AV App Chapter 40 Date Partner…



Saturday Night. A single mail arrived.

「 Hm? It’s Fuyou-san. That’s rare for her to send a text. Usually, she uses the messaging app 」

She’s got her circumstances. I heard she’s sharing her phone with family members.

Did she have fun in her hangout with Leona-san today? I don’t think there should be any problems since it’s Leona-san. It’s Fuyou-san’s first time hanging out with someone, so the fashionable and cheerful girl should be prepared.

She checked with me on which shops should be okay. She seems to have fun planning things out, and I feel bad since I can’t give her proper answers.

By the way, it seems that they finished their hangout and arrived home a few hours ago, and a series of exciting reports came from the brown gyaru, saying that “It was super fun”

「 Wait, huh? This doesn’t seem to be her impression from the hangout 」

I was sure that she’d send a long report about her hangout with Leona-san, but the text was short.

Fuyou > Can we meet tomorrow?

Hmm. This has to be a date invitation. I thought she has housework planned on Sundays?

That’s what I heard.

Could it be that she had something to do and had some time to spare? Or maybe she wants to meet in person and chat about today’s hangout. Fuyou-san’s surprisingly chatty. That’s likely.

My response.

「 I’d just say “Gladly” 」

A perfect response. After a few more messages, we decided on the meetup place and location.

「 A date with Fuyou-san tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that 」

Excited by the unexpected date, I got to bed preparing for tomorrow.

Next day-

The weather’s fine. Sunday was a rare date day during the rainy season.

I arrived early at the meeting place and nervously waited for the cool beauty.

Will Fuyou-san come with a dignified and serious look like last time? Last time, she was so beautiful that the whole place was buzzing in excitement.

「 Looks, check. Do I have some bed hair? I should’ve fixed that. I did shave too. Breath check. Seems okay. Good, this won’t embarrass her at least. Wait, why do I feel more nervous compared to last time? 」

This is my second time going on a date. I’ve experienced this once, so I found myself overly cautious, perhaps because I want to make the date better than the last time. My shoulders are stiff.

Take it easy. Deep breaths. I’ve calmed down.

「 She should be arriving soon 」

As I muttered, I received a text.

Fuyou > I’m arriving. What’s your attire this time?

「 Attire? Black tapered pants and a light shirt. Send 」

This is often used as a meeting place, and since it’s a holiday, there are a lot of people around. That’s why it must be hard to find me.

I glanced around and found no guy wearing black pants. She should be able to find me right away.

~~♪ ~~♪ ~~♪

「 Hm, a call? 」

The name on the screen says it’s Fuyou-san.

「 Hello? Hello, Fuyou-san? Hey? She just ended the call 」

Just after I wondered if I pressed the wrong button, I heard a small murmur, saying “I found you,” and I felt someone tug my shirt.

I turn around to find a stranger. No, a woman with a familiar look, holding the hem of my shirt.

「 Nakade Haku-san, right? 」

「 Ah, yeah. What about it 」

She’s about the same age. She’s neither tall nor short, she’s just a few inches taller than Suisen-chan. Her black hair is reaching her shoulder, and her face is more on the cute side. I somehow get the impression that she’s like a little devil. The type that’s popular with men.

Who’s this girl? Also, she knows my name, does it mean that she’s in the same college? At least, she’s not in the faculty. Also, doesn’t she look like someone else?

I can’t recall. It’s already in the back of my tongue…this fuzzy. Wait. Ah!

As soon as I came up with the answer I was looking for, she speaks up, looking at me with shaky nervous eyes.

「 Hello. I’m Otometani Kasumi. My sister’s been in your acre 」

She introduced herself as Fuyou-san’s sister. Kasumi-chan bows her head.


Fuyou-san’s little sister has come to attack.

I panicked inside, but she invited me to a nearby family restaurant.

It’s not yet mealtime so the customers were few. I took an order from the drink bar and looked at the woman sitting opposite me.

She sure looks like Fuyou-san. They’re so similar that I wonder why I didn’t think of that first.

Fuyou-san’s often making a cool and serious expression, and if you soften that up, it’ll be the one in front of me.

By the way, she’s a year younger, she’s in the same year of college as Kaori and Suisen-chan.

