Half elves fall in love chapter 70

Chapter 70: Rebellious Sword Saint brigade



I have an unexpectedly little memory of my parents. Less than 40% of life. No, it’s worth it to count things before it comes to mind. In the life of the situation continuation which is comparatively not interesting, the polka age was happy to let go and it is a very important memory for me. But it’s short and limited memory. I and my father were nothing but a relationship between a dad and a young child and we couldn’t end up with a relationship between the adult me and my old father. I am not particularly unhappy. It is not unusual, however, to say that merchants, carpenters and blacksmith children who are not wealthy cant return to their parents until they are ten years old and so on. But anyway, I didn’t see the death of my father and my memories of my parents are completely broken by the day I went on a journey as a 10-year-old.

That’s why there is a part of me that sees old man Bonaparte as a father figure. Ah, my dad was gambling addicted, easy to be deceived, a rough loser, a useless man who was beaten by my mom, but also a helper who did everything with bitter laughter. In fact, we don’t look the same. However, I feel that I was watching the “after” parent-child conversation that I couldn’t realize with my father in the conversation with Sir Bonaparte. So I didn’t want to believe that he is rebelling. Surely there is something. It is not like him to betray the king, but I don’t understand it well and I think there should be something behind it. Of course, I can’t do anything, either with my power or position.

It is well understood. But at least Laila and Maia were on my side and with their help, I could just jump anywhere in Trot and if there was a reason to treat me, I could only think of it. If we can meet and talk, he may be able to tell me what this all means. If so, maybe there is more to it than that. Stop giving strange things, or deal with them.

“……I want to bet on that possibility”

We see the dawn from the Snake Mountains on the right, as we flew over the capital city.

“It, It’s cold……”
“Be patient, Apple. It’s almost daytime, so it’ll be a little more comfortable”
“From here there is snow. The temperature itself is still falling”
“You’re not bullying too much”

We aren’t in a hand-held carriage, but take a flight on Laila’s back, so we need to endure the cold despite how much we wore.

“But if you come here, it’s not that far”
“That’s right”

There are towns intermittently between the capital city and the holy place. It is a so-called post town. In the first place, the number of people who make a pilgrimage to the holy place, which is a religious base, never ceases and on the way, there are many small-scale post towns that are blessed by the roadside banks that they drop. There should be the revolting Sword Saint brigade lead by the old man in one of them. Or rather, they declared it on a large scale and start advancing, but aren’t sneaky in the process. The advance should be easily confirmed from the sky.

“What if we get down to a suitable place and ask the people of that town, they can easily tell us where those guys are now……”
“It’s a calm or solid opinion for Laila”
“Ho, hohoho. I am not spending my time with you. I understand that the reason for humanity is understandable”

I feel a little doubt about Laila who has a strangely white attitude, but I will put it into practice as the opinion itself isn’t wrong. Even if the Sword Saint Brigade itself hasn’t arrived yet, the speed of rumor transmission can surpass their march. After all, people are moving on the pilgrimage route.

“If it is the Sword Saint Brigade, they will be around Pastoral by now”
“The third post town from Laika. It is said that they are advancing slowly and deliberately to give time to the weak soldiers to run away and to avoid useless fighting”
“……Thank you”
“You, are you a soldier? Don’t you think it’s stupid to do something about the Sword Saint Brigade? It is said that many people fell by the arms of the Great Sword Saints in the past and it is said that the Sword Saint Brigade is still at its heyday. If you do, you’ll have to bring your putting from Celesta overnight”
“……Yeah. I know”


“Ho, the third post town? ……Eh, ah. That’s right. ……Umm, it’s too late to come back after wanting Laika. What is the number of the post town here? How many are there in total?”
“……Laila, you are strange”

If I think that she has a very strange time, she says something very common sense or something solid.

“Do you know the number, or not?”
“Ah, yes. 13 in all, because this is the fifth from the south……Pastoral is probably five more towns ahead”

Laila starts flapping her wings fast. ……Umm. Something is wrong. It seems that someone is putting in wisdom in real time. ……No, No way.


In just one hour, Laila jumps over the five post towns and arrives near Pastoral. …… There were the figures of citizens who enthusiastically follow along the road as a group of old people slowly marched in the middle.

“……Old man”

Old man Bonaparte is also moving forward at the top of the formation. He carries his greatsword on his back while waving with his hands to the cheering citizens and smiling, it feels like a hero’s comfort. Then he stopped the old swordsmen who walked behind him at some point and sat down and started talking on the wayside.

