Half elves fall in love chapter 82

Chapter 82: Obstinate paladin [Almeida]



We returned safely to Polka on schedule.

“Wasn’t it important?”

“……Well, it was a bit of a nuisance”


Dianne looked suspicious.

“……Speaking of all, why did you come back from the forest?”

“I will talk about it now……”

Selenium and I exchanged bitter laughter, wondering if we wouldn’t be able to hide our tired faces.


It seems that my mother will live in Folklore for the time being. The important house and the studio have been handed over to Jackie, and we, the crossbow corps, have no plans to settle in Polka. If I were to quit the army and stand-alone, I would have to resume my blacksmith training first and I couldn’t live my life as I want. I got only a few sweaters that my mother had made in the last few years as souvenirs. That was enough to make me very happy. I’m not sure if it’s just me or not.

And 「Dancing spear」 Almeida seems to have been escorted by the green clan for the time being. The 「Dark Green Clan」 of Rennes dukedom in Afilm has a history of being re-approved as a side clan by a group of fallen men who were expelled long ago from the green clan, taking the opportunity to complete control of the forests in the southern Afilm Peninsula. For now, it was a good idea to go through it. Old man Shaquille from the green clan came and takes Almeida with him. If the story is settled well, it is said that Almeida can be judged. The head of the clan, old man Shaquille, had a tired face, but he said, “Well, after all, she is on the sidelines, so she can’t fight back”.

We talked while having lunch at the new bar. Dianne slightly frowned and put the cup down.

“What happens if the clan business is concluded”

“Well, for a while, imprisonment……I guess. I think that the northern forest now admits Selenium and Apple and I don’t think that Almeida, who is an ally of the halves, is an extreme sinner”

Dianne shrugged.

“I don’t think that’s okay”


“The sin of the war is a crime of the war……well dark green, that’s the story of the other forest. Surely the elves won’t look heavy. But, although they misunderstood, the sin for aiming at you is quite heavy”

“No, no, but we are forgiven. It’s a mistake”

“Calm down, for example, consider the case where the commercial king’s assassination attempt was made. Do you think that you may be forgiven if you make a mistake?”


Imagine the end of Celesta’s head of state, the man who tried to kill the trade king. ……Even if they are merciful on the spot, he will not return to his grandmother´s side again. It is a good time to be stuck in a galley boat.

“I’m not an important person to that, but……well if it was the commercial king, would it be life imprisonment?”

Speaking of that, a voice came in from an unexpected direction.

“Hmm. The people of the Northern Forest follow dragons and there is a direction that deified you as a great hero who examined the holy beast”


The white clan chief and the self-proclaimed elf ambassador to Trot, a little elf called Irina. Although she usually spends time in the baron’s mansion, she had appeared in the bar somehow. She grabbed my beer with both hands from the counter which is a little high for her and drank it.

“Hmmm…..good alcohol”

“It’s more than that, it’s deification.”

“That’s what I said”

“No, no, it was old man Bonaparte, Dianne, and Laila who went on a rampage in that fight”

“There is no doubt about Bonaparte-dono’s bravery, but depending on your decision, Diel has been rescued. I wonder if Laila-dono and Dianne were the ones who fought hard”

“But……I haven’t done anything……”

“That’s what a General”


How long have I been treated as a general? Seeing the astonishing me, Irina and Dianne shrug their shoulders.

“You underestimate your reputation”

“I’m, I’m always just there, I’m not doing much”

“That is that and this is this. Elves’ blessings aren’t as cheap as they say”


“”To aim at you like that, a king……well, it’s not just about blowing a fight on the folk grass, is it?”


Dianne said briefly.

“She will be executed if you leave her alone”


I panic.

“What’s the matter?”

“Th, That Almeida, is like a friend of my mother……what would she say if I let her friend die?”

“……As for me, I don’t care if she dies like that……you’re a really good person, Andy”

Good grief, Dianne’s sigh. She seems angry that I was attacked soberly.

“Well, I think you’d better tell them that. I hate the green Shaquille old man”

“Ku……if you’re an ambassador, please get in there”


Irina looks disgusted while eating the side dish of my plate without permission. ……This girl is useless.


Next day. I was visiting the green clan with the guidance of Irina. The distance is not as far as it is said, because we can go there by instant movement from the silver clans which is the nearest to Polka.


