Bonded Goddess – Chapter 17

After robbing the knights, I made my way into the deeper part of the palace which lead me into a desolate ghostly silent hallway.

I walked down the hall while remaining cautious with my surrounding. Sure, there wasn’t a single person there but I couldn’t let my guard down. Seriously, I really hated this quiet and was starting to miss some loud noises. Trust me, if this continued, I wouldn’t be surprised if I suddenly got ambushed here or triggered some traps.

“….Seriously, where the hell is everybody?” I wondered aloud.

Well, whatever, I could not just stop here, I decided to keep moving. Further ahead, I heard some very faint footsteps. I didn’t know who was there and  I didn’t know where it came from but I could tell that there were footsteps. It was still better than moving around randomly. So, I just stealthily went towards the source.

Raising an eyebrow, I glanced around. The place was almost eerie, with no sign of people. Yet, I could hear footsteps from over there. I hurried my pace, wanting to reach the source before it disappeared. The sound was getting louder as I approached.

Halfway through the corridor, I finally reached the source of the footsteps.

However, when I caught sight of a very familiar silhouette with long, silver hair wearing an expensive-looking white gown walking alone in the corridor, I ducked behind the pillar.

I was shocked when I saw her.

That silver haired beauty was Evelyn. Why was she here? She was supposed to not be here, right? I heard she was under house-arrest and was staying at her fiancé’s villa!

…Don’t tell me… everything I heard was just false information?

No, someone’s been spreading false rumors on purpose. Emilia? I heard about it for the first time from her… but it could have been someone else… Yes, for example, the King and his aides… they are the ones that spread false rumors. It was to prevent Leonardo’s supporters and followers from finding Evelyn’s whereabouts.

I heard from the knights, despite being ordered by Leonardo to stay down, his fanatic supporters still wanted to assassinate her.  So, by feeding the Leonardo’s fanatics false information that Evelyn has been punished and stayed in one of Leonardo’s villa, everyone was out looking for her. There wouldn’t be a fight or skirmish in the capital.

Whatever it might be, the good thing was that she’s was right there walking in front of me. I really wanted to go grab her right away.

Normally, that’s what I would do.

After all, right now I am doing nothing but stalking!

Yes, I should have revealed myself as soon as I saw her and had a romantic reunion with her. But… I was still angry. Upon seeing here, I realized I wanted to punish her for hiding important matters from me! I wasn’t going to do that much. Maybe giving her a good spank as punishment! Thinking that, I smiled and quietly went over to Evelyn without making a sound. I’d start by catching her off guard! She’d definitely be surprised when she saw me!

As I got closer behind her. There was a small gap between us. I tried to get a little closer yet she hadn’t noticed me. Weird, she should have noticed my presence by now or my stealth move that I have been training back in the army was better than I thought.

Anyway, I just needed to follow her as I didn’t know where she was heading. So, keeping close, I moved along behind her until she came to a pair of twin doors … more twin doors? Man, I hated these kinds of doors, it reminded me about what happened two days ago.

Evelyn looked around as she opened the door and entered the room before she slammed it shut.

A silence fell over the corridor once again.

I stood there waiting for a moment while glancing furtively around to make sure there was no one else around.

After ten minutes passed, I’d stealthily entered into the room.

As I crept inside, I locked the door behind me. I prepared myself, and readying my gun just in case there was a guard I needed to fight. The room was dark but the windows were open. There was a curtain dividing the room in two.

I saw a woman’s silhouette behind the curtain.

I pulled my hood and removed my mask. With a naughty grin, I slowly snuck behind her.

“Who is that?” Asked her uncertaintly, I really miss that voice. “Dear? Is that you? Are you there?”

I stopped midway when she said that… what? Did she just say “Dear”? She was definitely not talking about me… Who was she talking about? With that word alone, I could feel the vein on my head pulsing as I felt the rage surge up in me again…

Don’t tell me…. During my time in the dungeon…. she… actually opened up to that guy and…bonded with him? But Emilia said she was depressed? Or was it a lie too? Perhaps it was the depression that lead to her infidelity, much like me. No, screw that! This was different!

No, that was all a lie… Everything she told me was a lie… she was here and calling that bastard dear…

Suddenly, I felt like the walls were closing in on me. Those familiar feelings came back and the nausea attacked my senses. My feelings of dread had not abated in the least.

I felt only two things in that moment, pain in my chest and a burning rage. I was so angry, that i couldn’t even think about anything. Then, once again in my mind i replayed the whole scene. I felt even more rage building up in my insides.

i shook my head and remind myself that I loved her very much. My heart ached with the love I felt for her.

