Bonded Goddess – Chapter 32

After a day passed, everything was clearer, and definitely fresher.

The mist had lifted, making things so much clearer for me to see. The dew made the grass wet and which made a cooling sensation all around us. I was tired of the potent possibility of a catfight again. What with the worry about the TR guards and the like, and anger at Leonardo’s fanatics … Ugh, why were those deluded fools such fanatics anyway? And they worshipped Leonardo like some kind of cult. Was he a god or at least a demi god?

No, I’m not jealous. Hardly, but my eyes were stinging and damn, I could almost feel the dawn spread under my eyes.

I was with my woman or should I say women? Either way, they were hard to handle… and this was not even the chief of my concerns. After a while, we arrived at some mountain top. Beneath us was a whole valley filled with little white flowers, but it was not the flower that drew my attention. It was the city, bustling with life.

“What is that?” I heard my voice struggle out of my throat in a strange way, a little hoarse. Was it due to the frequent draught of the misty forest? I don’t know and I couldn’t care less.

“That’s Roaslgal,” Sera and Evelyn said in unison, and then looked away with an open spite for each other. It was like they were advertising the fact that they couldn’t get along very well, what a thing to be proud of, huh?

I decided to ignore them, and it was a blessed decision. I hummed to myself, and looked ahead. Roaslgal was not very large, but it was surely a grand, very medieval styled city. The walls around it were really thick and made of sun baked bricks. And the gates were gigantic. As I watched the city from the top, I felt a sense of relief flooding through me and I sat down, cross- legged, with a light laugh. I knew it was not a guarantee of no further attempts to stop us by those stupid Leonardo fanatics, but it did not matter…. I still felt more relieved, because we were a lot safer here than last night at the forest.

“Why are you laughing?” Sera asked, sitting right next to me.

Evelyn sat on the other side holding my arm tightly, marking her territory, I guessed. Sera saw her and gave a petty smirk and took my other arm, pulling me towards her.

“What the-” I began but was cut short by Evelyn jerking me towards her.

“Oh my goodness gracious…No!” I said, loudly to show my irritation.

But my opinion did NOT matter anymore to anyone. It is like this: two opposite sides fight for something, anything, and it is not exactly because either of those need that thing but fights just to own that thing and boast to the other. Show off their possession. They fight like crazy and forget the thing in the process…. shut it, I’m down to my last two brain cells, I don’t need your argument. I was getting too deep into the analogy that I felt like some kind of possession, which annoyed me greatly and extensively.  Who said Harem is great again? This situation clearly annoys me more than made me happy.

“STOP!” I said, getting up.

Both the ladies looked at me first in surprise, and then it grew into a dark countenance and glared at me… which is a terrifying thing. If you’ve never been glared at by two women in that way, you’ll never know. And you’re very lucky.

“Let’s just… go” I finished meekly, “We have stuff to do, right?”

“Yes, you’re right, Kyou,” Evelyn said, and stood up, “If only someone wasn’t too childish and ignorant…”

“Who are you calling childish and ignorant?” Sera returned her voice laced with venom, “Just because I’m not like you, it does not mean I’m childish.”

“Don’t be a little bitch, bitch,” Evelyn was sharp to retort with a snort.

“Are you girls going to continue fighting? Because I’m ready to leave both of you,” I threatened. Of course it was a lie, there was no way in heaven or earth or this place that I could do that! And besides, that would defeat the entire purpose of this trip.

With clear disdain for each other, they finally continued on…


“What the actual heck is this?” I said, outright gawking at the mansion.

It was a real mansion, all right. It was built in the Gothic style architecture with high and sharp arches and elaborate decorations in every corner, like in one of those animes where the protagonist is shown in a church or some Catholic orphanage. It was huge, almost the size of a real palace. TR’s mansion was small comparison to this.

I didn’t think Fianna was a noble, or a very wealthy person. I guess it’s because of how meek she usually was by her natural disposition, and of course how she thought I was going to bully her when I saw her in the library as if she were being mistreated. No, she was really pretty, enough to be a noble or princess. I mean, she had a nice ass, and she could pull off the hot teacher look…. ah, humping on a teacher, huh? …. no, No! Stupid me, two women are already on the edge because of you! Focus!

