Bonded Goddess – Chapter 35

Have ever been in a situation where you just know you fucked up good? Like really FUCKED UP? Times like where you are an average player in an online game, but you happen to face a champion who is strong like hell and he targets you alone, chasing you and then killing you. That kind of fucked up, was the kind of fucked up I knew I was. Or, I felt I was. There was no way to escape the shocked eyes of Leonardo. The shock which had not yet turned into lunatic sanity!

I was in a deeper shit than him or anyone I knew. And guess what? The shit I am talking about is not your ordinary shit, it was neck deep shit of an angry and jealous man, who catches his lover – or fiancée in this case- fucking a man behind his back?

Evelyn and I were caught, like a deer staring at headlights. While Evelyn and I were froze and unable to say anything, Leonardo was the most shocked here. He seemed to have been turned into stone after caught us get frisky.No, that sounds terribly wrong; He turned into a stone AFTER watching ME fuck HIS fiancée under HIS ROOF, HOME, MANSION or WHATEVER you called it.

Evelyn was Leonardo’s fiancée, his future bride, and she would be married himsoon. And he caught his fiancée was the woman I fucked- RAPED- so brainlessly, like a wild animal in heat and he probably watched the scene.

Under this frozen room, Evelyn was the first one recovered and quickly put on some clothes. I glanced at Leonardo. But he didn’t react. I guess he was too shocked.

Well, I guess I’m glad Evelyn has normal clothes on her Dimensional storage as I thought that’s the only thing she had right now was that sexy night dress, which was more of a lingerie. And I was VERY positive that I had torn off that excuse of a night dress. Please don’t get me wrong. I’mstill mad. Very, very mad. Because she seems dressed like that for this guy.

I return my gaze back to Leonardo. He was a little too caught up with his shock. His face grew pale, and the blue and bright of his eyes faded into the blankest of blue, and tiny like mustard seeds. And the fact that he was unable to utter any word… he was far too shocked to notice anything anymore. I reckoned that if someone had ambushed him and knocked him out with a baseball bad or a sceptre, he would not even notice it. Damn, now that I think about it, I should have done so, it would have been better to have killed him when he was unable to counter. If you think carefully, he was way too overpowered compared to me, who was still weaker than him, plus I had NO cheats like in those isekaimangas and anime. And honestly, in real life, you have to be a little crafty to win and survive. But what would YOU know?

All I could think of was OH DAMN! I’M SO FUCKED UP, I MIGHT AS WELL PRETEND TO BE UNAFRAID… but inside of my heart was a minor fear. It was an unsettling feeling that made me tremble inside of me. But I was a good actor, or so I thought.

“Umm…” I stammered like an idiot, “Are you interested in a three… some?” THE FUCK did I just say?! Oh, god… why did I watch too many hentai back in high-school days? Damn it, now I sound like a weird old man with a strange three- some fetish.  I completely doesn’t interested on MMF! I prefer MFF!

“W-what are YOU doing here?” Leonardo demanded, still deranged.


But I didn’t. If I did, it’ll be game over. For both I and Evelyn.

Let’s be honest here. I was a fool. I should have taken Evelyn and ran away to somewhere else far away before this guy coming home. It would have been the best thing to do, but instead of doing that, I actually coming back here like this was my home! Please don’t tell my brain had lost all its brain cells…

“Wait… you. OGAWA KYOUSUKE! How the hell did you get here?!”Leonardo cried out in disbelief. “That armour… Please tell me you aren’t the Sera’s bodyguard that hired by my family!How on earth did YOU get selected?!”

I want to say something. Bug my tongue felt go all numb and limp. Come on, my stupid tongue… you decide to stop function NOW of all times?Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not afraid. But just don’t know what to sa

Oh shit, now I’m really and definitely screwed to hell? What is there now for me? The sick dungeon? Ah, those rats… they must have missed me… Or will I be killed? The last thing I wanted to do, or NEEDED to do was make him realise the kind of shit bag I was and anger him even more. Because, if he wanted to, he could end not only me, but Evelyn, too.

But will Leonardo still accept Evelyn after caught her cheating on him? If I were him, I would cut open both Evelyn and me. Well, it won’t happen, at least for now… I mean by looking his shocked expression, he won’t do anything soon. Seriously, I’m glad that Leonardo wasn’t anything like me. He is good man.

“Ogawa Kyousuke,” Leonardo began, that brought me back to reality. His voice was unexpectedly calm and cool, but his eyes. They were the problem; the blue was still as blank and tiny. Still very shocked, and evidently had not recovered yet. He continued after a short and decisive pause, “Since when did you come into my mansion and defiling MY fiancée?”

“Erm… Since few days ago?”

Leonardo wide his eyes and staggered as if he was ready passed out soon. He turned to Evelyn.

“Tell me, Evelyn!” he yelled and then in a softer voice almost weeping, he said, “How could you go behind my back making love to this man? Allowing him to make love to you in such animalistic manner, Evelyn?”

I passed a side glance at Evelyn, wondering what she would tell him. Leonardo was practically begging her to say that this was the ONLY time. I could see tit in his deranged eyes that he knew that he was only giving him false hope that we had never exchanged fluids before that uneventful day. Only, he was unwilling to accept it, because unless she admitted to have made love to me, or allowed me to make love to her.

