Bonded Goddess – Chapter 34

I didn’t get sleep last night. I just could NOT sleep… there is no way I could! My mind was only occupied with Evelyn, I just couldn’t ignore the fact that she had lied to me, hidden important things from me. Sure, she only hid one important part of the Bond. But that’s the problem! I am not your ordinary man. I have trust and anger issues! And Evelyn knew about them!

She knew about my past and the issues I faced with my ex-wife yet she did this?! Ah… that bitch, I can’t help but remember her for every fucking thing when thing goes so fucking wrong, fucking me up like a fucking piece of fuck. Because of the fac t that I felt betrayed by Evelyn, I could not sleep one bit.  My mind was all cloudy, I couldn’t keep this going. At this rate, I might do something unthinkable. I better clear my head.

When I went down for breakfast, I saw Fianna as I entered the dining hall.

“Ah, you are up very early! Good morning!” Fianna said with a warm smile.

“And so are you; good morning, Fianna,” I replied, looking around.

It was such a large hall, of large blue cobbled stone, making sound effects of an empty auditorium. The dining hall was richly furnished, and the dining table was long, like really long, with at least ten chairs on either sides, and one each at the head and end of the table. The furniture and weird decorations on the table were gold plated, I wasn’t sure if it was real gold or not, but this girl, she was RICH. And not just the ordinary kind of rich; she was FILTHY RICH. And she lived here by herself? Where the

As I sat on one side of the table, I took a glass of a pink smoothie and drunk it all in one long gulp. I needed it.  Strawberry, delicious.  As I placed the glass on the table, little pink stains were on the white and immaculate table cloth.

Fianna was looking at me; heck, she wasn’t just looking. She was giving me a real STARE, like literally GAWKING at me, as if I was shirtless, which I kind of wish I was, to flex in front of her.  I observed her face for a while. Her cheeks were a little flushed, and her mouth, slightly ajar. Her eyes were diluted and she seemed to be in a delirium. I noticed that she swallowed her breath, and her heart rate was probably accelerating. What? Why

“Erm… I know I AM attractive, but please don’t gape at me like that, you make me blush.” I said, trying to make a joke.

It made her stop looking at me in her odd way. She was flustered a little, but it was not all that bad. I had a lot in mind to attend to.“““

“Good morning, everyone~” Sera said in a cheerful voice as she entered the dining hall. She yawned broadly, in a very casual way, breaking her image as a lady of a noble family. It would take me a lot of strength to call her ‘milady’ again. Well, I never actually called her milady before though…

“Oh, good morning, Sera. I hope you had a good night sleep,” Fianna said with a smile, “Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Ah, yes. Yes, it would be my pleasure,” Sera said gratefully, “In any case, are you always up this early, Fianna?”

“It is already seven, Sera. In Roalgal, people don’t get up late, maybe because it is still a small town?” she said, a hand on her cheek.

To be honest, that gesture make her looked like a hot teacher and that was a fantasy of every university student: to make out with the hot teacher on the teacher’s desk. Well, It’s not like I did not get the chance to do it on the teacher’s desk with the hot teacher. It was almost time for graduation, back when I was twenty two, and the hot teacher everyone had a crush on was working late. I was also on detention. And then I helped her with her work. She was single, thank god, I just hate the idea of being the reason that a wife cheats on her dearest husband. Anyway, since it was still winter, it got dark early and one thing led to the next, and before long she was down on the table, and we did it doggy style. There is a certain joy to be penetrating your own sensei on her own desk. All she could mutter was how glorious a dick I had. Now that I think about it, all the women I have ever had sex with were more or less into my dick more than they were into me. But which woman wouldn’t? It was a grand eleven inches, my pride as a man was solely dependent on my shaft. Of course after that we returned to being teacher and student. After fucking her for good, she only told me, as she wore her skirt, that if I expected to get a higher grade because of that. But well, I still got higher grade with my own effort!

“Mind your acts, Mr. Bodyguard,” Sera said. Her voice returned to the usual perky and annoyingly high pitched.

A person could get deaf listening to her all day. It was a wonder how I could still keep up with her. Ah, right, it was because of Evelyn. Damn… Evelyn, do I really want to be with her right now? I knew I wanted to be with her, but after hearing the truth last night, I wasn’t sure if I could trust her anymore.

Hell, I can’t even imagine that I would be sleeping with Evelyn any time soon, it questioned my worth and her loyalty. But

Then the said person arrived in the dining room that morning. I suddenly felt anger build inside me… Man, just seeing her got made mad.

With smile, Evelyn sat down next to me.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” Fianna greeted with a warm smile.

“Same goes,” Evelyn replied, still a little sleepy.

