Bonded Goddess – Chapter 26

You know I thought teleportation in this world would not be required as they could teleport. but I guess not everyone could teleport and I’m sure not everyone could use magic.

Also, this fantasy modern world… They keep surprise me one after another. Sure, I have seen few futuristic item in this world, who would thought they have UFO. And this UFO doesn’t feel like they actually moving or flying at all! Yet I saw the UFO moving so fast through the window!

Well, that’s not really important right now… What I need to think was….

What I should with my… ugh, client or master? Oh shit, I don’t know how to treat her, especially after what I have done to her! She was the girl that I spanked and now, I was serving under her. Is this karma?

I guess so…  I see Leroy and Sera exchanging few necessary words, as for me and the ‘the door-knight’ stood silently. It was fine as I needed time to think. I was in deep shit in many ways, and everything could crumble down so easily – all it was one soldier who recognized me to take a closer look to me.

The plane trip… I mean UFO trip was quite uneventful.

When we reached Taebutopia Rey territory, I was momentarily mesmerized by the breathtaking view afforded to me… The land was enchanting. Everything began with a large, lush deciduous forest that held various magical ponds within. The animals were scarce, but the trees were well kept; cut and organized neatly. They must’ve dozens of gardeners just to keep the forest. The sight continued with a large meadow of flowers that climbed on the mountain slopes, colouring them in all colours. I could notice a few paths among the flowerbeds.

Then I saw it, an enormous mansion raised before the mountain. The place was in the middle of the gardens, fountains, and many other houses. These houses were without a doubt the places where these hundred servants, knights and bodyguards would reside.

Fuck they are rich! I know Noble are rich… but never thought would be this rich…! I had to force myself for not to say this out loud.

And this place seems was isolated from the city. From the distance, if we go by foot from the mansion to the outskirts of the city would take more than two days. I was stuck here, but as long as everything goes as planned, I should be fine. Yup, if everything goes down, I can use the forest to hide.

The plane descended.

We stepped out, and there was an entourage of knights waiting for us. They all saluted Leroy, but as Sera and I stepped down, they kneeled – heads lowered. I knew the military had rules but this truly was extreme. Now I am wondering if this what citizens do to Evelyn and sisters.

“Well then, my champion. You change your dress.” Sera pointed me to a tent that was set up out in the open.

“Right away,” I said and obeyed Leroy’s silent gestures to follow him.

We entered the tent, and I saw Vaerian knight armor fully prepared in front of me. It bit different to other knights. Is it custom made?

“Hurry up and change. We don’t want to made Lady Sera wait.” Leroy said and exited the tent.


I remove my armor then change into Vaerian Knight armor. The armor felt little heavier than my armor. Well, it just classic medieval armor. I guess it might have some magical properties too, but I couldn’t be too certain of it. Now, if I recall correctly, back in middle high school, I had once tried the samurai armor. Well, it was quite heavy.

Lastly, I grasped the sword that prepared for me. It was an ornamented sword, a beautiful sight like everything here. How much had this rich family invested in something as unnecessary as this, I gave the sword a couple of little swings that cut the air.  I can’t wait to show them how to use this.

After I unsheathed the sword, put my power suit inside my stolen dimensional pouch. I wasn’t going to leave it here.

“Okay,” I said to myself and put on business face.

As I exited the tent, I saw knights cheering for me. Leroy was nodding approvingly. I was one of them! Great! Let’s… Whoa!

“Took you long enough,” Sera said and nudged me with her.

She was smiling but leading me somewhere. I saw her waving her hand to the knights who then left the scene and started to pack my dressing room-tent.

We entered the mansion, and I could see a lot of large white surfaces with golden details. The ceilings were high, and the pillars made from a material that I only could describe ivory held the magnificent roof. I walked up the stairs.

“I need to take you to my brother,” Sera said smilingly.

“What?” I gasped.

“We’ll be in his office soon enough…” Sera said and pulled me straight. “Don’t be so resistant for crying out loud!”

She was taking me straight to Leonardo?! FUCK! My plan backfire right the fucking way. I had no mask – helmet wasn’t going to cut it against Leonardo…

Shit! What should I do? Pulled my gun and prepared for the worst? Wait, gun would make this worst. Especially the gunshot will attract unnecessarily problem.

Let’s go with sword. I grasped my sword, ready to strike. I’d kill Sera or take her into hostage if the situation would call it.