Evelyn was even more surprisingly calm. She was collected and rather nonchalant for the situation.  I thought that was pretty cool of her, but I would have been very mad if I were Leonardo. That old boy was too naïve and trusting.

She did not SAY out loud that we had never had sex in that villa, while he was away meeting her father about THEIR wedding or something else. But her eyes and face was so plain. Even I could tell that her face was confessing that she had been naughty behind his back, with me.

Seeing her face, Leonardo staggered back, his legs wobbly. It was as if he was the one who had been caught fucking some servant girl behind Evelyn’s back.

As I saw how it affected him so much, I felt sadness… empathy? No, that’s because I’m really feel bad for him. I understand his pain as I have experienced that.  Yes, I felt EMPATHY for him, no kidding. It sounds funny, I know… empathy, and that too ME feeling that feeling of altruism. It just does not add up. But I am NOT lying.

I remembered myself, about only two years back, when I forgotten bringing my laptop.

Everything flooded back into my vision again. The events of two years back, when I discovered my wife Yuriko with someone in the middle of the act of fucking. I blew it. Seeing the drying semen on my wife’s face, and that racy face she made, with dick in her greedy and hungry pussy… that made me go all violent.

I still don’t and can’t remember what exactly happened. But all I remember was being so angry.

My point is, seeing his face, Leonardo’s face. I felt all my emotions rise again. And I felt guilty, of being there. Because truth was, Leonardo was the official to- be husband of Evelyn, while I was just a run-away criminal, THE RAPIST. From every single point of view, I was in the wrong position… so I AM the BAD guy now? huh…

Leonardo closed his shocked eyes for a bit. It was a relief to NOT see his eyes. They screamed murder and gave me an unsettling feeling that nagged at my conscience and consciousness, so when he closed them to calm down. I could see his face, every feature of his, so clearly… and in such a rugged way, as if carved by an unskilled labourer. His nostrils flared opened and closed, I could imagine the coolness flowing to his nose and down his wind pipe.

“Now, tell me… Evelyn,” he said looking at her and then at me, “…and you, OdaKousuke… I guess that was just an alias? You are sure a sly man.”

“You need to be sly to be survive in this world,” I replied, not really provoking him just yet. I was still feeling that sorry empathy for him.

“Fair enough…” Leonardo said, and then looked at both Evelyn and me, “So, are you both planning to tell me everything… or, do I have to use force and extort the information?”

Wow, I actually more impressed that you haven’t blow up yet.

“Leonardo…” Evelyn began softly.

She was being considerate of his feelings. A part of me approved of it, because I saw a major part of me in him… and the other part. WELL, let’s try to calm down. But fuck no. NO. Why was she being considerate of HIM? When I was the one who was wronged by her… that piece of lying and dishonest whore… I wonder, did she open her legs so willingly to Leonardo as well? Because judging from the intonation of her voice… I could almost say that they had an exchange of bodily fluids too… but maybe I was just being paranoid.

“Tell me something, Evelyn…” he said, breaking a little. He was by all means, in every possible way, just darn pathetic; “Did you ever consider my feelings? I thought you would… because I loved you. I love you, Evelyn…”

His voice cracked a little bit, scratching against my ear like an old vinyl record, “You know… I tried my best, I tried so hard to make you feel better, to make you see me as a potential life partner, because the idea of forcing myself to you just could not cross my mind. I thought if I tried hard enough, you would eventually fall in love with me, because from the time we were very young, you always made me feel that I had to earn your love… but you changed. So much… remember, Evelyn?” he looked at her, with a nostalgic smile, “When we were young, and we played house… you and me, we were always the father and the mother… one day when we played house, I asked you to marry me… and do you remember what you told me?”

“Leo, I… I-” Evelyn stuttered, still considerate. Of course, childhood bond is always stronger than a bond forged by just sex and ‘love’… but I could not help the rising jealousy. Besides, I was curious. Also, you actually called him LEO?

“I remember very clearly what you told me back then… we were just ten back then,” he continued, still nostalgic.

Dude,I am not interested in your petty love story of a decade back. Goodness… I was thirty back when they were ten!

“You said that you would only marry me if I could earn you love… it was a surprise to me because you were a normally silent and docile little girl, but that made me feel special… because I was sure I was the only one who knew that you would marry me if I could earn your love. And I was determined to make you fall in love with me, and in the process of trying to make you fall for me, I fell deeper and deeper in love with you…”

“Leo… that’s… impossible…” Evelyn said, suddenly unsure of her composure.

“Evelyn… I never once touched you even though if I did, no one would frown upon in. I could have easily forced you to be my wife, but I won’t… You know, when the King wanted us to get married in a hurry, I asked that we need take our time, because I don’t want to earn your love by forcing you. It was a betrayal not only to you, but to me as well. Was it not enough? Have I not been all that you needed? Tell me Evelyn… Why you did this to me. You are grating my heart… I have been in several warfronts, representing the kingdom and fighting for the peace and stability of the kingdom. I have been wounded several times, and almost faced death twice… and yet, it did not matter. I could bear it, I could take it all with a smile. But now, you are making me bleed and you’re tearing me into shreds… why… Evelyn?”

Leonardo let his all frustration out… Man, this is truly depressing to hear.

“Leo,” she said, calming down. I could tell she was struggling to find the correct words to tell him, “I have told you many, many times… Leo, that I never saw you as the opposite member…”

“Opposite member? Now I have ceased to be a man in your eyes, as well?” He cried out, shocked, “Unbelievable! Just three weeks together with man have blinded you to even my gender!?”

