Bonded Goddess – Chapter 33

The sad moment lasted for a while, but not forever. Really, if it was forever, I would have thrown myself down the steady flight of stairs in Fianna’s large as hell mansion. It was already hard to keep reigns on the three women, who were all a flood of emotions and what not… sentimentality? I don’t know. But, after the initial wave of shell shock, dark disappointment and wallowing despair passed we all calmed down. Fianna went up to the kitchen to make us something to drink, while Sera, Evelyn and I retired to the guest rooms. Fianna had several of those guest rooms or simply spare rooms. I wondered if some of those rooms had ever seen the presence of a human being in it, I was sure some never had. I went over to Evelyn’s room just to check up on her. I was so sure that she was really tired from all the ups and downs of her emotions, the fatigue from travelling all the way, and the genial but sure curse cat fights between her and Sera. It must have been hard on her. It made me feel like a bad lover but only for a moment.

“Ah, Kyou!” she said, as soon as I entered her room; she walk to me and hung her arms loosely on my neck.

I hugged her back, my right hand on her ass slowly squeezing her soft ass. No matter what, Evelyn’s ass was the best.

“Kyou!” she said with a pout. Guess, she’s not in the mood.

I allowed myself the liberty and pleasure to take a good look at her. She had already taken a bath and had changed into a cute little dress Fianna had given to her to wear. It was a little black frock, a nice looking dress. It was of course as always, very short and cute, with little lacy frills and white ribbons at the tassels. It gave her a childish look in a mature way, except her boobs were huge and filled up all the spaces. Her cleavage was deep and almost sore looking just enough to draw me to her like a fly was drawn to a succulent piece of chocolate. I wanted to feel those goodies. And she was as succulent, too. I remembered with much glee how succulent her smooth porcelain thighs were and her bouncy melon breasts, especially the way they bounced lightly whenever she rode me, like a little pony… heck! If I were an animal I would definitely be a horse, probably a shire.

“What or who are you thinking about?” Evelyn said, with a pout, “When you are with me?”

“Oh, nothing much… just about you, and you and you; Just you alone, Evelyn.” I smiled lovingly in response. There was no way I was going to let her know that I was in the process of comparing my proud dick to a horse, and a shire, at that.

“In any case, are you not tired? We came the whole way, and with the constant bickering between you and Sera… it mu  st have drained a lot of energy from you.”

“Yes, I‘m guess little tired,” she admitted, as I let go. She led me to a couch where we sat together. It felt nice to be just like that, cuddling with the woman I love.

Cuddling is such a young lovers’ thing… back in the day… don’t- just don’t let me start. Let’s not think about the past, it always have the wonderful ability to irk me to no ends. I played with Evelyn’s soft silver hair, as she talked warmly and softly about plans of us together when all of this became just an incident of the past. We would live happily ever after, like one of those fairy tales. She was smiling as she built these elaborate plans. The fact stood that it was still a very long way off till our happily ever after would come to pass, and may not become a reality, didn’t seem to matter right now…But I had decided, and I would stick to that decision. But it was also a fact that I can only see Evelyn this happy when she was the architect of our future together. And that was enough to supply the fuel for my conviction.

“Where will we go for the honey moon?” I said all of a sudden.

She seemed to be in deep thought. My bad… I asked her, the person who had seen just a little bit of Japan where she would want to go for the most important night for a married couple: The Honeymoon. What the hell… now I’m remembering that same ol’ bitch. Did she like, put a curse on me to haunt me whenever I think of a wonderful and dreamy future with Evelyn? That bitch, I still hope and pray that bitch rots in hell. I remember our honey moon, me and my ex-wife. It was to Switzerland, her pick. I spent a lot of money on it because I wanted to make that bitch happy. It was still winter and the fuck, was it freezing. But it was worth… Yeah, back to that day. It was very enjoyable.

Remembering that day…  Sometimes, I always wondering whether I hate that bitch more for cheating on me, or whether I hate myself more for giving her the benefit of the doubt for so many years. Probably both.