“Is Fianna like from a noble family too?” I asked aloud.

“Not quite,” Evelyn said, with a nonchalant shrug, “Her family is pretty well to do, but no, she is not from a noble family of this kingdom.”

“So, you are telling me that this huge ass mansion is like a normal house?” I said.

No way! Like, the fuck? Is this really legit? Even Bill Gates wouldn’t be living so luxuriously!

“Ah, no,” she giggled, “This mansion was a gift from the academy when we graduated some couple of years back, as an acknowledgement for her achievement. She picked this city because the largest library is situated in this city. It is actually an underground library, and is as large as the city itself.”

I see.

“Shall we enter?” Evenlyn asked, in a cheerful smile. Sera was a little unsure but followed her anyway. I was the last one to enter.

“Does she keep servants to serve her or clean up this large place?” I asked. I was still unable to recover from the grandness of the mansion.

“No. Fianna is a very private person,” she replied with a slight smile, “She dislikes being attended to.”

Tweet! Twe…wee…eet! TWEET!

Yes, that is how the bell sounded. Like really, this place was similar to earth, it’s funny. What was with people and the tweeting sound as doorbells? I shall never understand these people, no kidding.

We waited for a while, but there was no response.

“Ah, geez…” Sera began her usual charade of daily complaints, “I guess she was still sleeping? Or maybe forget about you?” She was looking at Evelyn, trying to provoke her.

But Evelyn was not in any way embarrassed about her friend, though. In fact, she looked a little ill at ease. She rung the tweet bell again, and it was louder this time.


After half a minute, which felt like a whole day, the door was opened, slowly at first.

Fianna’s sleepy head poked out of the door first, her bed head was like a cute little nest. She smiled as she saw Evelyn and Sera. Her sleepy smile was definitely precious. She opened the door fully, and presented me a gift of some god because, dear god… she was clad in nothing but a blue nightdress, and that is not some ordinary nightdress. It was a light blue laced nightdress. And when I say nightdress, I mean, sexy lingerie. Yes, a lingerie! Am I out of my mind? Not at all, because along with me, Evelyn and Sera were a little off guard about how sleepy Fianna looked.


Fianna smiled and welcomed us inside, or should I say just Evelyn and Sera, for when she saw me, too; her smile froze and her sleepy eyes shot open like broken shutters. A deep red started appearing in her face. It was sort of pleasing to see her react that way. Her body was sexy but her face was cute… though I dared not say that out loud, particularly with Evelyn and Sera right there. But that did not stop me from watching, did it? I mean who could?

I smiled at Fianna, in the most innocent way possible at that moment, which was anything but innocent.

“Mind your face,” Evelyn whispered into my ear and her elbow poked my side.

I wasn’t sure if she was angry at me for looking at someone else or whether she was angry that the person I was looking at was her dear best friend, Fianna. Women… I will never get them…fully. Fianna was dumb founded for a while, but soon regained her senses back into her head, and she ran back up the stairs, her bare ass flashing as she ran. I could only remember the feel of her ass, when I spanked her good once. Her reaction was also incredible.

We entered the house, even though she left us standing there. It didn’t harm to enter it, right? I mean she had been expecting us…Kind of…When Fianna joined us again, she was in her usual mage robes. She had tired eyes, but was smiling brightly. Her face was still a little flushed but she had regained her composure…well most parts of her composure, at least.

“Follow me,” she said, “Let’s got to my research room… I feel more comfortable there.”

None of us something about it, given the fact that it was her house and we did not know what else to do. Her research room was in what seemed to be a basement; it was cold and the sound our feet made was like that of cobbled stone, although it looked nicely cemented and tiled to me. The room was large, and large would be an understatement. There were vials, and test tubes and large experiment glasses all around. And in the centre of it was a nice sitting space: some couches and a coffee table in between. The couches seemed completely out of place. But looked comfortable enough for the purpose of our untimely visit.

“Please sit down,” Fianna said gesturing to the couches.

I sat down, with the girls in either side of me. But for some reason, I felt that Fianna tried to NOT look at me. Like, the fuck? Am I invisible? It was making me question several things… like my hotness.