Evelyn realized the blunder of her choice of words.

“No, that’s not what I meant.” she corrected herself, her face flushed. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, EVELYN?! What was she thinking about that made her face red, and her expression so… odd… I wanted to know. I was not just curious. More than curiosity, I felt the need to know, to calm down my male pride and ego.

“I have never seen you as a potential future partner, and I can never see you as one, even though our wedding is just a week away…”She said. She was blushing hot, and her voice is gentle but her words were as cold and blunt as ice, “You have been like a brother to me, always like a brother… a best friend to me. You always cared for me. But I never sawyou as man. And I can’t ever see you as more than a brother.”

……….Who is cruel woman? This woman ruthlessly destroys man with gentle expression! Is this woman even knew what she’s doing? She could get us killed!

I glance Leonardo’s face. His… was unreadable….I can see hurt on his expression.

“Evelyn…” Leonardo’s voice was shaking.

“Let me finish, Leo…” Evelyn’s voice was firm, “Do you know why you never earn my love or why I never fell for you even though you have tried so hard?”

“Because… you cannot see me as a lover… huh… Because I have been a brother to you?” he tried guessing.

He was really not just dense and generally naïve, but even while handling girls… he was way too self -righteous. I could see why Evelyn never fell for him, aside from the fact that he had been fulfilling the role of a brother in her life. He was just too self-seeking. Even in his grand speech about how much HE sacrificed for Evelyn… all he talked about was HIS selflessness, HIS sacrifices, HIS feelings and never once about Evelyn’s thoughts about him. He was too possessed with himself. Even if I were Evelyn, I would never fall for him.

“No,” Evelyn said, shaking her head, “Leo, you see me as EveynRateliwyra Ruby Li Vaerian. The princess of Vaerian Kingdom. But never see me as just Evelyn.”

Those words were a thunderclap to poor Leonardo.

“Then why are you in love with him?” Leonardo asked, desperate. He looked pathetic and pitiful, “Why are you still picking him, even he kidnapped you, and raped you, forcing the bond on you? Why? Tell me, why, Evelyn… just now; he was forcing himself on you, was he not?!”

“That-” Evelyn tried to protest, but her words were not strong. Her face gave away. What happened just then was not very consensual, I thought. But it was not like she was entirely so against it. Besides I had just discovered that she had a mind of her own. Which made me wonder what’s she would do!

“I saw it all, Evelyn!” he said, regaining the cool of the master of his family, “He was all so forceful, I could not believe you let someone like him touching you like that!”

“Excuse me,” I began, almost innocently. I was so planning to provoke this man that I was actually all innocent and polite at first, “Are you by any chance a… voyeur?”

“Silence!” He thundered.

Ah damn… now I have angered the sleeping bull… I am glad to have this honour of turning you into a mad animal. After all, the most animalistic instincts are hunger, anger and sexual needs. We are the same… you and I.

“YOU be silent!” I snorted, knowing very well that I was threading on thin ice, “After all, I AM the chosen one here…”

“You are NOT the chosen one. Evelyn is just being misguided by you… the poor thing, I can see how traumatised she is. What spell did you use to hypnotise her?”He growled but he looked painful.

“There is no way possible that she would ever love and choose to forgive a kidnapper and rapist like you! It all comes down to either hypnotism or Stockholm Syndrome.”

This made me mad, even more than I could contain. It had erased my empathy toward him. Seriously, did I ever force her to go all like I don’t love you Leo or I love you Kyou. No, I didn’t! Hell, even I was surprised to I learn that she fell in love with me.

“Hey, is it MY fault that Evelyn loves me?I did NOT even try. Guess we can see who the winner here is.”

“Why you-”

“It is YOUR ignorance that turned you into a cuck? YOU were the CUCK from the beginning!” I smirked, feeling all elated to tell him that.

“Shut up, you bastard!” He said, a hand on the hilt of his sword which was thankfully still in the golden scabbard, “You rapist! You sorry excuse of a man!”

Oh darn… I have just a few more rounds to make my point, and give maximum damage to his pride, before he draws that sword.

“Oh?” I smirked, “Ran out of names to call me, little boy?”

“Leo! Kyou!” Evelyn cried out. WHY DID SHE CALL OUT LEONARDO FIRST? Why was I SECOND? “Don’t fight!” she cried out again. Heh, like that is even possible…I know this would happen the moment I decided to return to this world. And also, we both were two men, with extremely injured pride. It would be easier to stop a fire from burning in a gasoline.

“It’s true that I CHOSE Kyou and NOT you!” she said. YES, that was a boost to me. Status update: +150 manna added to player Kyou!

“It was all consensual! I made love to Kyou by chose and Kyou made love to me by my consent,”She said, unashamed, though her ears were a little red. I was swelling with pride at that, but it was useless. Leonardo could not let himself believe in Evelyn’s words, He just could NOT. It was too much for him.

“You heard her, pretty boy,” I said, rubbing salt to the injury, “It was hardly rape. Besides, even if I had raped her… she would feel so crazy and good as I fuck her brains out, she would consent to it! And yes, you were correct,” I laughed, “Just now, as you showed your voyeuristic sides, you were CORRECT! I was raping YOUR fiancée… and guess what, she loved it. She was so wet, you know; her pussy was so slippery, and begging for so much more… hmm, wait, you can’t relate because she only opened her long and slender legs for me, not YOU!”

