Bonded Goddess – Chapter 31

It was seriously early in the morning when I woke, quickly pulling on my armour head to toe. A proper TR guard. Man, how long I have to stay as guard of TR?

Strolling down the hallway, I saluted the guards I passed seemingly focused on my rounds but in truth there was only one thing on my mind. Evelyn. I yearned to see her, hold her, my dearest Evelyn.

But last night was a farce, I’ll tell ya. Sera, that damn girl had me racing backwards and forwards around the bloody mansion running this errand and that errand. Splitting errands up just to make more work and keep me busy. I was pissed man! She had made me late for my time with Evelyn. I’d forgone sleep just to make it, not that I minded that cuz it was great; Evelyn had ordered a visit from Mr Plow if you catch my drift. Hehe. I was definitely happy to oblige her.

As I walked, I saw two guards near the door to Leonardo’s mansion, talking quietly as the majority of the residents were still fast asleep.

“Well met!” One guard called brightly.

“Well met” I reply, slightly annoyed.

I had no intention of stopping in case I aroused suspicion; they no doubt would simply rope me in to a cigarette break or something anyway. And it wasn’t as if I could simply walk in either.

“How are your days going newbie?” He asked cheerfully.

“Fine, I guess.” I replied. Man, this guy was the annoying chatty type. “How about you guys?”

“Ah, we were just discussing the lake district, you familiar with the idea that they had SHARKS swimming around? My pal here thinks it’s true!” He grinned warmly, gesturing to the other guard.

Shark? That lake has shark?

“Why’d you think that?” I asked the other guard slightly surprised by the stupidity of the notion.

“To punish criminals, of course.” The guard responded confidently.

Wow, these guys are dim-witted as fuck. Then I realised how to lure these bastards away from the entrance.

“Yeah, I think you’re right. Kinda makes sense really” I stated pretending to be interested in the discussion. “About the sharks I mean. I know at least Lo… Lord Leonardo owns a few of them.”

Ugh… calling him Lord made me want to puke.

“I told you!” The other guard said smugly to the chatty one.

“I don’t believe it. Not unless I see them by my own eyes.” He scoffed in disbelief.

“You can actually see them from the northern side you know. So don’t just take my word for it.” I continued blasé.

“Well, shit! Let’s go see!” The chatty guard crowed excitedly. “I’ll buy you two a drink if I am wrong.”

“You’re not coming?” The other guard asked surprised after glancing over me and saw me turning the other direction.

“Naa. I’ll have to finish my rounds. You’ll two go ahead.” I responded instantly, gesturing back down the corridor.

“Right. See you later, friend!” The guard grinned content with the explanation, and together the two morons made their way down the hall.

“See you!” I called after them before sighing as they left for the lake. “Idiots.”

I slipped inside Leonardo’s private garden thinking that I had plenty of time. I mean the lake was enormous! And those two moron guards would be searching for the sharks the whole day if needed. Surely they had no sharks. That’d be stupid. I am sure they had a whole array of torturing devices, but something like that? Give me a break. That was just ridiculous!

Everything in Leonardo’s side was eerie. The whole place echoed his absence. I had seen only a few maids occasionally cleaning the place, and guards doing safety rounds in the afternoon but otherwise, the place was completely deserted which is great!

I truly wouldn’t mind if that Leonardo didn’t return at all. In fact, I’d prefer it that way.

Could I count on the attackers who attacked me and Sera could end Leonardo’s life? Nah, that’s really stupid. Unfortunately, even a dozen ruffians wouldn’t be the match for him. Ugh. Revolting to admit, but after fighting Elsha and Emilia, I could see that he is more powerful and stronger than them.

Well, if I had managed to figure out how to cast another enhancement spell if I have to face him.

The type that increased my vitality. According to the spell book I got from Fianna, the spell made me tougher, and slightly more resistant to damage and increase my stamina slightly. But things hadn’t been as smooth as I’d hoped. Obviously, I had no time to test it yet. I only knew that the spell would make me feel strong but different with strengthening spell.

No luck with the teleportation though…  I wonder why can’t I teleport back. Shit, my time was running out. I had tried to focus leaning my teleporting ability but the result still zero.

Well, let’s just put that aside for now…

I need be cheerful when I see Evelyn. Seriously, I could barely contain my excitement as I entered Evelyn’s room. What I saw was a mess. It looked as if a hurricane had recently torn through it.

“Hey… Whoa. What happened here?” I amused as I looked about the scattered books.

Evelyn was sitting on the ground, hunched over a book.

“Kyou!” She gasped happily as she stood up and ran up to me.

We kissed passionately and I gave her a little slap on the ass. Evelyn let out a little moan, biting her lip seductively. Yeah. She had liked that.

“Sorry, I missed the date last night. Sera had made me…” I started explaining, even though I knew that she wasn’t a too big fan of hers.

“It’s fine! What matter is the fact that I found a way!!” She exclaimed excitedly almost jumping like a puppy dog.

Umm…? What? What way?

She raised her hand “To remove the bracelet!”

“Oh yeah, that one,” I smiled bashfully with an uncertain voice as I had forgotten what exactly that thing was about.

I know it blocked our bond somewhat, but… Shit.

“You should be more excited! Without this, we could actually talk to each other and make plans without anybody noticing!” She scolded indignantly.

“Oh yeah! That’s awesome!” I exclaimed – how could I have forgotten that!?

“Yeah…but there’s a problem. I cannot break the spell. I believe the spell on the bracelet was complicated and contains multiple parts…” Evelyn started sadly.

“So, it’s a ritual spell.” I continued. “Most likely done during my time in prison overdue the multiple days and by the very best kingdom has to offer. Poisoners all of them…”

Evelyn stood before me with her mouth wide open stunned.

“Well, I got a little bit of a tutorage in the magic department…” I chuckled.

“That’s not ‘a little bit’. Theory of magic is not that easy to grasp.” Evelyn stated.

“A person both of us know taught me better than you think.” I tapped my nose mischievously.

“… Sera?” Evelyn sniped curtly.

Sera?! Yeah, I mean she was good at magic, but I thought Evelyn would know her better. She did know her better than me, right? Sera wasn’t one for long lectures about magic. She seemed more like Evelyn and her sisters, you know – the one that appreciates practicality over theory and wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Evelyn spook before I could continue, “The spell is complicated to break up, but what I’ve read it’s possible. It just needs a skilled magus, and luckily, I happen to know one… My best friend, Fianna. You know her right”

The elf beauty, Fianna. Yup, she’s Evelyn is best friend and self-proclaimed Arch Magus.

“Yeah, I believe we’ve talked this the day we reunited.” I said.

“Ah,” Evelyn blushed guiltily.

“Seems like I am not the only one who forgets stuff.” I teased her warmly.

“Anyway. I need her help to break this spell. Together. We can try to execute the spell with only two persons but this is not going to be easy.” She murmured quickly continuing the conversation as if hiding something.

“You can count me in,” I said confidently in my skills. “I am a fast learner, you know.”

“I think you need more than a crash course…” Evelyn smiled warmly.

I shrugged and looked around the room thoughtfully.

“Should we clean or leave right away?” I asked curiously.

Evelyn started to put things back to their original places. “I am not sure. Maybe we should clean a little, just enough they wouldn’t think that I’ve been kidnapped…”

“Yeah, right. How can we avoid that?” I laughed as I helped her.

Suddenly I remembered everything I had done to Evelyn behind her back. She was acting so weird. Did something happen last night… The question burned my lips, but I couldn’t.

I had to tell her. I had to face the consequences. I was taught to be honest. I’m not good with hiding something.

“I’ve wronged you.” I blurted out suddenly.

“What do you mean?” She asked confused as she picked the book up.

You know cheater always get caught. So, it would come up sooner or later, and it would be better if I said it rather than she would hear it from someone else or find it on her own. It wasn’t fair to Evelyn.

“I’ve not been faithful to you. I’ve cheated you.” I blurted tensely.

