Half elves fall in love Glossary: Character Introduction

Glossary: Character Introductions



10-man captain Andy Smithson

Protagonist. 25 years old. Celesta Commerce Forces Northern Army Corps Crossbow Corps Affiliation 10-man captain (Part 1), Celesta Commerce Forces Special Duty Corps 「Dianne´s special duty corps」 Affiliation 10-man captain (Part 2). His appearance is mediocre. His height is 170 cm. He was born in Polka, the northernmost city of Trot Kingdom and lived his first 10 years there. At that time, he met the half elves Apple and Selenium and made a promise to become friends and that they become his slaves by strange circumstances. However, while going out of the country and doing blacksmithing training in the royal capital, the war with Celesta Commerce Country in the south started. He was forced to fight in the war as a young man, but was captured and couldn’t finish his blacksmithing training. As he was absorbed by the Celesta army, he was transferred to the crossbow corps and was caught in the eyes of 100-man commander Dianne. He has a strong patience for dexterity and work, and he is highly suitable as a craftsman, but his skill hasn’t been completed because his training hasn’t been completed. His shooting ability as a crossbow soldier is high enough, but because there are more great guys, who can read the bow pulling speed in the squad, his results are normal. His fighting ability and swordsmanship are not good. After 15 years, his life finally begins to move by having an reunion with Selenium. Her boobs were huge, but he also likes small breasts like Jeanne, Anzeros or Aurora, so he grew up to be a man who can equally love big and small tits. Thanks to the miraculous spring of Polka, the women of Polka became pretty and young and he was quite addicted on peeping on them since he was very young.


A half elf girl who was saved by Andy as a child and (As a result) become his female slave. She has long sparkling blond hair and a voluptuous body. She is often wearing grass-colored short clothing typical for northern elves. She carefully put on the collar given by Andy. She is basically bright, smiling and friendly, but it makes her feel attached to Andy by a little obsession. There is also the danger of stomping the crotch of a man with a smile when she gets angry. She has been traveling and had a lot of difficulties, but her skills are very great. As a matter of course, she holds the necessary skills such as playing music instruments, cooking, stealth action, light healing, illusion magic and dance. However, the situation which becomes killing a person basically is avoided and there is not much direct combat power because she runs around a lot. A pretty female slave who does anything for Andy. During sex, she is always aggressive.


A half-elf girl who met Andy when she was a child and promised to become his female slave. Andy initially thought it was Selenium, but it was really her. She also has a voluptuous body with big boobs with blonde similar to Selenium. They are similar, but Andy’s impression is “They are not very similar when lined up together”. She had been living in the vicinity of Polka waiting for Andy with Selenium for a long time, but a few years ago she was almost shot to death by an attack of a northern elf, but thanks to the power of the miraculous spring she only fell into a coma. When she was awakened by Hilda’s treatment, she had completely lost her memories with Andy. However, Andy’s passionate approach, based on the past promise, resonates with her ridgeline, and even if she doesn’t have any memories, she is attracted to Andy and vows to become a female slave again. Apple has fewer skills than all-purpose Selenium, that’s why she has a little complex that she is not very useful. Of course as a female slave, she won’t refuse to have sex with Andy but she particularly prefers mouth service. She and Andy also think that she remembers her childhood when she was giving Andy a mouth service.

100-man commander Dianne

A dark elf beauty. About 200 years old. Andy’s direct boss, a war hero named 『War God』. Although she is not so tall, she has a strong erstwhile posture and a greater presence than her physique because she has a strong attitude. She has big breasts and prefers light clothing that is lightly layered on her underwear. Her father Ashton, is a dark elf who is the sixth minister of the country, who manages the military of the country and her older brother Carlos, is the colony leader of the southern largest dark elf colony 『Talc』 and the president of the region’s leading trading association 『Onyx Company』. Born in a very blessed house. Nearly 100 siblings. Most of her brothers are not suitable for being warriors, while Dianne has outstanding fighting power, which made her father think about giving her Over Knight rank. However, she doesn’t want a bad career and doesn’t want to get the Over Knight rank. She has excellent knowledge as a front line commander and has a track record of driving the Sword Saint Brigade to unilateral destruction by operating about 50 crossbows at the time in the previous Trot war. She looks like a harsh person with a male tone, but in fact she is quite sweet to her relatives and subordinates. She is very popular among her subordinates because of her beauty and the fact that she is joining the bath with her crossbow corps that is almost all male (because mixed bathing is a natural cultural area and it is considered an action to increase solidarity with subordinates). She participates in the battle for Andy because she misunderstood that she was proposed by Andy. Although she has not declared being his female slave, she is positively tolerant towards a Harem. Slightly mentally masochistic.

