Isekai Taneuma Chapter 39 Mira 1 Turna 1



That day, jobs came in naturally.

I thought that Mira and Turna’s orders was strange, but, it’s simply just Mira dishing out money to become a customer.

「You really are horrible. I can understand how Greydia felt」

Mira pouts.

Mira’s child, Melmy Shusted and Liz Shusted

Two girls. And so, there’s no male yet. I haven’t been having sex with her recently. Unable to hold it anymore, she came in here as a customer.

「Come here」

I said, then the female knight in her 20’s comes over.

The cold charm disappeared right away, and she becomes a beautiful female knight who’s got a lewd scent and a mole under her eye as her charmpoint.

I touched her cheeks and pile up our lips.

Our tongues entwine and then I take off her clothes boldly.

I pushed her down the bed and embraced her.

「Mouth, please」


Mira moves her long hair to one side.

That beautiful face is in my view.

Then, her gentle hands stroking my penis legs go.

She grabs my penis with her mouth. Treating it like her lovely child.

Making a vacuum in her mouth and slowly moving up and down.

She’s getting better at this.

She’s not licking the glans or stroking the rod, just moving her head to make me feel pleasure.

Then, soon enough, white liquid flows into Mira’s mouth.

Mira accepted it and smiled, then begin to drink it.

Gulp, gulp, it’s the sound of satisfaction.

She finished it all in her mouth and then touched my penis with her cheeks in satisfaction.

「See that? I drank it」

I pat her head.

Then, Turna begins taking off her clothes for some reason.

「Let me join in」

This time, Turna licks me.

I can see that she’s trying to copy Mira, wanting to satisfy me.

Turna holds it in her mouth while tying up her brown hair from behind.

This is happiness.

A loli has to be at the age where she’s already a woman.

She’s got that woman body line. Her chest is a small apple. It’s only that her height stopped too soon.

Turna stopped fellating my penis and slowly pushes my penis inside her honeypot.

Mira who noticed that shows a face like she wants to say something.

She’s asking about taking turns. But, she gave up. Must be an elder sister attitude, she’s thinking that Turna’s a selfish little sister.

Turna didn’t mind and whispered;

「Turna’s already 17 years old」

They say that when women talk about their age, they’re pressing for marriage.

「Dadan won’t allow it, will he?」

「I wonder」

Turna’s making a mischievous face. I guess I’ll drop by if I have the time.

Turna who’s moving in cowgirl position is better classified as beautiful than cute.

Her dripping honey pot is shaped to my penis. It’s nothing but pleasure.

It’s the same with Turna, she’s rubbing my penis in pleasure.

「Hey, Takuma, how’s Turna’s lewd pussy? Does it feel good?」

「It’s the best, Turna」

「Good. Then, I’ll squeeze it all」

She stands on her tiptoes and places her hands on my hips.

Turna’s slamming my dick inside her pussy again and again.

All I can say about this is…lewd.

She’s showing me a teasing look.

「It’s hot, pulsating! Hmmm」

「Aren’t you about to cum?」

「Right, reaching climax is the best」

Turna enjoys my penis while trembling. She’s moving and playing around to her own pleasure.

「Switch with me when you’re done」

「Sorry. Let me have fun a little bit more. It’s been a while for me too」

「That’s surprising」

「I’ve been creating as many skills as possible so I held back. But, hmm, I couldn’t hold myself back after watching Mira’s lewd service」

「And that’s why you joined in」

Turna laughed and glossed it over.

After she got satisfied, Turna gives her place to Mira.

Mira accepts my penis smeared with Turna’s love nectar without care.


Mira trembles lightly from just putting it in.

「Since when was the last time?」

Mira’s too absorbed in pleasure that she doesn’t respond. She just started swinging her hips. Mira’s also doing cowgirl position.

She swings her waist up and down.

「Mira looks like she’s feeling good」

「Her ears are getting red, stop her」

「I think that she’s just aroused」

Lewd sounds echo from the part where we’re connected and Turna can’t hold back and so she prepares herself for the second round.

Then, Mira reached climax while emitting lots of lewd smell.

Nuchua, nucha, Mira’s pussy makes lewd sounds as she gets finished.

「Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa」

That unique gasp is the proof that she’s reached greater heights.

Mira’s pussy constricts, clamping on my son down there.

She collapsed to me and embraced this woman’s whole body.

However, since I still haven’t ejaculated yet, I swing my hips.

When I thrust upwards, Mira shows a sloppy face.

I might s well use three of my skills to enjoy this.

「Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!」

「Takuma’s a bully」

Turna laughed happily.

I used Mira’s whole, which can’t stop trembling, to pour my semen in her womb.

「Aaaaah~ So deep!」

It’s been a while since I had this volume. Mira’s also the best.