“This is really it,” he said, getting angrier by the minute;

Any minute… any minute now, he would unsheathe his long sword and start to attack me. Will he kill me? If he’s going to kill me, then Evelyn would die as well.

“No! Leo No!” Evelyn yelled, jumping in between us, hands stretched out, “Kyouis not worth it!”

This was the insult. THE insult. It was worse than being called a cuck. It was worse than being accused of rape and kidnap!This was the insult that that MY woman trusted another man more than she trusted me and she telling him that I wasn’t worth it? I know I was hardly reasonable before, but this was it. You will never understand what I am talking about unless you have faced the same thing… but really, you will NEVER understand, because you need a woman, YOIR woman to feel this… and honestly, if you had your woman, you would not be

“Shut the fuck up, you bitch!” I yelled, pushing Evelyn away from between us. Before you condemn me, I pushed her to the bed, The SOFT bed. No woman was hurt in the process, for you feminists, both real and fake.

And I guess this was also it, like really- REALLY- really it for Leonardo. Because the moment I push her way, his eyes flared up with his rage.It was rather amusing actually. I was fucked and yet, it was not the scary kind of fucked.

“Bastard…” he muttered, eyes all dark like those shounen anime protagonists, “How DARE you?” And then, he charged at me. I could feel the anger emanating from him, hot red… but without malice. His sword was fully drawn and then in the matter of just a split second, it happened. I was blown away by the sword, or the spell. He was definitely strong.

My back ached; I had landed on my tailbone. I hoped that it did not snap or break. But then again, I was in a full TR armour, and it was a pretty durable armour. Dust was all over the atmosphere, and I breathed in a lump of dust. It scorched away my nostrils and throat. Smoke rose from the debris, the fire of both of our anger and Evelyn’s despair. I guess some things were broken and damaged in the process, heck, not only some things… the whole garden was basically broken. The little corridors all around were shattered into several large shards. Dust covered me, and stung my eyes, and the worst feeling was the taste of blood. Yep, the taste of my own blood down my throat.

I did not bother to stand up yet, but I felt the bloody liquid down the corners of my mouth. It was sticky and damn, I hated the smell of MY own blood. Wiping the blood away, I noted that Leonardo had used a similar spell I saw the other day. He was probably overpowered, but that did not matter at that time. What mattered was that I fight back and win, or die trying to win. At least, that way, my end would be an end that I uphold my dignity as a man with anger and trust issues.

I forced myself up and staggered to my feet. The aftershock of being blown away and still managing to be alive made my legs a little unstable but that is just a little, because, I was soon oozing with undue overconfidence.

Leonardo was in the garden too. His armour was unscratched, and he looked sane at a glance. But his eyes still had the rage of an insane person. First he was shocked, and then desperate and now, he was the raging mother bear who had been robbed of her cubs. Yes, that was the level of rage he showed. I wondered whether he tried to reason things out inside of his head. He was usually calm and collected and seeing him all so riled up… it was a pleasure to be the one to make him all riled up. Hah. You thought I would say that I was scared? Heck, yeah, I was petrified, but my anger and loathing overpowered any fear I had. I wanted to finish things once and for all.

The madness made me blind to everything else. I did not see anyone else, and my vison was blocked by Leonardo’s presence alone. I saw him, clearly, explicitly. And just him.Nothing else, not even the tattered garden or the people who were probably watching the fight after all that ruckus. Maybe, even Sera was there, with Evelyn… and yet, I heard nothing else I saw no one else. I was so blinded by my rage, I paid no attention to anything else, including my own weakness. But even in this blindness I was still as cocky and proud.

Goodness, what a great thing it was that I had already leant some useful tricks from Fianna. She was really a mother Teresa to me. I hope you know who Mother Teresa is, at least. I began chanting the spell I learnt. It did not require much strength or anything of that sort, only the incantation to the spell and the correct will… that was it. It was pretty easy. But it was not easy to get to learn it, or easy make Fianna teach it to me.

The filthy TR armour suddenly glowed into a light green before I was back into my original armour. Not original armour, as in the armour I made or anything, but that armour that I had taken from Grace and RK. Yep, say hi to that black durable armour.

I had taken much pain to learn the spell, and seeing it finally getting useful, I was beyond happy. Leonardo stood there, watching. He must have been mad, but not mad enough to attack me while I was still down. He still had his values as a warrior, and he was keeping his courtesy as a man in war. So unlike me. Because in real life… being sly is a must to win.

“Come again…” he said, totally breaking the previous façade of a cool warrior, “It seems I have a trouble understanding your point?”

He pointed the long sword right into my face, the tip just a few millimetres away from my skin. I already felt the sword on me. And it was the weirdest feeling… my spirit was burning from excitement, anticipation and a slight tinge of malice.

“You heard me,” I said, returning the sentiments, “So what if I had actually kidnapped her, and raped her continuously… every single day, every hour, even when she was awake… she woke up several times with my superior dick resting in her fucking wet pussy… she was so racy, all the time,” I smirked while he was getting nuts, “She was always, always so sexually active and interested… and you know, her tits? She is so fucking sensitive around the nips… but how would you relate? You can’t… because you have never had sex with her, your little virgin dick is too tiny for someone who is oversexed like your sweet, sweet fiancée, Evelyn… also, the woman I fucked so hard, she would never forget the feel of it… even if you marry her, she will pine for me and me alone.”

