Bonded Goddess – Chapter 23

The sunlight pouring through the window fell onto my closed eyelids and stirred me awake. I shook my head groggily, rubbing away some of the drowsiness, and letting out a yawn.

Well, the night passed without incident. That’s good. But seriously, waking up in Leonardo’s property is giving me a very complicated feeling but given how I woke up in a comfortable bed, I had no complaints. Rather, I was grateful.

I picked myself up and stretched, before I walked toward the window and then opened it immediately, revealing the shutter that has done its job keeping the cold outside the room last night. And with that window opened, the barrier that kept the air outside from entering the room has been removed, allowing the fresh smell of the morning dew carried inside by the cool morning breeze.

“Nice morning today.” I said as I slowly breathed in the fresh air. This fresh air really made me fired up to win the tournament!

Then as I feeling the fresh morning air, I watched the city from my room. As I view the landscape of the city. My jaw dropped as I gazed upward, mesmerized by the sight of city that looks beautiful and modern.

I finally start wondering… Where the fuck is this?!

I know when I was teleported from the Adventure Guild to this place. I wasn’t in that city anymore as I don’t remember seeing a Coliseum-like building in that city. So there is no way for the tournament is being held there.

I wasn’t too bothered to know when I arrived here, maybe because my mind was too occupied with tournament.

Glancing at the city from the window, this city looks completely different to Rolong city that haas a medieval fantasy setting, this city was looks very modern. Seriously, if I hadn’t encountered a Cylopeses, making a eternal pact with a goddess like girl, receiving thunder strikes from the said girl’s sister and being thrown in a dungeon, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that this was no longer my previous world.

But well, once again, I was completely stranded in a unknown city. Where the hell is this after all? I don’t want to be teleported to a place that is far away from a place where I can reach Evelyn. Far from Evelyn, I don’t know even where she was! I felt like i was getting more far away from her than getting closer instead!

I completely strayed from my goal! Seriously, what the hell am I doing?!

Sigh, I guess I have to stick to what I needed to do! I just thought about this last night! Let’s keep believing this tournament will lead me to Evelyn! It has to!

With that, my second day at the tournament started.


After checking the match’s schedules.  I found that I don’t have matches until afternoon

Well, I suppose I just need to sit and wait till the match starts? Or maybe I should probably go and take a look at whoever I’m going to face in today’s match. I believe most participants were in the training area facility, including my opponent.

Training facility? Yeah, this coliseum has something like that… including bar, pool, relaxing room and etc.  Seriously, TR household really didn’t holding back to spoil whoever was going to be part of them.

And I reach the training area. Glancing over, I see people were sparing, fencing, lifting weights, and performing gymnastics. I saw there are two black haired girls doing dexterity exercise. I leaned to a door, looking the girls. The asses of those girls are so tight, and trained. Nice butt. It just me or every girl and women of this world has nice buttock? Yeah. There were also few women participating in this tournament, but sadly, all my opponents had been male.

I finally saw my opponent and once again, it was a man. I really need some hot pantsu action. God! Let me fight women!

After checking the female’s contestant’s butt again, I left the training area and moved towards the spectator seat area. Naturally, the participants had free access to the arena.

As I getting close enough to the entranceway, I heard the audience roaring on the distance, and the echoes bounced off the stone walls into the cloudy sky.


It was eerie to put it mildly.

What laid before me at the end of the entranceway was the grand spectacle of a colossal arena lined with thousands of stands layered in a circular manner inclining upwards. Behind the raised walls of the arena, the jubilant cries of the crowd were nearly deafening as the cheers of thousands of spectators roared out in unison.

It just me or this arena become much bigger than yesterday? It’s not, right? There is no way they could renovate and improve the Coliseum in one night, right?

And the audience had grown larger than yesterday as well. Like ten times. Probably DB had arranged some sort of advertisements or that Leonardo was really that popular and people just came here to support his family. He was the hero of this kingdom after all.

I don’t know how much tickets would cost to see an event like this. Frankly, I don’t understand why people would be interested on this.

Walking over to the nearest seat, I sat down roughly in middle of the row as I crossed my hands behind my head, leaned back and lifted my legs up on the empty seat in front of me. The seats were much more comfortable than the actual Coliseum in Italy. They weren’t made from stone, but a very comfortable cushion that made everything that much easier.

The dim sun created this smooth spotlight on the arena. It seems the tournament had moved to the elimination format again which was much better — less time wasted. I believe this tournament will end in two or three days.

As I looked onto the arena, I saw that the match already started.

The duel was fought between two men, one with a big build wearing leather armor wielding a long sword against a gruff, burly-looking man with a broad sword wearing nothing above the waist.

I noticed who the man with light leather armor was, it was Mike.

From here, I can see Mike’s sword was glowing from time to time with a yellowish haze. The sword itself was a thin, and long. It was clearly a two-handed sword, like Evelyn’s but Mike wielded the thing with great agility. I rubbed my chin – trying to grasp his fighting style. I would say, Mike was a quite the ruthless fighter, and his opponent was constantly in the defensive. Mike didn’t give his opponent time to strike. The opponent had to be quick to counterattack, but all of them were sloppy and poorly executed.

