In a World Where Beauty is Reversed, a Harem Only for Me.

Bishuu Gyakuten Isekai de Boku dake no Harem wo!


Author: Kaseki

One day, Sumeragi Yuuto was suddenly transferred to a new world. This world resembles a world from a novel that Yuuto recently read. It is a world where beauty and ugliness are reversed. I, who fell was carried to a safe place. The girl who carried me was considered ugly by the people of this world. This is the story of making a harem with her and her other party members.

Since I am crazy about beauty reversal in another world, I decided to use this passion in my writing.

If you read it, I will be happy.

If you give me a rating, I will cry tears of joy.

If you leave any impressions or thoughts, I will become incontinent.

Thank you for the support.

Table of Contents.

Chapter 1: Transferring to a Different World

Chapter 2: Beautiful Girl

Chapter 3: Dogeza

Chapter 4: Ejaculation

Chapter 5: Embarrasment

Chapter 6: Nina’s Request

Chapter 7: Reply

Chapter 8: First Time

Chapter 9: If I Can Become Your Family

Chapter 10: Nina Without Patience

Chapter 11: The Red-Haired Girl

Chapter 12: Trembling Ahoge

Chapter 13: First Time

Chapter 14: Sex in the Middle of Town

Chapter 15: The Person Who I Want To Protect

Chapter 16: Aira

Chapter 17: The Second Person

Chapter 18: Shrine

Chapter 19: Paizuri Training

Chapter 20: The Beastmen Sisters

Chapter 21: Female Scent

Chapter 22: Lie

Chapter 23: Tamamo’s True Motive

Chapter 24: Anal Training

Chapter 25: Yuri Sisters

Chapter 26: Intensive Training Start!

Chapter 27: Aira Working Overtime

Chapter 28: Shopping With Everyone