“Shut up!!” He yelled and the charged towards me again. However I was prepared this time.

With my armour and some of my modern weapons… I hoped that I may at least strike his annoying handsome face and cut across it deeply and painfully, making a scar on his face, and not just his face, but his pride as well. I would  not be- could not be- happy unless I could make the biggest and ugliest cut across his face, and maybe blind at least one of his alluring blue eye as well. Just imagine a once handsome man, a prideful handsome man with such a scar on his face… damn, if I could I wanted to mutilate his face like that of the Joker’s from the Batman series. Though the Joker is way cooler than Batman himself. Huh don’t think so? Well then you can fight me, you punks!

I drew a sword as well. I was thankful that I had military experience. Thankful that Grace had taught me a lot during our sweet ol’ days. My best advantage would be a closed combat like a para military man I had been and, fencing was certainly not my best suit, but I was not going to complain about the suits handed to me. I was a pretty good gambler, rather a pretty good cheater in the gamble of cards. And I was ready to pull off cheat moves in this as well. When I had gone to the isekai, Evelyn’s world, I was without cheat. I literally was a midget, the bottom of their existing food chain. And you know what, do you know what NO CHEATS in an isekai mean? It means YOU CREATE YOUR OWN FUCKING CHEATS TO WIN. And that was what I was planning to do: Play dirty. And not just dirty, shitty, filthy and even down to the very act of creating a series of puke for me to win.

As the tension arose the air got heated up, Leonardo and I… we would not let each other escape in one piece.

And then it happened.

Suddenly I saw Evelyn. Not again! Can you imagine the amount of disrespect a woman could give her own MAN? Can you think of it? Let me help you. THIS WAS THE ULTIMATE AMOUNT OF DISRESPECT I FELT! She was still trying to make us NOT fight. It maybe be a sane move, but at the heat of the moment, that was the worst thing she could have done. She was basically confessing that I was weaker. I, Ogawa Kyousuke, was weaker than her fiancée, the GREAT Leonardo! And what’s more, she failed, I repeat FAILED to trust me. And it renewed the anger of her NOT telling me the entire thing about the bond, the fact that she still acted like an innocent baby even AFTER I confronted her about it. Like, WHAT the FUCK? REALLY?She probably meant well, but it was driving me to the edge.

“Stop it!” she shrieked out loud, louder than her loudest orgasm, even her mother’s yell was shriller than this.

That was probably a good move, in retrospect to the situation and ignoring my sentiments… because Leonardo deflected his attack at the last millisecond. The wave was huge, and though it did not hit me or Evelyn, she was grazed by it. And guess what? Fan service! Her new dress came down a little, showing just enough of skin to drive him nuts and me horny.

“What the hell, Evelyn!” He cursed out for the first time, AT HER, “Don’t just barge in like that. Do you want to get injured?”

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” I barked, equally enraged. It was a maddening thought spiral that went from I HATE HER FOR NOT TRUSTING ME to WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING HERE? SHE WILL BE INJURED! to WHY IS EVRYONE MAKING SUCH A MESS? and it made me tired.

“Don’t you filthy mongrel curse at my fiancée!” he gave me a glare which I reciprocated. He was clearly marking his territory.

“Stop it, both of you ought to look at how foolish you do look!” Evelyn said.

“Shut up!” we said, surprisingly in sync, “And let the men do the talking!”

She was the main reason we were at a mini war, Leonardo and I. And yet she dared to call us foolish for fighting… the audacity, it must have gotten to Leonardo as well. Because aside from him being so genuinely worried that he might injure her even though he had no intention of it, he was a man at heart. And even though he was one of those pretty boy type, he had been on war fronts as well, and even returned victorious. But let’s see whether his some five years experience will outdo mine… okay, I admit it was briefly, but I still had a handful of experience I could brag about? Bitch, I was fucking forty two.

“Screw off,” I said in a quiet tone. And Evelyn turned to look at me, with ruby red eyes shell shocked. I felt revolted to that look, thought I said nothing. And again, I pushed her away. She was like a thin paper in the gust of a wind.

Leonardo did some magic spell thingy and something cushioned her free fall.

“You are harsh with women… no one ever taught you how to treat women,” he said, and then gave me the Saitama look. If you don’t know what the Saitama look it, STAPH EVERYTHING, and go watch One punch man.

And so it began. The real manly match.

He was a skilled an polished fencer, I could tell. Most of his moves were that of fencing, and at that moment I wished I paid more attention to fencing moves.

He was not the basic lunge- parry- riposte sort of simple chap, but his attacks were clean nevertheless. His style was a representative of him: honest and dense.

He was on the offensive continuously, first charging at me almost like a mad man, with a full lunge, which was easy to block, it was not a feint, and neither was it a deflected move. But as he attacked, he left a minor opening on his left side, the lower parts of his abdomen were completely exposed. And when I reached in to attack, the blade of his sword touched my shoulder. And what a sharp blade it was, it pushed me to the ground, a line of blood from the wound.

If I get another strike in my vital parts, I am dead meat.

“Hey, hey,” He said with a smirk to provoke me, “Why only on the defensive, surely, I am not too hard to handle for you… even though I did not use any magic, yet?”

