Bonded Goddess – Chapter 18

Have you people ever heard of “A Case of Mistaken Identity”?

If you people Google it, you will find a definition of it, such as a situation in which someone was mistakenly thought to be someone else. Yup, easy, right? Mr. Google can help you! Everyone can be happy for it! Yay!

Yes, everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, you mistake someone with someone you know. Have you ever moved up to embrace a loved one, only to realize it was someone else? That’s all this really was. It’s a completely normal experience. It’s one even I have had before.

For example, once I mistook my female teammate, Maya, for my ex-girlfriend, Grace. Back when I was in the army, I decided to prowl for some midnight pussy and snuck into their tent. Well, there was no sexy stuff happening because Maya immediately slapped me and kicked me out before my fingers could even touch her. She had felt the size of my dick when I pressed it against her backside after slipping under her covers, but it went no farther than that. At the time, I didn’t realize Grace wasn’t there. She went to another female teammate’s tent to have some girl talk that Maya was apparently too tired to join.

What a bummer… but I was glad that Maya kept her mouth shut and didn’t tell Grace the next morning. Though, I’m pretty sure I saw regret in her eyes. Now, can I say the same thing to my current situation? I mean, currently, I was shocked, speechless, and completely frozen! I had just fucked someone I didn’t even know!

And I dumped what seemed like a gallon of cum in to her pussy! My cock went immediately limp after knowing that and I came to the immediately conclusion that I had to get out of there. I had to get dressed and get out in a hurry before she regained consciousness.

Quickly throwing on my armor, I tried to move as quietly as possible. I made my way over to the door, listening at it silently. I couldn’t hear anything outside, but I didn’t want to risk it. I heard noises behind me, and instantly I stiffened as I looked back at the bed.

“Mmm…” the woman’s eyes opened and she stretched out. “That was amazing. It was just like the time before-”

The woman looked up at me, noticing that rather than being in her bed, I was standing by the door. As my face met hers, I realized she really did look exactly like Evelyn. Except a few minor differences, like her eyes. Yes, her eyes. If Evelyn has ruby eyes. This woman’s eyes was more reddish. A rubellite eyes. And it was completely not my fault that I confused the two! Her eyes narrowed, and she grew a bit suspicious looking back at me.

“Excuse me, ma’am, I’ll be taking my leave!” I said as politely as I could.

I reached for the door knob and opened it, taking a step outside. As soon as I was in the hallway, I noticed a contingent of guards walking down the hallway. The stopped short as soon as they noticed me. I stared at them, and they stared at me. This only lasted for a few moments.

“It’s an intruder! He must have the queen!” The one in the lead shouted, pointing in my direction.

Shit! I stepped back into the room and locked the door. I guess the knights I killed on hall were founded by another knights already. A moment later I started shoving furniture in front of it.

“Ma’am?” The woman behind me asked calmly now that I was back in the room.

“You’re the queen?” I asked stupidly.

Of course, she was the queen! Who else could she be? She looked just like Evelyn. I couldn’t believe that she was banging that old king bastard!

Her eyes raised at my question. “You don’t know?”

“How could I know!” I shouted, just as the guards tried to get through the door.

A moment later, there was banging on the door, but I had managed to put more than a couple of things in front of it. Meanwhile, the queen just sat there, a sheet covering her chest as she watched me hold the door shut. She seemed to be working something out through her mind.

“You… wait… you don’t know my name, do you?”

“You’re the queen… that’d be the queen’s name right? Shit… Arthur’s woman? Evelyn and Emelia’s mommy? I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name right now!” I was far too flustered to recall her name.

“But, you recognized me… enough to come in here and push me down.” The queen continued to act completely calm, despite the guards hitting the door, and then her eyes flashed. “Wait… I was different then… you shouldn’t have been able to recognize me.”

“Different? What the heck are you talking about?” I spoke roughly, trying to keep the door from getting kicked in as I packed on more and more stuff.

“But… you called me… Evelyn? Wait, that’s my daughter’s name … you…” The queen gasped. “You’re him? You are that man? The man who kidnapped my daughter? You killed people in throne chamber, humiliated my husband and escaped?”

“And I also banged his wife!” I cursed, grinning cockily.

Her face flushed red. “You… thought I was Evelyn! That’s why you… why we…”

“Well, you two do look alike. You can forgive me for confusing the pair. For what it’s worth, you’re as tasty as your daughter!”

