Bonded Goddess – Chapter 27

Once again, I have to face the same problem that I thought I had solved. I couldn’t teleport back to my world… to the Earth! Why couldn’t I do it?! I thought I have grasped my teleportation ability even just glimpse of it! But I guess I was wrong!

This situation made me felt like a twenty years old man who cannot get his dick up without taking Viagra! Yes, I feel impotent!

Maybe more accurate if I should say that my body feels so weak… My body seems lost all sense of touch and it’s energy…

Behind me, Evelyn was watching me, I don’t what’s her expression she put right now… I bet it was disappointment….

I failed her again and I couldn’t bring myself to look at her back. I felt ashamed and utterly defeated.  And I have to show my pathetic display to Evelyn!

After all those big talk… I couldn’t bring her back…   What should I do now? I don’t know… I guess this is it? Start new life in this world? But where should I go? I can’t stay here for long…

I didn’t know what to think about. My brain was a mess….

I feel so hard breathing and my heart start beating faster…  Ah… This is exactly what I feel when I saw that bitch with her lover back then….

Then suddenly, I felt a warm embrace. It was Evelyn. She was hugging me.

“It’s okay. We’ll figure out another way. Trust me on this.” She said with a determined look. “It’s fine.”

I was slightly comforted for her words.

“Yeah. We do.” I replied. “I’ll get everything sorted… Yeah.”

I didn’t know whether I’d believe the words I said. All this helplessness and uncertainty made me so depressed. I had found what I came for, but now I can’t finish what I’ve started – so close and yet so far.

“I am not used to seeing you like that.” Evelyn pouted.

I smiled helplessly.

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“Me too.” Evelyn smiled.

She picked up the remains of her ripped dress on the floor.

“Want to help me clean this up?”

“Sure.” I shrugged.

As we organized the place, I regained my senses. We talked about everything stupid and unnecessary. The light-hearted conversation was just what I needed. Her mere presence felt like everlasting encouragement. How could I be so weak? I will get her back with me, and nobody is going to stop me. I am going to get her back! Find a way no matter if that’s the last thing I do!

“Kyou,” Evelyn said, and looked through the window. “Stop. Quiet.”

She looked through the window and clicked her tongue in frustration. Did she just clicked her tongue?

“You should go… The guards always come to check up on me at this hour.” Evelyn said as she picked new dress and start dressing.

“The guards always come to check you up?” I asked as I start equipping Vaerian knight armor.

“Yes, Leonardo was very worried about me, and… Ah. It was complicated, but at least he let me have some privacy.” She explained.

That guy, he sure had some decency. I would have done the same thing if I was in his position.

“Leonardo was gone for the moment, right?” I asked.

“Yes, he went to the Calastine because my father called him. And before he go, he increased the guards… That’s why it’s time for you to leave; I don’t want them to find you.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Hmmmm? That King called Leonardo? Why I suddenly had bad feeling about it?

“By the way, did something between you and Leonardo during you stay here?” I asked her with serious eyes.

Evelyn scoffed, “No.”

… Instant response, huh.

“He tried to talk me and assured me but most time, I just ignoring him.”

I don’t know whether I should be happy or pity the guy….

“Look at you…” Evelyn looked at me smiling. “My champion.”

“Quite a sight, right?” I turned around.

Evelyn nodded – I knew that smile though. If the knights wouldn’t be coming to check on her, we’d take another wrestling match between the blankets.

I walked up to her and hugged tightly her saying; “Everything will be all right.”

Evelyn looked at me and then raised on her tippy toes and kissed me passionately. I responded. It was smooth, slimy, and perfect.

As our mouth separated, she said the exact words that every man going to war wants to hear from their babe:

“It doesn’t matter when Kyou. I’ll wait for you forever.”

I’d have cried if I had been the type. I never cry. Don’t you dare to claim otherwise! I ALMOST cried, all right.

Hmph. It’s funny. I never heard those words from you-know-who, and even nobody ever since. In fact, this must be the first time I heard these words. She indeed was a goddess; devout, beautiful, capable – a perfect woman.

After this, I couldn’t resist, and I kissed her again.

And again. And again.

We were getting into it. Maybe too much. I threw her into bed we just had made, and we kissed each other passionately. There was nobody else. Just us.

*Clank, clonk. Clank, clonk.*

Except for that noisy douchebag, those… freaking… footsteps…

*Clank, clonk. Clank, clonk.*

Douchebag? Footsteps? OH SHIT!

I sprung up mid-kiss and scared Evelyn.  She was laying in the top of me like in rodeo.


