Pure love x Insult Complex Chapter 875. High Life / Party End



「 Auuuu 」

This doesn’t look good.

Agnes’ tension is at max now that a lot of girls are looking at her.

「 Agnes 」

「 Uuu, Bakerata 」

Agnes clings to me.

「 My, that’s cute! 」

The young ladies see Agnes’ troubled face as cute.

「 Okay. She will come to our school soon. Please be kind to Princess Agnes 」

Misuzu said with a smile.

「 She’s a princess related to Kouzuki house 」

Misuzu goes that far, it makes all the other daughters of nobility look after Agnes.

「 Right. Well, she’s cute. I’ll give her plenty of love. You too, Sakurako? 」

Momoko-oneechan from Kaan house, a rival of Kouzuki house in social standing, has said.

「 Y-Yes, you’re right 」

Kanou Sakurako-san accepts Agnes.

「 B-Bakerata… 」

Agnes speaks awkwardly to Koyomi-chan with a blushing face.

「 Yes, Princess Agnes asks for water 」

She can read Agnes’ thoughts, so Bakerata goes through Koyomi-chan.

「 Haiji, bring her water 」

「 Yes, Mariko-ojousama 」

Torii Mariko-san said, Adelheid-san brings water for Agnes.

No, a maid from Kouzuki SS prepares a pet bottle and cup, and Adelheid-san accepted it from her.

「 Here, Water 」

「 Thank you 」

Koyomi-chan takes the bottle and cup handed to her.

Agnes isn’t taking it personally. It’s the job of the attendant to do so.

「 B-Bakerata 」

Agnes still gives her thanks.

「 Princess Agnes says “Thank you” 」

「 I can understand that much 」

Adelheid-san replied standoffishly.

「 Haiji, don’t say that. You’re scaring the princess 」

Torii-san scolds her bodyguard.

「 Here, Agnes 」

I took the bottle from Koyomi-chan.

Wow, this is cold. The bottle is filled with droplets.

I took off the cap from the bottle and poured water on the cup.

「 Here, drink 」

Agnes smiles, looking at me.

「 Bakerata 」

She grabs the cup with both hands and drinks cold water.

「 What a cute girl 」

The sight of Agnes drinking water happily.

It lets the young ladies sigh in relief.

No good.

They need to look away from Agnes.

I don’t think this deception can last for long.

「 Misuzu, Mizushima Karen-san has something to tell everyone 」

I said. Karen-san, who’s standing behind me, moves forward.

「 Oh, what’s wrong? 」

Misuzu smiles and asks Karen-san.

Karen-san takes a deep breath.

「 Kouzuki Misuzu-sama, Kaan Momoko-sama, Kanou Sakurako-sama, and to all present in this party, I would like to announce 」

She bows her head.

「 We, Mizushima house, has caused a lot of trouble to everyone tonight. I am deeply sorry for that 」

「 That’s a problem of your family, and you’re just a victim involved, so you don’t have to worry too much about it 」

Misuzu says without breaking her smile.

「 No, just now, Kouzuki-sama and my Grandfather, the head of Mizushima house had a conversation on the phone 」

Karen-san tells the girls in the courtyard.

「 Kouzuki-sama did? 」

「 Directly with Mizushima-sama? 」

It’s a problem between nobility, so they all show interest in Karen-san right away.

Good. Now I pat Agnes’ back.

「 Papa, touch my butt 」

Agnes whispers to me.

Yeah, this should be good enough.

I reached out to Agnes’ ass and grabbed her squishy ass.

「 Haaa, bakerata 」

Agnes exhales in relief.

「 And the conclusion is, Grandfather talked to Kouzuki-sama impolitely. Therefore, there is no forgiveness for Mizushima house next time 」

「 My, what a silly thing to do 」

Kaan Momoko-san sighed.

「 It is crucial that he apologized to everyone and ask for Kouzuki-sama’s forgiveness 」

「 I thought so too 」

Karen-san speaks in pain.

「 In short, Mizushima house hasn’t given a proper apology to Kouzuki-sama, correct? 」

Momoko-neechan said. Karen-san.

「 Yes, and I saw it all 」

「 If that’s the case, we won’t help Mizushima house either 」

Momoko-neechan said.

「 It is us who were brought to danger by bringing in someone involved in Yakuza. If my Father and Grandfather were to hear this, they would end their ties with Mizushima house 」

Momoko-neechan’s right, all of the nobility would banish Mizushima house.

They brought the daughters of nobility to danger after all.