“Gorkus, emm”

“I’ve heard the story roughly”

Gorkus nodded. However, since this guy also shows a huge misunderstanding on his face, it is not good.

“Dark green Almeida. As you can see, we were talking in the direction of execution”

“No! I’m a friend of his mother! It was a misunderstanding!”

“Ha. So we suggested……that if you apologize to the spirit of light, we will release you……”


“We can’t trust you. If you let the spirit of light hear such a thing, I insist that you choose death”

…… Is that so bad? No, it’s usually not good. It’s like a dragon, isn’t it?

“But I don’t want to die……uh”

“That’s where we have a good idea”


Gorkus brightened his smile with a face that rarely smiles.


Next day.


I was visiting the green clan again with Hilda-san.

“Where is Almeida?”

“She is in prison. I don’t think there’s any danger in the first place because we’ve taken her weapon and her wrists are restrained with a silk chain”

“……Well, if anything happens, I’ll get Hilda-san to do something about it”

“Please leave it to me☆”

Hilda waves her hand cutely to Gorkus. Gorkus turns red for a little while. He may be surprised.

And Gorkus opens the barrier and guides us. The prison is the distorted space that I was put in when I was caught by Phaser before and now I return to the same place. In fact, there is no lattice and contrary to the image of a prison, it is comfortable to be able to sleep in an open private house

“……You, Andy Smithson”


Under such circumstances, Almeida was sitting on the shore of the miraculous spring. She looks at me and stands up, but because she is restrained by a silk chain, she really can’t do anything. Because it is a hidden treasure that can’t be cut off with an odd blade, I can feel safe.

“Al, Almeida……will you apologize to me?”

At first, I ask.

“Me, apologize to a man like you. A weak and underhanded man. Something might have been used even if it was a woman slave, or it was blindness. You coward”

“……Perhaps it is not a mistake……”

Other than that, I can’t say anything clearly. It happened with some luck, timing, individual hobbies, rivalry and so on, but, indeed, I can’t say I’m too weak and alive compared to a Paladin.

“Huu. Then I can’t help”

“What is it……”

“This is not my real intention. However, if you die what will I say to my mother”

“Naa……do, don’t get close”

I get close to Almeida and slowly push her down. When I look sideways, Hilda is loosening her clothes happily while making a thumbs up.


“If you don’t know what to say, show off your arms”


“I mean, you should show off your ability as an animal trainer in bed as you did with purple clan’s Apple who had no memories or how you satisfied the female dragon of the Misty Palace or how you seduced the sky blue clan’s princess who is known for her martial arts. The proof is that Smithson-dono is surrounded by women”

“Gorkus. I said it many times, but I don’t remember becoming that kind of profession”

“Hahaha. I’m a boneless person, so I don’t study the details, but the achievements you’ve made are true, right?”

“……Well, if you look only at the surface, I feel like it’s not wrong

“If you don’t understand, you can think about another plan. Fortunately, we can only postpone the disposition while you are long-minded and you’re not giving up on her”

“……Uh. I hope she won’t get angry later”

“There is no reason to be angry with you”


Why did I bring Hilda-san? 1. First of all, if it is a virgin, her help will smooth the pain. 2. To have the birth control magic because it is not good if she becomes pregnant with a child she doesn’t want. 3. Hilda is the only one who can assist with erotic.

“Huaaa……st, stop it……!! Da, Dark elf!”

“What? I came to teach you because you can’t believe Andy-kun’s amazing skills against woman”

I’m sorry, I have no idea what’s great about me. In front of my eyes, Almeida was hung with a string on the bow of a wrist, instead of a tree branch. The half-naked Hilda cuts through the rustic armor of Almeida with a scissor mercilessly.

“Yaa……do, don’t look, you beast!”

“No, I will look. ……Almeida, your style is comparable to Selenium”

“Don’t look. Don’t look!”

Well, it is not possible to don’t look even if she says that I shall not look.

“Are you a virgin? You were a well-established military officer until now. I wonder if it’s funny”

“U, yo, you……why are you on the side of this man!”

“Well, I’m also one of Andy-kun’s woman ☆ Although I’m a married woman and I’m sorry for my husband, but Andy-kun is great☆”


“Please don’t mislead her with false information”

How many times have I said I don’t remember making Hilda a female slave?