I smirked back. He was indeed sly. I was too confident with my abilities to read people. He had created a false opening and baited me in, and I fell for it easily. Was I that desperate wo win this match? Why the fuck, though?

The moment I reach in to attack, even a minor lunge, his sword would overpower me easily and then off with my limbs. He would strike in a jiffy and I would be in a fatal position. He knew that. And I knew that. I was not falling for this again.

“Hey, prince charming,” I said, up on my feet, “you are not the only one who can play dirty… who knows I know what that blade can do?”

“oh shut it,” he said and then charged at me again; it was not a simple lunge anymore. he was well aware that it would not work with me again.

“Remise,” I said and then went all defensive again.

have you been in a situation in Mobile Legends where you are a pretty noob- ish player but your level is pretty high because you played too much brawl with weaker players, and then one day you meet this player who is a champ as fuck and you have a battle face off.

You have all your spells ready and all that, but matter what shit you try, you always, always get overpowered and are driven in a corner, and then you end up with 1 kills, 12 deaths and 2 Assists? That was the kind of situation I was in.

I was not a bad player, heck, I could kill some earthlings if need be, but that moment, that day… I was the one driven into a corner always. He was keeping up the work, of continuously attacking without giving me any opportunity to strike back. Remise, remise, and fucking remise all over again. And I was constantly on the retreat. Good thing we weren’t in a ring. Because I would have been disqualified in a minute.

But I got my chance soon, as I got hold of a good shard of one of the broken bits of the marbled corridors of the garden. A perfect opportunity for a fleche.

In a fit of all anger, I used the shard instead of my weaponed arm to hit him. It hit his neck. It would have broken if not for his suit of fine armour. Fuck that armour. It would have killed him. I wished it killed him. And as I ran past him, I knee knocked his back. My knee hurt, his back must have hurt as well. He gagged a little but his reflexes were quick. It broke the point of my Ballestra. Because it barely scratched him.

And the return was monstrous. It was not just fencing. It switched up to kendo. And it made me feel shell shocked to see kendo, from MY country japan… and that too, executed by this man, this foreigner. I can’t say how I felt.

However, that was nothing really. I mean that is NOT the point. Because his previous continuous remise attacks were replaced by RenzokuWaza or consecutive attacks… I can’t tell how mnay times hi tied it sen- dan- waza huh… it made me nad that he used MY country’s attacks against ME.

And I was really going to play dirty.

“Forgive me gods of Kendo!” I said, as I attempted a Fake. The Golden Rules of kendo… damn… it was a pity that I was going to break those. he did not expect, me to use a fake, but I did. And then that was the time… the only time, I got a small prick on his left rib cage.

“Oh?” He said a loud, a surprised grin on his face, “I did not expect that!”

And he took a step back.

Tsk, he was also quick to retreat sensing some minute danger… he was not a risk taker. And that made it a point of his only disadvantage.

“Come on,” I said with a smug face. I carried my sword on my shoulder, my right shoulder to be specific. I was attempting a katsugiwaza. If you don’t know that, it is a kendo move used when you can’t find an opening… and, just google it. But I carried my sword on my right shoulder, because during my training, I was mirroring the instructor… hah it paid off in several cases.

He gave me a strange look and we had a mental stare down for a while.

“What are you afraid of?” I mouthed and then charged a men. Yes, I was attempting to kill the man. I had nothing to lose with his death, while he would lose Evelyn by killing me. Everything favoured me… or so  I was beginning to think till, he had the audacity to counter with a kaeshiwaza.

Let me explain bitches. When I jumped in to strike his forehead to kill him definitely, my torso was left open. And he took that chance to strike me a kaeshiwaza. He rolled his wrists to deflect both my strike as well as to attack me in the process. Thus, hitting two birds with a single stone. He barely cut me. If I was not wearing that extremely durable armour, I would have been cut open. But as I retreated, I noticed that his sword was quite large and heavy… for an actual kendo match. And he was not using anything to break the golden rules of Kendo, unlike me… if I was able to put two and two together, I may have a slight chance at striking his face.

I got up again, ready to put in more strikes. Should I try a men attack again? Or should I strengthen my defence, making him strike me and then controlling the game. he is certainly experienced… and what do I do to make him try a lunge, so that I can counter with a kiriotoshi? If you don’t know what a kiriotoshi is, it is a one motion technique where I may be able to cut him, as long as I am fast enough… and hat was a problem, because he was fast as fuck. And there were too many plot holes, because he would never give a direct lunge at that point of the fight. It was a battle of the mind now, and unless either of us wins in the head first, it will likely be my defeat.

And then he jumped at me, yellow stars glimmering in his eyes. Ugh… how petty his eyes were! and then in a sudden motion, I felt my defence crumbling down like the walls around the city of Canaan. Damn him.

He blew me off, tearing my beautiful armour away from my body. And I felt the cuts. It was UNFAIR! FUCKING UNFAIR! He had said he would not be using magic…. darn him, darn the fucker! he used that same magic that made the whole garden halter skelter… and that had made a haywire ride for me. MY body was pierced with so much pain, as if pricked by a thousand knives all at once. It was beyond bearable, the pain, I mean. And after a while, the pain did not seem to matter to me anymore. I was beyond that. All I could feel was my sweat enveloping me. My back was drenched with sweat and blood. I was bleeding from more places than one, and I knew it as I tried to move… I had a cut on my back. Probably a large one, right down my spine. I felt the debris of little pebbles in the wound. I was mad, the only thing that was not broken in me was my insane madness… my ribs were probably beyond repair, and my throat… all that I could taste was my blood and a bitterness, that was probably pushed up from my gall bladder. It was a green and murky taste.

