Bonded Goddess – Chapter 24

I had three matches today. This is the third and the last one for the day.  Also, this match will lead me to semi-finals.

I walked in the narrow hall towards the arena armed with my usual equipment. Well it’s only the sword, knife and guns. From this narrow hall, I could see my opponent was a huge male with muscles that looked like they could crush iron with his grip.

As I entered the arena again, the audience started getting noisier when I was standing before him, I sighed as he didn’t seem to be any different than any other. He was a male warrior, copy and paste. He looked like a lumberjack with his long-beard going to war. Clearly a experienced adventurer. But for some reason, his eyes were filled with hatred and anger. I don’t understand why he look so mad. And the guy holding axe for each of his arms, a dual wielder.

When the match was about to start, his dual axes shined with magical energies. Geez, this guy was impatient. I could tell that they were enchanted. What else I could tell? The man was using the same magic technique as Mike, but I doubted he’d be any good.

Then a gong smashed bell was heard. Match start. Well, then let’s get this started and finish this in real quick.

As the match started, the man then suddenly threw his axes at me. What the fuck?! I was kinda shocked because of the sudden action but I’ve dodged them with ease. Then I saw the axes were returning to him as though it were boomerangs. Holy shit! Is that some kind of Norse mythology axes? A weapon that will returned to its wielder whenever he or she threw it, or summoned it? I realized he wasn’t a complete mob who’d forfeit without putting a fight. That’s really good!

As his dual axes returned to his hands, my opponent morphed his axes into a short bow the magical string and arrows formed and he started to shoot at me.

Seriously? The axes can transform to different weapon too?! That’s kinda unfair. Well, I brought guns so I guess I have no right to say anything.

I dodged the arrows with a quick roll. I closed in the bastard and knifed him. He didn’t have trouble to dodge though. I was once more peppered with arrows. His mana wasn’t endless but I couldn’t count how much mana points he had.

Rolled with my pistol out, and shot him three times. He managed to dodge one, but I predicted his movement too well. Man grunted. The shots weren’t lethal, obviously. They were only to make him stay still long enough…

When I run toward him, he began healing his foot. I jumped over him as he had realized my intentions. I pulled my sword from my back and sliced his shoulder rather severely.


His armor was made from thick leather, but not enough for my sword. The man flailed a strike, but I finished him off with my usual kick on the head. The man didn’t fall on a first kick though. He was dizzy, but rising uppercut sealed the deal. The man was unconscious. Since the man couldn’t regain his consciousness within five seconds, I won.

The audience bellowed in excitement and starts cheering for me.

I scanned the audience and saw a group of people, holding signs that featured my current number; No. 12. The group was a bunch of teenage girls, probably around 14-18. I chuckled at the view.

I left the arena without much of an emotion as I walk back into the entrance tunnel towards the waiting area. I wasn’t in a spot to boast too much. Wasting time would be pointless, but I have to admit. The admiration i was recieving was nice. Yes, it’s kinda feels good being cheered by them.

By the way, since my previous match, DB has stopped teleporting me to the waiting room. I wonder why he stopped though… Maybe because he doesn’t want do that anymore? Or maybe because it was too much of a hassle for him.

The final was approaching; I was already in the semi-finals. I was going to fight against Mike and I still don’t have any preparations against him. I should try to learn magic much as I could. Yeah, I needed to. The opponents have started to grown to be more creative, but they sure were just as lousy as the first time around.

Yes, I felt uneasy but I had a whole day ahead of me. There must be something to shake off these stupid thoughts.


After the match over, I wandered around the floating town looking for something to do. I hit my feet into something. Something soft.


It was a cat! I must had kicked it by accident. This creature was actually the first… Ordinary looking animal I saw here. As much as the ordinary goes, the cat was definitely not a normal cat that I could tell, but still, it looked like a cat. The cat had white, silvery fur. It was ragged though. It was a stray, obviously. The creature’s eyes were golden, with a tint of orange. They were glimmering. This cat was magical, and its’ fur was shining like virgin snow.

