Bonded Goddess – Chapter 11

You know, when Evelyn mentioned her sisters, I was very excited to meet them. I mean, just look at Evelyn! Her beauty was at the level of a Goddess. With a silly reason such as that, I was very curious how beautiful her sisters were.

As a man who follows his lusty desires openly, I was hoping for the infamous shimaidon route to open up for me. Oh, I don’t mind an oyakodon, but the woman’s mother definitely must be a widow. I hated the thought of someone’s marriage being ruined and I wouldn’t lower myself to being the kind of asshole who ruined them. Especially I become like a man who ruined my marriage.

I imagine myself in middle of them. Having goddess level beauty sisters on my arms, already made me feel so happy.  Yeah, this was my delusion and fantasy. Of course, real life never seems to work out like the way I think and there is no way for Evelyn would allow that, she would kill me. I keep telling myself that! But even though I had told myself constantly not to delude myself, continuously reminding myself that this was reality and not some ridiculous harem webnovel where girls fall into my arms one after another like nothing. Trust me, something like that was impossible.

Well, in the end, without realizing it or maybe I just run toward it, I had still fallen into the trap of mixing reality and fiction. I had made the stupid mistake of misunderstanding and expecting something.  Maybe I’m just set my expectation bar a little too high. For someone who had gotten cucked once or maybe twice… This was especially unforgivable.

Ugh, just thinking this already made me forced a smile on my face, trying to suppress the frustration and hurt that welled within my chest. I bottle dup my churning emotions.

Why do I sound like I’m complaining?

Shit happens, dude! I met her elder sister in an unfortunate way. Actually, I didn’t even know I was expecting something from her. However, bitter reality slapped me in the face. Evelyn’s elder sister, maybe I should say the more mature golden-haired version of Evelyn, or the Golden Shortie A.K.A Golden Evelyn, struck me with lightning for sullying her beloved little sister, and I’m pretty sure it was also her who threw me into the dungeon, the rotting, stinking dungeon.

After sulking in the corner of my cell for a few days, these guards came out of nowhere and dragged me here. Guess they’ve had enough with the cold shoulder play. Then, the guards said I was there to meet someone, only to be dragged into a dark room and thrown inside without being told who I’d meet.

Just as I’m about to sulk again, the dark room became bright and I found a bunch of people there. The guards, fully equipped, were still standing behind me at the ready. A few meters away from me was a girl sitting at a writing desk.

This girl introduced herself as Evelyn’s little sister.

Yeah, the person who wanted to meet me was my lover’s sister, Emilia Rateliwyra Sapphire. She seemed about thirteen years old, but ages could be deceiving in this world. Evelyn looked eighteen but was actually twenty-two. So, this girl was probably older than she looks.

Hmmm… she definitely resembled Evelyn enough to be her little sister. She had long wavy silver hair that appeared glossy and smooth. Her eyes were blue sapphire, in contrast to Evelyn’s ruby eyes. While Evelyn and Golden Evelyn were tall and had the bodies of models, this girl was a smaller, younger version of Evelyn, or perhaps you could call her Loli Evelyn. Maybe 4.7 to 4.8 feet tall? Well, I wasn’t saying that like it was bad. Her body would steadily develop into a woman’s body, especially since her breasts were already quite big for a girl her age. They were also quite nicely-shaped!

I would guess the royal family of this world had an obligation to participate in the military as she wore a military uniform similar to the one I once saw Evelyn in. Well, her version was tighter and more revealing. I could see her pale, almost snow-white skin thanks to her shoulders being beared. She dressed in a simple, almost-revealing tight, black shirt, with silver gauntlets protecting her forearms. Her skirt was shorter the Evelyn’s. Silver-white boots stretched all the way to the midway of her thighs, stopping some distance away from her short skirt. This only served to emphasize movement, as well as the whiteness of her thighs. I could see them exposed between the gap of her black knee socks and her skirt, which were quite dazzling and alluring.

The girl was very beautiful. It was no doubt that she would be a beautiful woman like her sisters. No, I think I could say she was already beautiful as Evelyn and Golden Evelyn.

But of course, aside from a physical resemblance, she was completely different character altogether. I had a feeling she was completely opposite from her sister. I kept staring at her until she finally opened her mouth.

“So, are you done violating me with those pervert eyes?” She asked me, crossing her legs in a way that seemed to be casual yet almost seductive. Something about it almost felt like it was MEANT to be seductive.

Damn, this girl was a Loli yet she had more seductive charm than I thought. As I expected from Evelyn’s little sister!

“Yeah, thanks for the treat…” I answered honestly.

“Then, I hope you don’t mind it if I drop the formalities,” The girl Emilia chuckled, standing up.

As I was about to open my mouth to ask what she was talking about, she suddenly appeared in front of me. Damn! She was sfast! She leaned down, her mouth only inches from mine. For a second, I thought she was going to kiss me!

Instead, she took an impressive swing at me. The punch landed on my left cheek, and I took it fully, unable to react. The punch sent me flying back. I crashed some distance away as my back slammed into the wall. The wall cracked as I slumped against it, with several pieces of debris tumbling down on me. My breath was knocked out of me.

