Bonded Goddess – Chapter 36

I don’t know how long I passed out or whether I even passed out in the correct context. I was awakened by the immense nausea I felt, and a pain on the side of my body. I looked around me lazily, and saw the familiar rats staring into my face. Damn those rats… they annoyed me so much, I had the impulse to go on a rat chase and become the second Pied Piper of Hamelin. And as I glanced around the dingy and old, lightless cell, I noticed that I was no longer in soiled bloody clothes but  on rough prison looking clothes made of some coarse material. I can almost vouch that it was made of some coconut hunk; I’m just kidding, it was probably made of muslin or something as coarse as that. For those who don’t know what a freakin’ muslin is, it is the material sometimes used for rice bags. Yes, rice bags, not packs. In Japan and other Asian countries, we buy rice in bags of five or ten or twenty kilograms… not in packs of grams. I still can’t understand how can people eat like five grams of rice? What do they do with that five grams of rice? Feed it to a pet birdie?

“Oh holy shit… arrested again, huh?” I muttered to myself, and closed my eyes. I felt relaxed for a while… I may face starvation and pain, but anything, I say ANYTHING, was better than hanging on a verge of dying from the explosion of emotions. This, THIS was a more honorable way to die, only, if they let me.

And then realization hit me real hard that I was in the same fucking cell! The SAME cell… can you believe it? Was it like the worst cell they had that they MUST give to the top traitor, the top class criminal hah? It was an aggravating thought, to mention the LEAST, that they went so far as to keep me there again. No wonder the rats looked familiar, they seemed to be shamelessly calling out to each other, telling: Oh, he is back!

Of course it was just a mindless self- indulging thought, but it annoyed me nevertheless. It is indeed funny how your thoughts can really build or tear your mood, realities unchecked and aside.

With the terrible smell of filth and piss lurking smugly in my cell, and the splitting headache I had, I wondered whether I could will myself to go back to earth like all other times? And not just that, what if it was  NOT MY ability to teleport between worlds? And what if the timings were just right? But, it was quite co- incidental to have had teleported between these two worlds three whole times, when I most wished it… how convenient, don’t you think so, too? In any case, I would be needing tis ability real quick if I were to withstand another session there in that cell, and the oncoming abuse I felt was coming soon… maybe, Emilia, maybe some other fucking piece of sadist. But I was sure something was to come, I could feel it in my bones. And it was not a good feeling. These kind of hunches are never good, ugh. I was at rest, even with the ugly and fat brown rats right under my nose, nevertheless… it was like a break, I desperately needed, from all the drama going on in this world, and being swept up in this commotion when I never wanted to have anything to do with this place, except for Evelyn, that is.

However after a while of my short termed solace, I began to get better physically. My head did not ache any longer, and the cramped feeling was not as sore as when I had just woken up from the delirium. Nut as my body began to feel better, I was not feeling any better. I neve felt worst, in fact.

I remembered the events that led to my ultimate position there, in that dingy and old cell. I wondered what was I, a forty two year old Jap who was pretty content, doing there? Ah… the bitch ex wife, who is in fact a swine and a gold digger, yes; and then the best moments with Evelyn, who did NOT seem to trust him, and hid so many insane things from him. And of course, good ol’ Leonardo. Leonardo… Leonardo… He began thinking, and then remembered the battle with Leonardo.


How did it even cross my mind that I stood a teeny- tiny bit of an unfair chance against the  over powered HERO of that world?

I must have been out of my mind, right? To even assume that… I was getting so ahead of myself.

He had blown me off twice. I should have known the first time he blew me off. In fact, I had known from then, that I was the weaker of us two. And yet, I did NOT want to give in without a fight. It was not just my vanity, not; it was just how things were meant to happen. I guess, I wanted to see for myself; I NEEDED to see for myself, just how strong Leonardo really was… because I was scheming grand plans to steal his to- be wife. He beat me at my own game, baited me with my own game, and I, like a fucking dumb animal, fell for the bait.

