Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 315. Valkyrie


We turn the passage many times and descend the stairs.
…21st floor.
Miss Cordelia ordered「stop」in front of a door.

…What? It’s not a guest room?
It’s iron door painted with the same white paint as the aisle.
Is this a hotel employee’s door?
What goes in this room?
The two subordinate said something in English.
One of the subordinate speaks something using a different communication device.
After 30 seconds…the door’s lock opened up.
Another masked person in black combat clothes shows from the inside.
The fourth person.
With this, all the four people who disappeared from the first raid are now complete.


Miss Cordelia pokes with her gun and orders us.
With four enemies pointing their muzzles at us…there’s no choice but to obey.
We go through the door.
There’s a corridor but unlike the one where the guests pass through…there’s no wallpaper pasted and the carpet is thin. It’s a simple structure.

「That way…!」

Urged by miss Cordelia…we go through the corridor.
There’s a couple of doors in the corridor.
What’s written on the door is…『Second dressing room』
…Dressing room?

「Go across the door in the back…!」

It’s a small theater.
We rise up on the stage.

「Fufufu…this is usually used as a facility used for film previews, press conference, talk shows, etc.」

Miss Cordelia said laughing.
There’s a big rattan chair in the middle of the stage.
The light from the ceiling and the stage front is gathered towards the chair.

「Yasuko-san…take a seat over there」

Miss Cordelia orders Nei-san
Nei-san’s trembling.


I hold Nei-san’s hand…

「Yeah. I’ll be fine Yo-chan. I’ll be fine」

Though she’s staggering…Nei-san walks towards the chair.
Then…she takes a sit on the rattan chair.

「Deeper…sit properly. Cross your legs…a bit more bold. Have you seen the movie『Emanuel Lady』?」

Miss Cordelia gives Nei-san various orders

「Hmm…well, that’s good enough…」

Miss Cordelia takes out her phone and captures a photo.


To whom did she sent Nei-san’s photo?
Immediately after, miss Cordelia’s phone rings…

「…The ride of the Valkyries」

Michi mutters

「The ringtone’s…a Wagner classic」

Even if you tell me that, I don’t understand.1
Miss Cordelia answers the call.

「My…that’s a fast reply Aren’t you very busy right now?

Miss Cordelia puts the phone into loudspeaker mode.
We can also hear the voice of the other side of the call.

『…Why Japanese?』

…A man’s voice.

「Do you want your men to know what you’re talking about? Mr. Viola…!」

The other side of the call is the male Cesario Viola!

『You see, I’ve got nothing to hide from my men』
「Is that so?…Aren’t your men frustrated because the situation’s not like the plan?」
『My men have no problem with it. It’s none of your business』
「Because…who would’ve thought that this hotel is a haunted mansion filled with all these surprises?」
『Yeah…this hotel is definitely a cursed《Haunted》. It’s totally different from the information we got from you…!』

The male Viola didn’t know that this is a special counter-terrorism facility of Jii-chan.
Rushing in without knowing that…
The male Viola, and Jii-chan…or chief Yazawa has no connections…

「Sorry…we never thought that it was a building like this too…!」

Miss Cordelia laughs.

『That’s not funny! Thanks to that…we’ve been flooded with water multiple times, covered in gas…we got through a lot of troubles!』
「Sorry but you’re not the only one who had those suffering…you know that we snuck in the hotel before you, right?」
『Then that means…you too?』
「That’s right, it’s a horrible day. Who cares about the water or gas…we had huge amounts of flours, metal basins, oil cans, anyway, it’s got a lot of traps planted along the way…!」

Miss Cordelia’s story is a lie.
There’s no way this has a variety show like traps… !

『Either way, it’s your job to pre-investigate this hotel right? The map of the hotel we received beforehand is useless. What on earth is this RPG dungeon-like hotel?』
「That’s right…even we are surprised!」

Miss Cordelia says swiftly

『Furthermore…when you explore this dungeon, there’s no treasure boxes. Only monsters come out./ Furthermore, there was a comedian who’s quite crazy!』
「No way…there’s no person like that existing!!」
『Don’t lie! Even though it’ stalking some showa gag that only I know…He’s stupidly strong! What’s with that funky monster? Since when did Japan allow black jokes?』
「Are you sure you weren’t dreaming? There’s no way a Japanese happy fighter that’s diligent and expresses emotions weakly exists!」
『There’s one mon!!!』


『There’s really one! He looks like 『General Avalenbo』While speaking like the topknot『Tarou the peach Samurai』, this golden monster kicking us would come in my dreams tonight』

Err…I can’t just honestly say「sorry」about old man Dai Grepher
That person’s an exception among Japanese.
Furthermore…He’s a pedophile.
I’m really sorry

『Anyway…the water, the gas, and the samurai monster. The damage here is enormous. Thanks to that…the underlings seems to be quite angry. To be honest…it’s hindering the moral.e It’s a bad situation…』

Old man Dai Grepher’s attack seems to be surprisingly effective.
Well…that person’s got such an abnormal behavior…
Viola’s troops act as they want around so of course they would be upset.
Ten people were taken down in a 30v1 fight in a blink of an eye…and he escaped unharmed at that.
That’s literally a nightmarish hell.

