughter that I want to back off. At that time, the day gets dark.


When a shadow appears in the clouds, the amount of light slowly fell and above all, it was fine weather without a cloud just now. I raise my gaze while wondering about such a sudden phenomenon. The direction of the sun. Something is flapping.


Dangerous. It’s a dragon. Maybe Mai……a, what? Are there five?

“J, Johnny, Keel, just a little”

I don’t know for sure, but the landing target is definitely around me. I asked Johnny and Keel as I didn’t know what to say……but they had already seen them and had opened their mouths wide.

“……H, Hey, that”
“……Ma, Maybe that’s perhaps that, an elf’s pet or something. It looks like it’s so far away, but didn’t my sense of distance get out of order?”
“Is, Isn’t it a flying dragon? I once saw one in the capital city”

I don’t really know what to say, but I can understand the feelings of those two who are clinging with their faces that seem to be slightly broken. Yup. The moment I learned about Laila’s identity, I was really scared. During that time, the blue dragons are fluttering and approaching. Johnny and Keel trembled with fear as they opened their mouths. Anzeros also changed her standing position to cover me casually, whether she felt suspicious with that amount of dragons. And.


When Maia who is at the top (I think it cant be identified as she is approaching with a lot of dragons) raised her voice, Johnny and Keel hugged each other and reply with a shaking voice.

“No, it’s not you guys. Get away from me
“I, I’m sorry!”
“Oh, we’re all hereーーー!!!”

Johnny and Keel run away as they crawl. Yup. It is correct. It’s their first encounter with a dragon, so instead of making friends with them, that’s the correct response.

“Human, here I am”
“Welcome home, Maia……those dragons are?”
“My mother, cousin, aunt and great uncle”

The big blue dragon, who got down behind Maia, lightly made a speech and transformed into a human. Starting from that, all other dragons also transformed into humans one after another. ……Good, but they are all naked. And it’s fucking cold.

“Can you get dressed?”
“Oh, this is rude”

The 50-year-old man who seemed to be Maia’s great uncle took out a cloth of the air and wears a robe. Isn’t this to few, but it’s enough for now? Learning from him, the others do the same. Only Maia remained naked and came close to me with a jump.

“I wanted to meet you”
“Good good”

I caress her gently. The other four people looked at the scene smilingly, but the great uncle with a serious face opened his mouth to me.

“I would like to see Laila-dono from Russell Palace”


“It’s been a long time, Laila-dono. Will it be the first time in eighty years?”
“Ho. Who are you”
“……Mystery Palace’s blue dragon Broll”
“……O, Ooooo, I see Broll. You aged”

A major event of a dragon and dragon dialogue began in a frank while being in the inn’s cafeteria. I think it’s too frank Laila. This person is not a big one at first. However, Broll makes a bitter smile.

“My master has died recently”
“……Is that so. That is……”
“She was old. She was a good woman, but she picked up a cold outside the forest, that was in the end deathly”
“Ho. Then, this cup was poured to the remembrance of the deceased”
“Thank you”

Laila poured the “Large ice field” she had been drinking into Broll’s cup.

“Well, I heard that Laila-dono had finally decided on a rider and I hesitated for a while before visiting”
“Ho. I wonder why”
“If I look at your weakness at that time, it won’t be strange if I think that you won’t decide on a rider for another 300 years. Even if you’re free, I think you’re the one who dyed the justice of other people’s justice”
“Hoho, I see. But a man who was acknowledged by me has appeared”
“Is that the human?”
“UmuUmu. Therefore……if you get in the way, I will not forgive you, even if your whole palace gets involved”

It’s a threat to that foolish dragon.

“H, hey, Laila”

I think it would be foolish to turn the entire Dragon Palace into an enemy, so I took a step forward to break in, but before that, Broll-san roared.

“I won’t disturb. ……I doubted that the silver clan’s Phaser was acting out of justice as he was a wicked man who was a trainer”
“Umm. Good understanding helps”

Is it Phaser again? I was going to feel relieved, but I felt that it would be better to meet him in person.

“If you ask me, I’m not saying that he has not yet signed a contract with Maia”
“Ho. Speaking of that. What about the owner, Maia really want to keep?”
“That’s really……”

If I can say it was a play now, I think I’m a bad guy. It doesn’t mean good.

“…..Keep, is it?”

Maia looks up at me. ……Uh, She feels very uneasy. It is this that her face seems to be so uneasy to me as Maia is normally expressionless……and I have an unreliable erection. No, no.

“I will keep her. I keep her properly. She is my pet for all my life”

Maia laughs loudly. Old man Bonaparte and Dianne who were watching while eating at the side were all together and sighed.