“It’s fine……a woman is made to be satisfied by a man. There is nothing to fear”

“Uu……ku, stop……don’t touch…….don’t touch……”

Almeida shakes her nice butt in a way that asserts her self-asserted breasts, which are probably expressed by the strongest erotic fingers of Celesta. It will be scary for her that sexual feeling is greatly erupting by fearful skills. Almeida is crying weakly with tears. ……It’s a little creepy to see it.


……Well, it is not good. She should be a similar sadist. It should not be real, just playing sad to get pleasure from each other smoothly like the masochistic Laila. Normally she swings her spear around but watching the bullish and harsh Almeida being teased and atrophied, there’s something ……Uh. Certainly, there is excitement erupting.

“Here it is…..a present from Hilda-san……☆”

“Hue……ya, wh……what”


The magic that strokes the lower abdomen. Contraception magic. Now she will not get pregnant for some days, at least for a few days. It should be.

“Pregnancy magic☆”

“Hii……wh, what is it……!?”

The story is different Hilda-san. Hilda-san winks at me so as not to be seen by Almeida. It’s a bluff. ……Well, if there is such useful magic, Hilda would already use it for everyone. It will also be a measure against the population of the northern elves.

“This magic……with the magic made recently in the south……if you have sex while taking it, you will almost certainly be able to make a baby……♪”


“But……You said you didn’t know 『As a woman』……☆”

“That is……that……”

“You’re going to have a child from Andy-kun from now on, right? I, Selenium-chan and Maia-chan will also become pregnant. We all are going to have a baby for sure from now on……”

“Kku……di, disgusting……that’s all there is to it……”

“Huhuu. No, don’t talk about women like that. So please chew well and enjoy the pleasure……the wonder of being born a woman……feel the joy of being able to give everything to a gentle and wonderful boy to the core of your heart and body♪”


Kyu, Hilda-san pinches her clit. That much shaking, Almeida convulse with her whole body only and releases love juice. Hilda-san’s erotic skills are amazing. Even I who is a man can be made to climax without knowing in a few seconds if she gets serious. It is not difficult to imagine how much it will be tossed if the technique is used by a woman who shares the point of pleasure. In such a situation, I take off my pants and approach Almeida, who has been completely irritated regardless of her consciousness. Almeida looked at me with empty eyes. It seems she says that she doesn’t want to be bullied any longer with a weak, fleeting expression. I’m terribly excited. I want to cry.

“……Almeida. I will ravish you”

“No, Nooo……”

Even though I wasn’t accepted, I had a sad switch on, and I broke into the legs that Hilda, who was still entangled from behind, pulled and lifted up and I pushed a bit into Almeida.

“I, Ii……aaaaaaaa!!!”

I penetrate Almeida’s virgin hole. I thought it was quite painful, but Almeida put out her tongue, dropped her eyebrows and was doing yoga. This is…….

“Magic that will make her feel good even if it hurts, it was a wager♪”

“……You devil”

Hilda must never turn to an enemy in bed.

“St, stop…… I’m really sorry, again…… I’m really sorry……I apologize……as it is, I haaaa……”

I’m sure she never gave in to the pain. However, the woman’s pleasure of being twice as powerful as a man was dragged out by Hilda-san in full swing and Almeida was raising the white banner already, almost losing her identity. But.

“It is useless”

I was extremely excited by Almeida’s tears. Almeida cries for forgiveness while crying. She has been rattled by her identity with pleasure. What kind of face would it be if I ejaculate completely in her womb that is supposed to become pregnant? What kind of thing will she say if I pour semen over and over again inside her? Such downed interest swells within my chest.

“That’s why Andy-kun♪ You are a peerless lecher♪”

“……I’ll move now”

And I hold Almeida’s waist and move in and out.


It was just Almeida. Almeida also tries to appeal for something while barely supporting her clouded consciousness. I poke and push up. I started to sit down while enjoying Almeida’s reaction.

“Yaaaa,aa, aaa, agaaa……stop, n, noo……sdopbb!”


“I’m sorrhhhy, I’m sorrhhhy……I’m sorry, so please stop……here, stop……!!”

“Almeida, get pregnant……with a child……?”

