Bonded Goddess – Chapter 20

By the time I was done with registering for the guild, it was sunset. I immediately headed back to the inn to dump my stuff, wash up, and get changed. I returned to my room to quickly don my armor and recheck the stuff I had brought. When I pulled out everything I had taken with me to this world, I started questioning myself… I wondered how ridiculous I was being when I brought all of this.

I mean, one or two duffel bags was one thing… but six duffel bags? I guess I had brought too much here.

Also, I had to say; I was dumb. Yes, forgetting the stuff I had was idiotic and stupid! How could I forget that I brought grenades when I fought Elsha for my life? That was beyond idiotic. I supposed I was really getting duller.

Okay, what happened in the past didn’t matter, I could only look forward. Now, I needed to check my stuff. I might need some of this when I fight someone at the tournament tomorrow.

I didn’t think I could rely too much on my martial arts skills, not in this world filled with magic. Punching or kicking the guy could only get me so far, and the worst thing that came to mind was barrier magic. What the fuck was I going to do with that? I don’t even know what it was made out of besides magic. Was that even a common spell? Could anybody with more than one brain cell conjure up something like that? If that was so, I was doomed.

It would be really helpful to know what I needed to prepare for. I wished I could just ask somebody who excelled in this stuff without coming off as too obvious and getting caught. I’d rather figure out everything by myself. Sure, I might have a bit of time before the wanted poster or bounty on my head spread, but I couldn’t blow my cover needlessly. That would be even stupider than forgetting the grenades. I should just keep a low profile like a good boy. Yup, for once I should consider not making too much attention as I pretty much already caused too much havoc in the palace… So, I was keeping a low profile, well, low as I could. For this reason, I decided against stripping off my armor.

I picked up the grenade and rolled it in my hand. This much explosive force should be able to do something! Force, yeah. That could be the key. The grenade might not be able to destroy the barrier, but maybe the momentum from the shock wave could be able to move through the barrier. Blow them away from the shielding zone. Maybe even damage them or cause serious stagger. I didn’t know whether that worked, but I needed to trust my gut on this one.

The shotgun lied at the bottom of the duffel bag. It made me wonder if repeated heavy blasts of pellets could actually penetrate the barrier. I exchanged the grenade for the shotgun and aimed it at various objects around the room. Four rounds of this bad boy should be able to crack a barrier spell, but maybe even two to three would work. I just needed to be at point-blank range and closing the distance hadn’t proved to be difficult. Hell, I would much prefer to have some room to maneuver, but these people just kept charging at me.

Most of all, I needed to be precise which I knew I could be. The bullet spread shouldn’t affect the damage if I stood as close as I could. I aimed towards a lousy clay vase that stood all alone on the table.

“Hit the right spot. Repeatedly. Even the mightiest will crack in the end.” I murmured to myself.

The barrier was not impenetrable. That I did know. Nothing in this universe was. It would be too unfair, but who knows. Maybe odds are stacked against me more than I thought. I couldn’t dwell on it. Forget the past and move onward. Then whoever was put against me, the poor bastard was going to be sorry for ever meeting me because I won’t go down that easy!

I restrained from shooting the vase and lowered my shotgun to its rightful place. I wasn’t in a place to waste bullets however I fancied.

Yup, instead of wasting a shot, I should be thinking about how to counter magic-based attacks. Countermeasure for magic attacks such as that fire arrow that guy in the palace sent or Elsha’s lightning magic. What did I need to do about them? Dodging all of those already was very hard for me. Hell, I would even say it was a miracle for me to survive. I didn’t know anything about magic and the only option for me was defeat or kill the magic user before they could cast their magic. Was it possible? I didn’t know. Geez, I really wished I could talk to someone who knew about this stuff.

Suddenly, I noticed something strange. It was my armor. There was something different about it. I examined my armor tapping it thoroughly with my hands. Could it be that the blacksmith had missed something? No. The armor was still solid as a rock, not including a few shallow scrapes and scratches. It was just a feeling. The armor seemed to radiate something now, some kind of aura… But was it just my overloaded confidence? Was I just over thinking too much on the matter? How couldn’t I have noticed this before?

The feeling was otherworldly, but that was impossible. This armor was from earth. There was nothing otherworldly on my planet. I was indeed somewhat enhanced thanks to my Bond with Evelyn. Beside that? There was nothing. Could this armor… No. The materials from earth did not absorb energies from living things or emit aura. Unless… This was one of the Code-T’s specialties? But I thought Code-T was only capable of absorbing physical impact?

