Half elves fall in love chapter 67

Chapter 67: Sir Bonaparte´s family



“I, I’m home……”
“Welco……ah, Andy!”
“Oh, what happened?”

When I entered the inn as I was dragged by Dianne and Laila, Anzeros and Hilda who had breakfast had an astonished face. Yup. I wonder if it was worth it.

“……Misty Palace is a magical place……”
“Ho. I guess it must be a magical place because its a dragon palace”

Laila says so with a grim smile. But there really isn’t a pun. It is a group of people who are starting to drink, saying that all the females are copulating with me, but they softly described it as “Maia’s marriage celebration” even though the males are all pale.

“……It was the first time that I was squeezed more than 30 times in one night……”
“You got caught up in an erotic act again, Andy”
“Don’t say it again……”

Hearing that we came back, the other girls came out.

“Even so Andy-kun is amazing too!”
“Umm. ……Well, the last one hardly got any juice”
“……Dianne-chan, you got mixed up in this confusion, right?”
“Well, it can’t be helped, it’s too bad to see Andy squeezed by the dragons with their fingers!”
“I’ve also had sex about twice♪”
“Ah, that’s sly, Laila-san!”
“I just wish I could have been with you”
“I, I don’t know what’s done, but……I expect you to compensate, Andy-san?
“……It would be better to give Andy a more focused meal than that, right? His face seems to have his soul come out”

Ah……the sex hell of those great and pretty dragons wasn’t bad either, but it’s important to do work, self-control, and love……yes. And, when I’m smiling, Maia sticks her head out from behind and looks up happy from under my arm.

“Andy-sama, my mother also told me that you can always come again♪”
“A, ah……I think about it”

When I look at Maia’s pretty smile, I remember her mother with big tits and a similar face, and after that, I think I won’t live long. Sexually.

“Aren’t you saying human anymore?”

Selenium and Jeanne heard it and had a suspicious face. Maia smiles proudly.

“I became a pet by having this collar attached to me by Andy-sama. ……I was also told that I was specialized in ecchi things for a lifetime”

A quiet dining room. The waiter’s aunt, Sir Bonaparte who had eaten in the area and other guests also look at us.

“……At least when the contract with the Dragon is a little more self-weight”

It’s still conscientious to say that Anzeros was a shave. Even Bonaparte, who knows the circumstances for a while, looks away and the eyes of the other guests and waiters, were as if they saw something odd. Well, maybe it’s their imagination or they say something like “A horrible pervert caught such a young girl” or such a story is, in fact, a matter of minutes and it is my sin, but that is it.

“Please hear an excuse”
“No, I don’t care”
“We are going to boil water”

The waiter had already been out.

“Ah, that……well, don’t mind it Andy”
“Hmm, it’s true that we have a selection from top to bottom and keep the heterosexual beauty indiscriminately♪”
“I didn’t tell a lie, or did I?”
“Yeah, Maia did nothing wrong……nothing”

Is there anything other than to be defiant?


I eat food while being mentally and physically exhausted. Suddenly, Bonaparte, who finished his meal, called out to me.

“Youth. ……I’m going to leave here tonight. I’m indebted to you”
“Eh……no, you’re the one who helped me more”

It was a bit sudden. There was a feeling that the old man Bonaparte would like to live in this city for a long time, but if you think about it, this person is restless. He had his own territory and family.

“But I’m not tied to the stagecoach, I just have to go slow”

This old man should have had his own horse. It will take quite some time if he carries a load, pull and walk, but it won’t take a week from Polka to the south of the mountain if it’s this old man.

“When spring comes, there’s no need to do anything. I can’t reach my home unless I get out of here, no matter if I’m flying with a dragon”

Spring is late in this area, but the snow will melt in the next two months in the capital and around it, and then it will be spring. If it’s bad transportation in winter, it will take almost a month to walk to the capital city, but if it’s farther than that, it’s certainly impossible to get there now. He can get there slowly or we send him with Laila or Maia……but that doesn’t mean we have to go back in three or four days.