10-man captain Anzeros

Andy’s colleague who is the former captain of the escort infantry platoon of the crossbow corps and has the title of Ace Knight. She is currently a 10-man captain of 『Dianne´s special duty corps』. A half-elf beauty from the Trot capital. 150 centimeter tall, and she somehow looked like a boy. She always wore black, slightly beaky armor, only to hide her feminine and delicate body. She has small breasts that can barely be seen by touching the chest. The hair was loosely concealed and hidden in the armor, but when spread, it was long enough to reach the back of the knee. Anzeros´s nickname is 『Beheading Sword』, because she specializes in 『Shockwaves』, which are not used by many users in Celesta. Although it has little direct destructive power when shoot from the sword, even an ogre can easily be swapped up into the sky if hit directly. The pervert people and shameless acts were strictly controlled as a moral committee member in the crossbow corps, but it was apt to jump on the contrary after it came out that she is a woman. It isn’t a problem, as she is strong. Since she was in a position where she could only masturbate while listening to the screams of Selenium and Dianne for a long time, she exploded significantly after becoming a female slave. The first person is 『I』.

10-man captain Aurora

Former 10-man captain of the 2nd Infantry Corps of the Celesta Commerce Army Force Southern Corps, currently a 10-man captain of the 『Dianne special duty corps』. Ace Knight. Long red-haired elf, the daughter of the colonial leader of Forest Territory´s central city Klaves in the southeast of Celesta. A 17-year-old young lady who speaks in a princess tone. A genius swordsman who obtained the Ace Knight title at the age of 17. She sees Anzeros as her rival. Aurora met Andy in the engraving classroom and had a good time. She is a owner of a mind who thinks that everything is a game, and there is also the flexibility to honestly respect the other person if losing. ……But that was so drastic that she volunteered for being Andy’s female slave. Aiming for being Andy’s 『Best Woman』, she is also fighting in bed. Her back is slightly higher than Dianne and the chest is slightly larger than Anzeros, but it is not large enough to make a valley. The size of her potential was evaluated soberly and in her hometown the expectations for her are much higher than for her arrogant brother General Lucas.


A black dragon beauty. About 200 years old. Long and lustrous black hair and red impressive eyes. She gets naked very quickly. A perfect body with both huge breasts and great buttocks and she will soon be naked. Her feature is that 『Ho』 is always attached to the beginning of a sentence. She is a particularly powerful individual among the black dragons, which are said to be the strongest species of the dragon race and the total length of her dragon body is in the latter half of the 50 meter range to 60 meters. Laila lived alone in the Dragon Palace in the Russell Desert. Jeanne is a child, who she is caring like a real sister or a parent. Although she is preoccupied with a motto, she is lonely and strong in motherhood, and also has a violent aggression that cannot be relentless once she is an enemy. On the other hand, inside the bedroom she is quite a heavy M, which seems to have been cultivated by the Dragon Slayer opponent who she fell in love with a hundred years ago. She fell in love with Andy and flew away from the Dragon Palace and waited for Jeanne as Andy’s 『Pet』 companion. When Andy returned from the forest territory, he meets her again and Laila acknowledges that she will soon join his female slaves. She gets naked immediately on the streets of the public. She stands below because it is important. She made a Contract of Power with Andy and he became her dragon rider.

Jeanne Cracks

Dwarf girl. 25 years old. Dwarves simply grow at half the speed of humans and look very young because they are originally low-headed. Jeanne tried to prove that she can survive alone by hunting the monster named Helsboa in the Desert Large Labyrinth by the law of the dwarf colony and she succeeded in subjugating that monster during a situation she likely would have lost without Andy’s encouragement. As a result, she began to call herself Andy’s disciple. While Andy was heading to the forest, she was mentally trained by Laila´s magic, whose sexual concept was slightly laid out and became an M-like puppet that resembled Laila and was waiting for Andy. The dwarf girl enjoys herself while she is young because her body is sturdy. In Part II, she became pregnant and gave birth to Andy’s child. She speaks with a strange accent called a dwarf accent.


