Beauty Reversal Chapter 5: Embarrasment


After that, I lightly wipe Nina’s clothes with the leaves nearby and lay her down.
I have a problem with leaving her in wet clothes but as expected, I can’t just undress her.
I don’t know what the best thing to do is but for now I will stay and keep watch until Nina regains consciousness.

Then after what seemed to be about 30 minutes passed, Nina woke up.

「Ah, good morning.」

Nina tries to look at me in a half-awake state.


Is she still half asleep?
She was befuddled for a bit but, a short while later, 「Eh, Ehh? Haa!?」, Nina releases a weird voice as she comes back to reality.
She opened her eyes and then as if just realizing what happened, her face dyes a deep red.
Amazing… I didn’t know a human could get so red.
She jumped to her feet and proceeded to check the moisture in the crotch area of her robe. *Bofun* Immediately after, her face turns an even deeper red almost as if steam was exploding off her head.

「I-I-I-I’m so s-s-sorry!」

「Nah, it’s fine so don’t worry so much, rather than that I am sorry for burdening you with such a weird thing.」

「Weird thing?」

She tilted her head to the side as if she was confused from the bottom of her heart.
It was absolutely adorable almost like a small animal.
I would like to continue to stare at that figure but I firmly resisted.
Since the conversation wouldn’t advance at this rate, I try to stifle my embarrassment and say some words.

「I mean that. M-My semen—-」

「It’s not weird! It got stuck in my throat more than I thought it would but it had an amazing smell!」

「Oh, is that so?」


Nina’s face becomes red again with a face that was saying, “Eh what am I saying!?”
Incredible. I wonder how much more red her face can get.

「Ano, Nina?」

「Ye, Yesh!?」

She turns towards me and says in a hysteric voice.
Even though it looked like she had become disconnected from reality, when I looked at the flustered Nina, I let a smile escape.
Even though I just met her, I felt a connection to Nina.
Looking at her now, I can’t believe that I was cautious at first.

「If it’s fine with you would you mind showing me the way to town?」

“Eh—?” says Nina who was surprised stiff again.
Because it looks like she was about to cry again, I asked her with a reserved tone.

「Is someone like m-me okay? That, you would probably be looked at with strange eyes…」

I give a bitter smile to Nina, who had fallen into depression because of my words on her own, and properly display my intention.

「I am fine with Nina, after all isn’t Nina an amazingly great person?」

「No way… someone like me who has the looks of a monster and an ugly personality.」

「Is that so? I would never say you were a bad person, in fact ever since I first saw you I thought you looked like a sweet person.」

Nina who had her appearance praised trembled.
Her ears became red and her face loosened in happiness.

「Ano… W-Why?」

“Nn?” This time I didn’t understand what the girl meant so I tilted my head to the side.

「Why?… Why are you so nice, Yuuto?」

「Isn’t it because you’re sweet?」

「I’m sweet?!」

She hurriedly stood up and stared at me.
Nina’s face had a look of strong doubt and perplexity.

「You say I am pretty! You say I am cute! O-On top of that, you don’t get mad at me suddenly kissing you! Even though I do weird things…」

「I’ve only said the truth thus far. Also everything that Nina has done to me felt good. It made me really happy.」

「L-Lies! It seems true, but it’s lies! Such, Such a thing―――」

It’s troubling.
Deep down Nina wants to believe me but until now everything has taught her that this situation is a lie.
I swear I am speaking my true feelings, but she thinks this strange situation is just a lead up for me to end up betraying her.
That’s why she is afraid to believe my words.
If that’s the case – that’s right – I say the first thing that I remembered.

「Then Nina try and request anything from me.」

「A request?」

「I will definitely not refuse it, so can you please believe me?」

「Such-Such a thing.」

Nina floats a bewildered expression as I bluntly declared to her.

「I will show you whether I am lying or not.」