I could only think of one thing: I would not be in so much pain if I were not so provocative and proud till the end.

But, heh. We all know how satisfying it feels to have the last word even if it means more bruises. The victory in the war of words and souls… that was the most ultimate of ultimate forms of satisfaction for any person. So, even though it pained me, I regretted nothing… except maybe I did regret being so vain and full of myself. I would end up killing myself and people close to me, if I did not stop being so impulsive and hot headed. besides, a forty two year old hot head isn’t exactly what you call a mature adult. Heck, even the twenty two year old Leonardo seemed to be more mature than I, even though he had his own little perks and not very likeable parts (like the parts that loved Evelyn, and still wanted her… I mean, at the end, if he didn’t want her anymore… it would have made things much simpler for us)


And then Bam! Another BAM!

I could not stop myself from doing that… banging my huge forehead into the brick wall. Literally, banging my forehead into the wall. There is the right was to bang your head into the wall, any kind of wall. You don’t bangs your face, which will lead to nasal bleeding and even a broken nose for those with a pointed nose… and you don’t want to bang the top of your head into the wall as it can and WILL cause brain damage, and the demolition of your ultimate undercut hair. But you want to bang your head because you’re too fucking embarrassed to do anything else. It was a symbol of piety.

“Kyousuke, child…” I heard my late grandad’s voice. If you want to imagine his voice, it was a crossover of Kermit the frog’s voice and Conway Twitty. You know who Conway Twitty is, right? You don’t know who Conway Twitty is? The horror! Go listen to one of his songs before proceeding! I can NOT imagine you Not knowing who Conway Twitty.

“If you’re done thinking about Conway Twitty,” the voice said again, and I looked around. The source of the voice was impeccable, and untraceable. No one was there, not even the guards.

“What! Who goes there?” I said, swallowing a breath, “I have a knife!”

“And I have your secrets, old son,” the voice replied with a good natured chuckle, “I’m unreal. You’re just hearing things.”

“Wow,” I muttered, “What a thing to hear from an inexistent thing… so what are you here for? To see my misery? To derive your fun from my misery?”

“Who knows?” The voice responded, “The reason I am here… is…”


“I wanted to tell you something.”


“Kyou… you… you are just a puny human. What the hell did you expect the outcome to be when you decided to fight against a hero like Leonardo?”

Ah… the voice, it had come to me to mock me. What a fucking bitch. I was sure it was some kind of prank played by some puny little midget… someone like Sera or even Emilia. Damn, I was so ready to shred their skin off their bodies the moment I get the opportunity.

“Can you like, please shut the fuck up?” I growled, getting restless again.

Besides, what the fuck did he mean by Hero? Leonardo Hero? Oh how he sounds like one of those OP heroes from games that flaunted blond heroes. hah, like Alucard from Mobile Legends… but not as quite… he looks a little younger… hmm… In any case, you get my point, right? Calling him a hero was getting on my nerves. I know I called him a hero too. BUT I CAN, and no one else can! And that’s that!

“No, Kyou… I can Shut NOT the beep up,” the voice said again.

“What a pain in the ass,” I said aloud, and then in another go, I banged my head again. Maybe it would go away, that voice that mocked me like a sorry excuse of a voice. And why grandad’s voice. He was my favourite member of the family.

I remembered when I was very young, due to various family and financial problems, I had to stay with them a lot. And they were anything but kind and doting, as all grand parents are. Except, I won’t be your typical grand parent, because I think I will be ever ready to dash Kirino’s future children to bloody pieces.

“it is indeed a pain to be in your ass, Kyou… your butt cheeks are sagging with age,” the voice said with a decisive tone, declaring both war and victory. And not being able to see the source of the voice mad it worse. if it was from a person, I could just smack them and feel better, but NO! This had to be just in my head.

