Half elves fall in love chapter 8

Chapter 8: Before departure 【Dianne】



All members of the crossbow corps were gathered at the training ground by the half bell.

“From this day on, Celesta´s northern crossbow corps falls out of the list of forces for three months. It is an activity pause.”

A commotion occured when Dianne-san spoke her first words. Everyone waited for the following words with uneasy faces as the regulations weren’t disarranged in the corps. The fact that we were off the list of forces means that we will be removed from the military command system. The reason was that it was likely to mean dissolution, reorganization, etc. The figure of the sixth Minister Ashton who was dressed in his characteristic robe with the flying dragon and the messenger standing behind Dianne-san let everyone feel uneasy. However, Dianne-san dared not to let them misunderstand and said the following words.

“The reason is my personal travel.”
A subtle air flowed.

“This unit has been optimized to have 100% power with the aid of my magic. It is a measure because it is troublesome if you operate without me and cut the force to mischief. Because I am proof of the recognition of the general headquarters that you are the trump card for war, I want you to be honored.”
The words were said and Dianne-san looked around. Have a nice travel……what? The atmosphere wasn’t supposed to be strange. Well, it can’t be helped.

It was not able to be seen that his daughter was exposed to a too delicate atmosphere and Minister Ashton went out after clearing his throat.

“Even in the previous Trot war……the number of people was still half at that time and I’m aware of the terrible power of any of the crossbow corps. But since then, we have been ordered many times by someone that we needed to be constantly prepared and never had a break.”
A smile that looked good on the outside. Is this neighborhood a politician in flukes?

“The young men who are here from the paramilitary soldiers may not know, but the other troops are originally working on the rotation and once every few years have a vacation. The crossbow squad doesn’t have an alternative, so we normally can’t take a break.”
It seems to be true. I have heard a little about it from Isaac and others who have been transferred from other forces.

“This time it is a strange feeling because the trigger is 100-man commander Dianne-san´s trip, so it is a good opportunity. Because it will be a paid vacation this time, I want you guys to take a breather as much as possible. Whether you are free to take this opportunity to go to Quika sightseeing. Those who want to continue training will get a special allowance paid, but you should spend your time in peace.”

The subtle atmosphere gradually changed into a festive mood while the minister’s story continued. The story was too tasty and too delicious, but as the minister was the one who said it, there’s no need to doubt it. And for me, Anzeros and a few other people who happened to be at the scene, we just grinned. Nobody thought that Dianne-san was roped in on the relation of her immediate family to the trouble processing between the tribes and the Minister abusing his authority to cover it up.


“But are three months enough?”
“If you use a high-speed connecting road on a horse-drawn carriage it will not take a month to the forest elf territory for example. The transportation fee is fully paid by my father.”
Night. I talked about this journey while helping Dianne-san pack.

“It’s going to take a while to go over there. The other side is a colony leader.”
“The son of the colony leader, to be exact. White elves have a high pride. If it is provoked by a dark elf who is inferior to his rank, he won’t come out.”
“……Are you provoking him?”
It was difficult for me to understand the motive of Dianne-san who took an aggressive attitude easily from the other party’s bosom.

“Or rather, are you going alone?”
“Anzeros will also come this time.”
“I think it’s better to go with the whole crossbow corps……”
“Understand, Smithson. Why was my father so particular about promoting me?”
The Minister hasn’t come back because he has returned to the capital Queika with the flying dragon service after reporting the suspension of activity. That was why Dianne-san looked at her father with a slightly kind face.

“If we respond with the military to what they do, it will give misfortunes and the gap between my father, the dark elf colony, this crossbow corps, other provinces, and other forces will cause a civil war. In reality, it’s the smartest way to show off your power without hurting your opponent and outrage to atrophy.”
“Despise that, why did you refuse?”
“I would have said that I’m proud of this crossbow squad. It is not possible to endure the unskilled operation in the hand of others……no.”
The hand that binds the load stopped and Dianne-san turned around. She jumped into my chest naturally like the swinging of the wind.