“Shhh.” I silenced her.

Somebody was coming. Through the corridor, I heard the knights patrolling inside the mansion. They must be coming soon…

“Right, you need to go.” Evelyn had understood the same as I.

“How long we made out?”

“Twenty minutes.” Evelyn shyly guessed.

“Yeah, that’s about right.” I laughed.

The knights walked away – this was my moment.

“Now, go. Shoo!” Evelyn gestured me away playfully.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m going. I’ll see you this evening…” I kissed her head and put on my helmet.

I snuck out from the house, and through the garden.

As I outside the mansion, I determined that I was in the clear. But I wasn’t alone; the shadow of doubt lingered over me. My heart was screaming in anguish a reason why I couldn’t teleport back. I was starting to feel depressed again.

Getting overly depressed over such gloomy thoughts, I proceeded to the lake where I was previously said near Leonardo’s garden.

An internal scream filled me like a whirlwind of rage ‘Why. The. FUCK I CANNOT GO BACK?!’ The words pressed my lungs, and I was about to pass out just from anger until…

A foreign voice invaded me… whispering… ‘I won’t let you return. Yet.’


I froze and examined my surroundings. There is no body here. Was I going insane? The world must affect my sanity… I decided taking long deep breaths.

Inhale. Exhale.

Chill, Kyou, you’re literally killing yourself. You must be just hearing things… It’s no biggie. Just chill the fuck down.

I had to process my thoughts. I guess I still hadn’t figured the way to use my power. I thought the ability seemed to be depended on my emotion and clear intent but after what happen in Evelyn’s room… I don’t know anymore. I guess that teleportation power actually wasn’t work like that..

And that voice…. Is it just my imagination? Or is it not?  But what if that voice is what I am believe? No, there is no point thinking about it. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll worry about it when the time comes. If it will ever come.

“Hey! Mr Bodygard!”

The nagging voice called out to me broke my concentration… Who was that? It was Sera – obviously.

Sera walking toward me angrily.

“Sup,” I forced out as I swung around to face Sera. She was wearing a red, pink and white flowery dress. The soft, cool fabric was beginning to shrivel from being bit wet. Maybe because she just taken bath? That’s kind of erotic though.

“Where were you?!” Sera complained, “Weren’t you supposed to guard me?”

“Yeah… but you dismissed me for the bath, right?”

“Well, I am done now… You’re such lousy bodyguard, aren’t you?” Sera stated, and I answered with a shrug.

“A tournament might not be the best way to search a person for this job.” I stated indifferently, and truly meant it “Just saying.”

Sera scoffed and put hands on her hips.

“Hey, is that the manner you have toward your master? Judging from the way you act, you never talked to noble, aren’t you?”

“Nope, I don’t,” I admitted in a carefree

“Well, I will change that manner soon enough and turn you into perfect gentleman fit to be my partner!” Sera

“Bad luck with that,” I replied, causing Sera to pout. “You might need that.”

Hmmmm? Partner? What is she talking about? She’s going turn me to her partner? But what partner she talking about again? Fighting partner? Sadistic partner? Sex partner?

I don’t want to ask this but I had feeling that I will dragged to something I shouldn’t meddle with.

“… what partner again? I thought I’m just supposed to be your guard…” I ask her, curiously.

“D…don’t misunderstand! I…it’s not as if I wanted to be your master or anything! I…it’s just that you’re the only one who become champion and chosen as my personal guard, so I think you’ve the right to be my partner! Even my brother said so! There isn’t any deeper meaning!”

Sera snapped, flustered. What the hell was with that tsundere reaction? And why are you telling me that? Shouldn’t you be talking to your brother ?

I wanted to ask her “why” I was chosen to be her partner, but I decided I shouldn’t. Ugh. This was going to be annoying

“Gee, thanks. Absolutely nope.” I retorted sarcastically

“YOU!” Sera shouted, outraged that I was pulling such a blatant answer.

“How dare you reject me again!?”

“Because all of a sudden I’m dragged into some generic bullshit harem fantasy nonsense where you have the typical tsundere asked me to be partner for something, and for some reason, then she will fall for me…”

“Who’s falling for you? Don’t delude yourself!” Sera blushed furiously.

“Well, it doesn’t have to be now, but I’m certain you’ll —-

I start talking nonsense for god knows how long… I don’t even have any idea what am I saying or talking about. Maybe due depression that I can’t return my world starting come back to me.