“Kyou?” Evelyn’s soft voice, brought me back to reality. It calmed me down, and it made me feel glad to have her. I was truly blessed to have her, “Did you hear what I just said?”

“I’m sorry. Can you say it again…?” I replied, not in the mood to lie or argue.

“I said, you can pick the place, Kyou… I will be happy anywhere you are, as long as we are together…” she smiled softly and I thought Oh Crap… is this really the same Evelyn that was a fountain of curses just this morning? She could be the meanest bitch when she wanted to be… but I love her, bitchy and all. Her duality was unreal. And it was also amusing.

“Well, a snowy place is a definite no,” I began with a sullen face, “Maybe, somewhere in the Mediterranean region? They have good wine, the climate is great and it will be the perfect mood for us…”

She bent down and blushed a little. See? I told you, the duality was unreal. Her reaction was like that of normal maiden, who was being sex – talked into marriage. I held her hand, our fingers intertwined. This was the ultimate romantic move every couple have tried. You don’t believe me? Watch any romantic movie and you will see, the guy locking fingers in this manner, if people ran that way, their fingers are sure to be broken.

“Your hand fits in mine like it’s made for me, but bear this is mind it was meant to be…” I whispered, basically stealing One Direction’s lyrics into a mood maker for me.

Thank god, Evelyn was not into those cute boy groups, because we would never be able to agree on matters. And I noticed that their fans can be crazy. I mean it. They were a new level of wacko. Evelyn suddenly gave me a peck near my lips, but not exactly on the lips. I looked at her, a little surprised by that. She was giving me a grin, which turned into a smirk that teased me. Great… Now she’s teasing me about the peck between me and Fianna… When will she give it a rest? And will she ever give it a rest? I just can’t imagine a future where she would tease me about this all the time. That smirk was enough to provoke me. I held her hand in one hand, and with the other, I held her thigh tightly, to keep her still. And then I leaned in deep. Her smirk actually froze as she was there, patiently waiting for me to kiss her. But, NO. I am not someone you play around with. I kissed her lower lip, sucking on it. She let out a soft moan. You are enjoying this, aren’t you? Heh… not for long, or so I thought. I kissed her fully and she kissed back, slowly. After a while, her kissing became faster and more passionate, until she out did me and began taking the lead desperate for me. Her restless tongue begged for entrance, but it went a little limp as she pulled away slightly.

“Kyou!” she begged, looking up at me sadly.

I hated that face. Evelyn uses sad puppy dog eyes. It is very effective. Kyou is head over heels. Yep, that was how it went. Before long, our tongues were waltzing to their own orchestra. Evelyn turned to face me, still kissing me, stopping for little breaths in between. Her soft moans were the most precious things I have ever heard. Evelyn broke away from the kisses and her face was a little flushed. And then she proceeded to tease me! TEASE ME! Yep, but I enjoyed it. She toyed with the buttons on her chest, barely holding on to each other for dear life. Damn, how I was enjoying it!

“You are not doing this to me, Evelyn,” I said with a smirk, as I undid her buttons, careful not to break them, because the dress belonged to Fianna.

“Ah, you are so good at this, Kyou,” she said with a naughty smile.

I returned the smile as my hands reached out to her right breast. And just as I began fondling her hard nipple, she threw her head back with the pleasure emanating from it. She really did have a sensitivity beyond the human realm. Seeing her reaction, made me feel the blood gushing down to my already hardened dick. My dick did not rose fully yet, as I was investing more into foreplay than just the penetration. The other hand groped her ass like a little virgin.

“Do you like it, Evelyn?” I purred.

“Perfectly,” she moaned, her voice ragged with breaths.