“Ah, look at the princess… she thinks that she is in her little pink castle,” Sera began again, “Are you not ashamed to be in bed for so long? In Roalgal, you know, no one stays in bed this late… you ought to have known,” she said with glee and added with sarcasm, “your highness…”

…Sera, you have no right say that…

“Ah, look who’s talking…” Evelyn said, annoyed, “oh, it is the virgin lady who wears G strings thinking she can find a man that way… but you need the substance…”

“Evelyn!” Sera said, her face reddening; like seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Who didn’t know she wore G strings in the room, except maybe Fianna? But after seeing Emilia and Sera wear G strings… I wonder if Fianna also wore it.

“Anyway, Kyou…” Evelyn said, a hand on my shoulder. I barely looked at her and grunted in reply.

“Today will be the last day we can be together so openly… so freely…” she said, as she began to muse over our past days, and even older days on earth.

Sorry to say, my dearest… But I am not feeling it to spend time you today. Hell, I did even not like the idea of spending my eternity with a woman who could not be honest with me. It was a call for self-pity and punishment.

I didn’t answer and merely nodded as my eyes on squirting the sugar syrup out of the scone.

All of a sudden, the sugar syrup fell on my clean and white shirt. And as the syrup was spilled on my shirt, Evelyn pulled a soft yellow handkerchief, Fianna and Sera also pulled napkins and they all offered me them in unison, as if it was rehearsed.

“Umm… ladies?” I said, voice a little unsure.

Fianna suddenly looked sheepish and put her hand down, “I just thought that I should be responsible, since I am the hostess here… and this is MY mansion?”

“It IS okay, Fianna,” Evelyn said, her voice masquerading as kindness, but as sharp as knife, “but I am Kyou’s lover, not you…” She gave a menacing look to Sera, “or you!”

“Excuse me, bitch,” Sera said with a sassy hair flip, “But Kyou is my personal Bodyguard and just as he is responsible for my protection, I am responsible for how her presents himself; so move along, you whore! I will take care of MY Bodyguard!”

“Oh, don’t you worry… Fianna here does not give two shits about how he presents himself,” Evelyn shot back, “besides, aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself, huh bitch?”

What’s with this harem like situation again?

Seriously, this kind of possessive fights were very uncommon on earth, and even more uncommon that it was over me, ah geez… maybe if I were in my twenty’s I would enjoy this! But I was tired from agonizing over things so I decided to intervene it.

I stood up and said, “Cut it out, girls!”

But the girls looked at me with evil stars glimmering in their eyes, they were like “What did you say? Come again, it seems I had a problem hearing what you had to say? haaa?”

Ohh, you want to continue that way? Sure. I don’t care anymore. I walked over to Fianna and held out my hand. She just stared at my empty hand.

“Tissue please,” I said after a while.

Fianna gave me tissues promptly, a little unsure of whether she was doing the right thing, and hoping Evelyn would not get mad. It was so easy to make Evelyn mad or jealous. And speak of the devil!

“Kyou!” Evelyn’s voice boomed into my ears in a painful way, “Take this handkerchief! And Fianna, keep your hands away from MY man this instant!”

Fianna raised her hands quickly, surrendering with a straight face. I wondered whether she had to deal with this kind of shit even when they started hanging around with each other.

Then I stormed off, ignoring the girls. As I left, I could hear Evelyn and Sera arguing with each other over my anger, blaming each other. They are still at it? Seriously, I felt like they were making a joke out of me; and treating me like a possession. A THING! Can you believe that? Because I swear to god, if anything, I hated it… I am neither a possession to be owned, nor an achievement to be won, and these crazy women were not in a position to even grasp a quarter of what I wanted to say.

A few hours had passed. Evelyn tried to make conversation with me today but I give her cold shoulder. Yeah, that’s very childish. But I don’t know how to act when I’m with her…

So, I spend the day at the garden of the back yard. I was in the silent solace of the quiet and warm. It had several little flowers, all with distinct enticing aromas that seemed to complement each other perfectly. It seems Fianna was a good gardener, for someone who was primarily and chiefly almost only interested in books she did a great job. I can see the garden was very well tended and cared for.

“Kyou,” Evelyn’s soft voice reached me from behind. Ah, not again… Well, I guess that’s enough for me to run. Let’s just face it.

I didn’t bother to turn around. I was not trying to be mean or even trying to play hard to get, really but I just found it almost impossible to look at her in the eyes. What would I say? If her wonderful ruby eyes confessed her dishonesty, what would I do? That would mean that I was at a dead end and what I thought was real between us would have been just a triggered state of phony show.

“Kyou, are you okay?” Evelyn asked me, sitting beside me. Her voice was genuinely worried. I didn’t need the bond or any kind of sorcery to know that.