“Hmm. I would like to return something because I was taken care of by you……but yes, I can bring you with Laila”
“I can’t let my horse be caught by a dragon. That child is brave but inflexible”
“Well, it was fun after a long time. I didn’t think it could be such a great adventure at this age. ……Ah, I am very lucky”
“If you say so, I feel comfortable. It was really bothersome, old man”
“Hahaha, good. The power is for use. It was good to use, thank you here”

I shake hands with the old man.

“That’s right, I’m going to take a last bath in the miraculous spring after having trained with Anzeros and Aurora, so do you want to accompany me?”
“Ah……yes, I’m going to get along”

When the old man hears my answer, he nods and left with satisfaction. ……Master swordsman. The strongest and heroic character of this country. Now I’m a Celesta soldier, and I don’t know what it means to be a person from Trot because I don’t have a living base in this town anymore……but anyway we were Trot’s hopes. If I think that I should have a shoulder in a row with such a person and take a bath, I was a little nervous. I am also very lucky.

“Well, I’m also getting ready to leave Polka……”

I need to say goodbye to everyone and need to prepare souvenirs. After all, Polka I had lived in before, has only places that had nothing to do with me now, but there are a lot of people who I have to say goodbye to. I have to do various things. When I stood up thinking about it, I was able to open the door of the front door with nothing.

“Ah, emm!!!”

I was surprised. ……What stood before me was a young man who was tall and thin and had a humble impression. About 20 years old.

“Emm, you!”
“Eh yes……are you staying here?”
“That’s right, but”

Now that most of the group members have gone out to see Anzeros’s practice, there are only me, Selenium and Apple in the inn’s cafeteria. For the time being, it seems that this young man decided to talk to me, leaving the two elves (I think he isn’t aware that they are halves) aside.

“Th, that……in this inn, emm, is there a tall man, about 60 years old”
“Do you mean old man Bonaparte?”
“Ol, Old man!?”

The young man was stunned.

“……Ol, Old man……old man……well that’s so isn’t it, yes. Anyway, Sir Bonaparte is a noble”
“A, Ah, I’m sorry. I was profane”

Aside from being so glad that the person he searched for was found, wasn’t he a bit too polite? If I look closely, this young man is well-dressed like a noble.

“Is he still here?”
“He went out a while ago”
“We, Went out!? He left and won’t come back……aaa”
“No, it does not mean that he checked out, but he went to practice sword”
“……A, Aaa, I was surprised. I mean, if I wait here, he will come back”
“……It will be so”

But there is no possibility that he will leave his horse as it is. It would not be a problem even if he paid in advance.

“Let’s wait, then”
“……You don’t need to tell me”
“Well, yes? Who are you speaking to?”
“……Who are you?”

The young man shook his hand in a feeling that he realized it now.

“I am……Ruth Bonaparte. I am the legitimate child of the Bonaparte family”
“……Eh, old man’s son?”

The humble young man made an unreliable smile.


Seeing Ruth standing in front of the changing room in the men’s bath, old man Bonaparte sighed.


……He doesn’t seem to welcome his son.

“If I say no, it is no”
“That’s why……!”
“It is not necessary”
“It’s necessary!”
“It’s an illusion”


“Can I ask for an explanation?”
“It’s a subtle place”

It seems that Dianne is going to get into the hot spring. She walked from behind Bonaparte to my side.

“Don’t listen”
“Please listen!”

An awful-faced old man and his son who pushes in.

“I……I also want to learn swordsmanship!!”
“It’s not good. For all generations, the Bonaparte family will still be valued even without a sword”
“That’s why! It’s expected that the son of a master swordsman, his sword skills, at least the strength of doing a quest, from anywhere……”
“Foolish. What does it mean when your father is a so-called master swordsman. Parents and children are different. You just have to learn what you need”
“But……I want the ability to protect my favorite woman at least!”
“In the first place, you make light of master swordsman, but do you know how many master swordsmen there are and how hard it is to become one?”
“I don’t know if I try! I am father’s son!”
“Okay okay. Let’s take a bath anyway. Sir and your excellency need to cool down”

Dianne stops both sides and enters the dressing room without a hitch.