“You… this meant nothing to you at all, did it?” She demanded, her body physically shaking. “I thought… that we… but it was my daughter all along that you lusted after. Have I gotten too old for you? Is that it? Am I not as good of a fuck? Is that why you sought out my daughter?”

“What are you talking about? Is everyone in Evelyn’s family but Evelyn crazy?”

“You… bastard!” She grabbed a nearby vase from the bedside and chucked it at me.

I ducked, narrowly avoiding it as it slammed into the door. She didn’t stop there. She started grabbing everything she could, throwing them at me. Very quickly, I had to abandon my post in front of the door. The queen was completely attacking me relentlessly. Throughout the entire process, she was throwing out expletives as if I had personally wronged her. What the hell was her problem, anyway? Yeah, I banged her and her daughter, but she was the one who spread her legs open so easily. Had she been Evelyn’s mom, she should have just said something! My cock didn’t suck itself! So, why was she acting like this was all my fault?

“You monster, you pig, you filthy man!” The queen rang out, tossing pillows, sheets, a quill pen that ended up sticking into my leg painfully, basically anything she could find at me.

“Ow! Damn it! Quit it!” I cried out, dancing around the room.

“I hate you! After all these years, you’ve made me cheat on my husband, and you don’t even care!” She started crying.

Just as she started reaching for a chair, something larger to throw, I bounded forward and jumped on her, pinning her back to the bed. She made a quick whimper, but as I pushed her down and put my face close to hers, she seemed to grow shockingly docile. She didn’t seem to be calling for the guards, but I put my hand over her mouth anyway. Was she a submissive woman? I wouldn’t have expected that from a queen.

“Look, we had a night together, but it was only because I love Evelyn with all of my heart.” Her eyes narrowed as she heard that. “I don’t give a damn about this world or the people in it. The only reason I’m here is because of her. Do you understand?”

I lifted my hand off her mouth, and she looked away, tears falling down her cheeks. “I understand… I didn’t think… I’d ever grow angry and jealous of my own daughter.”

“Your husband is a dickless prick.” I snorted. “If you ever want to dump him, I’ll take care of you as my mother-in-law good and proper.”

The queen blinked, but otherwise didn’t respond. The door burst open an inch. Someone was ramming into it. The guards outside were slowly were getting into the room. I sighed, standing back up and putting on my hood. I turned away from the queen on her bed and headed towards the window. Fortunately, it was still open from before.

“What are you doing?!” The queen asked, watching me quietly.

Ignoring the woman behind me, I began climbing over the railing of the window.

Ok, since I’ve been pushed into a corner, let’s do a leap of faith! It worked in the video games, right? I also wearing hood! Doesn’t this make me part of brotherhood? And with my enhanced power, I believed I could do this!! Either way, I didn’t really have a choice. The guards would be in the room in only a few minutes.  I jumped out of the window.

As I look down, I finally realized that I actually jumped into the river where those monsters dwelled… Ok, this was no leap of faith. This was a leap of an idiot!! Basically, you could just call it a suicide attempt!  And, I actually descended in a graceful arc!

If I don’t do something, I die! I need do something! Right, I’m bringing something very convenient! I immediately pulled something from my storage pouch, before I actually hit the surface of the river to become a sea monster’s food.

What I pulled was a small hook gun. Yeah, that hook gun. You don’t know? Google it!

I hope this thing work fine. RK said this was similar to Batman’s grappling hook gun! Alright, I believe you, RK! I put my trust on you! But if I died because of this! I’m going to haunt you and throw you this river.!

I glanced down in midair, taking notice of a window about ten feet below my position. All I needed was to shoot this through that hard object and pulled it up. Alright, let’s do this but if I missed the timing, I’d be dead. Geez, what the hell was I thinking about whiling falling like this? This was my first experience taking my aim while in midair. But I knew I can do this…

I focus myself on my aim and shot the hook gun into the wall right next to the window. Yes! I nailed it! Using this as my momentum, I pulled hard on the cable, propelling myself through the window, shattering the glass and smashing into something.


Man, after breaking through the window, I really wished I couldn’t remember the specific details of what happened after I jump from the window. Yeah, remembering cheating on Evelyn made me feel sick. At the same time, I also felt so alive. Given what had happened earlier, I was thankful that I finally able to relieve myself. The fact that it was with the asshole’s wife was just icing on the cake.