『I used to live in Japan long ago but…I heard that all the Ninjas are dead. Was that a lie? As expected, does ninja villages still exist…?!』
「I don’t know about that. I’ve asked Kyouko before but she just laughed and didn’t tell me anything. But, I think that Kyouko’s technique is a traditional ninja style so I think that there’s still Ninja’s in Japan.」

…What are they talking about?

「Sorry, Mr. Viola. As asked earlier, aren’t you very busy? Can we talk about Ninja’s later? I’ll have the investigation team search for them」
『Who cares about the ninjas…!!!』

Even though he started talking about it…Viola got angry.

「Hmm, then, hurry up and get to the main point」
『Miss Cordelia, what was that picture you just sent me?!』

Viola said in anger.

「It as you see…we have secured Najima Yasuko. I just thought of letting you know」
『Secured…you didn’t check the location but secured it…?!』

Miss Cordelia smiles.

「Yes, that’s right. She’s with me. I also split her with the Kouzuki security service. She’s completely in control of our troops…!」

Viola’s tone have changed.

『What?…Tell me that earlier』
「My, didn’t I bother to send you a picture?…!」
『I can’t know if you found her location or kept her yourself with this photo. I seriously thought that you just discovered Yasuko’s location…』

That’s why he contacted miss Cordelia in a hurry?

『Well, that’s an achievement. You saved me…miss Cordelia. I owe you』
「…What are you talking about?」

Miss Cordelia answers nonchalantly

『Eh…you”re going to bring her right? Yasuko, to us? What? Now that you have Yasuko we can withdraw from the hotel with Yasuko as hostage…!』
「My, what about the other business?」

Viola has a contract of killing the rebel forces of Shirasaka house and possibly killing some of the executives of the Kouzuki group.

『We’ll withdraw and just blow the hotel up. If you blow some of the pillars on the first floor all together then it’s calculated in advance that the entire hotel would collapse. If the entire building collapses then those in the upper floor won’t be saved…!』

That’s just…!
There’s no way that can be done.

「There will be a lot of victims you know?」
『It’s the fault of those who stayed this hotel. Instead of them having bad luck, they reap what they sow』
「Did you issue a withdrawal directive to the people in the other units?」
『The Russians? Those guys were summoned to be meat shields. They’ll continue to resist until we run away. So if we bury them under debris, it’ll be two birds in one stone. We won’t have to pay for their allowance tonight…』

Viola wants to kill the Russians he brought with him…!

「Hmm. So that’s what you were planning.」

Miss Cordelia’s smile doesn’t break.

『What floor are you in right now?』
「21st floor」
\『Then, I’ll be waiting…take Yasuko and go down』

Miss Cordelia then;

「…But I refuse」
『What did you say?』
「I’ll stay here…you come to pick us up. Cesario Viola…!」
『Bitch…are you underestimating me!』
「Right…if anything, I’m making a fool out of you」
『You bastard, fucking bitch…I’ll kill you』

Miss Cordelia smiles

「You see…you know who I am don’t you?」
『Who cares…I’m in the organization for longer than you!』
「That’s right, think about the organization. I’m in the audit department. I have come to audit your scandal this time…well, I’ll give you a bit of help but the most important thing is to make sure to settle things by yourself!」

Viola and Miss Cordelia has a different position in the organization?

「If this goes on…I’ll report that I’m the one who secured Najima Yasuko… And when you return in Los Angeles, you’ll eventually be labeled as『incompetent』and be disposed by the organization. Are you okay with that…?!」
『You lass…I won’t forgive you underestimating me!』
「Your threats won’t work on me…you’re not the only『Cesario Viola』in the organization, but I’m the only『Miss Cordelia』」
「Okay…I’ll end my call with you. I’ll speak with Lorenzaccio Bandini from now on」

Viola’s attitude changes at that moment.

『Please wait…doesn’t that mean you’re abandoning me?』
「If you don’t obey the Audit department then there’s no other choice but to cast you away from the organization you know? I’ll take away your command and let Lorenzaccio Bandini take over. Your troops will withdraw. We already have Najima Yasuko at hand…and I’ll do the rest with my audit team. It’s easy to assassinate ten people…!」
『You’re going to kill all the targets in this maze like hotel?』
「You may not be able to but I can」

Miss Cordelia’s smile shows a color of madness.