The opponent rolled behind Mike’s back and struck with an immense force. For a split second, I saw Mike’s opponent’s blade glowing red. Mike, however, answered the attack with a swift slash. The opponent’s blade shattered, and pieces flew around the arena. The man flew three feet back, until hitting the wall, and the audience exclaimed loudly!

Mike was grinning, sheathing his sword with a circular motion – like a fucking ninja! So, he wasn’t only fast but fucking strong too? No wonder everyone in his group called him the strongest.

But the match is not over yet, because his opponent didn’t concede the match or lost his consciousness.

I saw the opponent trying to stand up. I understood that Mike had won the first round. I knew he could’ve finished this fight in his last strike there if he wanted. But he didn’t. He wanted to bask in popularity and show off.  His opponent rose up shaking his head. He pulled out a short sword from and squeezed the handle tightly. The sword let out a clink, and flames gorged the blade.

Seeing his opponent rise again, Mike nodded then ran towards the man with his hand in the sword’s hilt. The opponent prepared for Mike’s charged as he entered his battle stance.

Mike unsheathed the sword as he charged and he disappears.

Then I saw, countless slashes striking Mike’s opponent. The man flailed helplessly and only managed blocks half of the strikes. As the man continues defend himself, numerous cut and wound appear on his body.

Mike then re-appears and sheathed his gory sword once more. Like a goddamn ninja.

The crowd was silent. The opponent started losing his balance, he was bleeding and then finally fell to his knees. He was breathing heavily, but Mike… He didn’t seem tired at all. The audience clapped and cheered. Mike took a bow and waved as he left the arena. Wait, we can do that? Am I the only that got teleported back to waiting room once the match over?

A designated healer of TR household was healing the opponent. How I could tell? The healer was wearing a tabard, with TR emblem. That symbol was everywhere! This morning, I even had noticed that it’s even on the fucking coffee mugs!!

Anyway, I finally saw a real capable contestant. I could determine that Mike must be one of the strongest contestants. And undoubtedly, we could end up facing each other in the finals. That was my prediction. But was that merely sheer admiration towards Leonard? Did Mike try to prove something or just wanted attention?

He was almost as good as Elsha. His sword mastery definitely surpassed me and from what I could tell, Mike was advanced in enhancement magic. The sword had at least yellowish shades: Yellow, and orange. I guess, the blade was little orange as he shattered his opponent’s blade. Yeah. It definitely was orange. But I could be wrong about it as well. I don’t know anything about magic. That sword also could be an artifact. I guess I should watch Mike’s other matches or ask him directly.

After Mike’s match, the other match bored me.

Sighed, I scanned the audience.  A certain beauty happened to catch my eye. She had bright blue eyes, long, blonde outward curls… It was her! The naughty Goldilocks! Shit, I wasn’t wearing my armor and my mask.

The beauty must be sensing my gaze and turned to me.

FUCK! – busted. Alright, she saw me. Now, what?

I tried not to look at her but how can I control myself. She had recognized me and she’s signaling me to come over.Well, I better just go and talk to her. It couldn’t be that bad, now could it?

I walked to the beauty and sat next to her. To the place, she was pointing at determinedly. Was I going to be scolded by this brat of a girl?

“Having a good time, eh?” I started awkwardly.

“No.” Smiled, she answered.

“Me neither. It was boring.” I said, meaning it from the bottom of my heart. “Looks like we’re not the only ones.”

I was talking about people who surrounded us. The audience watched the match like watching a slow game of soccer. You know, the one where players just pass the ball to each other, and nothing happens.

“You know… About what happened…” I started.

I didn’t want things to be this awkward between us and if I had to spend more time with her like this, I wanted it to be honest, and not a weird grudge fest.

“Yeah. What happened exactly?” Goldi asked, crossing her legs – she meant business.

“Well, you attacked me, and I gave you a spanking.” I finished and looked her. She wasn’t satisfied with the answer.


“And I stopped because you were… Asking something from me that I couldn’t give.” I answer.

“But instead of giving me anything, you wanted to sell my virginity?” She interrupted, seemingly finishing my sentence.

The audience surrounding us seems to have heard and faced us. Some tried to be discreet, but some just blatantly stared us. Our conversation was much more interesting than the match, it seems. Can’t blame them, really. Those two on the arena were practically just hugging down there.

“Hey, why the hell do you have to be so public, girl?” I whispered to her.

I didn’t appreciate her style to gain attention. I didn’t want to get involved with this girl, but she wanted me to.

“Well, my offer still stands.” The beauty said straightening her back and pointing those perky boobs towards me – like a weapon. Soft, sweet, luscious weapon!

I looked her figure; she was tempting, but Nah. She was offering herself so freely. Have some restraint, woman. I am a sex addict! If you said more I might end up doing something I would regret! Ugh, my boy also gives a slight response. Down, boy!

I sighed out loud and wiped my face.

“Was I being too naughty, again?”

“What? No. I am not going to spank your butt.” I tried to keep my voice down.

“Will you take my virginity then?” The beauty looked at me with her large glossy eyes.

For a moment I pictured how those eyes would look as she sucked my cock. She would stare me on her knees, gorging my enormous shaft. My boy once again gives me response. No, not now, boy!