Time seemed frozen. It was better this way – she would understand a word of reason. Right? Evelyn just stood there turning and placing the book in her hand back onto the shelf. She didn’t show any emotions as it obviously sunk in. Slowly, like a helpless man in a quicksand. Yep. I was the helpless man in the metaphor.

“We can talk about it if you want…I won’t lie to you.” I pressed nervously as the silence echoed loudly…this wasn’t going anywhere.

“Okay,” Evelyn said and sat down on the couch crossing her legs, her face a mask of emotionlessness.

“Was she good?”

“What?” I asked surprised.

“You heard me. Was she good? Did you get her moaning like me? Did you give her orgasm that supposed to belong to me?” Evelyn demanded with multiple questions and I could sense the anger in her voice, the same tone she had when we had first met.

Was she good? I didn’t know how to answer that question.

“Umm….Yeah, I guess she was, but it was different. I can tell that for certain now but at the time? Not so much.” I babbled suddenly unsure of my plan to be completely honest.

Why did you say that?! I hate myself for being blunt!

“Oh really?! Did Fianna just cast a spell on you that made your cock hard and then hopped on or something?!” She yelled furiously, jumping to her feet as her hands balled into fists.

“What? Fianna? Spell? No! I didn’t cheat you with, Fianna!” I said surprised.

Where the fuck she did get that impression?

“This was a whole different thing; I was unconscious. I don’t count that even cheating.” I continued without thinking, BIG MISTAKE!

“What?!” Evelyn shrieked like a banshee. “Are you telling me you FUCK SERA!!”

“Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You’re clearly at the edge…” I babbled panicked.

Geez, seeing her like that made think, what if she could never forgive me?

“Sera said you didn’t do anything!” She interrupted angrily.

“Let me finish, woman! It wasn’t Sera either…” I was getting tired of her interrupting and jumping the gun, how could I begin to explain what happened if she didn’t listen. Women! Sometimes they can be a handful.

I was practically digging up a grave for myself. Most of the people would’ve just left it there! But I am a man of honesty, even to the point of stupidity. How could she trust me and forgive me if I constantly lied?

“Okay, let’s start with the one I don’t even know HOW happened.” I tried to calm her. “I was drunk, completely passed out and next morning I found myself naked with. I don’t know how it even happened. I didn’t do it on purpose!”

I meant that. Evelyn didn’t seem to react, so I decided to continue.

“Can it really be classed my fault? Can’t I go drinking anymore? It was practically a rape if you look up the definition from a dictionary.” I continued babbling desperately trying to get her to understand.

“…I guess…” She scoffed through gritted teeth, not wanting to admit it was technically rape and she was justified in her fury.

I hesitated as I noticed some of her anger dissipate…uncertain if I could admit the rest…

“From what I heard the woman just started to suck me off and rode me.”

Once again, why the hell I opened my lousy mouth?!

“You bastard!” Evelyn yelled furiously as she hit out at a pillow, hurt tears shimmering in her furious ruby eyes.

“Just…Hold that thought.” I tried to calm her before I told her…

She just glared at me, angry tears rolling down her face. As if demanding how there could be more?

“I…. also fucked your mother and pumped her full.” I grimaced, knowing I just had to come out with it and just say it.


Her expression turned to absolute horror, the tears cascading like waterfalls now.

“YOU FUCK MY MOTHER!” She shrieked brokenly. “Wh..wha…WHY!?”

“I mistook her from you! Obviously. It’s seriously an easy mistake that anybody would do.” I defended myself, desperately hoping she’d understand and it was true! They could be twins.

Alright, I actually felt relieved and frightened at the same time as I finally got it all out in the open. This feeling was the sole reason for my stubborn honesty. That, and the fact I didn’t want to keep any secrets between us. While still bit angry at her, I had forgiven her not for telling me about her awful family and her relationship situation – and putting us into this mess in the first place. But I was still worried she wouldn’t forgive me.

“You two look oddly similar, you know that?” I added as the silence became unbearable.

“I see… So that’s your explanation!? You just don’t bother to look where you put your dick and just make yourself good!?” Evelyn mocked me hatefully, grabbing a book.

“C’mon, you are too similar. You had just disappeared and…I was too horny to look…” I began babbling.

BAD. CHOICE. Really bad choice! Evelyn shrieked again. She was so angry and began to throw things at me. She wasn’t having any of my explanations. Fair enough. She had a point that I couldn’t argue – I could’ve avoided this mess by simply waiting a moment. Or being more rational. By being a gentleman!

“YOU! HOW DARE YOU! BASTARD!” Evelyn cursed me as she threw everything and anything she could lay her hands on.

I was dodging the objects a little but let most of the hit me deliberately. The teapot actually broke against my chest, and shrapnel hit my cheek, cutting me a little. It was fine. I’d take my punishment. I deserved worse!

“I am so sorry” I stated pained as Evelyn stood before me breathing heavily, glaring hatefully.

She screamed and ran over to me. Shoving me as hard as she could, beating on me with her bare fists in vain attempts to hurt me. I stood there in attendance, just taking the blows.

Ok, I believe that’s enough! I’m afraid she might hurt herself as she pounded the armour fervently.

“Would you like me to take off my chest plate?” I asked her after I could feel her hits becoming weaker due to time.

Evelyn glared at me as shook her head, breathing in utter exhaustion. She was crying from anger, and I wanted to hug her and say everything was okay… but I couldn’t. I had to stand behind the deeds I had done. We’ll get over it. We had to. I had to have her with me. I wasn’t going to give up.

“I love you…please don’t be mad” I whispered softly ad I pulled her close.

“BASTARD!” She snapped angrily shoving at me, trying to break free.

“I love you” I repeated desperately, unsure of what to say as she fought to break free.

“LIAR!” She yelled as we wrestled.

“Its true” I stated desperately.


That’s all you could say it was…Her desperation to break free of my embrace and me so desperate not to let go. If she got free I didn’t know if I would EVER be able to get her back. I couldn’t lose her. I wouldn’t. UMPH! We fell over a book and collided with the ground hard, making sure I took as much of the blow as I could whilst keeping a tight hold of her. We rolled about wrestling with each other and she ended up above me, punching my face and cursing me.

That’s really hurt…

“BASTARD!” She cried, angry tears welling up in her eyes.

“I had to be honest” I began, wincing as she punched me again. Ugh… that’s really nice punch.

“CHEATING, LYING, ASSHOLE!” She cried brokenly

We began wrestling again, this time with Evelyn was beneath me. I seemed to be much more determined than she was now.

“Let me go!” She huffed flushed and frustrated.

“I just…need to explain!” I sighed frustrated.

“WHAT MORE IS THERE!?” She snarled hatefully.

“Please….” I began frustrated

“I HATE YOU!” She shrieked.

We wrestled for a couple minutes without really going anywhere. I’d gotten on her chest, laying on her body and using my weight to hold her down. She tried kicking me off, only succeeding in giving me the chance to get between her thighs until my dick was against her pussy. I grabbed her hands as she went to punch me again, holding them above her head but careful not to hurt her. I could feel her heart pounding against mine as I lay above her and realised she hadn’t been crying. We were both hot and sticky with sweat, flushed from our efforts and I could imagine or remember a girl looking so beautiful in all my life. It was hard to ignore my dick too! It was painfully hard, straining painfully against my trousers desperate to reach her tender pussy mere nanometers away. Not like I got off on forcing her to do anything or making her helpless, except maybe that was a small part of it. No. Mostly she just made my dick hard because I loved her so much and being on top of her and wanting her and needing her and…

“NO!” She squeaked turning her face away as I bent down to kiss her.

“Evelyn…please…” I begged, my voice barely a whisper as I followed her moth with mine.

“N…no! I…I…HATE you…I don’t love you anymore!! I HATE YOU!!” She faltered squirming beneath me, my dick throbbing hard against her as she moved alluringly.