I liked cats, and I felt compassion towards that flimsy animal.

The familiar tangy scent floated in the air, and I noticed I had arrived in front of that annoying hag’s potion shop, and decided to have some fun. As I got in the shop, the lady didn’t pay any attention to me, like previously. I took a bottle and looked at it.

“No touching!” The hag scolded.

I put the bottle down and smirked. Let’s see here. The shop was full of ingredients that all were for potions naturally. I moved towards one of the ingredients; it was some sort slimy flora. No reaction from the lady. I dropped it on the ground.

“Hey! Didn’t you hear?! Don’t touch anything!” Hag said.

She was getting furious. Amusing.

“Chill out, lady,” I scoffed and picked up the flower. “What kind of stuff you sell here?”

The hag glanced me with disgust, and I responded the gaze. “Can’t you tell?”

I poured a potion on the desk and kneeled looking out it, closely. The hag’s face had become red like a tomato. She was infuriated.

“I have to call, security!”

“For what?” I stood up as the liquid evaporated into the air.

“You keep disobeying the rules of my shop!” Had responded, and pointed the sign on the wall.

‘No touching’

“Oh, that? I am sorry. I thought this was a sample zone. By the way, are you a witch?” I asked.

“Wha- Yo—” The hag was speechless.

She was so triggered by my words. I just played my role. Suddenly, she sat down gasping for air – she didn’t know what to say.

“Excuse me. What I need to do for a better service here.” I looked and repeatedly ring the bell on the woman’s desk.

The door opened, and a woman walked in. She stared me, and I responded with my handsome smile. She was wearing expensive fabric and, a furry boa. A typical rich bitch.

“Hey,” and then continued. “I don’t know why, but she’s refusing to serve me.”

“Get out!!!” Hag yelled.

“Oh, what’s going on?” Woman asked.

“That man is out of control he’s touching the bottles…!”

“I was merely reading them!” I responded. “You can call the guards. I think she’s having a heart attack or something.”

The hag was speechless once again.  I just kept insulting her.

“Come on. I can show you a friendlier shop.” The woman came to me and grabbed led me outside. She walked in front of me, so she couldn’t see me giving a middle finger to the hag.

“Screw you!” Hag yelled.

“Excuse me? I am calling guards on you for that.” The woman stopped and turned.

She looked hurt, but the hag dismissed her words and pointed to the door.

“Screw you too!” Hag yelled, this time meaning it to this woman.

“See? She’s so mentally unstable.” I whispered.

“I heard that. Fuck you. And fuck you.” Hag walked from behind the counter waving her finger at us.

Nailed it. I couldn’t help but smile. This hag had it coming -I knew she was a type to have multiple warnings for her rude behavior. Was I rude? Of course, but deliberately so. Well, I think I kind of went too far. I will compensate her later.

“She was so aggravated. Thank you for standing up for me.” I said as we left the shop.

“No problem. I’ll alert the guards and let my husband handle this. That woman is going to get her shop closed for insulting a woman of my calibre.”

“Oh. That’s nice of you.” I said and then noticed a TR logo on her purse.

“You welcome young man.” She said, and then left the premises.

Man, what the hell am I doing?


As I trudged toward the nearest park in search of a bench to sit, I stumbled across an altercation involving a group of male yelling at a little girl.


I stopped to watch the spectacle unfold. Another pattern…

“Oi, oi! Do you know who you just bumped into?”

“I…I’m very sorry!”

A girl who looked about fourteen was bowing profusely, her light blue shoulder-length hair falling about to conceal her face as she apologized. The three punks who surrounded her were almost 2 meter tall, with menacing bald heads. Yup, don’t underestimat a bald dude.

“You’re sorry? You think an apology will cut it?”

“Yeah! You know who this is? This is Revgrid!! One of the participants in the Guard Selection of Taebutopia Rey! A future guard! What happens if you accidentally injured him and affected his chances in the tournament!?”