A dark elf woman living in Talc. A married woman. Her hair is silver and her clean clothes give her a moist color. One of Dianne’s older sisters, a medical practitioner who examines everything from toothaches to the frost sickness using magic. Her skills are reliable. She is a very bright and good woman, and she is an unrivalled erotic woman that is only known by a few. Whether it is a newbie or someone experienced, she has gold fingers that lets you squid freely. In fact, women seem to be cool too. Her husband named Orins has not returned yet from the eastern mountains for the past decade.


A beautiful blue dragon girl. 62 years old. Her human body is about 13-14 years old. Her hair is blue. She comes from a naked family, so she doesn’t care much about fashion. She is a blue dragon from Misty Palace, a Dragon Palace in the mountains near Polka. A boy named Phaser, an elf of the silver clan of the same age, grew up as her milk brother. Because Phaser was a delusional exclusionist, he had considerable prejudice against the outside world, but when she attacked Andy at the lead of Phaser, she was defeated by Bonaparte. After that, after a few twists and turns, she left Phaser’s hand, missed Andy and offered her virginity to him. Although she is poor in communication because she grew up in a box, she is hungry for love. Contrary to the wording that seems to be a mess, she is quite sticky to the other party once decided.


Northern Elf territory, one of the nine clans, 「White clan」 clan head. 153 years old. Although she is an adult, she has not developed enough and looks like a girl about 12-13 years old. She has a very high magic talent among elves and develops original spells. She is like a old woman. Among the nine clan heads, she belongs to the progressive camp and promise to cooperate with Andy. She is somewhat a clumsy girl. She recently dedicated her virginity to Andy and since then has become sex addicted. For the time being, only vaginal cum shots are rejected, but apparently it is just a pose. It is a masterpiece of great compatibility with Andy and the frequency of sex is quite high, contrary to her young appearance. She used to travel outside the forest and was saved by Dianne in a dangerous place.


Northern elven territory, one of the nine clan heads, the daughter of the 「Cherry Blossom Clan」 clan head. She is entrusted with the role of an representative for her dad in the clan meeting. A neat and clean woman with a calm atmosphere and she is also a leader of the progressive camp and a scholar who studies various natural phenomena and magic. She also found a correlation by studying the decline in the birth rate of the entire forest in connection with 「Qi」. In fact, she has been married twice so far, but soon after she divorced. It seems that she was too good and the elven man with high pride couldn’t stand her.

Luna Basil

A girl who lived in a cat beast colony in the central Russell Desert in the middle of Celesta. 18-year-old. She couldn’t forget her sex with Andy and visited Basson where the crossbow corps base was. She is a passionate girl with silver hair and a little unfriendly inside. In addition to her natural leg strength unique to cat beasts and other beast tribes, she participated in hunting monsters in the colony that touches the Desert Great Labyrinth, so her speed and survival ability are impressive. In anticipation of her high mobility and concealment, she was recruited by Dianne and entered the special mission on the condition that she was added to Andy’s female slaves. Expectation to be active as a scout soldier. As a racial trait of cat beasts, their physical abilities and tensions fluctuate depending on the age and are so fast that even Ace Knights couldn’t capture them during full moon.

Neia Grans

A half-elf girl who says that she came from the Kingdom of Kalwin, a country that should have been destroyed 300 years ago and that she calls herself 「Hero」. She is a western-style girl wearing a short cloak with a soft, fluffy blonde hat and a short cloak. The sword is strangely broad and is lowered to the waist. Her fighting power far surpasses that of the Master Knight class and the bottom is unknown. Regardless of her petite appearance, she is a good glutton.


