AV App Chapter 38 ♡ A cool Beauty and Brown Gyaru



Leona-san’s exploring adult products, and she seems to have found something.

Her curiosity took priority.

On her hand is a small translucent ring like a child’s ring or a pinky ring. A part of it is broken, like an earring.

「 These are vibrating rings, right? Isn’t that for men? Oh, it seems to be for women. It’s small. What is this? You turn on the switch and the ring begins to vibrate. It won’t come off unless you remove it, no matter how hard you go? I see 」

Leona-san nods while reading the explanation.

「 It says that it can pinch your nipples and your bean like it’s an earring. And then, you press this switch and it’ll start shaking. So it doesn’t vibrate like a rotor, but it just shakes? Just the ring? 」

Don’t think too much about it. Either way, you won’t figure it out. It’s likely a toy the AV app devs made.

You’re sent to a different space beyond the reach of human knowledge. It’s safer to accept it than to think too deeply. They say that curiosity killed the cat.

「 Oh well. Let’s go test it! 」

Leona-san abandoned thinking and attached the ring to her own nipples.

They look great on her voluptuous breasts. It’s like nipple-piercing. Her erect nipples are kind of cute when pinched.

How does it feel with it on?

「 Oh, it’s pinching my nipples nicely. Let’s turn on the switch. Hmm? Aaaaaaah~ 」

「 Heeey? You’re a girl, right? You sounded like an old man soaked in a hot spring 」

「 Aaah. This is incredible, Nakade-chi. I feel like Nakade-chi’s teasing my nipples. The gentle stimulation is just perfect. I want this at home. This feels great. I could recommend this toy to Shojo-chi. Let’s put one on my clitoris too! Naaaaaa~ 」

The toy master easily fell for a new toy and attached one to both her nipples and her clitoris. She’s melting in pleasure.

「 Fuyou-san, want to try it too? 」

「 R-Right. I guess I should 」

She chose the softest ring and put it on Fuyou-san.

The small rings seem like hard plastic, but they’re soft like rubber or gel.

Her pink nipples pointing out got caught in the ring and changed shape, looking like fingers pinching.

「 Hmmm 」

「 Does it not hurt? 」

「 Not at all. It feels just the same as Haku-kun pinching 」

「 Try turning on the switch. 」

「 Sure. Naa~ Ah, this might be good. It’s as if Haku-kun’s touching me. This feels good 」

I’m glad that it went well.

Still, seeing Fuyou-san, a cool beauty honor student putting on a nipple-piercing-like ring…the corruption image is strong! So sexy! Beautiful!

I could fantasize about the idea of Fuyou-san putting this vibrating ring on her for the whole day, enduring the pleasure even during lessons, and I can fap to that for five rounds.

「 Haku-kun, put one here too 」

Fuyou-san spreads open her secret place. Her moist crack exposed through the black bush. The small and swelling shiny thing is her clitoris.

I’d gladly put this on you.

「 Hmm, ah, naa~ 」

Fuyou-san fell on the bed as soon as I put it on her clitoris.

「 T-This might be bad. Hm…aauuu!! 」

「 Fuyou-san! 」

「 I get it. I feel you. Shojo-chi, the three-point of stimulation on both y our nipples and your small bean is just making you ascend, doesn’t it? 」

「 Yes. This is amazing. I feel like I could cum so easily. Hmm!? 」

Fuyou-san twists and turns sexily on the bed as if resisting the three points of pleasure. She’s even gripping the sheets.

I found myself on top of Fuyou-san already.

「 Ahn~ Haku-kun, grope my breasts. Yaan~ Not my ears! 」

「 I can’t? 」

「 No. Not like that. Do it more, Hmmu! Chu! Nchu! Rero, chu 」

Groping her breasts while kissing, caressing her belly, and even her thighs.

I want to feel more of Fuyou-san’s body. I want to taste her.