“Yes you do” I murmured, praying I was right “I love you…”

Despite her faltering declaration of hating me, she had wrapped her legs around me. My dick was now rubbing against the thin underwear protecting her pussy, her sweet juices already drenching the flimsy material. We were effectively fucking…well dry humping or whatever you wanted to call it as she couldn’t stop squirming, my dick rubbing against her pussy throbbing hard demanding to be freed and given her sweet treasure. The more she squirmed, the more my dick throbbed and the more she felt my dick throbbing and begging for her the more she seemed to squirm.

“I hate you!” She hissed as she finally stopped turning her head away, seemingly desperate for a taste now.

I didn’t understand it, but I was relieved when I finally caught her cherry red lips with mine. But she wasn’t returning my kisses at all, as she tensed when our lips met. My tongue probed and swept, exploring her tender mouth and yet…nothing…Did she really hate me after all? Had I been wrong? I was beginning to panic when her resolve finally crumbled and I felt her tongue return my advances. She kissed me hard, harder than ever before as her tongue took charge. I must have let her arms go at some point as she was suddenly cupping my cheek and pawing at my back. Our clothes were beginning to drive me crazy as we continued to gyrate against each other, kissing passionately.

“I hate you!” She breathed breathlessly, breaking our kiss just long enough to say it and catch her breath, alternating with ‘jerk’ and ‘liar’ as I simply replied with ‘I love you’.

“You cannot change the past. No matter how much you wanted. The same applies to me.” Evelyn said icily, leaning back to look at me.

“I agree…But you MUST understand… I never meant to hurt you,” I said, Evelyn gave me a stink eye, but then shook her head.

“Are we okay?”

“No, we are not okay.” Evelyn said angrily and looked at my eyes. “But we will be.”

“That’s all I needed to hear” I sighed relieved, pulling her into a tight hug despite how she desperately wanted to remain furious at me.

We were sinking into the sweet embrace the kind that was soft like a marshmallow, but less sticky. Too syrupy? Yeah, too much. Let’s replace marshmallow with a pillow.

It wasn’t going to be easy her to forgive me. I was willing to prove my worth, though. Beginning by the act of taking us away from here. At times had I wondered how it easy it would be live in the haze of secrets, but I couldn’t do it. What kind of man would I be if I could anyway??? Just a plain fucking loser!

“We should think about what we’re going to do. If you’re ready?” I hesitated to break the silence.

“Just a second more,” Evelyn begged softly, and I nodded.

I looked outside the window. The sun was just peeking over the horizon. We had argued at least more than half an hour. The mansion would wake up in a couple of hours from now… Including Sera. Being a construction worker, I had a lot of experience in waking up at 4:00 AM, but the lucky noble fuckers didn’t have to endure that. Oh well…

“Forget about the cleaning though.” I said as I looked around at the mess that had only gone to worse.

“I guess, its fine if they think you got abducted. As long as they know, it wasn’t me.”

“No. We need something else.” She murmured thoughtfully

Suddenly, the door was kicked open. With a suave move I threw Evelyn behind me and unsheathed my sword, pointing it towards the door.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Sera demanded and barged in.

I was shocked; amazed she was up so early. Everything was lost! I had to kill her. There’s no other choice!

Then Sera sat down on the couch with a smug smile. “You didn’t pick me up, so I figured you’d be here…”

The shock quickly turned into confusion. Why she wasn’t yelling for the guards? Why she know I would be here?

“Kyou, she knows.” Evelyn murmured irritated.

“What?! How!?” I exclaimed panicked

“Kousuke, you can’t assume you can just sneak around my mansion without anybody noticing.” Sera scoffed as she stretched sleepily.

I see, Sera noticing me when I sneaking around. I should be way more careful, I had reached this far by being careful! But by belittling Sera’s intelligence I had risked us both. How could I think straight with this brain o’ mine…It was only thanks to blind luck it was Sera and not Erich. DB… Um, Leroy or Dice… Oh, he was dead. Right, forget about that.

I cautiously watch Sera. Now what? What should I do about her? Killing her would be the right choice right now.

“She’s not going to do anything, Kyou” Evelyn said, glaring at Sera maliciously.

I could feel the air was thick from the tension. I looked at how Sera and Evelyn stared each other like a pair of angry cats. Had I missed something?

“Umm, have I missed something?” I sheepishly asked.

“Nothing,” Sera shrugged innocently “Just that Evelyn is full of shit.”

“Oh yeah? Well, what does it feel like to still be a spoiled needy brat like you?” Evelyn smiled sarcastically, her voice cutting and full of venom.

Wow, I actually saw Evelyn insulting someone!

“Better than you, I guess?” Sera responded instantly, smiling innocently.

What the hell was wrong with them!?

“Ladies, ladies. Calm down. That’s more than enough of me to go around! No need to fight.” I said jokingly to break the icily situation.

Both of them turned to me…Alright, great job idiot! Confess your sins of lust and then make a joke of being enough for both of them. Genius! Moron…Evelyn looked at me murderously. If a look could kill, that’d be the look. No, it’d be worse! I bet I would explode into a tiny million pieces just by the glance of that look.

“See? He’s fine with that.” Sera stated smugly.

“Shut up, bitch” Evelyn snapped hatefully.

She cursed more! She actually cursing! No! Stop! Don’t curse again! I don’t want to see my Evelyn saying dirty words!

The silence was ominous. It was almost like storm clouds were gathering inside this little room. The air pressure was low.

“Geez, I was making a joke. No takers? Okay, fine.” I shrugged innocently.

“Kyou. You’re not in a place to talk anything like that.” Evelyn snarled viciously.

“OK! Geez, sorry!” I bowed instantly. Scary!

Sera giggled amused “Trouble in paradise?” she taunted

“None of your business,” Evelyn stated curtly.

Sera blew a raspberry like a child.

“…Why did I ever want to get to know you?” Evelyn said in annoyed of Sera’s behaviour.

Sera just smirked and stuck out her tongue. Evelyn didn’t take it well and ran across the room. She jumped Sera, and both of them started slapping each other. Quickly escalating into punches and kicks.

As they were start hitting each other… I froze as I was too shocked to do anything…. But HOLY SHIT! A catfight! It’s real cat fight!

I watched enthralled as their wonderful flabby breasts rhythmically bounced against each other as Sera pushed Evelyn down and sat on top of her legs astride. I could see their round asses and tight thongs in front of me.

As much as I didn’t want to stop this, I knew I really should and yet I was frozen to the spot. Evelyn threw her off and pinned her down, grabbing fistfuls of her hair as she bounced her head against the floor.

“EVELYN!” I cried shocked.

But they were focused, totally and completely intent on each other as Sera managed to punch her in the side forcing her to let go with one hand and then bit down hard on her arm as she went to block another punch.

“SERA!” I yelled angrily but again they were completely ignoring me.

I had to break it up, it was becoming much too violent and one of them was undoubtedly going to get hurt. I tried to get between them and grab them by the arm but only succeeded in grabbing Sera’s breast and Evelyn’s perfect round ass. We all froze as they turned and glared at me in shock and fury.

“Oh,” I began to stammer realising what was coming.

They both punched me as hard as they could in the face sending careening backwards, falling over a book I crashed to the floor as I clutched my most likely bleeding nose and rapidly blackening eye as they began yelling at me incoherently. Both drowning each other out as they berated me. They turned and glared at each and were suddenly launching at each other once more. I can’t deny that looking at these beautiful ladies fighting it was turning me on. Well, that’s if they are fighting over who could suck me or fuck me, but now was not the time my son. We had more important things to worry about.

“ENOUGH! Get to your corners, ladies; the round is over.” I shouted as I forced myself between them again, my hands carefully out to the sides to avoid the same mistake. Touching women’s bodies when they’re in catfight was bad idea.

Both of the girls looked away from each other and stormed to opposite sides of the room, and it was finally getting calmer now.

“I heard you’d be going somewhere,” Sera stated suddenly as she combed her hair that had got all messy from the catfight.

“Nobody said that,” Evelyn stated as she brushed her hair.