If i let my anger get better of me then I really would be defeated! I took a deep breath as I passed the curtain and saw Evelyn sitting on the bed in front of the big mirror on the wall while brushed a hand through her long, silver hair.

She hadn’t noticed that I’m not that guy… So, I moved right behind her, to her right, so that I was visible in the mirror.

“Dear, you really shouldn’t be sneaking lik-,” her mouth stood open as she saw me. As she turned around and made overly dramatic eye-.

She immediately yelped when she saw me, realized that I was not her “Dear” and shook her head, moaning out, “No-no-no-no…” She was beginning to get really frightened.

She was just as gorgeous as usual. Her white gown dress showing off the cleavage of her huge breasts. That pristine hourglass figure was  hidden underneath the many folds of her dress. She had a crown on her head which made her identity as princess visible.

Holding onto her shoulders, I whispered in her ear, “You sure changed your mind fast, huh… I thought you loved me.”

Evelyn shook her head. “… I…”

Seeing her stutter like that, I sighed.

“Calm down I’m not here to hurt you,” I whispered as I leaned to her ear.

I smiled, as she looked up at me, unsure in her eyes.

After calming a little, Evelyn open her mouth again.

“I…I never thought I’d see you again.” She stammered and turned back around in guilt.

“I know.” I crept up behind her, and put my hands on either side of her waist. She put her right hand on mine and gave a small tug to no avail.

“You are too late…far too late… You can’t change anything now,” she said quietly.

“Yes… I guess so…”

Her eyes narrowed. “So, what you came here for? Knowing it was too late! Are you trying to claim me from that man after all these years? Also, how could you be here?”

Hmmm? That man? These years? What the hell she talking about? It’s just been five days since we got separated! Unless, my last teleportation actually jump to the future. No! There’s no way something like that would happen!

I decided to ignore what she said.

“Not in the slightest,” I shrugged “I’m just here see how my former lover is doing.”

“Oh? If you just want to see me, you could start by kindly letting your hands off me,” she said with a fake smile.

I crept my hands down lower on her gown. She relaxed a little. “Remember how you always used to dream about the perfect wedding? How we used to talk about it for hours into the night?

“Yes… That’s really wonderful moment for my life…”

“Yet… you married…him?” I said sheepishly.

“I’m sorry…”

I said nothing to that. I merely turned her around and held her in my arms. Her face was on my chest, her hair and her body in my hands. I felt her warm trembling hands sneaking up to my shoulder, working their way to my neck and then my face. That face, that silver hair, those beautiful red eyes, that pink lips, the scent of her body. I really have it. I’m really holding them in my arms. How long has it been since then? Five days? It feels like eternity had gone by.

We embraced in silence, basking in the heat of our bodies. Finally, our eyes met again. I looked at her. She looked at me. At that moment, I kissed her full on the mouth and held her to keep her from pulling away. I caught her by surprise, but she didn’t try to pull away. My arms slid a little further around her and I felt her hands on me. We stood there and kissed for several minutes, dueling with our tongues. Her tongue aggressively slid into my mouth, wrestling against mine. Her smooth, feminine tongue dueled with my tongue as we swapped spit. Our mouths were pressed roughly against each other as we hungrily made out.

As her big boobs crushed against my chest, I let one hand slide up and feel her breasts. I could feel a nipple poking on my chest. As I continue to rub her nipple I hear a light moan. The sensation of feeling such soft, massive, perky breasts was indescribable as usual. I kept squeezing, over and over again, my hands addicted to the sensation of such deep dense softness.

We finally break for air and look at each other as I rub her hair and pull her toward me again. This time there was a slight resistance, but she started kissing back again.

My hands went around her waist, grabbing her ass roughly, squeezing her round cheeks. I kept using my hands to grope her protruding ass as I jammed my tongue down her throat. I rubbed and squeezed harder simultaneously as I kissed her deeply.

As we kept on kissing, my dick started to throb under my pants. I took her hand and put it on the front of my dark pants where she could feel my hard dick. She tried to pull away, but I held it there and told her, “see what you caused.” As I kissed her some more she started to rub me and I didn’t have to hold her hand any longer. I went back to deeply kissing her, nibbling on her ear, and kissing her neck, but being careful not to leave any marks to get her in trouble.

Again we broke away. We stopped long enough to unzip my jeans, pushing them and my underwear down, freeing my dick.