To begin with, what the hell was Code-T? Could it have something more than absorbing physical impact? Could it really enhance the user? No, that’s preposterous. Wait a minute, now I remember the blacksmith did mention that he used some magic stones of his to fix the armor. I had to suppose the stones did something to this armor. But, man, I sure was really feeling something through my armor. I was feeling pumped like I had just benched an enormous amount of weight without having aching muscles or sprinting a long distance without nauseating exhaustion. I felt like I was invincible!

Speaking of nausea, I heard my stomach growling. Man, I just ate this noon yet I felt hungry already? And the feeling in the bottom of my stomach was groping me in a very wrong way. I could only fix myself with something to eat.

As I walked downstairs. The mysterious aroma of foreign delicacies mixed with the blunt scent of beer and drifted to my nose. I was feeling good. I didn’t know how else to put it. My mission was finally able to progress. Even the slightest advancement was still a progress. Magic or no magic. I could… I would fight my way back to you, Evelyn.

“I’ll be right with you, sir,” Rhonda shot me a hurried smile as she attended to some other residents of the inn.

I nodded, examining the common room around me, and my eyes fixated right away to a beauty eating alone. In front of her on table was a couple small ceramic bowls that reminded me of something I would use for miso. As I noticed her sipping from a yunomi, I could tell that it was the fanciest coffee she could find in this place.

Well, I was not going to elaborate on yunomi since you know where to head; Google.

At first, I was thinking sitting down next to her, but I had a distinct feeling like I shouldn’t get involved with this girl… Yeah, she sure looked like a certain type. This beautiful girl had this aura that emitted spoiled brat.

But seriously, the girl was also a beauty… same level as Evelyn even!

The beauty had a deep-blue eyes which resembled a clear fall sky. Her hair had extremely long, golden, outward curls that reached down to her thighs. She was dressed like a traveler, but her clothes seemed to be flawless with no apparent signs of time. The clothes must be made from really expensive materials. Her top highlighted her perky breasts as they were sizable, but not the largest ones I’d come across. Her neckline was relatively deep and they created this heart-shaped illusion around her breasts.

You needed to trust me here; I was an expert on this kind of thing. Overall, her frame was slim and gave me this impression that she was 18 to 19 years old, But hey. There it was again. Age was elusive here. Needless to say, her age didn’t change my feeling about her. Yeah, I should try to avoid contact with her. My luck with beautiful women has been incredibly good, for better or worse. Even so…. She was a feast… I meant, I was hungry. That’s what I meant.

I walked to the corner table and took a few more glances as I passed right next to her. She was wearing a super short mini skirt, and I would like to say it was just enough to cover her round ass, but it wasn’t. I swear I could see her third of her buttocks or even more. She was wearing little to no underwear, that was for sure. Her straight posture and the fact she was sitting with her legs crossed didn’t help her cause.

Her stomach and shoulders were concealed in this earthy-colored leather. Her matching boots stopped right before her knees – What a lovely sight. Yeah, weird me to say as I wasn’t too much for this color, but every color had its place. Especially when placed over a lovely girl.

I sat down, constantly reminding myself not to get involved with this girl. I needed to stick with my plan. I must not falter. Not now. Even though the beauty reminded me of my dear Evelyn… No. Let me rephrase this; this beauty particularly reminded me of my dearest Evelyn.

The cheeky beauty occasionally scanned the people around her with a resentful gaze that sent shivers down to my spine. There was something about her. Something naughty in every sense of the word. Suddenly, I noticed her eyes stop to watch me. I quickly turned my face away and pretended to be looking at the menu.

“Sir, would you like to have something.” Rhonda appeared in front of my table in the nick of the time. Her body blocked the view between me and the beauty.

“Yeah. I’d… like something to eat.” I responded casually and pointed to the heartiest meal on the menu.

I had no time to read what it contained. It looked good, but it seemed I ordered something gigantic. I was a big man. I could take it. I was not the type to sissy away from a plate of food.

“Right away, sir!” Rhonda replied with a peppy voice.

“And for the drink. I’d like a green tea.” I continued. I was really missing some familiar tastes.

“What sort would that be, sir?” Rhonda wrote.

“A bitter one. Like, Sencha?” I asked confidently, hiding my uncertainty. Oh, how I’d kill for a cup of tea.