“The next match is only few hours away!”

What a load of rubbish. No matter how I looked, none of them looked injured at all. Rather, it was the girl who was looking troubled, her damaged bicycle lying on the road by her side, its frame twisted and dented. The guy she collided with must be as tough as a brick wall. Also, one of them was a contestant?

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s no use talking to her. Where are your parents?”

“Yeah, we’ll make sure they compensate us for this injury!”

I sighed. I hated bullies like these punks the most. While I never have been a bully victim myself, I could empathize with the girl. There was no way I was going to leave her to the mercy of these hooligans. Well, let’s play the hero.  By the way, let’s be honest here, if it was boy instead of girl, I would just walk away and pretend I didn’t see anything.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Eh? Who the hell are you?”

“Mind your own business! Can’t you see we’re busy here?”

“All I’m seeing are three huge guys bullying a little girl.” I shook my head. “Have you no shame?”

Finally, I really wanted to say that for almost three decades!

“What the fuck are you on, HUH?!”

The trio of hooligans turned on me, their huge nostrils flaring with rage. I stood my ground calmly and quietly readied my hands. If they wanted a fight, I would be happy to give it to them. From my estimates, they were nowhere half as strong as my previous opponent. Well, It wasn’t that I was underestimating them, just stating the facts. The moment they struck, I had half a dozen different measures in place to kill them where they stood.

Unfortunately, I never had to implement those measures.

“Hey, big bro…!”

One of the hooligans’ expressions turned into that of fear when he studied me. He tugged at the sleeve of the center guy, who I guess must be Revgrid or something.

“This is the guy who defeated Mr. Lors this morning!”

Who? Who is Mr.Lors?

“…yeah!” the other lackey paled “I recognize him! Didn’t he appear in the E-paper for the past few days?”

“Huh? E-paper?”

What is that? Some kinds of newsletters of this world? Maybe I should think of E-Paper as equivalent to Earth’s newsletters. And for these hooligans… You people actually read the newsletters. That’s really an impressive feat for mere hooligans.

The three punks were wise enough not to get involved with someone who could take on such a supposedly powerful man, and they exchanged anxious glances before retreating. But I still have one question… Who the hell was this Mr.Lors?! Was that dual wielding guy I defeated this morning?

“Let’s go!”

“Hurry up!”

If they actually paid attention, they would know I wasn’t as strong as the newsletter or whatever made me out to be. Without my enhanced and my gears, I was pretty vulnerable in a fight.

As the trio disappeared from sight, I turned to the girl.

“…I’ve never seen an ally of justice before.”

Ah, please don’t call me that. It’ll make me want scratch myself.

The girl’s eyes were shining as she looked up at me gratefully and overawed. Once again, I was reminded how young she was – at least thirty years younger than me. She looked like she was still in middle school. She was pretty cute for a middle schooler, but she didn’t possess the matured curves and ample bosom that women around here have. Well, she was still in her growth phase, and her skinny body was just only beginning to fill out. Besides, I didn’t have an interest in young girls, so I honestly couldn’t care about the details.

What? You lolicon want to heard her appearance descriptions? Gross! But fine, I will do it but I will keep it restricted! The girl was a petite build with light blue hair and hazel eyes. She has pale skin with an innocent face. Well, in short, she was a very adorable girl. There, I won’t do it again!

“Are you all right, girl?” I know it was too late to ask that but I still ask that anyway.

“Mm…” the girl nodded. And then she bowed very deeply while holding onto her bicycle. “Thank you very much for helping me.”

“No problem. I was glad to help.” I returned the bow by lowering my head. “I’m Oda Kousuke, nice to meet you.”


Alice? What a fitting name for a cute girl like her!

As Alice bowed I noticed the pretty flower hairclip on the front left side of her hair and thought that suited her best.

“Will you be all right?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry about me.”

Alice began pushing her damaged bicycle along the sidewalk.

