Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 3 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The girl’s real face (Latter Part)

「Ah, Au…Uuuuu」

Thunderbolt shut her eyes as her whole body is filled with shame.
Even if she do that, it’s insignificant with her ability. Yuuto’s smiling face can be felt even from behind her eyelids.

It’s closed because she merely want to cover it.

「Hey, open your eyes」
「Auu. It’s embarrassing so don’t look at me that much」

She actually wants to cover it with her own hand. Not just the eyes. The scar around the eyes too. Even though she showed it once, it doesn’t mean that she’s used to it.
Even if you think it may be seen, embarrassment is a different story.

「Yuuto-kun, it’s no good. My body, it’s hot, it feels good.」

The limit’s near. Even though Yuuto’s not touching her, just being there makes Thunderbolt’s body change everything to pleasure.
Her nipples are standing up as if it weren’t already enough, the gap below is overflowing with nectar.

It’s abnormal. Why did it come to this. There’s only one reason.

(Actually, I already accepted it. I, to Yuuto-kun)

She doesn’t intend to protect it. That she’s not the only partner.
Her bestfriend seems to think that virginity is important but she thought that it doesn’t matter.

Thunderbolt shook her head from such a conventional thought she had until now.

(I’m glad that it’s with Yuuto-kun)

She has abandoned it to live with her own power. She lived with her own power without selling her woman self.

(Thank you)

Not knowing what she’s thanking for, Thunderbolt slowly open up.

「I can’t endure it anymore. Please, Yuuto-kun. Embrace me」

When she said that, Yuuto swallowed his saliva.
Her first time will be taken. She asked herself if this is really okay but it was erased by Thunderbolt’s’ voice.

「It’s fine. Don’t mind it. I’m the one asking you」

Thunderbolt said that and smiled, she then reached out to his hand. Traced by a white finger, Yuuto stir for an instant.
Thunderbolt quietly pressed Yuuto against her secret place.

He understood from that much. Yuuto was a bit surprised from the drenched Thunderbolt but he prepared himself.

「Yuuto-kun, I love you」

Finally, Yuuto thrust everything out after seeing Thunderbolt’s bashful expression.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Ah, auuu」

Yuuto looks down at Thunderbolt who’s having such an anxious expression.
Different from the time with Asuka, Yuuto pulls out his waist in a hurry after he saw Thunderbolt is in pain.

Thunderbolt stopped it.

「Don’t, stop」

Tears flow from her golden cross pupil eyes. Thunderbolt is feeling everything in her body.
The pain, the agony, the pleasure, everything’s the same for her.

「It’s okay. I’ll get used to feeling it」

It’s not a lie. Thunderbolt understood it perfectly.
Right now, her body is penetrated by Yuuto.

She perceives all of the moment of her deflowering and accept it.

「I’m glad. Right now, Yuuto-kun is filling up my insides」

Yuuto frowned his eyebrows embarrassed from Thunderbolt’s words. Then she smiled and said 「It’s fine」, Thunderbolt pulls Yuuto’s waist.

「Move. It’s fine to be violent. Feel good」

‘I don’t care about myself’ Yuuto got a bit bigger inside her, Thunderbolt hugged Yuuto’s body.
Yuuto moved his waist to answer. He swore to at least accomplish her desire to not let Thunderbolt’s gentleness go to waste.

「Sorry. I’ll make Thunderbolt-san feel good」
「Un, it’s okay. Please don’t mind me」

Thunderbolt shows a smile Yuuto laughed unintentionally from the dazzling honest face of hers.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Nguu, au! O, oooooooo!」

Several minutes later, ‘somehow it did’, Yuuto looks down at Thunderbolt.

「Ohii! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!」

Convulsing body, sloppily opened crotch and mouth, white eyes that lost it’s gold cross pupils.
Thunderbolt has long forgotten the pain of the deflowering and indulges herself on the pleasure.

「Uhm, Thunderbolt-san?」
「Nhiiiiiiiiiiiii!? Ou!? Ouuuu!?」

When her erect nipples was pulled by his finger, Thunderbolt bent her body that you’d think she’s a shrimp.
While wiping the salivia dripping from the corner of the mouth with a right hand, Yuuto pinched both Thunderbolt’s nipples feeling amazed.

「Oops, the bed is soaked already. Are you okay?」

There, there, Yuuto pats Thunderbolt’s abdomen with his palm. Thunderbolt was able to reply to Yuuto while reaching light climax with just that.