“So, what brings the trio of you here?” She asked, with an amused face, “You three… together… are indeed the oddest group in the whole of Roaslgal!”

“You could say,” Evelyn laughed in a friendly way.

For a moment I realised this was the first time Evelyn was very friendly with someone, aside from me… and it was not really friendly with me, rather, a bond of both a lover and a sexual partner…

“We could look normal, if only a midget was absent from here,” Evelyn said to tease Sera. Sera just glared at her. “Anyway, we need your help.”

“We?” Fianna repeated in surprise, “What kind of help? You only said about removing…”

Evelyn said with a shy smile, “Kyou and I. This artificial artefact, can you remove it?”

She waved her hand in front of Fianna. Fianna looked at it closely, with a little frown forming on her face.

“I can’t say yes, but I could try,” Fianna offered finally, with a little shrug.

“That would be very helpful,” Evelyn said with utter joy.

She clasped Fianna’s hand and smiled. It felt nice to see Evelyn so close to another girl instead of insult and hitting each other. Fianna began some kind of a chant and a blue light glowed out from her; either that or she could produce light with magic? The bracelet was a ritual sort of magic and it may not be possible. I had my fears but I did not think it was right to voice it out for obvious reasons.

“By the way, Evelyn?” Fianna said in between the casting.

“Yes?” she asked warmly

“Is this man you talked about in our private chats?” Fianna asked hesitantly.

“Yes, this is the same Kyou. He’s exactly as I had described him, isn’t he? His full name is Kyousuke.” She beamed proudly.

Fianna smiled falteringly.

“As I thought…” I heard her small mutter as I saw the gloominess that had descended in her eyes. She looked crestfallen. I could not understand why.

Fianna walked over to one side of the gigantic room, and picked up a small device. How do I describe that device? Well, it looked like one of those scouters worn by Freiza’s Army. It can be used to measure the power of the wearer… Since it is used by the women then, I wonder hmm, can it measure the three golden sizes of women? Anyway, you get the picture? No? Go to Mr. Google again. He will be happy to help you. And if you still don’t know what a scouter is, why are you still reading this? And what kind of person has not watched Dragon Ball Z? That anime is nuts, everyone should watch it, to give thirty years of their life.

Holding Evelyn’s hand with the bracelet in one hand, and the scouter like thingy in the other, Fianna checked it. Her face was already dull, but it seemed that the results made her face even duller. She shook her head sadly. Even Sera knew what it meant. We were all silent, unsure of how to break the sudden silence that reigned in the air.

“The bracelet isn’t just an ordinary seal artifact. It may be artificial, but it is done with the utmost care and delicacy,” Fianna said, in a matter of fact tone, “There are many complex ends of the spell on it, and I’m afraid, it is beyond my skills. I’m sorry, I really am… Evelyn.”

The silence had told us the truth that it was not removable, and yet when Fianna said it aloud, it made it come true… the fact that it could not be easily removed mean that the bond between Evelyn and I was to remain sealed for an even longer period. I saw the ruby of Evelyn’s eyes get diluted with a sadness I had not seen coming; in a fit of her mood, Evelyn unsheathed her long sword- the one she tried to kill me with when we first met, and raised her hand high clearly planning to strike away her arm. We were not bonded at that time, but I could tell how disappointed she felt.  She had shared so many plans with me about how we could always be in touch when her bracelet was unsealed. I felt her pain, too, because I was disappointed as hell, as well. I don’t know or remember how I moved, but I had never been this fast. It was in the last second that I held the arm with the sword and shook it off.

“Let go, Kyou!” She said, half growling “If I can’t remove this then I do not need my stupid arm!”

“Shh,” I said, learning from my past mistakes as a teenager, “Don’t say that, okay?”

I bent down and kissed her eye and tears, “Please don’t be sad, Evelyn. Your sadness is my sadness.”

She slowly nodded, evidently taken back by my gesture. And she was not the only one who was taken back. The other two were as moved as much as her. Only, Fianna tried not to show it and Sera took a different route of mockery.

“Ah geez, what a fake drama queen…” she muttered, loud enough for everyone to hear, “Did you take dramatics back in the academy? Because I never saw you took one.”