She was trying to make as little noise as possible, but I was not having any of that. I thought it was only right to moan with pleasure, when one feels pleasure. I kissed the little patch of porcelain white skin between her breasts, catching the smell of her fresh smooth skin. It was a major turn on. The smell of her could drive me nuts. And her shampoo was probably lemon, I could smell the zest of a lemon. I pulled her onto my lap, her legs automatically straddling me as I took her big breast into my mouth, teasing her tender nipple as I massaged her other breast with my hand. Evelyn’s hands were jammed into my dishevelled hair, pulling on tuffs of my unfortunate hair every time a wave of pleasure hit her. I turned to the other breast and felt bad for the minute of neglect and kissed my way to it, slowly, but in a way that I could pace the timing of my kisses. Too fast and it becomes too much, too slow and it becomes tasteless… And then I sucked hard on her pink nipple.

“Mmmm…” she cried out, “Ahh ahh… yes… Kyou… oh…”

I felt pleased to hear her moan out louder, and hearing her call out to my name made me want to give her the best fuck she have had for years. Though technically, that would be me trying to outdo me in making her feel good, given the fact that she had only ever had sex with me… I think? … But that is not the point. The point is, her little moan, calling out my name makes me want to make her feel so good, she feels like she went to Hong Kong and back. My shaft was quickly rising, and just as it began protruding against my pants, into her silky and wet underwear, I heard the door. Apparently, Evelyn heard it, too, because I was not the only one looking towards the door. Both of us stopped whatever erotica we were getting ourselves into, and she quickly buttoned up her dress, while my dick fell limp like a wounded soldier.

“Ahem…” Sera said, a streak of red smeared across her face.

It was obvious that she knew what was going on, but none of us decided to address it. I mean, why do we have to? Evelyn and I were lovers! We had every right to fuck then and there.

Evelyn signed heavily, I could tell how irritated she was just by the sigh, “Now what?” I almost heard her calling Sera a cock blocker, which she really was at that moment.

“Keep your hands to yourselves,” Sera said, arms folded across her chest, “Anyway, I came here to ask about the ingenious plans of returning to the family villa, Leo nii-sama will be arriving in two days…we can push our stay to one day, but not more, because we must be back before Leo nii-sama gets back. I do NOT want to see him get mad or panic… It is… scary.”

Scary, huh… seeing arrogant girl Sera like calling her brother scary definitely not a joke. But I could be a beast too. I would have to duel with him or something, right? To get Evelyn back. I’d do anything!

“What a pain…” I muttered out of reflex. I just could not help myself; every time Leonardo… MY lover’s FIANCEE is mentioned, I get annoyed.

“Did you come to ask about the plans or to inform about your plans?” Evelyn said, with a minor eye roll.

“Shut up,” Sera said with a nonchalance, “Ah, Kyou… can I have a moment with Evelyn? I have some important matters to discuss with her.”

Evelyn looked at her, in thought. She did not wear any hateful face, it was a nice view. What? So, you actually get along?

“Okay, I guess I should probably go and clean myself.” I said, rising up, “Have a good talk, my ladies… And please don’t start another catfight. It will be nuisance for our little hostess.”

“Don’t you worry, Kyou,” Sera said, seriously. It was a little odd, but I pushed that aside. “I don’t think I am here with the intention of arguing mindlessly and it will not take me long, go clean yourself.” She pushed me away, with both her hands behind me.

“Okay, okay…” I said, chuckling to myself. Guess they do get along.

But seriously, it was kind of odd and weird sight to see Sera and Evelyn just talking to each other without trying to curse at each other or try to pull each other’s hair or something. As I exited the room, I could hear Sera sighing and they started discussing things. I didn’t hear what they said, or what they were talking about but, it gave me a pleasant feeling to think they could actually get along.

I went back to my guest room that Fianna had prepared for me to take a quick shower. To be honest, I prefer staying with Evelyn in same room but Sera and Fianna strongly disagree. Well, for the sake of peace, I had to agree. I don’t want another cat fight in this peaceful night.

I felt as if I smelt terrible, maybe it was all the sweat and upheaval during the whole day.

The shower was cold, but instantly refreshing. As the water fell on my skin, I felt as if little arrows were showering over me mercilessly and yet it made me feel good; just the way I wanted.

