Half elves fall in love chapter 75

Chapter 75: Part 1 Epilogue Everyone laughs in that town



My uncle said, “It’s not just that mass printing has come in yet. The dream is too much to eat with it “and laughed and the age in the future is information. The sharing of information must eventually become a major industry. I hear that the newspaper is already spreading in the southern plains. In our time, it is decided that the report will acquire a big position in Trot without fail. Then, it is decided that it is better to spit on the position as the news worker as early as possible. It is only an opportunistic principle of the aged person that the mind is fast. The times are always moving forward. So always a new age is made by the young. ……My uncle laughed in a bad mood.

The fifth year of King Ruth I. In other words, four years have passed since the sudden regime change that year. In the lecture of the history of the royal capital academy, there is only one scene, an event that is about to be told in too much time of the lecture of the Celesta War, but I haven’t forgotten that there was a little mysterious movement at that time. At that time, I hadn’t been able to drink alcohol, but I remember well what adults had been up on the night before the change of government. King Ruth (at that time, Sir Bonaparte’s son) was never in the admission of the royal capital. On the contrary, he should have been admiring the rumor that Sir Bonaparte……the Great Sword Saint, Arthur Bonaparte, is advancing to defeat the king.

When the sword saints who came to the royal capital as Ace Knights respond, we should bring out the household before the royal capital comes to the battlefield, such a story was here in the city. However, it was interrupted with the report that they had engaged with a corps of Selesta once in Canzone, and the next day, Ruth Bonaparte, who had the approval of Princess Reina and Duke Gardner, hijacked the royal castle. The town was plunged into chaos as the new king was declared to have been crowned. There was also the case that the Armed Forces Revolution happened, and there was a puzzle that Arthur Bonaparte was the only father of King Ruth, and this was not a synchronized action.

However, they flowed in vain and for some reason, there was no apparent repulsion from the nobles of various places, and the royal right exchange was established. Succeeded with the blessings and support from Celesta, and quickly became the rightful king, Ruth immediately ordered the Great Sword Saints who would have risen with his father and the Sword Saints who didn’t move and the former king and his father Arthur Bonaparte. He ordered a metaphor to a wolf. And four years from that. The castle, which was occupied by Celesta bureaucrats, became increasingly populated with Trot people and became a bit more vibrant in the capital city of Trot. I didn’t mind at that time, but I understand it now. We were frightened by the bottomless power of Celesta, and, far from resuming, we had given up even to stand up.

There are other mysterious variations at that time. Although there was some exchange by the mediation of Celesta, the foreign students increased from the northern elf territory which was a land of fear after all for the human race at that time. They were long-lived and good instructors and researchers than some humans. It also leads to martial arts and often crosses with the sword saints. To the famous story of the Celesta War,

“Celesta has a strong warrior called the war god, which is a female dark elf with no knight class and no big height, so she never stood out and you couldn’t win against her with any unit. Even the sword saint brigade lost in her intervention”

Although it is said, I see it when I see the power of the elves. If they are long-lived species, maybe there may be such a miracle-like existence. Celesta wasn’t able to do that either because they were reluctant to admit the possibility of such a being, including ogres and human beasts. And the rumor is that Ruth’s enthusiasm was behind the friendly exchange with them. It is only speculation to look at the time of the regime change, but if it is true, there is no choice but to forego her foresight, action, and ambition. If you think she is the enemy of Trot, you will be scared.

Speaking of the merits of King Ruth, the resurrection of the sword saints issued last year has been widely taken up recently. For example, it was approved by Celesta to allow Ace Knights, who were once called Sword Saints and swordsmen who passed the test in Trot Kingdom, to be officially named 「Sword Saint」. Thing. Despite only the name, the Sword Saints are a nation’s pride and soul. Trot is still in the position of Celesta and the military command does not belong to the king. But instead of the simple and irresistible name Ace Knight, it was a great boost to the spirits of the swordsmen that this brilliant title returned to Trot. My uncle is both a scholar and a well-known swordsman, who wears the ace knight emblem. At this time, I asked him to replace it with the newly issued Sword Saint emblem, but my uncle laughed and shook his head.

