Isekai Taneuma Chapter 44 Nunnallyー1



New Mirod Kingdom

The country on the verge of ruin from the undead is now advancing to rebuilding.

The populace appears out of nowhere and increase every day.

Then, the royalty of Mirod kingdom appears in the royal palace.

「 I am the child of the former king, Morris Mirod. I’m the second heir to the throne. I have a higher priority compared to a woman like you. Leave that seat and give it to me 」

Elizabeth, Macurub’s follower shows a high-class masked smile as she replies;

「 I think that the man who escaped without fighting should remain silent 」

A line filled with intimidating air.

Fighting against the lesser demons until the end. In the end, the empress became their plaything in the battlefield, or so they say.

Morris fell silent.

That Morris has some ordinary status.

And he decides that his claim of legitimacy is just.

「 Hmph, I am much more superior. You’re just a woman who can’t understand the my survival is the maximum priority! 」

He shouts loudly as he thinks that he would win if he speak louder.

If Eliza backs off, then everything will go smoothly.

However, Eliza’s sword makes a sound as she unsheathe it from the scabbard. It didn’t go well. She’s quick that you can’t see her draw her sword.

The sword comes from the shoulder, then it sliced through the ribs and spine, coming out of the other side.

Morris’ body is cut in half. The man groaned.

「 There was no need to kill 」

I speak lightly. Eliza smiled.

「 Then you can save him if you want. Not that I care. Well, I think that it’s better to turn him to Macurib-sama’s lesser instead of killing him 」

I sighed, waved my hand and moved to another room in the Mirod palace.

Eliza bows silently and sent me off.

That room isn’t that different from the one I hang around in hell.


The blue-haired and big-breast girl is playing a game on one hand as she talks.

「 Welcome back? Made connections with the vampire? 」

「 Nope 」

「 Hmm, somehow I feel sorry. Onii-chan’s now brainwashed that it’s become troublesome 」

「 True, he’s always causing trouble 」

「 Right~ 」

「 Next time he does something I won’t go easy on him, even if he’s Ma-chan’s big bro 」

「 Nfufu~ I can see Onii-chan’s future with that 」

Ma-chan laughed and returned to playing games.

I approached her until I can reach her then I sat down and then we spent our time together.

Then, she handed me a controller.

「 I’m bad in this level 」

「 It’s lucky to have a competition with Ma-chan who has perfect experience. I’ll do anything if you win. Nfu~ 」

「 Then can you bear my child if I win once? 」

「 Nfufu, you’re getting too eager now 」

Do I fight this battle that has no chances of winning?

Now then, I have a reason why I’m taking it easy in Mirod when the chains are beating me down mercilessly.

The first ten days after running away from the attack of a high-ranker from hell has been no problems.

We had a calm life in Japan.

Flirting with Yukari and Naomi. Playing with the children.

Also, singing and sealing the green paper Yukari and Nanami holds.

Then, a brownish red paper presented to the public office is something important it seems

「 I’ll take care of it 」

Yukari said.

As for Naomi, she’s staring at her paper absentmindedly.

There was the conversation of holding a ceremony on a shrine. Well, if they ask for it, I’ll comply.

Then, with my wives increased to three, a certain princess of a country and her knights were in panic.

「 Princes, this is bad. We need to persuade His Majesty as soon as possible. If this goes on, it will increase to two digits 」

「 Ah, don’t worry about it. The other world takes ranking as priority, and Elizabeth-san is only going through the motions of being a married couple 」

「 However, Mira can’t wait anymore. I’m already 21 」

「 Calm down. It’s nothing alarming 」

「 Dammit, you put me on hold and get married to another?! You’ve got some nerves. I will not go easy anymore! Let’s do this! 」

「 Princess! Hurry! Turna’s already 17, I know that we’re doing turns but I’m reaching my limits 」

「 I also want to get married too!! Just wait for a little longer!! 」

「 While at it, take me too, I feel like I’m left on the shelf. Just think of me as an extra from Turna. I don’t mind if I take the lowest seat 」

「 Gorilla, I think you can get married as long as you have your skills 」

(Takuma, please elope with Turna)

And it was chaotic.

It seems that Chris’ father is against the idea that she marries a man from the other world that she’s having a hard time persuading him.

Fathers are always the same, no matter what world they’re from.

Although, Chris’ age is reaching her best before date that she might be able to do it if she keeps pushing that way.