It never feels bad to be clean. Hah, you thought that being a 42 year old divorcee, I was probably a snobby old man? You could never be more wrong. I took care of cleanliness almost as well as any person with OCD. Clean people are so much more attractive than people who don’t bother about their personal hygiene. I mean, just imagine this: Two very hot women, with the perfect golden sizes, and everything is the same, except one is very meticulous and clean, and the other is a dirty gypsy… anyone would pick the clean one.

I began soaping myself, and remembered the time Evelyn and I had washed each other. It was a fun experience for me. I am pretty much sure she had her share of enjoyment in it too. It feels good to have such wonderful memories. As I stood under the shower, naked no doubt, I felt a twinge in my heart. I felt overwhelmed. I wanted to protect what Evelyn and I had, more than anything else. I wanted a future with her? Heck, no… that makes no sense, She IS my future. As I stepped out the shower, I dried myself. I dressed in cleaner clothes, before heading to Evelyn’s room. I was not sure if Sera was still there or if she had gone already. She said she wouldn’t take long, but with women, you can never tell. But well, If she had gone, then I had intentions of continuing things that were left half way through… I hate half-baked stuff, and sex was one of them.

When I reached the Evelyn’s room, I stood outside the door for a while, fixing my clothes and then smiling to myself. I was planning to enter with a suave smile, sweeping Evelyn off her feet and then having a nice time with her. It was not a very hard plan, eh? As I opened the door just a little, I felt my heart beat stopping. It was not in my intention, but I heard them… overheard would be a more precise term. I was relieved at firstly. Because it was not every day that they could be talking to each other with such calm and serious voices in a serious atmosphere, without any high pitches or cursing.

It made me feel proud of my girls…. MY GIRLS? I mean, they were like mine… Evelyn was my woman, and Sera was basically like a spoiled daughter to me… OH come on! Don’t be so hard on me! Give a man a break damn it! Anyway, as I mused with a happy heart that they were getting along, I felt the tension elevate into another level altogether.

“He-” I heard the hesitation in Evelyns voice.

“So, did you tell Kyou every single thing? Since our last talk?” Sera’s voice was calm; calmer than I had ever heard her, “About the Eternal Pact and Bond… Does he know everything?”

Evelyn’s face only showed a shocked expression.

“……I didn’t,” Evelyn’s voice was melancholic…


….What? what did they just say? Evelyn hiding something from me? there are more things I don’t know about BOND? The Eternal Pact? Was there a possibility that she had actually left out information from me ON PURPOSE? Wait, let’s allow my raging mind to calm down… I don’t want to ruin something before knowing the details of it. But was she hiding things from me again? AGAIN?

Hearing Evelyn’s answer, Sera sighed.

While Evelyn put a face which seemed to be asking WHY THE FUCK WOULD I SHARE THAT? And that face made me question several things, including Evelyn’s faithfulness to me and it made me feel mad. Oh my crazy heart, please don’t do anything crazy that you will regret! Gritting my teeth very hard, I thought it was best to leave them. Besides, it was only wiser to leave them… it was not a conversation that was meant for me. I could not eavesdrop and then suddenly blame Evelyn for things… it would break down our castles like a house of cards. Before I walked away or wanted to walk away, I gave one last look at Evelyn’s face. And for the first time, I hated what I saw. She looked conflicted and guilty.  It was really getting on my nerves… She had gal to act like that when she knew I hate being keep in dark!

I did not know what to do, or how to go about things. I could not just act like I did not overhear them, when I clearly did. But I could also not just ignore them. It was stupid either way. That is why they say ignorance is bliss. I stood there, my feet like dead weights, keeping me glued to that spot.

“Evelyn, you should tell Kyou everything… you may be a bitch, but you are the bitch picked by Kyou,” Sera said in a cool way, “Because if you don’t, you will surely lose him and you will definitely regret it. I admit that I don’t know Kyou as much as you, but I do know that Kyou is the kind of man who values truth and honesty over all matters, I am sure of that”

“I know… oh, how I know that!” Evelyn replied, with a kind of a desperate cry. Her cry was hopeless and almost sounded like an animal.