“Hmmm, I’m okay.” I said without turning to her.

Silence descends between us. I just ignored her and didn’t say anything.

After ten minutes of silence, Evelyn seems had finally had enough of my cold treatment.

“Kyou, I don’t know what’s gotten with into you. I don’t understand why you’re acting the way you are… You have been avoiding me today… Are you mad with me?”

“Why would I be mad at you? Did YOU do anything to make me mad?” I said, faking calmness.

“…We have so much time to spend together and yet, you are choosing to spend your time like this.. And you giving me a cold shoulders… You definitely mad at me, right?” she said; she sounded as if she were on an edge.

“Forget it,” I said and then flashed a smile. But I could not. I just could NOT pretend like I was cool with everything she was doing. Don’t judge me bitches… this is just how I am!


“Say, Evelyn…” I said, trying to make a sentence that won’t hurt her, but would show how firm I was, “Tell me about the Eternal bond between us again.”

“W- what?” she fidgeted, that’s really a bad sign; A VERY bad sign, “W-why are you asking that… all of a sudden?”

“Why? Is there a reason I should not ask you?” I said, feeling very cruel to doing that, “I am a part of the bond… I ought to know, you know. Keeping me in the dark is a very self-seeking and greedy act.”

She was all fidgety and it ticked on my nerves to see her that way. It was like a statement of her guilt. It made me mad, but I swallowed that madness.

Regaining her composure, she looked at me in the eyes.

“The bond… Life link, our life forces are linked, which means, neither of us will die before the other, or if one of us dies, the other follows. Second, the linking of our emotional status, which is blocked by this,” she raised her hand, the bracelet dangling in a mocking way, “I can feel your feelings, and you can feel mine ”

I see she still remain quiet about memories link. I don’t understand why the hell she kept this to herself?

“Kyou,” she said, looking at me worriedly. I hate to see her all so worried.  “I don’t know why you are all so cold and indifferent towards me today, but I hope you know that I love you and you alone…”

I smiled a fake smile. She frowned and brought my face closer and kissed me. No tongue. Just a peck. It was cute of her to do that, right? But I felt like I was kissing a succubus. A DISHONEST succubus at that. And INDIFFERENT? ME? I was the least indifferent to HER!

“Evelyn… is that all there is to the Eternal bond?” I asked.

She nodded, and put on a nonchalant face, “Yes. I would never do anything to sabotage your trust.”

…You just did! I hated how she was outing on a show. I mean, I KNEW! I knew it all, and yet, she had the audacity to pretend to be all innocent, making me look like the bad guy here, when it was clearly her who didn’t uphold my trust like she had so boldly claimed to have done. I wanted to rip her clothes into shreads. And not just her clothes, her as well.

“In any case,” she said, getting up and straightening little creases on her dress, “We should be leaving shortly, we don’t want to reach villa before Leonardo, right?”

I nodded and gestured her to go ahead of me.

She frowned and pouted. Damn, my crazy heart… She was THE one.

“I am NOT going anywhere without you, Kyou” she said, hands on her soft hips. It was only then that I noticed that her dress really accentuated her soft curves, making her body look so much more attractive than the day before. Damn, I would have torn off her clothes and done some things to her if I was not already so mad; well, that and the fact that we had to leave. We couldn’t afford to run late.

After about two to three hours we were already on the port. The port was not busy for several reasons, one being the fact that Roasgal was a small town that boasted way lesser population than other cities I had visited; the population were mainly settled people, who didn’t move much. It was peaceful in that sense.

As we walked towards the ships, I marvelled at the port.

It was a piece of art, not that I was a fan of art, but that port! That port was the most beautiful port I had ever seen. There may be very less travellers to Roasgal, but the Roasgal port was something to behold. There were plants all over the place, making it look like a garden theme port. There were artificial grasses on the ground instead of wood or cement. There was corridor- like structures, all mini Corinthian styled, that held a beautifully carved and decorated pot of little colourful flowers that creeped down.

But it was not just this wonderfully created port that took my attention. As we walked, Sera, Fianna and Evelyn were so used to the kind of port Roasgal had, they didn’t spare a second look. But not me. It was very hard to even go to an actual beach back on earth. Yeah, I know Japan is an island country, but if you’re an office man, working almost daily nine to five, you don’t go to the beach on your holidays. You want to sleep in on Sundays. Not go to a fucking beach and build sand castles.

Anyway, what took my attention was a large glass jar; it was hardly five feet, but was on a two feet high pedestal, making it about seven feet tall. There were several purple and violet butterflies, with wings that had a kind of a glow or should I say shimmer? It reminded me of Pokémon. You know what Pokémon is, right? Come on! It’s the anime everyone starts with, alongside Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. If you don’t know, you know where to head: Google. Honestly, though, if you still need to head to Google for every time I tell you to, why are you still reading this? Ok, this already repetitive, I should stop mentioning Google.