The disturbing gaze next stopped me from sinking too much into my thoughts. It was this old man who was sitting three row next to us. He looked us uncomfortably closely yet almost excited. Judging book by the cover I can safely say, that he was like a real peeping-tom. Yeah, that’s probably why he’s sitting next to her.

“Nah, don’t wanna.” Once again, I lied. I really want take her to my room and fuck her. But there is no way, I would cheat on Evelyn with my eyes open! And that was rude of me. She was nearing her next tantrum. I could sense the vibrations in the air like an approaching earthquake.

“Listen…” I continued, so, she wouldn’t make a scene. It almost felt like my ex-wife, deliberately causing these dramatic scenes whenever we were out – dead memories. Hmmm, speaking of my ex-wife, Yuriko. I didn’t have much thought about that malicious witch for a while now. Does this mean my emotional trauma was healing? Nope, I just had no time to think of that poisonous bitch. May she rot in hell. Ah, saying that always makes me feel a lot better.

“You can be a quite a little… annoying.”

“Seen a mirror lately?” She replied instantly.

“Right. Well, your virginity is… Useless for… Me!” I managed. Ugh. To think I actually said that!

Was she blaming this on me? She was the one who set the bet. And I saw the beauty was getting angrier and angrier. Her face flushed in anger. Why’s she angry? I mean… Does it has to be me? Why would she want me to fuck her?! Just because I win the bet?! I don’t understand this girl’s way of thinking.

“Don’t. You. Dare. Humiliate me! Nobody has treated me this way but you dare to defy me! You don’t know what I am capable of!”

“So what?” I replied to her emotions. “Do you think I am the only suitable man to take your virginity?”

The beauty didn’t reply. Just glare me.

“Here’s real shocker, I am not.” I stood up and shake my head. “The ‘needy’ doesn’t suit a beautiful girl like you.”

Still silent, I saw she was thinking; it was something I said. I am done here.

“If there’s nothing more. I can make my leave. Good day to you.”

I took a few steps until I heard her saying something.

“Why did you participate?”

I turned to look at her.


“The Tournament.” She continued.

“Probably to meet my very important person…” I grinned, but before I left, I saw her… Blushing. Why she’s blushing like that?


I have asked a servant about this city. But when I asked her, she’s looked she was looking at a country bumpkin which kinda pissed me off. Don’t underestimated people of countryside! Everyone who lived there was hard to die! Just looking at my mom and grandma! They are still kicking and very healthy!

Anyway, because the servant kinda pissed the way looked at me, I pinned her to the wall and punish her by biting her ear. I threat her that I will do more if she didn’t answer. She blushingly answers my question with tears on her eyes.

Well, it seems like technically we’re still in Rolong City. Because we’re floating above it! Like, 100k feet above the city. No wonder that I am all déjà vu. This place basically same as Vaerian Island.

After teasing the servant one last time, I begin walking around the town. I took notice of every building, the signs, what was in the windows. I had no time to look every nook and corner, but maybe I could wander around a bit. I walked on the narrow corridors. In both sides of the street were shops. Organized neatly was a Baker, Butcher’s shop, etc. Food-related stuff obviously. It all seemed pretty normal.

The floating fortress was enough to be a city. Wait. A town would be a better description since Rolong city was truly a city. But this place more developed than Rolong city.

‘Fresh coffee’?! Okay then. Modern name. I’ll give it that.

The street branched further into the alleys that specialized on something.

Leatherworker. Skinner. If you want to look like a robin hood here’s you place. Could I have just popped in one of these shops and be all like ‘hello, I need a leather cape for my far adventures in the north!’… Yeah, I could do that. Like in some sort of RPG.

The air was still warm, and the occasional evening sun came from behind the clouds to greet me. The sky had the slightest orange tint. The afternoon was approaching, but I haven’t got any message that I was going to be next in the arena. Guess I have to wait until then.

This place was much more interesting. I was already good enough… When it comes to hand to hand combat, but magic… Let’s not talk about it. I could manage, but… Nevermind.

I browsed the shop signs, a gem cutter? Maybe… Could they have more magicite? I mean an Adamline? Nah, probably not.

I could probably go and mine some? I thought as looking at the shop; ‘Prospector Equipment’. Possibilities are limitless, but I think I am wealthy enough for now. Thank you Knight A&B. Your money will not go to the waste. Hmph. I should get back here if everything works as planned. Or somewhere similar. These shops are probably everywhere here.

The next shop was a lot more interesting though.

“Potions.” I stopped to look at the rustic sign that was hanging on top of the glass door. I looked inside, and the shop was filled with different kind of potions.

I entered the shop. The potions had to something with magic, right? Every RPG had them at least. Maybe I could grab a healing potion or two. The old woman behind the counter didn’t greet me. I happily returned the favor. Not that she hadn’t seen me, of course. Her wrinkly face and sorrowful eyes had observed me for a while before leaving back to the book she was reading.

Not a very busy day. I guessed. I squinted my eyes, trying to read potions, but I couldn’t. What? Why? If I thought it logically, of course, I didn’t. This wasn’t earth… But if I think it more, I thought I understand common language here. Hell, I could have played a freaking card game.

