Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1020. Inspecting the virgin Prostitute / Misato’s First Kiss



For now, we returned inside the mansion and I took a shower alone.

My dick still has some of the Anjou sister’s virgin blood.

We had sex on the lawn so it also has a grassy smell.

I need to clean up my body before having sex with Kurama Misato.

Besides, I needed to refresh my mind and body.

Therefore, I’m glad that I have time to shower by myself.

If someone’s here, I would be thinking of them.


All the girls I had sex with became my woman but…

Kurama Misato-san will have to become a prostitute.

I cannot have any attachment to her.

I know that but…

But still…

「 Haa 」

Yukino, a girl who I never thought would become my woman, is now living together with us.

Will I be able to send Misato-san out as a prostitute?

Leaving the shower room, Nagisa’s there.

Nobody else.

「 Misato-chan’s lecture is over 」

She smiled at me.

「 Ojou-sama’s right to call me. It’s been a while since I retired as a prostitute so I can be objective but the role is too vivid for Katsuko right now 」

That ‘role’ is to teach Kurama Misato-san about her job as a prostitute.

「 Katsuko never took any customers since meeting you, or should I say that it’s been nearly a year since the Black Forest suspended, and so she hasn’t done any prostitute work for a year but still, the customers haven’t been notified of her official retirement 」

Katsuko-nee’s retirement will happen coincident with the reopening of the brothel.

It’s to create an opportunity for the Katsuko-nee, the number one prostitute of the brothel, to introduce the new prostitutes to her customers.

Katsuko-nee proposed it herself.

That shows her decision for retirement and her connections with her former customers will remain.

Katsuko-nee will use such connections for her future businesses.

If not, her time where she had to live as a prostitute will be for naught.

Katsuko-nee did say that she doesn’t want to erase her past but instead, uses her painful past to create the future.

Yes, Katsuko-nee’s facing forward now.

That’s why she’s not allowed to educate the new prostitutes, a job of turning pure girls into a product.

Katsuko-nee will not do anything related to the New Black Forest Brothel other than handing over her patrons to others.

「 Misato-chan’s taught how to prepare her mind as she becomes a prostitute. 」 Can’t teach her anything about techniques yet. It’ll only become unnecessary information as she’s still a virgin 」

Especially since Misato-san is a young lady of nobility, she lacks in sexual knowledge compared to ordinary high-school girls.

She has to learn each and one of them with actual experience in sex.

That’s the idea.

「 What, you’re making a grim face Dear 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 Are you thinking that you have to teach Misato-chan about sex? 」


「 Geez, that’s getting a bit too arrogant now 」

Nagisa said and embraced me.

Nagisa’s plump body is soft and warm.

「 You don’t have to think about that 」

「 But… 」

It’s Misato-san’s first time.

「 You don’t have to think about giving her a great first experience 」

Nagisa whispers to my ears.

「 You are her first customer 」



I can’t have any close relationship with Misato-san.

「 Your role is to train Misato-chan to sell her body. You’re not teaching her about sex, it’s prostitution 」


「 And so, be careful. Many prostitutes fall in love with their male training partners. They lower their guard, feeling intimate, and then, they become dependent on their partner. Creating a pseudo-romance with someone who isn’t related to her through money but as a person in the brothel, that makes it painful for them to work as a prostitute 」

Nagisa said.

「 Men who prey on prostitutes by playing with their emotions do exist. Back then, there are those called gigolos in the prostitution industry. In Japan, it’s common to have the gigolo look weak and feeble, but in American movies, they depict them as macho men. That’s because gigolos are recognized as an occupation under prostitution. It’s not about a jobless artist turning into a gigolo, being a gigolo is a job behind the scenes 」

I see.

「 You’re the man of the Kuromori house. Your role is to take the first experience of the prostitutes. It’s similar to those who test out the goods before they’re put in the market 」

We’re not allowed to sell them to our customers unless we test them.