“Sure thing. My apologies.” I said and tried to calm my nerves.

Sera wasn’t acknowledging my silent plea. She was taking me like a teenage girl who would show her boyfriend for the parents for the first time. My head was in a mush. I couldn’t think straight. Well, I could; always can as I wasn’t the panicking type, but since I had a mission I had to think carefully for my move.

We entered the long corridor, and at the end of it, I saw a tall two-part door. We practically glided towards the door of doom. And before I knew it, we stopped before the door.

“Okay. Here we are. Smile widely.” She said and rushed in.

I could hardly examine the space, but a blonde man sat behind the desk wasn’t Leonardo – but it was someone else… He was an older version of him. He was look like middle-aged man. Well, he handsome looking man with a short golden hair. His eyes were bright blue like a fall sky – like his two siblings. He was giving an impression that made him look like an owner of big and famous company.

“Relax, Kousuke.” Sera said and slapped my hand off.

I didn’t have noticed that I had squeezed my sword this hard. Whoops. I exhaled loudly; you cannot imagine how freaking relieved I was.

“Welcome. I have received interesting reports from you, young man.” The man said and raised his kind gaze.

Young man? That never gets old. I kind of understand why middle aged lady love being called young.

“My name is Erich Taebutopia Rey and head of this household…”

“Just because you’re the oldest.” Sera interrupted mockingly.

Sera nodded to me – clearly signaling me that Erich’s age shouldn’t be something to brag. Erich dismissed his sister with a short laugh.

“Yes. That’s correct; little sister.” Erich stood up.

I could tell that he was well built, strong, father-like figure. At that time, I could also notice a golden ring on his left hand. Oh, he’s married. That’s good. Wonder how beauty his wife is.

“Oda, Kousuke. Well met.” I mimicked the phrase you can only hear in role-playing games. It seemed to fit this world, better than I thought.

“Yes. You’re my little sister’s personal bodyguard from now to…” Erich shrugged and laughed “Forever?”

“Or until I got tired of him!” Sera said with a smug smile.

I gave her an awkward smile – Damn. Yeah, I was gonna get it. She knew she “owned me” in a way. Damn. What a bitch!

“Yes. Ahem. That too.” Erich said and walked to the wine cabinet. “My sister has her quirks.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed,” I replied, but Sera didn’t appreciate this attempt to bond with her brother.

I meant the time I spanked her brat ass, and she knew it by my quick glance to her firm ass. This was an amusing thought, what if I would tell her brother all about her masochist obsession to ruin men’s nuts and humiliate them. How about her gambler spirit…?

Hah. Yeah. I could start it by ‘you know, your sister has her way exchange her virginity to money’. I’d look his baffled face and then continue ‘yeah, she was kind of whore that way. Did you know she has a really tight asshole? Oh, and you can make her moist just by spanking?’ Bet he didn’t know that.

Nah. I better not, even though the event would be priceless, I’d be thrown into the pit of snakes or something similar.

“You have? Already?” Erich said and looked at Sera – judging. “Sera, don’t you have any self-control?”

Eric poured himself a fancy drink. Sera raised her nose in the air like a spoiled poodle – Hmph. She wasn’t going to answer that.

“Sir Oda, please let us settle the contract over here…” Erich gestured me to him.

Erich sat behind his desk again, slide the paper across the table.

“Assign on the marked spot.” He then continued taking a sip from his drink.

My eyes must be deceiving me…. for the first time in my life… I saw this amount of money…

Trust me, I never saw zero this many and would expect that offered to me…. The pay was almost hundred times than any other work I had ever worked! This is insane pay for babysitting a brat, but I guess there were worse ways to spend money… Like every other guard than me.

“By the way, sir. Since I’m not from here, I assume this is not the whole family, am I correct?” I signed the contract.

“Yes. You probably heard about my brother, the hero, Leonardo. He is currently in the Calastine.”

“Oh…” I replied seemingly surprised. “Is there problem there?”

“Yes, there is an emergency there.” Erich ended the discussion and put the paper in the drawer.

I, however, knew that emergency was a lot more than ‘usual’. You know the details might contain quite much of blood and cum. You also know that these two things are not necessary in a related way.

“He should be back in a week or so,” I noted this information into my mental notepad.

Great, I had enough time. The lady luck still with me! My luck didn’t seem to end yet.

