Bonded Goddess – Chapter 29

“Ugh…I still feel sore.”

Grimacing, I stretched my arms as I made my way back to the mansion of TR, bashed through the forest nosily, kicking out at the shrubs and slapping hindering branches. The sun was dawning with a pink haze over the horizon.

It was morning already. The fight with Emilia… How long had it take? It felt like an hour? Well, I don’t know. The feeling of getting bones cracked is not a nice one, especially I remember the pain being bombardment by meteor.

“Oh shit…” I mumbled as I remembered Emilia – that little bitch can demolish her opponent, even though she might not look like the type at first.

The mansion spread in front of me like a mountain. The establishment really was something else – show-offs. As I stepped in front garden, some of the gardeners who were already in work yet they were oblivious of my presence. That’s good.

As I approached the stairs in front of the mansion, I noticed a familiar figure standing there. It was Sera. Right, I had left her unguarded.

“How dare you!?” Sera said loudly.

“Sup?” I asked acting like I wouldn’t care.

“I was so worried of you!” Sera stopped me with a threatening gaze.

Even though Sera was considerably shorter than me, she could look down to me from the top of the stairs. What an arrogant brat!

“Whoopsy-daisy!” I shrugged.

“You can’t just… leave! Without saying anything!” Sera raised her voice even more.


“SORRY?! How about; ‘My sincerest apologies, my liege’?!”

“Wait a minute… Isn’t ‘liege’ used from a man?” I squinted my eyes. “Are you a man, milady…?”

“No!!” Sera stomped her feet like a little girl but then realized from my mocking look that I was right.

“…” Sera blushed. “Whatever!”

Sera turned, and I walked up to her.

“Did you come here just to scold me, is that it?” I asked caressing her shoulder in a friend-like manner.

“No,” Sera stated with a defeated tone. “I just wanted to tell you about your job today.”

Sera kicked the dirt like a little child. She was pouting arms crossed. I guess she just had wanted to seem like some sort of authority to me.

“Well, you can tell me. It’s fine.” I comforted her. “You don’t need to make me sit like a dog before you ask me to do something.”

Sera looked my eyes still giving me a duck face treatment.

“My liege.” I smiled.

“Yeah. Sorry. I guess…” Sera smiled, and after a moment of silence she gave her usual little giggle “I’m going to the nearby city this afternoon and you have to escort me.”

At this moment, it was apparent that the giggle was her habit of brushing away the negative thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, I wish I could be so naïve. Sometimes…

“City, you say?” I assumed she was talking about the city I saw before.

“Yep. It’s a smaller city around the corner, just an hour of walk.”

Walk? You’re going there by foot? Why would you need to go there by foot when you got UFO like plane and teleportation magic!?

But since I’m so tired, I will my mouth shut… I also need to meet Evelyn now!

“Ok but what for?”

“It’s not really your place to ask such things, you know…” Sera sneered.

“Okay.” I said interestedly.

Sera pouted as looked at me who seems was not interested on her business,

“But since you insisted I will tell you!” Sera said arrogantly as she was waiting for my reaction.

Erm, no… I don’t interested at all. And seeing I remain silent like good bodyguard should be, Sera continue.

“In that city, I need get stuff for my studies. You’re my bodyguard and thus, responsible for my safe escort!”

Naturally, I was assuming she’d talk about magic studies. Everyone here seems to be studying magic what reminded me about my own magical studies. Damn it. I should read some more… Still working on that icicle – shouldn’t be that hard.

“Can’t you just send some servants to pick them up?” I said as I yawning. Yes, I would rather figure out my plan or spending my time with Evelyn rather than run some pointless errands that anyone could do.

“It’s not the same! You don’t even know how many times they’ve failed to bring me what I want.” Sera snapped. “You think I just want to spend the whole day walking?”

“Well, just hire better servants, doesn’t sound too difficult to me.” I laughed.