“Right away, sir!” Rhonda replied and turned to the kitchen.

Wait, they have Sencha here? I watched in wonder before noticing Rhonda’s hips that swayed side to side ever so slightly.

This world is more multicultural than I thought.  No. She probably was just fixing the closest equivalent. I was sure of it.

“Hey, babe, want to play?” A loud thundering voice caught my attention.

I saw a group of burly adventurers playing cards with a large pile of coins in the middle of the table. It was rather corny to see something that was familiar from those shitty American westerns. The only thing this needed was a sheriff. Yeah, with large corny Stetson, yeah. They were speaking to the beautiful woman and had noticed earlier. I chuckled myself thinking that she’d never be the type, but to my surprise, the girl rose up.

“You’re one of us! Come on!” One of the men gestured to a chair nearby.

“Yeah. I sure do.” The beauty answered with a sneer. “If you let me deal the first round.”

Oh, I guess she was one of them. Truly. Well, each to their own. I guess. As if I would really care about something like that.

She sat in the middle of a bunch of hairy men with rich brown beards. The men looked like identical triplets for what I could tell. With her hair, she looked like a fucking Goldilocks in the middle of three bears. Ridiculous.

I leaned back and observed as the beauty dealt the cards. The game might have resembled poker, but I couldn’t tell from the distance I was sitting.

I had played quite a lot of card games in my youth, and during the military, I sure was in the height of my skill. I was a dirty bluffer. Yeah. I did everything to win. That was a skill in poker if you didn’t know. The skill is to take advantage of your opponents and beat them with their own brains. Intelligence, yeah right. You just always lied, if you always lie. They could never read the truth if you never gave it.

Goldie won the first round. The adventurers were equally surprised as I was. She scooped up the winnings.

“Well, thanks for losing, guys.” the beauty gloated. “Wanna go again?”

“We’re just getting started!” One of the adventurers answered looking at his companions.

His friends nodded, and together they let out a resounding laugh.

I watched quietly as she kept winning the game one after another. I quickly grew acclimated to the rules they were playing. It wasn’t all that different from 5 card draw, although the cards themselves had different rules and symbols. She was really good. I’d rarely come across a woman this good with card games.

“Let’s bet more than that lousy amount. I am all in.” The beauty said pushing all of her winnings on the middle of the table.

The adventurers laughed again, but this time I could sense the tiniest fear in their voice. The laugh was there only to drag out their thought process.

The men were clearly not rich, but they were not poor either. Their equipment was intact, working, and practical. For playing betting games, they should be prepared.

“Well, how is it? Lost your courage already?” the girl boasted, clearly trying to use their pride to force them into making a decision.

“I am out.” One of the adventurers slapped his cards on the table while the other two pushed their coins into the middle.

“What’s the matter? Folded already? Cannot last a single round with me? What was it, barely a couple minutes?” Girl sneered.

Ouch! This girl fought dirty. We all knew what that remark was about. Let us just say the subtext wasn’t about card games. She was questioning his manliness. And looking around the inn, it was transparent that I wasn’t the only one who interpreted her mock this way. This girl really knew what buttons to push.

Accompanied by a mocking chuckle, the last adventurer sat down. He picked up his cards and pushed the coins with his gigantic palm without saying a word. He was not having it.  His pride was worth more than the money. This was rather amusing, but aside of my amusement, I leaned in and took a closer look.

The most hairiest of the adventurers dealt the cards, and I noticed over her shoulder that all the cards were odd numbers. The symbols were weird, but somehow I knew how to read them. This didn’t strike me as this was a rather minor change comparing what else I’ve experienced so far.

This moment Rhonda returned from the kitchen and happened to walk in front of me. She lowered a hunk of meat before a man sitting across me.

“Your order is taking little longer, sir. However, here’s the tea.”

“Thanks…” I replied to the smiling Rhonda who then skittered back to the kitchen.

The tea was steaming, and I couldn’t take a sip. I raised my gaze and noticed something. Every card in the beauty’s hand was now even numbers. She couldn’t have changed every card in such a… Oh, right. This is not earth. And the game they’re playing is probably not poker. Maybe I was still missing a rule. As if! She was cheating, it was clear to me.

I took a sip from the tea, and what do you know. The beauty collected the winnings. I could see the irritation in the eyes of her playmates. I needed to see a couple rounds more to determine the way and pin point how she was cheating.