「 What you’re doing is trial, inspection. Don’t go for anything more. You can’t have any pseudo-romance with our goods, much less becoming Misato-chan’s gigolo, you can’t do that. Such men are the worst, and won’t you feel sorry for the other girls, right? 」

I can’t be a man who lets my women sell their bodies.

Therefore, I can’t make Misato-san my woman.

I need to keep it that way for Misuzu, Ruriko, and all my women.

「 Yeah 」

「 Therefore, I told Misato-chan. That the child in my stomach is yours 」

Nagisa, who I’m embracing right now, has my child in her stomach.

「 I told Misato-chan, who needs to become a prostitute, that she’s not allowed to love you. Because it’ll only cause unhappiness to the child in my stomach 」

Misato-san is a person with common sense, and so…

She should scorn a man who has a lot of women and even have pregnant women.

Ordinary girls don’t accept the fact that their man has a woman who’s pregnant with his child.

「 You need to draw a line you can’t cross, okay? 」

Nagisa looked at me in the eye and said.

「 Yeah got it 」

I looked back and replied.

「 This is just my warning, but Minaho-san, do you have anything else to say? 」

Nagisa said. Then the speaker on the ceiling;

『 Then, just one thing 』

I knew it. Minaho-neesan’s watching.

『 Nagisa already mentioned it but do abandon the thoughts that you are going to teach her 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 I’m the one who will train her. All you have to do, as a customer, is to make her do everything you want as she’s a prostitute. She will do anything you ask her. Ignore her feelings 」

「 No, but… 」

『 That girl will become a prostitute, you know? She has to answer the desires of her customer as she’s selling her body for money. She has to understand that from her first sex or she will be dependent on you, and it’ll only make her suffer 』

I see.

Misato-san will use our sex as the standard.

If I get too considerate of her, she will misunderstand that it’s the only level that men desire.

Once she sells her body to the real customers, she will become confused.

「 I talked to her a lot but Misato-chan’s image of prostitution is something embarrassing, horrible, and painful, which she has to endure. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to torment her, but it will only be painful to Misato-chan if she misunderstands 」

Nagisa added.

「 Not all customers are good people 」

Nagisa and Minaho-neesan experienced cruelty from Shirasaka Sousuke’s sadistic friends.

『 I intend to have only good customers in my new brothel but, I want her to experience the minimum limit with you. I know that you don’t get excited about hurting women and so I’m relieved in that regard. But, I want you to be a bit pushier, give her sex where the man only uses the woman to release his sexual desire 』

「 It’s not good for Misato-chan if you’re being considerate of her just because it’s her first time 」

『 Meaning, do anything you want to do. Make her do everything you want. Don’t hold back, okay? 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 That way of putting it is a bit harsh but you can never fall for Misato-san. You’re one of the people who turned her to a prostitute. She may consent that you’ll take away her virginity but there’s no love. She will bear a grudge on you for the rest of her life. You must be ready for that 』

Well, that is MInaho-neesan’s resolve

Minaho-neesan’s giving a lecture to Tokuda Sonoko-san and Kurosawa Naoko-san to become new prostitutes.

Of course, Sonoko-san picked to become a prostitute herself, but…

Even so, she will bear a grudge towards Minaho-neesan.

There are former prostitutes of Black Forest that idolize Minaho-neesan but…

There should be a lot of former prostitutes who hate Minaho-neesan.

『 Without that resolve, you can’t use a brothel for business 』

And that brothel is Kuromori house’s business.

I’m a man of Kuromori house and so I can’t let Minaho-neesan shoulder the pain all by herself.

「 Got it. I’m ready to have Misato-san hate me for the rest of her life and have sex with her 」

I replied.