“Whoa, wait there, country-boy. There’s so much stuffs that I need get there and among those stuff aren’t something that you can’t afford with your current pay grade salaries.” Sera mocked me.

…. There are higher salaries than mine? I thought I was the highest already. There are more!? Fuck! This world is rich! Also, I am supposed to be her bodyguard, I probably should start acting as such to avoid unnecessary problem..

“Fine then, I guess I’ve no choice on the matter” I accepted reluctantly. “When we depart?”

“We’ll leave this afternoon.”

“As you wish,” I replied, this time with a respective tone.

“Good, Kousuke!” Sera smiled happily as I gave her this impression that I was going to do my duty.

She turned her head, and I could smell her hair, that fittingly smelled like honey. Quite a lovely… Wait. I should inform Evelyn about this and last night. I hope she’s not angry.


Evelyn was sitting at her table while drinking tea alone. She was immediately alerted as I stepped on the garden. When she realized who entered the garden, she was smiling widely, but I could sense a slight frustration in her eyes.

“Evelyn,” I whispered, after checking whether she truly was alone.

She nodded and headed inside the mansion. I followed her. We could speak there privately. As we entered her room, Evelyn sat down on the edge of her bed, waiting for me to start.

“I am sorry for not keeping my promise.” I meant this fully hearted, unlike with Sera. “I was. Delayed.”

Evelyn stared me without much of an expression, and then spoke as a response to my awkward pause. “Go on.”

“I really wanted to meet you last night, but your little sister insisted to be first…”

“WHAT?!” Evelyn shrieked. “MY LITTLE SISTER?!! YOU DID MY SISTER!?”


I hurriedly waved my hand. Alright, that’s really wrong; I accidently caused big misunderstanding here by putting wrong words.

“No, it’s not like that it’s just Emilia wanted to meet me and…”

“AND?!” Evelyn interrupted agitatedly “YOU DECIDED TO WOO HER?!”

Man, I guess I had to calm her down before explaining a thing.

“Hey, calm down,” I told Evelyn as I hold her shoulder. “Don’t get so worked before you hearing me, okay.”

She nodded briefly, and took a deep breath.

“Emilia came here last night,” I confessed. “And she knew I was here.”

Silence descended. The look on her face was complicated. With my bond with her, she usually was quite easy to read, but this time it was different. With our bond being sealed, I have no ideas what’s going through her mind right now.

Her mouth opened as she tried to voice out a question.

“Why did she come here…?”

“She want to fight me.”

Silence descended once again

“WHY!?” Evelyn snapped, her voice harsher than I had ever heard her speak. The tension in her voice told me just how much stress and fear she was suppressing within herself.

“What did she do to you?! She’s not doing to you, right?! ”

Wow, I never saw Evelyn freak out like this.

“Hey, I’m fine. Look, I can handle it” I assured her “But at least this is not what you thought, huh?”

“No. It’s much WORSE.” Evelyn replied instantly. “Fighting her is the most idiotic thing to do!”

“Yeah… Well, how should I have known!?” I defended myself. “’

“You couldn’t. She has always been like that. I just hoped she’d not be that interested about you…” Evelyn said, calming down as she understood the situation. “Let’s just say she’s quite invested to her… Uh, ‘hobby’.” Evelyn sighed.

“Yeah. I figured. She sure got twisted mind. I never met someone like her.” I took off my helmet and lowered it into the table next to us.

I sat next to Evelyn, who responded with a hug. Yeah, I never met battle maniac. But you can find them easily in anime, manga and novel. Seriously, I’d never dreaming to meet one in real life.

“She’s always like that… But don’t worry her, she’s not type that would telling anyone.” Evelyn sighed.

I pulled her closer and hug her, Evelyn searched my lips and gave a passionate kiss of which I responded.

“Hey, you didn’t ask how the fight went with Emilia.” I realized.

“I know her. I don’t need to.” Evelyn said smiling and then kissed me again.