All I could think of at that moment was that I wished I had carried my smartphone with me to take a picture, or maybe a selfie. Yeah, I may be already forty two, but that doesn’t mean that I should deny myself the pleasures this generation has to offer.

“Beautiful, aren’t they?” Fianna said, surprising me. I didn’t know when she had come over. Why was she even interested in butterflies?

“Oh, yeah! They are… interesting,” I agreed.

“These butterflies are The Royal Roasgalean,” she said, with a pleased smile, “They are usually kept near the water because they thrive that way. These butterflies can only exist with greenery around them, even if they don’t touch the greenery directly. It also releases a scent that makes the travellers feel less anxious,” her hand was on her heart, to emphasise her point, “And do you see this?”

She pointed to the bottom of the glass jar. There were little shimmers, like glitters, purple in colour. “Yeah?”

“These are ingredients to make certain potions, and makes a lucrative business for Roasgal, almost as demanded in the market as Adamaline,” she explained again, “They’re called Rozsefil. The older, the better. They change colours eventually, but all forms of it are highly demanded, and people pay a lot for these.”

Rozsefil? Adamaline? darn it, I need to get my hands on these to make a good living out for Evelyn and I… RK would know where to market these stuff… and I am sure we’d be able to make so much more than necessary for a good living.


“What are you thinking?” Fianna asked, looking right into my face. Just then Sera called out to Fianna and I, from the edge of the port. They were about to board the ship. A part of me wanted to run away, an let them go on without me. It was a fairly good idea, but I had my priorities straight… for that moment, at least.

“Money in the mind~” I said cheerfully, and walked towards the ship.

“Eh?” Fianna let out a surprised sound, and kept to my heels. I was not very interested in spending solo moments with her, particularly after the huge misunderstanding between Evelyn and me, and Sera, too. And then I stopped, and waited for Fianna.

I knew Evelyn would be watching and the idea of making her burn with jealousy. That made me feel so euphoric.

“What are you waiting for?” Fianna said, walking past me, “Come on!”

“You go ahead!” I said with an innocent smile. Ah, if only she knew the plans I had for her, hah. I felt good.

“Okay…” she said, a little unsure.

As soon as she passed by me, I blew a breath on my hand, preparing for the spank of the century. And then SPANK! The sound was really loud. That was the sound of skin against skin. She immediately held her hands to her ass. Her ass was nice to spank, because they were bouncy and spank worthy.

“W-what are you doing!?” She said, facing me. Her face was all red, and seemed toasted. I could see little drops of tears on either sides of her face, tears due to being so flustered. I laughed, and eyed Evelyn and Sera from that distance.

Evelyn was looked shocked and speechless as I actually did this right front of her. Soon her face become red fury. I looked at her and dare her to say anything. She was just glaring me.

I was so fucking pleased to see Evelyn look so mad.  Damn, I might have ended the friendship of ten years between these two ladies… and I don’t regret it. If their friendship was true from the beginning, a mere man can’t do anything to it.

The minutes inside the ship were a time capsule. No one talked. I went straight to my own room, and locked myself up, napping. I had not had a wink of sleep the previous night and I was so drowsy, I wouldn’t have woken up even if someone was raping me.

I don’t even remember how the way back from the ship to the TR household was like. I mean it, I was so dazed by a semi-conscious feeling. Was I awake? Was I asleep? Was it a dream? I didn’t know. I wasn’t even sure if we had a conversation, or if Evelyn gave me the cold shoulder, or was all possessive. All I remember is that when we went back, the way was so damn long.

“I see, you’re back, milady, princess Evelyn,” DB said when we entered. He nodded at me, “Sir Oda. Well met!”

“Well met!” I said tiredly.

Sera was acting all sassy as she threw herself over the sofa, and asked nearby maid to bring her some juice.

DB was nonchalant as ever. It has been like… a day? Since I last saw DB and I already forgot his name. Imagine him hearing me call him DB! He would never know what it means. It could easily mean Don Bosco. You know Don Bosco right? It’s the catholic father whose name have been adopted by so many Catholic organisations to start schools, particularly All Boys Convent Schools. Well, I did not attended one of those dreadful places without girls but my school was right next to one of those. I remember students from there always looking at all my female schoolmates. Poor them. I’d fight my pop if he actually enrolling me there.

“Kyou-” Evelyn said, whispering which breaking me from my chain of thought.