This wasn’t good.

Gasping from the sudden pain and shock, I struggled to get up while wiping the blood from my mouth. Ugh, that was really one hell of punch. I blankly looked at her in my surprise. She could punch me, a six-foot man, this hard even with her small figure? Man, she was much smaller than I was. Wait, she was Evelyn’s little sister so she was definitely a, what did she call them? A Leflena-Fae? Either way, not a human.

“Here, let me help you.” Emilia responded, the expression on her face unchanging.

Emilia already appeared in front of me again, kicking me on the stomach as I was too slow to raise my arms in a block.


I crashed back against the wall again. Helping me? How? Beat me up is helping me? Then, I seriously don’t want to imagine what she will do if she seriously wants to hurt me.

Ugh… that really hurt… It hurt just to breathe… My breathing never calmed either, I felt like I was going to hyperventilate. Needless to say, I had to catch my breath again.

Weakly, I tried to get up. However, I only succeeded in erupting into a coughing fit of blood. Covering my mouth in a desperate attempt to stem the coughing, I was vaguely aware of how badly hurt I was. Raising my head weakly, I caught sight of a smirking Emilia standing over me as I struggled to halt my bleeding.

She gave me a vicious kick that sent me rolling helplessly on the ground. Just as I stopped rolling, I threw up even more blood. Supporting myself with my arms, I made another futile attempt to get up, but Emilia gave me a second kick which sent me flat on my back. I laid on the ground, stunned for a moment, but my shock was effectively ended by a crude, abrupt stomp on my stomach.

I mentally screamed in pain. Ugh…that was two…no, three ribs broken or maybe more. I actually felt several ribs cracking, and blood spurted out from the back of my throat.

This girl was a sadist. I could see she was really enjoying using me as her punching bag. I really wanted to ask why she was beating me up but at a glance at her smirking expression, I knew the girl wouldn’t bother explaining anything to me.

“Hey, what’s the matter, Mr. Criminal? Don’t tell me you’re done already. I have spent my precious time to help you, you know?” Emilia smirked gloatingly.

Yeah, continue to look down on me, you bitch. I was used to it already. I have been through torture before. Sure, you could throw powerful punch and kick more than I have experience in my life, but this was nothing.

“No, I don’t think I’m done yet.” I replied with smirk on my face.

“What was that?” asked Emilia while still smiling.

“Ya heard me.” I said dryly, slowly straightening out my body. “Bring it.”

Emilia stopped smirking and just watched me interestedly.

“I’m really surprised by you. You haven’t screamed out yet. You’ve moaned, grunted and groaned. But you’ve never screamed out. Hmmm, I think I might have underestimated you.” Emilia said thoughtfully.

“Ha? You finally realized my charm?”

Emilia ignored my words and snapped her fingers, she gestured to the guards, who were on standby. The guards dragged me who was still staggered to stand at the desk and sit me down in the chair. They grabbed my hands and tied them to the back of the chair and tied my legs to the legs of the chair.

Meanwhile, Emelia sat back in her chair. She stretched out her arms and yawned like she had just had a morning workout. “Mmm… refreshing…”

Beating me  is workout to you? You are really a sadist!

As they finished tying me, one of the guard’s glanced up towards Emilia. “Heal him?”

Emilia opened her eyes in mid-stretch, and then gave another smile. “No, let him feel the pain.”

“Aren’t you a sweetheart?” I growled while gritting my teeth, the broken ribs feeling even worse pushed against the chair.

She glanced at me with a smile. “You seem ready to pass out; the pain will keep you awake, right?”

“Are you kidding me? After all that happened just now? It would be weird if I wasn’t only passed out!”

This girl just beat me and then started talking like she did me a favor? This girl has overwhelming talent for being sadist. I hoped Evelyn didn’t have this trait, I really didn’t. I’m scared for my life that one day she would whip me!

“Relax, I’m joking. You look so angry,” Emilia chuckled.

“Look angry? I am angry! I’ve been beaten and the one who was beating me and broke my ribs was sitting in front of me like nothing happen.” I gave the biggest ‘no duh” look I could. “Surely, you don’t think I’ll thank you!”

“That? Hmmm… that was just me saying hello.” Emilia chuckled again. “Besides, you should thank me. I’m the only reason you’re not still in that dungeon rotting to death.”

I raised my eyebrow. “What do you mean by that?”

There was no answer. She just stayed silent. No answer, huh?

I leaned back with a painful sigh, quickly adapting to this new pain. To be honest, I was actually getting extremely exhausted. I realized the room was getting blurry. My head took far too many beatings and my hands where just numb from the rope. I couldn’t even lift my arms let alone move my legs. Thus, I had nothing better to do than to listen to Evelyn’s crazy younger sister. It wasn’t like I was eager to go back to my cell.

Emilia’s smirk remained even as she took a moment looked at me.

“Hmmm, despite being muscular, you are looks skinny… Have you been eating properly?”