“Swordsman is a swordsman. And I don’t dislike the name Celesta’s Ace knight. I’m also proud to be standing with them”

He may have his own policy.

The most talked about in the recent first round of exams is the Great Sword promotion of Erik Randall, who is the idol of the Randall family and the idol of the royal capital academy. He is also known as the last sword saint assigned by the former king and he is a master of fine swordsmanship and he vividly overwhelmed the other three swordsmen he fought with and slammed the sword to the ground. He is portrayed by many improvised painters. As one of my uncle’s disciples, my uncle, who doesn’t usually praise other people so much, commented in various ways on Randall-san’s brave appearance as he now sits as a lecturer at the royal capital academy. However, at the next drinking party, Randall-san left a humble comment, “It’s still not enough”.

“I still have people that I want to win against. That woman seems……not so much interested in being a Great Sword Saint”
“Is it about the 「War god」?”
“It’s not that person. If you want to win against that person, it’s not good enough to be a Great Sword Saint”
“Do you know 「War god」?”

After that, he lost his temper before and after with the alcohol, so I missed the details of the war god. I know that it is real.


After that, I decided to go on a trip relying on this information. A woman who isn’t interested in being a Great Sword Saint while beating Randall-san. And she is still young. It is a scoop.

“I would rather go to see her”

My uncle had dropped his head on Randall-san’s head. Soon, the royal academy is busy with exams. I received a letter as his wish and got on a carriage to the north. The aim is the outlying Polka autonomous region. ……I knew for the first time that it was an autonomous region in the latest data.

Polka is a famous town known as a temple for seriously ill patients who have been abandoned by the doctors. There is a legend that the water there is miraculous and can heal all illnesses and wounds except destiny. To tell the truth, this story isn’t believed by 80 percent of the people in the royal capital and Folklore. If there are really people dying their own, they will visit this land in the hope to cling to the last straw. However, I have to say that the journey is the worst. What is that road? Ups and downs, a full course of rocky mountain and dirt roads that aren’t even barely developed. Other customers on the stagecoach also frowned. In the case of an acute patient who is dying, it may not be possible for them to take a breath on the way through this road with a horse-drawn carriage.

We reached Polka with our tails between our bodies. I was surprised, to be honest. It’s almost like Trot. A large number of handsome and beautiful elves walk through the city and they are showing a relaxed appearance than in the royal capital. The townspeople also far from an unexpected stance on the elves shovel the snow or do carpenter work together. Speaking of snow and carpenter work, the abundance of ogres and dwarves is also spectacular. I wonder why there are so many ogres and dwarves in this city, but I also see figures such as fox beast people and cat beast people here, so it’s very lively in this place.

Speaking of which, I have heard about it. This city doesn’t belong to Trot alone, but to many countries, as it is intended to gather people in search of the miraculous water. If so, it is reasonable that there are a lot of people from Celesta and Afilm and I can see a variety of faces. I convinced myself so much, but the next moment, my pathetic effort was to be blown in small pieces. A jet black dragon flew through the sky just a few tens of meters above. It is not a flying dragon of the Celesta army special high-speed brigade. Flying dragons cant carry a carriage.


After I was astounded, I was looking for a place to escape in a hurry, but the people of this city don’t run away and instead wave their hands to the huge dragon.

“What’s going on here?”
“This is Laila-sama a friendly dragon”

I can’t say anything. Is it not the common sense of the world that people are afraid and flee from dragons? I can definitely say that everyone in the southern Great Plains where I studied abroad had fallen into depression. I felt as if I was lost in a foreign world and I went to a hotel near me and took a good rest for today. I might have been tired of the carriage journey.