Until now, I snapped back to the reality… I mean. Wherever I was. Reality too seems to be elusive. For me. The tea actually tasted almost like Sencha. Ah, refreshing.

Oh. Back to stalking. No. Observing. I was not a stalker. I was the good guy here, and that brat was an obvious cheater.

I could hear her gloating again, mocking the men’s masculinity. Even though I wasn’t the victim, and in times found her remarks rather funny. I hated her attitude. My assumptions had been correct. She was a total spoiled bitch, but she hadn’t earned the title.  She wasn’t this confident woman who could prove the reason for her behavior. She was like a shady ruler who has cheated her way to the top rather than fighting for it. I hated people like that. No matter how sexy she would could be.

“Want to bet your armor too?” The beauty answered. “I, for one, am wearing many layers.”

Now, we were talking! This is where we start hedging bets, man! Stakes were raising, and I even noticed some other lonesome travelers turn to face what was happening at that table.

Was it going to be focusing harder on her hands. Those white dainty hands. Oh, what kind of finicky trick was she was using. Or was she… pure. I mean. Pure from my personal accusations. To be fair, I wouldn’t mind about the other one either.

“Tempting thought,” The adventurers murmured amongst themselves. “Buuuuuuuuut…”

“Double or nothing.” Girl interrupted. “I am not afraid of going all the way.”

Who was this girl? She was oozing with confidence. The adventurers gulped and looked down at their gear. The hairiest bastard took a step forward and then pulled out his two-handed sword.

“As I’ve already lost all of my savings.” The adventurer slammed his sword onto the table. “Sure, why the hell not.”

He was confident. Had he already figured how and what she was doing? I sure hadn’t, and I wouldn’t let him beat me to it. I was sure he had an idea. Yeah, this was a competition now, and I was going to win. I was not going to get involved. I just needed to know whether I or he was the superior here.

The one adventurer who had almost chickened out earlier shook his head and walked out from the inn, likely to spare himself from her sharp tongue. The remaining adventurer decided to place his harness on the table.

The beauty smiled widely and let out a few innocent giggles. She took off her skirt and revealed her unbelievable micro G string. She was sitting and thus, I was not able to see, nothing more than her white luscious buttocks. She really was convincing and for this I became certain that she was cheating. She was as confident of her cheat as she apparently was of her booty.

But strange enough, everyone’s eyes focused on the deck… Why the hell was everyone focused on the card game instead of focusing on that butt?! Gentlemen?! Are they gentlemen! Well, I supposed they were truly gentleman! More than I was!

This time, the dealer was a man outside the game. Apparently to keep the draw more honest. As the hairiest man had dealt previous time and was the first one to agree for the third round. I knew that he knew. I saw him observing the girl as closely as I was. Of course, he was not as sneaky about it.  Well, I was not too sneaky the way I looked at her butt. He was completely focused on her cards.

Whispers echoed on the surrounding tables. As the cards hit the table with a swishing sound.

Swhip. Swhip. Shwip.

Both of the adventurers exchanged two of their three cards, but the girl kept all of hers. The adventurers started to sweat and glanced at their cards. Then I saw it. As the dealer dealt the cards the second time. As the dealer ordered all the players reveal their cards I noticed how one of the girl’s cards was different. She hadn’t had an ace. She was recycling them.

“Gotcha.” I thought.

The game really wasn’t poker, but apparently almost same as poker and I worked it all out now. I also understood how she was cheating. It was the first mix. Every time she won, she lost her winning hand to the deck. I know, you can take five cards from the pack before any of her playmates would notice thinning of the deck. But every time she lost her winning hand she gained an equal amount back. Clever, but not clever enough.

She sure was sneaky though. I’d give her that.

Naturally, both of the adventurers lost as the girl gloated.

“Wow, you guys really must feel sorry for inviting me, huh?” She smirked.

Hairiest of the adventurers glared at her viciously as the girl examined his blade with a disgusted face.

“You could’ve at least got it sharpened.”

“I did. It can cut almost anything with a single blow!” The adventurer growled.

The beauty was making fun of him. The sword was old, yes, but it also looked menacing.

“Hmph. Do you want it back?” The girl said with glimmering eyes.

“And I assume, you want something for it?” The adventurer grunted.

The beauty nodded and then pointed man’s crotch with a wiggling motion.

“I want to kick you there.”