“……If you are used to other incompetence and I think you’re dead, I can’t stand it. So I don’t want to go on anymore to protect you with this hand.”
“Hidee. Does that mean you don’t want me to be promoted to the 100-man commander?”
“You can take it that way. What if, I earn the money for us.”
“I had a secret dream to be a greater commander than Dianne-san.”
“I’ll ask you anything if you like in bed?”
“……What about Selenium, why do you want to make me a man who is financially dependent on a woman?”
“Humans are too transient, so I want to cherish him if I like one. Please understand.”
Dianne-san´s crying voice in my chest is cute. I always get lusty.

“……Good grief, then order……I let you have me right now.”
“Idiot, that’s what I’m asking for.”
“Th, Then let’s have sex.”
“Understood. Please use me as much as you want, sir♪”
In a completely empty room, two people tangled in a bed that doesn’t change. Dianne-san, who was so strong that she doesn’t even have problems with Anzeros outside, is no different from a mere girl when she is embraced by me.

“I don’t quite understand the age of dark elves……you look older than I am.”
“I can’t use honorific on my superior officer.”
“……Do you want to continue that play?”
“It’s you sir, who started to say that.”
It seems that she wants to play the subordinate who opens her body as ordered by her superior official.

“Well then……umm, how old are you if you´re a human?”
“Yes, ……I say that it is different from humans. How old am I, it’s about a thousand years to become the age of my father?”
“……What 1000 years.”
In other words, if you calculate it simply, it is 1000 years ÷ 40 years = That means she gets 1 year older every 25 years. What?

“Please don’t call me that.”
“Dianne is about 200 years old.”
“It is so.”
“Is it correct as a human?”
“……That’s why the way of taking age is different, although growth rate isn’t different from other races, aging……it is said that in terms of human age, it takes 800 years to go from about 18 years old to about 30 years old”
“……Then, roughly…… a little bit more?”
“That’s right.”
“……Dark elves are mysterious.”
I don’t think that she is under my age when seeing her usual self-confident expression and her elder sister attitude. However, she seems to be a subordinate now, and indeed, such a feeling comes into view when seeing her now.

“Don’t you like me?”
“No way, I’m a young, tense, breast-loving boy from Polka.”
“Huhuu, I am relieved……nn.”
It is very fresh that Dianne-san, who had been assembled and eagerly groomed, accepts my kiss as it is. Or until now she has only inserted fingers of one hand totally, so when it comes to freshness, everything is fresh now. Dianne-san who turned to the receiving end is pretty anyhow.

“I’ll take it off……”
“Why don’t you order me to take it off?”
“……Take it off.”
Dianne-san takes off her clothes delightfully to bewitch me. She is a person who prefers easy-to-move short clothes which don’t hide her skin so much and it was indeed sensational and beautiful that the small cloth parted from her skin.

“……I took it off.”
Being excited to say that, I came up with something better for Dianne-san.

“Did not you hear me say I want you to masturbate?”
Instantaneously, Dianne-san squatted down. I guess it was a little obliquely above my expectation. But she smiles with a flushed face.

“……Do you see it from the front or from the back?”
“From the front. I want to see your breasts.”
“Ok…..I will do it♪”
She timidly opened her crotch like the letter M in front of me. The woman who was the hero of the war and whom I have been longing for many years even though our paths intersected several times felt a strong embarrassment and excitement in the situation of performing shamefully by my instruction. She attacked me many times, and I wonder whether it was really good for me or if it was a lame idea. My crotch was painfully erecting to her keen glance as if she could screw it.

“An……n, haa……Sir……Sir, it’s exclusive…… I am a daunting prostitute exclusively for Sir……!!”

She started rubbing her chest as I said, repeatedly caressing herself with the middle finger, index finger and ring finger and stroking and licking it.

“Sir……I’m a female soldier who was assigned to comfort you……!!”
Even though it is not ordered to say such a thing separately, it is odious and Dianne-san says words which despise me. In every word, every time she says obnoxious things, her shoulders tremble and saliva hangs from her upper and lower mouth. She may be a masochist unexpectedly.

“My duty is to get the semen of Sir……my main duty is to have a lot of children and to have been conceived by you a lot, nicely……so please fuck me……please, fuck Dianne……”
“That is unacceptable.”
The skin of the clitoris is peeled off and Dianne-san’s hand stopped little by little.

“Is it a pity that a child will be born during military service?”
“If it is an order from the military, are you a light woman who always gives birth to her superior’s child?”

