LLLS Chapter 6 – The Aura is the Problem, not me

“Ryan, you look pale, what’s wrong?”

Livia moves me away from the center of the library, and directs my attention to her eyes by moving my cheeks to her eyes. Looking at her shiny green eyes, those sharp tiger-like eyes, which matches her intuition. Whenever I go drinking she could immediately tell when I have been drinking. Maybe it’s from the smell?  Well when women are sharp it’s very scary. Never hide your porn in the computer using triple passworded lock, it never works.

Being lost in her eyes, Livia claps her hands together in front of my face to get my attention again.

“Oh uh, I’m sorry I forgot I need to take my medication I haven’t taken it in a few days”

“Wait you have medication? Why didn’t you tell me anything about this?”

“Oh it was recent, during my stay in the hospital”

It’s a half-lie, I did get pain killers, nonetheless, I just said this on a whim. I really hope she doesn’t notice.

“Ahh, well the class is about to start you have around five minutes to do whatever”

“Alright, then cya later”

Running towards the exit, I make my way to the Male restroom.

“Wa- you forgot your basket”

“Hold on to it for me”

Inside the room, Livia comments on the basket.

“I never got to ask who’s the basket is this, I swear if it’s from a girl I’m gonna … well, nevermind at least it’s not an admirer’s basket.”

Meanwhile in the bathroom, a Male student sitting on a toilet seat nervously.

“Lefy, let me ask you a question can you reduce time on this?”

~Yes you can, however, it’s 300 point’s every 5 minutes~

“Erase it all, take my 3600 points”

~As you wish, withdrawing 3699 points…. Withdrawn Balance is 7761 points~

“Wait why did you take 99 points extra?”

~The fee of withdrawing~

“You mothe- you know what nevermind I can’t complain since it’s gone”

~By the way there are-~

Not letting Lefy finishes, a group of male students enter the bathroom making a loud ruckus. I start listening in.

“Hey look at this fucker, you think you can touch our property without consequences? You fucking wish”

“Then why’d you slap her? Didn’t your parents teach you not to hit a girl?”

“You mind your busine-”

“Noah, you better not fucking touch him, he is just a friend!”

“You two-block her at the entrance don’t let her inside, I’ll deal with him”

Hearing the name Noah immediately thought of the 3rd son of an infamous Businessman, Nuo Ya Huang or Noah. His father named Fan Huang is the owner of Brain Tech Corp. they make up 7% of the world’s technology as multiple other organizations run the world, the technology industry is in constant war, to obtain advanced technology. Their wealth falls onto a .4% scale of High-class people, Since Noah thinks he’s invincible he does whatever he wants, which he can but on the contrary, if heavy evidence of his misdeeds are found His father’s corporation’s reputation will fall drastically, I’ve never had beef with him since he is my senior, but seeing this I have a bad feeling I’ll be caught up in it.

I peek through the creeks of the toilet stalls and see a familiar face… Jack Hucko. He is one of my “acquaintances” in middle school, I don’t really talk to him much all I know is his coding skills are top-notch and he got recommended for a good technology university, but man if he is a swindler that’s a big downside to his reputation.

“Hey, are you really gonna try to beat me up? You think because you’re rich you can GUHAAA”

‘Ooo Damn a punch to the gut’

Jack’s body is on the ground while Noah kicks him vigorously in the stomach. He stops for a moment and pulls jack up by his collar.

“I wonder what would happen to your little sister if she got touched by my two boys hmm”


Noah smiles sinisterly, knowing that intention I burst out of the stall with anger because if I was in Jack’s shoes I would be furious.

“Who the fuck ar- gaaaa”

I gave him an uppercut hitting some kind of bone under his chin.


“Shit Guhh”

Getting hooked on the cheek is painful, it feels like the time I got hit by a car but lesser. As one of Noah’s ‘Boys’ comes running after me, he starts to throw punches. From the looks of it I can tell he’s trained so from that I can make another guess he is a bodyguard.

As if I was a boxer, I block his punches from hitting the front of my face, however, I’m still getting hit on the sides of my face. Waiting for an opening as my sides start to go numb. I catch a glimpse of one. I throw a hard right kick to his left,the feeling of bone cracking makes me think I broke his ribs, as he was stunned for a mili-second, I give him an uppercut with my left arm. resulting in a total knockout

Looking at Noah still on the ground trying to get himself up, I get hit at the back of my head, being stunned I didn’t have enough time to react to or block his other punch, which resulted in me getting punched in the face. Now on the ground barely holding myself up with my arms. I get kicked in the stomach, the pain is not worse than getting hit by a car but it feels like a baseball bat directly hitting you. Now on the ground, I see students circling around the entrance of the bathroom with their phones out. As always bystanders never do anything.