“What?” The man replied with a resounding voice. “Why?”

“No reason.” The girl smiled.

Wow, she was more sadistic than I thought. She had to be. I mean, did she know this guy? Every man has experienced how painful a strike to your crotch can be. I am sure I don’t need to explain that.

The adventurer sighed loudly and then longingly looked at his blade.

“It is my blade, and I am willing…”

“Was. It was your blade, and now you must pay the price for playing with me.” The girl said stopped him. “I am expensive you know…”

She was enjoying this. Luckily, Rhonda arrived with my dinner and placed it in front of me. At least during one part of its life cycle. I was getting bored how much she wanted to humiliate these guys.

“Here your order, a Fried Chocko, sir.”

After placing my order, Rhonda left to other residents.

I looked at my dinner. My dinner was an enormous plate of some creature that most likely had resembled a bird. Fried Chocko, huh.

This world sure has strange name for their animal. Kalibul and Chocko. And I don’t what the hell is Chocko… Is it chicken like monster? Well, who care? Get into my belly!

The meat was succulent and tasted like a turkey with a sesame seed oil. Strange combo, but it worked. Strangely, the flavor came from the meat since I saw no sauce what so ever.

I looked at how the bearded man frothed on the ground, holding his balls. The beauty was standing on top of him. She looked down on him and threw the sheathed blade on top of him. The blade bounced off his head. She put her skirt back on.

I was facing my dinner the moment she arrived next to my table.

“What are you doing, eating alone here in the corner?”

“Hmm?” I raised my gaze. Did she just come up to a said that?

“I saw you eyeing on me.” Girl said. I opened my mouth to answer, but she continued. “Like a pervert you are.”

“Takes a pervert to notice.” I snorted condescendingly. “I am not interested in your games, girl.”

I tried to close off her babbling, but she just kept talking and talking. It was like trying to ignore a swarm of mosquitoes. She was endlessly taunting me. If this girl wanted to make me mad, she did the good job! My blood pressure was rising. Rising. Fine. Fucking fine! That’s it, brat!

“What the fuck you want?!” I asked, almost shouting.

I felt the eyes of the inn turning to me but just didn’t care. If somebody had a problem me talking loud then come and say it. I’ll beat you a fucking pulp.

“Oh, so you can talk.” The girl leaned back as I stood up.

“You just kept buzzing like a fucking bee. What can I do, bitch? I’m not really in the mood.”

The beauty’s face flushed in anger then she took a breath.

“Oh, a vulgar boy, aren’t you? Strange, but I haven’t seen you around before.” She was almost at the range of kissing me. Hey, are the girls in this world act this bold?

How she could tell? Was it my face? Or my armor? Maybe she heard about me from somebody. From somebody unpleasant. Fuck. Who cares, I was losing my temper over this brat.

“Get to the point.” I snarled between my teeth.

“Let’s play a game.” She replied happily. Talk about mood swings. She was a truly a true attention brat for at the very least.

“Okay. If that’s what you want. Let’s go.” I said after I had calmed down.

What was this about? Keeping a low profile? Great job… ME.

“Besides, you’d be happy to see me how I defeat you,” I said after following her to the table. I just had to take it off my chest. She would be happy. They all are. Cannot keep their hands off, I tell you. But I don’t mind. Quite the contrary actually.

I sat down with her. It was just her and me. She took the cards, following me intensely with her bright eyes, but I stopped her hand before she did anything.

“Allow me.” I offered my hand.

“Whatever.” She looked it doubtfully at first but then gave me the cards.

Seemingly she wasn’t suspecting anything, but I knew her tricks. She still possessed the same cards from this deck. Wonder what she would have done if I had another deck I wanted to use.

Of course I hadn’t one. But what IF.

I shuffled the cards. I was feeling their sharp edges at the tip of my fingers. They were sturdy cards, it would be hard to mark these, but I knew her trick. She had five cards of which, each of them was a mystery to me.

What would stop me from using the same trick against her? It doesn’t matter what the cards are if I just pick better ones. I managed to notice two aces during the shuffle. In conclusion, she had less than two aces if any.

She gave me the looks as I took my sweet time with the cards.

“I just want to be throughout.” I lied convincingly.

I was going to elude her thinking that if I was indeed cheating, I was using a different technique – not the one I am actually planning to use.

“It’s all the same to me.” She shrugged leaning back. Wow, she was so confident. Hope I don’t destroy her thoroughly later.

