Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 557. Houun Takashi Castle (Part 3)



『 Uhm, I’m Nishikawa from East-West Newspaper 』

We continue to watch from the screen.

There’s a man in a business suit among the press gallery room raises his hand.

『 What? 』

Yukino who’s wearing the minimum swimsuit glares at him.

This is a concrete castle in the outskirts of Tokyo, inside of a spacious outdoor studio.

The strange news conference continues on the lighted up ruins.

Yukino’s hair is blown by the evening wind of May.

『 I didn’t understand well what you said a while ago 』

『 It’s better if you don’t know! 』

Yukino said.

『 You all are just being toyed around by people holding greater powers 』


『 Do you refer to the violent organization your father was involved in? 』

Yukino bursts into laughter.

『 Are you an idiot?! Nobody’s referring to that level! 』

Then, she looked at the reporters.

『 It’s those people who suddenly changed the best time at a regular broadcast for the television stations to an “emergency news program”! It’s them! Can a gang do something like this?! 』

Yukino grins.

『 My Papa was in an advertising agency so I can tell somehow but unless you’re a business or a company you can’t buy a former broadcasting space or have someone connected to advertising bow his head, right? After all, this broadcast is live now without sponsors. There are no commercials. Is it not even a problem of breach of contract you know? It’s a problem related to the trust of the station 』

『 That’s, the television station is under Shirasaka house’s control so weren’t they doing this fulfill their accountabilities! 』

One of the reporters tells Yukino.

『 You’re too dumb. If I were the president of a television station, then I would broadcast on early Sunday morning where nobody’s watching. Isn’t that the norm? There’s no need to do things this large-scale. It’s better to play dead and wait for the world to forget the case. In the first place, isn’t it strange to see that the head of Shriasaka house, Moritsugu Oji-chan overthrown and replaced by another person, right? There shouldn’t be this boost until the new management bothers the sponsor companies. If you think about it, then you’ll know! 』

『 Then what?! 』

The reporters snapped and told Yukino.

『 You don’t get it?! Which company are you from? 』

『 I’m Kuroda from Every Morning Newspaper 』

『 Hmm, then I’ll tell you. The reason our conversation now is broadcasted nationwide is to put pressure on the television stations. It’s the people who have the stupidly huge power to threaten Shirasaka house 』

The reporters fell silent.

『 Even you guys, you were suddenly ordered by people in your company to come to this interview, so you came to such an outskirt studio in Tokyo? Do you not even think of that as strange? 』

Yukino provokes the reporters.

『 Your companies are also pressured by those people 』

One reporter stands up.

『 Don’t be ridiculous! We’re the press! 』

『 That’s right! We won’t give in to any pressure! The press has a conscience! 』

『 That’s right, we came here because it’s work to cover the news! 』

『 That’s right! It’s natural for reporters to come to cover the news! 』

『 You’re talking nonsense! 』

『 In the first place, do you even know how much of a topic the series of Shirasaka Sousuke’s events in the country are now?! 』

Yukino speaks calmly.

『 I have no way of knowing, you know? Because I was kidnapped and raped for almost the whole golden week! 』

Yukino’s eyes accumulate tears.

『 That’s right! I was raped1 I couldn’t watch the TV check newspapers or internet! I didn’t have time for that! 』

She speaks to the reporters in front of her.

The reporters are puzzled by the tears of the 16-year-old girl.

『 No, we might’ve said some things too strongly 』

『 But you see, the world was making an uproar from what your father did! 』

『 That’s right. The people won’t settle unless we reveal the full picture of the incident! 』

『 Yeah. You must answer our questions seriously! Because you’re Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter, you were the core part of the incident, so you know things, don’t you?! 』

『 That’s right! You have to talk! 』

Yukino spits.

『 Never! In the first place, why do I have to entertain you people who are just curious onlookers?! I’m the victim here! I’d never talk to scums like you people! 』

The reporters heat up from the blatant hostility.

『 But! Your father had caused a significant incident that will remain in Japan’s criminal history! 』

『 That’s right! We are here because the people have the right to know! 』

『 You have an obligation to speak 』

『 That’s right! 』

『 Earlier, you keep talking about “Them,” “Those guys,” do you know who “they” are? What did they do to you? You should explain first from there! 』

『 That’s right, you should talk in chronological detail, so it’s easier to understand! 』

『 Yeah! We have the responsibility to tell the facts to the viewers! 』

Yukino’s given up.