Time is Chris’ ally it seems.

Then, one day, Macurib summoed me.

I know that nothing good is happening when I’m summoned and so I stand ready, but, Ma-chan’s showing a rare sorry face.

「 Onii-chan’s become the Vampire’s familiar that I want to vomit. Also, the vampire wants to take Ma-chan and Takkun as her subordinate, so can I stay over? Don’t drop me off 」

I know that Orzvute got vampirized or something.

With that said we shut ourselves in the Mirod royal palace since Orz doesn’t know this place.

Then, I got beaten up in the game.

Ma-chan looks like she’s having fun. Damn.

Ma-chan who was satisfied poured mana on a magic stone. I poured my Mana on an empty magic stone and Ma-chan happily smiled.

She smiles a lot.

That said, the words that escape her lips are dissatisfaction.

「 Argh, because of Onii-chan, I couldn’t watch magical girls in real time 」

There’s no gate connecting Mirod and Japan, there’s no cable to connect to TV, and there’s no internet either.

Ma-chan’s disappointed from the bottom of her heart.

And the weekly magazine she buys every release has become difficult to obtain. She’s annoyed.

「 We need to save up Mana 」

「 Yeah 」

「 I heard that it’s faster to recover mana after having sex 」

「 Nfufu, you can deceive me but try harder than that 」

I can feel that I’m getting closer with Ma-chan every day.

I’m confident that she will not refuse if I pin her down. I can do that but how do I say it? I feel like the feeling of friendship is stronger, that I want us to stay friendly forever.

I have a lot of women but if you ask me, having a woman friend is rarer.

「 We need to use means of transportation that Orz doesn’t know 」

「 That’s true, but isn’t that just irritating?! Ma-chan’s easy to get annoyed 」

「 Hmm 」

「 Up until now, we’re the ones who pick the fight. I’m going to kill that Queen Vampire 」

She’s eager.

After that, I cut off the Mana supply and she let me massage her marshmallow breasts as reward for filling up the magic stone with Mana.

I have a private room in the Mirod royal palace prepared for me.

It’s a 20 tatami mat sized stone-built room.

I lie down idly in the big bed on the porch.

Distant view magic tool.

According to appraisal, this is quite the rare magic tool. I’m thankful to Ma-chan that I can loan it out easy.

I watch my women.

Who would I do it with now?

I shouldn’t think of going back to Japan since Yukari and Naomi are there.

I decided to summon Nunnally.

I drew a summoning circle, poured mana, and summoned Nunnally.



A 17-year-old noble girl.

Her hair has a tint of red and her body’s got some fine details. Her breasts fit in both of my hands.

Her skin is flushed.

Well, that’s not bad.

If she’s going to do it alone, why not do it together? And so I summoned her. Nunnally’s naked on her lower half. She’s hiding her genital area with her hand.

Now then, what do I say to smooth this out?

「 That dress suits you 」

「 T-Thanks, I’m glad to see you but…Hmmm 」

Well, if I kiss her it should go well.

I covered her mouth and entwine our tongues together.

Nunnally’s thoughts are in panic. She’s wondering if it’s a dream or real.

Then, she gradually falls to pleasure.

「 Hmm, this doesn’t seem like a dream 」

「 I used magic to summon you 」

「 Hmm, you have such bad timing 」

「 You’re doing it alone, aren’t you? 」

Nunnally shook her head with a blushing face.

The lower part of her blue dress she’s touching is wet.

Her fingers are inside her pussy and she’s gently caressing it, leaking out love nectar.

「 It’s been a while, hasn’t it? 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Then, do you want to spend our time embracing each other like before? 」

「 Err 」

「 Do you want me to get intense? 」

She nods with a blushing face.

She pulls out her finger and lifts her dress.

Compared to the past, her naked body has become well-padded. Unlike the time where there’s problem with food, her stomach is now holding up.

「 Do you prefer if I lose weight? 」

「 This much will do. This is beautiful 」

She smiles happily, closed her eyes and looked away.

She wants it now.

I immediately stripped her clothes, pushed her down the bed, and shoved my tower penis inside Nunnally.

My penis is covered with her sticky love nectar and her vagina accepted my penis that hasn’t been inside her for a long time.

「 Aaah, Takuma. Aaah 」

「 So cute 」

「 Come! Aaaah! 」

My hips touches Nunnally’s precious part.

I keep slamming our bodies together.