『 Listen, that doesn’t mean that you have to rape her. If it’s rape, then you’re ignoring the woman and just force yourself onto her. Prostitutes have to willingly answer the desires of their customers. Prostitutes cannot have the thought that they can’t accept it because it’s embarrassing, scary, and hateful. Seeing that, naturally, she’ll hate you, you’ll become loyal to your lust. You do not have to be considerate of the prostitute 』

Naturally, she will hate me, and so she has to satisfy my desire and I shouldn’t worry about her.


Misato-san will experience prostitution.

「 We also told Misato-chan to treat you as a customer 」

Nagisa said.

We’re a prostitute and customer.

Nothing more, nothing less.

That’s how we will have sex.

I should erase anything unnecessary from my head, such as;

Misato-san is a virgin, she’s a young lady of nobility, or that she’s Arisu’s big sister.

That thought…

「 This is my first time having sex with a prostitute 」

Katsuko-nee nor Nagisa didn’t give that prostitute feel

「 You’re right. So, good luck 」

Nagisa kissed me on the forehead

「 When doing it with us, you always prioritize your partner instead of yourself, right? 」

Nagisa smiles gently.

「 We love that kindness of yours but… But, Misato-chan is a prostitute. She won’t become your woman. Don’t be gentle with her 」


「 Let our your lust. Don’t hold back. Holding back your lust when you’re with a prostitute is disrespectful towards them. You must not do that 」



◇ ◇ ◇

I went to the room Nagisa told me.

Nobody’s around.

They made it so I won’t meet other girls.

Misato-san’s virgin photography seems to have ended already.

Taking her naked photos, pornographic pose, and images of her genital area.

The room Misato-san is waiting in is filled with cameras.

We won’t have problems recording our intercourse.

Someone will come for the post-deflowering photo session.

Anyway, it’s just Misato-san and me during sex.

A room where it’s just the prostitute and the customer.

I’m wearing nothing but my bathrobe.

Putting my feelings aside, my body is ready.

What about Misato-san?

Nagisa said that Misato-chan’s waiting in the room as a prostitute.

Does that mean that she wears like a prostitute?

See-through negligee? Or a red undershirt?

I don’t know much about it.

Knock. Knock.

I knock on the door.

「 Please come in 」

Misato-san’s voice comes from the inside.

I opened the room and entered.

Oh, this is also a guest bedroom.


「 I’ve been expecting you, dear customer, 」

Misato-san sits on the bed in seiza and bows with her three fingers pressed down.

That appearance.

「 Please enjoy and love Kurama Misato 」

She’s wearing the same uniform as Misuzu.

Her hair is combed straight.

Her legs are covered in navy blue socks with her school emblem.

That sense of cleanliness is overflowing, a pure young lady is there.

She bows her head and so I can see her nape and the white string of her bra.

「 Why uniform? 」

I asked. Misato-san;

「 The customers who would pick me would want to have sex with the young lady of the Kurama house… 」

She raised her head and forced a smile.

She’s scared. Her eyes are wet.

「 Therefore, I believe that they will want to see me in these clothes 」

I see.

I was naive.

Misato-san isn’t just a prostitute.

The young lady of the Kurama house is the prostitute.

Those who will pay a lot of money to have sex with Misato-san would want to have sex with the young lady of nobility.

If that’s the case, she can’t appear like a prostitute.

They’d want to have sex with Misato-san while she appears like a young lady.

「 If this is not to your liking then I will change immediately. I have multiple clothes prepared 」

Misato-san looks at the other room.

Nagisa and Minaho-neesan should have prepared some more lewd clothes.

「 No, I’ll take this. Rather, I prefer it this way for now 」

I can take the young lady wearing lewd clothes for later.

「 For now? 」

Misato-san looks at me curiously.

「 No, well, I don’t think this would end with just one round. I’ll have you put on other clothes for the second round 」

I’m sorry for her since she’s a virgin, but my lust;

I can’t let Misato-san become my woman, I mustn’t.

Therefore, this might be the last time I’ll have sex with her.

If that’s the case, I’ll try out everything that I can.