“Uh…what are you even talking about?” Sera look so confused as she tapping her foot impatiently as I ranted and rambled to the heavens.

“…never mind.” I stared at the lake. Ugh… what the hell am I doing?

She glanced at me suspiciously.

Then she seems sniff something as she draw closer to me. What was she? A dog or something?

“Did you… actually assaulting the maid?” Sera frowned.


Shit, she must have smelled Evelyn’s fragrance.

“Well, I was flirting with them.” I grinned.

Sera’s eyes widened and she flailed about angrily and embarrassedly.

“Wh…wh…why you?!”

Geez. Playing with this girl was surely going to be a treat.

Sera took a deep breath and walked past me. Before turning around, I could see her round ass molded perfectly by her long skirt. Wow. Sera placed her hands on her hips and glared at me.

“Well, I will forgive you if it’s just flirting!”

Who are you? My wife? It’s supposed to be Evelyn should said that to me.  But from her reaction, I guess she really was afraid that I would actually rape the maids? Really now, Sera? Really?

“The air is so fresh. Isn’t it?” Sera suddenly said.

“Yeah. I guess it kinda is.” I looked around the mansion and felt a pleasant evening breeze caressing my armor; somebody must’ve left the door open.

“Well, follow me then. I will show you something.”

“Where to now?”

“it’s secret place of mine.”

Surely this isn’t some sort of taking her virginity trick. Sex in the forest? Surely not.

But seeing Sera was humming happily to herself.  I followed Sera without complaint.

“So, what kind of place this secret place of your?”

Sera giggled. “It’s a very peaceful, the view is pretty spectacular.”

“I don’t doubt that.”

As the two of us proceeded along a long, winding pathway that led to the lake.

My clanking armor, and her dainty feet on the ivory floor generated almost a drumming harmony that could organize my thoughts.

“You know. It’s not always easy to leave.” She started.

“What do you mean?”

“Your home.”

“Yeah, well.”

“And starting anew is challenging. I know. Forgetting everything you previously knew to be true is different. The people around you are changed, but you must adapt.” Sera said. “But you know, it gets better. Not everything is in our control.”

“Yeah. I’ll think… I agree.” I answered hesitantly.

She must be talking about herself, but all what she had said, I totally agreed on. The life changes are awful, but necessary part of our lives. I enjoyed the routine – the stable atmosphere. I’d like to have one those with Evelyn and one day, I will. But, focusing on the future had backfired once. I wasn’t going to jinx it this time. What matters is the moment I am living.

“Do you think, you’re adaptable, Kousuke?”

“Yeah.” I think I was.

I certainly was my existence in this world was a testament for that simple word; yeah.

“I think so too.” She replied smiling me widely.

I noticed how the tone of her voice had shifted. She was more reserved and acted more like a proper noble lady rather than a brat. She was nothing like a spoiled brat that I had met in the tavern: the one who had enjoyed humiliating and playing cards.

It was like she had two sides. Like a moon. The bright one that fills the sky, and the distant darker side nobody really knows about. Except apparently me. And maybe a few other men.

I was pleasantly surprised that she hadn’t brought out the fact she owed me certain virginity.

We walked for a bit longer, following the trail as it led to the shoreline of the lake. Before long, we reached the spot Sera wanted to show me. I couldn’t help but stop, my jaw dropping as I surveyed the breathtaking view of the lake before me. The surface of the vast body of water shimmered and sparkled as sunrays reflected of it, and verdant trees and grass grew proudly around its edges.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” Sera arrogantly smirked.

Sera puffed out her ample chest proudly, as if she was the one who had designed the landscape. Unable to come up with a snarky retort, I could only nod dumbly.

“Wow… Okay then!” I said nodding in amazement. “Not gonna lie; this is pretty cool. Spectacular!”

“I know right! That’s why I wanted to show this to you, Kousuke.” Sera smiled gently. “It has been so long that someone had seen this.”

Sera fell into appreciative silence. The both of us admired the scenery quietly, somehow taken in by how insignificant we humans(I’m not sure about Sera though) were when saddled aside nature.

“This is a special place to me.”

“Thanks for bringing me here.”

“Ehehehe…it’s worth bringing you here. I knew you would like it.”

Sera spun toward me mischievously, almost as if she was playing, she skipped on the grass, waving her hands and laughing.

“I love this place!”

“…yeah, I can see that.”

That reminded me. Scratching my head, I studied the lake for a moment, but when I couldn’t think of an answer, I turned to Sera.

“In a way, it looks better from up here,” I said.