Shit. Go figure. Suddenly, a doubt formed on top of me like a cloud – the feeling lingered into my brain like an infestation, and poisoned me with a thought… it’s something that suddenly come out of my mind.

“What you did see in me?” I said as our mouths separated.

“What?” Evelyn exclaimed.

I didn’t know how to ask it any differently. I believe she understood what I meant. I wasn’t the one protecting her in this world. Yeah. I could’ve done more if I had my full arsenal of weapons, but I cannot always rely on gadgets to save me from battle. I am not a Batman.

Evelyn looked at me seems searching for right answer. I guess she herself doesn’t know.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t asked. I don’t know what I was thinking.” I scratched back of my head.

“You’re so much more, Kyou!” She smiled. “And I’m sorry, I don’t know how to answer that question.”

“Then done,” I said as pulled her to me.

We kissed again, and I pushed her on the bed. We kissed long and lovingly. I started groping her enormous breasts over her silky white dress that was almost see-through. I could spot her pink nipples getting harder, and so was I.

“You are here by my side. That’s all I need.” Evelyn moaned as I massaged her boob with right hand while other was occupied with the ass.

“Yeah.” I began, but froze as I squeezing her ass “I just remembered. I need to go somewhere today.”

Evelyn had noticed my change in behavior.

“Is it serious?”

“Nah. Sera just asked me to escort her to nearest town…”

“Oh, she did, now did she?” Evelyn said, and looked away.

“I see you’re displeased…”

“How kind of you to notice. I don’t like you hanging out with her. She’s …. Annoying” Evelyn pouted.

Oh, Evelyn’s expression filled with jealousy! That’s good to see her like this! Also, she called Sera annoying? I guess they have bad relationship.

Now, should we continue? I looked Evelyn’s lower half she had got moist from between her legs. I could smell it, but I felt that the topic of this discussion made my cock softer ever so slightly, despite the lewd liquids.

“Well, I have to do it if I want to stay with you..”

“Could I come with you?” Evelyn said suddenly.

“No. That wouldn’t be wise.”

I really wanted her to accompany me. She knew that, but it will blow everything. Just simply spending time together would mean life and death. And I don’t want something happen to her.

“Oh. I see.”

“No. No. I want you to come, but we can’t. Not yet.”

“Mmm-hm,” Evelyn answered, looking outside the window. Her thoughts must be wondering.

Evelyn turned me on my back and got on top of me. Right away, I could see the change in my pants. The topic was getting interesting. She kissed me, and I grasped her ass with both hands. Damn, its’ good as always!

“When I get back, we’ll stay together! I promise! Cross my heart and hope to die!” I tried to convince her.

Evelyn smiles, but I could tell that it wasn’t sincere. Who can blame her? The fact that Sera wanted me to take her virginity wouldn’t make this easier. Better just to keep my mouth shut.


We only had time to cuddle for a while until I noticed it’s the time to depart. Time sure flies when you’re in good company. I had to make my leave, and again, I had made my grand escape from the guards that checking on my lover.

On my way to my room, I met Leroy. He had told me that Sera was actually waiting for me to join her in the dining hall. I entered the hall and saw the whole entourage of knights.

Sera was wearing the clothes that she wore when we meet for the first time. Man, that’s clothes really revealing.

“Come to join us, Kousuke,” Sera said sipping her tea.

I bowed and approached to her. The four knights gave me a salute, and I responded to them accordingly.

“My honor, milady,” I replied as I joined the knights standing in line next to her.

“Next to me. You’re the highest rank as you’re signed only to me.” Sera pointed next to her chair.

The knights didn’t seem to mind this arrangement even though some of them had a military badge, higher than me. I guess rank doesn’t matter what it comes to Sera’s personal favorites. Frankly, I am not even sure if I had rank.

“Allow me to introduce you to the guards that always accompany me on my journeys. Now, you’re part of it.” Sera started and then lowered her cup.