“You are perverted”
“Ah……but Andy is somehow liked by such a perverted woman”
“You too, War God”
“I’m not perverted. …..Co, Comparatively”

Dianne says so with confidence. Externally alone. Anyway.

“Indeed. Arrogant, I would like to see Maia’s contracting ceremony at our Dragon Palace?”
“Huh… What do you like to say, Andy?”
“Eh, at the dragon palace?”

……Why bother? I thought, but Broll said heavily.

“It’s a formal contract. Andy-dono, our youngest child’s wedding ceremony, can you let us see?”

……Well, it’s a matter of getting married just like that, that’s the contract of power. That is……it can’t be helped.


Misty Palace was located about a dozen kilometers northeast of Polka, where the northern elves forest and the foothills of the snake mountains overlap. Because the forest slightly north of Polka is the territory of the elves and the power of the ancient barriers and the defense battle of the elves don’t bring it close to the forest itself, as the palace wasn’t a recognized existence at all, though it is outside the boundaries of the ancient barrier. It is not unreasonable. In such a palace, I, Maia and Laila and Dianne entered as attendants.

“……Misty Palace is really misty”
“Ho. That’s it”

It is said that the weather conditions in the mountains, geothermal problems, and the effects of Qi are the cause that this place is covered in fog almost all year long. Is that all right? They don’t have dry clothes and they don’t have wooden constructions for long. The palace was in a huge cave, the houses were all built of stone and the residents were indifferent to clothes in the first place.

“Th, They’re all naked……”
“How is it possible, even though they’re dragons……”
“Hoho. That’s right. It depends on the palace”

The fabric is apparently a grass-colored elf-like costume which was presented by the silver clan and a few are wearing it. Most of them just wore metal ornaments on their limbs and neck and they seemed to show off their crotches and chests proudly.

“It’s a culture shock”
“Don’t stare at the chest or butt of those female dragons while saying that”

I was scolded by Dianne. But I can’t help it. They are all great women who are no less inferior to an elf. With regard to males, they are in the direction of being driven out of my consciousness for the time being.


A large hall near the center of the palace. Broll declares in front of all the residents of the Palace (more than a dozen) and us.

“Today, we will do “the contract of power” between our youngest child Maia and the human Andy Smithson.

Applause. ……It’s really a wedding ceremony.

“Maia, as I taught you”

Maia is urged by her mother and comes to my side. After all, without wearing clothes, there are only a few golden rings on her hands and feet, a rich hair ornament and a necklace-like chain on her waist. It’s like being naked. That Maia still offers me a luxury collar.

“Hu, Human Andy Smithson……today, from this time on, are you ready to make the blue dragon Maia beloved by ice your possession?”


“This dragon will follow you, but its power freezes the earth, spreading death and overwhelming your relatives and yourself with a momentary momentum. A dragon is the incarnation of violent power. The heart is in imminent danger that is not known when it goes mad without justice. That is to say when you put a dragon on your side”
“If you swear, I will be with you. To keep using me until you get rid of me. To continue to enjoy my love and destruction. To keep justice and reason for the power of the dragon. If you swear, put these commandments on me”

Apparently, this is a fixed phrase. The collar that is offered is extravagantly luxurious. Just by putting it on, Maia will surely feel like she is gorgeous. But.

“I swear that much, but I don’t like this collar”

I took the collar from Maia and dumped it on the ground. Maia and the other dragons have a surprised face. Oh yes. It is me who gets Maia. It is a matter of me and Maia. Can I swear by something made by someone else? I’m a blacksmith, though it’s half-hearted here.

“Hoho. That’s right”

Laila laughs so funnily. I also make a wry smile and before coming here today, I borrowed Jackie’s tools and made a collar. A hard leather collar that is used for animals. It cant be compared with the fancy collar rolling on the ground. However, I cut it with my hands, put my name on it, so that’s truly a collar made by me. It’s all about vain. But this is for everyone I’ve been putting on a collar. It doesn’t make sense to put my collar on my will. That’s why these people are special. Maia is a special woman. So I put it on here.

“You are my pet. I have no scene to save the world, I have no intention of killing anyone, but I am not willing to give you to anyone. My beloved Maia. Just stay beside me. It’s not the civility of the livery, you swear yourself”
“……U, Uh……I, you”
“Andy……sama, I want you to do something like that”

Sama? ……Well, it’s fine.


I put on the collar. Among the decorations that decorate her body, it is the first modest object. However, Maia touched her collar with a happy expression.

“……Hohoho. Indeed my owner. In front of all those dragons, he threw away their gratitude and urged by his heart went to get his own commitment”

……I forgot a little. Now that it is mentioned, Maia’s whole family is here. ……Ar, Are they angry now?

“……Ah, Andy-sama”

Maia bites on her lips as she calls my name.