“Ah, what a nosy little brat. I could crush you with just my finger!” Evelyn said, her sadness replaced by a passive aggressive mood.

Well, I hardly minded that, it was a good way to channel the negativity. Because the negativity was not absorbed, right?

“What finger? The finger of a harlot?” Sera shot back with a snarl.

“Hah! Why is this bratty virgin even trying to provoke me this way? Just because she has no man… no one even slightly interested in her inferior size… she’s prying up on my man too… what a pain in the ass!” Evelyn sniped back venomously.

“Why you-” Sera began again, a little less confident on the attack to her sizes. Not that she was small or anything. Evelyn was just way bigger than her, in all aspects. But don’t worry, Sera. You are very sexy!

“Haah…” I sighed out loud.

They were too busy being mean to each other, they completely ignored me. I could bet that if I suddenly collapsed, they would not know until it’s too late. That was a nasty thought, but I thought it was a pretty real thought.

“Can I talk to you for a bit?” Fianna said, touching my arm to get my attention. I nodded, a lump forming on my throat. I was not scared exactly… it was more of a bad premonition.

“Who are you actually?” she said a little out of her mind, her desperation showing like a clear day.

I breathed in some air. I had to be honest with her; she was the only person who taught me the essence of magic and whatever I knew about magic was because of her hard work. I really felt grateful and this was why I decided to tell her the truth.

“Erm… Where do I even begin?” I muttered out, glancing at her from the corner of my eye.

I know I decided to be honest with her, but I was still confused about the extent of honesty that was appropriate… I did not want to involve her in case a war were to break out, it would only make it harder for me.

“Well?” she said, eyebrows raised.

Darn, she looks cute. Really cute.

“I am not from here and one fine day, I suddenly found myself in a forest, with two moons over a beautiful night sky,” I began sloppily, “And I saw Evelyn bathing. And I was awestruck. She was so beautiful, and her body was magnificent and oh, her legs were so slender and her eyes…. it is the eyes that really makes her attractive, you know? They looked right inside of me somehow, piercing my soul like an arrowhead, at the highest velocity…. I could swear that her beauty could kill me, and would have killed me. I thought she was the most good looking person, or creature I had ever seen; I mean, have you seen her? And-”

“Kousuke! Or Kyou…” Fianna said, cutting me off, “I am not asking you the whole story, I know your story with Evelyn already. Nor am I asking you to drool over Evelyn… okay? Tell me why you hid your identity from me when you know I’m Evelyn’s best friend.”

“I didn’t mean to lie,” I said blankly, “But I figured that with my real name already known by everyone in the capital city. I desperately needed an alias to help me survive in here…To give me the best chance…And I did not even know that you were friends with my dear Evelyn; had I known, I would have probably not have lied to you of all people. I am really sorry… I guess that is what I wanted to tell you, from the start… that I am sorry.”

“And your name?” She murmured

“My real name is Ogawa Kyousuke, commonly known as Kyou, it is to increase my charm as a cute man!” I gave a friendly smirk with a wink. Fianna’s face showed a little red but she did not respond like other times, it was strangely not very amusing as before, maybe because she was my lover’s best friend? I don’t know.

I proceeded to tell her my version of the story, how I struggled and writhed. All the while the other two oblivious women became cannons of curses; who would believe that they were actually daughters of the Royal family and a noble family? No one! My, my, you should hear what words they used! Am I a hypocrite? Or, anti-feminist? Not a bit, I like dominant women in bed, sometimes. But that is beside the point. Besides, feminist does NOT mean a volley of curses. Curses are bad, children… don’t you dare curse unless you want to be a divorced man dating someone twenty years younger than you and end up losing a good job.

“I see…” she said with an enthusiastic adventurer smile but later said, “You have had a pitiable life in here….”

She probably meant it in a way that showed that she empathised with me, but no! I’m a narrow minded piece of fuck. I felt like she was looking down on me and pitying me. And if you are a woman reading this, I tell you, never ever pity a man. That is the least attractive thing you could do. But before I could show my displeasure at being pitied, she suddenly looked so sad and depressed. Depressed! I HATE the word : DEPRESSION! It was such a typical 21st century thing and as a 42 year old man, I feel like the world is just being dramatic. You can’t really blame me…there was very little information on things like this in my days. But she looked legit sad and depressed, and it immediately turned my hurt feelings into a softness for someone weaker than me. I guess, I felt like a father? No…something else…what was it?