“I can feel it…” Sera said, her expression getting troubled, “There is a kind of a shadow looming over him… I felt it the very first time I laid eyes on him. The shadow of a bad past, it involves women, I can say… and before it gets too bad, I advise you to be honest with him… at all costs; because if you do not, you will lose him, and he will be lost himself, and it will be because of you. I won’t forgive you for that!”

Evelyn silence as she was in a thoughtful mood then she open her mouth.

“I do know Kyou’s past… do you think it is unfair?” Evelyn said, rising her eyes to meet Sera’s. “Do I really deserve someone like Kyou? He’s so faithful, he even confessed to me when he was with other women… and I? I can’t even tell him the details of Eternal Pact which bond between us!”

“Only Kyou can decide that.” Sera sighed thoughtfully.

And I stood there, baffled. Tell me the goddamn bond! I was dying, literally dying to know what my dear Evelyn was hiding from me? And why was it such a big deal that she has that look on her face? No… don’t judge me, people! I am normally not a nosy person, but it involved my lover, Evelyn and me, and it was about the bond between us. The bond may have been sealed but it does not mean that it does not exist, correct? Right!?

“I know the details will probably hurt him,” Evelyn said, “He only knows some part of the bond: the life link and the fact that we can feel each other’s feelings. Couples that are bonded by the Eternal Pact shares a very deep soul connection… that’s all Kyou knows. He doesn’t know the part that we can see each other’s memories and see what their thinking.”

These words were a thunderclap to my ears. I felt like I was struck with lightning out of the clear blue sky. I was that shocked… wait, shocked? What the fuck is that even? Shocked cannot even begin to describe how I felt. So, Evelyn knew it all? All the things I did not like to talk about? The thing I had decided was too delicate for me, and would expose me vulnerable to any other person aside from myself? Oh, how could she do that to me? I wanted to barge in and ask her directly… I wanted to confront her. And maybe throw a tantrum or two. I was just getting out of my mind, and I knew it better than everyone else. So did she know all of my things right from the beginning? Like, the first time I orgasmed into my old neighbour’s mouth? Was I embarrassed? I can’t say. More than embarrassment, I felt my heart breaking.

“And that is actually the reason… I fell in love with Kyou… was the way he lived his life seemed so fun and his memories, they were so bright… unlike mine, he was happy and he made me feel the happiness by the memories he had unknowingly shared with me… I felt good…” she said with a sheepish voice, “He was a little… pathetic maybe? And I could spoil him with all my love, and he would be mine alone…”

HOW SELFISH! And that blew me off…Blew me away, totally. Being called pathetic… that was one of the worst things I was ever called. I would bear the grunts and burden of all sorts of pain on me. Sure, every time I was down. I always feel so pathetic… but never ever would I stand being called a pathetic person!

This made me upset. At moment, I want to confront her but I decided not to… because I might do something that I would regret for the rest of my life…

So, I went to my room to cool down myself. The word PATHETIC haunting me like a ghost. YES, I said, HAUNTING! Because that was how I felt. Really. I could not stop hearing it in my ears, in Evelyn’s voice, in such a sheepish manner. Was she ashamed of me? Why was she doing this to me? What kind of disrespect was this? Was I truly an embarrassment to behold? The first shower had done me good and made me feel so much better so I had showered again. Not just to cool not my head, but trembling body as well. I could stay with Evelyn and have the nice time I had planned to have with her, if I wanted to… but the mood was totally turned off, like sand over fire. It was tasteless and bland. I was dizzy with confusion. My head felt heavy and it hurt me a little. I was no longer sure what was right and what was wrong. It was not just the fact that she had called me pathetic, but she had also hidden such an important piece of information from me. I never knew she had been intruding into my head this whole time… I felt violated somehow. And why on earth did I not know her memories, too? There was probably a way of blocking the flow of memories between two people in a bond. And yet, she did not tell me about this. Why? I wanted to know why did she find the necessity to hide this fact… did she not trust me?