“Eating properly? You asked me that? The fuck are you talking about? For past few days you people never feed me! Hell, what am I supposed to eat in dungeon? A rats? A FUCKING RATS! YOU TELLING ME THAT TO EAT THAT!?” I shouted as the dull pain throbbed across my body, making me feel as if I had broken something. Maybe a couple of cracked ribs. Ah, that’s really hurt… ugh… I shouldn’t shout or yell like that.

Hearing my responds, Emilia just chuckled again.

“Hey, that’s not funny, you know.”

“Ah, pardon me. I just find the way you speak is really refreshing! No one ever talk to me like that even those who close to me.”

“Ohh, that’s great! Do I get reward for being blunt, Princess?” I asked her with sarcasms.

Emilia just continues smirking and said nothing. Her sapphire eyes gazed at me seemed to evaluate me and study me. I supposed she was trying to understand what kind of man I was. After scrutinizing me for a few seconds, Emilia looked me over again from head to toe then finally sighed in disappointment as she straightened her back. That was very rude.

“…Haah…… I heard that the man who enticed my sister was held in this dungeon, so I wanted to check him out. To see what kind of man my sister would be interested in… but I can’t say I’m impressed with what I see.” Emilia muttered under her breath.

Hey, I can hear you! You just openly insulted me, you know! And I wasn’t very fond of attracting attention, especially from weirdoes such as you. And nobody asked you to evaluate me. And this is actually a dungeon?! Fuck!

“Well, I’m sorry for disappoint you. Guess I can go back to my cell? And if you want entertainment, I suggest you challenge a Cyclopses and fight it.” I sneered.

However, her next sentence surprised me. “I did, and lost even after a few weeks of training. I’m sure the result will be completely different if I’m A+ rank level. All I wanted was just to test my power… but I never thought it will be that strong. And since I still want to fight that, I let it loose for a while on Lieben Forest.”

“YOU WHAT?!” I was utterly shocked at her answer.

I totally not expecting that. Emilia looked at my face, and then she laughed.

“What’s with that shocked expression? What did you think I was going to say?”

I was speechless, unable to answer her.

Duh, she just revealed something that I was unable to ignore! She was the culprit behind Cyclopes appearance in Lieben Forest a few weeks ago! Evelyn mentioned this before that there is no way Cyclopes would be there because that thing lives in the Forest of Death or something! I never thought the truth behind of that monster appearing on that forest was her sister! All of that was so she could measure her power by challenging a monster she couldn’t handle! She almost indirectly killed me and her sister because of it! Should I tell her that her stupidity nearly cost her sister’s life? Is this girl an idiot? No, I don’t even know whether this girl is an idiot or not. Or she could just lack of conscience.

“Hey, you were thinking something rude about me, weren’t you?” Emilia demanded.

I shrugged. “No, not really.”

“… You’re making fun of me right now, aren’t you?”

“Not really, your highness…” I replied sarcastically.

“Name,” Emilia suddenly spoke up.

“Huh?” I asked, not sure what she meant exactly.

She glanced at me for a second before speaking, “What do they call you? Don’t tell me you don’t have a name?”

Emilia-kun, then you should asked, “What’s your name, sir? “Or “Please grace me with your great name?”

“Ogawa Kyousuke,” I replied, “At your service, your highness.”

“I see, Ogawa Kyosuke, huh… I will call you Kyousuke,” Emilia said.

As expected, my sarcasm was ignored. Fine, be that way then. See if I care. I am not sad!

And was it my imagination, or was Emilia referring to me by my given name? Since when did she get familiar enough to address me so intimately and without honorifics too? Don’t tell me, she got aroused by beating me? If she was, then I really needed to sway from her. Or it’s just the power of first love BS again? Nah, definitely not that… What the hell am I thinking?

“Ah, speaking of which…You’re not from around here, are you?”

Was I that oblivious? I guess not, she seemed to think I was from another country, not from another world. Should I tell her? The backlash from that revelation might cause them to do something to me. I looked at her again; she just seemed interested on this matter. So I told her the truth.

“I… don’t even know where is this,” I replied, the broken ribs to make me feel truly miserable, making me force the next words out, “Because I’m from another world.”

She widened her sapphire eyes, but didn’t look surprised as an intrigued expression appeared on her face. She then got up and stood in front of me, hands on her hip.

“Well then, man from another world! As princess of this kingdom, it is my solemn pleasure to welcome you to Calastine, capital of the Holy Kingdom of Vaerian!” She declared proudly.

She then bowed low, pulling at the sides of her mini skirt like it was the folds of a ball dress as. Erm, please don’t lift your skirt like that. Well, I don’t mind the view but was she realized by taking the hems of her mini skirt, I can see her inner thigh and surprised she was wearing G-string panty! Holy shit! This girl actually wears G-string!? What could I call this, if not a feast for my eyes? It’s called a fan service, duh! But most of my appreciation ended as a pain shot through my body. Thanks to my broken ribs.

“Keep looking, I will gouge your eyes,” said Emilia with dark smile.

“Tsk, then why are you showing me that? Are you just trying to show off your new panty or something?”

Emilia laughed at that.

After few seconds, Emilia sat back in her chair.