“What’s wrong, Fianna? Is something the matter?” I said, with an understanding voice. Hey, even I did not know that my voice had the ability to sound like that.

“It’s… it really is… nothing,” she said with a sheepish and sad smile; I could see her blushing, even though it was only very slightly.

Evelyn seeing Fianna suddenly sad got concerned and walked to us, leaving being a boiling Sera, still cursing.

“Kyou, did you do something to make Fianna look like that?” Evelyn asked me, hands softly on her hips.

Damn… I remembered how supple and smooth her hips and thighs were and it made me want to devour her…. no, focus, brain! She asked you something… focus.

“Ah, nothing really,” I blurted out, without giving a second thought, “I only spanked her once. You should have seen her red face, like a tomato! And also, I gave her a playful kiss once… I think that’s about it… I do not think I went so far as to make her feel so flushed like this…” I began thinking till I realised what I just said.

Oh crap. I’M FUCKED. I turned to look at Evelyn’s face, fearing a waterfall of tears. I saw Fianna’s face turning literally into a tomato. She covered her flushed face with her little white fingers, but her ears were as red as before and she could not cover those as well. What a pretty little thing is was to be an elf! I turned with a confused look towards Sera and Evelyn, and they were shell shocked. They actually observed silence for the whole time. I was in turn shocked by that. Their jaws had dropped and their mouths open wide. I hate to admit it but I could only imagine them giving me the best blow job of a lifetime. Their mouths were big enough for my junior. This made me a little hard. And it would have probably rose erect like a tent if Evelyn did not suddenly attacked me with her soft fists. What on earth was going on? I could not get on with what was occurring around me, half in a dream, half in reality… my head felt muddy.

“Evelyn…” I shrieked out softly as she hit me, all over my body. It did not hurt as much, but it was painful, just that I could still take it, “Ah… it hurts~ please be gentle~”

This made her hit me even more. Evelyn was crying or… whining? As she hit me like a punching bag. I couldn’t understand a word of what she was saying with all her tears and active little form of violence. And, Sera… oh how do I even say it? She was just staring at me, with the most grossed out face I had ever seen her make. She did not look this grossed out when I spanked her little ass in front of everyone the first time we met. It was a new face to behold, and looked a little funny. Why was she staring at me that way? Was I suddenly such a disgusting piece of trash? Just a few days before she was basically begging to be fucked, with the excuse of the wager we made, oh how the tables have turned! It was the WORST kind of turn of events for someone like me. For me, a cock block was one of the greatest misfortune that a man could ever have.

“What?” I said, blocking my face from being punched.

I looked to Fianna for help but her face was buried under her pale fingers. Her white fingers only made her face looked even redder. Why was she still so shy? It is not like I lied or made anything up. But I could see her slowly calming down. At least one of the three women seemed to be a little sane now.

“Stop it,” I said, half a yell, half a whisper.

Sera turned her head away from me as if disgusted. She was acting like the high and arrogant brat that she turned out to be. And as for my Evelyn, well, she was still furious. She was not hitting me or crying any longer, but her ruby eyes were burning with a real fire. I thought that she might as well shoot lasers out of her eyes and burn me alive.

“What is wrong with you women?” I cried out, exasperated.

Evelyn gave me a sarcastic scoff and said in an equally sarcastic manner, “Huh… oh I forgot to congratulate you, Mr Cheater! CONGRATULATION!”

“Hah?” that’s the only I could managed.

But CHEATER? ME? Yeah, considered what happen. It’s true.  It was not the worst that I have been called truth be told, but why on earth – I mean, why on that planet was she framing me as a cheater again?  My dick didn’t go anywhere near her little temple! Why would I suddenly cheat on Evelyn again? It just made no sense to me, and her reaction or Sera’s reaction only made it worse for me. And anything aside from that was hardly cheating. Argh…. Women!

“Congratulations!” Evelyn said, a little out of her mind.