「 Err, was it Kasumi-chan? Can I assume that it was you who pretended to be Fuyou-san, sending a text, and setting up this meetup? 」

「 Yes. It was me. I’m sorry for deceiving you. My sister didn’t know anything and she’s at home 」

「 No. I don’t really mind 」

It’s a surprise, but I can see why. It’s tricky in some places. If the other party wasn’t Fuyou-san but her sister, then I get it.

Still, why?

「 I’ll get straight to the point. What’s your relationship with my sister? 」

A determined gaze shot through me. I can tell right away from the look on her face that she’s prepared to hear it.

What’s our relationship like? Friends? My mistress? I think partners would be the closest one. We have a relationship with mutual goals and benefits. That’s the current state.

However, I can’t tell her sister that.

「 Fuyou-san’s a classmate in college. I ask her to teach me from time to time 」

「 Hmm? 」

No good. Kasumi-chan’s not convinced. Her doubtful look is painful.

「 Are you not her boyfriend? 」

「 We’re not dating 」

「 But, you were the one who went on date with her the other day, didn’t you? I was the one holding the phone when you called. Your name was on the screen 」

Ugh! I better come clean with the date.

「 Yes. I definitely went out with Fuyou-san that day 」

「 But, why did her makeup come off when she came home? Also, she smelled different 」

「 Oh, that was because of the sudden rain 」

「 But, her clothes weren’t wet 」

「 Of course I can’t let her go home wet. We had it dry off 」

「 Where? Where did you dry them off? 」

Her barrage of questions is like a storm. I’m already staggering.

She’s not doubting me. Kasumi-chan already believes in her answers, this is just an interrogation for a confession She just wants to fact-check.

「 I saw it 」


I was completely taken by the gleam in the eyes of the woman sitting opposite me. I feel cold sweat on my spine.

「 I have a history of my sister using her phone to search for compensated dating, mistress prices, or sex techniques how to please men 」

F-Fuyou-san! What are you searching for with your family’s shared phone!!! Also, please try to delete the history if you did search for those! Your sister exposed it! I mean, don’t you have a PC?

Oh well, I’m a little happy that she’s searching. She’s even looking for ways to please me.

「 And also…the money my sister’s hiding in her desk 」

「 ?! 」

「 It’s already beyond 5 Million yen. Where, no, who could she have gotten that money from? 」

Her gaze is almost certain, asking me “It’s you, right?”

I see. So that’s what’s going on. The reason why she called me pretending to be Fuyou-san was to ask about the money and search history.

Search History. Money. And a man. If you make a deduction from that, even elementary students can find the answer.

「 So, what is it that you want, Kasumi-chan? 」

Seeing that I admitted it, Kasumi-chan’s eyes widened in surprise. She’s sure that I’d deny it or gloss it over.

I took a sip of water, trying to look as nonchalant as I gaze at Kasumi-chan. She seems upset that her plan has gone awry. In fact, my mind’s a mess. and I’m in chaos and panic.

What do I do?!

Kasumi-chan managed to recover, closed her eyes, and speak with a firm tone.

「 How much will you pay for my virginity? 」

「 Bufu!? 」

I spit my drink from the unexpected line. Water even got into my throat, which made me cough.

「 W-What are you talking about! I was sure that you’d say “Please cut your connections with my sister,” isn’t that the normal one? 」

「 I’ve been thinking about it since last night. But, I changed my thoughts. I think that if you could give my sister 5 million in a snap, then there shouldn’t be a problem providing for one more! I want money too! I don’t even have a full tuition waiver like my sister! 」

「 How pragmatic, you sure are Fuyou-san’s sister. 」

Knowing the harshness of reality, she’s the type who works for profit and loss, rather than think about love. The two of them are similar.

「 Honestly, Fuyou-san’s a mistress 」

「 Yes 」

「 Does nothing come to your mind? 」

Her father abandoned his family and ran away with his mistress. That’s the past of the Otometani house’s daughters. I was prepared for Kasumi-chan to be disgusted and insulted because of that relationship, but contrary to my expectations, she just nodded.

「 Yes, What about it? If it were anyone else, then I would hate it, but if my sister and you were in that kind of relationship, I won’t mind 」

「 Huh? 」

She doesn’t seem to be lying. She’s telling what she thinks.

If it’s anyone else, then she would hate it, but she doesn’t mind my relationship with Fuyou-san.

「 Is it the perception alteration of the AV app? 」

That’s the only one I could think of. Fuyou-san is in a contract of mistress play in the AV app. Perhaps the perception alteration of where she’s my mistress has also extended to our surroundings.