“So, what honor do I deserve… ahg… for a princess coming here? I think it’s about time for you to tell me, what’s your purpose for coming here? Please don’t tell me the reason you’re coming here was just want to vent your stress on a prisoner or you just want to punch me?”

She looked astonished at my words. What? Was I too blunt?

Emilia shook her head then raised her hands up defensively. “Actually, I’m not here to beat you. I’m here to talk to you.”

“Talk to me? By beating me hell the out of me then tied my hand and my foot and then poisoning me?” I let out an eerie laugh. “Are you gonna play mind games or something. My mind will be lost forever. Yeah right.”

“You’re not making this easy, are you?”

“Too late, it won’t be easy,” I responded.

Emilia sighed, “Alright then, first, I wanted to say, thank you very much for taking care of my sister.”

I was so flabbergasted after hearing that I forgot the pain for a moment. So much shit was going through my mind. Is this girl for real? She beat me to pulp first and then thanked me later? It sounded very irrational! Is that this world’s culture? Or it just the way of this world work? Either way, this world is very fucked up! She also fucked up! I don’t even understand how this girl’s brain works. She was too alien for me to understand.

Emilia noticed my expression hardened.

“Well, just like you said. I had a purpose coming here,” Emilia shook her head and sighed. “But never mind that.”

She quickly changed the subject.

“Well, I mostly came here to confirm something.”

“Confirm what?”

“Tell me, Kyousuke…” Emilia spoke with a low voice, hesitating a little before she continued. “Have you actually made an Eternal Pact with Evelyn Nee-sama?”

Ohh, straight to the point, huh? But I had no reason to tell her so I merely kept quiet and shrugged with a smile. Ouch, my ribs… that’s really hurt as fuck.

Emilia took my silence as yes as she gazed into my eyes as if searching for a hint of doubt and falsely in them, a complicated expression flashed across her face.

“I see, so that’s why the King let you live.” Emilia muttered quietly. “I knew there was something he wasn’t telling me.”

Emilia then sighed as she leaned back in her chair.

“Huh?” Her statement confused me. “What are you talking about?”

“I came here to satisfy my curiosity. You are anomaly. I would have killed you at any moment, regardless of my Father’s wants,” Emilia looked at me with resolution in her eyes. “What I saw just saved you from being executed.”

“I don’t understand, why did let me live if you want to execute me?”

Emilia’s face suddenly turned dumbfounded. What’s with that reaction?

“…Please don’t tell me my sister never explained anything about the Eternal Pact and just made a pact with you?”

“No, she did explain it to me, how Eternal Pact works.” I replied.

“Really? Then tell me,” Emilia inquired, her eyes cloudy.

“She told me this bond was unbreakable and we shared almost everything.” I explained. “I can feel what she feels and she can feel what I feel.”

“…That’s very short explanation and missed few important parts… But yes, you know that you shared Life-link with her, right?”

Right, I forgot about that we shared life-link. This Eternal Pact linked our life together and both of us need to stay alive. If one of us dies, the other will die as well. Well, at least, in this world, Evelyn was much safer especially since she was a princess and no one would try to harm her. But in my case, I was completely exposed to danger.

A question suddenly came into my mind. “Just out of curiosity, since coming here, I haven’t sensed my connection with her. Is this your doing or others? Or can the bond actually can be broken?”

“It is unbreakable! The reason you don’t sense any connection with her, that’s because your connection with my sister was sealed. That’s why you can’t feel anything from her nor she feel anything from you.”

“How does that go? A magic item?”

Emilia smiled, “Yes, with a magic item known as an Artifact.”

She slightly lifted her in manner to Evelyn; I guess she also had dimension storage like Evelyn’s. Or maybe everyone in this world had one. Well, back to Emilia, she was taking something out of her dimensional storage and placing it on the desk. It was a simple looking bracelet with small green gems on it.

“I can beat you to pulp without worrying Evelyn Nee-sama feels the anguish and pain you experienced thanks to an item just like this.”

“A bracelet? An Artifact?”

“Technically an Artificial Artifact to the original one, Verlorene. The original can seal or break anything. But since this is just an artificial one, it can only seal certain connections, like the Eternal Bond.”

“Since I don’t see myself wearing one, I guess you put this bracelet on Evelyn?”

“Yes. As long one of you wears this, the connection between you two would be blocked and sealed.”

“Blocked… including our life-link?”

“That’s not included.” Emilia shook her head. “You should be glad, if this bracelet also sealed the life-link between you and Nee-sama, my father would have come down here instead of me and executed you. Or I could kill you here and now if the life-link was blocked.”

I suddenly I felt a chill run down my spine when I heard that.

Emilia continued speaking. “My father really wanted to kill you with his own hand soon after he received reports about you. But with the Life-link connection that’s impossible.”

“Report about me?”

“Your criminal reports to be precise.” Emilia added. “A list of your crimes.”

“Hey, what I did with Evelyn is with her consent. It’s not crime. Is it Leonardo guy who wrote it?”