“U, Umm”

Old man Bonaparte pushed with force. And Ruth confirmed with me while I’m dragged by Dianne who enters the men’s changing room without any problem.

“……Emm, is she a woman?”

“Of course. I will cry if such a beautiful person is a man”

……No, I thought Anzeros was a man, but it doesn’t matter. There were several men in the midday in the hot spring, including grandpa Harry, who is a shoemaker, but Dianne had a full-fledged half-body bath.

“……E, Emm, that’s the concept of dark elves……there is no separate bath for men and women”
“There are, but it isn’t used much”

Ruth had shrunk back a little. By the way, the penis hasn’t shrunk. Like his father.

“That is, you want me to go somewhere else”
“……You may not want to give it a try. You won’t know that you can’t do something wrong”
“Th, that’s right!”

Ruth rushes into Dianne’s general theory. But, he is looking straight on Dianne’s big tits, before he turns his eyes away. ……Innocent.

“It won’t even be tried. The era of swordsman making and supporting Trot is over”
“It’s not such a public interest, it’s a sword aspiration”
“Ruth is a humble human. What’s wrong with the matter in the public interest?”

……This old man, is usually a stubborn father at home without a flank? Well, that’s a story with humanity.

“Besides Ruth……has decided to marry the first princess. King Ulysses’s child has no possibility of inheriting the throne right now. It isn’t dangerous to say that the training is over”
“Th, that is……”
“Oh really?”
“Yes, yes. ……That, Princess Reina and I played together when my father was the commanding officer of the royal guards, and we had a mutual understanding……yes”

An embarrassed Ruth. ………First Princess Reina is a pretty girl who is even said to be the reincarnation of the flower spirit. That’s why the whole country hates her engagement.

“But I thought of being her sword to protect her……but my father didn’t teach me swordsmanship, but kept me in Duke Gardner’s family, who have no single swordsman in their family”
“That family has a scholarly temperament and it is perfect for study. From now on, if you don’t study and negotiate well, you will not be able to build up relation”
“But……but I!”
“……Ruth. Let me say, the war that can be won if a strong swordsman has attacked in front is over. If you really want to protect Trot and Reina, you don’t need to swordsmanship or being a general. It would be more profitable to study”
“Well……that’s the truth”

Dianne takes care of the situation and Ruth drops his shoulder.

“But wouldn’t it be nice to learn swordsmanship as well. So why?”
“That’s right!”

Ruth. Aren’t you too influenced by people’s opinions? I feel uneasy when you are said to be the next king.

“……I want you to walk in the future as Ruth Bonaparte, who is not the son of master swordsman Arthur Bonaparte and I want you to walk in your own future. You would be only a stupid person if you just follow in the footsteps of your showy father. Find your own way”
“Even if you say that, it is boring……father is my pride……!”
“……Because you are told so by Princess Reina”

The old man smiled lonelily.


Night. The old man put out his horse and made the traveling preparation after parting with Ruth who was tired of persuading, and it was said that he stayed in the Baron’s mansion (Or rather the aristocracy seems to be treating the guests in such a manner as unwritten rules).

“Do you just leave?”
“Yes. ……I’ll let Ruth know immediately”

I’m the only one to see the old man off. I didn’t let Diane know that, so I drank water at Aunt Lindsay’s place in order to show everyone and decided to go off the town as it was.

“Then……I wish I could meet you again”

I said as lightly as possible. Old man Bonaparte raised his goggles and shut up for a while, but looked up at the night sky and spoke out slowly.

“……That’s the question”
“……Perhaps, friends……no, is being friends good?”
“E, a, yes”
“It’s probably the last time we can meet as friends today”

The old man put his hand on the goggles and smiled very gently.

“I will go make an uprising from now on”

He slowly lowered his goggles and jumped on his horse. I was disappointed and I saw him off without saying anything.

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