Besides, bringing such person in the party hosted at the main house of Kouzuki clan, they’re just asking for disgrace.

If Kaan house steps in and also torments Mizushima house, then…

Mizushima house can no longer find help from others.

「 My goodness 」

「 But, it’s inevitable 」

「 Indeed, Mizushima-sama has done it for himself 」

「 My father will not forgive Mizushima-sama either 」

「 Indeed. I’m sure my Grandfather won’t either 」

「 It wasn’t just his impoliteness towards Kouzuki-sama, but he also caused a scandal to our families 」

The old man didn’t think that the problem would blow up this big.

I don’t know how did the Kansai Yakuza threaten him that he let Tendou Otome infiltrate, but…

He thought that Jii-chan would forgive him as long as he apologizes if exposed.

That is because they lived a comfortable life in nobility for so long that he thought that if there’s a problem, he can ask for Jii-chan or Kaan house’s help, and he’s saved.

That naive involvement continued for so long…

「 Then, what is Kouzuki-sama’s decision? Is he going to demolish the Mizushima house? 」

Momoko-neechan asks Karen-san.

「 Mizushima-sama’s house is an old one. It will not disappear that quickly 」

Kanou-san speaks regretfully.

It’s not just Jii-chan who wants to keep the nobility from diminishing.

「 I-I, uhm, as for the decision… 」

Karen-san talks about her choice isn’t Jii-chan’s suggestion.

「 I-I, Mizushima Karen, will become Kouzuki Misuzu-sama’s servant 」

She came up with it, so she reports it willingly.

She does that out of her pride as the daughter of Mizushima house.

She doesn’t want the other young ladies to think that she does what Jii-chan told her.

「 My subordinate? 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Y-Yes. I asked Kouzuki-sama 」


「 I will serve Misuzu-sama to show apology to the scandal caused by our family 」

「 But, if you were to become a servant of Kouzuki house, doesn’t that mean that Mizushima house will disappear as nobility? 」

Momoko-neechan said.

Most of the young ladies belong to the Kouzuki clan, but…

They belong to the nobility. Becoming a servant of Kouzuki house means differently to them.

If she remains in nobility, she will come under Kouzuki house’s faction by her will, and the management body of their family will remain independent, but…

Becoming a servant means you have no status as nobility. You must be obedient to your boss. It means she’s entrusting her fate to Kouzuki house.

「 If I show my devotion as Misuzu-sama’s servant when I become an adult, I will become the head of Mizushima house, and the clan will revive as nobility, or so agreed 」

Even so, Karen-san’s talking as if it’s her suggestion, not Jii-chan’s.

「 If left alone, Mizushima house will fall to ruin no matter what 」

The 12-year-old girl tells everyone with determination.

「 Naturally, it depends on me whether I can work splendidly as Misuzu-sama’s servant or not. Although, Kouzuki-sama guarantees the safety of the current Mizushima house’s minimum fortunes so I could keep our side of agreement 」

「 Minimum fortunes? 」

Momoko-neechan reacts.

「 Yes, the ancestral mansion and the cultural assets passed down to their descendants, that alone will remain preserved 」

Momoko-neechan turns to the young ladies.

「 Everyone. Did you hear that? Once your return home, no, I don’t mind if you do it right after leaving your seat. You are to report what happened today to your parents and grandparents. Kouzuki-sama and Kaan Momoko says that “you are free to do whatever with the businesses managed by Mizushima house and the related companies” 」

That means, they won’t care about what they do with Mizushima house’s business and other related industry, and…

Oh, I see.

So far, those who are in the same trade were holding back.

All because of the idea that they don’t want nobility to diminish, so, they don’t want to crush them down if possible.

「 However, leave your hands off the fortunes Mizushima house will pass to their descendants. That’s because Mizushima Karen-san here will inherit it someday 」

Momoko-neechan looks at Karen-san.

「 Indeed. All of the nobility has to monitor Mizushima-sama so he won’t sell it off to good-for-nothing people when he has troubles with money 」

「 Thank you 」

Karen-san bows her head.

「 I see, taking away the nobility status from Mizushima house for a while is a suitable punishment. Mizushima-sama needed to receive that much, at least. And during that period, Karen-san will become Misuzu’s servant. Karen-san will separate from her father and will become a follower of Kouzuki house, and once Karen-san becomes the head, Mizushima house will revive 」

Kouzuki group will use her past as Misuzu’s servant as the foundation for the revival of the Mizushima house.

「 Mizushima Karen-san is such a cute girl that I won’t mind making her my servant, but the events today all happened in Kouzuki-sama’s mansion. It can’t be helped, right, Misuzu? 」

Momoko-neechan looked at Misuzu.

