Bonded Goddess – Chapter 21

“Ugh…” I held my head. “What time is it?”

I was sweating and looking around my room. The bed sheets were soaked. I must have dozed off, and saw a nightmare or something.  My chest was feeling heavy like I couldn’t breathe normally. The feeling was so uncomfortable. I don’t know why.

It must be this world. I don’t know; that was a crazy thought. Or was this world slowly taking a toll on me? Like repelling the intruder? My intestines were churning. It might have been the food I ate. It wasn’t all that. The whole situation just felt odd.

“Hop!” I retched.

Maybe I was just distressed. What kind of competition was it going to be? I could only guess. Actually, I am sure I noticed some sort of relaxing before the competition. I could really use a long relaxing soaking bath. The bathroom area was downstairs – first floor.

I grabbed my bath essentials and towel and headed down. The inn was quiet as I saw only one hooded fellow sitting on the far corner table. As far as I can tell I saw him eating some sort of porridge. Everyone else must be still at sleep.

I must have woken early. The sky was still in a twilight zone… No, dawning zone. Anyway. The air was fresh, but the sky was murky. It was morning. That’s all.

I reached the vestibule and started getting off my clothing. My boy was standing loud and proud. It was hard to miss. Morning wood is something else. Throbbing away needlessly.

Pushing the door open, I noticed someone being in the bathing facility. I was ready to apologize for intruding, but I froze after seeing it was Rhonda. Yeah. I froze regardless of the steam all around the room. Freezing is a figure of speech, just a let you know.

She must take a bath always much earlier than other residents. Quite logical really. The morning baths are a great way to start the day. Especially, since I believe her work was just as taxing as any other work, being a heart of the inn must require a large commitment, and this was her only way to enjoy some alone time. Relaxing away. My kind of woman. I liked her even more.

Can’t you see that this scene is exactly like all those clichéd fan-service scenes that have been overused in manga and anime?

With me entering the bath at this hour while she’s on bath. It’s a flag for fan-service. It’s so predictable and overused that I can tell you precisely what’s going to happen.

The girl will scream and panic when she see me. That’s for sure and facts!

Well, while it was overused, the fan-service always welcomed by fans but also ruined thanks to those wimpy virgin protagonist. When those idiots encounter this situations! The idiots always close their eyes. What kind of idiots are they? They are truly idiots for closing their eyes when they saw naked beauty! What a bunch of idiots! This service was meant for them to see!  So this was their obligation to see it until the end! Even they have get to slapped by the girl in the end!

And this is my obligation! I have to see this until the end!!

I can tell she hadn’t seen me, so I carefully slid inside. So, I kept feasting my eyes upon the details of her naked skin.

It was partly strange seeing her without her maid outfit. The outfit wasn’t revealing, sure, but it still left some to your imagination and good for my eyes. Little, but some. Now she’s just in front of me, rubbing her large tits. Rhonda was covered in a bubble, and to be fair, she looked like a covered in bubbles at that point. Her slick hands held a pink soap that washed her quite large breasts with a circular motion. She took a bath bucket and poured water on top her.

Her hair was all wet. I noticed her raising on her knees and cleaning her hands and armpits. Her dainty ribs and belly shined through the haze of steam like jewels. She is beautiful.

While still looking at her with lustful eyes and drooling expression I could feel my cock getting harder through my morning wood.

I stared watching her for a while. She proceeded to clean her thighs and then into the private parts, but just as she started to soap her ass, she glanced over her side. She was frightened. Obviously.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t see youuu…” Her last vowel went long as her eyes reached my enormous cock. She was staring with wide eyes in silence. The moment was in fact just a second long as she realized what she was looking. Or more accurately who she was looking; a man. Man, with an 11-inch cock to be more specific. Standing before her. This is definitely not good sign for girl.

Moment of silence continues… The moment felt longer though.

I smiled. Trying to keep my cool. Yup, why I need to freak out. This is my obligation as man! I was just stumbled to the scene and triggered fan-service flag. What? It was cool.  It wasn’t I had been staring for… hours. I guess.

Rhonda quickly snatched a towel and covered herself. She was flustered, blushing immensely.  Her eyes were wet. Shit, now I feel guilty.

I couldn’t say anything. What was there to say? ‘Sorry’ wasn’t gonna cut it. I had stood here for so long already. Also, can I apologize to her while still staring at her naked body and my morning wood standing menacingly? It will scare her more. Hell, she might screaming when I getting close to her.

Rhonda seemed to wait for explanation, but as I remained quiet, she seemed to understand the situation. She realized I was looking at her from beginning. And surprising enough, she didn’t scream and walked up to me.