『 Hah?! “Right to know?” “Responsibility to convey facts?” Then I’ll tell you one thing 』

Yukino’s flames of hatred burns.

『 I was a 16-year-old first-year high school student, kidnapped and raped. I lost my virginity. I don’t even know how many times I was raped, perhaps I’m already pregnant. I mean, I sure am pregnant with the child of the man who raped me 』

Yukino touches her naked abdomen.

She puts her consciousness to her womb.

『 That’s what happened to me. That’s what they did to me! What now? I talked about what you want to know! Satisfied? 』

She glares at the reporters.

『 My father might be a criminal, sure! But that has nothing to do with me! Besides, a man I don’t even like raped me again and again and repeated it until I got pregnant! Do you not even understand how painful that is?! 』

The reporters fell quiet.


『 Err, I’m Kondo from the Yamakuni news agency. It’s true, we understand your confession on how painful it was to you but what we want to know is the people who kidnapped and sexually assaulted you 』

『 That’s right, we will never forgive such cruel acts. We, the press will become your strength so please prosecute them here! 』

『 That’s right, we’ll definitely beat the hammer of justice to the criminal who assaulted you with the power of mass media 』

『 That’s right! Have some courage and tell us who did that to you 』

『 Ah, I’m from Sugishita from Tanaka TV. You see, we understand the pain in your heart. We know it. We have interviewed victims of crimes like you now. That’s right, you’re not alone. We’re on your side. We understand that you don’t want to recall the pain. We know, but you see, if you don’t expose everything that’s unknown in the case, the people won’t be able to settle down. You should confess it all so there won’t be any more victims like you in the future. No, it must be done. Don’t you think so? 』

『 I agree with Sugishita’s opinion 』

『 Ah, me too! 』

『 Yeah, you’ll feel better when you talk to the camera! 』

『 Everyone in here is your allies! 』

Yukino replies coldly.

『 You see, if I talked about their identity here, I’d get killed though. Can you guys not even imagine that? 』

She stares at the reporters.

『 Papa died in the hospital this morning. No, he was killed! You know that don’t you? 』

Yukino’s face is filling the screen.

The people watching are drawn by Yukino’s feverish expression.

『 No, Shirasaka Sousuke was discovered under severe injuries last night 』

『 I covered that too! 』

Hearing the reporters, Yukino;

『 Lies! It’s all lies! Papa last night was discovered with his wrist, tongue, and penis cut off, on the verge of death, but his wounds wouldn’t let him die right away! And yet! This morning, Papa suddenly died. Furthermore, for some unknown reason, he was transported from the police hospital to a private hospital and died right after! 』

The press should also have that information.


『 No, that’s your misunderstanding. In our coverage, it’s this! 』

『 T-That’s right, Shirasaka Sousuke was already on the verge of dying last night 』

Another reporter raises his hand.

『 I’m Honzan from Yamamoto News company. In my coverage, I come across the thought that Shirasaka Yukino-san’s story is true 』

『 Wait a second! The police report says… 』

『 That report was too questionable. Here is what staff in the hospital where Shirasaka Sousuke died has said 』

The reporters confront each other.

『 Even you people have some intuition that Papa was killed, right?! 』

Yukino laughs.

『 Sure, Papa did a bad thing, he was a criminal. Those people show me video evidence of it. I think it’s true that Papa kidnapped girls, raped them, sold them for prostitution, and even had them killed themselves in partnership with some gangs. Therefore, they made me experience the same hell as those girls 」

She bites the back of her teeth from the pain.

『 Then that means, “those people” are victims of Shirasaka Sousuke? 』

Shit, a reporter with good intuition noticed.

『 No, could it be that it’s a big-shot in the underworld whose daughter or relative was kidnapped by Shirasaka Sousuke? 』

Another reporter speaks up.

『 I see! So that’s why his wrists, tongue, and genitals are all cut off and it was even displayed on the national broadcast. It was a cruel retaliation 』

『 Oh, I can’t imagine the crime group that teamed up with Shirasaka Sousuke 』

『 I mean, who is it in the end? Shirasaka Yukino-san, now that you’ve come this far, you should expose everything now! 』

Yukino shakes her head.