“Is your home far from here?”

“My home?” Alice wrinkled as if she remembered something important and then she shook her head. “Ah, no. I’m running an errand for my sister!  I’m supposed to buy groceries…” she pointed toward a supermarket further down. “I’ll be going there first before I get home. But I think I’ll have to repair my bicycle first…”

“If you don’t mind, I can take a look at it for you.”

“Um…okay. Sure.”

Alice stepped aside to allowed me access to her bicycle. Kneeling down, I placed my hands on the twisted frame and infused it with brute strength. Within seconds, the dented bicycle frame bent and flattened, returning to its original shape…well, almost same. But holy shit, I actually success repairing it with my bare hands! 60% of it… At least, the girl can use the bike now.

“…Wow! Amazing!”

Alice’s jaw dropped as she rushed over to her repaired bicycle. She stared at me, tears almost forming in her eyes.

“Thank you! Thank you so much! I don’t know how I can ever repay you. First, you saved me from those scary people, and now you’ve even helped me with my bicycle!”

“It’s nothing.” I assured her. It was a good chance to practice controlling my strength, after all, so it wasn’t as if I was losing anything.

“Ah, I know! I’ll let my sister know about this! She definitely will pay you!”

There really was no need to, but I doubted Alice would listen to me if I told her not to mind it. Instead, I stepped back and returned the bicycle to her.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you…”


Alice blushed when her stomach growled. I smiled wryly, shaking my head. For some reason, Alice felt like a little sister that I just couldn’t leave alone.

“I was going to get some food. Do you want some as well? They’re really delicious…”

In the end, I coaxed Alice into sidetracking from her errands by buying her some food stall. We brought the four boxes to a park bench to sit and eat. After parking her bicycle against a nearby lamp, Alice plopped down beside me and opened the box of steaming takoyaki.

YES! This world actually have Takoyaki! As a Japanese, I feel so proud!

“Is it really okay? After you saved me twice too…now you’re treating me to takoyaki.”

“Don’t worry about it. I wanted to eat some myself.”

To make a show of it, I grabbed one of them and shoved it into my mouth, savoring the sauce and onion flakes.

“Mmm… Delicious!”

“Ah… Okay. Thanks for the meal!”

After clapping her hands together, Alice began to dig in as well. The two of us ate, exchanging pleasantries about how delicious the takoyaki was.

“I’ve never tasted anything like this before!”

“Really?” Well, that’s a given, as Alice wasn’t from my world. “Then, aren’t you glad I talked you into trying this takoyaki?”

“Yeah! Thank you!”

Alice got so excited over eating takoyaki that she ended up smearing sauce over her mouth and face. Chuckling at the comical sight, I took a paper towel that came with the takoyaki boxes and used it to wipe her face.

“There, all clean.”

“Umm…thank you.”

Alice looked taken aback and blushed.  To avoid causing Alice further embarrassment, I changed the subject. After that, we have idle chat for ten minutes then she excused herself and left for the supermarket.

Well, I think I should go see Fianna. Maybe she could give me some hand in magic as I didn’t made any progress. It feels stupid since I’ve been always been either good or decent at anything I put my mind into.

The sun was blazing overhead, reaching its zenith as it scornfully watched me, it was around noon which meant that she was probably in the library.


I walked around inside the library searching for Fianna but she wasn’t there. I went to where she had taught me about the foundations of magic. By the way, the library was busier and crowded than yesterday. That’s really weird. Yesterday, this place was like completely deserted.

Hmmm… Where is she? Maybe she was in the café she mentioned yesterday? The café across the library. I went to window and peeked, I immediately spotted her. She was sitting alone in the corner and reading a very big book that could weight like few kilograms.


I walked up to her yet she still didn’t notice me. Geez, she was too immersed with that book. She didn’t even notice when I sat beside her.

“Like your corner?” I said rather loudly as I whispers her.

“Kyaa!” Fianna squealed cutely.