The butler standing across the hall ran to her and cleaned to cup off with a graceful bow. Sera didn’t even notice and instead started to name the nights from left to right.

“Here’s Bolf, Madias, Richter, and… Dice.”

“Hello, and well met.” Knights said synchronized.

I couldn’t notice any distinguishing factors since every knight was wearing similar armor to mine. I could see that the Bolf and Madias were taller wider men, where Dice was the shortest, but interestingly he is the highest rank among four. Richter was armed with a bow in addition to his sword. The swordsmen Bolf and Madias had large shields tied behind their back.

“Well met,” I responded.

Sera rose up “Okay, shall we go, gentlemen?”

As we exited the mansion, we started to make our way right away. I could spot the group dynamic right away. Dice was leading the group with confidence. Richter kept to himself scanning the surroundings; he was quiet, observant type. Bolf and Madias talked amongst themselves. I couldn’t hear exactly what the discussion was about, but an occasional burst of a laugh here and there.

Personally, I was walking right next to Sera, as I was supposed to according to her. I could hear her talking all the way, but I cannot recall what – my mind was still occupied with Evelyn.

“Do you like it here?” Sera asked as dirt road crunched under our feet.

“Yeah. I do.” I noticed how the rays of the sun perked through the leaves of trees.

I meant that. We were walking in a parkway, and I was honestly enjoying travelling in the enchanted forest that seemed like a grove. I could hear mysterious animals making their usual sounds and magical birds beginning their short serenades that echoed across the bed of flowers – endless meadows sprouting behind the horizon. We were still on the TR territory obviously. Just how big their territory was? Maybe ten thousand would be an accurate size? It’s just huge, okay?

“The city is part of TR household, right?”

“Not really, It’s like an independent state inside our land.” Sera answered.

“Oh, an autonomy of some sort?”

“Umm…?” Sera looked me confused “I guess? Can’t really tell what they call those in Eastern kingdom.”

Oh, an earthling term. Sera must know just as much about the Eastern kingdom as I, but I can count that to my advantage.

“That sounds about right.” I nodded.

We had walked deeper into the forest, and step by step I noticed the light dimming a little. The dirt road had changed a heavier terrain, and I could no longer see the meadows on both sides – only forest.

“It’s so peaceful here,” I said wondering how I could have never appreciated it before.

“It is. I mean the forest hides many secrets. Few of them are our gardeners.

Slowly, my mind drifted away from Evelyn. I should concentrate on enjoying my trip. There was nothing I could do for her at this moment. Better just lean back and enjoy while I can.

The ambient increasingly became gloomier as we proceeded into the forest. I could hear the echoes of much larger animals, and even thumping steps on the forest. I noticed how Richter was even more observant. He looked around like carefully.

“What’s up with him?” I nodded towards the archer.

“Oh, he’s just very dedicated. He was a front-line bowman and scout in the military before joining the TR. Very successful at that might I add.” Sera said. “Dice is here just to make sure everything goes smoothly. He’s actually one of Erich nii-sama’s knights.”

“I see”

“Nothing has ever happened though. The best was this one time when I was about 14. It was a bear, and not even the hostile sort.”

Sera was interrupted by a resounding laugh. Bolf had bursted to laugh and couldn’t control himself.

“Shut up!” Madias said and pushed his friend.

“You wet yourself? Are you for real?!” Bolf gasped.

“I don’t know why I told you….” Rest of Madias speaking become incomprehensible mush due to distance and echoes of the forest.

“Those two look a little dim-witted.” I said as I looked at the two.

“They’re funnier you might think though. I think they’re brothers, but I never cared to find out.”

Well, I wouldn’t care less either

Then we walked in silence for a moment.

“You do remember my debt, right?” Sera suddenly blurted.

I cared not to answer – not this again. We were doing so fine… Geez, this girl all over me, but this time I knew I couldn’t tell her off. This time she was my boss for now.

Just play it cool.