Sera and I left Erich’s room.

“I am going to take a bath.” She said, and as I took a few steps to follow her, she stopped.

“You don’t need to follow me there.”

“You sure?” I smirked.

“Yeah. I’ll manage,“ Sera stated “If you need anything just ask the maid. They are running all over the place.”

“What if I need to slap their tight bum? Do you have maids for that?”

We were walked only a dozen feet from Erich’s room and practically still near the room. Sera was standing before me with mouth wide open.

“What if I need to put my dick somewhere? Do the maids agree… like any hole?” I smirked naughtily.

“You…” Sera snapped and raised her hand.

I grabbed her hand before it managed to slap me and pinned it to the wall. Gently enough so Erich wouldn’t be alerted, but firmly enough to see a tinge of her eyes.

“Calm down. It was just a joke. I wouldn’t do anything like that. You know me that well. I don’t just put it anywhere.”

Sera pulled her hand and glaring at me.

“I just wanted to see your reaction, Sera.”

With scoffed, Sera left without saying anything.

I watched her round ass swaying side to side. This was my style to show I wasn’t going to be a push around even if she’d be my boss.

As I strolled around the mansion, I noticed two maids eyeing on me. Those two maids looked like mother and daughter.

“Hey, I am new here. Could you show me around?” I ask as I put smile.

Both looked at each then nodded.

“Sure,” Maids said synchronized.

The maids showed me around, the mansion even seemed bigger on the inside; there were multiple kitchens for different kind meals, dining halls for various occasions and entertainment centers for your every need.  To put it shortly; everything was big and glorious . Who knows, with magic around, the place could actually be bigger on the inside, anyway!

On every wall, I saw gigantic windows that showed a vast garden landscape, and lakes. It truly was beautiful here. I had never appreciated my surroundings this much.

As we keep strolling, I stop and looking at the big garden with big house from the window.

The garden was look so beautiful.

“That place is off limits.” The younger maid said suddenly, as I was immersed in my silent child-like wonder.

“Off limit?”

“Yes, that was Sir Leonardo’s personal place. His personal garden.” The older maid said. “Only a few people can enter.”

….Oh, Leonardo’s personal garden, eh…

“Uhm. I see. I respect that…” I lied.

I don’t give a care about respecting that guy’s property. I only wanted to see her… where is she?

If this is the right place…then we should be here. I looked from the window, and then I actually saw her. She was seating on table while drinking a cup of tea.

……’s her…

It was her… I’m sure of it! Even with sealed bond, I couldn’t make the same mistake again. My body started shaking but controlling it was extremely hard especially my body was shaking in excitement.

I finally found… Evelyn.

“Excuse me. Can we postpone the tour? I think I want to catch some fresh air next to the lakes I just saw.”

“Right away, sir.” maids said curtsying nicely.

I stretched and took my leave back the way we came. I peeked over my shoulder and saw the maids gone. Now is my moment. My body felt like exploding. I moved hastily, and quiet like a shadow, despite my clanking armor. TR sure knew how to make armor flexible and silent; I’ll give them that.

As I entered the forbidden garden. I start wondering, what the punishment might be for trespassing? Death? It’s plausible, but one would think they rather not execute the personal bodyguard for one mistake that anybody could’ve made. The penalty must be big since the door hadn’t been locked that signaled that everyone knew better than invade Leonardo’s personal place. Not me. Heh. Not me.

Evelyn had gone to the house near the garden. The dainty garden that reflected her pure essence perfectly.

I snuck up into the house, and as I entered the room, I felt an overwhelming déjà vu. No. I wouldn’t make the same mistake. There she was. She actually was here. Evelyn; the one and only stood before me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but my urges took control and overpowered my previous experience with her mother.

Yep. That’s me in a twisted way. In a twisted yet satisfying way.

“Evelyn,” I said, my body shaking.

Evelyn turned and glared at me.

“Who gave you a permission to call me that?!” She snarled “Also, how dare you barge into my room without permission! I’ll have you executed for your rudeness!”

Wow, so this is Princess Evelyn! She’s really different when she’s with me. Her voice carrying authority and her tone also very cold.  Right, she also act like this when we first met.

“The devil himself!” I replied, assuming she’d recognize my voice.

Hearing that, Evelyn explodes.

“Get out!” She yelled angrily. “Get out, or I kill you now!”

