LLLS Chapter 4 – Drama Show

Seriously who is at my door. Can’t I just eat in peace.


“Ryan, can you get the door”



Tch, I just wanted to enjoy my lovely meal.


I head towards the door and open it casually. Who is it you say? Well, I don’t know because I haven’t told that part yet.


“Oh, Ryan!!! It’s been a while”

The person at the door is Kyle, one of my “ friends” I have known since middle school. He is a loose guy with average grades you can say he is one of those background characters who just support the MC. He has Blonde hair, with blue eyes, and his figure is not that of a football player but enough to be on the track.


“ ‘Sup Kyle, why are you here?”


“Can’t a good friend visit you?”

“Why didn’t you visit me in the hospital?”

Looking nervously he stutters one of his words.


“I wer.. Was busy helping my brother clean the garage”


“Ahhh Okay”

Knowing very well that shit was a lie, I’m still friends with him.


“Well I was just coming to drop off some History work that is due tomorrow”

He hands me the fat packet that’s more than 10 pages thick.


“Due tomorrow! You fucker you should have given me this earlier.”

“Sorry as I said before I was helping my dad clean the garage”

“Wait didn’t you say your brother?”

“Uhh Oh hey Mina, you seem cute today!”

Changing the subject he starts to hit on my sister. This isn’t the 1st time I’m still considering why he is still my friend. Now that I think about it, we always hung out every time before I have gotten my girlfriend, and my guess is that he is jealous and single, But no way I am giving him my sister the way he acts and is so lazy. I will never accept. 


‘Hey, why don’t you leave you fucker and go back to being lonely and stay away from my sister’ is what I wanted to say but just for the sake of keeping him as a friend I won’t. Damn it.


While Kyle looks at Mina with lustful eyes and Mina returns his gaze with a disgusted look. I interrupt his little fantasy.


“Okay, so I and my sisters are having a nice lovely brunch. So what else do you need?”

“Ohhh uhh, nothing well then see ya at school tomorrow if you come. And please don’t tell Mrs. Spring about turning the work to you late”


“Well, see ya”

Closing the door he yells out to mina.

“Date me!!!”


“I’ll get her one day, you’ll be sorry Ryan”

Hearing a Muffled Sentence, I ignore what kyle said on the other side of the door since I couldn’t understand.


Dropping the papers off in my room, I return back to eat.


Finishing my lovely meal, that has gotten a bit cold I returned to my room after taking a shower.


Ahhh now what to do……




Just silence hits the room. All you can hear is the water running in the bathroom.




~Master I have a suggestion, HAVE A PLAN TO DO YOUR DoD mission~


“Ughh you’re right… look Why did I get chosen for this?”


~Alright Master, if you weren’t chosen would you be satisfied with death? Or what about your lovely girlfriend, would you be happy if it was her? No, YOU should stop whining and be happy with a second chance. No one in life gets a second chance, this is something one gets.~




~No, Master do not dare to finish your sentence, go do what you need to do~


Becoming speechless from Lefy’s scolding, her points are very true and logical. Many people In life would love to redo their lives, me dying as well I wouldn’t like it, and if it was Livia I wouldn’t want her to have this.


Me apologizing doesn’t do anything, I should just get on with it.


“Lefy, how many hours do I have on my DoD?”


~one hundred and one hours left~




I walk towards my desk to access my computer. I search up local casinos nearby. Only 2 popped up in the range of 15 Miles. Cromwell Casino which is 5.6 Miles and Imperial Kingdom Casino which is 9.2 Miles.


Reading the reviews from both casinos, it seemed that I.K Casino seems to be doing really well in terms of people, but to Cromwell Casino looks a bit sloppy. But that factor doesn’t matter I researched a little bit more and found that Cromwell is owned by the Cromwell Family, as they do have influence, they cannot do much with it. Since corruption here is a high offense. I.K Casino was something before I was born, the owners were all grown women and were born nationally. However, now it is run by a young adult named Jang Ye-won. It rather strange that a foreigner is running it, not enough information comes up about her except that she was chosen as the new owner and is from Korea. 

‘no use on searching for more’


“Lefy, what do you think? should I go farther or closer?”


~I suggest the farthest one, you don’t want to complicate your personal life with what you are doing~


“Alright, oh is there any way to conceal my face?”


~No, but this system will help you make the 2nd identity for free but only once making more identities will cost you~


“Alright, can you make one for me?”


~Yes, however it will take a day to finish making one, would you like to make details or randomize details~


Since I don’t want to spend my time making my new identity I left it to Lefy, for god sakes I hope she doesn’t give me something stupid.


~Alright, it will be made~


Turning off my computer, I looked at the time on my watch. 10:42, Huh then I’m going to go to sleep for now.


Laying down on my bed, I did not hear any more water running in the bathroom so I guess whoever took a shower was done. I thought back on the events that happened this whole week. Me getting hit by a Cop car, become severely injured, and then surviving with a system that keeps me on a lifeline. I can’t deny that I fantasize getting mysterious powers, but not like this.


But still dying is something I don’t want to experience again, I’ve seen it twice before. I love my life, currently it’s something that has cheered me up than those dark times.

Ha….. this feels like something out of a popular novel by R*se.


You know, that’s it, I’m not going to let this system ruin my life…. I have gotten a second chance unknowingly, and it’s trying to push me down. I won’t let it no matter what. This is my life, I get to choose what I’ll do.


Rambling inside, for survival I get a gut feeling of warmness. Not knowing what that means I push it off with just hunger. After getting a midnight snack without waking my sisters. I head to sleep for tomorrow. I don’t want to say this but I’ll say it now, tomorrow is going to be a long day.




“Well Well Well, I’m going to enjoy this…. This is so much better than a normal drama”


She giggles at the sleeping figure on the projecting screen. While she giggles she shows a sinister smile.


“Man. everything was all planned out for me, it seems like he was chosen just for me. Praise Great Grandfather for arranging this.”

“Muahahaha OWWWW!!”

“Stop laughing like that, it’s going to ruin our reputation”

“Fine… “


“Sis, don’t mess with people’s lives again if, Grandfather finds out again you’re dead”


“But I haven’t done anything, I’m just watching him and I gotta say it’s better than our drama shows”

“You know what? I don’t care, you have a marriage meeting in a couple of hours, Sis don’t be late”


“Yeah yeah, whatever”


The woman kept her gaze on the screen as he leaves.


“Haa…. you know, this is not fair”

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