Still being kicked in the stomach, Jack hits the last guard in the head with a history book that attracts the guard’s attention. While being distracted by Jack, the guard with my right leg. Making him fall face forward.

“You bitch!!”

Jack stomps his foot on the guard’s skull repeatedly.

“Get away from him!”

Noah finishes recovering from the clean uppercut I gave him and dashes forward at Jack, most likely he is going to tackle him, before he can touch him I tackle Noah bringing him down to the ceramic floor. I hold him down by arm locking him and squishing his head on to the floor, he squiggles vehemently trying to get out of my lock, I didn’t know what I was waiting for. Abruptly, I get kicked in the spine, getting a quick glance of the assailant I noticed a guard that was knocked out had gotten up, submitting to guard’s restraint he pushes me to the ground making me face his fist, he starts to attack my face, I don’t know how long has passed but the attacks are continuous. I attempt to block his punches by doing a Boxer’s Block however it was futile.

Being punched repeatedly, a loud voice yells out stopping all the movements.


‘God damn face’

Still barely able to see from my swollen eyes, I see five familiar men in blue uniforms rushing while holding yellow objects in their hands. From my guess, they are Law enforcement.

“Boy, you okay?”


Still, in pain, I fumble over my words as an officer lifts me up from the ground. Slowly opening my eyes I see them restraining the two “bodyguards” and cuffing them while leaving Noah and Jack alone, from my guess they are restraining the ones who were assaulting a person.

“Boy, what’s your name”


“Ryan do you need to go to the hospital?”

“No sir”

“Well come with me, we are going to head to the office”

All five us gets moved towards the office, while being transported a large crowd was around the entrance of the bathroom, looking around the crowd I see Livia, when Livia catches my figure her face shows a disappointed look.

While in the office, waiting to give a statement Noah comes in and sits next to me.

‘Oh I have a bad feeling’

He moves closer to left ear and whispers softly but able to sense the anger in his tone

“You should be careful who you mess with Ryan..”

While whispering he emphasizes my name, meaning he will look into me…

Being called to give my statement I wrote down what would help me to get out of this situation

Statement: I was in the toilet minding my business when I heard a loud ruckus, I listened in on them and Student A was speaking about how he was gonna break and damage his family so I intervened and said that’s not right which lead to student A telling me to back off, so I told him again to leave him alone and then he punched me which lead into a big fight, I was only defending myself and the victim so resulted in my injuries.

Leaving the office, the staff told me they will call me back later and then sent me to the In-School clinic, our school is a huge school big enough that the cafeteria has enough room to have Popular fast-food restaurants.

I enter the clinic, upon entering I see Livia in a white Lab coat, which made me remember she helps out in the clinic as an assistant for her volunteer hours. At this time the clinic is empty which is strange since there are some students’ faking sickness or injuries to leave school or to get out of class.

“Shouldn’t you be in class and Where’s Dr. Seria?”

“It’s a free period for me right now, and she is out. I know what you need help with, you know the drill I’ll get the supplies”

Livia says coldly, it was pretty clear why she was mad.

She comes back with a first-aid bag, with an expressionless face. I couldn’t tell if she was really actually mad or just not trying to comment.

“Explain to me NOW. before I get furious later”

I gave her my explanation(modified version) and exaggerated it in some bits. While I explain she applies alcohol with a cotton ball, Livia gently taps my scrapes and bruises on my face, resulting in me flinching. While aiding me she interrupts me by flicking me.

“You’re stupid for intervening, I don’t want you getting hurt again I don’t want to deal with it again, that worry.”

“I’m so-“

“Don’t apologize I know how you are with family just promise that you won’t get hurt again”

“Livia, I love you, we’ve been dating for two years now, so I’ll say this: I cannot promise you that it won’t happen again”

“Fine, just be careful oh I left your fruit basket in your next class”

“Okay thanks, I love you, you know that right chu…”

I give her a light peck on her forehead to assure her that I love her.

~Ahem master, you have classes so you should go~

“Okay, I have to head to class, so tha- Woah!”

Livia pulls me onto the bed, confusing me, she sits on top of me as if she was riding a horse.

“It’s been a while since we have done it, it would be fun to do it in the clinic. Right?”

Livia says seductively, but imagining us getting caught frightens me so I try to stop her before it’s too late.

“We shouldn’t do this here, what if Dr. Seria comes in?”

“She won’t come any time soon, she’s at a meeting so we have about forty-five minutes”

“Fine, but quickly”

Succumbing to Livia’s persuasion, she goes and closes the curtain for the bed since every bed has its own Curtains, then she unzipped my pants erotically.

Let’s get started

However both of them will not notice, a pair of ears will listen in, Whoever it is? Let us see if they can resist the sweet love in the air.