“Don’t touch them!” The woman yelled behind the counter.

Fine. I raised my hands.

“Stupid, country boy…” the woman mumbled as she descended back to her book.

“Excuse me?” I asked, but she didn’t answer. Not even with a glance.

“What a hag.”  I shrugged and walked out of the shop.

I couldn’t care less to spend time there. What I could determine though was that the potions had to do something with enhancing magic. I just knew it. Why else couldn’t I read them? Were they magic words?

After I have walked around the entire town, I arrived to a place that resemble to park. Well, let’s just call it Park.

I sit down on a bench and felt a cold air sweeping through the park. It was refreshing brisk air.

On the corner I could read; weapon smith. Armor smith. The shops were larger, obviously for tournament attendees. Some people were smoking pipes outside of the shops. I could recognize some of those people. The shops were packed without a doubt.

As I turned the corner, I noticed I had reached the corner of the floating fortress. I walked there as I was curious. As I reached there, there were no people on the ramparts. Only a few used them as a place for a nice walk. The large unknown establishment faced the endless horizon.

My jaw dropped immediately as I was mesmerized by what I see… The view was absolutely amazing. I could see the bright orange horizon spreading in front of me.  A flock of birds flew before the ramparts. Golden birds coloured by the rays of the sun. Truly. A sight to remember. This place was really something else. I had never experienced anything like that. It was like I was on a plane. Or a helicopter, but without the annoying sound.

A floating fortress… that’s really cool. I don’t get this feeling back in Vaerian Island. Maybe because I never have chance to explore it?


I guess I’m done stroll the town. Let’s back to the Coliseum.

As I walked on the street, I start thinking. After watching other contestants’s matches, i know they wouldn’t be any kind of threat to me. But I should think about the fight against Mike though. Seeing how he fights, it was clear that I need to figure out countermeasures against him. But how the hell I’m supposed to counter him? What do I need to counter his speed?


“Excuse me!” I heard a faint female voice calling. But I thought it wasn’t directed at me. So, I chose to ignore it.



Hmm, did I hit something? When I saw elf girl on the ground I realized I crashed to her. Elf? Yeah. You could tell by looking at her ears. Guess, I was immersed with my thoughts too much that I had crashed to someone. The books fell on the ground and spread across the street. One of them fell near my foot.

“Ow… Ow… That really hurt…”

“Ah! Sorry… I wasn’t looking and didn’t see where I was going. Here, let me help you with that”

I helped her to pick up the books on the ground, there were so many, you could say that they would probably reach half her height if they stacked together.

“Thank you, sir. I guess that was also partly my fault for not looking as well.”

The girl had squatted down and picked up the books. I can’t see her face properly because of our postures, but I can see she’s beauty girl. She was looking down, sliding her hair behind her ears.

“Ahh, I really shouldn’t bring this many.” The elf said with a dainty smile.

As I gathered the scattered books, I finally looking at her face properly and I froze… What a beauty! She’s another beauty that has same level as Evelyn and that golden hair spoiled brat! Her eyes were turquoise like water in a pure lagoon, she has rosy and sexy lips which made me want to suck those lips. The most striking feature was her pointy ears. Ugh, I want to bit those ears! Her elf’s figure was slim, but hourglass. I could that even though she tried to hide it as much as she could. She was dressed in a very polite way and wearing long skirt, and a concealing jumper. Clearly made for comfort rather than sex appeal. And she looked innocent, but clearly dedicated to studying these books, whatever they are.

“It’s all right,” I replied holding a bunch of the books in my hands. “Where are you carrying these?”

“Oh, I need to bring them to the library.” She said smiling innocently.

“Really?” I said, but was in fact thinking; they have a library? The floating city has a library?! Why I don’t I see it?

“You’re going to scold me, aren’t you?” She said as I suddenly feel silent.

“What? No. I just like books too. Well, now I don’t.”

Well, I used to like read books, especially poetry. But after being cheated on and divorced, I stopped reading them. The elf girl looks confused at my answer but she nodded anyway.

“I am Fianna. Uh… I mean, Fianna Aerendyl Elenwe.” She said smiling.

“Oda Kousuke.”

“I am Arch Magus.” She hastily continued with a confident look. “For now, I’m still self-proclaimed…”

Awww, poor girl… I can see she was dreaming to be Arch Magus but unable to…

“Awesome! I am a scout.” Why the fuck did I just said that?

She laughed, and I chuckled nervously, baffled from my confession. I wasn’t a scout, but a highly trained military soldier with enhanced power!

“Allow me to help you to carry these to the library.” I offered, piling the books on my hands.

“Please do not worry” She repeated. “I will be fine on my own” Is she kidding me? Even I could tell that she was barely struggling with the weight of the books if

“At least let me help.”

“Oh no, you don’t have to…” Fianna said.

“Well, I insist”

“Ah… no, I couldn’t possibly ask for your help, sir”

“It’s no big deal. I have plenty of free time. And besides, I want to be friends with you. Is it bad?” I said to her, smiling.