Maybe the day had been too emotional for her, or it was the time of the month for her… wait, do her species have stuff like periods? Ah, I’m getting out of topic here.

“You’re finally married, Mister Ogawa Kyousuke,” she seized my hand and Fianna’s shy hand and clasped them together, and forced a laugh, “You’re finally married to Fianna! No, you did not care about me, rotting in the hell of a stupid villa for you, with my dense childhood friend whom I love as sibling! Why did I even wait for you, Kyou? Why did I think you were going to be faithful?” her eyes were brimming with more tears again.

Fianna’s face flushed red again and I was stupefied. I really was. For the god’s sake, someone tell me what the fuck was going on! Tell me, people!

“Why are you acting like this, Evelyn?” I said, louder and harsher than I had intended, but I was mad at being called a cheater and her strange behaviour was not helping me in any way.

It reminded me of Ophelia from Hamlet, that woman got crazy too right? That was the only similarities, aside from beauty.

“I need an explanation,” I said again, voice lower but still as sternly.

Yeah, I needed to be in control of the things there, or I would go mad with the tears and hysterics. Evelyn, well… she was mad too, and decided to give me the cold shoulder. I mean what was wrong with kissing? And it was just a PECK! No tongue! Can you believe that? That was not even kissing in its most beautiful and truest form. No exchange of fluids! Ok, that’s making me like a jerk. That’s completely wrong! I don’t have right to justify it!

“Please don’t ignore me, Evelyn,” I pleaded.

Fianna looked away, face still as red. And why the fuck was she still blushing like a tomato? Was it her favourite fruit? Yes, tomato is a fruit to all you dweebs who did not know tomato was a fruit. And guess what, a cucumber is a vegetable. Yeah, suck my dick, I’m right! I’m always right.

Sera sighed. The way she sighed making one would believe that she were some 300 year old baba in the body of a curvaceous teenager.

“Listen, Kyou,” she said with a heavy sigh. She looked so done with me, “the reason why Fianna is blushing red and why Evelyn is so mad and unreasonable-”

“I’m not unreasonable, you bitch,” Evelyn cut in between.

“Shut it, bitch,” Sera replied out of habit, “Anyway, for an Elf… a kiss is sacred.”

“Oh,” and then, I calmed down somewhat surprised. “Does that mean, I made something like a bond with Fianna too? That would be very complicated.”

“No, you stupid,” Sera said, “Don’t get ahead of yourself. In the race of the Elf’s rule, kissing is something that is absolute, particularly the first kiss. A kiss is sacred and is a symbol of true love only… not some friendly peck.”

That part made me feel a little guilty but how the hell was I supposed to know? And Fianna? Why did she not tell me? I wished I had heard it from her and not someone else. It was an unsettling feeling inside of my stomach. But what followed next was what hit me the hardest. I was not prepared for what was to come out rolling sweetly out of Sera’s mouth:

“A kiss is also an instant form of marriage for the Elves… so in Elves traditions, you’re basically Fianna’s husband!” she stated.


HUSBAND?! Did I hear right? Husband? Me? And married to an Elf… Fianna? No way! It was a hard pill to swallow. I hadn’t even married Evelyn yet! Darn, if I were to include Fianna in my harem, I would have preferred to have Evelyn as my first wife, or to better put it, the legal wife. Darn… hah! You thought I was serious? Heck, no! I believe in monogamy… damn. How did this come about? This was a disaster at its finest! After seeing Evelyn and Sera fighting each other. Harem is disaster!

“But, it was an accident!” I protested, “Ask Fianna! We were like in this weird angle, and things suddenly happened, you know gravity?”

They did not look convinced, not a tad. So I pulled my trump card.

“Hey, I am NOT from this world! How do you suppose I would know about silly thing like that?” I protested incredulous

“Silly?” Sera said, getting riled up for no reason.

“Okay, I am sorry, it is not silly, but you know what I mean!” I said, again, “None of you bothered to tell me about the specific rules as such… How am I supposed to know all that stuff? Did anyone bother to inform me? Or educate me?”

They shook their heads frustrated. Holy shit! It’s work!