『 There’s no way I could tell you what I know. If I go against them, then I’m dead. Just like Papa! Getting killed means you die!1 It’s no joke! Give me a break! 』

Yukino’s spine shivers.

Her whole body has goosebumps.

It shows that Yukino’s afraid of someone from the bottom of her heart.

A truly fearsome existence.

But still, the reporters:

『 No, but, you should prosecute them with courage! 』

『 T-That’s right! If you talk to the media, no matter which evil organization it is, they’ll no longer be able to interfere with you 』

『 J-Japan is a nation where the law prevails! 』

『 T-That’s right. If I recall, in this case, you’ll be placed in police custody right away 』

『 Yes! We will support you! So you can give it all and speak honestly! Yukino-chan! 』

This time, they’re trying to come to Yukino over-familiarly.

Amazing, are they trying to extract information from Yukino by just saying that they support her?

They’re really insincere.

『 Err, I’m Irumosugi from free journalist news club, from my investigations, to be honest, I can tell that the organization in question is a US military stationed in Okinawa 』

A guy who says strange things appeared.

『 I received the information from a Japanese correspondent in the New York newspaper. It is information that’s not available taking advantage of the government’s announcement in the press club. The culprits are the U.S. forces. That’s definite information! 』

He strongly appeals to the camera.

『 Hey, shut up Irusumogi! 』

『 That Japan correspondent doesn’t exist, does it? 』

『 You always jump on the lies of a non-existent person as usual 』

The other reporters scold off Irusumogi.

『 No, this is definite information 』

At that moment.

Zip!! Bako!!

Someone hits the head of the Irusumogi?!


『 Muga! 』

Irusumugi faints after that.

『 H-Hey! Irusumugi?! 』

『 A-Are you okay? 』

The reporters immediately catch Irusumugi.

『 Look, you people say those stupid things, and now they’re coming! 』

Yukino shouts.


Suddenly, the lights from the sides of the high tower in front of the concrete castle lights up.

『 What’s that?! 』

One stands on each left and right tower.

A woman in black-leather clothes stands. Hiding her face with a helmet.


No, I can tell.

That’s miss Cordelia’s faithful servants. Eenie and Meenie.

『 Hey, those guys have something?! 』

『 Could that be? 』

Eenie and Meenie beings up a large cylindrical object at the same time.



Coming from the left and right towers, heading to the companies’ cars parked under the concrete castle.

A rocket was fired.

The outdoor studio at night shook from the rocket making sparks fly.,

『 An anti-tank rocket launcher? 』

『 Idiot! Get down! 』

At the moment one of the reporters shouted:



The two rockets explode on the parked cars.

The cars are blown away.

The fire spouts up.




Eenie and Meenie shoot using large machine guns from the towers.

Wow, when it’s dark, the lights are so bright as the bullets fly.




Eenie and Meenie sweep the cars not blown off by the rockets.

They shot using their machine gun until all the cars are shot and in flames.

『 Hey, what’s going on! 』

『 Don’t make a noise! Hide! 』

『 Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! 』

The press conference is in an uproar.

Yukino’s staring at the two towers.

She knows that the machine gun won’t be sweeping the upper part of the castle where she’s located.


The shouting stopped?!


A loud sound comes from the speaker.

At that moment, the central tower lights up towards the front of the castle where Yukino is in.

Before we knew it, there’s a 2-floor bus for sightseeing there.

The distance from us is 200 meters, I guess.

On the second floor:

One person stands up.

She’s wearing black leather combat clothes just like Eenie and Meenie.

She holds one microphone at hand.

『 Haaaaaa! The pluck of the string is at its puberty!!! 』

I don’t get what she’s talking about anymore.

What puberty?

「 It’s Zenda Gorilla 」

Chief Yazawa murmurs as he watches the screen beside me.

「 That woman. Seriously 」

He sighed.

The woman on the bus takes a mysterious pose happily.

『 I’m the warrior from the dark world! Masked Kyoko! I’ve arrived on time!! 』


Kyouko-san really liked that tiger mask it seems.

But saying Masked Kyouko exposes you really bad though.

『 W-What?! 』

『 What’s going on? 』

The reporters on the castle who fell from the attack looks up.