My head probably had an injury too, because there was a dizziness that made me want to just lie down and never wake up ever again. And when I opened my eyes, all I could see was the fucking moon shining so fucking happily. It was as if it were mocking me, hat shitty piece of planetary satellite thingy. And guess what, everything was like a red screen. Blood was all over my head, I guessed, and that made it look all so bloody.

My feet were numb with a ringing pain, and I still felt some electricity passing in my body, from my head to my toes; from my left to my right… and the sound in my eras… it was like a mine had just exploded near me. You have probably never been near a landmine, right? Let me tell you, the sound of the aftermath of a mine that had been stepped upon, it was so loud, it could make you deaf.

And as I was there, dumbly analysing my pain and the extent of wounds, and most importantly, if I was going to make it out in one piece. I was so numb, I was not sure if all my limbs were still attached to my body.

I guess his hero title was not just for show or for the name… damn, he really lived up to the expectations of his fucking puny followers that worshipped him like some kind of local god. I HATE HIM. DARN HE CHEATED! Don’t judge me now, I may have broken the golden rules of kendo, but I was allowed to. Because he is overpowered, and I was just a maggot in the hierarchy of their fucked up society. Argh I hate him. I hope he rots in hell!

I never stood a chance… right from the beginning. Ah damn… it hurts to have this realisation piss on my face.

His reflexes and techniques were flawless, his skill with the sword, and that too both fencing and MY very own Kendo… and his magic, especially his magic…. he was THE Leonardo, the demi god of their planet. He was not the same man who was desperately looking for a reason he could hold on to when Evelyn CHOSE me over HIM. Hah, he was certainly not the same, because if he was the same person… I would have been able to beat him up well and maybe, even kill him. who the fuck taught HIM the techniques of the earth anyway? it was aggravating to know that someone from outer earth could beat me in a swordfight that completely originated on earth.


I coughed out more blood. It was not any fucking ordinary blood. It was all black and bitter and filled with so much malice, it even surprised me. When my body could not reject anything more than my blood, my vision started to grow blur. No, I was not crying, you dumb fuck. I was getting too dizzy, from loss of too much blood. But I was close to crying. I did NOT do that however, because I knew that if I cried, it would be acknowledging Leonardo as the winner… and I would rather commit harakiri than make him think that I gave up. That way, he would never get the satisfaction of WINNING against me, and he would lose his beloved fiancée as well. Two birds with one stone.

But of course, I did not do that. What would be the point of me going all the way back to another planet and struggling so much to just commit suicide. Suicide will always be the most cowardly act of a person. Don’t tell me the shit of honour and stuff like the dignity of the person killing himself, o the acts of jauhar or mercy killing of the people close to you. If you don’t know the terms I just used, please head to google. I am fed up of you NOT knowing what I am talking about. Yes, I do admit I wanted to do just that even though I very much am displeased by it, because that seemed to be the bet solution. But that would not be very manly of me… heh, just kidding, suckers. I did not commit harakiri because my body was so numb, I could not feel my hands. I saw that my fingers were still tightly curled around the hilt of my sword, my little pinky finger sore and red with blood. Damn, I needed to polish my skills again… my swordsmanship had rusted considerably.

Just as I was contemplating all of these thoughts in my head, he appeared in front of me. He was walking slowly and loudly. Was he trying to be dramatic? It was so damn annoying, I would have given him the ultimate one punch. If I die now, I wish I am reborn as Saitama, un- bald version. In any case, it was either that or just my vision and my ears. Everything sounded so muffled up, I was not sure if it was just me dying, with everything in slow motion.

“Huh… still alive, eh?” he said, with a mocking smirk. It was not even sarcastic, it was plain mockery… bitch, I wanted to yell into his ears YOU DID NOT KILL ME BECAUSE YOU ARE A FUCKING PUSSY WHO WOULD DIE WITHOUT A MERE WOMAN WHO HAD OPENED HER LEGS FOR ME YOU FUCKER!

“You are the only one who have been able to withstand that attack, I was scared that I would be too engrossed and then end up killing you and Evelyn, in the process… I should have just attacked you from the beginning, seeing that you are still well and alive,” He said with an evil grin. It was a legit evil grin, so very uncharacteristic of him.

I smirked back. Yeah, I SMIRKED back. What you going to do about it, huh?

“You sad piece of fuck,” I spat out some more blood, “… acting all so fucking holy and nice… and judging me for using a fake, when you lied to me… about the terms of the fight…”

“You were believed it, it is your fault,” he said with a shrug.

“Kyou!Kyou!” I head Evelyn’s voice at a distance. I saw her running, scrambling on elbows and knees to reach where I was.


That was a displeasing sight. I did not wat to be seen that way… it was the least of my desires. Damn, I wanted the earth to swallow me whole.  I heaved heavily.

“Ah, another piece of sad fuck,” I said, referring to myself. But he did not get it. Of course he did NOT. He was still as dense and simple minded.

“What did you say…” he said, all of a sudden, a dark aura surrounded him. Ah what now, will he shoot lasers into me to bore holes into my flesh? Kill me, sorry dick.