I understand the answer and daringly made a Tsukkomi in Dianne-san’s delusion. Even if it’s a delusion, it was a narrow wish of her wanting to be mine. But, Dianne-san imagined herself, answering with tears overflowing from her eyes.

“No……dislike……yours……I want Andy Smithson´s child……! I’m sorry, I don’t care about my mission……I love you, I want to bear your child……hug me quickly, make me fall down to a naughty subordinate to a slave just for yourself!!!”
“……Good kid.”
While feeling guilty about being mean, I gently pushed Dianne-san down, who started crying. And I pushed my excited penis into her wet vagina in a stroke.

“Haaaa……a, aa……!!”
It seemed that her whole body and the inside of Dianne was like being boiled by a scorching hot soup. Her whole vagina hugged my dick deeply and she gave me a kiss. Her mouth can’t handle the invading and her tongues stuck out and she raised a panting voice. I moved in her vagina slowy while licking the saliva around her mouth.

“Na, a, ahuu……aaa…..feeling, good, aaaaa!”
“I also……damn, pitiable……!!”
While maintaining mental superiority for that much, my lower body is not totally superior. I don’t have much resistance yet. While making a loud sound, I let my dick go in and out and I didn’t feel like I could hold down the feeling of ejaculation at all. No, if I relax my movement, I also know that the pleasure will loosen and I can endure a little longer, but relaxing the movement itself was an unreasonable consultation. Too much. To love while loosing up just a little, my little tiny ball is too unusual. The bee seems to be coming, I was scared and I could not do it. So, I can’t stand it and ejaculate.

“Hiaa……a, aaa……♪ I´m ejaculating……ah, I’m happy……I’m happy……!”
As always, Dianne-san is the only one delighted. With loosened eyes and cheeks as if they are in Eden, she kept hugging me as I kept shooting into her uterus. It is regrettable personally to do so. Sure I’m prematurely ejaculating. But I did not want to admit that pleasure was given only by the spiritual one though I embraced her enthusiastically.

“……A, a……ee……!?”

Guchu, Gochu, Gochu, Gochuu……!
I pierced Dianne-san further like to grind the sperm that I threw up. The vagina who struggled to get messy still continued to be cramped, but I push in deeper and deeper.

“Ah, th, that, ah……hiawau, aa……!!”
“Did I told you to do it like that……?”
“Haa……yes, but……aah!!”
While being embarrassed, Dianne-san continued to be shaken. Ah, I know. This is my selfish destination. The copulation Dianne-san wanted was affection and semen, which is enough already. Even if I do it again, I should take the time with her consent. But, I still poked Dianne-san. Many times, I repeatedly ejaculated.

“Ya, a, aa, aa, already, aa……this, aa!!!”
“Kku……uu, aa!”

I did not know how many times I had ejaculated inside Dianne-san but it was a lot. Dianne-san was not able to politicize her hands and feet and was like a tuna, but still, I continued to fuck her. Why?

──Even though I love this much, I am longing for it. To a journey that I may possibly die. Even Anzeros will come with us. Because it was frustrating for us to say that she is leaving me. I know. I am weak. Because I’m a member of the crossbow corps, I can fight including repair and command, but I’m a useless soldier who cannot do anything by himself. I know such a thing. Therefore, I thought that I should pour all things I do not understand such as sadness and anger to Dianne-san. Until I was tired and collapsed, I was shaking my back with a sad face.

“……You can’t do it at once, but……have you seriously put out a beer mug in one night?”
Stroking my hair that hangs over, Dianne-san muttered with a bitter smile. I tried to answer, but I got tired and my voice withered and I could not reply.

“……That reminds me, this is……when I leave you, you are monopolized by that little girl for three months……”

I nodded deeply. That’s why she slapped me. However, Dianne-san casually touched my back and hit me.

“All right, you come, too”
“I can’t bear to be separated from you for 90 days, so you come with me and we can do it every day.”
“Is it unpleasant?”
“……N, No, that.”
“Ah I see, Selenium will also come with us……well I´m not able to escape an urgent problem without making some sacrifices. Both of you will come with us.”
“……Ye, Yes.”
……That? What am I misunderstanding? ……Isn’t that bad?

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