She raised her hand and gave me a snappy slap on my cheek. Yup, I deserve that. You know, the kind that leaves a long sizzling feeling that resonates through your whole face. That’s not really hurt actually. But maybe my guilt making it hurt.

Rhonda ran past me out of the bathing area while sobbing. I was left there standing with a handprint on my cheek. I felt my penis throbbing. It was not satisfied with this result.

My boy, this is obligation for fan-service, so there is no sex. We don’t need another sex scene. Especially after I mistakenly fuck my lover’s mother.

I shook my head, I descended into the bath, but I felt guilt for the mishap I’ve caused. Right. That was pervert thing to do, but did she want me? I feel like she forcing these thoughts getting any further was easier than I thought.

The slap I received was deserved fair and square.

As I soaked in the bath the guilt kept soaking inside my mind. It was water. The same water Rhonda had just soaked her sexy body. The desire to relax dissolved into the water and mixed with this un-explainable feeling.

I washed quickly. The situation had been strange.

Luckily the guilt washed away as I rinsed myself. I felt renewed but somewhat melancholic. Mostly I felt bad for doing this to Evelyn. Whether she’d ever know or not.

A cleansing ritual. I chuckled, yeah. I know, where I’ve heard that before… I felt a huge longing for Evelyn. We had met in similar circumstances. No matter the fact that she had tried to kill me afterwards and then got injured and then… you know.

I returned to the vestibule and then to my room with great haste. I didn’t want to concentrate on my feelings. I had to be focused today. For the competition.


The time flew as I checked my gear. I had to make sure everything was set and prepared for the tournament There were various tasks I could do.

I began by checking whether I needed to load any of my weapons. Running out of ammo would suck, and not in a good way.

“How the fuck people did this in the 17th hundred.” I cursed as cleaned the pipes of my unused guns like a musketeer.

The pipes were clean, but I was just making sure they wouldn’t jam in a critical situation. It’s good to know how some old traditions work. Who knew when they proved to be valuable?

Be prepared for anything. I kept reminding myself. My guts helped me come this far. Resisting my gut now would be a death sentence.

After cleaning my equipment, I packed them logically. So, I would be aware where everything was. I started stretching and exercising for different martial art moves that might prove useful during the competition.

I have learning few martial arts during my high school days to military days. Such as Judo, Karate, Muai-thay, Jeet Kune Do, Krav maga and Capoeira. It was hard, but I managed to master all of them thanks to hard work and me being persistent! I also was learning pencak silat and kendo from RK and Grace. But to elementary level only.

Then as shadow boxing, I tried to construct a fight in my mind. How it would proceed and what lethal mistakes I could make. I was thinking through the possibilities. How to avoid getting flanked, etc.

I remember some people to meditate before such grand event. To keep their calm. I didn’t need it though. My mental fortitude was in the right place. The sheer act of killing got me pumped up. I was ready to beat my opponent without fear. In my mind, everything was allowed.

“Concise strikes.” I jabbed. “To save energy.”

I jumped and kicked through the air, then sweeping the floor with my feet. “After a kill. Move to another. Proceed logically.” Remembering the training. All the obstacle courses. All the running. Swimming. You name it. Picturing the kill count. The dead bodies. Nothing was going to stop me. I felt strong.

Lastly, I got dressed in my armor. The same feeling of endurance and strength overtook me. I gathered all of my equipment and put them into Dimensional pouch. Then after adjust my gauntlet, I put the sword I bought yesterday on my back.

“I should get something to eat. Something light.” I murmured as taking my belongings with me.

Walking downstairs, I saw Rhonda dressed in her usual maid outfit. She’s beauty as always. She had seen me, but I purposely tried to ignore her. There wasn’t time for this emotional drama. I had to concentrate.

“Yo. Rhonda.” I raised my hand like in your average restaurant.

Rhonda walked up to me. She looks gloomy. Clearly she hadn’t got over what had happened. Ugh, don’t make feel guilty like that.

“I need something light and energizing,” I said without asking her a suggestion.

It was similar to ration during my day in military. The rations are the key to your well being. One meal looked it contained eggs and some sort of beans. Perfect!

“I have this.” I pointed out the meal and lowered the menu.

“Right away, sir.” Rhonda replied, but she was way less peppy than she usually was. Happy but less so. “Anything else?”

“Water,” I said still avoiding her eyes. “Nothing else.”

I heard Rhonda walking away, but I glanced after her. Her ass was still as good as always. I can’t help myself. It’s not my fault I was built this way. That man was built this way. And don’t come to me claiming that women don’t do that. They’re always checking on men’s cocks. Comparing them. I knew it.

Sure, she understood the subtext of nothing else, right? But there is no way, I can tell Rhoda to get over it and forget what just happen, right?

I looked around the tavern hall. The beauty from last night wasn’t around. I thought of spanking beauty. I am not wondering why. She must still be hurt. Physically or mentally, I couldn’t be sure.