“Yes, Leo Nii-sama wrote that report. With some input from Elsha Nee-sama. Well, once my father learned that you bonded with Evelyn Nee-sama. He start shouting and cursing. Then he started breathing hard and nearly fainted. He also aged for a hundred years. After he calmed a little, he finally decided to let you live. Or rather he grudgingly let you live even when he shed bloody tears while biting his lips till they also bled. That’s really the most terrifying face of my father that I ever seen and I saw this personally, although he wouldn’t tell me why he decided to let you live. I only guessed it might be the Eternal Pact until I confirmed it just now. It’s really hard to see him like that especially with his overbearing personality.”

Elsha? Is that the name of Golden Evelyn? The eldest sister? Well, that’s not really important right now. I didn’t want to meet Evelyn’s father even if I could. He would make my life a living hell for sure.

But I guessed I could see why Emilia beat the crap out of me, she just wanted to beat the person who caused her parent pain. As far as me taking her older sister, at least she wasn’t some cliché little sister calling me ‘baka’ or something. I seriously thought she was your typical cliché little sister when she beat me up. I thought she was kind of Yandere or Tsundere Imouto. But thank god, she’s not either. If she really your typical stupid cliché little sister who worship her elder sister like they are some kind of god or something. She won’t bother having conversation like this. She would just spend her time torturing me knowing her sister will feel nothing.

“Well, speaking of Evelyn. What’s your sister doing?”

It felt so weird for her little sister coming here instead of her. Don’t tell me she actually celebrated her homecoming with that bastard Leonardo?! She’s not with that guy, right!?

Her pink lips curled into a grin. I really hated that grin. What? Don’t tell me you are mind reading me?

“You want to know?” teased Emilia.

Seeing that face, I said nothing. I didn’t know the circumstances, but somehow I intuitively knew that there was more to Evelyn’s current situation. However, I knew that Emilia wouldn’t tell me even if I asked.

“You don’t want to know?”

So, I merely smiled through my gritted teeth and nodded.


Emilia fell silent as she studied me. Then she lowered her voice.

“I don’t understand. Why are you not interested on this matter? I heard from Evelyn Nee-sama, you are supposed to be her lover, right? Or did your brain fried thanks to Elsha nee-sama’s lightening?”

“Who says I’m not interested? I know you wouldn’t tell me even I asked… So why I should bother?” I snarled, the pain finally starting to diminish.

“I see.” Emila smirked knowingly “So, you are perfectly fine with this?”

At her words, I narrowed my eyes. Yeah, I really had bad feeling about this.

“What do you mean?” I asked in low voice.

“You want to know? How about you say something that will please me first?” Emilia teased as if trying to irritate me. But, fine! I will show you something that will make you regret it!

“Please, I’m sorry, please tell me…I don’t want to die here! Please save me, I’m begging you! OH GREAT PRINCESS EMILIA! I’ll swear on that pink g-string you’re rocking!”

Man, I probably deserved an Oscar nomination for this acting.

Emilia’s face immediately flushed crimson furiously. She glared at me as her eyes simmered from the humiliation. Even I can hear small laugh from the guards behind me. Her body was shaking as though she was enduring to beat me up again. Girl, you are the one who asking for it.

Emilia took a deep breath to calm herself down and forced a smile.

“Alright, since you are begging to me that much I will tell you.” Emilia said with tremble voice.

“Hey, I’m not begging. Your voice is shaking.”

Emilia cleared her throat, “Ahem, Evelyn Nee-sama was under house arrest.”

“What? I beg your pardon?”

“I said my sister was under house arrest for having affair with other man while she has a fiancée.”

“What the fuck?! She-” Emilia cut me off.

Emilia just stared at me blankly. “I know what you are trying to say. But to my father and us, this is not a small matter, it’s very big problem! Did you know this nearly caused a civil war in our Kingdom?”

I fell silent and waited for Emilia to explain.

“So my father has to punish her. Even though House Arrest is very lenient, it’s still managed stop civil war from happening and it also thanks to Leo Nii-sama. We can avert it. While I don’t really mind to dirtying my hands, I don’t really want to kill my fellow countrymen.”

I remain silent at Emilia’s explanation. You’ve got to be kidding me… That’s what I would like to say.

My relationship with Evelyn nearly started a civil war in this kingdom? I never knew it would come out like this. If I knew this would happen. I wouldn’t have returned to this world and just spent my time with Evelyn. Even if I unknowingly burned this world!

Ah, the pain in my body returned… I guessed, this information was too much for my body. It really was really hard for me to stay awake with my ribs broken.

I licked my lips as my mouth went dry, but took a deep breath to calm myself down. Well, that explained a lot about why they lock me in prison the last few days.

“So, where she is placed right now? She is under house arrest, right?”

She smirked cunningly as she clapped her hands together. “My sister has been spending her house arrest time with Leo nii-sama at his villa for past few days.”

That’s when everything hit me.


I sat there in shock at what I was hearing as I felt a sharp pain in my chestl.

“What did you just say?” I don’t think my voice could’ve been any scary. Such a harsh deadly whisper.

Emilia keeps smiling as if she was having fun telling me this.

‘I’m sure you heard me…” Emilia smiled mockingly.