In my youth, girls had trouble resist this smile as I knew I was quite good looking. But now? I don’t know. I don’t know if it will to this confident girl who wanted to do everything by herself. But what am I saying was the truth. I want to be her friend. No sexy stuff in my mind. Just pure friendship!

“Ah… V… Very well”

Fianna just smiled helplessly at me. Well, that’s proving that my charming smile doesn’t work anymore. So sad!

We walked towards the library that which not very far from the place we met. We walked for about ten minutes or so before we reached there, I don’t think I’ve ever been here before. But I believe I had apparently passed this place but hadn’t noticed.  I mean, there signboard for this place.

When we entered the library, there is nobody here… Hoh, so this is what the library of this world looks like? I see… What’s the difference? It’s SAME! There is no difference at all! It’s just your regular library that you can find anywhere!

“Umm… Sir?”

It’s kind of sad though. I thought upon entering this place, this place would give me some kind of supernatural-like impression but I guess in every different world, libraries are always the same.

“Um… can you give me the books please?”

“Ah… Yeah sure. Here you go” Ah, I must’ve been lost in thought again, so I quickly placed the books on near table. “Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to ignore you like that”

“Ufufu… Don’t mention it. I’m used to it.” Her smiled looks so cute. “I guess it’s because of my small voice, people tend to not hear what I say when i speak.”

Well, this cute elf does have a small voice. If it’s any smaller I’d probably compare it to a mouse squeak.

“Ah, please have seat. I do not have much to offer but porridge”

“Oh, it’s okay.” I sat on nearby chair while looking at the piles of books on the table. What is this girl working on?

“So, what are you this many books for?”

“I am practicing really difficult spells…” Fianna said tiredly as she pulled up a chair front of the table and sat there.

Spell? That’s magic, right? Now, that’s really made me curious.

“Oh, yeah? What makes it difficult?” I asked interestedly.

Her face turned bright immedietely as if waiting for someone to ask that quetion. She must looking for someone talked to. I’m really sorry for this girl.

“The spells are my own inventions!” She said proudly.

“Your invention?” I inquired.

“YES! This spell was basically out of the magic’s rule! This spell definitely will change the world!”

That’s it? Wow, really? This is amazing! Even though, I can’t tell whether she’s any good on this or not. I mean I don’t know a thing about magic. So, I ain’t in position to judge here.

“So, how do you… invent them?”

Fianna watch me blankly as she tilted her head. Aw, that’s really cute.

“I see, you are novice…” She said sighed.

Of course I am a novice in this stuff! Do yout think I’m some kind of magic expert! Just look at me! To me, who came from a world without magic, there is no way for me to understand that!

“…Novice, huh, but I am not sure if I even meet the criteria.”

Fianna just stood there looking at me like I was stupid. Yes, I was stupid. I should just speak the truth instead hiding my lameness.

“Ah. I see.” Fianna said with a cold tone. “Oh. So, you… Oh. Okay. Well, you can start by telling me what you know so far… Hm… First, what do you know about mana?”

Why did she suddenly change her tone? Was I annoying her or was this ‘Fianna-sensei’s teaching style’?

“Mana, huh…”

“Yes,  Mana. Explain to me.”

Oh so, it was the tone. Gotcha. Probably taken the tone from her master. Let’s see… if I used anime, manga or novel as reference. I can come with few answers.

“From what I know, Mana is the essence of magic and life energy itself.” I answered confidently. Yes, that was the simplest answer I can come with.

Fianna raised her eyebrows. I guess she wasn’t expecting me to answer that. Was I right?

“That’s really simple explanation. Well, you are not a novice, you’re below that. Not by much, but some and yes, you are right. Mana is the essence of magic and life itself.”

Geez, I was right about Mana yet I’m still considered as novice, huh.

“By the way, you must have seen magic before, right?” She said more caringly.

What’s with those eyes of pity? Why the hell is she pitying me for? I am not that pitiful!

“Of course, I have.” Ok, let’s see. Magic. Magic. Magic… I immediately thought all of my experiences with magic since I come to this world.

Evelyn’s wind magic when she come down from Tree of Life, Elsha’s thunder magic that I have experienced first-hand with my body and her barrier that prevented me from killing her, and today, I saw different magics, Mike and his opponent. Mike move so fast, I’m sure he was using magic. And his opponent with a fucking flame sword. That was kind of cool, even though he sucked. At least he went down with style.

By the way, I wonder if Cyclopes curse can be considered as magic.

“I’ve seen wind magic, thunder magic, barriers and flaming sword…” I said “And Teleportation. That’s really unpleasant.”

“I see… Can you tell me the reason why you want know about magic?”

“Well, I am participating the tournament here, and… I don’t know much of magic and I feel I need a little help with it.”

Fianna give me a look. “You are a contestant of the tournament?”

“Well, yeah.”

“You won the fights and came this far without magic?”

“Ermm… Yeah!”

“That’s amazing!” Excitingly, Fianna said that. “But if you’re really this strong why do you need to know magic?”

“I really need some counter measure against powerful magic users.”

Fianna rose up from her chair, grabbed my hand and then led me into deeper part of library.

“Very well, let me teach you the fundamentals. How to cast and what it is required to cast…” Fianna started.