Ugh, doesn’t this make me asshole? I literally feel happy cheating on Evelyn?

Alright, I should move on before someone coming here and with knights come to queen’s room to find me. There was a high possibility a platoon of knights were searching for me right now.

That said, I didn’t know where I could go from there. I had no place to go to. The woman I just had sex with was up there, so I couldn’t return up there. By the way, what the hell was with the queen anyway? She resembled Evelyn too much. Why did she act like she knew me? No, that’s not right… The way, she spoke and the way she showed her concern was like she knew me personally. Had we met somewhere before? That was impossible. I came from another world, literally.

Why did she know me? Well, thinking about that wouldn’t help. I needed to get a move on.

“Stay where you are!” a voice hissed from behind me, freezing me mid-turn. “Or you die.”

Oh, I was fucked up again and started sweating under my mask. What the hell was wrong with my luck?! Was my luck really this low!?

Well, I could only curse myself for allowing such a stupid mistake to happen.

Sure, I miss some company, and here they were, finally showed up in the worst timing ever. I stood up slowly as I looked around.

I found myself standing in a massive room that looks as grand hall and I was surrounded by the knights with identical armor with spear and sword readied at me, they slowly approaching me with their weapons out! Fuck! The so-called platoon of knights was right beside me!! There were a lot of them at that! Judging from one of the knights laying on the ground, I guess when I broke through window, I smashed into one of them.

Dammit! What bad luck! For him and me.

“Identify yourself, intruder!”

One of the knights pointed his spear at me. I raised both my hands in surrender.

I turned my head slightly to see knight behind me. I need to leave before more of them coming.

Sighed, I rolling away from the knight, I quickly stood up and charged toward unprepared knights. I launched kick to one of the knight’s chest, then using the his chest as a launching pad, pushed off and landed a mid-air punch to the second knight’s jaw.

Seeing this, the squadron of knights began charging at me with a cry.

As much as I was impressed by my enhanced power, I shouldn’t waste my time here fighting them while I was hopelessly outnumbered. Sooner or later, I would be outmatched by their sheer of numbers. As amazing as the power of bond was, it would only help me survive, but securing victory was another matter.

Let’s settle this quickly!

I pulled out the guns from the Storage Pouch and pointed it toward the knights.

With two guns in my arm, the knight seemed to stop for a second. In that split moment, I clearly saw the panic and fear within their eyes. Not like I could actually see their eyes, they wore the helmet after all. Before they could react, I immediately opened fire with loud noise echoing in the hallway.


After a few shots, a bullet casing dropped to the floor. Blood squirted from the knight’s bodies on the left as they fell to the ground one by one.

Seeing the bullet went through their armor, I predicted that with .357 alone, it was more than enough to shoot them to death.

The other knights watched this scene with horror, but they immediately retaliated and start charging at me again. Man, what spirit they had! From their reaction, they didn’t look surprised when they saw my gun. I guessed this world had something similar to guns? But if they actually possessed gun, why did the knight not use them? The knight’s rules?

I aimed my guns at the other knights while thinking that.


Bullets rained down the room, riddling the walls with innumerable holes. Fire continued licking the ground.

One of the knights seemed to be trying to throw his spear at me. That was really smart. But before he could, I shot him and the bullet shot out from the barrel then went through his hand into his head. And he fell to the floor.

I rapidly fired the remaining bullets onto them. Six shots, four dead bodies. They all fell down as blood started gushing out, blanketing the ground.


Before I could shot again, I sensed something that I instinctively dodged to the side as a flaming projectile crashed toward me.


The flame object hit my abdomen. I had instinctively dodged on reflex when I saw this attack coming, but wasn’t able to avoid the blow.

Tsk, Magic, huh.

But I’m glad this armor managed to protect me.

Then a few flame projectiles spells rained down on me, I quickly rolled on the ground and hid behind the pillar. Using this as chance, I reloaded my gun.

Now, they were finally using magic. What did I need to defeat magic? I’m not sure if gun was enough to defeat magic.

Taking a peek, I saw men in robes standing behind the group of knight. Were they magicians?

Damn, the reinforcements were already there. At this rate, I would be completely surrounded shortly.

What should I do? Retreat?



Even though I couldn’t see anything, the moment I heard the slight sound I was already instinctively moving. Something invisible sliced through the place where I had been standing on, and would have taken off my head if I hadn’t dove.