Well, one thing for sure… my trust toward Evelyn has gone…

Then all of a sudden, the door knocked.

I did not, at all, feel like to opening it, so I did not respond, hoping they would think I was asleep and leave me to just rest. But NO. This generation was shameless, they had no respect for the older people, come on… I AM fucking 42, yes F- O- R- T- Y- T-W-O, that is how it is correctly spelled… and yes, I may look mid-twenty to thirty but I was an old man inside, and I get tired easily. The knocking continued.

I got up and in a fit of temper, I opened the door with more force than necessary and yelled, “WHAT?!”

It was Sera. She just raised her eyebrows at me, evidently taken back by my sudden outburst. I would not blame her, I could not… because it was not her fault. She had not wronged me one bit, but I was being a salty piece of a fermented bean. And not the kind that is edible, but just the really stinky kind. Not that I was at all stinky, I had just showered. It was my lousy attitude.

“Excuse me?” Sera said, getting back the senses that she had lost for a moment due to shock in witnessing such an immature behaviour from me.

Listen, kids, don’t follow my bad example.

“Oh…I am sorry,” I said and then flashed a nice smile to compensate for the previous rudeness.

“What was that?” she began muttering, and entered the guest room by her own accord. She sat down on one of the couches and crossed her legs. “So, tell me, Kyou… why aren’t you with Evelyn? I thought you would return after showering.”

“….Why should I?” I asked with a sarcastic voice, but my spirit was down and depressed.

“Reason?” she pressed.

“Well…” I mumbled out, “I am not in the mood to be around Evelyn for now… She makes me feel… tense. I am not in the right condition…”

She blew raspberries at me, her saliva spilling all over the carpet. It was indeed very childish of her.

“That was a trick question,” she said with her usually way if smiling, “Because you would have been kicked out of the room anyway, stupid Kyou!”

Ah the baka Kyou line, so very famous in the realm of anime, was finally here. It was a cliché that was abused and overused… if it were a human being, it would be an example for the human rights activists and asking donations, which they only use on themselves. That line was back…and with bad humour, too.

“And why do you think that my own lover would kick me out of her room? Are you troubled somewhere up here?” I said, tapping her temple.

Her face was a natural red. Hmm, she learnt to control how she blushed… ah, it was a bore now… if someone didn’t show the desired reaction while being teased, then what was even the point? I MUST get my priorities right!

“Because Evelyn and Fianna are having a nice girl time… you know, the usual kind of girl talk?” she said with a small shrug.

“And why are you not there?” I said, an eyebrow raised, “Are you perhaps a man? Do you have a dick underneath the G string you wear so proudly?”

“What!” she said, her face getting all red. I laughed, So it was back… that face worth teasing. “How dare you call me a man, Kyou!” she started hitting me with her hands rolled into fists.

What was going on with me? Why were women constantly hitting me so severely all of a sudden? It felt like I was suddenly out of luck’s favour, not that I believe in bitches like luck.

“Alright, that’s enough.” I said and she just stared at me.

“It’s your fault for calling me a man!” she said angrily.

“Then what was I supposed to think?” I said with a sarcastic grin, “If you aren’t participating in a so called girl talk that would probably mean you’re a man.”

“Ah, that…” Sera’s face showed no colour. It was impossible to read her expressions. “I am not in the mood. I am hardly interested in what is going on in their lives…”

She probably felt left out… come to think of it, she would really feel left out in the midst of Fianna and Evelyn, who were childhood best friends. Sera probably noticed that my usual face of vigour and happiness was replaced with gloom and madness. It was not a feeling I could hide, I was very bad with emotions, particularly, emotions as strong as these. She may be usually carefree and easy to tease, but she was also the most sensitive to the needs of people around her. She masked her seriousness with jokes and light heartedness… it was weird to think of it that way.

“Kyou…,” She said, sitting straight. I sat down across her, the table between us safely maintaining a distance between us.

“What?” I prompted guardedly.