I banged my head more. I didn’t want to hear anymore bull shit. And the frustration was getting to me. It mocked me for thinking too highly of myself, and for things like a sagging butt cheek, which was wrong. I was getting younger and younger, that crap. I was well aware that it was my pride that made me lose, and it was vanity that made me even think that I stood a chance against someone like Leonardo. But being ridiculed because of that was a different matter. It was embarrassing as hell, I didn’t need people to push such unsafe buttons. It was almost as if it was mocking every man’s pride i.e the ‘sword’ of life.  Only, it was not. Which was an unfortunate thing, because I was so fucking ready to flaunt my pride.

“I don’t give two shits about your dick,” the voice said.

Ah, it didn’t disappear yet. What a nuisance… what caused this to happen? It was WORSE than being in an old and dingy cell with thicc rats staring at you like a snack. I had a feeling that the rats would start feasting off me when I was too weak to throw them away. How else did they get do thicc and fat? They would start with the toes and then the fingers and move on to the vital organs like the dick and the entrails and intestines… the thought was scary enough. I hoped that I was long dead before that ever happened.

And then BAM! BAM! BAM!

Blood splattered out my injured forehead, making odd shapes like an amoeba on the filthy cobbled floor of the dingy cell. I laughed. Terribly, and like a maniac. It was not funny, not really. It was not even slightly even light humoured or even dry. Rather, it was so unfunny, but it tickled my senses into deep and damned laughter.

“Ah, I really am going crazy,” I said aloud. My voice echoed against the empty stoned dungeon. This was a dungeon all right. No matter how you disagree, it was a dungeon. Why? BECAUSE I SAID SO! PROBLEM? Besides, I could be the final dragon that have captured a princess or something and you have to beat me to get to her. But here is the fucking catch, because without a catch, what’s the point? The catch: The princess and the dragon’s life are linked, and you will indirectly be killing the princess if you slay the dragon. But if you don’t kill the dragon, you can’t get the Princess.

“The princess cried for the slain dragon. She loved the dragon more than the prince.” the voice commented, to my displeasure.

“These words are like music to my ears,” I said, as the blood that flowed on my face began to clot, sticking to my pale skin like a star fish. I felt zapped as well, ugh I hated the scent of this blood all over me.

As I stared into the wall that had been in the momentary contact with my bloodied forehead, it had a smear of black blood over the brown stone. I smirked at it, it reminded me of the days back in the military… the torture room for those ‘betrayers’ of the ‘family’ who tried to escape from the tight regime. What an actual pain in the ass, now that I think about it all over again. If I could go back in time, I would bomb that place.

Those smears of blood over the walls, it was a human slaughter house at that time. The torture system was intense, of the highest quality. Maybe that was also the reason that I could or am forced to endure it all now. They said that it would make us stronger, and funny, but it did make us stronger. Maybe, not physically, but mentally. I was not strong, not one bit, because the level of endurance I had shown till now was nothing, and I say again- NOTHING- compared to the other folks in the military.

Ah, those days… it used to be Grace, RK and I. Those good ol’ days, why did I ever quit? And meet a demoness like Yuriko. hah, what an insult to the demon clan! Yuriko was so low, calling her a demon was the ultimate insult to anyone in the demon clan. I apologise, if any demon is reading this. I did NOT mean to offend you by calling Yuriko a demon. Calling her a bitch was getting old, and it lacked to satiate the need to call her something as horrible as her heart… bitch is getting too common place.

And as if the voice was not enough, as if staring at the bloody wall was not enough, I heard foot steps. Light and precise footsteps… the foot steps of some one who was used to stealth and sabotage, tsk, a typical Vaerian shinobi. In case you have forgotten what Vaerian is, it is the world where Evelyn was from.

And what was WORSE?

I knew who the fuck it belonged to… and that was no consolation, because it was the so called hero of the Taebutopia Rey household… GOD, I HATED HIM SO MUCH. I would have given up seven hundred lifetimes to kill this man.

Just as I expected, Leonardo appeared into the shady corridor. He did not look quite like how I remembered him. Not the looks exactly… it was the cruelty in his eyes. Hah, I guess I had misjudged him as a righteous man. He ran a finger over his golden bangs in the sassiest way. Ah, now I know who he reminds me of! Kohei Imamura from Grand Blue! If you have never watched Grand Blue, you, my man, are missing out on a lot of fun anime.