I pretended not to hear and continued to unload the baggage. Sera gave me a slight kick on my right calf, which made me drop the bags. I glared at her through my helmet. She pretended to be distracted by her juice.

“Let me help you,” Evelyn said, on her knees, picking up the things with me. She then glared at Sera, who shrugged. “A nice mistress you are!”

I nodded to ‘thank’ Evelyn. I could not really interact much because DB and other knights were there as well. Damn them. Because of them, I was not able to fully ignore Evelyn. I wanted to have a full show of ignoring her, to show her that I knew she was hiding something from me. And it would not be good for her if she still decided to act like she was all so innocent when she clearly wasn’t. Argh, women!

“I’m home.”

At that moment, I froze. I heard HIS voice. LEONARDO’s voice! My heart leapt over my throat. Can you believe my ill luck? It was a crazy issue, to hear his voice so soon. Damn, would I survive in this household without him trying to kill me? I was sure he would want to meet me because I was still technically in charge of his sister’s safety.

“Hello,” He called out loud cheerfully. The rest of the people in the house were all smiling and welcoming him back.

“You’re home earlier than I thought, Nii-sama.” Sera commented, trying not to look nervous or shocked. But it was so fucking easy to read her. Why did she even bother act like that?

“Well, I wanted to get back as soon as possible… The affair I went for ended early as well…” He said with a smile. “I didn’t want to leave all of you for so long, I get worried easily.”

He was smiling so brightly, I wanted to stab a potato. Leonardo and I were inversely proportional. The happier he was. The sadder or madder I felt.

But that was the least of my worries. Will he catch me? Will be thrown into a dungeon again? AGAIN? No, I don’t want to go there, damn, the fucking rats! I felt half my heart angry to see him so happy, the other half was scared. I hate to admit it, but I felt a little scared, but it was just a little. Because if I get caught at a time like this, I would be tortured to the point of death, but left alive because of the life link; Sera would have a really hard time with her brothers… and seeing the way she was really scared of seeing Leonardo angry, and the fact that he was a usually reasonable and calm guy only meant that his anger was a booming volcano. And then Evelyn. As much as I hated what she did to me, and even though the evil and insecure part of me liked the thought of Evelyn suffering a lifelong of unhappiness… she was still the person I loved. I wanted to be with her at the end of it all, and I don’t want her to suffer. She was my goddess, my lover… only, I hated her for what she did.

As I stayed where I was, having my silent monologue. He paid me no attention. The thrill of being ignored! Do you get what I did there? I quoted from ‘The Book Thief’ damn, you probably don’t know it… how could you not? Did you even go to school? Ah, you’re just an otaku who would rather read this. Or if you are curious, you can always head to –> Google. But I say, go to Internet Explorer. I feel bad for that bitvh sometimes.


Leonardo walked past me, as if I did not exist. My pride was a little hurt… but that hardly mattered. It was not the time to be butthurt over silly matters. I had to my advantage that he was so fucking dense and trusting, oh, and naïve too. What? You think he is some hot shot? He may be a hot shot, but it is this same generous popularity of his that was his weakest point, that made me have an edge over him; because I was nothing like him. If you’ve noticed, I have been doubting my dear Evelyn even though we spent the whole of the thirty three chapters either fucking or longing for each other. See, that was just how I am. The fact that the bitch aka my ex wife cheated on me with a man with an inferior dick  was the cherry on top of my ridiculous personality.


But on a more serious note, why the fuck did Leonardo NOT notice me? Was it the fact that I was wearing a helmet? If I were Leonardo, I would have been alert right from the beginning. Who knows what the cunning lover of his fiancée was actually in HIS own villa, and that too, as his own sister’s bodyguard? He was too trusting, I almost felt bad for him.


“Ah,” Leonardo’s surprised voice dragged me back to reality.

He was looking, GAWKING at Sera and Evelyn sitting together, and NOT cursing at each other. It must have been a shock! Even I would have been shocked. But I wasn’t, because I was feeling so many things all at once.


“What is it?” Sera asked in an irritated manner.

Leonardo grinned at them, “I see… I am so glad to see that both of you are getting along so well, it makes my heart melt.”

EY, It’s all because of ME. As I watched Leonardo, I wanted to tell him that the ladies were like that because of me. Of course, I didn’t really say it out loud. Which mindless idiot would actually do that? I may be a fucked up man but I had some brains… Which I didn’t like using.

“Excuse me?” Evelyn spoke up for the first time since he arrived. Her voice was dripping with a bossy attitude… if she used that voice with me, I would have given her a good spanking.

“What do you mean, Leo- nii san?” Sera said, her voice darkening, ready to murder.

“We do NOT get along well! Are you blind?” They said in unison.

“Well… both of you are in sync though,” Leonardo said with a helpless smile.