She cringed as she heard the zipper and I started to push her down to her knees. She looked up at me as if pleading with me that we shouldn’t do this.

I pushed her on down to her knees. With that, she put all her focus on my manhood before turning away.

“You will not take your eyes of that!” I told her. My dick grew harder at a flash of fear appeared in her beautiful eyes. Oh yes, she was going to hate what I was doing to her at first but then she would love it.

She grabbed my upward pointing dick with her fingers and pulled it down, and then I felt her tongue sliding against the bottom of my dick lustfully. I felt Evelyn’s lips squeeze against my dick. She took my dick and started rubbing it before bring it to the tip in her mouth. Slowly, she started sucking on it more and more. She took it out and licked it all around.

Then her mouth opened and I felt her warm breath on the tip of my dick, my head fell back. I glanced back down just in time to see her open mouth surround my dick, allowing it entrance. I felt her tongue graze along the bottom of my shaft as her spit dripped onto me. Finally, I felt her lips close around the shaft, forming a perfect seal. Her tongue mashed against the underside of my shaft, and her cheeks hollowed as she began to suck.

“Ugh, damn!” I grunted out.

I looked down to see my dick buried halfway in Evelyn’s mouth. Her tongue was swirling, and she lowered her mouth even farther on my dick, inhaling my dick.

“Fuck!” I grunted, resting my hand on her head as she bobbed on my shaft. “Woman, you sure know how to suck some dick. Maybe letting you marry that bastard was a good move.” I snarled.

She lifted her mouth off my dick, the top half soaked with her spit as she began to bob on my meat, she did so with vigor, dive-bombing against my dick vigorously. I felt more and more of my dick enter her tight, clasping throat, but that didn’t stop her from  attacking my dick with her hot, wet, sucking mouth.

She was so good at this! She sucked dick hard, inhaling it like she meant it. She bobbed deeply and smoothly, taking more of my dick down her throat. She sucked on my penis like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. She reveled in the act, as if she was born to do this. The sensation of her lips wrapped around my shaft was almost enough to make me lose it. She looked up, holding my gaze as she attacked my pole. She took more of my dick down her. She knew how to do it and do it right. She attacked my big dick like a starving woman, sucking long and hard, trying to savor every bit of flavor my thick dick provided.

She was unflinching in her efforts as she gave me a deep, smooth, wet and hard blowjob, her spit dripping down my shaft to my balls. She lifted her mouth off my dick and mushroom tip, her copious drool soaking my dick and connecting it to her wet, hot mouth.

I groaned in pleasure as I felt Evelyn’s tongue. She cradled my nuts as her tongue slathered my sack with her spit.

I panted. “You are so much better at this than before.” I declared. She pulled her mouth from my nuts with another wet smack and looked up at me.

“I had a lot of practice since that time…” she panted out. She resumed sucking me, attacking my dick fiercely, choking herself on my sizable meat, taking what she could into her mouth, sucking lightly.

Fuck… she was trained by that bastard!!! No…don’t let your anger win over you!

I scrubbed my fingers in her silky hair, holding her mouth against my balls. She pulled back again, her warm breath surrounding my sack. She gripped my dick in one hand and slapped it up against my stomach. She extended her tongue from her mouth and before I could react, she ran her tongue against my sack, then up my shaft, from the root to the tip. Her tongue ran over the tip before running down to my belly. She ran her tongue in the ridge between my abs, living her dream, licking the sweat from my fit stomach.

I reached down and rested my palm on the back of her head. Again she looked up a little scared, but she continued to work. She kept sucking and I helped by pulling her head forward and forcing her to suck my dick deeper. I heard a wet smack as my dick went in and out of her tight throat. Now, I started making her go faster and faster, I could feel myself getting ready to come.

My dick was swelling and pulsing as she swallowed my dick, sucking it up and down. Again and again. I looked down, I looked down at her.  Light flashed behind my eyes. A bolt of electricity shot through my body. My balls exploded. Finally, after a few days without her pleasure, I started to come, I pulled her to my dick deeper and I began to cum deeply down her throat. I felt it as the first thick stream of cum traveling up my shaft towards the tip and her mouth.

I kept cumming, more and more thick streams of cum firing from my overfilled balls into her waiting mouth. I groaned out. My dick was out of control. I just kept cumming, again and again, strands of cum filling her mouth as she kept swallowing my cum, not losing a drop of it. Finally, my throbbing dick jerked one last stream of cum into her mouth.