Oh, geez… Wonder where I’ve heard that one before… My emotions were taking control of me, and I auto piloted from there – to be fair, I felt like a robot that repeated the same message: urge to penetrate a vagina; increasing. I rushed to her and pinned her against the bed.

“Hey what you—!” Evelyn yelped before I forced her down.

She was twitching, pulling my hands aside, but I forced her face on the pillow and ripped her clothes with an enormous power of a horny moose ready to mate!

“You bast…!” Evelyn let a muffled scream.

I saw red, and it felt the blood from my brain was moving to my dick! Her hands were pressured against to mattress by my arms.

Her resistance was futile yet she still struggling. Evelyn flailed with all her might, but with one hand, I demolished her shirt, and I released her enormous white tits that bounced from the force. I slapped them like cheap meat!

Then I saw the tears on her eyes before she looked away, and suddenly, I was all guilt-stricken. Ugh.. I’m really an idiot… what the hell am I doing? This is supposed to be heartwarming reunion… yet, here am I… repeated the same mistakes.

As Evelyn silently sobbed, I removed my helmet hastily.

“Evelyn, it’s me!”

Evelyn turned; stopping in her tracks. She stared at me. Her eyes went wide. Judging by her expression I could say she was overwhelmed with complicated emotions. It was silent. We weren’t moving at all – just staring at each other. The tears formed at her eyes like during a humid fall morning.

“A…” I opened my mouth just like I tried to say something but let out just an obscure sound – there was nothing to be said.

Evelyn started screaming, and jumped.

Now Evelyn riding me as she sobbed …. Not in that way though… It’s more like she was ready to give me a different ride.

Evelyn starts punching and slapping my face with her might. Everything went white… no, I am not going to die… I just was accepting my punishment.


After for a while, Evelyn stopped hitting me as she panting. Ugh, that’s really painful… she’s not holding back at all. I can still taste my blood on my mouth.

I know… I was wrong and I’m deserved that.

Then she looked me in the eyes before jumped of the bed then quickly started to remove her remaining clothes. I also begin to undress. I quickly removing the armor, leaving me clad in only my boxers. Evelyn was naked except for her panties.

After seeing me removing boxer, she slipped her panties off.

We were both fully naked. Finally!

Evelyn’s eyes went straight to my crotch, where my cock was standing proudly.  After looking my cock, she turned to face me again, her boobs jiggling as she did. She cross her looked me over.

I was stunned for a moment as I looked at her hot smocking body lustfully. It’s been a while since I saw her, she still extremely attractive! Her beautiful face still gorgeous! Her pure porcelain body stills looks smooth as ever, her big boobs still huge, her long legs still sexy as ever and her tight round ass delicious…I want to bit it again! Yup, she’s perfect as ever!

To be honest, her body was almost same as her Evelyn, except boobs and ass’s size beside that they were almost identical. No wonder I mistaking her! Yup, what happened that day was purely accident!  But even they are identical, in the end, Evelyn was Evelyn. She’s different! She’s the one of my love! She’s my goddess!

We were both gazes each other as we stood in silence, basking in the heat of our naked bodies. It’s been a while since we have sex. Both of us were hungrily consuming each other with our eyes.

Finally, our eyes met again. I looked at her. She looked at me, our hunger clear to each other.

At the same moment, both of us leapt forward and our lips met and overlapped!


We kissed passionately, tender and slow.

Evelyn slowly raised them to drape over my shoulders, holding them loosely around my neck while my arm holding her slim waist and pulled her firmly against my solid body firmly, pressing her huge boobs against my hard chest and my cock against her thigh so she would feel the rigidness.

I raised my left hand and massaged Evelyn’s breasts gently as we continued kissing. It made Evelyn released her lips and letting out a sweet moan for a moment.


I immediately blocked her mouth again with my mouth.

“Mmmmph!” Evelyn moaned breathily in my mouth as we kissed again.

As we kept kissing, our kiss started getting rougher as our lips smacked and tongues danced in a hot passionate kiss. Then our mouths quickly opened, her tongue aggressively slid into my mouth, sliding against mine. Her smooth, feminine tongue dueled with my tongue as we swapped spit. Our tongues are extended at the same time and glued themselves to each other a little away from our lips. Then soon, our mouths were pressed roughly against each other again as we hungrily made out.