“By any chance, did you overhear the conversation between you Evelyn and me?” she said, her voice barely audible. But I heard it all right… and I looked at her, my head filled with thoughts.

“Maybe… why?” I replied stonily.

“I was just curious… do you hate Evelyn now?” Sera asked me.

Her voice was quivering a little. Was not able to tell what answer was she expecting or what she wanted to hear. I was not sure myself… what did I feel? Was my feelings really this shallow? And was I really not trust worthy to Evelyn? And… most of all… what was the bond between Evelyn and I anyway? Did we feel things: love, Lust, longing, for each other only because of the bond? Would Evelyn still have loved me, with such passions and dedication, even if we had not made the eternal bond thing? If so, I despise the bond and whatever it was.

“I don’t know anymore,” I replied simply.

I did not recognised my own voice. I was usually so certain of things. And this uncertainty in my own voice made me wince. What an irony! How things have turned out. Sera did not respond for a while, but when she opened her mouth, she was on fire… like really, her voice was loud, almost yelling, and her words were unexpected…. the most unexpected, actually.

“How dare you not know!” she said, eyes, turning into narrow slits, “How dare you! What about all the feelings and all that? Do you really think that the Eternal bond is so strong that it will make someone like Evelyn fall so deep for you?”

I merely shrugged.

“It is not unlike Evelyn to hide things… she has been that way ever since her childhood,” Sera said, her voice was confident and crazy, “If you don’t understand her, who will? You can never expect the relationship between the two of you work out if you both always on the defensive! She faced so many things and she understands you!”

“So I have to ignore the fact that she was prying on my memories? And hiding things from me?” I asked petulantly.

“No!” Sera said, and stood up to make her point come across. “Evelyn never had really good memories, you jerk! And when she saw that your memories were so colourful and filled with so many things she missed out on, she was scared that if you knew about it, you would be mad and get angry at her! But she really felt your happiness! Hah… now,” she smirked, her lips tugging up like some disorder, “I understand fully why she was so hesitant about sharing the details of the bond with you! You’re being so sensitive about it for no reason! Why would it kill you to try to trust her? I know you have trust issues, there is a shadow of a woman haunting you, but that is no excuse for you to be this sensitive prick.”

More than the words, it was the fact that Sera was arguing with me or rather, lecturing me right now, FOR Evelyn! On BEHALF OF Evelyn! Just a few hours before, they were fighting and cursing each other like the worst of enemies… her mood swings really were weird. And everything felt so filthy and disgusting. It was the same feeling… of being betrayed, albeit this was in a shorter scale, but betrayal nevertheless… if she never trusted me, why the fuck did she act like it? And why did she hide her memories form me? Did she perhaps had feelings for someone else before me? THAT WOULD MAKE SENSE! Hah, some kind of childhood love? Like Leonardo! Hah why did I not think of that? I despise that man. I despise what Evelyn did, it makes me feel sick. I hate it; there is nothing I hate more than being cheated, then being betrayed and being kept in the dark for so long. If she had been honest with me, and told me that she knew what my life was like, and that she had reasons for not wanting to show me her memories, I would have understood her well… I would get it, but what she did, it was only hurtful to me and my pride. As I was prowling inside of my head, making things worse with my fanciful imaginations… of Evelyn making her soft moans of pleasure as Leonardo thrust his inferior dick into her hungry pussy. It made me mad. I made myself mad by thinking of the infidelity of my ex-wife, which spread to Evelyn. It was unfair and disrespectful towards Evelyn, and maybe to Leonardo as well, but I could not help my train of thoughts. I suddenly felt Sera’s small hands on top of mine. She was not making a move at me. Her touch was not sensual or even suggestive of sexual interest. She was trying to comfort me… COMFORT ME? What the heck… I am a man who have been surviving alone, without the trust of my women… hah, I hate being treated like a joke. But I appreciated Sera’s vain efforts. I stared into her eyes. And I saw myself reflected in the irises of her eyes. My face was in fact the most pathetic I had ever seen.

“Are you saying it’s my fault?”

