Half elves fall in love Glossary: General Information

Glossary: General information


Geographical information


Directly translated “Assembly”. In particular, the villages centered on the sub-racial are called: People-centered (Slightly unique colors in terms of social rules) are simply called villages or cities. In terms of lifestyle, it is difficult for a sub-race to get along with other races and most choose to form such a settlement and live according to their own rules. Celesta Commerce country is characterized by a multi-city town, but still the majority of those who live in the colony will be the majority. Most of them are gathered in a single race, but in some cases they have co-existing relationships with each other. The oasis colony from Dianne’s hometown is a good example of living in the same colony, having a close relationship with ogres. The leader of the village is called the colony leader. Mostly elders.

Dragon Palace
Dragon’s colony. It came to be called so because it has the destructive power of the disaster grade with one dragon only. Basically, it is a region which no country wants to turn into an enemy and most nations on the continent voluntarily prohibit the entry of troops into the surrounding few kilometers of an dragon palace. There are adventurers who sometimes sneaks in to get some treasures. The Dragon Palace side enjoys that kind of mischief as a game-like feeling (most of the treasures are less important to the dragons themselves), without the other races knowing and you will get a prize when it is known to the authorities. Hundred years ago, there was a time when dragons turned into enemies seriously (Fire Dragon War period) and the fear that the number of nations on the continent was halved at that time still cant escape the longevity races.

Dwarf mine
Large veins and dwarf colonies. Dwarves are a race where the dwellings can be satisfied anywhere like caves as long as there is alcohol, so if they find a vein, they will settle in. When it becomes about a thousand people, it will be called dwarf mine. The number of dwarf mines is said to be almost synonymous with the industrial power of a nation, with many dwarves gathering = rare metals and large reserves, coupled with the strength of the dwarf’s own smithing and crafting skills.


Most labyrinths in this world have the ability to adjust their「Qi」. It has functions such as deliberately producing monsters, or conversely keeping the monsters out of contact, and there are also places that produce magically solidified bodies that can be used for specific applications. Made during the ruins civilization period, treasures have been asleep and adventurers continue to steal them. However, only the destruction of the labyrinths is prohibited. It is because fixed sources of evil monsters appeared in the neighbourhood when several labyrinths were destroyed in the old days and as the research has progressed, it is assumed “There is no doubt that the existence of labyrinths will reduce the rampant of monsters”.


Military information

The rank of the Celesta army

Marshal > General > 100-man commander > 10-man captain > regular soldiers > semi-soldiers

Ace Knight is automatically considered to be a 10-man captain equivalent at the time of title acquisition. The general is also known as 1000-man commander. It is often referred to as a general because it is cool to say the word general. Since the generals and above aren’t combatants as they are purely commanding, they are usually not referred as commanders. In exceptional cases, a Master Knight is considered to be able to lead a 1000-man corps with his power and is treated as a general then.

In the Trot kingdom army, it was Marshal > General > Captain > Lieutenant > Regular soldiers > Semi soldiers. Currently this designation is not used because they are treated as part of the Celesta Army now. The same goes for the class Sword Saint/ Great Sword Saint

Knight Classes/Sword Saint ranking

It is an official assessment of close combat ability, like a qualification. It is convenient when you have a re-employment. It is also incorporated into special rules on the battlefield.

Ace Knight/Sword Saint is the yearning for the children who want to be swordsmen all over the country. Proof of excellence. The battle rating is 5 for ogre regular soldiers and 25 for human regular soldiers. The certification exam is a yearly match in Trot and a specific labyrinth in Celesta.

Master Knight/Great Sword Saint is an owner of higher skill. Proof of heroes. The ability to be able to win against an Ace Knight/Sword Saint is required at the same time. Because it is a relative evaluation, the standard goes up and down depending on the times and situations, but it is difficult to achieve the standard with swordsmanship alone and in most cases, it is only the special person with original spelling or special abilities.

Over knight/Master Sword Saint is an honorary title. The strength isn’t so much, only given to heroes who have the experience to save the nation. However, in order to be treated as more than a Master Knight/Great Sword Saint, it is necessary to be someone who can convince others and the award screening is quite difficult.