“I couldn’t have guessed you had an eye for these kinds of things,” Sera said. “Most of them don’t.”

I assume she was either talking about other bodyguards or men.

“My room. I can show it to you. I also show you where you need to be in case of emergency… Whenever you want really.” Sera continued. “I have a really cool collection of national tabards from the customary ceremonies you should…”

Rest of her voice faded into a soft autumn breeze. I saw her talking, but I didn’t need to listen too much. It was just simply nice that she talked about something meaningless like that. A female voice is telling you these sweet nothings that make you forget all the shit you’re going to feel on your back soon enough. She didn’t mind I wasn’t answering. The monologue was going to last for a while what I could tell, and this was fine.

It was surprising; I was starting to like her. As a friend of course. What else you thought? I don’t know either, but it wasn’t that! Evelyn was like hundred feet to the west or something, and already accusing me? Conscience, you there?

“Thanks for listening. Nobody listens to me anymore. I know I pay you for it, but it’s still nice.” Sera stopped, and I figured I should pay attention once more.

“Here.” She said as she gave me a silver watch looking thing with a green jewel in the middle of it.

“…” I looked at her questioningly. “What is this?”

“Its Vaerian communication device called CM, just flow some mana into it and then concentrate on the person you want to talk to and if they have a CM too, it will connect and you can talk.”

“Nice, thanks,” I said and tied the thing around my wrist.

It’s been 2 years since I wearing watch on my wrist. And here I was using some kind of magical watch in a magical world. That kinda made feel weird.

“I guess they don’t have these much in the Eastern Kingdom, huh?” Sera said smilingly.

“Yeah. No. We don’t.”

Yup, we don’t have magical watch phone using mana but we do own watch phone that using battery. I wonder if this world has battery.

Back to Sera, if she thinks that’s where I am from. I knew nothing about the place, but whatever. I should be from somewhere and according to her information I was from the east,  problem solved. The rumor was that I was a country boy, so I should stick up with this backstory. It’ll be fine. I know it even though I absolute have no idea where that rumor comes from.

After a while, and long rather one-sided conversation. Sera led me to my room which was located appropriately at the east wing of the mansion.

“I keep this close.” I hinted a communication device, the CM.

“You better!” Sera warned and then gleefully “Good night!”

“Good night…” I replied watching after her frolicking on the hallway.

I examined my room, and I noticed that it didn’t looked like my room in the floating fortress. The room was extravagant. No wonder there are so many fanatic following Leonardo and his family. Because from what I have seen, everyone was treated so well which is not strange if there are fanatics among them.

But the place didn’t really raise my spirits, but it was going to be my home for a few days, hopefully. I had roughly a week time to solve this…

I started to strip off my armor, but then it hit me. I had this familiar feeling that somebody was outside of my door. As I had only taken off my helmet, I decided to look around. As I went back to the hallway, I thought I saw somebody to sneak behind the corner.

I took a few steps and peeked behind the corner – nothing. Nobody. Not even a maid.

“It must’ve been Sera…” I mumbled.

In my room, I thought about the intruder at TR tournament. Something doesn’t add up. The feeling was the same, but maybe this place just makes me paranoid. I sure was in the enemy territory and should watch my back.

Well, Sera was here… And she was there also? Was she the intruder and if so, why? What she tried to accomplish?

In my room, I had a model doll, shaped like a man. Well, it was more like an armor rack, I guess. My armor fitted it perfectly. Next, to it, I saw clothes, that seemed more casual and normal…

“Surprise, surprise” I fiddled the clothes in my hands. “TR logos, everywhere…”

I put on a simple, shirt pants… What the fuck? They have underwear too? I grinned at the small logo at the crotch. Really? Surprisingly, I hadn’t seen this symbol on Sera’s strings. Oh well, maybe these things are only for the servants… Heh.

I decided to skip the underwear for multiple reasons.

*Ring* *Ring*

Was my CM ringing? Already? Did Sera need someone to tuck her in or I don’t even know what else a girl like her would need in a bed. I let it ring for a while, but the sound stopped before I could reach the device.

“Hmm…” I glanced at the watch, but I had to pick it up to see if my eyes were deceiving me “Wait, Emilia?”

In the small digital screen, it read with capital letters, ‘EMILIA’ along with small map with red dot.

Emilia, Evelyn’s little sister… the one who beat me to pulp for fun. It was her all right, but why? Why the hell I was getting messages from her? And more importantly, in the middle of the night? Also how did she find me?

And what is this about? Late night date invitation? Sure, let’s find out what that brat want!


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