STAPH IT! Leonardo was TOO dense! Arghh… it was so frustrating to see him try so desperately… I felt sad, almost sorry for him. How could someone be so fucking clueless? he was a top notch idiot, and it takes a lot of practice and talent to achieve his level- The Leonardo Level-  of idiocy. Damn, it made me lose all feelings of competitiveness for a moment. Like seriously, this dude was too dumb to even be considered a rival? It was a disgrace for me to take on him as a rival. Really.


But it didn’t last long, this feeling of not wanting to kill him, I mean. Because what he did next was unforgiveable… for me at least.

Laughing, Leonardo went ahead and held Evelyn’s hand tenderly. Evelyn didn’t even TRY to let go. “And, how are you my princess?” he said in a suave manner. I realised he was one of those fuckboys who would be able to slide into DMs on Instagram of hotties like Evelyn. Damn. You have no idea how mad I was. I was boiling nuts! You know, what ever I said about me not wanting to kill him? I take it back, I want to kill him so bad, and not just kill him. But mutilate his fleshly remains till he was not recognisable ever again. I was so mad, I didn’t care that he was Sera’s real brother.


I stood there, erect behind them all, pretending to be the cool bodyguard of ‘milady Sera’ but I could hardly stand still, I was always so close to actually taking out a gun and shooting at Leonardo’s groin.

Evelyn gave me a slight peek. The ruby in her eyes were quivering. THAT LOOK AGAIN!AGAIN!… I hated that look of guilt that she quickly passed towards me… what was she thinking? Did she assume that NOT doing stuff was like doing me a favour? The worst part of this was that technically, I can NOT get jealous, because TECHNICALLY, Evelyn and Leonardo were together. I hate technical stuff.


“Ah, how I missed you, Evelyn,” he said, getting all lovey dovey in front of me. I almost lost it. I said, ALMOST… because Sera stepped in.

“Geez… get a room!” She whined as Leonardo just smiled at his sister and ruffled her golden hair. That reminds me of our fist meeting… Goldie, huh? Those days seemed like so long ago. Who would have thought that Goldie would turn out to be Sera?

“Oh, speaking of that…” Leonardo said, getting serious. It was rare to see him get serious in the middle of a conversation, so I was ALL EARS for what he was going to say. “The reason the King summoned me… well, it is to discuss the wedding.”

“What wedding?” Sera and Evelyn said together, and then glared at each other.

“Oh, you know… Evelyn’s and mine,” he said, with a blush. ARGHHH WAS HE REALLY A MAN? Why was he getting shy over such a silly thing? And why the fuck am I getting mad?

“The wedding will go on as planned before,” he declared with a charming smile. I wanted to cut his face open.

“Wow, that is- ” Sera began fumbling for words…

“I know, thanks…” Leonardo said, assuming she was going to congratulate him and Evelyn. Evelyn was dumbfounded. And I was mad. If there was a madness metre, I think I would be over the madness limit.

I don’t know what took over me, but the emotional stress took a toll over me, I guess. I went out of that room in a hurry.Evelyn was looking at me, and I was sure she noticed the chaos in my eyes. I hope she noticed because she was chiefly responsible for this confusion.

“Oh, my bodyguard!” Sera said loudly, walking to me. I was practically still. She held my arm, and dragged me out the room.

“Wait!” Leonardo’s voice boomed like tiny cannon, “Is he your bodyguard? Let me meet him.”

“Oh, my dear brother!” she said equally loud and mechanical, “You can meet him later, I have places I wan to go! And I need to be protected. Okay?”

“O… kay…” Leonardo replied, a little confused… “What is up with her all the time? I hope she stops betting and cheating again…”


Evelyn basically dashed me to a wall when we were out.

“What are you doing?!” She asked me in a hoarse whisper.

I looked at her, rage filling my mind, “You tell me, what are YOU doing? You dragged me out here! Why don’t you tell me what the fuck is going on?”

“I can’t believe this…” she mumbled and then said, almost yelling, “Do you want my brother to discover you out this way? You’re not acting sane, you jerk!”

“Then who IS acting sane, you tell me MILADY,” I growled back in anger. I was too mad to be able to talk calmly.

“Get yourself together, Kyou!” she barked, “If you can’t control your emotions, you might as well lose Evelyn and rot in hell! You know that being so emotional will only make things harder for you!”

“I don’t know anymore… What do I even want?”

“Get your priorities straight!” She said, calming down, “You’re not in any way as strong as my brother yet. It will take you so much more time to reach to a higher level for you to face him! And it’s not just him, it is everyone else under him- AN ARMY!”

“How long do I wait? Till Evelyn is already HIS wife?” I yelled and walked away.