「I-I’m faiin, I’m faiyyn! Mooh, giib me mooh」

Desperately putting power on her trembling leg, Thunderbolt moved her waist up and down. Yuuto’s penis rubs her vagina and Thunderbolt pouts her lips unable to endure.

「Ohyooooo!! Oh, Ooooooooo!」
「You look like an animal already There, there」

Thunderbolt is panting and can’t speak human words but that looks lovely for the man embracing her. Yuuto kissed the small cheeks of the girl who gets lonely easily, making her chest hot.

The affection was transmitted. It mightn’t have been love but at that moment, Yuuto’s heart was hers.

「Uuuu, fuguuuuu」

The feelings she caught rushed to her and Thunderbolt shed tears in delight.
Yuuto opened his eyes in fright as he saw Thunderbolt burst into tears suddenly.

「W-What’s wrong!? S-Sorry, where does it hurt!?」

Did he make a mistake somewhere? Yuuto who misunderstood it is panicking. Thunderbolt shakes her head and sobbed.

「N-No. I’m just so glad. Uu, Yuuto-kun, I love youuuuu~」

Thunderbolt hugged Yuuto’s body while burying herself in tears.
Yuuto’s chest gets wet with tears but he’s not that idiotic to hate it.

Thunderbolt turned her legs around Yuuto’s waist to not let the warmth go. Her arms made his back her own and she tried to raise her contact with Yuuto with all her might.

「Ah, T-Thunderbolt-san」
「Yuuto-kun, Yuuto-kun」

Yuuto’s endurance cracked when his name was called in his ear. Thinking that it’s dangerous, his penis shook inside Thunderbolt’s vagina.
Even without her strongest perception, she could clearly understand that his limit is coming.

Feeling reluctant to part with the happiness, Thunderbolt kissed Yuuto’s lips.
It’s a gentle one where they only touch without involving the tongue

Thunderbolt’s vagina wind. Unable to endure, she pulled in the waist and Thunderbolt begs with a wet sigh at Yuuto’s ears.

「Yuuto-kun, please. Come. My important place is waiting since a while ago」

Yuuto’s waist slowly thrust in from that voice.
Her deepest part is being knocked.

「Noouu, oh, ouuuu」

Something flew out with just that alone.
Yuuto continued to thrust his waist desperately in the limit of his endurance.

Once, twice, every time he does, both of their abdomenal region gets wet with something.

On his final limit, Yuuto stimulated the deepest part.

「Ah, ah…」

At that time, Thunderbolt’s face had 「I came」expression…


Yuuto let out everything inside Thunderbolt at the same time her whole heart reached climax.
◆  ◆  ◆
「T-That…It felt good」
「Fuhi!? Hyo, M-Me too…I’m glad」

The two who went out of the love hotel walked around the capital with an awkward air.
For some reason, the two didn’t think that they’d have sex.

Yuuto had some feeling of guilt while Thunderbolt walks around the road aimlessly in bewilderment.

「Err, that…It was fun. Than you, Yuuto-kun」

‘However, I have to say this at least’, Thunderbolt clapped both of her hands to say maximum thanks.
It’s not just for their first time having sex. For meeting her, even the clothes. All of today’s event is Thunderbolt’s treasure.

(I don’t have any more regrets)

If you ask if there’s a regret then, she’s regretting that she wasn’t able to accept Yuuto’s excellent treasure tool, but that’s just a luxury to expect that.
It was already good if you ask her. Her body that she never thought would never be used as a woman, it’s already enough pleasure.

(I’m happy…)

But, that’s everything. For him, he just kept her company for a bit cause of pity. It’s not only Asuka. Rather than spending time with those who’s inexperienced, he’d rather pick a much suitable partner.

Having such thoughts, Thunderbolt slowly closed her eyes.


However, her devil eyes perceived something before her eyes as she close it.
When she opened her devil eyes, Thunderbolt was staring in utter surprise.

「What’s wrong?」

What’s there is Yuuto’s curious face while sticking his right hand out.

「The date isn’t over yet」

Yuuto looks bashful. First, a meal, then shopping. That plan is such simple on the contrary
Still, she decided on how to spend her day. The day hasn’t set yet after all.

「Let’s eat breakfast, shop…and then, should we do it again?」

Yuuto thought it was a terrible excuse. However, she felt she want to say that.
Thunderbolt had a smile on her whole face as she nodded while her whole body and left hand is shaking.


Maybe someday, the smile under the eye mask would become hers.