I palmed the aces, like a magician. Easy trick I had learned when I was younger. The very basic technique used in especially coin and card magic.

Palming? Google please~

Was I going to cheat like her? Yeah. I said I was good in poker. So what if I had cheated occasionally. I didn’t have tried to humiliate my opponents like she was.

I am sure she was using this same technique. I wasn’t the best in sleight of hand, but good enough to fool her. Why? She was so arrogant. That’s why. She thought I hadn’t noticed anything and just stared her like a big pervert. Well, she’s not wrong.

I glanced at her breasts in a way she’d notice. This was part of my bluff. Even if enjoyable bluff.  I wanted her to think she was correct; I was just a pervert. Lonesome pervert. Where in fact, I was the puppet master (Self-proclaimed).

I managed to palm also few of the highest cards, and my personal favorite; the queen of Diamonds. The queen of rubies. For me.

I dealt the cards. We placed the bets. I pushed quite a large amount of gold in the middle of the table.

“I can match that.” She sneered. “I just won that amount from those limp adventurers over there.” She nodded towards the adventurers who were still getting over from the humiliation she gave to them.

“I know. Wouldn’t want to embarrass you too badly.”

I lied the two cards from the deck on the table. I knew I could match those easily. It didn’t matter what hand I had got by luck.

She changed two cards as did I. Her

We both revealed our cards. I won. I had to make sure, and for this, I had spent both of my aces.

“What?!” She yelled blushing with amazement.

“I am pretty good with cards.” I kept my cool. She obviously had always cheated and lost rarely. If ever.

Some of the adventurers were intrigued by our game. They even stood up and gathered around the table, watching our game. I made sure. Nobody except me saw my cards.

The beauty was shady. These people are known to have allies.

I remember this one time in high school when I repeatedly lost to this one kid. In the end, I figured out his trick. His friend was losing purposely to make him win with my expense. Fuck them. I mean we didn’t play for much. But fuck them anyway! Well, I already fucked them up~

“Okay. My turn to shuffle.” She continued.

The next round was going to be harder. I still had still three high cards, but I knew I could get a pretty high score. She wasn’t still sure I was cheating. I guess she needed this second round to make sure.

The girl finished the card shuffle and quickly dealt the cards on the middle of the table. Her fingers flipped with great dexterity.

“Calm down. There’s no rush.” I distracted her.

She had been extremely fast with her cheat. Was she testing me or was she going to use straight flush? Or something similar just to beat me. I don’t care. I have this.

This time luck was on my side and two cards in the middle of the table were a different suit.

I knew I could conjure up a relatively high score.

“Are you kidding me?!” She yelled infuriated.

We had both matched with a full house but since mine was higher. I won.

The look on her perfect face was priceless. It was a mixture of shocked and unbelievably angry. Describing it would be impossible. She was a cutie though – a real cutie.

“Easy,” I smirked victoriously.

The girl let out a few cute giggles and had seemingly calmed down. It was apparent that she had run out of money.

“Wonder if we have much more common than I thought.”

“Sure. Whatever you say.” I leaned back confidently. “I might be more educated though.” and I wasn’t talking about my actual education. I was challenging her.

Why would I do that? I knew she had nothing more to bet. I had won. Completely and basked in glory.

“One more game?” She smiled.

Huh? She took me by surprise. But before I could answer yes or no, she continued.

“What if we up the stakes. We are clearly evenly matched.”

“I am not interested in your clothes.” and meant it. What would I need something like that? Cross dressing? I would rather throw them into trash bin.

“What about… If I offer my virginity?” The beauty toyed with her fingers on my hands.

“Erm…” This was getting too far. I can’t get involved with this brat. There’s something I could do with girl’s virginity though…

“Got nothing better to offer?” I grin naughtily.

The girl was blushing, but this time with embarrassment.

“Let’s play then.” I continued with a smirk on my face.

“It’s my turn to shuffle, but gentlemen always share. We both mix the cards.”

The girl nodded but was smiling sure of her victory. She couldn’t palm the highest hand she can. She had to resort in a lower hand. Otherwise, I would have known what she played.

We both know we were playing dirty the same way.

I decided to play without cheating. Her virginity wasn’t something I wasn’t something worth too much. The maximum I would lose was winnings against her. And my pride. Well, somewhat. Not something I couldn’t fix though.