“Well,” Sera said, a hand cupping her chin, “it is true that Kyou is not from this world and hence, he does not know as much about the races here…and since he does not know about it, it can be considered invalid.”

“Is that right?” Evelyn asked, her face showed the inner conflict in her head and heart.

“Well, why do you think that the Elves are not married at such a young age?” Sera asked pointedly, “You see, sometimes, children kiss and give each other pecks without knowing the true meaning and sacredness. Do you think all of them are instantly made husband and wife?”

“No?” Evelyn murmured uncertain, her gaze flicking between me and Fianna.

“Exactly, hence Kyou and Fianna’s kiss can be considered invalid; besides it seems it was a mistake… I mean, Fianna would never allow herself to be kissed by Kyou, if she had a choice,” Sera said with a smile and added in a dark and mocking way, “Oh, such deluded and jealous heart! It that a succubus I see before me?”

“Shut up, bitch!” Evelyn returned the insult but she still looked so conflicted.

I wanted to hold her in my arms and somehow convince her that I was hers alone, no one else could have me aside her. But I did not move an inch; because I noticed that Fianna’s face was shocked. I forgot that she did not know about how Evelyn and I met, and it was crazy. Because it was a long story. I was surprised that Evelyn did not tell her the details of it.

I bowed in front of her, ninety degrees, a proof of my rich Japanese heritage. “Forgive me, Fianna. I really should have been more careful. I didn’t know about it!”

“I…it’s… okay,” she said, looking troubled.

She turned her head aside and she still looked as worried as ever, it made me concerned. Don’t judge me, people! I really didn’t want to be the reason that my lover’s best friend was in a pinch because of me and my bold ignorance. Yes, I admit that it was due to my boisterous ignorance that this happened. Well, the disaster was not as big as I thought it would be, and that, in itself, was a relief.  All of a sudden, Evelyn’s jealous mode was on again. I do enjoy being the centre of attraction for such young and beautiful women, but it was becoming a bit on the edge for me.

It surprised me when she suddenly asked Fianna, “Fianna… by any chance, are you in love Kyou?”

I laughed at that question, thinking it was a joke. I should really learn how to read the situation.

“Don’t you be ridiculous, Evelyn,” I said with a laugh, but Sera sighed. “There’s no way-”

“Shut. Up.” Evelyn cut in between, darkly.

“Yes, ma’am” I said and sat down in silence.

Why was she angry at me again? Why do I have to absorb all her madness like my old armour absorbed the physical pain? It was hard on me to see three women, in hysterics. Fianna did not answer. She didn’t even try to. But her face showed the faintest of red possible on her already red face. ARE YOU A BEETROOT? I wanted to yell in her face, but I didn’t; that would not make sense but then again, what made sense then? Nothing really. And as she blushed, Evelyn glared on like a tigress robbed of her cubs, or a woman robbed of the orgasm she wanted during sex… in short, she was scary and crazy with madness. She glared on and on, and at me. Yes, she glared at… ME? I could not understand her logic. Maybe Fianna had a thing for me… but it was not because of the accidental kiss right? Did I make her fall in love with me? I did not think so, I could not think so. Besides, who in their right mind would want to be with me? Except Evelyn, of course. She was simply the best.

“Anyway…” I said trying to ease the tension in the air. If I was responsible for the awkwardness in the air, I was also responsible for clearing it away, “Are you sure that you cannot unseal the bracelet? Could you think of another way? You really can’t remove it?”

“I thought I could give it a try, but there are so many complex seals with no loose ends to start from… a mage of my humble calibre cannot do it,” Fianna said with a sheepish smile.

And then the silence returned. I hated that silence. It spoke more than the previous madness. And it was in this silence, that we heard the sound of a menacing giggling which I so recognised but wished it was not what I knew it was.  Yep, you know it: Emilia! Yes, my dear Evelyn’s little sister, who only resembled her in her beautiful face, but her heart and mind and even personality was grotesque.

“Hi, everyone~ Doing well?” Emilia greeted us playfully as she appeared out of nowhere.

I don’t even know where she appeared from, or how she suddenly appeared like a ghost, but she was in our midst all of a sudden, and sitting on a couch. I immediately put a hand on the hilt of a sword, while Sera and Fianna were on high alert too. Evelyn was okay, she was calm and nonchalant to the presence of her sister. We really could not lower our guard down around someone like Emilia.