“It’s not your fault… Kyou,” she said. These words suddenly erased all the mumbo jumbo of my mind. It was the words that I needed to hear. I am unsure as to how she knew what to say or when to say… but it was the correct sentence, it eased me.

“How do you know what the right thing to say is?” I said with a smile.

“Hmm, women intuition?” she said and looked calm.

Hmm…. Women intuition, huh.

“By the way, Kyou…” Sera said, sitting down again, “Why were you so mad, it’s not like you had such a tragic past or embarrassing past, right?”

“Just mind your own business, Sera…” I said curtly.

This brat was getting too noisy. Why do they want to know so much about me anyway? WHO was I? Just a humble 42 year old male, in love with a 22 year old female, who apparently broke my faith in her like shattering mirror.

“Okay…” Sera nodded in resignation.

I was actually shocked to hear her comply so easily. It was unnerving me….

Or not…

“How about I tell you the details of the bond in exchange for your life story? I could not extort it out of Evelyn that bitch…” Sera said, first with a smile which faded away by the end of the sentence to a look of sheer frustration.

I could not help glaring at her. She was giving me such a ridiculous offer, but I was curious as hell.

“Deal.” I said.

By the way, it just me or lately I have been like a broken faucet to the women around me. Why? I feel like I have some kind of skill of telling the women around me the stories of my life? I have tell Marie and Jeanne about it. And it such pathetic stories too, and then I began telling her my past, a little at a time. It all started with how I suddenly got transported to this world from earth, and met Evelyn, the love of my life. If you think I am going to tell you everything that has happened between me and Evelyn all over again, you’re so fucking wrong, shithead! Ah geez… just go back to prologue and the first chapter, in case you forgot how we met and how the chapter began.

All I can tell you is that, I was completely honest with Sera. I did not want to become a hypocrite all of a sudden who lied to others while getting harmfully offended by being lied to. She didn’t interrupt me; not even once… she was listening to me, nodding to me and sometimes responding with gestures. But she was a great listener. Who would have thought that the chatterbox Sera would actually turn out to be a good listener? Not me, not one bit, not a tad.

I didn’t divulge details about our wonderful sex sessions, but it had been a bomb. Of course, all I told Sera was that we made love, and not how we were all wind and drunken with each other’s fluids, because that would just be weird… besides, it was not very civil to let others know about my sex life. It was aggravating. What? I described my sex sessions with Evelyn to you? Oh, reader… aren’t you here for that precisely? Besides, you don’t count. I don’t know you, but I knew Sera.

“So, your turn, Sera… spill the beans,” I said, still glaring at her.

She smiled, “There is nothing to reveal, really. You know most parts of it.”

“Evelyn told me some parts of it, yeah,” I agreed.

“The Eternal bond is the ultimate sacred bond between two souls,” she began in a dramatic voice, “Since it is the touching of two different souls, it is very sacred. It also gives access to the two parties to their memories, and feeling and emotions, and pain, sometimes… Also, there is a choice to block the other party from seeing your memories, which is what Evelyn had done. She had her reasons, I am sure.”

I scoffed derisively.

“There is also the life link,” she continued, ignoring my remark, “if either of the two of you dies, the other one dies as well, no questions asked… it is like the literal version of soul mates… one dies, and the other cannot survive alone.”

“I know all of these… Evelyn told me already,” I said, feeling royally mugged.

“Oh,” Sera just said with a grin, hands on her hips and a wise expression on her face. “Then, Evelyn did not hide much at all. All she hid was the fact that she could see your memories, and she hid hers…”

“Nah, that’s not the reason why am I angry though…”

“I bet it just silly reason.”

“Why you little…” I began, and in a jiffy spanked her.

Her face grew red, and she held both of her hands reached to cover her ass. “Hey!”

I laughed merrily, “I see, you still are a fan of G strings… you’re like a man… you like G strings too!”

“Kyou!” she said again, face reddening.

I just sat there laughing. I needed to laugh out all my worries before I become a walking time bomb for both Evelyn and me.


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