While Evelyn was concentrating with our kiss, I continuously grope and squeeze her boobs. I dug my fingers repeatedly into the soft flesh. Then my finger pinch Evelyn’s pink nipple.

“NhUhn……, n, NhAa……, Nh……”

She kissed me full on the mouth again as her hands slid between us, sliding down my fit belly and grasping my cock in her left hand, her tongue whipping against mine, her hand pumping me, resulting in a moan of appreciation from me.

My hands went around her waist, grabbing her ass roughly as I jammed my tongue down her throat before she broke the kiss.

“Aa……, Nh……”

Sweet moans escaped Evelyn’s lips. Our tongues were drenched with lots of saliva, and the transparent liquid is also drawing a bridge of thread between our lips. That transparent thread was stretched for a long distance before it would finally snap in the middle.

After breaking our kiss, Evelyn was panting then lost balance and fell back onto the bed.

Leaning forwards, I started kissing her lustfully. Her pale skin flushed from her neck up to her face. I slowly moved downwards and kissed her cheek, her lips, her neck, and her chest. her plentiful and round breasts. Her pink nipples stood at attention and when I rested my hands on her breasts, I felt them poking my palms.

I gently bit her lower lip and then slowly kissed my way down to her breast.  My hands caressed her luscious breasts very lightly, savoring their shape, savoring the feel of taut nipple against palm.

Picking the left one, I started nudging it, pinch it, and bite on it then Evelyn tugging me forward by the neck, pulling me face-first into her boob and filling my open, panting mouth with her hard nipple.

“Mnnnn! YES! Please suck my breast!!” Evelyn moaned out as I sucked on her nipple. My lips encircling it, forming a tight seal as I sucked, my tongue rotating around the rubbery cap before flicking it.

As I kept suck her breast, I reached towards her private place with my right hand. I felt her soft and meaty labia and a tiny knot-like thing. As soon as I pinched it, she shut her legs around my right hand.

But I forcibly insert my hand. She moaned a bit as her body shuddered.

My fingers invaded her hot, buttery depths with startling ease, sliding in to the last knuckles, fingertips probing her inner ripples and folds, searching for her G-spot.

She arched harder and harder, grunting louder and wilder, her legs jerking like a frog swimming

I lean down and gave a kiss on her knee and started caressing her thighs. I placed my hands firmly on the insides of her smooth thighs, holding them apart for this. Her unblemished white skin felt smooth to the touch.

Once again, I placed little kiss half way up each smooth thigh. Parading my light smooches slowly up one side, then the other, the scent of her sex getting stronger as my nostrils neared the source.

She moaned softly and closed her eyes.

I planted my lips just below the upper swell of her thigh and let my tongue probe her flesh, licking softly.

“Ohhh…mnnnnnn…” Evelyn groaned out loud, her hands clutching at the couch on either side of her hips. I half expected her to squirm away from me, but she arched her pelvis down instead, legs spread wide, as if to entice my tongue to her anxious pussy. Here it is, come and get it! She gasped and quivered as my lips and tongue played along the final smooth stretch to the crux of her thigh

My hands held her in place, held her open as I licked one side as I slid my hands up her thighs, gently massaging the stiffened muscles at the crux of her thighs.

“Nnmmmmm…” she moaned, expelling the air held hostage in her lungs in one big whoosh, then sucking in fresh oxygen. Her legs relaxed, then tensed, then relaxed, then tensed under my kneading fingers.

Whimpered, body quaking, as my fingers slid through her pubic hair and peeled her wet lips apart, revealing the soft, rippled, pink flesh inside her quivering hole.

I felt blood rushing my member as my nose caught wind of the fragrance of her skin. For some reason I really wanted to bite her and leave a mark on her body, but I decided against it. Looking into her eyes, I kissed her leg every few centimeters as I slowly moved towards her inner thighs.

I blew gently into her tender wet well. Her vaginal muscles, along with the rest of her torso, clenched with each gust. A little “oh” squeezed out of her mouth each time my breath caressed her.

Being as impatient as I was, I moved up to her clitoris to pinch it and then went back down to her entrance to pull her labia apart and insert a finger into her hole. Her walls coiled tightly around my finger and tried to pull it in.  I pulled out my forefinger and inserted my middle finger instead and started rubbing the upper wall of her vagina. Remembering a few pieces of important information, I tried to find her g-spot. Supposedly, not every girl had it, but if she had, it would only make pleasuring her easier.