Leona-san immediately accepted my relationship with Fuyou-san, likely because of the App.

「 So, how much can you pay? For reference, may I ask how much is my sister getting paid? 」

「 Oh. If I recall, Fuyou-san’s first one was 1,972,0000 Yen 」

「 What?! That’s a disappointment. No, I’m not complaining, I’m surprised that it’s more money than I expected, but… 」

「 Well, it’s not that I’m the one paying 」

「 D-Do you mean that you’re just an agent and sold my sister to another man? 」

Kasumi-chan glared at me angrily.

Why? It’s my fault for saying things that could be taken that way, but…

「 No. I’m Fuyou-san’s only partner 」

After I said that… I felt embarrassed exposing my desire to monopolize her.

But, Kasumi-chan looked at ease now. She summoned her courage to see her sister’s partner, but she didn’t expect a middle-man, and her doing it with several men.

However, what do I do? Can I just involve Fuyou-san’s sister?

If you ask me if I could have sex with her. I’d immediately say yes. After all, she has the cuteness of an idol and the same beauty as Fuyou-san. Rather, I’d want to have sex with her.

I have the option to refuse, but I’m too anxious to see the decision of the transcendent beings who developed the AV app, and what they’ll do in the future. I’m afraid that they’ll step in to intervene because they think I missed my chance to have a new relationship with a woman on my own. To their point of view, this is a fun development either way. Whether I make a move on her, or they force me to address the woman even if I don’t want to.

On the other hand, if I accepted Kasumi-chan, I’ll get the choice to not tell her about the app. But, she’ll figure that out soon enough. If she’ll figure it out, then I should just tell her in the first place. I know that the perception alteration will take effect.

「 Kasumi-chan, there are certain places in this world you’re not allowed to step into. If you step into that realm and enter that kind of relationship with me, you’re never leaving it. Do you understand? I don’t intend to be rough on you. But, I can’t guarantee it. I have no idea what will happen next after all 」

Perhaps, she sensed my serious thoughts, Kasumi-chan’s gulped her saliva. She waits for me to continue with a serious gaze.

「 Furthermore, I have other women apart from Fuyou-san. Do you still seek that? You can still turn back now. If you do, I’ll forget about today 」

She hesitates, looks down, and asks timidly.

「 Did she accept it willingly? You didn’t force or threaten her to it, did you? 」

「 Fuyou-san’s actually much more enthusiastic than me…oh 」

I was so caught up with her concern for her big sister that I revealed it.

It’s too late to regret it. It would seem like I’m recommending it highly.

When she looked up, her eyes are shining brightly with her resolve.

「 I’ll do it too! Anything! If I’m with Onee-chan, then I’ll do it 」

Oh, man. I failed to persuade her. But, I can’t refuse now. She won’t bulge now that she made up her mind.

「 If you’re going to refuse, then I have a way against that you know? 」

「 W-What? 」

Kasumi-chan’s atmosphere changed, she smiled ferociously for a moment, grabbed my hand, and pressed it to her chest.

Soft. I can feel her bra and boobs over her clothes. It’s not as much as Fuyou-san, it could be C-cup, or maybe D-cup.

I massaged her breasts and thought for a moment, then I heard a small sound.


Kasumi-chan’s making a frightened look, opened her phone and used the front camera to capture a photo. It’s an image of a despicable man touching the breasts of a woman who doesn’t like it in a family restaurant.

「 That’s a perfect shot. If you refuse, then I’ll just post this over the internet and enjoy your social death 」

Kasumi-chan threatens with a playful little devil smile.

That mischievous twinkle in her eye and her smile is just like her sister’s.

She got me. I give up. As expected of the AV app devs. I don’t want a social death. If it goes poorly, the police might arrest me.

It can’t be helped. I just ready myself.

I decided to enter a relationship with a woman for the first time of my own volition, not forced by the AV app devs, not because of my carelessness.

「 Then, no dating other men. I don’t like netorare. Also, I’m not forcing you. Take your family as a priority. Those are my conditions. It’s the same conditions as Fuyou-san’s. If you’re okay with those… 」

「 Yes. At this moment, I, Otometani Kasumi, have formed a contract with Nakade Haku-san. Please take care of us sisters from now on 」

She interrupts me, squeezing my hand to exchange a contractual handshake, and winks mischievously. Reminding me of the time when I signed the contract with Fuyou-san. As expected, these two are sisters.