She looked at me while panting, “Feel better now?”

“Not yet,” I said and grab her arms and kissed her again.

As yanked her white gown and stripped her naked, what I saw was enough to make me drool and want to fuck her. I missed this body. It just five days since our last fuck…  Now, I was freaking horny!

This time I reached down and played with her nipples using my mouth and feel them stiffen. Grabbing a firmer hold of each hard nipple, I gave both one hard twist.

“AAAAHHHHH!” Evelyn screamed out. Her swollen nipples throbbed between my fingers. This treatment of her nipples would make most women run in horror, but not her. Not Grace… Yuriko? Hmmmm.

When I got rough with her, it simply made her moan in pleasure. I couldn’t imagine there being anything Evelyn would shy away from. She was up for anything.

“You like that?” I asked. “You like me twisting your fucking nipples?”

With that, I twisted her nipples again.

“Guuughh!” Evelyn moaned out again. Her eyes flashed with lust as I kept going.

My free fingers pressed lightly into her ripe breasts as I gripped her nipples between two fingers each.

“No…..” Evelyn gasped out. “I’m not like that!”

I looked down at her, molesting her massive breasts, squeezing them roughly, as Evelyn lied back, exposing her taut neck as she reveled in the pleasure. For a few moments, this continued, Evelyn lying back as I squeezed her massive breasts over and over again, not getting enough. They were so incredible, so big and so soft.

I looked down at Evelyn’s massive jutting breasts, forced out towards me. Her hard nipples beckoned to me, aching for my mouth. Her eyes were playful, daring me to immerse myself into her massive, round melons completely. I was dipping my toes in the ocean, but I wasn’t swimming. I couldn’t let Evelyn see any fear. I couldn’t feel any hesitance. And besides, I had to admit, rubbing my face between my own lover’s massive tits did sound like a mighty tempting offer.

I cupped my hands roughly under Evelyn’s massive rack, getting as much of her soft, flesh into my big hands, pressing them together, pointing her breasts up, towards my face.

I felt Evelyn’s succulent breast flesh mold against my face as I dove in. I scrubbed my face against them, wanting every inch of my face to experience Evelyn’s soft, juicy rack. If I had to do it, I would at least do it right.

I took my hand and squeezed at both of her boobs as I sucked the stiff nipple. I let my tongue run circles around her stiff nipple, covering it with spit. I flicked the hard nub with my tongue, playing with it, chewing and sucking it firmly.

“Aaaaahhh!” She screamed out.

Taking one between my teeth I bit firmly. Pulling back, I took the other nipple into my mouth and gently sucked, swirling my tongue roughly around the hardening flesh. This time I lightly bit down on the flesh between my teeth.

Her body shook her back arched pushing her breast into my face. I sucked harder this time so her nipple took longer to pop out of my mouth as I rose from her body. Her body again shook as the hard flesh slipped from my hot wet mouth. She was now breathing hard through her nose trying to get air to her lungs. She was now shivering, not with fright, but with desire. The tears had stopped as her arousal continued at my touch.

“You really do like your nipples to be sucked,” I whispered looking down into her eyes. She just looked at me.

My hand slid slowly down her stomach, her thighs were clamped tightly together.

“Open your legs, or I’ll bite your fucking nipple off!”

She slowly spread her legs, and then I slide inside her panties and feel her pussy. It is not wet; it is soaked. I let my fingers slide inside her pussy and she gives a gasp.


Her hips jerked forward involuntarily, brushing my cock.

“Do you want to be touched here?” I asked pressing my finger on her hard little clit.

She just watched as my finger pressed on the little button of pleasure. He hips were giving her away as they started to move so my finger would be stroking her clit. I was glad to oblige her. I gently moved my finger up and down the hood pressing lightly. She threw her head back when I exposed her clit to my view and the cool air in the room. I started to press just a little harder and move my finger just a little faster. Her groans and moans became more intense.

“You are so beautiful when you are excited,” I told her.

I moved my finger down to her opening. She was wet. I slowly slipped my finger into her. Her head snapped forward looking at me with fire in her eyes. The further I slide my finger in the more intense her moans were. She was huffing and puffing through her nose not able to gain the breath she needed through her mouth.

She shook her head slowly as she gulped large breaths through her mouth as she still watched my finger.

Smiling I pressed my finger in further. I was now as far as my finger could go. She was breathing hard again. I pulled my finger out and added another alongside. I slowly pushed them both into her body as far as I could. I then curled them up and felt for the little ridges on the upper side of her vagina. Her G-spot was easy to find and as I touched it, her sharp intake of breath told me all I needed to know.