「 Wow! So precious! I feel like I want to keep watching this precious sight, but I can join in too, right? Aah, Shojo-chi’s so cute, you’re making me horny 」

「 Go ahead 」

「 Haku-kun?! Leona-san?! Hmm! Aaahn! 」

Leona-san and I are teasing Fuyou-san at the same time. Alternately, and simultaneously, we licked her ear, bite her, and rub her breasts.

Fuyou-san was helpless from the separate sweet stimulus from both sides. Furthermore, Leona-san’s an experienced masturbator. She knows women’s bodies very well.

She reached down to her crotch and inserted her finger into the slippery wet pussy.

–Nuchiu, kuchu, kuchu!

「 Nuuu!! UUu! Aaah! C-Cumming! 」

Just putting a finger in and Fuyou-san reached orgasm already.

The beauty shivered in the climax and arches her back. However, it’s not us to blame. The fact that she’s in the climax is why we went after her.

Leona-san blew a wind to her nape, groped her breasts, and I licked her ears and rub the walls of her hot pussy with my fingers.

「 Aaah, naaa. I-I’m cumming already! Haaaaaa!!! 」

Fuyou-san reached multiple climaxes thanks to the effect of the vibrating rings.

「 Aaaaaah, naaaa, uaaaah! 」

As I admire the gasping beauty, a boiling dark urge surges through my body.

I let my desire take over, and rub my stiff penis against the slit of this woman in heat.

The glans fit into the tiny dent. This is Fuyou-san’s most important place, existing to accept my male genitalia.

I thrust my penis into her pussy.

「 Hauu?! Aah! H-Haku-kun’s inside me! 」

Aaah, Fuyou-san’s pussy is just supreme. She still maintains her virgin-like tightness, remembering the shape of my penis, and attacking me on the exact spots that feel good. I can’t get enough of the greedy wave motion, begging for my seed.

I swing my hips feverishly.

「 Ugh, uu, uu, hmm! Hmm! Hmm!! 」

Her sticky love nectar flies around. It’s foaming. I scrape through the folds of her vagina, kneading and stimulating her uterus, which had descended, searching for semen.

「 S-Shojo-chi and Nakade-chi’s sex is so precious. Oops, my drool

The brown gyaru’s smirked, wiping the drool about to drip from her face.

Before I knew it, Leona-san’s shoving a dildo on her pussy. A thick dildo spreads her pink pussy open and goes inside.

This gyaru sure loves to masturbate. So obscene.

Go ahead, do more.

「 Shojo-chi 」

「 Hmm, hmm! What is it? 」

「 I’ll kiss you too! 」

「 Eh? Mugu?! 」

Oh, Ooooh!!

The cool beauty, Fuyou-san, and Leona-san, the brown gyaru. The two of them are kissing!

I stopped moving my hips.

「 Chu, chupa 」

「 Hmm, nuu 」

It was my first time seeing two beautiful women kissing.

Strangely enough, I don’t feel any dark emotions. Is it because it’s two women? I think I’m feeling not sexual stuff, but rather that it’s precious.

Yuri. I think it’s good.

「 Ehehe. I kissed Shojo-chi 」

「 I-I’ve…Leona-san…what? 」

「 We kissed. That felt amazing. Shojo-chi 」

「 Fue, fueee?! 」

That’s rare. Fuyou-san’s brain is overflowing and her face turned red./ It’s my first time seeing her get this flustered.

「 L-Leona-san. Are you bi? 」

「 No. I’m hetero. I like guys 」

「 T-Then, why? 」

「 Hmm, I just thought I want to do it so I did? Don’t worry about it, kissing between women doesn’t count. Just think of it as skinship, I guess? Common thing, it’s just the same as groping each other’s breasts 」

「 Is that so? 」

I didn’t confirm or deny this. I have no idea what’s common between women.

「 Well, it’s also my first time kissing a girl 」

Hey, it’s your first too?! You just mentioned that it’s a common thing for girls!