Wow, that’s really cute. In every fiction, it always been said that Elf have sensitive ears. And because of that reason, sudden voice entering her sensitive ear making Fianna jumped out of her seat and looks frightened. She still didn’t see my face as she raised her hands to her head to defend herself.

The girl began imploring me. “Please… I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please let me go! I don’t have anything!”

Seeing her like that made me little guilty. Yes, just a little. Geez, I just wanted to surprised her, not making her frightened like that. I should calm her as everyone in the café start whispering whether they should called guard or not.

“No, I won’t do anything to you because I need you to teach more about magic.”

The girl skidded backward and raised her head to look at me with teary eyes. Then her jaw dropped when she recognized who I was.


“Yes, it’s me.” I grinned.

“Don’t scare me like that!” Fianna said angrily.

“Actually, I didn’t mean to scare you. You were just too focused reading that book.”

“But you don’t have to whisper to my ears like that!!” Fianna screamed while still blushed.

“At least, I didn’t bit it.”


Fianna’s face flushed furiously and she quickly looked away then she immediately hug her body as if she was covering herself from me.

“What do you want, Kousuke? I’m busy right now.” Fianna said with rather annoyed tone.

Wow, she looks so cute when she pouted, her cute face puffing up and causing me want tease her more.

“Hey, I’m sorry teasing for teasing you like that.”

With huff, Fianna took another deep breath and sat down.

“So, are you always spending time here?”

“Yes.” She replied shortly, innocently toying with her hair.

“Was this the biggest book you had read?” I pointed to the book in front of her.

“Umm. No. This is just the medium size.” She closed the book and put the book on her satchel.

Medium?! This giant book is the medium size?! Holy shit! I definitely don’t want to see the biggest one. That would make me dizzy. Also, our conversation looks stiff and limited… Can I break this cold situation?

A moment of silence follows. Then after for a while, Fianna open her mouth.

“How’s your magic training going?”

“No progression at all. I was wondering if you could help me little more. Like give me some pointer.”

“Umm… Sure.” She said after a pause.

I can see she looked reluctant to say anything to me. Didn’t she say I could come and ask for more tutorage?

Fianna lowered her gaze. Hmmm?  Look, I wasn’t dense. After looking at her, I could see she have something on her mind.

“You okay?” I tried to reach her eyes. “You seem a little off today.”

“Can I… talk about something not magic related?” She asked and then pulled her chair closer to me.

“Sure. What’s up?” I smiled at her. I caught a whiff of her perfume as she drew closer. Hmm, she does really smell nice.

See, I was right. She does have something on her mind, but to think she was willing talk about something else besides magic after just one meeting. What make her to talk to me about private matter? My charm does this? Nah, I don’t believe it.

“I have a friend.” Fianna started.

“Is she one of those fangirl?” I chuckled.

“Umm. No. You know, it’s really hard to explain.” Fianna said, and I saw a lonely expression on her face.

Of course, she’s not talking about them. Fianna looked at me, seems hesitated to continue.

“Hmmm?” I leaned closer and tell to go on. “Well, just keep talking. I’m listening.”

Fianna took breath and start speaking.

“My best friend is a very beautiful girl. She’s been my friend since we were children. We were always together and I know her better than anybody else. I know what she likes and what she dislikes.”

Then I heard her talking and complaining about her best friend. I listened to her without interrupting her. It was clear that she really treasured her best friend. Then when she stopped for second to took a gulp of her drink, I asked her.

“So, is your friend good at magic like you?”

“What? Of course. She was one of the top back in the academy!” Fianna said proudly.

She seems have good time back in this academy. Then her face suddenly turns gloomy.

“And then my friend suddenly went missing for almost a month. Leaving everyone who cared for her…”

Pause. Silence descended.

….Wait …What…?