“Huee……? N, Nooo……”

As Almeida opens her eyes to fear, I came near her ears with my face.

“Almeida…… Almeida, receive my child with this womb……give birth, many times……!!”

“Yaa……ya, aaa……”

“I’m going to let you become pregnant as often as you want……you don’t have a spear, you have these tits. With this arm, you’re going to hold my child and raise it……a half-elf between you and me……!!”

I have a strange pleasure switch to bully Almeida. I completely let her fall from a paladin into a woman, by whispering the words that stimulate Almeida begging as a woman. Almeida looked at her breasts which are held by me and seemed to imagine herself giving milk to our child for the first time.

“M, My……my, child……child, give birth……!?”

“Yeah……and while giving milk to our child, I will get fucked by me every day like this……you’re going to feel better!!”

“Hya, aaaaaaa……”

And. I wouldn’t have imagined it for a moment until now, such a “woman who wants it violent” is dreamed of myself with pleasure.

“No, Noooo……!!”

She refused.

“Stop, stop…… I don’t want you to turn me into a woman anymore, a, uaaa!!”

Her refusal is resistance to sweet corruption.

“No more……, don’t teach me that!!”

The fear of turning into something completely different. She shakes like falling down in intense pleasure while tasting it. Weeping and crying, I can read that much information from Almeida’s face who became crazy and irritating desire in me is shaken.

“Give up, Almeida……uaaaa!!”

“I, yaaaaaa! ……♪”

Byururururururu!! And, she fainted after receiving my ejaculation while not knowing which way her mind inclined. Right. Hilda´s mass ejaculation magic was applied on my dick before, commonly known as “sperm hell” and the ejaculation which was about to burst the womb was beaten into Almeida.

“U, Uwaa……”

Incontinence. Squirting. Semen that let the belly swell. Tears. Drool. Almeida weakens after getting rid of all liquids. I slowly lowered Almeida to the ground and I sighed. What am I doing?

“Hehee……I have seen it, after a long time Andy-kun’s full-scale offensive attack♪”


“……I got wet. ……Hey?”

Hilda takes off her underwear and throws it away. I’m going to burn the rest of my sexual desire like fire and get close to Hilda-san. While I still drip a little semen.

“……I am scared of myself sometimes”

“Yes, but that’s okay, Andy-kun is great♪”

While pushing Hilda down and making her butt stick out while doing something ecchi with much effort like a sort of gymnastics. ……I was thinking about what I was trying to do.


After a while. Almeida woke up when I cummed the third time into Hilda.

“That’s a foul play! The magic borrowed from another person……it’s not much different from a fake!”

Almeida opposes with tears eyes.

“Then what do you want me to do……?”

“Well, do it without the dark elf over there, coward!”

“……Is it alright to do?”

And the second round. ……Also when I ejaculated, Almeida was begging forgiveness while crying. She is weak.


“So……after all, there is no execution?”


A few days later, I returned to Polka and reported to Dianne. Acknowledging my talent for making female slaves……Almeida seems to have settled down for the time being among elves because the apology of swearing to the spirit of light was done though it did not shape it was in shape of admitting defeat because she was made to give in without standing up by the supremacy by all means by sex and she was made to surrender. I feel like I’ve accelerated the misunderstanding of Gorkus, but it was good anyway.

And when I was relieved.

“Andy Smithson!!”

The door of the new bar is blown off as it is opened and the dancing spear appears abruptly.

“Naa……yo, you come back to Folklore……!”

“More than that!”

The stupid spear elf who approaches me, and grips my chest with some tears in her eyes.

“……My period has come”

She says so with a face that seems very regrettable.


“……I, I’m going to get pregnant by magic”


……She is a fool.

“I, I wonder if it is my body that can’t give birth to a child……”

“Wh, why don’t you see Hilda-san? And I’m glad we couldn’t have children like that”

Almeida opens her eyes with a surprise. And after a while, she turns red.

“Well, of course, I didn’t want to give birth! It seems that I wasn’t able to give birth to your child!”

“……Hide your voice……”

She stops again. And Almeida’s ears turn red.


I was hit on the head.

“O, Oooo!”

I’m going around.

“I, I hate you a lot!”

As it was, Almeida went out of the bar and left the stunned me behind. Even so, why did she come…….

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