“Good, my beloved Trot people. Ulysses III is an incompetent man”
“That’s right!”
“The king is useless!”
“…Umm. The former Sword Saint Brigade was forced to ruin by his mistake of ruling and hundreds of Sword Saints died. I lost my eyes once and half of my body couldn’t be moved and I became bedridden. That is Arthur Bonaparte. However King Ulysses still clings to the throne and as a result of his scrambling to keep his own position, there is no shame to the officials of Celesta and he is still taking up most of the royal power while still being ‘king’ and continues to reign as it is”

The old man slowly exposes his strange colored eyes and continue to talk after a nod.

“Do you know, my people of Trot. It is assumed that that man is fine to be a puppet that the officials of Celesta are satisfied with and now he still serves as a king. Even if he does nothing except waving his hand at festivals and pushing the seal such as the King work, he is still called the king. Can the Trot kingdom be under such a king?”

“Kill the king! It’s a revolt!”

These words come from a certain villager. Is it a hired applauder, or an enthusiastic servant who has always been along? But when the old man was satisfied with it, did he swung his fist.

“Take pride! You are the people of the kingdom of swords and the people of Trot who brought up the strongest invincible Sword Saint brigade! I prove! The soul of Trot is still unchanged! Let’s show the guilty of the incapacitated King Ulysses and once again establish the strongest testimony in this northwestern plain!”

“Hooray! Long live the Sword Saints!”
“Long live the new king!”

When the old man raises his fist, the people are excited. The old swordsmen stand up again with an energetic face. Besides Sir Bonaparte, four servants handed a giant sword to him. Bonaparte lifts it with one arm and removes the cloth it is wrapped with. What appeared from inside……is a large sized blade used by ogres and an intricate, inconspicuous pattern is carved with rainbow light. ……That is.

“Tsk……that man, how……”
“That is……!!”

Laila clicks her tongue and Selenium is startled. The old man raised that huge sword which is……a dragonslayer in front of us. Looking at me, yes, indeed, looking at me, he laughs insultingly, and blow the snow on the ground away with one swing. At that moment, the ground exploded. Dogoooooooonn!!

“This is the power of a Master Swordsman! The power of the Sword Saint brigade!”
“Someone who can’t be beaten like this!”

People are irresponsible. When the snow that has evaporated and becomes misty is blown off by the wind, it cant be compared to General Lucas’s blow……and a wasteland that has been crawled over a length of about several hundred meters appeared.

“……I will definitely make the revolt a success! Without fail!”

And while being engulfed by the cheering people, they resumed their slow advance.


Night. We secretly followed the Sword Saint brigade and the old man and entered the next post town. There are a lot of people around, so we aren’t bothered with the somewhat suspicious half-elves and dwarves. And when I was going to visit the lodgings of the Sword Saint Brigade from the back of the alley to get a chance to get in touch with the old man, Sir Bonaparte appeared in front of my eyes.

“U, ooo!?”
“Hey, young man. ……It’s been a month”
“……Old man”
“You saw my daytime speech. It would have been a bold one. Well, the manuscript is left to my subordinates, but I have a good reputation for my speech”
“That’s not……that’s not the story!”

I said those words while standing in front of the old man who plays dumb as usual.

“What are you going to do? You’re not the one to do that! If you defeat the king……there will be no meaning! It’s not time to break the weak Trot!”
“I don’t know where you heard it, but I don’t think it would be your assertion”

When the old man smiled, he turned his eyes to the darkness behind us.

“I will kill King Ulysses. ……What do you do?”
“……Wh, what”

When I look at the darkness behind me with a glimpse of uncle’s intention, I noticed that there was a faint view of people.

“……Tsk, I got it……what your aim is”

Darkness makes the contours stand out and eventually changes to a beautiful woman.


I see. Is that so? The reason why Laila’s behavior has changed from a while ago is that Dianne advised Laila while hiding in an illusion.

“While trying not to let us take the initiative by saying something only to Andy, you expected Andy to move when he hears this rumor……so did I catch you?”
“Hahaha, it’s not that far away”

No way. ……He was going to get rid of Diane in this way……!?

“Now, war god. ……We will soon make the capital a battlefield. What do you know about that? Standing in front of us……you’re the only one who got the dragon’s mobility, right?”
“……You mean revenge?”
“You´re free to take it. ……Or are you going to do it right now? It’s not too bad to fight two dragons and the war god”

It is here that the fight is bad. The opponents are a dragonslayer and a group of Great Saints, although they are declining. It may be possible to kill the old man with a blow now, but that is almost impossible. And it is impossible for only three people to fight against that force.

“……Waiting. On the battlefield”

The old man turned around. ……We had to see him off.

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