The next day, I refreshed my mind and headed to the Baron’s mansion who ruled this city. There is also the letter of the royal academy that I was forced to bring here by my uncle. I wanted to ask the person in charge to explain the chaos in this town as well as my original coverage goal of the woman who was stronger than Randall-san. Then, when I pushed into the office of the baron, there were four people in it. One of them was Duran Guto the baron.

It is the owner of this mansion. The remaining three were marvelous people. One is the former king, Ulysses Ernest. The other is a great sword saint, Arthur Bonaparte. These two men showed their faces to the public many times at ceremonies, so I can’t know them. The other one was a strange elf girl with silver hair. If it is unusual for elves to drink tea in the royal palace with Trot nobles, it is impossible for those three who are associated with each other to be seen in this town.

“You are!!”
“Who are you”
“Today’s lunch delivery? Fast”
“Old man, we’re not just having breakfast……we are talking, hohoho”
“Even if it’s an elf, I’m worried about the green Shaquille”
“Baron, if you say that to the green clan, do you look for war?”
“Hahaha, keep it a secret”

……It was a surprisingly relaxing space. I heard that Sir Bonaparte and the former king have come to the resort at the recommendation of King Ruth. Although Ruth is prominent with a sense of cool-headedness and shrewdness, does that mean that he had an ordinary feeling for his parents?

“Is that the time that Ruth said so? I became old”
“Not at all”

The former king and Sir Bonaparte laughed, but I believe that this is a cool evaluation with nobody. More than that.

“What is with the chaos of this Polka?”
“……If you come here for the first time, you might be surprised”
“If you say so, it might be so. Irina-dono, this young man’s unwilling words, humbly forgive it”
“Hohoho, do you think I get angry with the rant of this child?”

……I am 21 years old this year, but I was treated as a child by this flat-chested female elf. Fortunately, I didn’t say that she is a child. She is an adult. As an aside, I heard later that she is 157 years old this year. Elves are too mysterious.

It is said that this land is a commemorative place for the interaction between the elves and the people of Trot. King Ruth wasn’t a big deal, but rather it was that Baron Guto was recognized as a friend of the elves. Then I politely think that it is King Ruth to squeeze in the shadows, but aside from that, this land is a testimony of the friendship between the northern elves and humans, and in a nasty way, it is a special law as a buffer zone said that it is an area to be governed. Although it is a place where King Ruth’s dark spot has risen, I think that it is difficult to change the law in terms of balance with the Celesta’s law in the current Trot, but it seems like Celesta also is a little obsessed with this land. It is said that a 100-man commander of Celesta is stationed here.

It is unusual. We are given the name of Trot Corps and we are the former Kingdom army treated as the nominal side of Celesta, but in the south, I have heard many examples of allowing Celesta soldiers to leave to such an outback. However, they are actually present and some people have acquired something like temporary nationalities as this autonomous city people. And, it was heard that the female swordsman I’m looking for is near the garrison of the 100-man Corps and is in the new town where development began recently.

When I walk in the city again, a lot of ogres, dwarves, and beast people have a Celesta accent. In other words, they are associated with the 100-man corps. If so, I’m convinced. No matter how much people in Trot gather together, such a diverse variety of people will not gather. I don’t know what it is like, but this borough is part of the elf territory, Trot and Celesta. It is probably on the calculation that the existence of this area acts as a diplomatic advantage, as King Ruth’s abyss. It is not strange if that king is that much.

There are many children in the new city. It is a lively young city. Such a place feels good with hope for the future. A small child runs through in front of me. It may be an elf because the ears are sharp. A nearby woman helped the child who fell and cried. It is a young lady who is not different from me.

“Oh, are you a traveler?”

Seeing my face, the young woman smiled saying so. It’s hard-to-see, but I got a little bit of a smile. It is a person who seems to be gentle. I hope she isn’t married.

