Half elves fall in love chapter 78

Chapter 78: Half elf´s fall in love syndrome × 3 [Anzeros Apple Selenium]



Lately, Anzeros is very cold.

“How to be popular with beautiful women?”
“I am sure that there is a talent to hook up with beautiful, well-selected beauties anyway, but I think that it is only a misunderstanding of something. It is not possible to become acquainted only with women who are so beautiful and are usually desperately looking for a more intimate relationship”
“I think I’m doing my best and luck and I know how to get along with women in a short time”
“I’m sure it’s a very subtle evaluation, right?”
“It’s not just that 10-man captain Smithson is clever, but it’s not the only thing”
“It’s a good feeling to be intoxicated with alcohol……no, it’s not a delusion. But there is no such a habit to vent erotic talk. It’s supposed to be a negative evaluation for girls”
“Even, in reality, it takes less than three months in……even if it is 100-man commander and Selenium, this bastard has seven more women”
“……You know, he sometimes looks cool”
“You’re joking again”
“Even if you try to do something a little, isn’t it the character of 10-man captain Smithson which is missing something?”
“Damn it! What do you want to say!”
“I’m still so popular that I’m not doing something cowardly”
“Because it is 10-man captain Smithson we are talking about”
“It’s not like that! It’s a decisive factor!”

When she erupts in the bar because of the paradoxical harassment by our corps members, Anzeros walks up and takes up my beer cup.


With a glance at us who raise voices at the same time, Anzeros moves towards Maia, who ate a glass of beer, as she folded her arms and glared at us.

“Don’t bother drinking but don’t act without restraint. This is Smithson’s hometown. Don’t shame him here”
“Somewhat I don’t want to say embarrassing things from now on”
“I stopped it because you should never say it. If you embarrass yourself, then the mental image of the local people get worse and the corps will feel uncomfortable. Take care of yourself, idiot”

Showing us the shrugging of her shoulders, Anzeros leaves quickly. These days I always feel like she is not in a good mood at all as she is colder than before our journey. Of course, we didn’t do something ecchi lately and I don’t know if she wears my collar as her neck is hidden because of the cold weather. Well, as the discipline committee chairman of our corps, it is quite correct, but the problem is that sometimes there isn’t even a chance for us two to be alone.


“Fortune telling……?”

Apple’s room at the Baron’s mansion. ……Selenium and Apple, who was originally taken care of by the baron, live here in order to save the inn costs. Even though there is also an aid in the Celesta army’s endorsement, the hundred-man corps’ lodging charge is a little high, so I stayed with everyone in the guest house.

“I don’t know if Apple understands. But can you tell me what Anzeros thinks”
“Hmm……fortune telling isn’t a useful thing to read the mind separately, and……well, it’s not like I can see the directionality of the relationship in terms of the flow of the mind”
“That’s fine”
“……I don’t want to use it for people who are very familiar but I will do it”
“Assessing a relationship is, conversely speaking, hiding it also means mixing things that have been relaxed”

It is not very convenient to understand things well if you think so. When I was troubled with my arms folded, Apple was thinking while putting her hand on her cheek.

“Anzeros-san, hey……you’re the one who doesn’t understand well”

I think it’s a person who is easy to understand and easy to put on the table. But it didn’t seem like that to Apple.

“First of all, there is no feeling of depression as a half-elf child”
“It looks like she was having a hard time”
“……But thanks to her parents being strong, she is sociable and has no feeling of giving up, right?”
“……Well, yeah”

Being raised by that rich and powerful mom, it does not mean that she has a bad relationship with her father. She has eventually become a swordsman which was her dream and there is no need to be held down by it and it is not necessary to give up her future. With the current growth rate, it will be possible for her to pass the master knight examination in the near future and she will be equal to Dianne. It’s not a shame to grow up straight. She might be an exception as a half, but it is a good thing

“I guess it’s good, as she is a pretty straight half-elf”
“It’s good, but……unlike me and Selenium, who have no such shadow or anxiety she wants to depend on a gentle man, so I’m sure the feeling peculiar to a half child is not so strong, right?”
“……Well, exactly right……can you say that?”
“I think there are no places or people who we can return to, so we are a part”
“I wonder if that’s what she hears when I hear the story, as Andy gave her a collar which she kept. She is a half but she is trying not to lag behind everyone because she is a half”

I have become anxious when it is said so by Apple. In the case of these guys, if it is said, the situation isn’t so different from humans. In other words, they have chosen a way to avoid discrimination as a half. However, it seems that one female slave is too faithful to her half character. She really likes me and is not actively doing it, so she can’t throw away something that happened in the atmosphere.


I’m starting to worry a little. However, the weather sign suddenly appears behind them.

“A female slave might be a little fit around, but I think that Anzeros-san is definitely a stranger to Andy?”

She is a dexterous person who shows signs and disappears. In a sense, it’s a bit scary that it’s okay to be as good as Dianne.

“But Selenium. From Andy-san’s talk, don’t you feel like Anzeros is tired of relationships?”
“Anzeros-san isn’t. She is different from Laila-san or Jeanne-chan”
“She’s the same as Apple”

Selenium has a wry smile.


“What do you want, Selenium?”

Baron’s mansion, Selenium’s room. Anzeros can’t see anything in this dark room. White elves don’t have night vision. She turned around behind that Anzeros and Selenium handcuffed Anzeros’s hands behind her back.


Anzeros is surprised. She has no sword with her and must have thought that she didn’t fall in a trap in such a place.