I could hear the excitement rising on her tone. I’m not sure what I have to expect but I accept any information that might prove to be useful.

“Follow me. I’ll show you.”

The library seemed like an endless maze of stored knowledge. That’s what it is on Earth too, but you know, this was useful information – not a guide book for taking care of a goldfish. Naturally, I am excluding manga, anime, and hentai in general, of course.  The shelves bulged with books. They were heavy books. Are they grimoires?  As we walked, the light around us was fading away. Now, it’s almost dark here.

“They have light for reading, right?”

“Define the word, light.” She replied without sparing me a glance.

“I…” Am not going to answer that.

Fianna took me into the large hall. The hall was almost empty, so, we could talk silently.

“Magic is a power granted by a divine entity. I am sure you’ve heard about this part…”

I nodded. Well, just nodding. I don’t even know the origins of magic!

“Magic is a complex thing that requires a lot of calculation, theory, and practice to make most of them.” Fianna said.

Wow, so, magic was really hard to learn!

“Shaping the magic is dependant on many of different factors. You must know how the spell works with specific incantations.”

Fianna led both of us to sit in front of the desk. She sat next to me.

“Knowing the spell is just a part of it. You must have expanded knowledge in the subject itself.”

“I don’t think I understand it completely.” I said, but the more I thought the more it made sense.

“Let me finish,” Fianna replied sharply. “The form of casting is an art. Art to focus your body and mind into a channel which paranormal forces can use. You must focus intensely.”

Fianna straightened her hand and opened her palm before me.

“Watch.” She whispered an incantation in a strange language.  Her hand glimmered a bit like a white flame played at the tips of her fingers. It was a living spark of magic.

“Well, learning even the simplest of spells is easy and ideally everyone with right qualities can use this.”

“Like sitting in dark place like this?” I gestured the library, Fianna nodded.

“But if what you show me was the simplest, then the most difficult magic requires a lot of work, right?”


“That’s not wrong but it is more than that. Even though, the philosophy of magic is not limited by its user, the practice can be…”

“I don’t underst…” I started, but she raised a finger in front of my mouth – shh, Kyou.

“To become a magic user, one has to start training at the five years olds, any later the development would be stunted.”

“Like me? I mean can I learn magic at this age? I’m not sure if I can do it.”

“Well, that’s a given.” Fianna was giving me a funny look. “From what you told me, you haven’t used magic before, so of course you wouldn’t know how to use magic. You have to be taught to use magic from the basic and learn how to cast spells from the very beginning.”

I nodded understandingly. I see, I can still learn magic if I want to and work hard for it.

“Well, if you want to learn magic fast, you can seclude and devote yourself to magical studies that can make you more powerful. Well, probably.”

“Like a monk…?” I said to myself accidentally. Or something. I dunno. I never seclude myself nor seen someone seclude themselves. So, I don’t how it works. And can we even become more powerful by just seclude ourselves? Meditation? I can do that. Hell, I could proudly say that I was expert on this. Well, used to…

Fianna didn’t seem to be troubled by my silent comment and continued “The spells variety quite a bit, but knowing enough you can achieve anything, isn’t it exciting?”

She was enjoying from our little intimate teaching lesson. I could smell her sweet breath hair; She sure was a great treat.

“Yeah. Truly.”

“Shortly, there are three major categories of spells.” She stood up and pulled a small chalkboard under the table.

Wo-What? Is she using magic?

“Did you…” I pointed the board.

“Nope. This board was here the whole time.” She said happily and then started to draw on the board.

“First; Named spell. Really simple. I am sure you understand the concept.”

Yes, I understand… a little.

“The named spell is more or less a fixed spell with fixed effect.”

So, these were like stereotypical magic you see in anime and games? Gotcha. Pretty cool though!

“The effects itself are generally powerful which makes named spells extremely useful… As long as the user has mana and the capacity to cast.” She nodded to me. “Of course, there are exceptions, but we’re not focusing on these today.”

I should write these down, this information was useful!

“I think the exceptions are my favorites? They’re challenging, that’s why. To apply something that is not not applicable to be applicable… Ah~” Fianna moaned almost erotically. “I love them.”

I looked at her with open eyes. This girl, she really liked being a mage. I wonder what kind of stuff she used to masturbate. A magic dildo?

“Okay, so where were we? Right. As the spells are fixed, it leaves a lot less room for interpretation. The outcome cannot be modified.”

“Sounds logical.”

“It does, doesn’t it? I think it’s a little boring compared to other categories, but here we go. I am arch magus after all.” She smiled.

Self-proclaimed though, right?

“Let’s explain with one example. You know how to handle a bow?”

“I’ve taken few aims before, so yeah.” I nodded as I had previously shot with a compound bow. I was pretty good at shooting using every type of gun. The slower moving projectiles were not different.

“Well, picture these arrows in your mind.” Fianna drew arrows on the chalkboard.

I have to say, she isn’t much of a drawer. I mean the arrows she drew were resembled to penis. On the board I saw bunch of penises lining. Maybe she was doing that on purpose and waws into that kind of stuff. Or was she just sexually frustrated?