“Nah.” That’s a good one; dismissive, but truthful to your style – keep it going!

“I am going to pay you. Sooner than later.” She said winking.

“I don’t think you need to do that, milady.” I tried to answer most respectfully as I could since I didn’t know how much longer I could keep my cool after she’s exploded with her tantrum.

“I have something else to ask you.” Sera suddenly ask.


“I have this thing on my chest, could you help to check what it is,” Sera asked, and pointed a spot on under her breast.

What was she playing at?

“Is that an order?”

“Yep.” She said and pulled up her shirt just a little way.

I sighed and leaned to take a look. I could see her soft looking under-boob, and even little nip slip of her pink. However, there was nothing unordinary, but her flawless, soft white skin.

“I can’t see anything there.”

“Oh, it’s gone. Thanks, Kousuke.” Sera giggled. “Is there something else I could do to you.”

I could feel her caressing my hand, closing in.

“You could give me some extra earnings for this side quest.” I smiled “I can also take something I can sell. I am not picky.”

Sera squinted her eyes, and we walked a moment silently. Then suddenly, she took a magic book from her little satchel and pretended to read it.



I glanced over my shoulder as I heard something in the woods. A branch had cracked… It was probably an animal…


I saw that she had thrown the book about a foot forward of us. The book made a little dirt cloud as it made contact with the ground. The knights stopped immediately and readied their weapons.

“Oh my! No need to worries boys. I got it!” Sera said.

The knights turned and continued their journey. Sera walked in front of me and started to pick up the book of hers – slowly. I just stared watching her firm ass, and luscious lips that little g string was barely unable to conceal. She grabbed the book, and I rose up rounding her ass like during a lap dance.

“I see,” I commented on the pose.

Sera turned to look at me, still practically mooning at me, she bit her lip and even gave a little pat on her ass.

“Nice, but these things don’t work on me, girl.” I lied.

Of course, they fucking worked! I was getting horny from these gestures. God damn it. Previously, I’d just had run to her and entered inside her without asking too much questions. But what about the knights? Who cares – they could watch all that I cared.

Sera straightened herself with a smug smile on her face.

“What do you mean,” Sera said innocently.

“Nevermind,” I replied. “I think, I heard something… I should inform, Dice about it. One moment, Sera.”

I didn’t stay for objection – I just desperately wanted some distance from her. She was getting bolder and bolder with her suggestion. The next thing would be that she’d suck me off or something, and then force me inside her pussy to pierce her hymen. That was not going to happen.

Dice was walking further up from us, but a sudden flock of crows alerted me and the rest of the group. The sun went behind the cloud which cast a long drawn out shadow on top of us…

“When it had become so cloudy.” I heard Dice cursing, looking up.

The fellowship had stopped, and suddenly. I could spot movement among the trees. It must’ve been the gardeners. I remember seeing them here too while we flew to the mansion…

“Clear, sir!” Bolf and Madias said after examining the surroundings.

“Clear.” I could hear the rasping sound of Richter carrying through the wind.

He had climbed into a tree and scanned the environment. Something was up though. I could sense it. Something must’ve scared them.

“Right. Onward…!” Dice started but…


An arrow pierced the air and landed on Dice’s chest penetrating the plate armor easily.

“Aargh!” Dice yelled and dropped down on his knees.

“It’s an ambush!” Bolf yelled.

Yeah, everyone call by seeing the arrows raining on us.

I have brought my pouch, and I bet my gun missed some action! I grasped my rifle and ran to Sera. I pulled her down, and we rolled to a ditch – opposite side to arrows. Bolf and Madias readied their shield and ducked to the ditch. Richter just climbed higher as the arrows plucked the tree to look like a porcupine.

The volley had stopped.


The ghastly echo carried intimidating voices. Soon enough I could see the shadowy figures of men approaching. They were flailing knives and spears. There were dozens of them! We were clearly outmatched. Unlucky.

I readied my rifle, and aimed.