Gently rubbing the ridges, I leaned down and placed my tongue on her clit. She moaned and wiggled her hips as I pressed its tip against her. She whimpered with passion and delight as I licked her and massaged her. I raised my head to look at her. She was intently watching me.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum,” she squealed.

Her hips started to buck and her vagina pulsed around my fingers. I continued my massage of her G-spot. Her hips kept bucking and her back arched. She thrashed her head from side to side crying out her orgasm. She was now speechless. It was all she could do to keep her lungs filled with the air she needed.

As I continued to rub, the liquid was now pouring out of her vagina. She was squirting hard! Her fountain reach wetting the bed and it felt wonderful as her muscles contracted around my fingers and the warm liquid made all those squishy sounds as I moved my fingers around inside of her.

I pull my hand out and hold my fingers up to her mouth. She looks at me as I put them in her mouth and she sucks them clean.

“Hmnn…” She licked it lustfully. Her resistance nonexistence from beginning.

After feasting on these for a while, I slide on up and kiss her again. She feels my dick against her as I rub the head up and down her pussy. I stop and she gives a little whine, she looking down at my cock, she nodded.

So I push my dick in her soaked pussy. I smiled with pleasure as I slowly moved forward burying myself as deep as I can go before long because of how wet she is. She watched intently when I slid the head of my cock up and down her pussy.

“ANnhhmmmmmmn!” She moaned.

As I invaded her soft velvety folds, she groaned with pleasure. Slowly I pressed forward into her body. Once encased in the warm wet depths of her I slowly pulled back a short distance.  Smiling down at her, I slowly pushed back into her warmth. She was so warm and wet, I could feel the liquid flow past my balls on the way down her ass to the bed.

I picked up the pace, trying to bring this encounter to a screaming end. A temporary end, at least, cause I knew one big orgasm would not be enough for a pervert girl like Evelyn.

“Cum. You know you want to!” I urged, driving into her firmly, making her boobs ripple like the heavy, perky mounds of flesh they were.

“The second you saw my great, big cock, you just wanted to wrap that tight little cunt around it and just… cum. Cum all over it. Cum all over my big cock! C’mon, Let it out… scream.”

“You’re right… I’m gonna cum!” Evelyn claimed, her legs tightening around me as she gripped my shoulders. ”

My ass was rising and falling as I drilled her. I pumped into her, even though her pussy was quivering with pleasure.

My pumping shaft angled upward, sliding along the upper membrane of her silky cunt. And as I pushed my thick shaft into her cunt, all the way in, the mushroom tip of my cock slid along that same, silky membrane… and Evelyn’s pussy locked around my cock.

“oooooOOOOOOHHHHH!” Evelyn moaned out, a scream bursting out from her, a moan she clearly didn’t see coming. Her eyes blazed with pleasure as she looked up at me in shock, not knowing where that came from. My cock had hit her in just the right way. I smiled wolfishly as I realized I had hit her sweet spot. My eyes flashed, knowing I had the advantage.

“No, no, no!” Evelyn said quickly. I pushed my cock into her again, making sure to repeat my previous angle, making sure to her hit her sweet spot.

“NNNMMMMMMMMMMMMAAH”Evelyn moaned out, her head falling back as her pussy spasmed around me. Evelyn’s nails dug into my shoulders as her moans echoed through the bedroom.

I varied my strokes, not letting my cock hit her sweet spot. I let Evelyn recover and look up at me

“YOOOOOU!!!” Evelyn spat out. “Don’t do it! Don’t y- ooooOOOOHHHH!”

Evelyn’s cunt quivered hard around my cock. I let her recover for a few moments, teasing her, and was about to give her some more when she tried to push me, to use her limbs to roll me over onto my back, to regain control, but I wasn’t gonna let her. Not this time. I was in control. I pinned her arms down and continue sliding my cock in an out of her eager snatch.

“Ugh… no…. AHHHHHH!” Evelyn squealed as I let my cock slid against what I assumed was her G-spot. My cock was getting more coated with her moisture. She was close. I let her recover, and she continued. “Just cause you might make me cum… that doesn’t mean it’s over.” Evelyn gasped out.

I slid my cock across her G-spot again, and she chewed on her lower lip firmly, a groan escaping her throat. I did this again and again and again, teasing her. Her groans became more firm, and her body was jerking in pleasure. She looked so close to bursting, so I gave her another long, firm stroke, my cock hitting her sweet spot.