A former famous knight of the Afilm Empire, a female knight with the nickname of 「Dancing Spear」. Her speed is so high that she can compete with Dianne and Becker and her power approaches a Great Sword Saint class, coupled with skilled combat skills using a gimmick weapon that can instantly switch between an iron staff and a short spear. From the beginning, in Rennes Dukedom, a territory of the Afilm Empire, she was responsible for chasing and ending half-elves and rebels who did not meet the will of the upper ranks of the principality. However, she was disappointed that the upper management, who believed in justice, had made a completely selfish decision, and moved to Trot´s Folklore, where she began her own protection for the atonement against the half-elves and heretics who had been cracking up until now. She had started protection activities on her own. However, due to a deal with Duke Gardner, the lord of Folklore, she is now enlisted in the Rengfangas army. She started working as a Red Arm at the Heroic Gauntlet Knights Order. She’s a little furious and people aren’t sure of how to judge her because of her eyes. She is also extremely weak against sex.

Tetes Murray

Renfangas Kingdom’s Red Arm. A female swordsman who has earned the title at the age of 16 and has great abilities. She always laughs brightly and softly, but is curious and unaware of things that scare her partner Naris. Her weapon is a two-handed sword.


Renfangas Kingdom’s Red Arm. A elf girl who loves bikini armor. Her way of speaking is strangely hard. A girl who is not like an elf in many ways and the forest that she lived in during her childhood was burnt down in the Fire Dragon War, so she doesn’t even know her clan. There is also trauma against dragons (Especially fire dragons). Her abilities are not so high compared to Anzeros and others, but she has the natural talent to use all kinds of weapons and if she holds a weapon of any shape and shake it, she will be able to use it as much as her favorite weapon she used for 10 years. Poor. She really doesn’t like killing monsters (She likes romantic adventures like labyrinths), but she can’t get out of the well-paid job as Gauntlet Knight because of a debt. It’s not that long that she get to know Tetes, but they´re a good combination.


Renfangas Kingdom’s Black Arm. Elf woman with blond hair tied to a ponytail and proud of her huge chest that is improper to other elves. She is the younger sister of Felios who is a Gold Arm and a troublemaker who has caused trouble many times every time she talks since she appeared. Originally a princess who had the right to succeed to the throne at the end of the elf kingdom on the Southern Great Plains 「Arcus Kingdom」, but she didn’t like to marry a man who was not interested in her and therefore followed her brother and Berga. Although she was spoiled by her relatives, her swordsmanship is genuine and while she doesnt reach Felios and Berga, she masters the 「Arcus Sword Skill – Berga style」 and freely controls 「Earth Drive」 which manipulates the terrain by hitting the ground with the sword. After losing the duel with Aurora and being admonished by Andy, she strangely became soft.


Holy beast (an immortal beast bound to the land). Originally a unicorn. Estimated age is over 5000 years old. In the first part, it had become a mysterious monster because of loneliness, but now it has shrunk to the size of a normal horse. ……That was supposed to be so, but when it met Andy for the first time in a while, it changed into a beautiful woman. Although it has been powered down more than before due to the structural change of the Holy Beast Labyrinth, it has almost infinite regenerative ability, exploiting it to generate sharp 「Horns」 from anywhere in the limbs as well as the head, stretching and piercing the enemies. In theory, it can form any part, not just the horn, but it doesn’t make any sense. Also, the shock wave that can be shot indefinitely with the no motion that was used when it was turned into a monster is still available. The fighting ability is still at a high level, such as taking 3 opponents below Felios strength without any difficulty. It transformed into a beautiful woman with the same logic as a dragon, but unlike a dragon, there is no actual physical age, so it can grow and rejuvenate its appearance. It seems that it had a gender, but had already forgotten, for the time being. Andy seems to have made it a happy woman.

Arnie Boyd associate soldier

The main character of Side Story 1. He is an 18 years old ogre. His height is 277 cm. He has two horns, one of each side of the head, but one of them is broken. As a hot-blooded Ogre, he has a modest personality and he often says 「~SSu」. Recently he is very happy to have a girlfriend named Sylvia.

10-man captain Kerry Isaac

The protagonist of Side Story 2. He is a Ox-Ogre a very small race. 29-year-old. Height is 310 cm. He has the face like a ox without change. Reddish brown hair. A child-friendly and subordinate skin. Although he is a very reliable man as a soldier, there are some naive aspects in his life. Boasting muscles that match his giant body, he has a powerful muscle posing fetish. Originally an assault infantry soldier and he almost passed the Ace Knight test.