『 Listen to me you sons of bitches!!! 』

Kyouko-san is wearing a tiger mask as she holds the microphone points to the mass media.

『 My name is Masked Kyouko! The grandchild of Yamada Yasuo! 』

Who’s Yamada Yasuo?

『 The police all around the world are frenzied to catch me. However, they can’t catch me. Well, even I say so myself, the prey must be crushed without fail! I’m the elusive international wanted criminal! Yes, that’s me! Masked Kyouko!!! 』

Then, Miss Cordelia wearing white leather combat clothes comes up from the floor below the bus.

Miss Cordelia’s hiding her face with sunglasses.

She has a machine gun on her side.

『 And this woman is my partner! The mystery woman Mine Talos! 』

I don’t know anymore.

Miss Cordelia smiles next to Kyouko-san.

『 Is she a bandit? Or a spy? She’s a mystery woman I don’t even know. She always gets me to hard times, but I can’t hate her. I’m weak to cuties like her after all! 』

Then, she puts coils her hand around Miss Cordelia’s waist.

『 I’m so happy! I’m the happiest when I’m with you! I won’t let you go until one of us dies! Okay? 』

『 Of course! Nanonei! 』

Miss Cordelia replies in a different tone for some reason.

『 And then, Mine Talos’ faithful servants! The two red bitches!! 』

Eenie and Meenie greet the camera on top of the lights.

『 Looking at the right side. That’s Bitch Silver. Sataka Silver Clone 』


『 On the left is Bitch Gold! Sugai Gold Zou! 』

Kyouko-san, Meenie-san is a woman.

She’s not a Gold Zou! Gold Elephant.

『 Now then, what kind of incident will happen now that you’re surrounded with these hard to deal with people?! That’s all for introductions!!! 』

You just want to do it.

『 W-What’s with them? 』

One of the reporters shouted.



Miss Cordelia shoots her machine gun.

『 Sorry but, these are all real. Could you shut up? 』

She speaks on Kyouko-san’s microphone.

『 Well, that’s enough jokes and let’s introduce ourselves properly 』

Kyouko-san looks up at the camera while still having the tiger mask on.

『 My name is Kyouko Messer, a leader in the criminal organization in South America named “Malandro” 』

Kyouko-san’s eyes shine brightly from the lights.

『 I’ll do anything that pays. Of course, that includes murder 』

One of the reporters;

『 Ah, I’ve heard of her, Malandro is a Brazilian organization 』

『 Oh, you’re right, I heard that they have a non-Japanese woman as a leader 』


『 You’re referring to me! 』

『 Of course, nanonei! 』

Miss Cordelia said.

『 And then, this is my job tonight, you see? 』

Kyouko-san laughs.

『 I was asked to seal that lady’s mouth 』


『 Hey! Wait! I never planned to talk about anything to anyone! 』

『 Well sure you are, but these old men from the press were doing everything to make you talk, right? 』

『 But, I haven’t said anything! Just as I promised! 』

『 Well, isn’t it easier to murder all and clean up afterward than have you keep your word? 』

Kyouko-san shows a devilish smile.

『 Dead men tell no tales after all 』

『 Of course, nanonei! 』

What a development.

『 That’s how it is! So now, I’m killing everyone from the media companies in here now 』

『 W-Why?! 』

One of the reporters shouts.

『 Well, look, everyone saw my face now! 』

『 You still have your mask on! 』

『 What I mean by that is I can’t walk around Japan with this mask anymore! 』

『 Of course! Nanonei! 』

『 I liked this mask you know 』

Another reporter:

『 But, you’re broadcasted nationwide right now! The whole country can see how you look now! 』

Oh, the reporter looks at the state of the broadcast news show.

This reporter is desperately shouting so he’s telling the viewers that it’s not fake.

That it’s a real thing happening.

『 Oh? Is that so? I guess there’s nothing I could do 』

Kyouko-san said.

『 I will kill all of the Japanese citizens then 』2

『 Of course, nanonei! 』

Kyouko-san’s cold aura could make even me who’s watching the situation through a monitor shiver.

Perhaps, the nationwide audience too.

They’ll know the horror of the woman named Kyouko Messer.

『 I won’t let you! 』

At that time.

From the top of the castle.

A gallant woman’s voice echoes!


  1. Because people die when they are killed
  2. Special Administrative Zone Massacre