“Evelyn calm down. It’s fine. I’ll handle this.” I hushed, hoping to sort it all out and somehow redeem myself in her eyes.

“Hmph,” Evelyn replied turning her head away.

“So…I guess you heard, that we were planning on going to Fianna’s place.” I sighed wearily.

“No. I didn’t, but I do now.” Sera smiled innocently.

Shit…As I glanced to Evelyn I saw her shaking her head, arms crossed with a fixated plain expression on her face. She was judging my stupidity. What can I say? Not my day. REALLY not my day.

“You should take me with you. You can’t just simply leave after all.” She remarked haughtily.

“No, Sera. You know that’s impossible, right?” I said. Surely, she was joking? “You’re joking, aren’t you?”

Both Evelyn and I couldn’t take a risk. She’s Leonardo’s sister for crying out loud, AND she was aware of my identity. Hell no!

“No. besides, I think I am in a position to negotiate better terms than you.” She stated smugly, smirking broadly.

“Sera, you know the situation right?” I asked annoyingly.

“I do, but what do you know about me?” She bit back irritated.

What is this? Another mind game? I don’t have time for it!

“Nothing. But we don’t have time for this. Not now, Sera. Please.” I sighed frustrated.

“Do you honestly think that I would sell you out so easily after saving my life? TWICE?!” She snapped angrily.

Really? You asking me that question? Of course I know, idiot! After spending time with her as her guard, I know she had that in her even she always came across as the typical spoiled brat that didn’t care so long as she got what she wanted and sometimes bit extreme. But she is gentle girl.

But taking her with us would be really bad choice…

“I don’t but I won’t bring you with us.”


“Because of your brother, dammit! I mean, don’t get me wrong, but your motifs are suspicious.” I pressed.

“At best!” Evelyn finished my sentence.

Gee thanks, Evelyn. I know I could trust you to back me on this. Evelyn really was something else. I had just confessed a huge sin to her.  Wait a minute, I suddenly remember what Sera said when she come in… What did Sera mean by saying she’s full of shit? Is she hiding something from me? No, that can’t be. The doubt was eating back of my mind like a cockroach, but I had to dismiss it for now.

“No fair! You’re ganging up on me! How can I assure you that I am telling you the truth!?” Sera demanded trying to convince me “Would I expose you when I… Oh, I don’t know… OWE YOU MY LIFE?!”

I looked at her grudgingly. Sera was seeking comfort from us, but not getting any. Until Evelyn decided something.

“…Kyou, I think we should bring her,” Evelyn started begrudgingly; I looked at dumbfounded, not expecting that. What is this girl saying?

“Despite being an utter BITCH! I can vouch for her. She’s sincere. A real spoiled bitch, but an honest person.”

“You’re a bitch too… But it’s true that you’re also… Kind. I guess.” Sera’s words become incomprehensible mush at the end as she obviously was ashamed admitting that to herself.

I think she just wanted my approval, but no way. I wasn’t going to let her get involved in this. This battle was mine and Evelyn’s. She could get hurt. She could get KILLED! No, there was no way…

“Thanks for not giving me in, Sera.”

Sera smiled in delight. Yeah, keep smiled like that. Because you’re not like what’s my next word.

“But no, you’re not coming with us. Nobody possibly can predict the future and I can’t let you intervene.”

“I thought we were friends!” She stomped her feet petulantly.

I could feel her tantrum approaching. Fuck. This stupid brat doesn’t know what was for her own good. What the hell!? What if I fight with Leonardo, and actually managed kill him in the process? What then? Would she be okay with that? No! Of course she wouldn’t! I bet Evelyn wouldn’t either if I’d killed her childhood friend or her sisters. You don’t have to agree with your family to care about their lives after all.

“We are but no means no Sera.” I stated as firmly as I could.

It’s been a while since I’m telling someone like this… I felt older. So much older, like a father actually and I was babysitting a child, and repeatedly telling her no. I was going to snap but managed to subdue the urge to yell. Sera, however, continued to stomp her feet like a petulant little child.

“You give me no choice…” Sera said and pulled out her CM. “I will tell Leo nii-sama that you’re here!”

I couldn’t believe her! Talk about mood swings!

“Really? For NOT inviting you on a trip that could get us KILLED!? Considering what happened LAST TIME!?” I demanded in disbelief.

“YES! I would! You don’t appreciate me! How come SHE can but I can’t!? YOU’RE TOO STUBBORN! You, sir kousuke, need to be punished!” She yelled petulantly.

“Enough with fake name. You already my real name, right?” I chuckled amused, I just couldn’t help it.

“Kyou. Yeah, KYOU! Whatever!!!” Sera yelled. “You, sir Kyou need to be punished! That is your real name!”

“It’s actually Kyousuke. Kyou is just a nickname…” I smirked amused.

Really me? Would you go this far? Was this really place or time to mock her? No. But why the fuck you kept going?! It’s funny… Fine, I stop.

I glanced on Evelyn who just shook her head sighing for my actions.

“Okay, sorry,” I said to Sera, but she was in the state of anger.

Sera’s eyes were large, and face fixated in anger. I wasn’t afraid of her or her intentions, but fuck I was pushing it. She was obviously blackmailing me… us. Evelyn had already accepted it, and I believed her; Sera won’t expose us, yup that IF we accepted her terms. But you know what they say in politics? Negotiating with terrorists is in futile. They just keep asking more. This situation was identical to that. Not only for the fact that I would have to give her an endless amount of favours, but the fact was in reality I really… REALLY didn’t want her to get involved in this.

“That’s it. I am telling him. Right now.” Sera channel her mana in the CM.

I turned to Evelyn and ask her.

“Where’s the honest and sincere part of her now?”

Evelyn just sighed in response; I guess she realized that she was somewhat helpless in this. I was too. This girl was taking a toll of our sanity.

“I am pressing send any time now.” Sera threatened.

“Please, Sera don’t… Kyou, it’s fine. Just let her come.” Evelyn sighed defeated.

I guess so… Bringing and taking care of spoiled brat like her shouldn’t be a problem. Yeah, right.

“I’ll give you a countdown. From the top.” Sera giggled manically as if it was a game. “3”

“Why do this?” Evelyn pleaded exasperated.

“I already told you. 2.” She replied smugly.

Was I going to let my stubbornness cost me everything? I think she was for real. Shit. Well, not much of a time to think now…

“1” Sera’s fingers fiddled the send button in silence.

“Okay, okay. You win.” I blurted reluctantly.

And in an instant, Sera was back to herself. She wasn’t angry anymore; she wasn’t frustrated. Yeah, brats. Go. Fucking. Figure. Instantly, she was back to herself. Yeah. I had to bend over.

Sera gave me this smug look. “I knew, you’d come to your senses.”

What coming to my senses? I believe it should be you that come to sense.

“I was only trying to protect you, but I am not going to change my plans for this.” I shrugged indifferently.

“Whatever. I got what I came for.” Sera stated haughtily. “Just to let you know, I wasn’t going to expose you. I like you.” she added grinning broadly.

“You sure have a strange way of showing it.” I said irritated.

Sera giggled and didn’t say anything else.

“If you weren’t going to expose me, then you’re not welcome,” I stated with a serious face.

“WHAT?!” Sera yelled. “That’s against the rules!!!”

“I am joking.” I laughed. “And what rules? You’re one to talk.”

Sera just scoffed derisively. Hehe, gotcha. Nobody blackmails me without any penalty.

“Evelyn? What’s up?” I glanced at Evelyn, who had sat down on the couch.

“I think we could use her as a distraction!” Evelyn said excitingly.

Silence descended. Sera and I just stared her. Erm… Use Sera as what? Distraction?

“Umm… I don’t know if using her as bait…” I murmured slightly startled by her declaration.

“Not as bait. She’s our excuse!” Evelyn said and bounced up. “She can inform Erich that she’s with us. So, nobody would care to search for us. It’s a bulletproof idea!”

“Yeah. That’s I was trying to tell you!” Sera squinted her eyes at me. “That’s why you ‘need’ me.”