“Yes, I’m from the royal capital and I’m looking for someone from”
“Ah, wait a minute. ……Dear♪”

The lady shakes her hand with a full smile. A quick heartbreak. There is no time for me to hide. ……And because it was a huge ogre who rushed to the lady, it was the final blow. Though it is a woman of the human race. And she is so beautiful.

“Dear, this traveler is searching for someone”
“I see, I might be of help”

The male ogre doesn’t have a horn, but he is a soft man with a strange manner compared to his stern face. And there is a familiar emblem on his chest.

“……Sword, saint……?”
“Ah, ……yes, I passed the last exam”

The ogre scratched his head in shame.

“Oh, I’m slow to say. I’m Arnie McRain. 10-man captain of the Celesta northern army 1st crossbow corp”
“I’m his wife, Sylvia”

A perfect happy pair. I feel like a loser meaningless. No. I have another purpose.

“Emm……I heard that there is a very strong female swordsman here”
“……Female swordsman”
“A strong person……”

The two look at each other a little.

“Do you know……?”
“Hmm……who is it?”
“I think she is the strongest, because Randall-san, who had become a Great Sword Saint the other day, said he couldn’t win yet against her”

The two look at each other again.

“……Do you exclude Aurora-san? She hasn’t held a sword recently”
“Excuse me, I can’t win against her yet”
“Dianne-san or Anzeros-san……maybe?”
“Yes, but what about the old story of……commanding officer Isaac’s wife”
“Oh, yes, that person was also strong……I mean, Kate-san was also super strong”
“But maybe it’s Laila-san or Maia-chan”

I want you to wait. Are there so many strong people? I intended to say that it was a Great Sword Saint …That’s it. The name should be written on the envelope I received from Randall-san.

“……This person is called Angelina……?”
“Angelina Neumann……Sylvia, do you know her?”
“Who……is it”

……There are strong swordsmen, but it seems that there is no Angelina Neumann. I got stuck.

I realized in about 30 minutes that it might be a pseudonym of someone else. If there is no one who remembers among the strong female swordsmen that they have listed, then……well, maybe it would be possible to write a book with coverage of this strange autonomous region alone. Sorry, Randall-san. So, when I went to a suitable store, I found a dwarf girl who sweats on her healthy skin.

“A, Ah, Hello”
“Oh, an unknown face. Except for my family, you’́re the first guest in Smithson’s Armor store”
“Ha, haa”

I don’t think it’s much profitable. But this dwarf girl is pretty. Her body is small but she can’t help it as she is a dwarf and she has a small chest bulge which pushes up the tank top……is she 15, 16 years old? No, she is a dwarf, so she might be about 30 years old? It is good because she is cute. I hope she’s not married.

“That……I’m looking for someone”
“It’s not a customer. I’m disappointed”

Uwaa. I have blatantly dropped off my shoulders. But I can’t help it. I just have to find someone.

“Do you know who is Angelina Neumann?”
“……? You know Anzeros?”
“Its Angelina Neumann”
“……A name I’ve heard somewhere before”

She thinks. And it seems that she gave up in 5 seconds.

“Listen to Apple or Selenium about it! I’m busy with store-keeping, horse’s hooves batting and parenting!”
“Th, that”

……My sad voice broke into two, as being kicked off my request and that she was a midwife. Yes, half and half. Well, she is a pretty girl, someone probably already proposed to her. No. I’m not that much of a hetero. There is no regret.

“I, I’m sorry……but even so, who is that Selenium-san or Apple-san?”

The person named Selenium-san travels around here and there, so she doesn’t go home very often (She is an adult, so you can’t forbid her anything), so I went to Apple-san. ……I got lost on the way. No, not so wide. Just because there are only new housing areas and only similar houses, nothing is understood. If it is the capital, it is easy because there is no possibility of being lost because it is sectioned. ……When I was studying abroad, I often said, “You have too much confidence in your sense of direction”.