100-man special duty commander Sieg Becker

The protagonist of Side Story 3. 39 years old. A long-haired blonde, handsome man with a stubble beard. He is a skilled Ace Knight known as 「Daydreaming」 and the origin of this nickname is said to be that he seems like a daydream because he was so fast. His speed surpasses Dianne and is the best in Celesta´s army, so even an experienced warrior cannot catch up to him. He belongs to a so-called spy organization called Special Intelligence Brigade, but he is well-known nationwide. There is a habit of using pseudonyms. His hobbies are peeping and collecting knives. A tough and capable soldier who can dive under whatever circumstances he face.

Kate Mikagami

A wolf beast girl who has followed Kerry. 17 years old. The granddaughter of the legendary swordsman Zenga of the desert who cut off a herd of 70 Helsboa with a single sword. Because the colony spoke in Eastern languages, the Northwestern language is slightly inconvenient. When she was a child, she said to Kerry 「I´m going to be your bride」. Kerry thought it was a joke, but she was doing her best to become Kerry’s wife. Being untrained, the fighting ability is high.

Rinne Mikagami

Kate’s older sister, a wolf beast girl with the title of Ace Knight. 19 years old. Unlike her sister, there is no inconvenience in language and she is a beautiful woman who has a quiet and firm way of speaking. However, the contents are very similar and she is a hard-going type. She was helped by Kerry during the Ace Knight test, and since then she has been in love with him. She tried to become Kerry’s wife to protect her sister, but unlike the wolf beast colony, she didn’t understand that polygamy is normally accepted in Ox-Ogre society, so eventually she and her younger sister will marry Kerry together. Her fighting power is sufficient as an Ace Knight. Although she looks like her grandfather as a swordsman, but in reality she is a cruel fighter who kicks and stabs her enemies with physical techniques.

Sixth Minister Ashton

Dianne’s father. About 1000 years old. He is in the position of the sixth minister in Celesta Central Government. Mainly responsible for military affairs. Small moustache. The sixth is like a table name on a round table and he is not the sixth greatest and often has a missing number. He still looks like a human about 40 years old, but as a dark elf he is approaching old age. As an elf, he has a strong libido and has 10 wives and nearly 100 children. He was the founder of Onyx Company. In swordsmanship, he is weak enough to lose to his children.

10-man captain Edgar Keiron

Andy’s colleague. 29-year-old. A lazy fox beast man. He always tries to be lazy and he takes a nap when he has a chance. However, he seems to be reliable in case of emergency.

Regular soldier James Lantz

Andy’s subordinate. 23 years old. Human. He is a man who spends his life on masturbation and in a sense is a man who is masturbating like a gentleman even if a naked woman falls down in front of him. Of course, Dianne who bathed together with her soldiers is his fantasy during masturbation. Even if he was selected to be a part of Dianne Special Duty Corps the point remains the same and he frequently participates in the hot spring peeping corps and collects erotic picture scrolls as collection. Together with Goto, he is known as 「Masturbation Brothers」. A soldier who is a hard worker except that he likes masturbation too much.

Regular soldier Botts Goto

Andy’s subordinate. 23 years old. Ogre (one horn). He is a man who spends his life on masturbation, and in a sense is a man who is masturbating like a gentleman even if a naked woman falls down in front of him. Of course, Dianne who bathed together with her soldiers is his fantasy during masturbation. Even if he was selected to be a part of Dianne Special Duty Corps the point remains the same and he frequently participates in the hot spring peeping corps and collects erotic picture scrolls as collection. Together with Lantz, he is known as 「Masturbation Brothers」. A soldier who is a hard worker except that he likes masturbation too much.


Dianne’s older brother and second son of Minister Ashton. 728 years old. He looks like a timid young man about 30 years old, but he is competent and sincere as a merchant. As chairman of Talc’s largest trading company 「Onyx Company」, he protects and thrives his house and the city. In fact, there are rumors that he’s a terrible and ruthless piece, but Andy sees him as a little strange brother with overprotection for his sister. He is also a devoted husband.