“Ah, if it isn’t the pretty prince,” I said, as he did his hair flip. IS HE REALLY A MAN? I mean, a MAN man kind of man.

“Barking dogs seldom bite,” he replied with haughtiness in his voice, “Whine as much as you want to, rapist. Bark some more… old dog, but no matter how much you bark, or try to bark, the reality is YOU LOSE. I win. And do you want to know why you lost?”

I didn’t reply, but struggled to look at him in the eyes. Th clotted blood all over my face made me unable to open my eyes clearly. DAMN! Now that I think of it, DAMN, he would have thought that I was a loser, unable to look at him eye- to- eye, like a man. Damn, why was I always so dramatic, I certainly did NOT need to bang my head to a bloody mess. Tsk.

“You ARE a weakling, a pathetic weakling… I cannot fathom what kind of sorcery made you even have the thought that you ever stood a chance against me in any kind of battle,” he said, voice, overly dramatized into an obsessive tone, “Justice shall always prevail, and the truth will remain the same, no matter how much you struggle… you just will NEVER be stronger than ME. Hah, look at you, you pathetic mongrel… not even worthy of being hated. Hating you is an insult to my character… ah, what sort of bind do you want to keep me in, you criminal?” He glanced at me, making sure his mockery provoked me, and that I was listening.

Oh, I was listening all right. I was so fucking listening! And guess what? He was in the process of being successful, because not only did I feel mocked. I was also provoked. Provoked to the point that I would attack him again, as long as I could even try to hit him… that much was enough for me.

Besides, he was NOT really victorious unless he could chain my fervent soul like he could chain my body. No, he did NOT chain me or anything like that. What? Don’t be all judgmental now! Come on! I only said that to make my point, it is the emphasis that is important. Nothing else! Ah, shut the fuck up and read on.

“Now, now… would you go on blabbering such bull shit, pretty shitty prince…?” I replied, with a smirk of my own, “Or, are you going to tell me what is the purpose of your visit, narcissist prince?”

“Narcissist… huh?” he seemed to be thinking about it, and then he gave a proud grin, “You may be correct… I am as beautiful as Narcissus, am I not? If I were you I would question how could such a dynamic young man exist? How could a MAN be as beautiful, if not more, as the most beautiful of women?” he wrapped his arms around his slender arms, and said in a phony sadness, “Ah, the pangs of being the chosen one… is this the fate of all beautiful men? Or, is it just that life is just too envious of my beauty… that I have to suffer from such envy… ah, what sinful burdens must I bear?”

He was getting on all my wrong nerves. Because though he was being all dramatic and fake ass, there was a level of truth in what he said. What? You thought I called him a pretty boy or a pretty prince just to insult him? You must be nuts… insults as that does not work well unless they really are that way. It’s like this: if you want to insult a fat person, you call them fatso or something like that. It only works because they really are fat. Or, call a really skinny person a skeleton and he will be so offended. That is how it works.

It works only if they take it as an offense though. And in the situation, Leonardo was totally NOT offended to be called a pretty boy… what about his MANLY pride? It can be countered in taking pride in the insult, like now… because his self love was agonizing, and making me feel sick. Yuck, his blond hair and dreamy blue eyes (that were cruel as fuck, by the way) and his high cheek bones and nice sharp nose… all of it came together to form the face that made me want to throw myself down a skyscraper.

“What are you here for again?” I said, not willing to partake in his sorry show of comedy.

“Ah, that,” he said, cold eyes on me. It gave me chills. The eyes of a predator on its prey. I had seen it before, when we trained in the wild. There is nothing more scary for a prey than to feel the eyes. But I WAS NOT GOING DOWN. I had borne so much, if I didn’t get so much as a chance to hit him, PUNCH him a good one right on his proud and pointy nose, and break it, I will return from the grave to do just that.