“Mages can easily cast a spell that changes the quantity of released arrows, but not only that, the mage can also change the firing state from a scattered homing model to a concentrated model.” Fianna said drawing more arrows or arrow-like penis on the board.

Hmmm, but yeah, I have seen and experience that magic arrow back in the palace! That’s really hurt.

“Makes sense.” I replied like a good student I was.

But this conversation was super interesting though. Like I was reading a super cool manga, but this was real?! Fuck, this was reality.

“Great!”  She concentrated and waved her hand before the board.

A faint swoosh wiped what she drew. That’s really convenient. And good bye, arrow penis!

“And for our next topic; The unnamed spell.” She said and put the board down. “Unnamed spells are closer to an impromptu or command of something the mage needs depending on the situation.”

“Like an unspoken response?” I started, but she didn’t stop me and let me continue.  “To live, I guess?”

“Right! You pick up real fast!” Her eyes shined with pride as she lean closer. Fianna, was this your first time teaching somebody?

“As these spells use the power of words directly, in a way, these are the most honest definition of spells. Any kind of magic can be established as long as the incantation follows the magical… grammar.”


“Well, as a Elf, the best way I can put it is that you must know how to read the ancient language that is passed down for generations of mages…” Fianna had raised her voice, and when she noticed she blushed a little.

She sat next to me. Almost to my laps, and brought her face next to mine, whispering gently. “The effects are simple, relatively weak, but unnamed spells can be created freely based on the required purpose.”

Fianna lowered her hand to my thigh, and I could feel a tingling, warm feeling radiating through my leg into my… And she stopped. Fianna blushed and then quickly rose back up and return her seat. Damn, what a tease!?

“As I was saying, the general rule of thumb is that these are an ordinary day to day spells which mages use to make life a bit easier.”

Did she just try to make me hard with a spell? Magical Viagra, you say? I hadn’t passed to the point of needing to use that, thank you very much. I mean she was hot. I didn’t need… Wait! No. I am here to learn with magic. I could think of some MILF teachers in my high school.

“Yes. That’s cool.” I said, focusing hard.

“Let’s cover up the most complex spell type for last; The ritual spell.” Fianna diverted the attention away from our ‘moment’. “The name is self-explanatory, really. To put it shortly, these spells are extremely powerful due to the investment they require.”

Fair enough. These spells probably won’t be something I need to be concerned with… I could figure out what ritual means.

“It’s exactly what you think.”

You do know? How? Are you reading my mind or something?

“The spells require a lot of mana, and I do mean that literally, like a tons of mana! This why ritual spells need multiple mages.” She said and then drew multiple stick figures standing in a circle.

“These spell sessions, or so-called circuits of mana, can last long periods of time, involve lengthy spells, gigantic wards et cetera.”

In my world, the word “ritual” had these strange, negative connotations most of times. Like a satanic ritual, you know? Well, I don’t. Never been into that lifestyle.

Fianna stopped for some reason and looked around the library. Hmmm?

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing. I… I thought I saw somebody here.”

“Oh.” I replied. Looking around the library I saw nothing but empty library.

“Where was I?” Fianna looked a little overwhelmed.

Maybe she indeed saw somebody. Oh. It must’ve been the intruder! The Intruder from last night!? I need to keep my eyes peeled.

“… That these ritual spells are…”

“…Not able to be performed by a sole mage unless the said mage have a pool of mana. Correct.” She laughed sheepishly. “Points of mana, there are places in the world where magical leylines resides in. These places enhance rituals performed in these spots such as holy grounds, historic ruins, and so on.”

“Okay. That sounds… Heavy.”

“Yeah, well, it gets heavier, the rituals are often made to serve a specific purpose, and thus, essentially have only a single use. Sometimes, mages uses living as sacrifices to accomplish their goals.”

Wow, this was next level shit. Occultist or what? Well, Earth had these strange, negative connotations as well. Like a satanic ritual.

“It goes without saying that the conditions of use are incredibly strict… Umm…” Fianna paused, and raised a finger on her lip. She looked so sexy and so innocent.

“Yeah, that’s it. Those are three categories.”

“Have you ever done ritual magic?” I asked.

“Yes, I have but not all rituals are bad. They can be used for anything really.” She said defensively.

“Okay. I think I understand how magic works now…”

“No, wait. There are more!” She continued hastily.

“There are more?” I asked being a little bored with this theory already. Just a little. This was interesting. Just a lot information at once though.

“Of course, there are, silly!” I could hear her voice getting back to normal. She must’ve forgotten that she saw that somebody. Or whatever she saw.

“What’s the point to know the theory if you don’t know anything about practice?” She said.

Right, after theory lesson, we need practice. I feel like I’m back to my high-school days.

“There are two different incantations in this world; Voice incantation and Voiceless incantation.”

Voice incantation and Voiceless incantation, that’s really the same as manga and novel.

“Well, in the tournament, I saw this man who had a flame sword, and his opponent had you know, some kind of buff…” I was struggling to explain what was that I saw.

“What of it?”

“I didn’t saw them saying anything… So, I guess…”

“It was a voiceless one, yes. They’re made just by concentrating and feeling the magic energy. Giving form by imagining the process and result of the magic.” She completed my sentence and speaks again. “Unlike voice incantations, these spells are fast to conjure, but sloppy if you never practice it. The man you saw must be quite skillful.”