I didn’t have to look for it for long since I soon found a rougher spot and upon rubbing it, I felt her whole body twitch.

“I want you… to… ummm… lick me there!” The last three words rushed out of her mouth, like she wanted to say them before she moaned out. “Phhhhhhh!”

With that, I dove down and attached my open mouth around Evelyn’s dripping wet pussy. I extended my tongue till I felt Evelyn’s pussy against my tongue. I gave her dripping cunt one long, hot lick and pulled back.

“MNHHHHHHH!” Evelyn moaned. She reached down and took my hair between her fingers, holding me down.

Her juices were on my tongue. As usual, she tasted absolutely incredible. Her juices were so flavorful and hot.  I pushed my face into her pussy, my tongue lapping at her copious juices, giving her fevered licks. Then I gave her one long, wet lick along the entire length of her vagina as it dripping wet. I let my firm tongue her slit with another wet lick, before rising off of her by finishing up my lick on her clit.

“Aaaaahhh!” Evelyn screamed out, holding my head firmly.

Her juices were dripping out of her pussy at a steady rate, and my tongue was there to collect them. I let her juices coat my tongue as I licked the length of her slit, my tongue sliding against her plump, mature lips.

I jammed what I could of my tongue into her cunt, getting those deeper, tastier juices from inside her pussy. I lapped at her cunt with my tongue repeatedly, pleasuring my own Evelyn. I had my mouth jammed so hard against her cunt that her throbbing clit was brushing against my nose. This caught my attention, so I slid my tongue out of her, up her lips, and began to tease around her clit.

As I teased her clitoris, I saw her body react, goose bumps arising. I circled her clit for a few bits, licking through her tiny line of cunt hair, up and down her pussy lips, anywhere but the clit itself. Finally, not drawing it out too long, I wrapped my mouth around her clit and sucked.

“MNNNHHH! YES!” Evelyn moaned out.

I teased her clit with my lips and my tongue, playing with it lightly, driving her nuts.

“UHHH! UOOOOHHH!” Evelyn moaning as she closing her eyes as her head fell back. Her legs and stomach were both jerking with pleasure. I was hitting her in the right spot. She was rubbing the top of my head as I sucked her clit.

Evelyn’s body jerked violently, and she roughly held me against her cunt, holding my open mouth around her slit, making sure I fully experienced her orgasm, making sure that when she came, my open mouth was right there, ready.

“HHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN HHHHHHHHH!!” Evelyn screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm hit her. Her cunt jerked on my tongue, and suddenly, my mouth was inundated with a hot stream of girl-cum.

Evelyn kept squirting into my open mouth, wave after wave of it filling my opening. I tried my best to swallow it, but there was so much of her cum that it kept overfilling my mouth, leaking past my lips, falling onto the bedspread. I kept gulping down the girl cum, and as I did, I realized what I had tasted of her juices was simply a sample. This was the full blast.

When I felt her body go limp, completely spent, I pulled away.

“Mnnnnnnn” she gasped in a small, withered voice. And then she weakly repeated it over and over… with each labored breath.

Her body goes limp, completely spent and Evelyn laid there panting, she looking at me with a knowing smile, she opened her legs as wide as she could as if waiting for me to enter.

My cock was throbbing.

Evelyn laid there panting, she looking at me with a knowing smile, she opened her legs as wide as she could as if waiting for me to enter.

I looked up at her as my heavy dick hung below me, throbbing again as it bobbed slightly before coming to a stop, the bubbling tip pointing at Evelyn’s pussy. I reached down and took my cock into my hand, putting the tip in place, pressing lightly against the outside of Evelyn’s pussy.

Without saying anything, my dick was pressed against Evelyn’s pussy.

“Ugh… it’s so tight.” I grunted.  Maybe because it’s been more than ten days since last time I fuck her.

When I pushed my cock inside slowly, the comfort and pleasant feeling are spreading from the tip of my glans into my lower body. The slippery feeling from the love juice increased the pleasure of being rubbed by the folds inside, it feels really good.

“Ahhhhh!” Evelyn sighed lustfully.

I couldn’t help but look Evelyn who below me, bead of sweats are floating in all over her body. She keeps giving out hot moan and tickles me with her breath. Evelyn herself is also looking at me with moist eyes while gripping the bed sheets with both of her hands tightly.