「 Just because she’s your servant doesn’t mean you can be harsh with Karen-san. She’s the daughter that will revive Mizushima house someday 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 No, Momoko-oneesama. I can understand what you’re saying but, if she is my servant, then I have to treat her the same as my other servants. It will only hurt Karen-san’s resolve if I don’t do that 」

「 Yes. Misuzu-sama’s correct. I will serve Misuzu-sama with all my body and soul. And I would like Misuzu-sama, Kouzuki-sama, Kaan-sama, and all the other nobility to acknowledge my loyalty. If not, I cannot wipe off the sins of Mizushima house 」

This girl…

She’s praiseworthy for someone of her age.

「 I seem to be mistaken. Misuzu, train her strictly 」

Momoko-neechan said.

「 Yes. I will do so. Momoko-oneesama. Karen 」

Misuzu immediately calls Karen-san.

「 Yes, Misuzu-sama? 」

「 You are now my servant, stand behind me 」

「 Certainly 」

Karen-san bows her head then stands behind Misuzu’s chair.

Earlier, she was one of the young ladies that are allowed to take a seat, and yet,

Now, she’s a servant not allowed to sit down until her Master tells her.

「 I know that everyone has their thoughts towards Mizushima house because of this event, but… 」

Misuzu said.

「 As you can see, Mizushima Karen has become my servant. Do consider that any of your slanders towards Karen is slander towards Kouzuki house, do you mind? 」

Oh, I see.

Karen-san becoming a servant is for her protection.

「 It’s not just Kouzuki house. Kaan house as well 」

Momoko-neechan smiles.

「 Misuzu is my little sister. If you laugh at my little sister’s servant, then I will consider it ridicule on myself as well 」

「 T-Thank you. Misuzu-sama, Kaan-sama 」

Karen-san cries, overcome with emotion.

「 Don’t cry. You’re now a servant 」

Michi, her senior, hands Karen-san a handkerchief.

「 Crying before your master means you’re not paying attention 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Karen-san immediately wipes off her tears.

「 Let’s do our best 」

「 Thank you 」

And for some reason, the young ladies start clapping their hands.

「 Everyone’s making that kind of face, but we don’t know what comes next at this age 」

Torii-san said while grinning.

She says too much.

「 Everyone’s parents or grandparents might also fall into someone else’s servant just like Mizushima house if they fail 」

「 Really? But yours is the one close to it, Mariko! 」

Momoko-neechan smiled at Torii-san.

「 If Torii electronics fall into crisis, nobody among the nobility will come to your help 」

Torii Mariko’s mother’s side was from the nobility.

Torii house doesn’t belong to the nobility.

Therefore, other nobility will not send help with the reason of preventing the decrease of nobility.

「 At that time, I-I will become Momoko-oneesama’s servant! 」

Torii-san said. Momoko-neechan.

「 No way. I don’t want someone cheeky like Mariko as my servant 」

「 No way, Onee-sama!!! 」

The conversation between the jester and the princess continues.

「 Uhm, may I ask something? 」

Kanou-san looks at me.

「 Y-Yes? 」

I suddenly grabbed Agnes’ ass stronger.

「 Bakerata! 」

「 Oh, sorry about that, Agnes 」

I pat Agnes gently.

「 What about Kurama-san? 」


Kanou-san has been worried about the Kurama sisters all this time.

She sees that Mizushima Karen is saved, somehow, but…

Kurama sisters…

「 Jii-chan said this; 」

I inform her.

「 Nobility means that the descendant holds something they inherit from their ancestors. But, Kurama house lost it 」

Kurama Kaku, a historic building and garden.

Kurama sisters’ father ignored Jii-chan’s repeated advice, and when he completely crashed, he should know about his daughters in here.

「 Therefore, he said that Kurama house no longer belongs to nobility 」

「 I-I see 」

Kanou-san shows a gloomy face.

「 And where are the two right now? 」

「 Inside the mansion. I’m sure that they’re watching the situation in the courtyard. They cannot leave the mansion until everyone does first 」

「 Indeed. They must be waiting for us to depart 」

In truth, they can’t come home as they’re coerced to become prostitutes, but…

What Kanou-san knows is that it would be an insult to the ladies of nobility if they leave.

「 I see, if Kouzuki-sama says so, I can no longer help either 」

Momoko-neechan said.

「 Grandfather and I grieved for the loss of Kurama Kaku. 」 What did Sakurako’s grandfather say? 」

「 It’s an unforgivable reckless action 」

Kanou house’s head is Sakurako-san’s grandfather.