「At this stage…we are ahead of you on the floors and have secured Najima Yasuko. You can tell even with your dead brain cells that we’re far better than you, right?」
『You used our attack troops as a diversion…!』
「Now what? The results are everything in our business…shape up!」

Miss Cordelia said clearly…

「Let’s see. We’re in the room called『Between the stars』on the 21st floor. That’s why, go up here with your power」
『Could you come a bit lower?』
「No! Come to the 21st floor and get Najima Yasuko! I’m not giving compromises.」 We’re the actual people who secured Yasuko. But if you can come to this room with your power…then I’ll hand Yasuko to you and report to the organization that you made all the accomplishments…!」

The male Viola…

『Are you sure about that? We can just go back to the first floor and collapse the hotel while you’re still there?』

Miss Cordelia won’t lose.

「Oh? Do you think you can easily go down to the first floor while taking such a huge squad?」

A fearless nasty smile shows on her lips.

「We’re a small units…so we know secret passages you don’t. If you flip your troops and head to the first floor, we can quickly withdraw from this hotel. We’ll use the inefficiency of yours to escape quickly Besides…let me tell you beforehand, it’s impossible to bomb the first floor…!」

Viola asks in a thick voice.

「The samurai monster from earlier. He’s in the first floor now. If you come down, you’ll take him on again…!!!」

That’s right…old man Dai Grepher is waiting on the first floor.
Even Chief Tnaizawa would order Dai Grepher an emergency sortie under the crisis of the hotel collapsing.

『…Ojamjamajamajama, ojamanga!』

Viola’s in a light panic.

『Dammit! Okay. I just have to go up there to you right! The 21st floor?!』

Viola’s anger is misplaced.

「『Between the stars』…Well, isn’t it great that we talked in Japanese? You can’t let your subordinates listen to this stupid talk…!」

Miss Cordelia makes fool of Viola even more.

『Wait for me! I’ll go right away! I won’t kill just Yasuko, you too…remember this!』
「Sure, sure, I’ll wait for you…please hurry up. Bye bye!」

Miss Cordelia ended the call.

「…What a foolish man. Even though he already lost at the stage when he’s invited into this hotel…!」


「Well, isn’t that right? This is a haunted hotel full of strange tricks. Viola said that it’s like an RPG Dungeon earlier but…if it’s a dungeon then they would have trap holes」

…Trap holes

「I’ve checked through all of the blueprints of the hotel from the construction to changing parts. This hotel isn’t only a maze that can spray tear gas. There’s a lot of trap holes…they can shut off the corridors with firewalls, and spray out real killer gasses.」 The people in the control room are making use of Cesario Viola’s troops purposely. It’s so easy to annihilate them…」

Chief Yazawa’s purposely doing it?

「Viola seems to think that the hotel would collapse if he blow up the main pillar on the first floor but that’s impossible. Suppose that this hotel was a normal building then he thinks that it’s possible but…this hotel’s pillar has different materials. The building materials used isn’t for a hotel…this is a small fortress. The bombs Viola brought in won’t do it」

The hotel Jii-chan instructed to made is that strong.

「What’s your purpose…?」

I asked.
I understood a lot from the conversation of Miss Cordelia and Cesario Viola just now.
Miss Cordelia and Viola are form the same organization…
They’re not a united team.

「Didn’t you hear? I’m from the audit department. I just came to audit Viola’s job…!」
「Then…why let us know?」

That’s right…she purposely let us hear her conversation with Viola…

「That’s just killing time」

Miss Cordelia’s smile doesn’t go away.

「It’s boring just going here and there…auditing, watching…」
「That’s not the truth, am I wrong?」

Nei-san said while sitting on the rattan Chair.

「You want to meet Kyouko-san, don’t you?」

That’s right…Miss Cordelia is;
A former partner of Kyouko Dothnomechey-san

「Well yeah…there’s that personal thought too」

Miss Cordelia admits it easily

「I want to meet Kyouko. And…」

Miss Cordelia’s smile distorts.

「I want to kill her with my own hands…!!」


「Don’t you like Kyouko-san?」

Nei-san said, Miss Cordelia;

「Yes, I love here…therefore I’ll kill her. That’s all…!」

Kukuku , Miss Cordelia laughs.

「If I capture you, Kyouko will appear before me. That’s what I’m waiting for…!」
「Kyouko-san isn’t here! She’s not in Japan right now!」

Nei-san shouts

「I wonder?…from my research, Kyouko has entered Japan yesterday evening」

…Is that so?

「If Najima Yasuko, or Margo Starkweather, or Kuromori Minaho are in trouble…Kyouko will definitely show up」

…That’s Miss Cordelia’s aim?

「Now then…It’s boring to wait until Mr. Viola comes to this room…!」

Miss Cordelia looks at us.

「Someone have sex in here」


「I’m telling you to show me how you have sex in here…!」


  1. For the Yoshida’s out there, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRU1AJsXN1g