“Kyou!” Sera said, from behind me. I showed her the finger, yeah. THE MIDDLE FINGER! I was so mad, I would have liked to screw her brains out. It was at the rage of the moment. But I regret nothing.


I retreated into the private chambers of my room. I needed time alone. Desperately needed time alone. I went into my room, and then collapsed by the bed side. It felt better than how soft the bed was. It was suffocating me.

Yep, I was born to be a peasant. Oh geez… I’m just kidding.


When I got up again, my emotional health was as bad, but I was tired already, which made me uninterested in getting all worked up again. I wore my TR uniform and stood erect,  Oh crap… I hate this uniform. I promise I will burn this as soon as I can escape with Evelyn.


I walked around, pretending to be on my rounds. But who are we kidding? Rounds? That’s for ordinary guards, I was a high status guard, but that’s besides the point. I walked past the ‘private’ chambers of Evelyn. Let’s look to the right, let’s look to the left, and let’s look the to the right again. No one? NO ONE! All cool, I jumped inside the room.


“Ah,” Evelyn’s face was startled. But she calmed down eventually, “Oh, it’ only you Kyou… I thought …”

“Only me?” I said, getting angry again, “What, you thought it would be your future husband? Don’t be such a whore!” The words rolled out of my tongue like a poison.


“I have no idea as to why you’re being so rude!” She said eyebrows furrowed, “You know that I love only you alone, Kyou… why do you think that I am still suffering so much just for you?”

“Suffering?” I laughed sarcastically “You want to know what is suffering? You’re the one causing such misery to me! You say that you love ME, and yet… and yet, you still lie to me!”

“When did I lie to you?” She asked shocked, her face growing even paler.

“Don’t put on this stupid oh- I’m- so- innocent act. I can see through your phony acts easily!” I was getting madder, by her innocent act, “You lied to me! Are you sure you’re so pure and clean? First you NEVER mentioned the fact that you had a fiancée. That was just the start! And then, the bond! Are you sure you still want to keep this going? You lied to me about it.”

“Kyou…” her eyes were large with shock.

“Oh, please! You saw every part of my past right?” I spewed out, “Oh, did you see all of those moments I screwed up my life? Or the parts where I fucked so many women and had such great sex? Huh… Who are you trying to compete with? And you! Your past! Why the fuck did you hide it from me? Am I so worthless to you, Evelyn? I thought you loved me…” I clapped my hands dramatically, “Bravo! Standing ovation. You, Evelyn have made me feel the most worthless… I always thought I meant as much to you as much as you meant to me!”

“Kyou!” she said, getting mad. WHY THE HELL WAS SHE MAD? AT ME? What did I do wrong? I said the truth! I meant every bit of what I said. She was the one in the wrong and yet, she DARED to be MAD at ME!

“What? It feels bad to hear the truth?” I yelled into her face.

“How could you still not trust me? After all the things we have been through together?” She yelled back.

“Together?” I smirked in anger, “Was it YOU or ME who was in the dungeon, hungry and hopeless? Was it YOU or ME who had to be tortured by the sadist brat Emilia? Tell me, I’m waiting. Was it YOU or ME who had to face the wrath of your ‘great’ father, ‘his majesty’ the fuck!”

“You have no idea how I suffered in my own way!” she said, getting all violent. But I was just as mad. No I was worse!

“Tell me,” I said, “If I had not returned, would you have freely married this crappy man Leonardo? I am almost sure you would spread your slutty legs for him too. You are really a whore aren’t you?” I was yelling by the end of what I was saying.

“Kyou…” her face was shocked, “Why do you-”

“Oh, shut it woman,” I said, getting even angrier, “You… you didn’t expect me to come here tonight eh? Then why the fuck are you wearing such revealing clothes? Are you hoping to be fucked by your FIANCEE?”

Her ruby eyes went even wider with shock. It made me even more mad. How could she act all innocent NOW? Making me look like the bad guy, not aware of how she wrecked me up?!

She was wearing a maroon night dress; I could see a very generous portion of her ample breasts, and it was a see through too. Damn THIS WOMAN WAS TRYING TO SEDUCE LEONARDO! I was as mad as a bull.

In that same rage, I went and held her hands firmly behind her, making her breast pop out even more.  I was horny as fuck, and angry as fuck.

And in an instant, her dress went down in more than one piece. She was definitely naked, no kind of underwear at all! Was she really trying to seduce Leonardo? Because even if she wasn’t, I was so mad already that I didn’t really care.

“No, Kyou…” she said, tears streaming down her face, “Not like this-”

“Shut up whore,” I said, voice heavy and low.