Then, Nunnally’s creating more love nectar and lewd wet sounds.

「 Nnnn, aaaaah, aaaaah 」

That’s a cute gasp, and her vagina tightens cutely.

That’s very like her.

Nunnally gasps as she reaches climax too soon.

「 Aaaah, aaaaaaah! 」

She’s like a virgin girl when she gasps.

Matching my intense pumps in missionary position, Nunnally’s hips bounces back the same.

「 Ah, aaah, Takuma! Takuma! Takuma!! Aaaaah! 」

Her honey pot is drenched and clamping hard and I use it violently and ascend to climax.

「 Nunnally, where do you want it? 」

「 Aaah, I want it deep. Deep inside me. Plant it inside me! Aaaaaaah! 」

Our bodies stick closely, our mouths entwine, and my hips piston faster.

Then, as soon as I released that lust, Nunnally pushed my ass with her legs to make sure I don’t let go.

That was an intense ejaculation.

「 That’s a lot! Aaaaah 」

After pouring the last drop of my ejaculation, I pat Nunnally’s head.

She looks like she’s in pleasure, I wait for her vagina to calm down.

「 You’re getting better each time we do it 」

Nunnally speaks a bit lonely.

「 Want another round? 」

「 Yeah, I won’t run away. So do it until you say that you don’t want to anymore 」

Nunnally who’s below me starts moving her hips.

Kucha, kucha. The sticky sound and pleasure comes in.

Nunnally spreads her arms asking for it.

I know what she wants I can feel it.

We embraced and swapped positions.

Sitting position.

Then, we continued the second round while seeing each other’s lips.

We killed time taking it easy and wanting each other. We have a lot of time after all.

After that sticky love affair.

Ma-chan just teleported to the room, not caring about all of it.

Nunnally escapes to the bed to cover herself.

「 Need something? 」

「 Hmm, I thought of restoring my mana by now. I’d like some mana, you have time? 」

I looked at Nunnally and she nodded.

「 Come here 」

「 Then I won’t hold back, sorry about that. I’d like to connect a gate as soon as possible 」

She say that and sucked off my Mana.

「 I want to read some manga too 」

「 Right, nfufu 」

Then, Ma-chan looked at Nunnally and smiled.

「 She’s cute. If Takkun wants then Ma-chan can turn her to a familiar you know? 」

「 Turning her to a succubus? 」

「 Yeah, she won’t become immortal but you can enjoy her for a long time with perennial youth 」

If you ask me, I would like to share that eternity.

But, I looked at Nunnally and she shook her head.

Furthermore, she looks pale. Where was the lewd look from earlier.

「 She doesn’t like it 」

「 Hmm, it’s not all good things after all. You can come to me if you change your mind 」

「 Thanks, Ma-chan 」

「 Nfufu, sure. Putting that aside, thanks for the Mana. It’s going to speed up thanks to Takkun’s mana 」

Ma-chan disappears with teleportation after saying that.

Now then, I thought of resuming activities with Nunnally, but it looks like she’s not in the mood anymore. That’s unfortunate.

Nunnally asks while she covers herself with sheets.

「 Wasn’t that a demon? 」

「 Yeah, Macurib. She’s more or less a friend 」

Nunnally looks surprised.

「 Is she not going to eat you? 」

「 Nope. She’s just a cute girl who loves the pleasures of Japan. Once she has time I’ll let her greet you properly. She’ll become a friend you can watch anime together 」

「 O-Okay 」

「 Since Nunnally can speak Japanese, it’ll be smooth 」

That remark seems became a prophecy.

After cleaning myself up, I put on clothes and watched mahou shoujo anime together in Ma-chan’s room.

Nunnally got immersed in it’s charm.

That means, she has opened up to Ma-chan.

「 See? It’s interesting isn’t it? 」

「 Yes, yes 」

「 Next, let’s talk about this 」

「 Uhm, I want to watch it in order 」

「 Right, Ehehe, let’s go watch the whole set. Any free succubus can watch together 」

「 Nunnally, you look like you’re having fun 」

Her fresh smile has come back.

Nunnally who gave birth to two children is still a young woman.

The succubus gather around and Eliza’s also here.

「 Then, let’s begin from the movies. It’s the opening, and we have cola and chips prepared too, Kira ☆ 」

「 Melon soda and kitakyushu soy sauce flavor 」

「 Someone buy this 」

We started our fun dinner.

Of course, I joined in.