“Uhhhhhhhhh.” Evelyn groaned. I gave it to her again.

“Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned from the back of her throat. I pumped into her again.

And again.


And again, until finally…

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!” Evelyn screamed out. I began to pump into Evelyn firmly, hitting her G-spot with each vigorous stroke, and Evelyn really let loose.

“Keep going! Keep fucking me!” Evelyn squealed out.

“You want to cum?” I asked. “You want to cum on my thick cock?”

“YES! Fine, yes! YESSSSSS!” Evelyn screamed out. “I want to cum on your fat dick! I’ve wanted to from the start!”

My ass was a blur as I fucked Evelyn with my raw, unprotected dick. Her cunt kept clenching tightly around me, getting close to losing it completely.

“I knew it! I fucking knew you wanted this from the beginning when you saw me!” I grunted out, my cock throbbing with need. “You wanted to ride my hard dick the moment I kissed you!”

“YES! YYYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSS!” Evelyn moaned. The thrill of these words resounded through me, powering through me.

“You want to cum, don’t you? Say it!” I demanded, knowing she was ready to pop.

“YES! I want to cum! I need it!” Evelyn moaned out, head rolling on the bed. I drilling her as hard as I could!

“Then do it! Cum! Do it!” I grunted out, my shaft a blur in her sweet pussy. I made sure to angle my cock up again, hitting her sweet spot on every fucking stroke.

“Oh my GOD, I’m gonna cum!” Evelyn said, almost panicked, her hand clawing into the bed.

“I’m gonna cum!!” she said, looking up at me, eyes glazed over as her other hand dug into my shoulder.

“YES! YES! I’m gonna cum! MNNAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Evelyn moaned out.


The world seemed to pause, as  her back arched up, pressing her sweaty breasts into my chest as she screamed out in pleasure, as she screamed towards the heavens. Evelyn screamed as loud as she could, no doubt letting the whole neighborhood know she was having an orgasm.

And I knew the instant Evelyn’s orgasm truly hit her. A jolt passed through her luscious frame, her muscles tightened, her legs tightened around my waist, and her cunt locked around my cock. I mean, her pussy practically fused itself to my driving meat, holding its full length inside of her, not allowing me to do anything but hold my cock in place, keeping it fully inside of her as she came. Cunt juices squirted from deep inside her, coating my balls, my crotch, and the bed-spread under us. Her pussy squeezed at me, squeezing at my swollen shaft, her cunt trying to squeeze the life out of it, or in this case, trying to squeeze every last drop of cum out of me.

I also cum!

“I’m cumming too, Evelyn!!”

My cock was buried to the balls inside her as a throbbing pulse hit my cock, and finally, after holding out for so long, all that pent-up cum began to burst into Evelyn’s filthy cunt.

“DAMMMNN!!” I grunted, my body heaving upward as cum began bursting from my cock.

My cock was jerking violently, as thick streams of cum kept firing out of my cock into her tight, wet hole. My balls were clenching and twisting as I emptied them into her, finally letting my swollen balls be drained. Cum just kept firing from me, my swollen cock going crazy as all this cum fired out of me inside her womb. I kept firing jizz inside of her. Her cunt was gripping me hard, sucking all the cum I was giving her, pulling it all in deep inside of her, trying to ensure a pregnancy, not spilling a drop.

And finally it stopped…. We kept flexing into each other, our bodies locked together in passion, trying to ride through the pleasure together.

Both of us collapsed at the same time, I fell onto her huge breast. We were both panting for breath, trying to recover.

Hmmm? Suddenly I realized something was wrong! Did she just said “Arthur”? When she came I’m sure she said that. Wait a minute… Arthur? ARTHUR is her father, right?

Was Evelyn fantasy her father? Evelyn actually a father-con? I am not going to let my woman fantasy someone else during our sex! No… that’s not it.

Just as these thoughts were running through my head, another one came to mind with such clarity it made me reel backwards to reality. I looked at her breast, as always they were huge. But I noticed something during sex, it was just for a brief moment… but I’m pretty sure, there was a small mole on her right boob. It was concealed between her boobs. I don’t notice that until I sucked it.

I don’t remember Evelyn having a mole there. And then I realized her boobs and butt were slightly bigger. And she was smaller in stature than I remembered. I’m was sure Evelyn around 5.8 feet tall! while this one was around 5.3 feet tall.

That is when it hit me, the gravity of the situation.… I have fucked the wrong girl…


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