“Come again,” he said, sitting on me, my collars in his hands. The cut on my back twisted itself into the weirdest position, “I seem to have a problem,” he spat, as he threw a punch to my cheek, soiling his pear coloured gloves, “hearing you today!”

“Take it back!” he yelled into my face. I could smell the minty scent of his after shave,  and then he hit my other cheek again. The pain was beyond me, as it did not hurt anymore, “And apologise!”

“Sorry,” I said, eyes down. This was a fake, a feint too. And his face was worth watching because he was so damned shocked, he awkwardly looked at me. he totally did not expect that. Hah. Joke’s on him! I grinned into a crooked grin, “Not sorry…”

He of course did not get it… because he was not a fucking earthling! He did not know a thing about memes and the like, DAMN! I wanted to bang all of my memes into his face and see his face go all ‘What the fuck is he talking about?’ because only intellectuals can relate to me…. hah, now I feel tired.

“Kyou!” Evelyn’s cry was closer than ever.

I glanced at her crying face. And I hated it. I wanted to cut out her face.

“Don’t you dare look at her that way, you criminal!” he threatened again. What a weak threat… even my own daughter Kirino would have been able to give better threats.

“So what?” I said, giving him a lewd smile, “Who knows, how many times have I undressed her in my head? And done things to her that she would never be able to forget even as she sleeps in your bosom-” And then bam! My cheeks felt all numb again. He practically zapped my cheek with electricity.

I noticed his clothes and armour getting all bloodied. Well, it was not a real fight without the blood and gore. The only matter was it was MY FUCKING BLOOD. I could hardly believe that he did not bleed. Did he not get a single, just a single cut? It was out of my mind? Or was it that he had weird magic to heal himself… wait, of course he hand those abilities… he would not be the over powered hero of his rotten fans otherwise.

“Leo…” Evelyn said softly, touching his shoulder.

DON’T TOUCH HIM! Don’t you fucking lay a finger on HIM! Please… Evelyn!

“can’t you see his unholy lips uttering all that about you?” He said, almost yelling at her, “Oh, Evelyn even if you can’t love me… why him? Why him, who only knows how to curse and heap abuses on you?” He was almost in tears.

“You don’t know what he really is like, Leo…” she began, “Kyou is nice and kind… and warm-”

“Fuck you,” I said, cold eyes on her. The least I wanted was for her to be a witness to my altruism. Like really, that was just disrespectful, and she did not regard MY feelings. What she was doing was not redeeming me in front of her fiancée. What she was doing was redeeming herself from the judgement of her fiancée. Get the difference now…why I was so against it all? You don’t? Never mind.

“See?” Leonardo said with a shrill tinge to his voice.

He got up, bloodied boots stained with MY blood. It was a wonder I was still alive after losing so much blood. With one of his boots on my chest, he unsheathed his sword again. That sword made me feel dizzy all over again. I despised that fucking golden sword. I hope it kills Leonardo himself!

“This man deserves to die!” he declared… Hey, hey is he really going to kill me? Hah, maybe he fell out of love with his beloved Evelyn.

“However!” he declared. I wish he was done being dramatic. “I cannot kill this filthy criminal, just because his life is linked to yours, Evelyn… but I cannot stand the idea of him doing anything to you anymore, Evelyn… and making those terrible memories burn into your brain! No, I shall not stand it.”

“You sure have energy for someone who had just been involved in a fight,” I said and rolled my eyes. I might as well provoke him before he commits the atrocities against me.

He gave a cough and continued, “I will cut your limbs and tongue away, you peasant!”

Thank god, he was just aiming at the limbs and tongue. I could still engage in the act of fucking… whew… that was a close call.

“No!” Evelyn said, standing like a barrier in front of me. It was the third time that evening. And it was getting to my nerves. That was the highest amount of humiliation I could endure.

“Move, Evelyn!” Leonardo roared.

I could see her tremble… he had probably never yelled at her before. Serves her right for NOT telling me about her engagement to him.

“Move away, whore,” I whispered to her. She shook her head, and said bravely, “If you want to cut off his limbs, Leo… You have to cut me in the process… kill us together, if you please.”

“Evelyn!” I said, getting angry. Even though I was hurt and humiliated, the last thing I wanted for he was to die this way.

“Don’t stop me Kyou!” she said, and then looked at her fiancée. I wondered what he was feeling… but hell, I can’t relate. hah.

“Move,” he said again. And she was persistent. But he was a skilled swordsman, and in a quick motion, cut a line on my arm. He did not cut it off yet.

“I’m begging you, Leo…” Evelyn said, and then she said, much to my displeasure, “I will do anything… I will marry you, if you let him go.”

“Evelyn…” He muttered, a change in expression, “You love him that much…”

he probably just heard the ‘I will marry you’ part because he cut my little bangs into a demonic length. A fucking middle between short and long, right into the middle of my forehead! Can you believe that?But that was not the chief of my concerns back then.

The fact that she AGREED to marry Leonardo to save my ass is totally not COOL!

That was enough to steam me enough. All I remember seeing was everything going blurry, and Leonardo holding on to Evelyn as I was dragged away by his guards. And I was sure it was DB who escorted me away. Ah, Leroy. Yes, Leroy, I almost forgot his name… fucking piece of shit too.

All I could think of was the great shock and betrayal. I could see only black later on and the only thing I could say was, “Fuck you all…”

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