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Waking Up (1)


“… Are you awake?”

A man in a doctor’s gown smiled at me as soon as I opened my eyes.

“… Where am I?” I asked, still dazed.

“In a hospital. You were brought here after you were trapped inside the dungeon. Do you remember anything before falling unconscious?”

I thought for a moment before smiling wryly.

By this point, my mind had cleared enough to remember what I did before falling unconscious.

To avoid dying, I absorbed all the mana in the core of the dungeon, and after that, I fell unconscious.

“Fortunately, you are not injured anywhere.” The doctor explained my situation. “The reason you fell unconscious was due to fatigue and mana overdrive. Probably because you used too much mana just after awakening.”

“Is it so?” I nodded in silence. I’m not sure if the doctor is right, but I just woke up after surviving in a situation where my death was pretty much guaranteed. I don’t want to think about that right now.

Just then, a woman rushed inside the room.

She was a beautiful woman with black hair and black eyes. She was wearing office clothes, giving her the aspect of a successful businesswoman, but the faint worry in her eyes and the faint dark bags below her eyes made her seem like a fragile mother.

As soon as she saw me awake, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“You finally woke up, Jane.”

“Mom…” I murmured with a small smile. “Sorry for worrying you.”

“Silly boy, it was not your fault.” My mom walked towards me and caressed my cheek gently. “I’m just glad that you are alive.”

Seeing the worry, concern, and relief in my mom’s eyes, I could not help but feel warm inside. I could even see the faint dark bags below her eyes, most likely due to being unable to sleep while I was unconcious.

I’m not sure how long I was unconscious, but I’m sure she was awake all that time, nervously waiting until I wake up.

Actually, simply the fact that she is here shows how much she cares about me. After all, her work does not allow her to stay away from it for long periods of time.

In fact, my mother should have been on a business trip when I fell inside the dungeon. In other words, her being here means that she dumped her business trip aside to come to see me.

My mom, Helen Walker, was always like that. Even in our hardest times, she always cared about me regardless of the words of others.

When I thought about that, I could not help but feel a bit sorry towards her.

My mother hugged me softly and checked my body to make sure that I was completely alright. Her worried and anxious look brought a small smile to my face.

Just then, another worried voice came from outside the room.

“Brother!” A beautiful girl with auburn hair and black eyes rushed inside the room with tears in her eyes. “Finally… Sob… Y-You are awake… Sob… Brother…”

“Calm down, Ley. Nothing happened to me.”

“B-But, you didn’t wake up for two days! Mom and I were so worried!”

“Two days!?” I put on an expression of surprise. “So long?”

“It was not long.” The doctor interrupted us at that moment. “You overused your mana circuits just after Awakening, so being unconscious for just two days is normal. You should consider yourself lucky that your mana circuits were not completely destroyed.”

My mother and sister tensed up immediately as soon as they heard these words.

“Doctor, is my son alright?”

“He is alright, don’t worry. In fact, he is better than always.”

“What do you mean?”

“We measured the mana in your son’s body, and it reached 2.2 GSU. It’s the mana of a Tier 3 Awakened. For someone that just awakened his mana, these numbers are amazing.”

GSU, or Garcia Scale Units. It’s the unit of measurement used to measure the amount of mana inside someone’s body.

Generally, every 1 point in this scale equals an Awakened Tier. 0 GSU equals Tier 1, 1 GSU equals Tier 2, 2 Gsu equals Tier 3, etc.

This is not always the case, though. Some people can have more mana or less mana at the same Tier depending on their constitution; thus, a greater amount of mana in your body doesn’t mean that your Tier is higher. It’s not uncommon to see a Tier 3 with 3 GSU.

My mana measured 2.2 GSU. it means that the amount of mana inside my body after I awakened is equal to an average Tier 3. That is an amazing number!

But the next words of the doctor cooled down my excitement.

“Unfortunately, he Awakened a bit too late. If he was younger, his future achievements would have been limitless.”

I could see my mother and sister’s expressions changing slightly after hearing these words.

Especially my sister’s expression. Her face turned ashen white, and she clenched her fists with an expression of guilt.

I could not help but smile bitterly.

I know the reason behind her reaction. After all, the fact that I had been unable to Awaken until now is due to a previous incident related to her.

It’s due to that incident that my sister has felt guilty and apologetic towards me all these years.

Aware of that, I tried my best to not show any negative expression on my face.

“Even so, the fact that I have 2.2 GSU in mana as soon as I Awakened is impressive, is it no?”

“Well, it is.” The doctor replied. “Who knows, perhaps you will be someone amazing in the future, boy.”

“Of course. After all, he is my son.” My mother smiled proudly.

I smiled at my mom gentle words.

After a few more words, the doctor asked my mother and sister to leave the room. I had just woken up, so I still need to rest.

Thus, a few minutes later, I was left alone in the room.

No, I was not alone.

[You are finally awake, boy.]

Hearing the voice of the demon in my mind, I confirmed that what happened in the dungeon was not I dream.

“… Unfortunately, you are still there.”

The demon smirked. [Do you think it’s so easy to get rid of me? Anyway, I must tell you something, boy.]

“What is it?”

[I was successful in repairing your soul. Fortunately, the mana in the core was enough. In fact, there was a small amount of mana remaining that I used to strengthen your mana core.]

Is it so?

That explains why my mana readings were 2.2 GSU. My mana did not felt that strong when I was inside the dungeon.

[However, boy, I have bad news.]

My expression hardened. “What is it?”

[Your body… It’s a mess. I checked it carefully when you were unconscious, and I realize that your situation is very bad.]

What do you mean?

[Boy, with the amount of mana I supplied to your body, your mana should be a few times greater than it is now. For some reason, though, your body rejects most of the mana that enters it. And when I checked your mana pathways to find the reason, I found something disastrous.

[Your mana pathways are not compatible with mana. It’s not just your mana pathways. Even your cells reject mana actively. It’s so bad that the amount of mana that your body can absorb is twenty times less than a normal person. With these numbers, it should be almost impossible to use mana.

[Boy, you have zero talent for mana… Unfortunately, the current you have almost zero chances of becoming a powerhouse.]


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