“Don’t falter!”

My blood ran cold when I heard the familiar voice. Looking up, that was when I saw another group of knights come. The knights were led by shoulder length golden-haired woman in silver armor. Her armor was similar to Leonardo’s. Seeing the knight, I knew I was in deep shit! By that armor alone, I could tell she was stronger than me! Then, I finally realized who she was after I looking at her properly.

Oh, it was Elsha.


ELSHA!? She was the woman who struck me with thunder! The fucking first princess! She also Evelyn and Emilia’s elder sister!! The eldest among three!

Great! Just fucking great! After the queen, now I encounter her daughter, the princess! Who is next? Emilia?

Elsha wore the silver armor, complete with a white dress, short miniskirt and metallic boots. Her unblemished snow-white skin – there wasn’t even a smudge on the white and red dress and mini skirt she wore underneath her armor. Yup, her armor was definitely able to emphasize her curves and gorgeousness body!

“Princess Elsha!”

“It’s Princess Elsha!”

“Are you all right, warriors?” Elsha asked.


“We are fine, Commander!”

The other knights merely bowed to her gratefully.

“Thank you very much for coming!”

Elsha nodded. Shit, I can’t fight both sides at the same time, their number already overwhelm me. I needed to retreat!

While I felt the dilemma, Elsha looked at the corpse of the knights for a moment before she swept her gaze up to me. She was glaring at me in rage.

The knights nearby distanced themselves from Elsha as she walked toward me while pulling her sword out of her scabbard.

Seeing her coming, I quickly lift my gun up and fired at her. Yeah, I’d shoot my woman’s sister! Did you think she’d do any less to me?


But my bullets were useless. Elsha calmly deflected all of my bullets with her sword, the blade slicing the rounds into pieces. Yeah… talk about unfair. Handguns clearly weren’t enough to kill this bitch.

As she charged at me, I threw myself to the side, allowing me to aim my gun at her and squeezing the trigger again. But the bitch once again skillfully deflected the bullets by twirling her sword!


I barely managed to block her first thrust in time. Gritting my teeth, I dug my feet in and stood my ground, raising both of my guns to block her next attack which causing me to stagger. The bitch didn’t sympathize with me and merely swung her sword. I flipped my body backward, dodging the attack but just barely.

Snarling, Elsha pressed her advantage and closed in, swinging her sword. Standing my ground, I firmly parried her blow with both guns. My knees buckled under the pressure, and the ground cracked beneath my feet, but I didn’t fall. Gritting my teeth, I pushed back with as much strength as I could and jump back before she could swing her sword again.

Thinking this as chance, I pulled the trigger again, but this time, the bullets were deflected by some kind of invisible wall.

A barrier!? Are you kidding me!?

Well, whatever! I sprang forward without consciously making the decision at Elsha as she slashed at me. This time, I swiftly stepped out of the way, dodging the sword by the merest hair’s breadth. Kicking off the ground, I pulled my knife and slashed her side. Twisting around, I slid past Elsha’s blind spot. Only finding it was unharmed!

Fuck, I couldn’t pierce her armor! It was too strong! I hopped back before she surged forward with another vicious slash that would have cut my head off.

Panting, I tried to withdraw. Dammit… this girl was strong.

Elsha snorted as she watched me leap back.

“Give up. You know you can’t win against me.” Elsha snarled.

Hey, I’m completely clear on that fact. You don’t need to state it. Is there anything I can do to kill this bitch? The bullet and my knife are useless.

Also, judging from her reaction when she saw me, I believed she didn’t realize it was me, Evelyn’s lover. Praise the mask! If she knew it was me… She definitely would use her full power to destroy me.

As I warily watched Elsha, I stumble on something. I looked to knight’s corpse below me. Or rather, I looked the sword on his hand. Is this sword can slash through that armor? I don’t know but this is gamble, I can only bet that there is slim chance that I can use this to against this woman.

Reaching out, I picked up the sword. Elsha raised her eyebrows as she looked at me. Taking breath, I adopted a stance from one of kendo lessons that Grace drilled into me twenty years ago.

As I took the sword stance, I calmly told myself that I don’t need to win this fight. I only need to create opportunity to escape this!

Elsha closed in on me, slashing away and forcing me to duck.