Mira who enjoyed the intense ejaculation was about to swing her hips again, but she got poked from the sides.

「Turna’s ready for second turn」

「Okay, then it’s Turna’s turn now」

「How do you feel about embracing both noble daughters at the same time?」

Now that you mentioned it, this is a noble daughter 3p

「Today, I’m in the mood for using my semen for only two people」

「Fufu, the princess will get angry, but I can’t refuse such offer」

Turna smiled happily.

Mira and Turna’s lying down on the bed. Unconscious.

Mira’s touching her stomach.

Looks like she heard from a certain old man about a trick on becoming pregnant.

Perhaps it’s an experiment.

Recovery, recovery, recovery, repeat. What’s left is experience and intuition. Using repeated restoration magic and pray that it’s a boy.

Then, next, Turna who’s sticky from head to toe.

Continuous recovery magic.

Mira wakes up first.

She touches her sexy body.

「It’s about the age of marriage, what do you think?」

It’s as if you’re asking for marriage like it’s just rice.

That pout is incredible.

「Don’t hurry」

「Hmm, it was busy since the great invasion. So, what’s my rank again?」


「Fufu, the princess will kill me if that happens. But, I’m happy. I thank you. You decide」

「I don’t care about numbers」

「I see, I guess I’m the third」

「Oh? Your reason?」

Mira puts her hand on her chin.

「Well, the first would be the princess. She’s coming of age and so you’ll probably get a place. And what’s left is Greydia, me, and Turna in age order. If there’s no clear reason, there will be disputes」

Mira’s serious face comes back.

「I couldn’t possibly marry Greydia. She’s such a pervert」

「I-I see. But still, she’s a daughter of her Majesty. If she’s put for adoption for this and that, it will be good for you」

「She’s nothing but a daughter from a former royalty, now she’s just a pervert who asks to get spanked and who pees on the floor. It scared me when she revealed her eyeball licking fetish」

Greydia became a topic in Mira’s head, and it’s because she heard it from Greydia herself.

There’s one thing that got on my mind.

「Is she into bestiality too?」

「I will protect Greydia’s secrets. Don’t read it」

「Ugh, she also likes both her holes poked? Wow, that ruins the mood」

「Don’t read it. She doesn’t like people finding out how lewd she is」

「Ugh, getting pregnant with an orc’s child?」

「Aaah! Geez! Your skill is too troublesome! Aaaaaah!」

Mira plugged her ears and made noise.

Unfortunately. I can read her thoughts deeper. Everything Mira knows about Greydia is exposed.

She’s keeping her pussy pure and yet anal is okay? Wow, that’s just weird.

While thinking that Greydia’s more distorted than I thought, Turna wakes up from Mira’s voice.

「Turna, morning」

「Good morning」

Turna’s back to her serious mode

「Are the demons not listening? I don’t think they can」

「Unfortunately, they’re watching the situation so you better stop」

「So they’re watching」

Turna hides her body with the sheets.

Mira doesn’t care.

Then, Turna is still in her serious mode.

She’s staring this way.

(I will place a magic sealing collar on Takuma’s clothes, use them when you need it. If you don’t, then you can throw it away. If you understand, please touch my breasts. I will put a magic sealing collar in your clothes, if you need it…please touch Turna’s breasts? I want it to get a bit bigger)

「It’s okay even if it just fills my hand」


I’m thankful for Turna’s consideration.

Magic sealing collar. Let’s hide them somewhere. It’s a secret weapon.

What’s left is to behave myself naturally.

Almeria, the country, the Mirod rescue strategy, it’s all some meaningless talk.

Now then, Turna rummaged around my clothes and moved.

「Then, I’ll go back home」

「Turna has some business for today」

「Fuu, today, father will be paying for my bills. He told me to come home when it’s over」

「Garcia-sama’s splurging」

The two resumed talking again and I put on my clothes and headed to the gate to Japan.

Then, there’s a door.

Two military personnel is in front of a solid barricade.

It’s the gate I made and maintained, yet for some reason, it’s theirs now. This is unpleasant, and so I used my skill to get through.

「Hey, hey, you may be a friend but you can’t get through here. Sorry」

「We’re told not to let anyone through」

Japanese people are too serious.

They probably don’t allow people from this world to get in Japan.

Sleep magic.

The two soldiers collapsed.

I opened the gate and get in the meat wall tunnel.

You’d get eaten if you stay outside.

Then, another solid gate on the other side. Mugugugu, this is getting troublesome.

I can open from the inside, then the people point their muzzle at me. What’s going on?

I escaped using teleportation.

I enter my room and dove to my bed.

I hide the magic sealing collar in the futon.

Orz summoned me at that moment.

I’m now on the top floor of Orz’ tower.

Orz holding a spear and Sazaland on his side. That thought is dangerous.