“It has been long time…” She smiled as have tears on her eyes.

“Yes, you’re right…”

“Fuck me, Kyou.”  Evelyn said as her hands start wrapping my neck, pulled my body closer to her and then hugged me tightly.

She even entangled her legs on my waist to prevent my cock exiting her vagina.

Happy to oblige, I move my cock back and forth against the entangling folds which is all slippery thanks to her wetness.

Her vaginal walls are squeezing my cock and the entangling folds are restricting the movement of my glans. The sensation of the glans neck plucking against the folds are really unbearable. Man, I really missed this pussy!

Aanh…haah.. A, AAhn……”

I put my glans head over there and scrape my glans neck all over it. Evelyn seemed to feel really good as she arched her spine backward.

Then I keep thrusting my waist with straight thrust, every time my cock went deep inside, the glans which fit perfectly with the uterus mouth keep rubbing against her pussy.

“Kyou…kiss me….”

I quickly pressed my lips against Evelyn strongly while still being connected. I kissed her pretty lips like I was trying to devour it.

“N, Nh, Haanh chu-…., n, -reroo-……, NhAahn, Anh……”

I moved my body by swaying it around while also keep entangling my tongue. I moved my waist in circle while the tip of my cock is staying in close contact with her deepest part.

“Nhaah, more……”

Evelyn is begging me while clinging to my body. I poked my elbow and knee on the blanket and make wide swings with my hip, I thrusts my cock which was pulled until its nearly slip out deep inside Evelyn.

“Aaah…HaAnh, NNh Ah, AaNh……”

Every time I thrust, Evelyn’s huge breasts were squeezed by my body and the stiff nipples are rubbing against my chest. I was lost in the pleasure of seeing her beautiful body spread before me, her pretty face scrunched with joy.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. Using both of my hands, I grabbed Evelyn’s knees and started to move my waist back and forth roughly.


I’m swinging my waist until my cock almost pierce Evelyn’s womb. I can feel the tip of my cock pounding it.

When the glans neck of my cock is rubbing against the slippery vaginal wall during its way out, my whole cock would sometimes twitch spontaneously.

I need to endure the strong urge to ejaculate that rise from the back of my waist as I knew Evelyn was about to cum too.

Both of us gulped in air as I adjusted once more, moving back over her, against her, gathering her in my arms and kissing her once again. I wanted us to cum together.

She was determined this time, arching her pelvis as I thrust in and out so that my cock rode over her clit and put added pressure on my pistoning shaft. Our bodies became synchronized once again, finding new heights of desperate rhythm. My hands slid up her arms, found her hands. Our fingers entwined and locked, frozen to the floor beside her head.


The sound of our voices only accelerated the inevitable, sweeping us toward oblivion. I was going to turn inside out. My innards were going to spew out of me, to be swallowed and absorbed into her. The thought of filling Evelyn with my love was a vise of hot desire in my chest, consuming me. If I could have screamed with joy I would have, but I couldn’t even breathe.

“Aaaahhhh, I’m going to cum… I’m going to cummmmm, KYOUUUU!” Evelyn somehow managed to cry, verbalizing the words I wanted to yell too. It was probably the last earthly memory for both of us.

Evelyn’s body seized, hitting that heavenly plateau, hurtling towards the edge of the cliff, no return this time! We flew off the precipice together, clutching each other, her nipples pressed against my chest, soaring into space, our cries of delight distant echoes. The violent convulsions in Evelyn’s pussy milked each hot explosion from my cock, flooding her with my cum, oozing out along my shaft as I tried to ram myself into her arching body yet deeper.

We were both gasping as we collapsed on bed.

After pleasuring ourselves, we were lying naked next to each other – the feeling was something I had missed. I felt satisfied in so many levels; the hot girl lied next to me. She was crying to my chest softly. At the moment, it felt nothing, but understandable reaction to our meeting each other. I was happy.

“I am sorry. So sorry.” Evelyn sobbed.


“Sorry? What for?” I play dumb.

Yeah, even after having sex… I find myself that I’m still angry toward her.

“I am so sorry, Kyou.” She replied over and over like a broken record. “I am sorry…So, sorry, Kyou.”

Truthfully, I want to start scold her for hiding everything from me but… seeing her like this… it break my heart. Even with our bond sealed, I know she was sorry and I didn’t want her to cry for needlessly.