In short, Jii-chan, Momoko-neechan’s grandfather, and Sakurako-san’s grandfather.

The big three are all angry at the father of the Kurama sisters.

「 It’s a building with history and cultural assets that there were proposals to keep away from construction work. Despite that, Kurama-sama is so stubborn that he started the construction work before the end of discussion period 」

Momoko-neechan said.

From the father’s perspective, Kurama Kaku is nothing but an old building that confines him.

And so, he destroyed it, leaving no trace.

He dug down the garden for the sake of the high-rise building he’s constructing.

「 Can we not take those sisters as my servants for their protection? 」

Momoko-neechan said. Misuzu…

「 If Kaan-sama’s family is willing to pay for Kurama-sama’s debts… 」

「 Right. There’s that. That’s unreasonable. The Kurama Kaku group has no hope of recovering from their debts. The foreign investors deceived them 」

Momoko-neechan looks at Torii-san.

「 Maiko, can your family save them? Torii electronics has some great achievements recently, don’t they? 」

「 My grandfather only does business where he profits. If the former Kurama Kaku remained, he would gladly help out, but, I don’t think he would want to get involved with a high rise hotel that stopped construction halfway and is just an ordinary hotel and restaurant with no unique characteristic 」

That’s the reasonable evaluation of the Kurama Kaku group currently.

「 At least, if those two were to marry into another family, their children can inherit Kurama house, but… 」

Torii-san said.

「 Marrying into those girls means you’ll share the debts of Kurama house. I don’t think there’s any nobility who would want to take that punishment 」

「 If anyone were to do that, their family will get angry at them 」

Marriage in nobility needs approval not just from the parents and grandparents, but also from the branch families, servants, and the executives involved in their business.

I know that structure.

Even if a son of a noble liked Kurama Misato-san or Arisu-san and wants to make her his wife…

Other nobilities scowl at the debts of Kurama house, and so the whole family will protest against it.

It would be hard to have other nobility condemn you for your choice.

「 But, I still want to do something for them 」

Kanou-san said.

「 Right. I feel the same way 」

Momoko-neechan said.

「 We have to leave this problem for the adults. We can do nothing in this problem 」

She sighs.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Thank you very much. It was a fun day 」

Finally, Misuzu’s party ends.

Misuzu and I are standing in the courtyard’s exit, sending off the guests.

Yoshiko-san’s with us.

Ruriko’s with Agnes, standing behind us.

「 I have learned a lot 」

Kuromiya-san, the warrior lady, told us.

「 I’m looking forward to the training 」

「 Yes, please do 」

Misuzu smiled, then Kuromiya-san goes to Michi.

「 I’m looking forward to your guidance 」

「 What? 」

Michi’s surprised. Yet shows no emotion in her face.

「 You may be Misuzu-sama’s servant, but you’re my teacher in skill 」

Oh, so that’s how she thinks.

「 Please do that on the training grounds with the bodyguards 」

Torii-san told Kuromiya-san.

「 My mindset is with martial arts training, anytime, anywhere 」

「 It’s just you who think that way. Do you not understand that you’re the unique one here? 」

「 Do you not want to be called as such? 」

This is bad.

The mood’s turning sour.

「 Hey, Haiji, stand in front of me. You know that this person is dangerous, don’t you? 」

「 Yes, I know, but, I will not come in front of Mariko-ojousama 」

「 Hey, you’re my bodyguard, aren’t you? 」

「 Uhm, if it’s about my bodyguard duty, you just dismissed me, and we’re not done talking about reemployment 」

「 Didn’t I say that I’ll hire you again? 」

「 I still haven’t presented my terms 」

「 Terms? 」

「 I need a better term than before if you want to employ me 」

「 Hey, Haiji 」

「 I’m Adelheid 」

「 That’s why I’m calling you Haiji 」

I wonder how long they can continue this skit?

「 But, it seems that everything went smoothly. I thank you, Misuzu 」

Momoko-neechan told us.

「 So far, we all had walls between ourselves, despite being fellow nobility. But today’s party took that off 」

「 That’s because Momoko-oneesama participated. Thank you 」

「 My, you’re right, but still 」

Momoko-neechan puffs her chest with pride.

「 Sakurako, you, and I have become sworn sisters, and nobility will prosper! 」

Momoko-neechan smiles brightly.

But, behind her…

Kanou Sakurako-san still looks gloomy.

She’s looking up at the mansion where the Kurama sisters stay in.