*Tsup. Tsup. Tsup*

With a rapid fire I shot down three before, the rest realized to look for shelter. One bullet for one kill!

*Tsup. Tsup. Tsup*

As the attackers ducked down, I could see few of them falling on Richter’s arrows.

“We must help the Sergeant!” Madias yelled, reading his shield.

Dice was laying on the ground, arrow sprouting from his chest – but I couldn’t tell if he was dead or not.

Once again, arrows flew from the darkness of the forest. They were hitting the tree Richter was last seen. Madias and Bolf stood crawled up from the ditch.

“Shield wall!” They said together, kneeling, and shielding next to each other. Arrows peppered their shields.

“Sera! Stay out of sight!” Madias said, and two men started to make their way towards their motionless sergeant.

I took my grenade, pulled the pin, and cooked the grenade in my hand before throwing it into the wood. The explosion was huge, and I could see the attacker exploding into a gory mess. The trees split in half. With my pistol, I shot dead a few more that attempted to seek cover.

Meanwhile, Bolf and Madias, had slowly made their way to Dice.


Suddenly, a group of bandits descended from the sky on top of shieldsmen. Overpowering them fiercely. Men grabbed their swords and flailed towards the attackers.

“Trees!” I commanded. “Look up, you idiot!”

Bolf and Madias followed my orders as I picked up bandits one by one as they jumped from trees. Clean rifle shot to middle torso rendered them useless. So, they need only to be finished off – if even necessary after severe blood loss and shock.


I could hear agonizing yells of shieldsmen as bandits demolished them – Group of bandits pulling Bolf’s hands back and then thrust their sickles into his stomach. I could see Bolf getting eviscerated and the blood splattered across the road. The armor seemed to do nothing, against the sharpen, magic enhanced blade.

Madias managed to fend off the attackers better with my help.

“For crying out loud!” Sera said and readied a spell.

Sera emitted violet aura after snapping seeing her guards got murdered. Sera released a flaming purple missile that penetrated through the two of the attackers as I reloaded.


Whoa! I dodged an incoming spear – the running attackers had reached us.

I blasted the brains of the attacker with a point-blank pistol shot. The giblets stained the trees with a gory mess. I rolled forward to the cover of the tree and was left into a kneeling position, with my rifle pointing at the attackers.

“To me!” I yelled and gave a few pot shots covering fire.

I saw arrows flying from the trees; they were aiming for the enemies, so I assumed Richter was still alive. The bandits climbed the trees where Richter was, I shot them, but I ran out of bullets. I threw off my rifle and continued pressure with my pistol.

*Blang – CRUNK*

Madias shield bashed the bandit’s face in. The criminal let out a groan as he was utterly destroyed. Surprisingly, Madias had survived this long and managed to slide closer to us.

“There’s no end!” Madias said, blocking an occasional arrow with his shield.

The bandits had reached the tree; we heard nothing. Not a cry. Not a yell, until a headless corpse of fall from the tree, hitting a branch as it went.


The armor corpse wore left no room for interpretation for the bearer.

“Richter’s gone…” I signalled to Madias.

“What do we do?!” He replied.

I had no time to answer; I was being flanked. I grasped my sword, parrying an incoming attack from the spear. I sliced the attacker’s hands with a suave swing and proceeded to stab another one by the chest.

At this rate, we’ll be outnumbered.

Sera was still next to me, concentrating on her magic. She could snipe the camouflaged enemies from afar – the homing missiles. It was apparent the attackers were not humans. Not entirely. The eerie sound that they made didn’t seem to fit human vocabulary. Or it might have also been that the heat of battle was confusing my instincts, to a somewhat primitive level.

No matter how much we tried, we were still getting overrun. The attackers weren’t backing out, even though there was only roughly twenty left.

“Sera! Get down!” I commanded and pushed her aside.

The pin slid off smoothly. The grenade flew into the air like slowed.