“I am not sure that man was really a mage type.”

“And exactly why is that?”

“Um. Well, he looked like a fighter rather than a people in a robe.” Hmm, wait, that didn’t sound right. It looks like I was insulting her!

Fianna stopped and stared at me, and then let out a drawn-out sigh.

“You know, you don’t have to wear stereotypical ceremony robes to be a mage.”

“Well, maybe. Just maybe I had exaggerated a bit, sorry.”

Yeah, I had seen Elsha and DB conjure magic too. Without incantation! How stupid am I!

“I forgive you. You’re a novice after all.” Fianna said. “The power level of these different incantations is relatively the same. The voiceless can be stronger though if you’re dedicated to this craft.”

“You’d think that’d be the opposite?” I replied.

“Yeah, well if you think it like this; chanting magic only helps it come out more automatic. Few elite magicians can use a shortened version of the chant, but this comes only with experience.” Fianna smiled.

“Come. Let me show you a magic crystal.”

Fianna took my hand again and led me somewhere through the library. Where’s she taking this time? We stopped before a shelf filled with magical crystals. I could see that they were for buying. You can buy something from the library besides outdated books?

“Turning one these crystals into a fine powder, and then mixing it with a… Let’s just say it doesn’t depends on the spell, but a certain set of ingredients, you can turn it into a paint.” Fianna took one of the crystals and handed it to me. “Can you guess what you do with paint?”

“Paint a magic circle?” I said and then blew a raspberry. Easy.

“Yep. Adhesive paint merges into most things, and makes the spell point durable, but also transportable.”

I nodded. The crystal was extremely light, despite its large size. The light inside the crystal waved like a smoke. It was an essence of magic. I could feel it.


As I squeezed the crystal, I could feel it to be… Fragile.

“I could probably, just crush this with my hand.” I said.

“Please don’t. These are rather expensive, and one-time use only.” Fionna stopped me, and grasped the glimmering crystal, and put it back to self.

She was right. The price probably was a lot more than repairing my armor.

“As you’ve painted the circle, you just let the magic through amplifying circle. You can see the effect on the transformation of the circle.”

“One-time use only, huh?”

“The paint will evaporate quickly after the spell is performed, yes, and just to make it clear, the circle can be used by a singular mage – rituals just use multiple people, to make a mana circuit.”

Then she turned and smiled happily.

“Okay, so now you know the foundation, and the rest is up to you,” Fianna said – class dismissed.

She would look hot with glasses, and naughty teacher outfit. I wouldn’t have minded if she was a teacher in my school…

Hmmmm… Wait…? I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Me?” I pointed myself as I looked at her dumbfounded.

Fianna handed me a small book. The most accurate description would be that the book was the basic sized Tankoubon. Time to visit google again. Yippee! *sarcasm* While you’re at it, check the basic size too. You welcome. Just saved you from two trips.

Anyway, the book was thick, and the print was small. I was happy with this gift, but; What can I do? Can I learn magic? Even I managed cast one spell. I don’t know if that can be used for tournament.

“Try. See if you’ve got a little mage inside you.” She encouraged me.

“Thanks. I’ll try. ”

I skimmed the pages and found a frost spell; With an icicle! All the spells. My love for books was ignited once more!

“Glad you like it!” Fianna replied to my excitement.


“Yeah, I really do” I put the book to my dimensional pouch. “I am really glad to meet you. Not only a beauty but you’re also a magic expert, that made me even happier! Today must be my lucky day.”

“Auuh… thanks”

Ohh, she’s blushing. That’s really cute. I wonder if she’s not used to be praised like this.

“Uhm. So, if I need more tutoring, where I could find you?”

I wanted her to teach me more in the future. She was bright but suffered from a little case of social inability.

“I usually spend my time here.” Recovering from embarrassment, Fianna smiled and pointed the library with open arms. “Testing my spells… or doing research.”

“What if you’re not here?”

“Maybe in the coffee across the street.” Fianna said smilingly.

“Okay,” I said and smiled at Fianna. “Thank you! See you around, I guess.”

Fianna waved to me and then disappeared into the maze of books. She must have her own research to do. She had mentioned about writing spells… I guess she was trying to invent voice incantations for spells she had figured out. What are the odds of running into somebody so intelligent, but also willing? I must be a pretty lucky guy.

Well, I think it’s time for my match. Let’s kick some ass then I can read this book.


After beating the crap of my opponents, I quickly return to my room leaving the audience speechless.

I stayed up all night reading and learning about magic. Even though a chunk of the book was just repeating what I had learned from Fianna. I had to formulate a plan for Mike. Apparently, he was a quite a experienced mage as well a fighter. The most respected ability in his arsenal was his skill to combine magic with extreme dexterity with handling a sword.

“He was most likely using some kind of enchantment on his blade. Probably custom made.” I murmured.

The magic course had got my head spinning. It was much to take in. However, the lesson had taught me something more. I felt like I needed to prepare. Prepare for magic.

Smirking, I know I can do this. Yes, with the knowledge I gleaned from Fianna, I knew just where to begin.



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