General Lucas

A Master knight who prevails in Klaves the forest city in the southeast of Celesta. He is Aurora´s brother and also has red hair. He is a very beautiful boy like an elf and is called 「Forest young noble」. A genius swordsman who manipulates the 「Slashing wave」 that goes above the 「Shockwave」 of Anzeros. He is also highly agile and after seeing a crossbow being fired, he can dodge with room and cut down the arrows. Because of his rare talent and the blessed environment of the forest ruler’s bloodline, he had become a pretentious and arrogant personality. He tries to reach out to Anzeros, but loses with Andy’s momentum and Anzeros’s struggle. Selenium scolds him strongly afterwards.


Father of Lucas and Aurora. He is a colony leader and a clan chief in a position to bring together the northern elf clan called 「Sky-Blue Clan」. Because of adolescence, his apparent age is not much different from Lucas. He was once saved by Dianne and has since become a dark elf freak while being the head of elves.

Linda Neumann

Anzeros’s mother, a former adventurer who was the person who founded the「Sylfreed Company」, a large trading company that represents Trot. Since she grew up with her mother, Anzeros had a girlhood without any inconvenience. Trot´s king is also an acquaintance and the king who has a lot of spare time after taking up his right often visits her and plays chess. She is already in her fifties, but her spirit is still alive and if it is for her only daughter, she says that she will always throw away the huge castle-like mansion and the large company that she built.

10-man captain Erik Randall

An Ace Knight who is living in the capital city of Trot and also known as 「The Last Sword Saint」. 22 years old. Handsome but a little thin eyes. He also has good academicity and personality and his ability as a swordsman surpasses that of Anzeros. He is the eldest son of Marquis Randall and he was about to be engaged with Anzeros under certain circumstances. The engagement was canceled, but he hasn’t given up on Anzeros yet.

100-man commander Gilbert Grants

Associate professor who teaches at the Royal Academy and once trained Andy, by being known as 「Moustached Swordsman」. 50 years old. He is currently teaching the next generation as a skilled Ace Knight. Although he has well-balanced and high level skills, he considers his profession to be a teaching professor, staying in reserve until the last minute in the war and not participating in the Sword Saint Brigade. The teachings that Andy received from him during his training days are often supporting Andy at key points in his life.

Sir Arthur Bonaparte

The strongest swordsman in the history of Trot kingdom, having the title of 「Master Sword Saint」 and once leading the 「Sword St. Brigade」, became the greatest threat to Celesta. 58 years old. He carries a great sword with his large physique and wears mysterious goggles to hide his eye color. He has a slightly mischievous personality and prefers to hide his identity and enjoys to be a 「Traveler」. He likes alcohol but is weak to it and sleeps as soon as the alcohol progresses. Same as Andy in that respect. The ability as a swordsman is isolated, he can win without having even a knife against a person with the same strength, he will not hit the sniper with a bow from the position he can sees him and even having a dragon has opponent, he will defeat it without any pain by boasting his extraordinary strength. When Dianne destroyed his entire unit in the former war, he lost his right eye and transplanted the eye of Holy Beast Shugeiza, so he gained the ability to accurately measure the flow of magical power and the distance to the target.

Peter Smithson

Andy’s father. deceased. He was a weak man, a gambling-loving man, a man who was often weak to women and easy to be deceived, but loved by his neighbors. His skills as a blacksmith were high enough and he is still missed many years after his death.

Baron Duran Guto

Polka´s Baron. 52 years old. Black-haired small moustache dandy. Although he is at a good age, he bathes in Polka´s hot spring every day, so he looks physically around 30s. He is a good Lord who is adored by the people and the first Sword Saint since Polka was founded. Although he is friendly to everyone, he has a strong sense of responsibility as an aristocrat and has a courageous side, but he loves peeping at the women’s bath and he was Andy’s partner in crime when he was a child and sought out a big battle. That passion has not faded. He has a beautiful wife and five children.

Jackie Rumeiro

A half-ogre blacksmith who is the direct apprentice of Andy’s father Peter. 37 years old. Taking over Andy’s birthplace and live with his wife and his daughter there. He is a giant with an honest and gentle personality and is relied on by the townspeople. He respected Peter, his boss and has a good understanding with Andy and lends his workshop to him from time to time.