Well, let’s put that aside for now… Yeah, for now. I’m not going let it go. I’m going to scold and punish her later.

Wait… Ugh…now I remember I don’t have right to scold her… Especially  Considering my past actions… Yeah, I also owed an apology to her…

I let out a sigh. Didn’t she know me any better than that? I leaned next to her ear…

“I forgive you,” I whispered.

Evelyn stopped gradually stopped sobbing. It was relieving to hear.

But let’s leave! The sooner we get out of here the better. She doesn’t need to know the ugly details.

“Kyou?” She asked after a moment of silence.

“Dammit!… I don’t know where to start…” I sighed.

I grasped Evelyn’s wristbands, yup… It was there. I don’t see it until I looked at it. The magic item that blocking my bond with her!

Seeing me looking at her bracelet, Evelyn hurriedly said.

“That’s an artificial artifact that blocking our bond!”

“I know.”

“You do?” She replied looking me sadly.

“I thought you forget about me…”

“I never forget you. Everything we did. Do you know? I am not that kind of guy! Do you remember me?” I smirked.

She nodded and hugged my chest.

I wonder if Fianna who described herself as an arch magus couldn break them… If she couldn’t. Well, let’s just say I was out of luck in this one.

“Can you tell me what happen to you after we were separated?”

“Hmmm? Well, to give you a shortened version, I was imprisoned…”

“They did what?!!” Evelyn almost yelled so loud I was worried somebody would rush in and… caught the newest guard plowing the princess and the bride of their lord.

“And it was a shitty gig… And then I was beaten by your little sister…” I scratched my head – it wasn’t easy to remember everything.

“Emilia?” Evelyn frowned.

“Yea. Then your father threatened me, but I managed to teleport away… Then I contacted my friends and got guns and a special power suit… It felt like forever ago…” I said, even though I knew it was only about a week ago.

“What they did to you?” Evelyn grunted – clearly angry to her relatives.

“It doesn’t matter. We can talk about it later, but yeah, they beat me up pretty bad. But I fought back/” I grinned knowingly.

“Hmph. I see…” Evelyn squinted her eyes angrily. “I was just taken here, and I was so sad and only thought how I might not ever see you again…”

Tears welled up in her eyes, but I wiped them off quickly.

“Don’t cry. Really.” I meant it.

We had all the time in the world to go through these complicated affairs when we returned to earth, but that time wasn’t now.

“What then? How you got here?!” Evelyn suddenly jumped up.

“Oh, yeah. I heard about this competition, and I won… Easily, I might add.”

“Really!” Evelyn exclaimed. “But I’ve heard the tournaments are tough, even for the most experienced…”

“It was easy to be motivated as you were my reward,” I said.

I patted her luscious pussy lips.

“Uhmm… Pervert.” She said smiling widely. “Now after looking at you, I can tell you are stronger than before….”

“Of course!” I smirked  “By the way, I met your friend Fianna there”

There was so much more to tell her, it was unreal! But let’s tell the rest of details when we back to my world. Yes, I will tell her the truth but not here.

“You meet Fianna?”


“You didn’t do anything to her, right?”

“WHA- I didn’t do anything!! What the hell do you take me for?!”


“Don’t give me that look!” Evelyn studied me suspiciously

Seriously! I know she was sharp and perceptive but not to this extend. Guess even without our bond. She can read me thoroughly.

“Why are we talking this here?” I asked quickly shifted the conversation.

“…Can we leave?”

“Everything will be fine. I’ll think I can handle my teleportation ability now.” I said and kissed her on the mouth.

“Really?” Evelyn said.

“Let’s get out of here,” I stood up. “The sooner we get out, the better… Now. Let’s see…”

I concentrated with all my might and straightened my arms. Evelyn observed my movements anxiously.

I did what I do when I returned to this world. But nothing happen.


Let’s use other method, maybe I can it if I channelled my mana and concentrated intensely.

Nothing happened again. I wasn’t feeling a thing.

I tried everything! Without clothes, clothes on, sitting standing… Fuck! Tried everything…

“Something doesn’t feel right.” I murmured. “I… Can’t.”

For some inexplicable reason, I couldn’t return to earth. Evelyn looked down sad without saying a thing – I had let her royally down.

“What now?” She asked quietly.

I had no words. There was nothing to say…

I feel so limp right now….


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