I feel my back sweating.

「What’s wrong? You look pale? Allow your friend to give an advice」

「You summoned me so suddenly that I got surprised. So, you need something?」

「You look free so I summoned you. Was that a bother?」


Orz seems like he found my response funny that he laughed then blew off my head.

I’m looking at myself at a third person perspective.

Out of body experience.

Body falls senseless, blood spills, and finally, I got restored to life.

My head goes back and my consciousness returns.

「Don’t do that Sazaland. He’s my friend」


I’m dumbfounded.

It really hurt until I had my whole body restored.

「Sorry about that. I forgot to explain that you’re my friend. It’s an accident, forgive me」

I read Orz and Sazaland’s thoughts and they’re not lying.

I guess. That conversation is reserved for close people.

For now, the conclusion was to hold back.

However, he claims to counterattack by all means with genius skill. As if it wasn’t enough. The start is to reach at least degraded genius and end it.

I smile wryly and use magic on genius group.

「Well, the feeling is mutual」

Go burn in fire and die.


One hand uses fire magic, the strongest one.

A pillar of fire rises up and explosions happened.

Sazaland is burning.

Orz who was close to him got blown off and dances around with his wings.

I cut it off with a violent turbulence and wonderful wind.

Orz looks at me as if he saw something unbelievable.

Sazaland became ash. It’s the first time I used it, but what an amazing power. There’s a wide hole on the roof, and the room is pretty much burned.

This is indeed a genius magic. Since when did you become useful?

「Sorry, I never thought that it was that much. I thought of just giving the same pain he did to me. Forgive me, this is an accident」

Orz’ face twitched.

I can read his thoughts now.

Inferior race. I see.

I remember that savage tribe from back then.

「T-Takkun, you’re surprisingly hot-tempered. The orcs showed off their true nature after having a few unknown children killed in front of them」

「You do some nasty things」

「Oh well. I thought that it would be convenient to use threats to subjugate you. Let’s end that as some friendly contest. We’re friends, aren’t we?」

Look who’s talking, you’re showing the veins on your temple.

「What about the orcs」

「A friendly favor. They will come back to Japan tomorrow」


「Hmph, it’s nothing but sheep phimosis」

Orz disappeared after saying that

「Look who’s talking」

I said from the bottom of my heart.

The exp I got from defeating Sazaland was about a half of what I gave him. Even so, I increased my skills to 2.5 fold, I can’t use infinite reproduction.

Even so, I’m calm. Haa, demons are so troublesome.

I jumped to Ma-chan’s room.

Ma-chan’s relaxed in her room.

「Must’ve hurt having your head fly off like that」

You were watching?

「And it’s the worst when you’re in the middle of regeneration」

「Yeah, that」

We had some topics to discuss.

Ma-chan confirms my level with an appraisal stone.

Then, she smiled.

「That’s over 80 now. I wonder how far it goes up? Ah, the owner column is now gone. I’ll write Ma-chan’s name there now~ Kira ☆」

Ma-chan grabs my hand and writes something. I can feel some heat, it doesn’t hurt though.

Then, she wrote her name on the owner column.

A hexagram on my left hand. In the middle of it is “Magical Girl Puri-chan” It’s an anime title.

I got to use gloves now.

Now then, since our distance shrunk, I’ll ask.

「Ma-chan, why are you so fussy about levels?」

「Low level gets killed so fast, besides, it’s better to have your first time a high level, obviously」

What obviously? It’s like saying that you want to have sex with a tall guy in Japanese terms. Get yourself together.

Then, there’s one more I’m curious about.

「Who died?」

「You don’t get it, do you? Fufu」

「I get it」

「Well yeah, but it’s their fault for being weak, it can’t be helped」

She’s harsh on weak people.

Ma-chan pulls my arm and puts me to sit down.

「Let’s play games together, it will be fun, obviously」

Ma-chan looks like she’s being considerate on her own way.

「A handicap please」


She hands me a controller.

We haven’t done a round yet. I got to work hard.


I woke up.

I don’t like this.


「Hey, look at the TV」

A news flash shows.

Then, four humans and 1 golden orc got welcomed with clapping hands. They all came back to Japan it seems.

「Thanks. But, let me sleep, Ma-chan didn’t let me rest last night」

「It was Takkun who didn’t want to sleep until you won though」

I try to read Orz’ thoughts but I couldn’t go deeper.

「I kept my promise, now you have to do yours」

「Okay, leave the exp to me」

「Then that’s great, also, you have to start over with Sazaland」

「It’s Ma-chan’s Onii-chan’s fault. The weak shouldn’t pretend to be strong」

「Ma-chan’s harsh」

Orz moves as he says that.

As for me, yeah, I’ll slack off today. Good night.