Numb and in shock, that’s what I was. In the back of my mind I thought this might happen but thinking about it and having it actually happen are two different things. Why the fuck was this happening to me again! For god’s sakes!

“What the…why…” my words failed me.

My eyes watered up. I wanted to cry, but I sucked it up. Even the pain seemed to diminish for a bit. Soon, anger built inside me… but I was too mad to actually cry.

“That bitch, that fucking bitch!!” I yelled out loud.

Emilia laughed as she could see the anger in my expression surfaced.

I know I barely knew Evelyn but I did love Evelyn. Sure, it wasn’t love at first sight, but rather lust at first sight. Still, I started fell in love with her. She was going to be my wife, my partner, my lover and also my best friend.

Our meeting was like it was a storybook romance that was supposed to have a fairytale ending

– “and they lived happily ever after” – attached to it. Thanks to our Eternal Bond, I believe we were together forever.

I guess I was too caught with my silly paradise. This proved women couldn’t be trusted! How fucking stupid was I? Could you say deaf, dumb, blind and stupid? Was I angry? I was fucking boiling!

I looked at Emilia and saw her smirking at me. There was a tinge of mischievousness in her eyes that gave me some pause.

“What?” I asked, agitated.

“No, it’s just that you look so pathetic,” Emilia smirked.

I watched her face as my rage reached near the boiling point.

While she just stared at me for a short moment with an amused look. But I saw Emilia’s sapphire eyes boring into me, her disappointment plain to see. I just couldn’t understand that. Why did she look so disappointed?

But seeing that disappointing face, I realized this girl was playing with me! So, I forced myself to calm down. I gritted my teeth to suppress my anger; I took in a deep breath as a surge of anger still surfaced from all my veins.

Closing my eyes for a brief second, I took a deep breath again and looked straight at Emilia.

“Was…it her suggestion?” I managed, still gritted my teeth.

“Too bad, it was not her suggestion. It was my father’s.” Emilia smirked.

“You should have said that in the first place!!”

This little bitch! Don’t scare me like that, you fucking little bitch! You nearly cause me a heart attack! This girl is really hard to understand. I didn’t know what this girl’s aim was but I could tell she was telling the truth. Well, I guess the father want Evelyn and that Leonardo spend their time together so they can mend their relationship. I hope it won’t work!

But seriously, I really need to fix this anger and trust issues of mine before it caused more trouble.

I am sorry, Evelyn! I felt so guilty for doubting you!

“How is she doing?”

At my question, Emilia lost her smile and she turned glum. Emilia was quiet for a moment.

“She… was falling into depression, looks gloomy and distance. Leo Nii-sama tried to cheer her up but she just ignored him. She’s tried to remove her bracelet three times. She still doesn’t know where you are, but they had to magically bind it to her wrist.”

“To keep her from finding me?”

“That… or from slitting them.” She looked at me and solemnly as I gulped and continued. “By the way, despite being depressed. Evelyn Nee-sama speaks highly of you. She talked about you non-stop. That’s really surprising us, especially Elsha Nee-sama and Leo Nii-sama. In past, Evelyn was never talk about man like that before.”

“I see.” I nodded.

Depressed Evelyn, huh… I kind of want to see it since I never saw it but I didn’t want her to be depressed. Because it broke my heart with the thought.

Guess, I really missed her.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this wasn’t the time to be screwing around in dungeon. I should just find a way to escape from here and search for Evelyn.

The main problem is where to find her. Even I managed escape from here; I don’t know where Leonardo’s villa is! I sank into deep thought. So much shit was going through my mind. There are some details I still needed to find out.

“Kyousuke!” Emilia’s voice broke into my thoughts.

I realized Emilia was calling me. At some point when I was lost in my thoughts.

“Sorry…I zoned out. What is it?”

“Do you want me to tell you a story?” Emilia suddenly asked something out of place.

“Hah? In this place? In this circumstances? Are you kidding me? Please don’t tell me you want to tell me a bedtime story.”

I stared at her, confused.

“Well, just listen, this story will give you a lot of explanation…”

Emilia giggled when she saw my confused reaction. Placing a finger on her lips, she smiled mysteriously.

“Once upon a time there was a handsome hero,” she said. “All the young maidens loved him because he was so brave and strong, and terribly handsome, they threw themselves at the Hero whenever he rode through town, offering him their bodies and promising him their love.”

………What? What is this?

“But even though there were countless beauties willing to throwing themselves to him, the hero would just ignore them and just moving forward to his childhood love, the princess.”

“The princess’s smile gave him the warmth that no one else could give. He truly loved her from the bottom of his heart… The king who saw the hero as his own son noticed that and then announced their engagement. The hero thrilled and looked at the princess with passion, the princess could only give him a smile. Then a declaration war from neighboring kingdom arrived. For the princess and his kingdom, hero willing to went war to claim glory.”

“But unknown to him, the princess never really loved him. The princess only saw him as a sibling who grew together with her and she only accepted the engagement as obligation.”

“One day, the princess was tasked to perform a ritual, a ritual where she needed to clean her mind, body and soul at night, a night having two full moons.”

“But during the ritual, the princess encountered an unknown man there. That man would wisk her away, hiding her in a place no one would could reach or find her. And while they were away, he was a man she would fall in love with.”