“Okay. Fine. That IS a good idea. Sorry, Sera. I just really wanted to spare you from… All of this shit.” I stated the situation.

“If somebody asks me where I am, I say I took you to handle some official matters.” Sera nodded understandingly.

This girl… She could just simply brush aside the whole TR household. This power of influence made her not only a convenient friend but a dangerous one too. My job would be so much easier with that much of a power. Sadly and ironically, these things always come with a downside. The downside here was that I am now in an alliance with the household I dislike, ever so much.

“Besides, Fianna is my friend too.” Sera flailed her nails confident of her victory.

“No, she’s not.” Evelyn raised her eyebrow.

“Well, could be. We’re both quite good at magic, and I remember talking her at least once.” Sera tapped a finger on her lips like she was figuring out something complicated.

Evelyn rolled her eyes and didn’t bother to answer. Evelyn walked toward the bed and picked up a familiar sword and CM from under the bed.

“I can’t believe you still have those.” Sera said disbelief.

I knew that those were from her dimensional storage.

“Don’t you have one?” I chuckled. “I have this pouch…”

I had taken my whole arsenal of weapons with me. I had decided to carry it with me from now on – prepared for the worst. The jamming of my rifle and running out of ammo couldn’t happen for a second time.

‘If I don’t use my stuff why the fuck have them in a first place?’ This excellent question is what I conjured up as I ran around the villa last night.

“She’s talking about the fact how they locked my Dimensional Storage Rune and confiscated everything inside,” Evelyn replied simply.

“Why’d they do that?” I asked, but it was a stupid question. “Never mind.”

I have been in prison. Well, in a couple actually. They never let you keep your stuff. Could you imagine? Lock up a murderer, but let him keep his murder weapon? Hah. Right.

“How?” Sera scratched her head confused. “And why you need the weapon anyways?”

“Well, since last time when some ruffians try to kill me, I need weapon to protect myself even I can’t use magic right now. You have to admit that you’d be surprised how easy it’s to manipulate and bribe your family’s maids.” Evelyn gave Sera a smug smile, taunting her. “Cheaply too.”

Sera scoffed, clearly getting agitated. “I take back what I said about your kindness, bitch.”

Evelyn shrugged still smiling innocently.

“Where did you get the money?” I asked without thinking.

“Every property around the room was made from that stuff, so I just take and exchanged those with my property.” Evelyn stated happily.

“Taebutopia Rey one of the mightiest or in my opinion best noble household in all kingdoms. EVERY personnel go through a strict training and selection process. Even the gardeners!!” Sera rambled indignantly. It seems she still unable to believe that the maids in her household could be bribed easily.

“Well, at least the guards aren’t the sharpest I can tell you that much.” I smiled reminiscing the incident earlier.

Sharks? Fucking danglers, man.

“Besides, didn’t I get in as well and I am the worst enemy of this household?” I added.

“Well, you’re different and the maids and guards… So shut up!” Sera grunted huffily.

“Aww, what a lousy comeback, Miss Sera. I expected more from you.” Evelyn said smugly.

“You bitch! You bitch!!” Sera hissed, she was not having it.

“I can’t say ‘look who’s talking’ because in order to be a bitch you’d actually need to have sex with someone,” Evelyn smirked.

Erm… I think that’s not the point.

“Okay, let’s all calm down. Enough is enough.” I said before another catfight broke.

Evelyn opened her mouth as to say something, but I interrupted her saying silently ‘stop’. Both of the girls huffed and looked elsewhere.

“I’ve send to Fianna now. She’s not usually busy and quick to answer.” Evelyn stated, as she started to search for the clothes from the wardrobe. Wouldn’t be too surprised that she would’ve thrown them against me either – she was feisty today. Uh, I enjoy that. Maybe a little too much. But phew she was damn irresistible.

“Let’s start planning. We’re all in this together now.” I sat down at the table, gesturing the two cats to come close.

They both hesitated at first, glaring at each other before joining me. Making a plan together would hopefully solidify their relationship in a calmer direction yet I had my doubts as they sat either side of me and both rubbed up against me. I was captain of this ship. Therefore I was the one who’d prevent it from sinking. Nice metaphor right? The crew, mood swinging women were just as treacherous and unpredictable as the sea, Yarrr! Now imagine that in a pirates voice. Yep. I should write a book…philosophy or something. Or aphorisms. That’s what they’re called right?

“First off is travel …” I began

“She hasn’t answered yet we don’t even know can we go or where…” She started, but before finishing the sentence, her CM beeped. Sera and I waited in anticipation, and then Evelyn spoke sheepishly. “Never mind, she accepted. We can go.”

“Okay. Nice.” I nodded approvingly. “So, about traveling, I assume neither of you can teleport us that far? Are we going to travel to Rolong City?”

The silence was a tell-tale answer for the question as they both stared at me with droll no duh expressions on their beautiful faces. Fair enough.

“She’s not living in Rolong anyway. She was only asked there to be one of the weavers hired,” Sera said, but after seeing my confused face continued “You know, my brothers asking her to maintain the protective barrier for the tournament.”

Oh, I didn’t know that. But I believe she mention something about working on the arena.

“That’s correct. Fianna actually lives in a city called Roasgal; it shouldn’t be far.” Evelyn followed her lead. “We’re meeting her at her home.”

“Good to know. So, we could make the trip on foot, then?” I asked thoughtfully.

“It’s possible.” Evelyn backed me up, nodding gently as she cuddled into my arm suggestively prompting a glare from Sera.

“Oh, nope. I am NOT going for a walk! Not after what happened last time! We got a plane we can use, it takes only half an hour to fly Roasgal.” Sera shook her head fervently clutching my other arm tightly making Evelyn glare daggers.

“That in the other hand is not possible unless you can pilot the damn thing,” I pointed out trying to ignore them molesting my arms. “Besides we must move incognito to avoid any necessary conflict.”

“What do you mean? Do you just assume us to walk there with an even larger entourage than last time?” Sera gasped horrified.

C’mon, Sera can you read between the lines, please.

“No, No bodyguards. I will be the only one taking care of both of you. I mean, what use where the others last time after all?”

I could take anybody. I was a highly trained soldier with experience from a wide variety of battle tactics and terrains, remember? What are the odds that we’re attacked again anyway? Preposterous, well as long as it wasn’t Emilia or Elsha. I believe we’ll be fine.

“I told you, that this wasn’t going to be easy. We have just to tread carefully and avoid detection from the unwanted company at all costs.” I convinced her as Evelyn simply smirked.

“…Fine, I’ll trust you on this.” Sera sighed after a pause.

I glanced at Evelyn who then gave me an insulted look. “Of course, I trust you, Kyou. Don’t insult me with a question like that.” She snapped hurt.

I smiled reassuringly making her blush, Sera grinding her teeth irritated. Can we all take a moment to appreciate the women like Evelyn? Appreciate the women who’re genuinely intelligent and trustworthy. I could do nothing but stare her in amazement.

Okay. Let’s continue.

“Sera, I don’t mean to put you in a spot like this. But I think what happened last time has something to do with the very announcement you made about leaving. That’s probably the reason for the attack,” I stated bluntly.

“I had made that trip more than once. That possibly couldn’t be the reason.” Sera defended indignantly.

I dismissed her comeback with a shrug “it was all speculation. I didn’t claim any facts or otherwise.”

This was the reason I didn’t want her to get involved in my shit. She still had such a defensive stance towards her family. But then, didn’t we all?

“Well, let’s put that aside for now… How do we sneak out without being found out?”

I looked at the two beauties.

“I think I can help you!” Sera exclaimed loudly, suddenly freed from her defensive attitude.

“Oh, I am listening.” I smiled encouragingly.

“I have a little hidey hole that I used to sneak out when I was younger.” She began

“Err, ‘younger’?” Evelyn squeezed into the discussion – stating that Sera was not old enough to speak for her ‘younger self.’ However, this remark played next to no part of the conversation.