Both of us shuffled the cards. I cut the deck, and she completed the cut. We shuffled after each other. I was glaring at her perfect figurine. She was also staring me, observing me.

We dealt the cards equally. I bent the edges of my cards to see what I was having. Damn it. It was low roll. Lady luck was not my side, or was she?

The cards on the table matched mine. Hah. Two pairs. As I expected. I cannot win with these.

But to my calculations…

I should change the two. My pair. Risk of getting nothing. That’s it.

The beauty deliberated after seeing me willing to change both cards. She squinted her eyes and decided to keep all her cards. Did she beat me?

Once revealed my assumption came to be.

She had a royal full house. Three kings and two queens on the table. The moment she took a look of my cards she froze.

Two of my queens to match two queens on the table. Four of a kind. My favorite type.

I beat her for the third time. Needless to say, the beauty was livid. The outcome hadn’t pleased her.

“Cheater! He’s cheating!” She yelled and threw the cards

Adventurers in inn started to whisper amongst themselves, and finally. A bearded adventurer stepped up next to me. The one who had taken a kick to his balls the moment earlier.

“Erm, how come?” I shrugged.

“He’s palming the cards!” The beauty pointed at the verge of explosion. “He has at least three of them in his armor!”

Bearded adventurer raised me, but I flailed away from his grip.

“Do that again. And I…” I took a serious face. “You. Do. Not. Touch.”  I warned him.

Adventurer raised his hands in the air. “We don’t take any cheaters. I need to search you… or I need to signal the guards.”

Fuck! I better keep calm. It was fine. The guards were a needless risk. I just let this… man. Search my armor.

“Search away. I have nothing to hide.”

The man searched me and then concluded I was clean. The observers were as flabbergasted as beauty. She sat down on her lovely ass, hands on her head.

“I… lost…” She said. “But…” She began, only to lower her head once more.

The bearded adventurer gave me a shocking thump on the back.

“I knew it. You’re an honest, fellow!”

Am I?

Hah. No. I had tricked the girl more than I had cheated. During the shuffle, the palmed cards went back to the deck. During each cut, I bottom decked the last card, which helped me to determine where each of the cards was. I marked every card I wanted with to have and arranged them in such a way that the cards I wanted would end up at the top of the deck – the two queens.

Then it was dead simple. She received purposely a hand that I wanted her to have – a royal full house; the one I knew. Whether you are a cheater or not, the royal full house is hard to deny as it is often good enough to beat regular hands. The hand is also hard to alter, and only four of a kind was a conceivable way to beat this hand… You know, the one I got.

I know she had palmed a wide variety of cards, but as none of them matched her full house. And just like in poker, she cannot touch the cards on the middle.

Bad luck? No. Calculated. She was the type who had always got everything easy. She wasn’t going to take a risk. She wasn’t a gambler. She was just your average cheater and not even a good one, I must add. Besides, even if she had, I had the last king.

I’d call it a risk-free investment.

Winning such a way was ironic. Only if she could have taken a risk, she would have soiled my whole plan, and stolen my dear queens; she was the first one to get to change. The only way she could have maybe beat me was trusting on blind luck, and actually playing the game. No. She chose the easy way out. Unlucky to her. Lucky to me. Haha.

“Can’t win ‘em all.” I shrugged. “Good games though.”

“So, I need to give you my virginity.” The flustered girl continued.

She was offering herself so freely; I could even begin to smell lewd juices. It might be just me though. She took my hand intending to lead me upstairs.

“Umm…” I resisted.

“You won! Take your price!”  The beauty leaned over the table. I looked her white ass, that was relaxed, like ready to take in anything. Fearlessly. She sure wasn’t afraid to do it wherever. What a strange virgin.

“I don’t need it.”

“What? You pervert don’t want my virginity?” The beauty looked over her shoulder and then straightened.

“No. I’d care more of money. I’ll just sell it to the highest bidder here.” I raised my voice, ignoring her and scanning the residents of the inn.

Immediately some men started to dig their coin purses and some to count their coins. She was a real beauty. Can’t deny that. Women like her would sell like as she previously sold herself ‘I am expensive.’ Little cruel? Who cares. I am just a pimp here, and debt is a debt. I sure know, how to handle debt, but that way didn’t seem an option for this sexy brat.

“How dare you! I want you to gather what you’ve won!”

“But I don’t want to have sex with you!” I continued.