Fuck…. Shit… Don’t tell me … this is…

“Then they become one and that night…”

“A Hero’s fiancée, a princess, left the kingdom to have an affair with the other man while the hero is went to war for his beloved princess and his beloved kingdom. When the princess was found missing, the hero returned to the kingdom immediately, turning his back on the battlefield for first time believing his princess was kidnapped.” Emilia’s voice sounded dramatic.

“Um… Princess?” I began somewhat uncertainly. “Why do you speak like that?”

“Please be quiet!” Emilia cut in. “This is a serious matter. An outsider like you has no say in the matter.”


Guess she was too absorbed with this… so I promptly let her continue. But seriously, I felt so bad when I heard this tale… It’s story about Leonardo and Evelyn, right? I’m clearly the bad guy here!

“When the hero managed to find the princess, he only felt despair and grief because he found the princess had exchanged an eternal vow with the other man. She not only lost her chastity, but bound her very life stream with her own kidnapper.”

“Ugh…” I swallowed hard.

“The King found out about it, then he want to execute the man who defiled his daughter. But he couldn’t. Then the hero’s supporters found the truth behind princess’s disappearance. They raged and wanted to punish the princess for betraying their hero and nearly started a civil war despite still being at war with neighboring country. But the hero wouldn’t let it happen. He told them, he loved her and was still willing to accept her. They backed down hesitantly. The other man’s fate, this great usurper? His path remains undecided… The end.”

Emilia finished and looked satisfied. Erm, thank you?

“Now, do you understand the situation?”

I said nothing. I got it, this kingdom’s situation is more severe than I thought, thanks to me. Emilia watched me for a few moments before tapping her fingers on the desk.

Sure, after hearing Emilia’s story. I kinda feel bad toward Leonardo since he loved Evelyn since childhood but he only treated as sibling by her. Dude got friend-zoned before he even tries to earn her love. But I won’t consider him as love rival. Evelyn is mine alone.

And for this kingdom’s situation, I feel bad for people of this kingdom as much I feel bad for Leonardo. But to be honest, I don’t really care about any of this. Right now, I only want to get out of here and left this world with Evelyn.

I know I’m being heartless and jerk, but whatever. I don’t give a fuck what other people think. I’m just going to do what I want.

I sighed. “Yeah, I do understand but why I should care about this kingdom?”

Emilia silently stared me for a few seconds then she smiled.

“I see. you have a point.” Her smile widened as her sapphire eyes reflected me warmly.

“Which is why, I’ve decided to help you a bit.”

“Helping me? Why?”

Instead of answering, Emilia put on a serious expression and pulling out two vials. “But before that, I want to play a small game with you.”

“A game? What do I look like, your babysitter?” I asked dryly as I stared at her.

She ignored me, putting the vials on the desk in front of me, one red and one green. “These are two magic potions. The green potion is a healing potion. If you drink it, all of your wounds will be healed. I’ll take down your information, you’ll be tossed back into your dungeon, and you will stay there hopelessly until you eat your own legs to survive. Suffice it to say, your future will be bleak.”

“My future already seems bleak. Is this one of those red pill, blue pill things? So, what? The red pill breaks off my bond with Evelyn?”

Emilia’s expression turned tight for a second. “If you select the red potion, you will experience unimaginable pain.”

“Unimaginable pain or a life in a dungeon… you drive a hard bargain.” I growled bitterly.

“We need our pain.” Emilia shrugged. “Pain is life. Pain is how we learn, how we grow, how we know we’re alive. Without pain, we’re nothing.”

“And what will pain get me?” I asked, leaning forward, my teeth gritting.

“A chance…”

I blinked. “A… chance?”

I see, this what she mean, “helping me a bit”

“Pick…” Emilia shrugged, “The easy way… or the hard way.”

I looked down at the two vials. Essentially, why would I choose more pain? I didn’t need broken ribs. I didn’t need to be in this dungeon. I wasn’t some mindless wimp. I could save my own ass. So, whatever charity Emilia was offering, I didn’t care for it. I’d get out of this situation myself. The only thing I needed was… shit.

“A chance…” I sighed.

Emilia nodded as if she expected that answer. The guards responded to her nod by immediately grabbing the red vial and forcing it down my throat. The even held open my mouth like they expected me to spit it out. It tasted like salty water going down, but I gulped it anyway. The guards back off as quickly as they arrived.

“Interesting… the potion should start right away.” Evelyn suddenly frowned, glancing at my face.

“Is this it? I only feel my stomach grumbling like I need to go toilet.” I responded smugly, the slight tummy ache finally having dissipated.

“… Do you have no delicacy? Just wait… soon, you will taste it.”

The pain suddenly started to surge inside, moving with severe quickness. Every ounce of my skin felt like it was on fire. I definitely had some sweat running down my face at this point the pain was growing by the second. Ugh, this is definitely not stomach ache!


Emilia seemed to notice my expression darkened.

“Oh, it’s here…” Emilia said cheerfully.