“Let her talk,” I said and I saw a big appreciation in Sera’s eyes. “Go on, Sera.”

“It’s actually passageway, on the south western mansion. It was built by my great grandfather as a possible escape route. Nobody ever used that though, since the reputation of Taebutopia Rey clan has always been flawless.” Sera held her head up proudly.

“I see.” Interesting stuff, eh?

People always do things for a reason, and the secret passageway made me question the supposed good standing of TR family.

“Eventually, everybody just had forgotten it ever existed. We can handle the conflicts much better nowadays.” She smiled brightly.

“Right. That sounds like a plan.” I stated and stood up.

We had discussed a good hour already, and we should get going before everyone wakes…

“Do you need to get anything, Sera?” I asked

“Yeah, I do, actually.” She replied after a moment’s thought.

“Be quick. We’re in a rush. The faster we get to the Roasgal, the better.” I began Sera nodding, but before she exited the cabin I stopped her, “Remember, I trust you, Sera.”

She gave her usual giggle, blushing slightly before darting off and I knew she wouldn’t betray us. I turned to face Evelyn who was already changing into her traveling outfit. She almost wears the same outfit as Sera.

She had a quite revealing vest that showing her cleavage that seems made from seemingly expensive leather. Naturally she was also wearing similar long boots as Sera, and a miniskirt. Surprisingly, it was longer than Sera’s but let’s be clear here; Sera didn’t seem to mind whether I’d see her bare ass or anyone for that matter. Yup. It was just that short.

“I’m still mad at you” She stated curtly before I had a chance to say a single thing,

“I know” I sighed softly as I walked over and hugged her close from behind.

I could feel her round ass against my cock, it was lovely. I kissed her neck, and to my relief she accepted the gesture a little sigh of pleasure escaping her tantalizing lips.

“It’s getting better though…minute by minute” She added softly.

“A quickie perhaps?” I suggested hopeful as I gently nibbled her ear suggestively.

“I said minute by minute not second by second” She laughed dryly.

Everything was going to be alright…It was going to be a long one…but the best things are always worth it.


We had left Evelyn’s private mansion (Well, it’s Leonardo’s actually) before Sera had returned. Not to ditch her of course, but to avoid possible guards checking. She indeed was going to come with us. Why had I befriended with a person from TR anyway? Sigh…

Evelyn had left a note to explain her very good excuse for leaving. She had visited Fianna before, and this was according to the note, her “well-being” visit with her good friend Sera. She also apologized for the mess she had caused claiming that she had been sleepwalking and messing up the place, and then decided with Sera to go meet Fianna. Pretty good, huh? We were sure that Sera understood that we would be waiting her at the south western orchard but it didn’t help the nervous unease whilst waiting for her. The sun was finally breaking the dawn, barely over the horizon. We couldn’t see it perfectly as the gigantic villa blocked the view. I don’t know which I prefer, dawn or dusk. Maybe dawn since I am patriotic Japanese man. Sure enough, we finally saw Sera walking in the distance. I’d hope she’d tighten a pace a little. Don’t get me wrong, her hips swaying side to side that way was a treat, but I had my Evelyn right next to me and time was of the essence.

“Did you make any announcement to Erich?” I asked carefully.

“No. I’ll text him as we’ve passed the steel gate. He’d have to send a cavalry to catch us by then, and to the right exit. I doubt he even knows about this one.”  Sera said dismissively, and together we started the journey into the unknown.

“Great!” I responded tensely but kept my guard up until we would have left the general vicinities of the TR household.

The south western passageway was ancient and un-groomed compared to everything else in the entire area. The cobblestone road was worn under the wildlife that had seemingly claimed the place for their own. Between the mountains the large stone statues on either side observed us with their eternal gaze sending shivers up the spine of most any seasoned warrior.

“Those are tribute to every guard who died beside my great grandfather during the Great War around few centuries ago.” Sera explained to me as I eyed them warily.

Great war, eh.  I don’t want pry on this one.

For what I could count the row of statues were only roughly one hundred feet apart, but I could see them spread into the distance far as the eye could see.

“For watching us, guarding our steps. Like they did for my grandpa.” Sera murmured softly.

“Strange that they don’t take a better care of this place…” I chuckled nervously, admiring the view.

“My late father used to has his own row of guards. As I said, nobody remembers this place though.” Sera sighed slightly irritated by that fact.

I see, Sera’s father already passed away. No wonder, her oldest brother inherited the position.

“We remember the actions that took place, however,” Evelyn stated proudly as she walked close next to me.

I wanted to hold her hand, but I couldn’t; Sera could get Jealous. She was a loose cannon that could go off any time. And if refraining from holding hands would be the key, I’d reluctantly do it. We had all the time in world to cuddle when we got back to earth. Sera blew a raspberry for Evelyn’s remark and hopped along the road like a baby deer.

“TR has always been little too clean for some of the commoners’ offspring who lost the last war.” Evelyn whispered me. “Not necessarily to side with them, but I understand where they come from.”

“Wow, you really get people.” I replied, but Evelyn signalled me to keep my voice down.

“I do. I love to meet new people, and help the poor and…” She but stopped blushing as I smiled to her.

“Yeah, that’s my point exactly.” I smiled proudly.

“More than you know.” She murmured guardedly.

What she meant by that?

“There’s something… Nothing. We can talk about this later.” Evelyn concluded her sentence before it even took place.

“About last night…” I started, but then Sera looked at us.

“Yes! Tell him, Evelyn. ‘About last night’…” Sera said mimicking Evelyn’s voice.

“Be quiet umm…” Evelyn started to think a good insult to Sera who just waited. “Virgin!”

Why the hell you called her virgin? What’s wrong being virgin? Aren’t you virgin yourself until I took it?

“You’ve already been using that. Can you invent a new one, bitch?” Sera scoffed.

“Girls, girls. No need to fight. This trip is going to be an absolute hell for every one of us if you don’t stop.” I interjected quickly, another cat fight brewing.

I was curious about last night, but it wasn’t going to be worth the consequences to pry information from either one of them especially when the other one was around. I should wait for a better chance to pounce. The cockroach returned to scratch the back of my head; the little wounds would fester sooner rather than later.

“Being a virgin is a blessing not a curse. At least I have something to give; my purity.” Sera continued smugly hopping along the way distancing herself from us.

She was right about the virgin thing. At least in my opinion, but siding with her wouldn’t do anything good for my relationship with Evelyn right now. I knew Evelyn was right too, but I guess as she had calmed back to her kind self she didn’t want to waste brain cells on arguing. Her type was a peacemaker after all.

“What did you tell Fianna anyway?” I asked absently, not bothered if Sera heard or not.

The information wasn’t really important but I felt that Sera needed to feel included to the group. She’s my friend, after all.

“Umm… Not the details, but the general jest. I needed help with a complicated spell. She never denies a good challenge.” Evelyn summarized.

“Did you tell that we were coming?” I asked slightly surprised.

“No, but I’m sure she’s cool with it.” She shrugged.

Fianna was an easy-going person who took on any task without hesitation. She definitely will be great sex partner. Ups, enough with sexy stuff! I couldn’t help the nagging cockroach nibbling away at the back of my mind. I watched how the greenery unfolded itself before me at the widening of the passage. We were walking upward between the mountains as one might imagine, the sound of our steps bouncing from the wall to wall into the cloudy sky.

“It might rain. We can use it to our advantage.” I thought to myself out loudly.

Both of the women stopped and looked at the sky confused.

“How come you think that?” Sera asked curiously.

“Taste the humidity in the air? It’s increasing, but do you see any ponds or water in the leaves? No. It means it has not rained, but it was going to.” I smiled bashfully as I realised I had said it out loud.

This was just an old hunter trick nothing more.

“Luckily, I’ve my umbrella.” Sera pulled a mint colored umbrella from her little bag smiling smugly.

Ohh, that’s surprisingly normal. I thought this world has different way to cover them from rain like using magic barrier.