「 Certainly. Uhm 」

Misato-san looks at me bashfully.

「 Nagisa-sama’s orders were to experience sexual intercourse, intravaginal ejaculation, and also, serving using my mouth, and drinking semen. Anal intercourse is depending on the wishes of the customer 」

I’m not into anal sex.

I hardly have any interest.


If she’s going to become a prostitute, someone will do that with her.

But I feel like I want to take all of Misato-san’s first times.

What do I do?

But, Katsuko-nee did say that it’s not good to force anal on beginners.

I have no confidence in anal.

「 I’m not interested in the anus. Although, I sure want to fill up your womb with my semen 」

I’m in the mood of calling her “Misato” for a moment there.

But, I can’t. She’s not my woman.

「 I’ll do as the customer wishes 」

Looking at Misato-san now, she’s trembling.

She’s really afraid.

She’s a timid girl.

「 Dear Customer, t-this way…please come this way 」

Yeah, we can’t be this far away all the time.

「 Yeah 」

I sit down on the bed.


「 Dear customer, w-would you like to drink water? 」


Oh, I see some pitchers on the table.

「 If you don’t mind 」

「 Y-Yeah, then I’ll take your offer 」

「 Please wait for a moment 」

Misato-san pours water on the glass cup.

Seeing that line from her shoulder to her back, it’s beautiful.

I can see that she’s a daughter of a noble family just from her behavior, how she’s disciplined.

Misato-san pours water on the cup…

「 Then, excuse me 」


For some reason, she puts the cup on her lips.

Then, she sips it…

Then, she goes to me…?

「 Hmm 」

She presses her lips to mine…

Then, pours cold water to my mouth.

「 Hmm, nnn, hmm, puhaa 」

After feeding me with water mouth-to-mouth, the feeling of Misato-san’s lips remain.

「 That was my first kiss 」

Misato-san said bashfully.

I can’t hold back anymore.

This time, I kissed Misato-san.

I embraced her beautiful body wearing her uniform.

「 Kuh! 」

Misato-san trembles in fear.

I know that her whole body’s nervous.

Even so, kissing her, embracing her…

Her nervousness loosens up in my arms.

「 Stick out your tongue 」

I ordered. Misato-san sticks out her pink tongue.

I slurped it.

「 Hmm?! 」

Misato-san’s body shrinks from nervousness again.

I put my tongue inside Misato-san’s mouth and enjoy the sensation.


「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Misato-san’s breathing roughly already from this much

Oh, I can hear her heartbeat.

「 Is that all your first time? 」

I asked.

「 It is 」

She replies with a small voice.

「 Well then… 」

This time, I hold water in my mouth…

Then have Misato-san drink from it.

「 Hmmmm, hmmmm 」

Misato-san’s trying her best to respond.

That’s cute…

I want to break all of this girl’s first time as much as possible.

I opened up my bathrobe.

「 Look at it 」

「 Hiii!!! 」

Misato-san looks at my erect penis closely.

「 Now touch it 」

I grabbed Misato-san’s hand stiff from fear and force her to grip it.

「 Is it really this big? 」

「 That’s not the biggest one yet 」

「 Aah, it’s hot…and wet? 」

Misato-san’s surprised from the pre-cum from my glans.

「 Now, gently move your hands up and down 」

I grabbed Misato-san’s hand and make her give me a handjob.

「 O-Okay 」

「 Yeah, and touch me here too 」

I have her fingers touch my glans.

The young lady’s thin fingers move to pleasure a man for the first time in her life.

「 Haaaa, haaaa, haaa 」

Misato-san’s hot breath touches my face.

She’s sweating on her forehead.

I think that it’s more of her nervousness than sexual arousal, but…

「 Now, lick it 」

「 ???!! 」

Misato-san looked at me surprised.

「 Put this inside your mouth, lick it, suck it 」

I’m taking Misato-san’s first mouth-service.