I lied. Of course, I wanted to tap that ass, but not with current situation, not when I’m still looking for Evelyn. I didn’t want to repeat every mistake I already had done. Hell no! But yes, I wanted to penetrate her every hole. Simultaneously, if possible!

“You! You stupid… Argh!” the beauty was getting angrier and angrier.

The redness on her cheeks increased almost second by second, and the big vein pop in her forehead. She kicked a chair towards me. I hopped aside and continued rejecting her.

“I have enough of you!”

She gathers some kind of magic ball on her hand and threw at me. I swirl of white magic ball flew towards my direction with enormous velocity. Whoa!

I dodged the thing instinctively dashing towards her and thus, avoiding my death. Nothing is sure in this world. I know she would the tantrum. So, I am always prepared. Just to be safe.

“Why did you dodge?”

“No, the real question is. Why did you attack?” I retort to her.

I could tell this was her way to solve things; with a tantrum like a three-year-old child. She had no doubt always been a brat until she got her way, just putting her feet down.

“You! You awful man!” She screamed.

I sighed and shook my head. As I approached her, I swept kick her feet. She lost her balance, but I caught her. I was sitting on a chair, and she was laying on her stomach in my laps. She was facing down, her round, white ass up towards the sky – like a kid waiting for a spank.

“Punishment time!!” Raising my hand and sweeping it across the air.


“Ouch… What are you doing?”

The hit had landed on her booty and resonated a tingling feeling on my hand. I raised my hand once more.

*Spank* *Spank*

“Ouch! Stop it…” The beauty hissed but didn’t try to get up.

*Spank* *Spank* Spank*

I saw her hands were in squeezed into a fist as she endures this humiliation.

I spank her butt for I don’t know how long. She had squeezed her eyes shut. Her ass cheeks got red as I admired that perfect ass. With each hit, I saw her skin vibrate under the power of my palm.

I couldn’t help myself since as I spanked her, I saw her micro strings and sweet pussy lips. Her pussy lips bulged from the tiny underwear. Each spank I noticed the string between her ass crack swaying a little. The glimpses of her perfect tight asshole made the experience rather exciting.

*Spank* *Spank* Spank*

I was oblivious from any other person in the inn. Couldn’t care less. This girl was a total brat, and she needed this.


I noticed girl’s face was red. Not from anger… was she moaning?



She must really enjoy pain! I had a pervert here!



What the hell, it seems she becomes moi… I pulled my fingers apart and saw a thick string of juice between them. Woops. Let’s stop, for now; my hand gets tired from spanking like a hand cramp.

“Hey! Why did you stop~,” She asked with wide eyes. She swept her mouth.

Really!? She was drooling from pleasure?

“Sorry, I am getting tired of spanking you. For who knows how long.” I stated shaking my hand.

“But… I feel weird. I’ve felt this… Good.” The girl said massaging her ass with both hands, occasionally spreading her ass wide. Her G-string was soaked, and I could now see her waiting pussy.

“Continue! Do it, again! I deserve to be punished. I am a terrible girl.” She said slowly. Almost with an erotic tone.

“Sorry, but my hands are in numb at the moment” I gently rose up, leaving her standing.

“You!!” The girl began, but then looked around the inn. “I’ll send my… brother… And… Ugh! How dare you to treat me like this!”

Countless men stood mouths wide open around us.

“I am sure any of those gentlemen can help you.” I chuckled.

The beauty opened her mouth like trying to say something, but naughty juiced dripped down her thighs. She touched the liquid and then blushed.

She didn’t say a word. She raised her head and turned away. Residents of the inn gave room to her, but the whole event looked like a walk of shame. Suddenly, she lowered her gaze and covered her face. She runs away from the inn. She was utterly humiliated.

Well. That just happened.

I walked back to dinner and sat down. Slowly, the residents and adventurers got back to whatever they were doing before. The atmosphere was quite a much quieter though.

My dinner had got a little cold, but it didn’t matter. I grabbed the fork and knife, gazing down the beast of the dinner. The plate was enormous. I was feeling hungrier than before, but still. Come on! It was still a huge chunk of mystery meat.

“Mind over matter” I whispered as I pushed my fork into the moist, succulent flesh.

As I ate, I looked at the door where the beauty had made her exit. I noticed myself wondering.

Who the hell was she anyway?  I have feeling that her hair and her eyes look familiar… Hmm, where I see them before?


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