“What are you doing here, Emilia?” Evelyn said, surprisingly very calm. She wasn’t even on guard, and was very relaxed and carefree. I would not be very relaxed if I were her. But then Emilia probably didn’t have any interest in trying to kill her sister.

“Oh, I was tracking you down, my dear sister,” Emilia said with a sweet smile, “And seeing that you decided to stay here, I felt like I ought to drop by. Besides,” her smile turned dark and wicked, “It has been a while since I last saw your best friend, Fianna nee-san.”

I could not understand the relation Fianna shared with Emilia, but it seemed that Emilia liked to tease her. But I don’t think I would blame her, Fianna was a real sport to tease! Okay, I probably should not have said that.

“Oh, geez” Emilia said with a bored expression, “I am not here to harm any of you, none of you perk my interest. I mean, just look at how pathetic you all are! Not even sharks would want to eat you… so don’t disrespect me by being alert. It makes me want to throw you out of the window.”

“Emilia,” Evelyn said again. It sounded like a gentle rebuke.

Emilia just shrugged and said, “Since I am in a good mood, let me tell you something juicy and delicious!” she giggled, “That bracelet on Evelyn nee-sama’s hand… You know, you can’t break it! You will never be able to! Unless you want to exposing yourselves in danger.”

“Why not?” I asked in a jiffy, immediately eager for information on that blasted bracelet.

“Want to know, Kyousuke?” Emilia said with a smirk. That brat was getting on my nerves, but at least I have had a nice roast session with her.

I smirked back, “All right! Why not, I’ll play. Please tell me, your highness.” my voice was dripping wet and sweet with sarcasm.

“Well, I am not here to chit chat. And you seem like someone with apparently way too much time in his hands…But… I might as well tell you,” She purred grinning like a Cheshire cat, “If you break the bracelet by force, it will immediately send a signal to papa, or to Leo nii-sama or Elsha nee-sama…Or probably all three. So, break it if you want dear peasants! I just thought that would be very amusing… I can’t wait to watch!”

It was a thunderclap to me. Evelyn was so shocked, she did not even react initially. Fianna and Sera looked at each other, their eyes as large as eggs. Evelyn looked down, ruby pupils turned into tiny pin points.  Emilia got up, fixing her mini skirt. And then I remembered the G- STRING… hah don’t blame me. No man will ever forget that, if he is in his right might.

“Also, since I am in an excellent mood,” Emilia continued her charade with full glee, “So I feel like sharing something with you, Leo nii-sama is on his way back to his villa. And it will take him an approximation of two days to reach it that is if he is slow. You know what I mean, so unless you want an army chasing you, return back Evelyn nee-sama where she belong, Kyousuke. My dearest thing.”

Did this brat just call me a thing? Is this brat just trying to provoke me?

“I shall take my leave now~” Emilia said with a wave, “I need to get some limited treasures on this city, Ah, it will be the best day~” she looked at me from the corner of her eye as if expecting some kind of reaction.

“Just go,” I said tiredly.

“Oh, I am going~” she giggled gleefully.

With that, Emilia leaves us as Evelyn dropped down like a lifeless beautiful doll. I ran a hand over her hair, stroking her fine silver hair, assuring her that everything will be okay, though I was unsure whether it will really be okay. Well, I guess it was quite shock that those three going that far just to keep Evelyn. I realised I was in deep shit, because not only did I endanger Evelyn’s life along with mine; I had also involved Fianna and Sera. True, Sera had wanted to be a part of this, herself… but that did not in any way mean that she had to be a sacrificial lamb for a cause that was wholly selfish of me. All I could I could see was despair. But as I watched my lover, my dear Evelyn weep so copiously like that, I felt a warmness grow and spread inside of my chest. I will not give up without a fair fight. Evelyn deserved this, Sera and Fianna deserved this too. And most of all, even if I ended up dying…At least I will not feel the guilt of having never tried in the first place.


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To be honest, I still feel this chapter unsatisfying… I probably would add few things to smooth the chapter in the future.