“Maia……with this Andy-sama, it is”

Then, while making a charming expression suddenly, words are repeated.

“You are free to use my power. You can command anything from me”
“Yes, that’s right”
“You won’t give me up whatever you do. You have the duty to love me”
“……W, with me, from now on, you can make a child proudly”
“……We, Well, that’s right, yeah”
“Dragon, rider……you, my rider……♪”

Yup. Well on the promise it will be. But is that something to say in front of your family?

“Then……let’s make a child now”
“E, eh!?”

I started escalating.

“Wa, wait a minute, making a child in front of your family”
“Family, making. In front of everyone, a new family♪”
“Wait, calm down Maia, you’re soaring too much”

No matter how naked they are even wearing those thin clothes, they would not allow their cute little daughter to get fucked here.

“No. Andy-dono, it’s fine”
“You are the one who stands above us dragons. Dragon justice, dragon husband. You can do it in front of us”

Broll-san roars and the other dragons follow. ……I don’t understand the sexual ethics of dragons. But.

“Andy-sama, I want, your dick inside me……again I surrender, mating, I want Andy-sama’s penis……♪ The collar isn’t enough, I want more from Andy-sama……♪”
“Is, Is it okay……?”
“Ho. I have to say that you have an erection”

Grabbing in front of my pants, Laila whispers in my ear.

“Do it. Ignore does 15, 16 people. It’s no different than when we all line up and have sex”
“But it’s almost the double amount……”

However, it is strange to put up with nobody giving up. Is it also awkward to think that it is an act of ceremonies? Alright. ……Its an authorized act of love with a little girl before her mother, grandparents and all relatives watch. Yup. I can’t think about it to be normal, but I get fired up.

“Go, good……Maia, open your crotch”
“Opening……Andy-sama, Andy-sama……my, owner’s penis, I’m waiting……♪”

I hurry and take off my pants and underwear. It’s a bit of a shame to show it in front of a crowd, but most of it is before naked dragons. I deceive myself. Maia’s body with ornaments is also pretty and her crotch is so cute. However, until now I have put my penis inside, how many times. And this time I will do it in front of her parents and relatives. At the same time, I can’t hold back my desire that completely awakened.

“Good……I will go”

I cover Maia’s body and insert my dick while being hugged. Contrary to the chilly skin because of the cool outside temperature, the inside of Maia was so hot that it was almost as if the heat was alive.

“Kuu……yo, you’re already so wet, Maia”
“Uhh……ehe, if it’s for Andy-sama’s penis, it’s always wet……I’m always ready, I’m … Andy-sama’s, because I’m your pet”
“It’s a good thing to do. It’s almost like a pet’s job, so try your best to keep it so at all times”
“Yes! Aaa……I, pet……is kept, it is kept……♪”

I have merciless sex with Maia, who is irritated only by the words, “pets are kept”. I’m tempted to show her family around as if to think of her young immature genital. I felt that I could hear the throat noise from somewhere around me. I feel the jealous and soggy gaze from Dianne and Laila.

“Good, it’s about time……Maia, I’m going to release a lot of your favorite juice into your young pussy……!”
“Yes! Come, I love Andy-sama’s penis juice! Fill me up to the fullest! Let’s do so tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too!”
“Ooo……ku, cum, cumm, cumminnggg!!”
“Na, aaaaaa♪”

At the same time as I pierce my cock into Maia’s pussy completely, I shot my semen inside with excitement. Maia shakes according to my rhythm and shakes her head as she is completely exposed to her relatives.

“Haaa……a, aa……hiuuu♪”
“Kuu……u, uu”

……I did it. Un, Unpleasant……while I thought, I bury my nose in Maia’s neck, which is spreading out while holding her limbs in my arms, and I feel a sense of collapse.


And while doing that for a while, there was a shadow that came close to us.

“Excuse me”
“……Ye, Yes”

Maia’s mother’s voice. I thought she would say, please release my daughter already, but her behavior was strange and she blushed. And it was an incredible word that came to my ear next.

“Ca, can I ask you next time……with me?”

Looking up, Maia’s mother had a bewitching smile as she was almost naked.


Apparently, a human male’s sperm with high fertility is very suitable for a dragon’s prosperity. Dragons are born in the form of dragons if they mate with their own race but the breeding rate is low, but there are also cases were dragons are born by mating with different races and especially a human partner can boost the breeding rate several times. However, it seems that even human juice is about one person in ten years. ……Also, there is a big part that the dragons without a rider don’t have a very ethical view about mating.

“Ho, that’s what I was going to do, Misty Palace blue skink lizard”
“If that’s not the case if we also refrain”
“Eh, wait, both of you!”

……It will be a long night tonight.

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