But despite my best efforts to block her attack, I was knocked away another powerful slash from Elsha before jumping back to place as much distance between us as possible. Panting, I watched my opponent from afar while using the opportunity to take a breather. Even though it was a short moment, my superficial injuries were rapidly healing, closing up and disappearing.

Fuck!? Spinning around, knight came from an unexpected direction, but I bent my neck and just managed to dodge the tip of her sword, which left a thin line on my mask.

“You…!” Elsha snickered.

HAH! Behold! This was the power of highest survival instinct! I wouldn’t go down easily!

I stepped back, and then braced for the next strike. However, Elsha literally disappeared from view again. Blinking, I stumbled back and raised my sword instinctively, but a fountain of blood suddenly spurted from my body.


When did she…?

Realizing that I had been slashed, I fell to my knees. That slash actually cut through this armor? I needed to be careful. Thanks to the armor, the wound on my chest wasn’t deep but it still would affect me greatly.

Another slash appeared.


I managed to throw myself to the side, spinning in the air and flipping about to land on my feet, wheezing. My shoulder bled, a fresh wound opening up where the slash had scratched me, but other than that I was fine.

“I’m impressed you could dodge it.”

“Erm, thanks?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you rest in peace.”

“No thank you.”

Then Elsha disappeared again. I really couldn’t see her next movements.


Even though she was an enemy, I couldn’t help but be impressed by her display. She really looked beautiful.

And then the supposedly fatal wound that she had dealt me was now slowly closing up with white small smoke, the huge gash across my chest knitting and mending along with my internal organs. Elsha sudden appeared at jumped back as if she had seen something that surprised her. Looking at my regenerating wound, Elsha scowled.

“Regeneration Magic?”

“Nah, it’s something else.” I replied. “Guess you really don’t realize it, huh?”

Ignoring my word, Elsha then lunged at me again. I immediately pulled my gun and fired it off, but she gracefully twisted her body in midair and dodged it. Landing on her feet, she bounced off the ground to propel herself toward me again, her blade slashing at incredible speed. By now, I had slightly acclimatized to her godlike speed and was able to properly parry her strike this time. I dug my feet in as I struggled to endure Elsha’s strike. As I thought, she was physically stronger than me.


I found myself actually lifted off my feet. Making use of my momentum, I allowed myself to be hurled backward, widening the distance between us. Elsha refusing to give me a moment’s rest, springing at me once again.


I blocked her slash with one, but just barely. But this was my chance! I lifted my gun on my left hand and aim it right at her head.


Before she could move, gunshots resounded as I shot her at point blank distance.

After I fired, I realized it. Elsha had bent her head to the side to dodging the bullet.

“What the fuck!? I actually missed! At this range?!”

Elsha actually dodged a point blank shot! The shot missed and hit someone I wasn’t aiming for.

“Welp…” I muttered. Well, it just mob-knight. So it was fine.

Elsha stared at me blankly then turned around to see the fallen knight.

“Ahem, the next one won’t miss.”


Her sword flashed as she spun around to snarl at me.

Even I managed blocked it, the slash was so heavy that it made me retreat! If I tried to block it a little longer, she would cut me in two.

She was lunging at me again, her sword turning into a brilliant, divine display of slashes. I managed to fend off the first four attacks, but her next three attacks gouged out huge chunks of flesh from my chest and body. Grunting in pain, I fell back, dodging under her sword, but she kicked me in the solar plexus and sent me flying through the air.


I crashed onto the ground, sliding and leaving a broken trail in the stone. Heaving, I closed my eyes for a moment as I feel my Regeneration slowly heal my wounds. But the bitch wasn’t patient or merciful enough to give me the opportunity, for she was closing in almost immediately.

“I swear, I’ll destroy you! How dare you ruin knight’s duel by shooting another knight in middle of duel!”

I flipped over whole skidding backward while raising my sword.

“Funny hearing that.” I sneered. “But, you should know that I’m not knight! So that law didn’t apply to me!”

“How dare you!”

I parry her sword as I distanced myself from her.

She glared at me as her sword was crackling with electricity.

Hmmm? Don’t tell me! She’s going to use magic! She raised her sword high, the electric cover her sword.

“Take this!” She then swung her sword onto the ground.

“Thunder Slash!”

With a shout, she gathered all the coalesced lightning around the tip of her sword into a single, supercharged point.


A golden beam of lightning blasted off from the tip of Elsha’s sword and lanced toward me.