“Yes, that.” I said. I looked determined I was sure. But, inside I was dying. From anger, from guilt and from fear.

“I just thought it would only be courtesy to congratulate my future bride’s ex lover on his wonderful achievement!” he chirped with a sadistic and bright smile, “Congratulations! Ogawa Kyousuke, you have become an infamous name and identity in the whole nation! You did it. YOU, without and help!”

“What the… fuck? HA? Come again?” I blurted out.

“Didn’t you hear?” he said, making an innocent face, “Did no one tell you? Ah… I forgot,” he then smiled, well pleased, “There is no one here in this filth, with you… I am the first, then? Hey, you should be grateful, Mr. rapist…”

“Are you telling me, or do I have to use force?” I growled. Of course, it was no threat to someone who was as powered up as the pretty prince. But I had to do something, I was too mad to care about that.

“Ah, so scary~” he hummed with a fake scared face.

That was it. I would have broken something, if he still persisted.

“Get to the point,” I said again, turning my back to him. If he really was a narcissist, that trick would work well. If anything, he would not be able to stand being ignored.

“You are a nationally known criminal now! Congratulations!” He cheered, “The damage YOU caused by using the powers of another world is well documented and recorded in the official records of the Royalty. The Castle was blown to several pieces, the debris have obstructed proper usage of the highways, and have destroyed the surrounding orchards and gardens… in short, you are a national threat now! And YOU did it single handed… it is indeed the best feat I have seen in my twenty Two years! Most amusing! Most magnificent!”

“EXCUSE ME?” I practically yelled, “What do you mean MY power? When it was YOU who blew me off TWICE! TWICE! I never used anything aside from a sword, and that too, something inferior to your heavy one!”

He laughed. It was initially okay, his laugh I mean. It was his normal laugh, but it escalated into something inhumane and then it was filled with such malic and contempt.

“Ah, you are such a naïve soul…” he said, wiping away a tear that had fallen while he was laughing. I roiled my eyes at his sudden effeminate ways. Besides, HE was THE naïve soul, not me. I’m forty two for fuck’s sake.

“Who cares about that?” he said, trotting the cobbled floor, making a rhythm as he moved along, “All the people care about is that their hero, also known as the beautiful and undeniable Leonardo Taebutopia Rey, commander of the 101th squadron… is safe and sound, while defeating the villain, also known as Ogawa Kyousuke, criminal who kidnapped and raped Princess Evelyn and even tried to infiltrate one of the TR villas, blowing the castle to a grotesque demolition. They only care about the stories of old; the hero beats the villain, and secures the girl. And that is what they get.”

“This is unbelievable!” I grunted “And, who do you think you are calling a criminal? Did you really listen to what Evelyn said? it was CONSENSUAL, you prick! And like she said,” I said, with a smirk, “She chose ME over you. And the reason is your self seeking nature… a selfish hero, eh? I pity the people you ‘protected’.”

“Huh, she is just delusional,” he replied confident. This was not the Leonardo that almost killed me before. This man was oozing with narcissism. He brought a hand to run over his face, “This face, it’s not long till the scales will fall from her eyes and she will see who she really loves… besides, you ought to die, and you are only still alive because of her. Her life is important… you should consider yourself lucky. You would have had to face several deaths by so many hands, if your lives were NOT linked.”

“Wow,” I muttered out. It was IMPOSSIBLE to talk sense to this man. He was too blinded by his own beauty, deafened by his own majesty and most of all too infatuated with himself and his own glory; it would kill me to even try to find something reasonable in his speech.

And what a fucking sly man he turned out to be! I thought I was the sly one, he outdid me, and it makes me so surprise. Who would have thought that he was this kind of person? But what he said had elements of truth: No one would care that I was NOT responsible for all the destruction. I would be proud if it was because of me, but framing me that way… he really pushed a sore thumb into my personal pride. This was exactly like life on earth. Just as NO one would give me a stupid job because of a bad report by fucking Kenji-baka argh NOW I AM MAD. LEONARDO PLAYED HIS ROLE IN THIS WORLD!