Nobody seemed to play cards either. The table was left the way it was. To me, it kind of looked like a tribute. Nobody could take my place anymore. The beauty might have been inn’s recurring customer, and I just took and beat her. Literally.

Rhonda returned to me with the plate of food that looked like a toned-down version of English breakfast.

“Thanks.” I sipped the glass and attacked my meal.

“You welcome, dear customer.” Rhonda bowed smiling. The smile was forced. We both know that.

Wow, to that fixated smile I wanted to swoop her legs and give her a proper spanking too. The way Rhonda was acting… Yeah, yeah. I know she didn’t say anything, but I’ve got this skill to read women because I’m not dense. She was pissed, which was fair, but was she the type that would be pissed forever.

Ah no. I should relax, and give her a nice pat on the butt. I almost raised my hand, but then resisted the urge.

Rhonda walked away oblivious to all what I was thinking. She would interpret as something different that I meant. Like she thinking I was hitting on her. Well, I wasn’t. She had a great ass though. I really want to pat that ass… ugh, what a shame!

But I guess, the sooner I get out of her the better. I am sure she’ll be happier too.

After breakfast, I left the inn and headed towards the adventure guild. The air was brisk, and I could hear the town waking up. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the silence that was inevitably going to end soon enough. The dirt road crunched under my feet, and all the serenity made me tranquil. I cannot think too much and let my instincts take the wheel.

As I approached the adventure guild, I saw a lot of people outside. They were smoking pipes and cigarettes, for stress I know. Resulting in something like that is just natural for humans. Wait, are those people humans? I don’t know… Evelyn looks like human but she’s not human. Well, let’s just keep that thought to myself.

I wasn’t much of a smoker. I have never been, actually. I had smoked occasionally. Most often cigars when I was drunk or when being offered. You see how I accept when RK’s offering his cigars.

To me, smoking wasn’t taboo. Well, I don’t want the other taboos I may or not have broken. That was a subject for future chapters. Eh.

Women were my kryptonite though. I couldn’t resist them… Their soft skin, luscious feminine curves… I am getting distracted. Shaking the thoughts away I entered to guild house.

The whole guild was crowded. There were people everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. It was extremely hard to maneuver.

Wow, I hated crowded places. I mean, people were fine. I’ve never lived in solitude. Who could? I have been in missions in a secluded place, but that’s about it. All the people were pushing each other. They must be participants.

The competition must be popular. Or was it that Leonardo guy was really popular? Well, I guess he was. His people willing to kill princess just because the princess in question sleeps with someone.

Hopefully, I get to meet him in the competition. Unlikely, but I can’t wait to clear his smile whenever I meet him. The idols can be anchors. That’s how I approached the admiration.

I could see the clicks forming. A multiple different groups of people were planning their approach. Were they aware of what kind of competition this was? Well, they know more than me, that’s for sure. Had I to compete against individuals AND groups? No matter. I will dispatch whoever comes across me.

Only thing I remember hoping was that the usage of magic wasn’t required. It shouldn’t. Not everyone is a mage or a wizard. Or what the fuck ever they’re called here.

Suddenly, I noticed the same muscular man in a wrestler outfit. The same man who I’ve met the first I stumbled upon this city. The man was surrounded by a bunch of adventurers. He walked around the building, sharply pointing, and patting on people’s back, always smiling widely – he looked like he knew everyone.

Maybe he was just that recruiter guy. The one everyone had to talk to, but nobody wanted to. Just like me. He was the one who tried to sell me this ‘adventurer fantasy’. For what I saw, most of the people liked him. But the man was like the salesmen. So, how’s this different?

“Glad to see you here!” The man had appeared next to me.

“Um. Thanks.”

“Events like these always gather more people than expected, wouldn’t you think?”

“I guess,” I answered.

Small talk in a spot like these? Right. It was most definitely the same man as he annoyed me already.

“I should update the guild house.”  Man shrugged. “But due to the events lately we cannot assume too much attention.”

What are you a construction worker?

“Attention to what?”

“To the guild. Numerous adventurers have sought their place. I must say I am pleased for the results so far.”

“You’re…” I started, and the man completed my sentence. “The guild master, yes.”

What the actual fuck?! Is he the leader? Damn, I didn’t saw that coming.

The man was holding hands on hips, looking like a twisted gunslinger in a wrestler’s outfit. His chest was out – what a proud ‘father’. Hah.

I suppose the representatives in this world, or at least this region, do not have to follow strict clothing code.

“Look at them all. Ripe for competition!” The man gazed the participants.

He indeed was some kind of bigshot but decided to act like a sleazy businessman? Wait. What did he say?