I flipped my body to the side, just barely avoiding a fatal strike from Elsha’s attack, but the intense golden beam grazed my shoulder. Damn, if I was too late, it will obliterate my arm.

Then another lightning crackled and bounced off her sword to fire devastating electricity at me who still on his knee.

I forced myself to block it, but the shockwaves sent me flying back across the hall and toward a brick wall.

As I was thrown back, the golden lightning continued to stream toward me like some sort of vengeful serpent. From within the smoke and electricity, the point of Elsha’s sword gleamed as she hurtled forward, getting ready to thrust it at me. Even though there was still a distance between us, Elsha couldn’t to wait for her sword to pierce my chest. Instead, she throw another lighting toward me.

The lighting spears began to glow even more fiercely at her words, and the static electricity generated grew so massive I was beginning to feel numb.

“Every minute, a thousand lightning spears will descend upon you!”

With a swing of her hand, Elsha unleashed a devastating bombardment of lightning spears that sailed toward me. Countless electric projectiles rained down on the hall, leaving scorched craters and fuming holes.

I was forced to run for my life as the lightning spears relentlessly bombarded me.


I jumped to the side to avoid a particularly massive bombardment of lightning spears.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

I was fighting too long already… It was time for me to retreat! I look around and spot the door which might lead somewhere else. I don’t where it leads but I could use that as escaped route. But to going there, I need distraction. Wait a minute, I have that! How the fuck could I forgot that. If I use that from beginning I wouldn’t have bothered with this shit.

I took a quick peek over my shoulder and saw her gather lighting on her hand, she throw the lighting toward me. I know that… That what she used to knock me out! Unlike the first time we meet, where I don’t have time to dodge, this time I managed to dodge her thunder strike by thin margin or so I thought.

Her thunder simply grazes my mask but I can feel my mask cracking because of it.


Shit! My mask is falling apart, and then it split in two and fell away.

Elsha’s face was transformed by revulsion and disbelief.

Seeing her frozen, I quickly pulled the item from storage pouch and throw them. What I threw was flash-bang. A second and a loud bang, and the grenades actually blinded her and her knights! Guess the helmet doesn’t have protection for brightness. Seized the opportunity, I stabbed and plunging Elsha into a vulnerable area left open by a gap in the armor. But too bad, I can’t stab deeper.


I took a step back instinctively when she slashed at me. I really want to kill this bitch but… her face… it was too similar to Evelyn. I doubted I could kill her while looking at her face. And being here any moment longer would be dangerous.

Rubbing her eyes, Elsha glared at me with hatred. Shit, that was fast. This girl was really stubborn. Just like Evelyn. Well, guess that’s make her Evelyn’s sister. I mean, Evelyn when she was mortally injured by Clycopes on her back, Evelyn has showed me how she could survive that if we ignore the curse part. And what about this girl? This girl, even after being stabbed and temporary blinded, she doesn’t show any sign of stopping.


I threw a smoke grenade and flash bang again at the same and blinding them again.


I turned around, then dashed and rushed to the door. I took out my pistol and started laying fire at the blind men that blocked my way. As I got closer to the door, I shot a couple of rounds into the door. I immediately ran inside the room and then I froze.

The room was empty and dead end. Fuck, again!? Am I cursed or something? Then I suddenly could not move my body. What was happening?

On my feet, a magic circle appeared. The symbols engraved on it started emitting light. Oh, please don’t tell me, this is not magic trap!

As I thought that, the flashes of light started to become increasingly bright. I closed my eyes and gnashed my teeth. I tried moving my body, but to no avail.

My instinct was screaming at me that I should move my body away from the magic circle underneath my feet.

“I won’t let you!” Elsha shouted.

I could hear her drawing closer to my position. Clearly she had no intention to let me escape. At this rate, I would be caught again!

“Move, God damn it! Move!” I snarled, my voice reverberating through the desolated hall of the palace.

A warm sensation enveloped my entire body. A buzzing sound rang through my ears – then stopped.


I felt I was being dragged across time and space, and disorientated, as if I was falling through an infinite place.

“This is…?!”


“How did I get here?”

I glanced at our surroundings and frowned. I found myself in midst of what looked like a small city. Looking around, I staring at the big sign that loomed above the huge double doors.

It was written in this world’s language, yet somehow, I could read it.

[Adventure Guild of Rolong City]

Somehow, I had been teleported to an unknown city named Rolong.


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