Ugh… what is this? I dreadful to what happen next… I feel bad premonition for this…

Suddenly something throbbed inside me, just as a difficult-to-describe pain circulated throughout my whole body in an instant…!

“Gaaaaaaaaaaah! Ah, ah, ah,aAAAAAAAAH!

It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Damn it! What is this!? The pain I experienced just now seemed only like a mosquito bite compared to this!!!

At that moment, I felt as though I was stabbed by a thousand of spears! Immense agony fiercely beamed from every single corner of my body and made me let out a painful whine.


The indescribable pain continued. It was a pain that no real word could express, a pain that far surpassed a human’s capability to endure. This pain continued and continued on.


My body screamed in pain… I barely kept my consciousness intact… in fact, it was actually a miracle I could even monologue like this…

While my thoughts soared in overwhelming pain, I glared at Emilia who showed a very gleeful smile towards my agony.

Fuck you… bitch! You know what? I will show you that I can overcome this pain! I gritted my teeth so hard to suppress my pain.

Emilia’s smirk slowly faded as I stopped screaming. Soon her expression eventually changed into complete astonishment and approval.


I didn’t utter a single sound of pain afterwards; not even a single one for fifteen minutes.

Looked like I’m alive. I tried to mumble something, but somehow my voice caught in my throat and I made some sort of high-pitched gurgle. Wow. That was embarrassing.

I grimaced, blood spilling from my lips, and then looked up.

“Well…. are…. you… done?”

I cough out so much blood as I keep glaring Emilia.

Emilia didn’t respond to my provocation, her shell-shocked expression showing that she still hadn’t absorbed what had just happened. What? You didn’t see that coming?

“Are you finished, Princess Emilia?” I asked her again as I returned to my original posture and smirked

She still only staring at me in awe seems unable to believe her eyes.

“Yes, I am done… I never thought you capable enduring that. I’m really surprised,” Emilia smiled in resignation. But I saw hint of admiration in her eyes.

“But if you could take beating this much and managed survived that potion… then-,” Emilia whispers.

What with that reaction? She was like completely different person now? I was stupefied by her sudden change, but I didn’t question it.

Emilia looked at my tied hands and feet then she turned to the guards behind me.

“Untied him,” Emilia order the guards then sat back in her chair.

The guard quickly following the order and move to my side, untied the ropes then freed my hands and legs. Ahh, finally! Freedom! Auch, Well, I’m not exactly free. I leaned back in my chair and relieved at the small freedom. I took a deep breath and looking over the room. I could have gotten up but my body still numb and still in pain, the pain through my whole body. Then I realized don’t feel any broken bone or ribs? I was healed?

I immediately looked at Emilia.

“You healed me? Why?”

“Not necessarily. You healed yourself on your own. I only was giving you a chance.”

“A chance, huh… But still make no sense to me.”

“What if I going to say that my true purpose coming here was to bring you to my father?”


Huh? What? What did you just say? Your purpose was to bring me to your father? When I don’t even want to meet him? Hell no!

“My father wants to meet the man who defiled his daughter. When he heard your name, he’d make sure to remember your name. And since he technically can’t kill you, he wanted to make you wish you were dead. But since he has a very bad temperament, he might kill you by accident which will kill my sister too. I can’t bring you with that state but I assure you, with your current condition I’m sure when you meet my father, you won’t die! Be glad!”

“That doesn’t make me feel better at all!” I frowned.

Emilia blatantly ignoring me, stood and went to my side then offered me her hand. So, my fate was sealed from beginning, huh.

“Let’s go meet my father.”  Said Emilia, with a delightful smile.

If this was marriage meeting, I will confidently said “Let’s go” but if I going there, I actually running to my own death. Also stop smiling like that!

But even so, I took her hand and stood up from my chair.

“Are you sure you’re thirteen years old?” Changing the subjects, I asked helplessly.

Emilia stared at me as if I was an idiot.

“I never said I was thirteen. What are you talking about?”

“Oh, my bad,” I held both hands up in an apologetic manner. That explained everything. “With your appearance, I just assumed…”

“I’m sixteen.” Emilia pointed out.

See! I told you age can be deceiving in this world!

“Oh, but that doesn’t explains why you are too wise for your age,” I explained, that I had allowed a thirteen-year-old looking kid get the better of me. “Your words are beyond your age.”

“Age has nothing to do with wisdom,” Emilia said wisely. “I have seen far too many things that I should not have and have killed people for the first time when I was nine.”


I wasn’t sure how to respond to that because that was too heavy. Normally people wouldn’t even have such characteristics l unless they were some sort of stereotypical villain or tragic hero from a clichéd movie or anime. But then, I had seen that ominous expression in her eyes, so I could tell that there was a large element of truth to her statement.

Just what sort of traumatic experiences did such a young girl go through in order to have that sort of wisdom and expression? I seriously don’t want to imagine it.

The both of us stared at each other for a few seconds.

I broke the silence. “Well then, let’s go!”

“Follow me.”

Emilia turned and walked toward the wall behind her. I sighed and scratched my head, following behind her.

She stopped at the wall, where the wall magically folded out and transformed into a flight of stairs for us to ascend.




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