“Hey there Glasses-kun”
“No, he is just like an elder brother~♪”

Next, I was stopped by two beautiful women again. One is a woman who has a beautiful beauty and the other is a woman who wears a white coat and has a soft atmosphere. It’s a totally different atmosphere, but when I look closely they look like sisters, with similar looks and appearances.

“Ah, hello”
“You’re not a bath tourist~?”

Bath. Why bath. Is that the entertainment district? I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. Is it here? No. That aside.

“I came here because a person named Apple-san knows the location of Angelina-san”
“……Why are you looking for Anzeros?”
“No, I’m looking for Angelina-san”
“It’s the real name of Anzeros”

……I see.

“Ah, is, is that so. Anyway I would like to meet and ask her something”
“Who are you?”

……The dark elf has awfully scary eyes. The person who softened it controls quietly.

“Aren’t their people trying to do something else to Anze-chan? But you’re okay with Anze-chan?”
“……Well these days, she’s a very serious person because of Maia……as a maid”

Who is Maia? Which reminds me, it seems that the beautiful woman and the beast couple were talking about her before. No, before that, Angelina was stronger than Randall. It is here that I don’t know the ceiling so much. What is this place?

“……I, I am Charles Grants from the capital city, who aims to be a pioneer in mass communication.”
“Grants? Are you the child of 100-man commander Grants?”
“Do you know my uncle?”
“……Nephew. I see, nephew”
“Ehehe. Dianne-chan, nephew, nephew♪”
“No, Noisy. I, I’ll give birth soon! I’m good at getting pregnant a little early!”

I feel like I’m listening to something fishy, but it’s true that these people also have husbands. Isn’t there a free beauty somewhere?

“It’s Apple’s fortune-telling mansion. If you want something to say, stop by later”
“No, I don’t believe in fortune-telling”

Uncertain information is the enemy of mass communication.

“Is that so”

As soon as she turned, Dianne quickly headed for Angelina-san’s house, her favorite, and so on. And when we approach the door, she suddenly opens the door without knocking,

“Yaa, a, aaa……great, iku, ikuu……ikuu!!”
“Andy, you’re here……Andy-saaan”

I came across a scene where two elf maids are being raped by a man in an untidy manner from behind.


Dianne immediately shuts the door and sighs.

“They are in the middle of something”
“……Looks like it”

It was a shocking scene, but I’m a respectable adult who hides the agitation.

“Waaa, penis’s response is quick”
“Please leave me alone”

Don’t say that with a straight face though you looked clean.

After a while, I was finally able to enter the house. The two elf maids looked only fine as a maid by any means, but they both seem to be good swordsmen.

“I am Angelina”

A small and cute maid says with a sullen red face. It seems that she was worried about being seen. Rather than that, it is shocking that this person is Randall’s goal. She was in the midst of sex a moment ago.

“……A, emm, this”
“It’s from Erik? I miss it”
“It’s a story mentioned by Boyd that he recently became a Great Sword Saint”
“Already McRain”

And who is this man in the middle? Enjoying those two pretty girls.

“Nevertheless, Charles-kun was it. Why did you come to such a place instead of a postman?”

Diane talks to me. That’s right, that’s right. ……But, it seems that Angelina-san is no longer in the mood for an interview. This is interesting.

“I didn’t think that King Ruth had created such an interesting area. ……I will be a pioneer in mass communication in the future……no”

It was annoying to explain. I am a disgusting person who can talk about my intentions and ideals if I say talk, but there are many things I want to hear from people in front of me rather than my usual self-telling.

“I want to write a book. Tell me, why is this district like this? How did it become so?”
“Why……I can tell you”
“At first it was a rest of Isaac and Boyd, but……”
“You have to talk more than before?”

The man and Angelina in front look at each other with a strange expression. But, they nod.

“It may not fit in one book?”
“I want to hear it”

They smiled with joy and started talking.

“Alright. ……Yes, at one night 20 years ago, I met a little bit of a fall-in-love half-elf”

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