“Don’t be so surprised, you filthy man,” he continued.

“Ah, you’re still here… in layman’s term, we call that a piece of crap, which you are,” I replied with a blank face. I was NOT going to let my blood take over me. I mean, I know it literally was all over me, but you know what I mean.  Anyway, I said, “it is funny, given the fact that you ARE a self loving narcissist, you even called me what YOU actually are! Good progression! Let us move on to the next term, my dear patient, to get rid of your narcissism disorder!”

“Tsk,” he muttered, as I felt pleased. Just extorting that reaction was real gold.

“Be pleased, peasant,” he said, regaining his high and mighty composure, “That is all the luxury you shall get,” he then glanced at a fucking pocket watch. I mean it. A fucking POCKET WATCH! Which century did he come from?!  “I do wish I could derive more amusement from you, but dearest… criminal… I must go now. It is time for tea, and you wouldn’t want to leave your fiancée all alone.”

“Evelyn?” I uttered out, instincts, I tell you.

“Oh, you remember her?” he said with a filthy smile, “As we are in that topic, let me have you know that she will forget you, Ogawa Kyousuke, I swear on my Taebutopia Rey blood. Besides, she has no choice but to… with such a handsome man as I beside her… you stand no chance, you never did,” he stopped his pasted smile, and his voice dropped about two octaves, “On our wedding night… if you are so curious, I may let you sneak a peek, as I make her forget you and all your unholy touches… When I make love to her, she will be cleansed of your filthy and impure seeds.”

“Don’t you fucking dare, petty prince,” I said through grinded teeth, my face and his only separated by bars, “Or I will-”

“Or what?” he asked with a haughty smile, “What will you do? Curse me? Curse her? Curse our descendants?… You have no option but to see what a fool you were to even think that she would ever love you. She was just deluded. They call it Stockholm Syndrome, in case you wanted to know what actually happened.”

I tried to grasp him though the bars, and choke and gag him to death, making him wish that he had never came all the way down into the dungeon just to mock and provoke me just to boost his vainglory. But of course, you might have guess what happened. No, he did not try to touch me. Not yet, at least. But his reflexes were really worth calling reflexes, he moved just enough to dodge, but close enough to see my bloody face.

The little alarm rang again. He glanced at it, “Oh, I really am running late. My sweet, sweet Evelyn will be waiting for me. And it isn’t civil to keep a lady waiting… but what would YOU know? In any case, Ciao~”

He trotted off, with the same agility as he came there, light foot steps over the cobbled brown stones, echoing over the empty stoned dungeon.


“COME BACK HERE YOU NOOB!” I yelled, “And face me fair and square, man to man! GO TO HELL! You and your descendants!” yep, I said that. I was too angry to think of other curses. That seemed to last long anyway. Don’t judge me okay. I am pretty fucking sure that you wold have applied the same curses as well if you were in my place, and if you were me. Besides, HE was the one to give me the idea. And as idiotic as it sounded, it was a pretty thoughtful curse… the curse that goes on for generations, that is top quality of a seinen demographic anime. Seinen, just because of curse words and ahem, sexy scenes ahem.

I raised and shook my fist at his fading back, and I could still hear his giggle. I imagined his smug face, and that twisted smirk that could look all innocent and mock me at the same time. And it was a maddening process. Don’t ever try to imagine your cursed nemesis with an expression that made you feel mocked. You will just torture yourself.

That sound of his giggle… that will never leave my ears, I tell you. Nothing will ever be enough to make me forget.

All of a sudden, as I was swearing and yelling curses at him, I felt a searing pain at the back of my head, as if someone had blown a dart into my brain, or tried to knock me out with a hammer. And my feet were all wobbly and really unstable. Worst of all I was dizzy and unsure of where I was, or who I was, even. The cobbled floor was not made of stone anymore. It suddenly felt soft like cotton candy and plastic… like a trampoline, yes. And then my vision got blurred out. From reddish dark to a blurry picture into a whiteness. It was so bright, almost like the kind of whiteness that I frequently saw when I somehow got teleported to and from this world and my own real world. But it was not quite the same light. It was more off white, but I did not notice it at that time.