“S, Selenium, what are you doing!”
“Ehehee. ……I guess it’s not good, you have to put out an OK sign at all times for the female slave’s master”

Anzeros is held by Selenium and Apple and is thrown onto the bed. I appeared from the corner of the room like a ghost.

“Sm, Smi……Andy”
“You were worried that Andy-san didn’t do something naughty recently with Anzeros-san, right?”
“……Th, That, I……I have corps work to do and everyone is watching, so I can’t disturb Andy……”

Selenium bites into Anzeros’s ear who makes foolish excuses. Apple plays with Anzeros’s skirt, asking for eye contact with a glimpse of Selenium.

“Hiyaauu……wh, what do you do!”
“If Anzeros-san calms down, you can shift to the naughty atmosphere without having to force people to set it up. ……Andy-san’s is pitiable? He wants to have sex with you at any time”
“Th, that’s……but”
“No excuses. You’re a female slave, right? Do you really want to be naughty?”

……What. That is. That. After all, everyday life is too much, so she couldn’t have sex so far. I don’t know the feeling. If I could still do it in person in public with Anzeros, it would be a shame. There are Anzeros and I and there are companions, and a fixed daily speed of the role is not disturbed easily. In Anzeros’s case this time, she was stiff with herself after taking into account the political relationship between me and Polka and the crossbow corps in vain. ……Well, it seems like Anzeros.

“Oh really?”
“I was worried that you got tired of me”
“Th, That kind of thing……I, I’m your female slave, so why not fuck me without worrying?”
“You think I could do it?”
“I heard that you did to Dianne and Aurora……”
“In other words, if I really wanted to do something, you would let me fuck you forcibly”

Anzeros turns red as her mouth and ears become the shape of a letter. Haa, Selenium, and Apple sigh at the same time.

“I don’t want to hold back if this is right”
“Andy-san, rape rape♪”
“……You guys have fun”

I throw the handcuffed Anzeros down on the bed, slap her butt and cut off the underwear with a knife.

“Yaa……wh, why do you cut it”
“Punishment. From now till tomorrow night you can’t wear any panty. It’s an order”
“Pe, Pervert……”
“It’s a punishment that made me anxious. I’m going to fuck you from now on and I will do it whenever I see you tomorrow so you wear no panty”
“Pervert……uh, I don’t know what’s going on at all”
“That’s not something you need to worry about”

I hold Anzeros’s butt and insert my son in her secret hole. The small vagina which has not been tasted for a long time has good tightness, good sensitivity and good health as ever, as the uterus presses against my cock.

“Hiuuu……u, a, Andy’s penis……daaa……♪”
“Ku……i, once the switch is turned on, it is like this”
“I, I can’t help it……I love it because I do it……!”

Anzeros makes her small ass respond to the penetration of my cock by shaking indecently, while she is in a state of being restricted by handcuffs and her lower body is exposed.

“Aaa……this, this……this, I love you……I love your penis, scraping the interior, I love it……♪”
“I’m sorry I didn’t want to see it because I wanted to see that face, I’m sorry I didn’t want to see this tomorrow!
“Idiot……that, that kind of thing……not good……kuuu, ahuu, auuu, it’s about to poke me while pushing in”
“What a messy face that looks so happy, you pervert Ace knight! You’re my only pussy that is fucked all day long!”
“No way……no way……if, if you do that, it would be really weird……♪”

I enjoy the sex after a long time with an excited face and Anzeros’s ears shake every time I poke her. I ejaculate deep in the bottom.


Anzeros pushes her hips towards me and enjoys the semen released into her vagina. Selenium and Apple, who were watching, nodded to each other with a little red face and at the same time hugged me.

“We……please do us too”
“O, Ou……”

Luckily for the past few days, there aren’t so many requests from Lyra and there is plenty of energy available.

“St, still, me too……will you use my pussy……?”

Anzeros is tempting me by shaking her butt, while my penis is still inserted.

“Hey, listen up and line up together! Push your butts out and show me your pussies”
“Andy-san is matchless……♪”

Selenium and Apple removed their skirts and panties and lined their buttocks next to Anzeros. With the half-elf that awakened my sex in Polka. With the half elf who has been close to me at Celesta. The half elf that has my dick inside. All three buttocks are rubbed with both hands and I begin to have sex painstakingly.

“Hiahh! It hurts……♪”
“A, Also hitting my ass……Andy is really excited……”
“Ahu, a, aa……aa, aa……pl, please put it in……”
“I’ll put it in and out. I’ll put my juice on your bright red butt!”

And then. I penetrated all three half-elves vaginas as much as I wanted.


Next day.

“Andy, that……Selenium’s room is made so that you can hear quite a bit?”
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”
“No, you’re welcome, but the children are small……umu”
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

I had to apologize to the baron on my way home.


“S, so……where are we going to do today’s first time?”

As soon as I left the baron’s mansion, Anzeros looked up at me.

“Well, do we do it in the alley there?”
“Uh……I’m getting better with illusion magic……”

That said, I will never say a word of rejection and I grasp Anzeros’s butt to whisper into her ear while enjoying the whirlpool with enthusiasm.

“Your face in trouble is so cute”
“I, I’m happy……I’m not”

I combed her long hair with my fingers before I pressed Anzeros against the wall and rolled her skirt up. The love juice and the semen that I poured inside yesterday has begun to flow out from the butt that has been beaten and fucked yesterday.

“Good, I’m going to do it……I said it many times, but you are my slave, so don’t forget it”
“Yeah……I will not forget. I will not forget, so quickly……♪”

………..In this way, Anzeros was getting caught up in a bad way. I’m really sorry.

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