Sara Rumeiro

Jackie’s daughter and an 8-year-old quarter-ogre. Her head has two round little horns like hair ornaments. Other physical ogre features are fading. A cute girl who loves her dad. Some children have teased her characteristics of being an ogre, but she still want to live in Polka. Dianne and Hilda saved her life before. Therefore she wants to become a cool martial artist or a doctor like them in the future.

Johnny Kueido

A childhood friend of Andy who lives in Polka. One of the two guards. He is the son of the alcohol store owner and has an older wife. No children yet.

Keel Lyndon

A childhood friend of Andy who lives in Polka. One of the two guards. He is the son of the steamed bun shop owner and was fat when he was young.


Northern Elf territory, the son of the 「Orange Clan」 clan chief. He is as entrust as the representative of his clan to participate in the clan meeting. A long-haired beautiful elf who is very muscular for elves and enjoys using a sword. Born to a thriving clan of martial arts, he has been trained for a long time and he is at the level of an Ace Knight. Although it is not flashy, he has solid techniques and his ability is close to Diel. He is a part of the progressive camp and sends many exchange students to Trot´s capital city.


Northern Elf territory, one of the nine clan heads, 「Red Clan」 clan chief. Along with Gorkus, he is an elf-like swordsman and he has a slightly broken attitude and is friendly. In appearance, he is much more like Andy, a main character of a story, with a neat and unbeatable balance. When he went to investigate the 「Holy Beast Labyrinth」 in his territory, he encountered the Holy Beast Breakcore that turned into an evil monster in the deepest part and was upset. He was absorbed without any help. He was rescued by Andy. He is a part of the progressive camp and is a close friend and rival to Gorkus. The Red Clan territory is in contact with Trot Kingdom alongside the Silver Clan in the forest and the progressive elves travel back and forth through the Red Clan territory.


Northern Elf territory, one of the nine clan heads, 「Silver Clan」 clan head. He is a stubborn man with an unpleasant personality and is a pioneer in conservative foreignism. The Silver Clan territory is the gateway to the Polka area and because they are in a special position as a subordinate clan of the blue dragons who are the actual guardians of the northern forest territory, they have a high voice.

Northern Elf territory, one of the nine clan heads, 「Gold Clan」 clan head. Same generation as Gust and an old friend of him.


Northern Elf territory, one of the nine clan heads, 「Purple Clan」 clan head. An old woman wearing a purple hooded robe like the name of the clan and having a very suspicious atmosphere. In the old days, she was a beautiful woman and made up her mouth at the same age. The Purple Clan is a clan with a special emphasis on magic and is actively engaged in close marriage to keep pure blood, and this exclusivity is very strong for their work. Apple’s mother was also from the Purple Clan, but she was ruthlessly excommunicated because of Apple who isn’t a pure blood.


Northern Elf territory, one of the nine clan heads, 「Green Clan」 clan head. An elder who fight for the oldest in the whole forest. Because the age and the population of the Green Clan is the largest of the nine clan, he serves as the chairman of the clans meeting. His enthusiasm is thin compared with Gust though he is a part of the conservative camp because he is tired of the fight which does not end because the successor fight has become muddy for a long time that he is not liberated from the heavy responsibility still by the aged. He personally loves Irina.


Northern Elf territory, one of the nine clan heads, 「Blue Clan」 clan head. In the old days, it is said that he was a serious macho elf. The Blue Clan was originally popular for brewing alcohol and fishing and Vois was a man who spent his life on alcohol and the sea and he had a somewhat rough idea of ​​good or bad. He is a part of the conservative camp, but he is just following it because he thinks that Gust and Alma are smarter, so he’ll try to get rid of all the troublesome outside problems with just one word. When he leaves the clans meeting, he is drunk and cheerful and brags a lot.


A silver clan elf youth. Born in the same year as Maia, he was raised as her milk brother. A man who was soaked in the elves’ viciousness of stenosis and exclusionism, had a very biased education in Maia, and even had a dangerous idea of ​​destroying all humans with Maia. However, he was abandoned by Maia by the appearance of Andy, who became her dragon rider. However, it seems to have become a sign that he was excited in a strange way.