“Huh? Am I going back to earth? NOW? WHY THE FUCK NOW?” I muttered and yelled, as my feet felt light almost like feather. This did not feel the same as the usual comfort I felt when teleporting between worlds, or even the slight discomfort I felt when they teleported us places when I participated in the competition to become Sera’s body guard.

It was not really uncomfortable; rather than discomfort… this was more like a nauseous feeling; this was the kind of feeling you have when someone throws a bucketful of icy cold water in your face to wake you up early in the morning, but you are so damned tired and sleepy and the bed is calling you. Yes, it felt as cold as an icy bucket of water. On the face. In the morning.

And then after a while, I opened my eyes again. The light had faded away already. But I took my time to adjust my vision to what I was seeing. It was hard to suddenly see something way too darker when you were just enveloped in a white light that felt odd.

My stomach growled and I suddenly felt hungry, as I remembered that I had not had a decent meal ever since we left Roasgal. And it did me NO good. Feeling of hunger plus despair and anger meant only one thing: I was still fucking alive and kicking. And I was not sure if it was a good thing. being alive and all that.

Am I on earth? Am I back to Japan?

But NO!

This HAD to be different. Because I certainly was NOT on any place on my earth. And to be completely honest, I never missed my dear Planet- chan more than that time.

I saw a very familiar cobbled roof of red bricks, and the same smell of rusted bars of iron very, very close to me. I sighed out loud, “I can’t believe this! I so fucking can NOT believe this shit!”

I really could not believe what was going on. I was very bummed. And fucked up. And even more flustered by the fact that I was so mad and affected by a stupid dream. The dream of passing out due to hitting my head too much… hah, Leonardo was never down here after all… ahaha… I still really hate him.

So, it had been a bad dream. An accursed dream at that. I don’t think a dream had ever worked me up so much as that. HAH, I should have known. Leonardo was way too different and out of character. It was baffling… the dream Leonardo, I mean. I tried to stand up, but my feet gave way to the unbeatable force of gravity. My forehead was paining a little. The blood had dried up already, clotting at the source of the wound. And NO, these fucking civil peeps had no fucking courtesy to give me a bucket full of icy cold water to clean my blood all over my head and face, dammit. Why do I hate them more and more every second that passed?! If I could, honestly, I would blow everything up, just as the dream Leonardo had accused me. Damn, I would definitely blow up the castle and throne room with the King and everyone (except Evelyn in it)… into bits and pieces, till their bodies have been blown off into such tiny pieces that they are not visible anymore; destroy the orchards and little gardens. And most of all, kill every single devotee of the hero Leonardo Taebutopia Rey, Feitan style. You know who feitan is, right? You don’t? Get the fuck out. Feitan is one of best badass anime character from Hunter X Hunter. Hunter X Hunter is one of the best shonen action anime out there. And please watch it, suckers.

But on a more serious note, I felt damp and so… pathetic. It is indeed one of the worst feelings to feel, to be so pitiably weak, that it anguishes your own soul.

I knew very fucking well that my so called fate was sealed. And not just the figurative kind of sealed, but the real kind of sealed. There was no way out of this; I could not rely on anyone to hep me out of that filthy dungeon, and I was way too weak to even try to fight my way out of everything. Even if I did beat some strong and high ranking knight like DB- I mean Leroy- there will always be more high ranking knights and of course, the hero Leonardo that I will definitely have to face. What I am trying to say is that  unless I have the power to beat at least five Leonardo’s I am a lost cause. Not that I was not already a lost cause… I mean, even though it was merely a dream, it had some substance and truth to it. I AM a national criminal.

They would probably not want me to even harbour the thought of escape, so what would they do to me? What could they possibly do?