I fondled her breasts very roughly. For the first time, was only concerned with my one pleasure and my own lust. I put my dry mouth over her right breast and sucked sharply, biting her nipple, even.

“Kyou… No, please don’t do this!” She cried, “I’m sorry Kyou!”

“I said, shut up.” I said with a sense of an evil pride surging in me.

I kissed her roughly, nipping her neck carelessly as I


I threw her to the bed. She didn’t move away, but continued to apologise to me. But I couldn’t hear her cries or her protests.

I undid my pants; holding her legs open I began thrusting into her dry vulva. It didn’t matter. I didn’t try to adjust my speed, but went all fast. She may have not wanted this, but I wanted her to feel the pain. I wished that she would never forget the pain she was experiencing. In and out, in and out, I thrusted my fully erect dick into her… all eleven inches in one go. It was the kind of punishment I thought she needed.

“Arghhh,” she cried out in pain, tears, ran down from her eyes into her ears. But it wasn’t enough to make me stop.

After a while, I was ready to cum. And I pushed my shaft straight into her, releasing all of those hatefully secreted semen into her.

“You’re hurting me, Kyou!” she said out loud. And it pushed me.

“Can’t you see, you’re hurting me more!” I retorted.

I kissed her fully on the lips, she didn’t kiss back, she didn’t move away either. It was a sloppy kiss, no passion or sensuality involved, just me frustrated and kissing her for life’s sake.

“Why aren’t you kissing me back, Evelyn?” I growled under my breath, my dick still in her. “Is it because I am not your fiancée?”

“Kyou~ No… I’m sorry for hiding-” she began, as soon as I stopped shoving my tongue into her mouth.

“Actually, forget that I even bothered to ask you,” I cut back, “Turn around.”

She didn’t move, however and I turned her around. Her back to me. Holding either sides of her soft hips, I began thrusting again. Harsher and harder than the first time.

She buried her face in the pillows, still crying. I could see her tears, and I was so gratified. It felt better than penetrating her.

“I’m sorry, Kyou,” she wept. But I was getting none of it. In and out, in and out… faster, I must get it all out.

As I remembered one of the first times we made out, I remembered how great it felt to fuck her. And it was as I remembered how her face contorted into a pleasure filled expression, I came again. Inside of her, my hot semen travelled into her.

I continued to move in and out. Coming twice was not enough. I wanted to fuck her brains out, and twice is not an option. And then I came for the third time.


After my third orgasm, I could feel her pussy getting wet.

“You’re impossible,” I said, smirking, “You’re actually getting wet, when I’m fucking you for being a bad girl!”

she hid her face on the pillows.

“I’m sorry,” she still cried, “Please forgive me, Kyou…”


I held her Breasts from behind, squeezing her large breasts, playing around with the nipples. She was really nipple sensitive. And I entered her again roughly, making her a moaning, and crying mess. She was crying out how sorry she was for lying to me, as I went in and out of her like a maniac. I bent down and began giving her hickeys all over her back. I wanted and needed to mark my territory.

All of a sudden, her legs got tensed up, I guessed that she was reaching her climax. And, no, I was not giving her that pleasure.

“More…” I could hear her moan with pleasure.

And then I took out my dick, leaving her inner folds to throb warmly. She almost orgasmed.

“Kyou… Why…” she cried.

But it could hardly reach me. All she reminded me of was my ex wife. That was cruel of me, even more than penetrating her dry and unprepared vulva. Denying her an orgasm was the best punishment I could think of. Hah she deserved it.

I zipped up my pants and then stretched my legs. I felt so much better, ejaculating all of the hateful semen right to her unprotected pussy. I hoped that the hotness would burn her. Evelyn curled up on the bed, foetal position and cried. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… Kyou! Forgive me!” All she cold say was that she was sorry, and her begging me to forgive her. But really? Could I?

“Shut the fuck up,” I said, colder than I had intended to sound like, “Do you know what you look like, right now?”

She didn’t say anything.

“You’re right! You look exactly like my ex-wife right now… blowing the marriage after twenty fucking years of a so called wedding,” I got mad thinking about that bitch.

“No! I’m nothing like her!” She protested.

“Look who’s talking!” I said with a mocking smirk, “You, Evelyn are exactly like her.”

All of a sudden, the horrors of horrors came to pass.

Standing right front of the door was Leonardo! Can you believe how unlucky I could get? LEONARDO! Standing there and watching as I was jerking off his fiancé. HIS fiancé… hah he deserved it, he needed to know who was fucking his fiancé behind his back.

He had been watching, as I dumping my sperm inside Evelyn’s pussy


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The H-Scenes is very disappointing? I’m not really in mood write one when I writing this chapter! I need focus on Kyou’s sick mental and  stupidity.