Marie Smithson

Andy’s mother. Originally the daughter of a merchant near the capital, she married Andy’s father Peter during his blacksmithing training. They got married in Polka. In contrast to the sloppy Peter, she has a brilliant personality, but prior to her only son Andy dying in the war (because it was years of unsuccessful communication, everyone, including the workshop he trained thought he was dead) and Peter died in an accident which is a disappointment and she was left all alone. Therefore she handed over the Smithson family workshop to Peter´s disciple Jackie and she relied on her relatives to move to Folklore, the second largest city of Trot in the west of the capital city. Because she was immersed in the miraculous spring every day for about twenty years spent in Polka, her appearance is more than ten years younger than her real age. She got acquainted with Almeida by chance and had a reunion with her son Andy who became a casanova.


An elf swordsman who gained the title of 「Gold Arm」, Master Sword Saint class, in 「Renfangas Kingdom」 located west of the Snake Mountain Range from Trot and Celesta. A blond elf youth with sharp eyes and a burning atmosphere. He also belongs to the royal family of the Southern Elves on the Southern Great Plains, 「Arkas Kingdom」 and has a very high pride. His sword technique was made fun off by Dianne, but it was a certainty, that he was a master of 「Arkas Swordmanship – Berga Style」 which was knitted by Berga, his vassal and teacher. His skill goes beyond the founder Berga. At first glance, he looks like a tough warrior, but he is really sweet to his sister, Sharon. In the first place, jumping out of Arkas Kingdom and starting a mercenary business itself originated in the riot of her engagement.


Renfangas Kingdom’s Black Arm (Great Sword Saint). A large elf swordsman. An unusually formal man with a fierce-looking face, his face doesn’t have much expression. Berga himself was the watchdog of Felios and Sharon, who were royalty in their hometown and he taught them his swordmanship. He was also the vice chief of the Arkas Royal Guard Knights and was also known as an excellent commander specializing in defense. His 「Arkas Sworsmanship – Berga Style」 is unique because it incorporates tactics using the earth technique called 「Earth Drive」, which dwarves are good at and it is very difficult to learn. Although he looks so fierce, his relationship with females is unrelenting.

Marquis Alex Buster

Renfangas Kingdom’s Gold Arm (Master Sword Saint). 50 years old. An old man whose hairline has retreated. He likes common clothing. Known as 「Devil Buster」. A powerful warrior and an excellent magician, he has developed many original spells. He is also a legitimate nobleman with a Marquis rank, a wide network and high political abilities. Rumors are that he is very concerned about baldness and is currently aiming to complete a magic of thinning hair treatment. He is also an gourmand who favors Trot-made meals and enjoys to take a trip to Trot for every reason.

Lister Jail

Renfangas Kingdom’s Gold Arm (Master Sword Saint). A lion beast man who is 42 years old. A relatively small but macho-like fighter. A master of Kenpo taught in the Eastern Mountain Range. The attacks, from fists, feet, elbows, knees, head butt and body, all have the power to crush rocks and the speed that ordinary people cannot see and is known as 「Meteor Lister」. Although he is usually a calm warrior, he sometimes has the drawback of getting angry like a fiery fire with a strange point and is feared while being relied on.

Annette Lange

Renfangas Kingdom’s Gold Arm (Master Sword Saint). A 40 years old Ogre. Her nickname is 「Tyranny」. In addition to her unique constitution of Elecorn that manipulates electric shock, it is possible to unconditionally activate a potential hyper mode that normally blossoms after training after adjusting the conditions. Such an attack with full power can be said as terrifying and it is not a joke that she can destroy a castle with one blow. She is a woman with a bright older sister character, but when she gets angry a little, her abnormal power explodes, so she is worried that she wont find a husband. Because she is a symbol of 「The Strongest」 that is very easy to understand, there are a lot of enthusiastic fans in the Gauntlet Knights and the regular army around the Ogres. Thanks to her presence, the security in the capital city Rennesto is kept.

Flare Lilac Rinvar

Queen of Renfangas Kingdom. 17 years old. A pretty queen who is often compared with Princess Reina of Trot (Now Queen), who is famous as a pretty girl. However, she is passionate about Alex Buster, who is the same generation as her parents. A young girl with a special hobby. In Renfangas, the Queen has a role as a 「Prize」, so to speak, marrying a knight who was particularly active in that era, so to speak, not particularly politically insightful.

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