“Seeing all you in my house brings me joy. The competition is going to be fierce!”

That’s it! The statement raised a question in me. What if…

“About the competition. What do you think is going to be ahead?”

The man looked me smiling without saying anything.


“You seem to be prepared. I am sure you’ll do fine. For porcelain of course.”

Excuse me? The way he put it sounded just as I first thought what porcelain meant. I am honest now; it felt like an insult. I don’t give you know what that it is just a name of the rank. Hey! He dodged the question!

“What I meant…”

“Such a young recruit brings honor to all porcelains…” The man interrupted and then patted me on the back.

Is this guy for real? I needed every advantage I could get. I don’t know shit other than the thing is going to be a competition. Probably, lethal, but this is what I assumed, to begin with.

I sighed, trying to rephrase the question.

“That’s great and all, but… Tell me everything, old man.”

“Old man, huh?” The man chuckled heart-warmingly. “I am one of the youngest guild masters there is!”

Don’t focus on what’s not important! I am older than you! I just can’t tell you or you all go run to your mommy. Jackass!

“We’re ready, sir.” A feminine voice said behind me.

The guild master turned to face the voice. She was cure girl in receptionist clothes. Not the one who accept my registration.

“Everyone has gathered” Receptionist girl continued.

“Excellent!” Guild master boomed. “Nice to meet you, young man. Good luck on your endeavors!” the leader said and slammed my back and then walked away. Young man? Heh. I guess.

I followed the guild master’s movements and saw him raising into the podium at the end of the guild house. People clapped their hands. I didn’t care to join the applauds, but I sneak a little closer so I could hear whether the man would reveal any details from the competition.

“Tournament attendees, may I have your attention.” The guild master began smiling widely as he hold a Mic look alike object. Wait is that Mic? “We are all grateful, of you being here on behalf of my guild. We thank you. Give applauds to yourselves for being such an excellent sport.”

The people looked at each other and clapped, nodding along.

“The guard competition is kept on behalf of magnificent Taebutopia Rey household, and I need to begin your journey… with a speech.” The man kept a dramatic pause and scanned his audience.

“Each of you is a rough jewel. Some of you are diamonds and some… Just decide to stay coal.”

Yeah. Yeah. Get on the details, man!

“We all know, that the people are forged in the special forge. The one we call life. The events that we participate in are the cornerstones that define us.”

Or not. Man… I felt getting frustrated. I was so ready, and this anticipation was killing me.

“Sometimes, we need to listen.” Man stopped. Silence descended. “Yes. Sometimes we need to think before acting. Only if you listen, can you know what to do.”

Was this a riddle or just philosophical mumbo jumbo? No. Don’t answer. I prefer not to know. Even though some applicability.

“Some of you, will not make to the end. Nobody is there for us in the end. We have made a great work to get back up from the fragile political atmosphere.”

Some participants started to murmur amongst themselves. Even I realized that the statement had a political tone. I don’t know much of this world’s situation, but I can tell from the experience that politics are the largest roots of each conflict. Naturally, people cannot agree on everything.

“But this is where you come in. You will compete for the peace…”

Hah. Sure. No. No. Absolutely. The subject of the speech was rather ironic.

“For the good of our common progress. I salute you.” The man raised his hand, like a some kind of ruler of the kingdom.

Looks like this was the most information I would get.

“With these words, I want to summarize all of my experience. Think before you act. Listen to the little voice that suggests the plan. It’s a quiet voice. But it’s there. And when you act, follow the burning feeling at the bottom of your stomach. The one that tells you to dodge. Strike.”

Surely, this was some sort of encouraging speech, and not actual burning of intestines. I’ve had my share of acid reflux. I didn’t need it to my fantasy.

“Let the tournament begin!” He yelled from the top of his lungs.

“Finally!” I whispered, nobody seemed to notice me. They weren’t clapping though. I wouldn’t either. It made no sense to clap for your almost certain death.

My body was glimmering. I could feel my body lightening, and as I looked around, I saw many other people were shining just like me. Here we go. Were they going to put… I didn’t manage to finish the thought due to quick electrical snap.

I felt a sudden nudging motion on the bottom of my stomach. I felt I was spiralling like in a roller coaster. Ugh. Felt a tingling feeling on my body that escaped through my fingertips into the abyss like lightning strike.

“Good luck. Try not to get killed. Killed~. Killed~~. Killed~~~.” Words faded and echoed as I floated into the abyss.

The moment lasted a good half second. It wasn’t my teleportation ability. This was clearly the world’s way of transportation. The feeling was entirely different.

I was teleported into an area that I could only assume to be a place tournament is going to be held. It’s go time. No turning back now. Not that I wanted to, but the inevitability of all this made it seem less of an option. Well. Even less than it previously was.


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