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The Island, The Maid, and The Sister


On a certain island thousands of kilometers away of Jane’s location.

“Welcome back, Young Miss. Did you have fun outside?”

Sylvia’s lips twitched as soon as she saw the smiling woman in maid clothes receiving her at the entrance of her house.

“… Mom, are you playing to being a maid again?”

“I’m not playing, Young Miss. I’m your father’s one and only maid.”

Sylvia rolled her eyes.

“… Can’t you see that the other servants are trembling in fear? They are like this because they don’t know what to do when their mistress tries to rob them of their job.”

“But I can’t tolerate seeing anyone else serving your father, young miss. If they don’t like it, they can scram.” The woman smiled.

“… My family sure is crazy. Is dad at home? I already decided what school to go to.”

The maid was startled.

“Huh? But I thought you did not want to go to school. Why did you change of opinion?”

“… Well, I found something interesting.”

The maid immediately narrowed her eyes.

“Is it a boy?”


“Okay, okay, I’ll stop asking. Unfortunately, your father is not at home. But you can talk to your eldest sister. Your father told her to choose a school for you and your little sister.”

Sylvia’s expression stiffened immediately.

“… Big sister?”

“Yes. Why?”

“No, it’s nothing.” Sylvia swallowed a mouthful of saliva and shook her head. However, her expression was clearly awkward.

She seemed like a child that did something wrong and was about to face her parents about it.

“… Why did it have to be big sister, dad?” Mumbling to herself, Sylvia walked towards her big sister’s room.

But before she knocked on the door, the door opened by itself.

“Ara ara, what an unexpected visitor.” A surprised voice came from inside the room. “Come inside, little Sylvia. It has been a while since the last time you visited me.”

“Big sister…” Sylvia’s face was stiff.

For an instant, she wondered if it was better to run away. But before she could, the scenery around her changed completely.

To her surprise, she had been brought inside her sister’s room against her will and without her noticing when.

She was seated at a tea table, with snacks and tea on it, and a beautiful black-haired girl across her.

“Try them. I got them from a civilization a few dimensions away. They are one of the best snacks I have eaten in years.”

“O-Okay.” Sylvia stuttered and grabbed a snack.

As soon as she brought it to her mouth, her eyes opened wide.


“Right? Big sister is good at choosing snacks.” The black-haired girl grinned. “Then, little Sylvia, why did you visit me today? You usually don’t like coming near my room.”

“… It’s because you are always playing pranks on me,” Sylvia mumbled to herself before taking a deep breath and looking at her sister with a determined expression.

“Sister, there is a school I want to go to.”

The black-haired girl’s movements stopped.

“… A school?” Narrowing her eyes, the black-haired girl stared at her little sister carefully.

Then, she closed her eyes for one second before opening them again.

“Sanctuary’s First?”

Sylvia smiled awkwardly. As expected of her big sister. She discovered it immediately.

“Y-Yeah, can I?”

The black-haired girl did not reply. Instead, she stared at her little sister’s face fixedly.

Finally, after several seconds of heavy silence, she sighed.

“… So it’s a boy, huh.”

“… That is the reason I did not want to come here.” Sylvia’s cheeks turned slightly red.

“Do you like him?” Asked the black-haired girl.

“No! Of course not!” Sylvia denied it immediately. “It’s just that I noticed something strange about him. It’s the first time I see a situation like his, so I want to discover what it is.”

The black-haired girl raised an eyebrow.

“… Certainly, that guy’s circumstances are a bit unique. I can’t say if he is lucky or unlucky.” The black-haired girl nodded in agreement. “I never thought that a–”



“Stop, sister. Don’t tell me about it! Where is the fun on that!?” the girl with whitish-blue hair pouted.

The black-haired girl chuckled softly and nodded. “Right, that is not fun. Okay, I will send you to Sanctuary’s First Awakened College.”

“Really!? Thank you, sister!”

“But–” The black-haired girl put on a serious expression at this point. “You must promise me something, Sylvia.”


“Promise me that you won’t fall in love with him.”

“Huh?” Sylvia was startled, before turning red in embarrassment. “S-Sister, what are you talking about!?”

“I’m not joking, Sylvia.” The black-haired girl’s expression was serious. “You know that we are different from them. The love between you and someone like him will only end in tragedy.”


“Promise me, Sylvia.”

The girl with whitish-blue hair became slightly nervous and nodded.

“Don’t worry, sister. That will not happen. Plus, he is not even that handsome. At least, no more than dad.”

The black-haired girl’s eyes narrowed. But when she saw that Sylvia was saying the truth, she nodded.

“Okay. I believe you.”

“Thank you, sister!” Sylvia stood up excitedly and kissed the black-haired girl on the cheek. “You are the best!”

“Okay okay, I know. Sigh, what am I going to do with you?”

“Hehe, I will tell Milly. It will be great if we go to the same school.”

“… I wonder how you plan to convince that lazy bum.” The black-haired girl sighed in exasperation before smiling when she saw the excited expression on her little sister’s face. “Okay, go. Perhaps you will be able to convince her.”

When Sylvia left, the black-haired girl sighed again.

“What am I going to do with these little sisters of mine.”

“I think that Sylvia and Milly are two nice girls.” A voice came from behind her, and one second later, the woman in maid clothes that received Sylvia appeared in the room.

The black-haired girl smiled bitterly.

“Yeah, but one of them is excessively curious, and the other one hates leaving her room.”

“They are nothing like their mothers.” The maid smiled. But then, her expression turned deadly serious.

“By the way… I don’t like what you said to little Sylvia. I don’t think it’s right to forbid Sylvia from falling in love.”

The black-haired girl fell silent for one second before shaking her head.

“I’m just doing what is better for her. You know that we are different from normal people. Falling in love with a normal human will only result in a tragedy, and little Sylvia is the one that will suffer the most due to it.”

“I was just a normal human when your father fell in love with me.” The maid’s expression was cold.

“… But that was an exception, not the rule.”

The maid frowned, but she did not refute her.

In the end, after staring at the black-haired girl for several seconds, she just sighed and turned around, disappearing mysteriously from the room.

Before leaving, though, she left some words behind.

“Regardless of it, I plan to support Sylvia’s choice, no matter what it is.”

The black-haired girl smiled bitterly and shook her head.

“… Do whatever you want…”


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