“Then recently I heard from her that she has returned… But she’s sick…”

“Sick? How is she…”

“Don’t.” Fianna stopped me and sighed. “She can’t get up anymore. Something happened to her… The thing got her depressed… Super depressed, and finally, it has started to take a toll on her and I, her best, am unable visit to her! I can only communicate with her via Magic Hologram.”

Magic Hologram? That’s not important right now. Fianna threw herself into my arms and hugged me; she was sobbing a little. Ohh, I can feel the softness on my chest. This is good. Wish this can last little longer.


“After returning, she so depressed to the point that she can’t even understand what she’s saying…”

Was her friend mentally ill? Schizophrenic, maybe? Can depression cause that? Fuck, I don’t know, but my mentor needed help.

“And recently she has started to think about a mysterious man from another world. I cannot explain it any better.” Fianna shook her head. “She told me she was taken there. Nobody can tell what exactly happened to her…”

Then she stopped talking.

“Fianna?” I caressed her hair as she still sobbing.

“I am sorry by bringing this up…” Fianna looked upon me, but I didn’t answer, just give her reassuring smile.

Hmmm? Wait a minute… Taken to another world by mysterious man? This looks familiar… From what I heard, it’s as if she was talking about her… Was she talking about Evelyn? Nonono, she definitely was talking about Evelyn! It was Evelyn. She knows where she is!! I could finally stop following these pointless clues and participating in this useless tournament!  See! I told you! I’m not dense! I have stopped being ignorant gullible fool since that day!

All this time, I still thought entering this stupid tournament was the most idiotic and wasting time method. But, to think I would befriend with Evelyn’s best friend through the tournament. Is this luck or fate? I don’t know… Now, if I recall correctly, when Evelyn was still with me, she sometimes mentioned about her best friend from childhood and how close they are… But she didn’t mention anything about sisters, parents or fiancée though which still makes me mad.

Ok, that’s not important right now…This girl just told me my Evelyn was sick! There is no way I couldn’t ignore that! Oh no… My Evelyn is sick! She’s sick! I need to go her side!


“Where is she?”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m asking you… Where is she?” I asked her. All she needed was to tell me where my dear Evelyn was!

Fianna look confused, she must’ve thought I was just oblivious to her anguish as I was immediately much more interested in her friend than magic. Fuck spells. Fuck magic! I don’t need them! But of course not! I shared her anguish and sadness, as we cared for same person.

“Where is your friend?” I asked her again, this time more forcibly.

“I… I can’t tell you.” She replied, I can’t see her face but I feel she look terrified.

She must have wanted to separate herself from me but I hug her tighter. I wasn’t going to let it go!

“You must tell me where she is. Fianna! This is important!” I was raising my voice, and causing a scene in a café, but who gives a fuck.

Everything seemed to black out for a moment. I am not certain what happened, but I have the feeling that I kept pestering her about Evelyn’s whereabouts until she finally snapped!

“I can’t tell you!!” Fianna pushed me so hard on the chest.


I fell on my bottom to the ground…. Speechless…

Alright, that was stupid. I shouldn’t force her like that. But she knew Evelyn’s whereabouts! I can’t let this important information go!

Then I feelt anger building inside me… directed toward this girl who won’t let me know where my lover was… I think I should just grab and bring her somewhere and… force her to talk…

Oh no! Stop that! I have to stop this instant! Fuck! I was a moron! I almost surrendered to my emotions again. Remember, don’t let anger cloud my judgment! Remember it! Good. Now. Keep it calm – think before you act.

I took a deep breath then stand up. Fianna looks wary and horrified. Can’t blame her, I smiled apologetically and bowed deeply to her.

“I am very sorry. Fianna. I am very ashamed what I just did to you.”

Fianna was silent. She stared at me for a moment, realizing that I was apologizing honestly. However a suspicious light shone in her eyes

After another long pause, Fianna took a deep breath to calm herself before nodded to me.

“Why do you care where my friend is anyway? This isn’t about you.” Fianna asked wrinkling her eyebrows.

“No reason.” I replied coolly as ice and leaned back on the chair.