Then the unexpected happens, and one of the bandits threw himself against the grenade before it had reached the intended length!

What a fucking trooper! That’s really inconvenient for me – naturally.


*Shung – BANG!*

The shockwave threw me ten feet back but didn’t damage me much further. Severed body parts of bandits flew in the air.

Madias threw himself in front of Sera and blocked another hit. The attackers didn’t seem to have any wish to kill Sera. Well, what I can tell all the blows had been aimed towards the bodyguards. Well, knowing a man, they could have something more pressing to do her than just simply killing her. Can you guess?

Sera crawled to me on her fours, and I saw how the bandits overrun Madias. A simple, quick stab to the neck made him gurgle blood, but he wasn’t going out until he had ripped off the stabber’s jaw. Madias fell into the pond of blood – slow like a

“Just me and you now!” I commanded, pulling Sera to me.

The rocks of the dirt road ripped her knees open during the process, but I had no time to think something like that. I was protecting her like I was supposed to.

“Stay close to me.” I reloaded my pistol and readied it.

There was about ten against us two. The attackers refrained from shooting as they closed in. Yeah, they were going to rape her before finishing the matter, but not today.

Sera cast another spell beside me as I opened the fire. The attackers dodged, and we managed to get only two before they ran into the forest.

“We should get out,” I said lowering my voice. “Where’s the nearest TR establishment.”

“I already sent help,” Sera answered. “There’s a maintenance hut not long from here… Follow me!”

I grabbed my rifle, and we ran into the forest with haste. We could hear the attackers chasing us, and what I saw there were more than ten. They were calling for more.

“We should end the fight here. They just keep following us!” I noted Sera.

I turned and shot towards the following criminals. Sera kept running for a while before noticing me. The attackers seemed to fear me, as when I stopped, I could hear a faint exclaim.

I dodged behind a tree and even managed to reload my rifle. I was running low on pistol ammo. Shit. I hadn’t prepared for something like this.

*Tsup. Tsup. Tsup*

I tracked the ambushers down with ease. Clean three-shot bursts made them twitch like a fucking ragdoll.

In the distance, I saw the majority of remaining bandits to surrounding Sera. The bandits had obviously changed their intentions and just wanted to finish her what I can tell from furious stabs and flails in her general direction.

“Shit.” I cursed as I saw her backing of towards a rock.

I had to do something. I couldn’t shoot she was in the line of sight. I brandished my sword, like a ninja, and ran.

I jumped and could feel the air sweeping against my armor. I tackled two of the bandits, as slicing two of them dead at the same moment. Sera froze mid incantation, and I could see her eyes widening for a split second.


Suddenly, I left a sharp pain on my back. I turned, blindly slicing the direction I had received the blow, and beheaded the backstabber.

The warm blood ran across my back. Sera exclaimed, and I could feel the knife on my back still sticking out. I knew better than pulling it out. I would die to blood loss. I fought on against three at the time, but the blood was slowly filling my lungs. Fuck! – The knife had hit deeper than I thought, hindering my movement greatly.

I could feel the all too familiar darkness creeping in before my eyes. One large bastard axed my helmet’s visor off, and the force stunned me for a good second.


I dodged aside, and then I saw Sera yelling an incomprehensible incantation.

My conscious was blurring rapidly, but I could see a white icicle exploding the remaining two attackers into a freezing piece that were mixed with blood, body parts, internal organs, and all that good stuff.

It was Sera… You got crazy magic, girl. Even I have no idea what just happen!

I groaned as blood splattered from my mouth. I felt to one knee; Sera was there to take hold of me.

“Don’t talk.” She said firmly.

“Was that a bit of an overkill? You annihilated those…” I coughed the blood.

The reality was dimming slowly, and I could no longer what he said – probably just ordering me around. Don’t talk, don’t move, I pull the blade out et cetera…

“Yes, whatever you… Say… mlady…” I chuckled, and everything faded away.

Into the darkness.

Into the void.


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