Therefore, those who have been given the Over knight/Master Sword Saint title are only Master Knights/Great Sword Saints, and from this process it has become a result that makes the general soldiers and citizens think of the “Legend of the strong Over Knight” there is in history. The number of people given this title up to now is a total of 3 people, for both Trot and Celesta. The so-called “Lightning Over Knight” Scott Vincent. “Steel Over Knight” Ryo Amatsushima. And the strongest knight of the former Sword Saint Brigade, Sir Arthur Bonaparte.

In the two countries, if you encounter an enemy Ace Knight/Sword Saint on the battlefield, the semi-soldiers aren’t be accused of being guilty if they escape from them. Also, if a Master Knight/Great Sword Saint is encountered, the regular soldiers are allowed to flee before that enemy. It is also said that 10-man captains or 100-man commanders may make a choice of tactical withdrawal. This rule permeates in the neighboring countries (each with their own title system), and it is a reason why the battlefield is pastoral and the dead do not go out so much in this region that the war repeats without putting it for several years. The reason is to move to the game in the single combat etc.

If the war situation is stagnant, it is because if it is decided to raise the name Sword Saint or Great Sword Saint, which will shift the battle with a single strike. With this rule, Trot’s Sword Saint brigade will have a battlefield effect that is more than 10 times the real number and they have virtually invincible strength, but there is no way to attack the Celesta army’s crossbow corps, with more than 300 Sword Saints, including Arthur Bonaparte, so they were unable to recur and were destroyed. By the way, in the Afilm Empire, which is located in the west, Sword Saints are called Paladins and the Great Sword Saints are called Lords. Although the title “Saber” is equal to the title Master Sword Saint, it hasn’t been awarded because they haven’t gone to war recently.

Major Country Correspondence Table

Kingdom of Trot = Sword Saint/ Great Sword Saint/ Master Sword Saint
Celesta Commerce Country = Ace Knight/ Master Knight/ Over Knight
Afilm Empire = Paladine/ Lord/ Saber
Renfangas Kingdom = Red Arm/ Black Arm/ Gold Arm

Flying Dragon

Official name: Celesta army special high speed brigade sky squad. A total of fifteen flying dragons belong to it. With horse-carriage, it takes exceptional three weeks at high speed between Trot´s capital city and Celesta´s capital Quika and with the flying dragons it takes two days, but they are used exclusively for the decree and the movement of key personnel. Perhaps even if you let them battle they seem to be strong enough, but flying dragons are so valuable that they have never been put into battles. They are so busy that they are flying around the sky of Celesta all year round. They aren’t directly related to the life of the general public, but even if you live normally in Celesta, you see it at a frequency of once every few days to several weeks. An existence like a helicopter.


Previous history

Ruins civilization period

An advanced civilization period that is believed to have existed more than 5000 years ago. Some countries of the elves are believed to have continued since that time, but the technology at that time was transmitted only in fragments. Most of the “labyrinths” that exist throughout the continent are made at this time. In addition, it is said that the paranormal armed “Dragonslayer” boasts an unusual attack power and according to one theory, the dragon race is a man-made species created by this civilization. Even though many heritages are left, their technical power isn’t transmitted to future generations and it is not well understood why it was virtually destroyed.

Fire Dragon War

Hostile actions against humanity by all dragons that occurred about 100 years ago. Originally, the dragons set a certain distance to other races and avoided collisions due to different behavior principles, but those who were called dragon slayers held swords called dragonslayers in a large scale and organized assassination of dragons. They literally shovelled their own gravies by having begun to do so. As a result, hundreds of towns disappear on the continent and humanity was shaken up. The dragon slayers who received the furious anger of the dragons fall from heroes to felonies. Their weapons, “Dragonslayer”, has been banned in many countries and many have been convicted of being confiscated by the state and being held alone. Although war is said to be a one-sided devastating blow to humanity, it is practically closer to disaster than war. The long-lived species that knows about the atrocities of dragons at the time still bears trauma to dragons. Although both the fire dragon race and ice dragon race participated in attacks on humanity, even in harsh habitats, the dragon palace of the ice dragon race was less likely to be attacked and retaliatory attacks were rare, so the fire dragon race was to be witnessed more. Therefore, it is remembered by people as “Fire dragon war”.

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