I want to tell that I was Evelyn’s lover but I don’t know whether Fianna had connections to Vaerian Military. What if she would start holding everything against me like everyone else? She would. Who knows? She could also be part of the military. I’d rather not face someone with a deep understanding of magic, thank you very much. Though, I’m sure i can disable her before she casted her magic on me.

Remember that patience is a virtue. I hate that phrase. It’s hardly ever applicable. But I can’t just start revealing that I was Evelyn’s lover and that i was looking for her.

“What happened just you made it look so suspicious.”

“I am sorry. I mean. The magic stuff is hard, and I have a friend around these parts that knows about it as well.”

Ok, don’t say anything. I know that was weak excuse and sound stupid.

“I just naturally thought you know… We were talking about the same person.”

“Well, considering your background I highly doubt it.” Fianna laughed. Her laugh was super cute.

“Easy mistake. Anybody with compassion could’ve made it, right?” What a pathetic lie.

We stopped, and I felt sad. Miserable, to be honest. The love of my life was almost at my grasp, yet still so far. Especially, she was sick now. Wait, Wait a minute… from what Fianna told me… her sickness was…

Alright, let just ask her, to confirm what I had in mind.

“By the way, can you tell me more about your friend’s sickness again?”

“Ehh… Ah… sure…”

Fianna then repeated what she said. After hearing what she just told me for second time, I can only smile in relieve… Why? Because from my conclusion, Evelyn was healthy, very healthy!

She was just suffering… from “Lovesickness”! Funny, right? Geez! I don’t know whether I should cry or laugh here. But I’m feeling so happy! Evelyn missed me! I need to see her fast before she suffered more. Or maybe I should delay it? I want her missing me terribly, then I will appear before her and made her think only about me. Hmmm, that’s a really good plan… let’s do that.

“Do you know my friend’s diagnoses?

“Well, I know… I don’t know if you would understand thought, but I can assure you that your friend… is fine.” I hold myself from laughing.

“What?! She was having hard time to breathe! She’s told me that her heart was about to explode!”

There no doubt, that’s definitely lovesickness. Oh, Evelyn… you must be feels so lonely.

“No, she’ll be fine, trust me. I’m sure she will return to herself before you know it.”


Fianna glanced at me for a few seconds before nodding.

“Alright, I will take your words for it.” She said firmly. “But if something happen to her… I won’t forgive you. I definitely will do something unpleasant to you!”

Actually if something happen to your best friend, I would most likely die before you could do anything. Of course I won’t say that.

Then as if trying to snap me back to reality, Fianna’s next words surprised me.

“I can tell you.”

“Tell me what?” I asked her doubtfully.

“Let me rephrase that: I might tell you where my best friend is, but in one condition.”

“Why?” I asked full of disbelief. Few moments ago, she didn’t wanted to tell me about her best friend’s whereabout. Now she wants to tell me? Women’s heart really complicated and hard to understand. I wonder what changed her heart.

But was this a trick? If she was part of Vaerian army, she was trying to get me caught, now was she? I glanced at her but saw no evil contempt. I hope she hadn’t realized anything. I mean she was a smart girl. Damn it. I had to think carefully before answering.

“…What’s the condition?”

“The condition is that you must become the champion.”

That’s it? That’s the condition? It was too easy.

“Umm… Okay. I accept your challenge.”

I offered my hand we shook hands like sealing the deal. Damn, her hand feels so soft..

“Want to talk about magic now? My match is approaching tomorrow, and I’d like a repeat what we talked yesterday.” I changed the subject.

Fianna nodded smiling. I was reinvigorated with determination — finally, some progress. I had a clear purpose to win this tournament now. Regardless of what happened after that, I could get to know where Evelyn was.

I must become the champion. I am ready to beat everyone, and for that, I needed to go all out. I ain’t going to hold back anymore. Getting that double V was everything.

Hmph. Easy enough, I just need to destroy everyone that stands in my way!



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