「 But if Shojo-chi’s bi then it would be a different story 」

「 N-No, I like ha-…I like men 」

「 I just heard you say that you like Nakade-chi, right? 」

「 I-I didn’t say that 」

“Embarrassed Shojo-chi’s cute too.” Leona-san seems satisfied

「 How about Nakade-chi? Do you not like Shojo-chi and me kissing? If you don’t like it then we won’t do it again 」

Leona-san turned around and asked.

Fuyou-san replied before I could speak up.

「 –He doesn’t seem to hate it. He seems aroused, look 」

「 H-How did you know?! 」

「 Silly. Your thing is twitching inside me. Your body’s so honest…kidding 」

Fuyou-san pats her abdomen, which my penis is penetrating, and speaks jokingly.

Ahaha, sorry for being so easy to read. Honestly, this is so exciting. The two of them intertwining is so sexy.

「 If you’re asking me, I give you two permission to do it. I mean, by all means! 」

「 Ooh! We got permission, let’s kiss again, Shojo-chi 」

「 Ah, wait, muu 」

Aah, watching these two beauties kiss is so beautiful.

My excitement rises up.

「 W-Wait! yaa! Ahn! Ahn! Ahn! Haku-kun! Don’t resume moving so suddenly! Nmuu!~ 」

「 Nchu~ Shojo-chi’s so cute! I get why Nakade-chi fell for you! Nhii!! 」

Leona’s been entranced and attacked Fuyou-san too, and she suddenly lost composure.

After all, I took control of the dildo, moving it around with my hand while she was kissing.

「 Ah, wait! Nakade-chi! naa! 」

That’s what you get when you masturbate so obscenely with your ass facing a man.

I swing my hips intensely and penetrate Fuyou-san and quickly move Leona-san’s dildo with my hand.

I’m making two beauties feel pleasure. What a dream come true. Threesomes have to be like this.

「 Hii, hii, hii! N-Nakade-chi! you’re so good at using toys! Aaah, you’re rubbing at the good spots!! 」

「 Leona-san’s love nectar is dripping. Oooh. I can feel your pussy tightening through the dildo 」

「 My pussy’s not clamping!! Aaaah! That feels good!! 」

「 No, no, no. It’s tight. I can’t even pull it out 」

「 hey! Haku-kun! Look at me too! 」

Huh? Fuyou-san?

Fuyou-san’s looking up at me feverishly with red cheeks, pouty lips, and wet eyes.

The word “Jealous” rushed through my mind and my heart skipped a beat.

「 Oh shit! I’m cumming! 」

Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyupyu!!

「 I’m cumming too!! Naaaaaaaa 」

「 Guh! I’m getting squeezed!! 」

Fuyou-san’s vagina makes grand movements when she realized that I’m ejaculating on her. It squirms around, pulsating, squeezing the semen out of my penis, desperate to send the sperm to her uterus as much as possible.

Her body wants my seed. That fact is filling me with satisfaction.

「 It’s coming in! I can feel Haku-kun’s semen. I feel hot 」

After I let out my last drop, I pulled out my penis, and white liquid overflows.

Even I could say that’s a lot.

It feels good to think that I’ve defiled the vagina and uterus of Fuyou-san, a popular cool beauty at our uni.

But, I can’t feel like I’ve finished my job.

This isn’t the end of threesomes. We can’t end it here.

My lust is burning.

「 I watched Nakade-chi creampie Shojo-chi. Shojo-chi looks so happy! Uhehe! Guhehehe! I’m bleeding from my nose. 」

「 Next, it’s Leona-san’s turn 」

「 Eh? Me? Hey, Nakade-chi, why are you grabbing my but?! You just came, right?! What’s this hot and hard thing?! Naaa~ It’s Nakade-chi’s huge dick! It’s coming inside my pussy! 」

I thrust my penis into the pussy of the brown gyaru sticking out of her ass and I started to shake my hips violently.