At least it somewhat camouflages I thought as we reached a top of a hill. I could see the steel gate in the distance and after it a forest; mystical untamed forest. Lucky for us, the route seemed to remain passable for as far as the eye could see.

“See that smoke?” Sera said to me pointing to the horizon. “That’s Roasgal.”

I could barely see an extremely thin layer of smoke dancing across the sky just beyond the horizon. We could probably arrive there today if we’d hurry or tomorrow and didn’t counter any problem, and considering the time we were wasting, it wasn’t as farfetched a notion as you might think.

“I’ve never walked there. Not from here anyways.” Evelyn said as she joined us at the top of the mountain, shuffling nervously at the daunting distance.

“We did once. Don’t you remember? You were like nine that time…” Sera smiled encouragingly.

“Oh yeah. Erich carried me though. Ah, big brothers are so much better than sisters…” Evelyn laughed amused as she remembered.

Erich carried Evelyn when she’s nine? Hmmm…

“I don’t know whether to agree or not,” Sera replied grinning broadly.

On top of the city, however, I saw the dark storm clouds forming.

“It might just be a whirlwind,” I stated as the brisk wind waved my hair in the air.

I back to these two majestic manifestations of women, standing next to each other peacefully looking out to the distance. Their skirts waving in the wind, hypnotized me and I found myself wishing something I had never considered I would. I wish… I wish I could have them both. Am I crazy to think that? What, was I RK all of the sudden? The looming statues had finally given way to a thick forest that blocked most of the chilling wind. I wasn’t participating in the conversation that Sera and Evelyn were having as it was about their shared past. And I managed learn something about who Evelyn was… Before she was a woman, I now know. Funny. The wind was chilling, yet the two girls seemed to get just a tad warmer towards each other as we walked along. The forest was completely different compared to the one on the eastern side.

We followed the road, but as we took a sharp corner, I could clearly see something at a distance. I saw bunch of human-like figures as if waiting – in the middle of the road. Shit! Not again.

“Who’re they?” Sera asked me quietly, clearly surprised to see ANYONE this way.

You ask me? Really? You should know better than anyone!

“Keep quiet…” I said calmly as I watched them intently.

They were men, dressed in formal clothing which didn’t seem troubling at all. They were completely different in those ruffians that attacked last time… But then, being well-dressed doesn’t make you a good guy. And looking at the situation… Well…If they were good guys then I was a saint…

“I’ll handle this.” I murmured firmly, trying not to alert the girls that I had a bad feeling about this…A very bad feeling…

“Good day.” One of the men greeted us.

He was obviously a leader, the rest of the pack were spread around behind him. I could count the numbers to be roughly ten. I was always prepared for the worst, in every questionable situation in my life. Call me paranoid if you want, I don’t give a shit, that’s why I am alive anyway. Don’t trust anyone so easily. Especially if they smile at you for no reason, those kind of fuckers where usually the bloody worst!

“Good day.” I stated warily, keeping the two women strictly behind me. “Just passing through to Roasgal, gentlemen.”

“No problem. No problem at all… Just a routine check…” The man said nodding towards the women. “Who’ve got here.” He asked suspiciously, his smile growing as he tied to act friendly and enticing.

“Just my clients,” I replied stonily, sure now that he was no friend at all no matter what he wanted me to think.

The man tried to glance over to them presumably to gauge the identity of the women, but I stepped forward blocking his view.

“For safety reasons, I can’t let you examine my protegées,” I replied, straightening my back daring him to do something.

The man looked at me with a serious face under his bushy brows and curly hair. He was smirking, with an expression that oozed a challenge.

“Got a problem with that?” I stepped one more step forward.

“We do. We are the border patrol of Taebutopia Rey household.” He stated proudly, the lie rolling of his tongue like honey.

“Well, then you should notice that I am wearing TR armor and deduce from there. It is not that hard?” I said belittling him. “One plus one and so on, eh?”

The situation had become stiff with attention. Fuck, those guys must be lying. Sera didn’t mention anything from a people like these. Neither did Evelyn.

Sera stepped forward, pushing me aside. Shit! What’s she’s up to?!

“I am Sera Taebutopia Rey, and I order you to let us pass, or else…” She was confident and had this certain authority to her voice.

No matter the outcome would be though, I wasn’t happy that she just push in like that.

“Well, this is not as simple as that… Miss Sera.” The man said as his grin became somewhat manic.

In that nanosecond, I could see in the eye of my corner how these mafioso type of characters had surrounded us.

“Boss! It’s her!” One of the men blurted all of a sudden, pointing at Evelyn.

“Then, it’s much easier.” The man shrugged as he pulled out his sword “DIE!”

The men attacked, but Evelyn was quicker and she had prepared a force wave, she sent all of the fuckers flying before they could strike. Too bad that me and Sera were included though…

Time seemed like slowing as I flew through the air. I pulled my sword and landed on my feet. Sera wasn’t so lucky, but she had a least landed next to me.

“Ugh. You bastards…” She cursed and stood up glaring angrily.

She took a wide stance and started to cast an incantation. From my dimensional pouch, I pulled out my hi-point carbine 995. I know these type of guns aren’t for everyone, but I like them for convenience sake. Sometimes, convenience over firepower can save your life.

*Tshup! Thsup!*

I shoot down a couple of the guys, as Sera toasted one to a crisp with some sort of flame spell. Evelyn pulled out her sword and sliced the face of the leader with a grand swing. Blood splattered into the trees.

“Raargh!” The leader screamed.

Evelyn swept for a killing blow but a fellow gang member parried the strike not expecting Evelyn to react as quickly as she did, sending a white flash zap into the chest of her opponent with her sword. Wow, what a woman I have! The gang member collapsed on the ground, twitching heavily. The men were mostly using simple melee weapons, so I could eliminate the men from a distance.

*Tshup! Tshup! Tshup!*

The men were falling like flies. Even though I didn’t manage to shoot all of them dead, I had crippled many of them.

*Click….. Spoosh!*

I threw a smoke grenade between Evelyn and a few of the fuckers. She realized the situation immediately and pirouetted to us slicing one unfortunate fucker like an apple. I pulled out my sword as casting my vitality spell in the process. I could feel my skin toughening, and my muscles bulging under empowering red light. One of the bastards approached me with a spear that looked like a homemade piece of shit – unlucky for him. With a powerful strike, I smashed his spear into splinters and I rushed him. The bastard knifed my palm, and I could feel the blade slicing my skin open yet I didn’t feel pain. I grabbed his head and twisted his neck around with a loud crack! The cut didn’t bleed at all, and after a quick glance, I saw the slice had been more of a scratch.

“Heh, funny. I thought it was deeper…” I mumbled, as I brandished my blade against two attackers.

It goes without saying that spells are awesome, and frankly, feel like cheating. But hey, you know what they say. All’s fair in love and war. Sera helped me to dispatch some of the attackers with ease. Icicle to the face is always a classic, and me… Well, I was just toying with them before evisceration – fuck them for attacking us! There had been more opponents than I originally had thought; the amount climbing to roughly fifteen. However, neither one of us seemed to have a problem with these guys. They seemed to be better at combat than the ruffians, but clearly worse than elites at the cabin, but who cares?! These losers are no match for us. Not by a long shot. Evelyn finished the crippled men I’d failed to shoot dead as I swapped my weapons effortlessly. Honestly, these men weren’t worthy of any grenades. Except for one smoke bomb, but Evelyn was the one worthy of that not these bastards. I emptied my magazine with a few nice headshots. You could only see puffs of blood mixed with brains, and whatever the bullet had penetrated. In the end, we could see nothing but grotesque corpses of all sort; some still gurgling blood, some scorched and some… Well, some were just scattered body parts who had exploded in the hands of these magnificent mages. The leader was crawling on his fours away muttering in disbelief as I ran up to him, pulling him up by his hair.

“Like your new face, huh?” I pushed the leader down.

The man spat the blood, and the whole thing looked like a Chelsea smile from a splatter movie.

“You’re not going to ‘leave’ without giving us a better explanation,” Sera stated with a smug smile.

Evelyn was still quiet but glared over the leader with a disgust I could relate to since I felt that way from the majority of this world’s population. In fact, most of the earth’s too, but there’s a small difference. I don’t care about them if they don’t cross me.

“Lord Leonardo should execute you! TRAITOR!” The leader snarled loudly as the blood mixed with the spit.

“URHG!” He groaned as I punched him down. The leader was talking about Evelyn, and Nah – I didn’t care to hear his bias bullshit.

“What do you think you are? A self-proclaimed border guard who actually attacks the member of TR?” I said disgusted.

“Who are you people anyway?” Sera followed my lead.

“We are the loyalists of the nation, and that BETRAYER insulted us… She needs to pay with her LIFE!” The man roared, the blood luckily silenced him before he could utter another word.

“Where are your outposts located?” Sera demanded coldly.

“Everywhere.” The man laughed manically “You’re not going to get away with your crime! We will find you! And then we will kill you!!!”

“Did you set up an attack against Sera?!” I demanded a dark thought coming to my mind.

“Yes. Proudly” He replied proudly and then faced Sera “Miss Sera, you’re going to be abducted, tortured until your brother, lord Leonardo decides to end the life of that traitorous BITCH!”

……..Ah, I see. They are must be the extreme fanatics that worshipped Leonardo.

“I am not the one on my knees,” Sera scoffed amused, a hint of fear in her voice.

The leader turned to Evelyn and opened his mouth; at this moment, I decided that we’ve heard enough.

“Give her a break! She didn’t do anything wrong!” I snapped disgusted.

“What do you know?! You’re just a mindless robot obeying orders…” He began hatefully.

“I’ll let you one secret you can tell to your…Uhg…Comrades.” I sneered leaning close to him.

“Kyou, don’t!” Sera and Evelyn warned in unison.

“I am the one to blame. I am the one who made her do that.” I whispered darkly.

The leader stared at me in a state of shock. “T…th…the outsider from another dimension? The rapist?!”

“Finally! Some recognition!” I smiled widely, purposely antagonizing the poor excuse of a man.

What was I supposed to do? Sit down and stuck up a thumb up to my ass? What kind of bodyguard or a man at that matter would I be? Especially with him degrading such an amazing beautiful woman!

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the leader pounced at me in sheer rage screaming “Raarrrgh!”

I had anticipated this, and I replied to attack with a punch as the girls jumped surprised. I punched hard as I could, and the leader’s skull cracked ominously as it caved into my fist. Naturally, something like this would hurt, but my vitality spell was still in my system. Fuck I couldn’t help think it was good thing it was though. The limp body tumbled to the ground, lifeless, all signs of life… extinguished in mere seconds.

“He wasn’t going to tell us anything relevant anyways,” I stated indifferently.

Both women just shrugged seemingly accepting of my almost needless violence. Well, those were bad guys, and needed not to be sided with nor shown mercy.

“Evelyn? Sera? Do you have something to tell?” I asked calmly.

“I was worried about this… But didn’t think they’d just roam around looking an excuse to pounce on people that they consider unworthy for their cause…” Evelyn defended herself curtly. “Neither I did they’d just lurk at the outskirts of the villa. Nobody knew where I was…”

“Fair enough,” I stated dismissing further conversation – for now.

I was a bit infuriated that she was keeping so much from me. I needed to talk to her about the difference between lying and ‘not telling’. And soon.

“I knew about them too,” Sera admitted guiltily. “But brother always said they were just a fan club without hostile intentions. Obviously, I know the truth now but…”

“Okay. Anything else we should prepare for?” I asked emotionlessly “No? Okay. Then we should try to avoid the road, and change our route…”

I scanned the forest, which was extremely thick, to the point of not passable. Fuck, we could’ve prepared for this, but…Kyou, chill! People can’t know these things. Are you a fucking oracle? No? Then calm the fuck down and search for an alternate option.

“All the exits are likely to be covered so we need to go through.” I pointed to the forest. “Terrain is going to be harder, but you girls have hiked before, right?”

Leonardo is a shithead. He doesn’t seem to be as heroic as people give him credit for. If I were him and had a kickass babe like Evelyn, I’d make sure that nobody could hurt her in a million years. Not him though. The revelation had made me resent him even more than ever.


A startled voice alerted me, and I unsheathed my sword at an instant. “You girls, okay?”

“Yeah, just a branch. I’ll try to be more careful.” Sera said embarrassed.

“No worries.” I replied and together we continued the trip.

‘You girls, okay?’ I had repeatedly asked girls, just to make sure I was doing my duty. Every time they had nodded, and even smiled. Other than that, I had heard the girls talking and occasionally mocking each other. Not in a serious way this time. For me, the whole trip had been just a large preparation phase. I had gone through various scenarios and my plan of action.

What would I do in situation X? Or how could I avoid the worst possible outcome Y?

We were trying to leave as little trace of our presence as possible leaving the branches intact wherever. I could hear the sky breaking with rolling thunder and I could hear the rain pouring against the canopy which thankfully absorbed the lion-share. The terrain was hard, and our feet got stuck in the roots when we didn’t sink into the overly mossy ground. We had trudged through the forest over three hours, but surprisingly neither one of my female companions had complained even a little. Well, I guess Sera had mentioned something, but it hadn’t been a complaint. Not to be sexist or anything, but I was pleasantly surprised. I grabbed for Evelyn as the branch snapped and knocked her off balance. She smiled shyly, eagerly wrapping her fingers around mine. We had barely continued further than a hundred yards when Sera noticed. Glowering she lingered back, deliberately falling over a loose rock in a hope I would catch her. Dropping my sword I carefully broke her fall, keeping a tight hold of Evelyn’s hand much to her dismay as Evelyn glared at her venomously.

“Careful. You a’ight?” I asked seemingly oblivious to the way the girls were glaring at each other.

“Won’t you hold my hand Kyou? I don’t want to fall.” Sera pout holding her hand out to me.

“I should really have my sword ready…” I began slightly surprised, unsure what to do.

“Besides, the only one he should be holding is me!” Evelyn snapped venomously.

“Says who?” Sera demanded angrily.

Before I knew it they were fighting again, yelling profanities at each other as Evelyn tightened her grip on my hand. I was suddenly falling as Sera shoved angrily at Evelyn and we crashed to the muddy floor. Before I had much chance to even process what was happening, Evelyn was back on her feet shoving Sera back. Her slap echoed loudly through the noise of the rian as Sera slapped Evelyn as hard as she could. Evelyn launched at her growling like an animal defending her rank in the pack. Punching and slapping they rolled around the muddy forest floor hurling profanities at each other. Evelyn bit down hard on Sera’s arm as she struggled to free herself from the headlock Sera had her in and they stumbled away from each other enough for me to get between them.

“ENOUGH!” I boomed frustrated.

Now don’t get me wrong, the only thing better than a catfight is a catfight in the mud. But really? Of all bloody times, NOW!?

“MOVE!” Evelyn demanded glaring at Sera hatefully as Sera wiped at the mud on her face.

“NO! Now is not the fucking time! What the hsell is wrong with the two of you!?” I snapped.

If we had been tracked or there had been a hunting party nearby they were surely now fully aware of our location.

“She’s just angry that she isn’t good enough!” Sera sniped curtly.

“You spoiled little brat!” Evelyn snarled.

“Good enough for what? Evelyn calm down! And Sera stop it.” I sighed even more confused

The noon had soon changed to evening as we finally moved on, neither girl talking to each other as they both remained either side of me. Before long we could finally see the Roasgal towering in the distance. Yup, it’s still far away. We probably reach there by tomorrow morning. Most of the fires were alight creating a smoky veil before the pouring rain. What would I need to do there? I took a deep breath. Since coming to this world, everyday had seemed like an endless fight for survival. Nothing that I am not used to, but will it never end?

Sighed, I looked at the sky.

Hope this shit end soon….

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