If they keep on refusing to feed me good food, no; I mean, ANY kind of food or any form of nutrients, I will probably starve to death. Or better, they could kill me in one go… easy as hell; only, my life and Evelyn’s life is linked. They don’t want her to die. Ah, what a man Leonardo really is… I mean, I cannot imagine getting married to a woman who loves another man, have slept with that mad as crazily as she did with me.

I should probably be grateful to Evelyn. It may sound corny, but I AM really still ALIVE because Evelyn is alive. And I will be kept alive as long as they want her alive… heck, it isn’t MAY sound corny. But it SOUNDS corny. Don’t be all judgemental on me, bitches, even if it sounds corny, what are you going to do about it? HA?!

In any case, I thought of my two possible future and winced. Ah, how aggravating it felt! And then, I was no longer hot and boiling with madness and rage… for a while, at least. But I had oved on to the next stage of anger or rebellion: Being passive aggressive. I ‘cooled down’ somehow, to only be filled with even more venomous feelings of hatred.

Have you watched Skip Beat? If you did, you will understand the kind of aura I was oozing out. It was like the little devils from Kyouko’s evil aura with halos, when she was asked to shoot the part where she had to choke Sho. I would comment, ditto to it.

And as I was playing around with the thoughts of my little demons, I head loud footsteps approaching my cell. The stone dungeon really was convenient. be that as it may, the sound footsteps were heavy and loud, very unlike Leonardo’s, which was light and agile. I knew that it was NOT a hero like Leonardo, or a high ranking knight. I mean, come on, no one skilled with any form of fight will ever step so heavily. It gave away way too much information. There are some people in the military and special services that can derive the height and even weight of a person by the sound of their footsteps, some can even calculate their ages. There was this man, back in the military camp who was so skilled, he could figure out the approximate height, build, age and weight of a person by the way their voice sounds. They are almost like body- action reading detectives.

And just as I figured, it was NOT a skilled or at least, extremely skilled knight or… were they even considered as knights? To me, they looked more like hooligans or marauders, ganging up on a harmless passer by.

There were two of them, both burly and large, with muscles stacked over muscles. They didn’t look so bright, but they sure did look slow witted, depending on muscle power over brain power. On of them was bald, and the other was balding. How old were they? Probably even older than me, because I, for one, have a head as lush as a paddy field during the Bread Basket years of Central United States of America. I do hope you know what I am referring to. Come on, it’s basic middle school stuff!

They were talking to each other all the while, as they approached me. Heck NO! They were NOT talking to each other. Rather than talking or conversing with each other, they were TRYING to PRETEND to talk AMONGST themselves, while making sure that I hear them, or that I strain my ears to hear them. They had elements that they THOUGHT could pique my curiosity! MY FUCKING CURIOSITY, I tell you! The nerve, those beans are really calling for it, weeping for it! I Really wat to shove them in front of an approaching train.

“What a loser,” one of them ‘WHISPERED’ to his companion. I was really mad that they did that that way. For one, I DON’T give a fuck about THEIR opinion. Second, Their pretence was only making things worse. Not only were they terrible actors, they were also terrible at trying to provoke me. Ah, I guess I should have some fun.

“… the most hated … in the country,” the other one responded.

By that time, they were already in front of my cell, grinning at me with a malicious face. Ugh, I have never seen anyone uglier in the whole of this new world.

I was further in the cell, leaning against the wall, head hanging. Yes, you are right. I was pretending to be asleep. I had neither the need nor the intention to indulge the with the pleasure of responding to them or even acknowledging them. I had no beef with them, and I was not interested in the possibility f having newer grudges. Besides, I was already poisoning myself with the passive aggressiveness I felt in my blood. Damn, I HATE it.

“Criminal!” One of them said. And I pretended to be asleep. I even did a little show of snoring. And that was my only defect. It came off as totally phony. Shit.

“He’s asleep,” the bald one said.

And they bought it? HAH, what weebs… what are they even doing here?

And then it happened, the cold icy feeling. I was supposedly slapped AWAKE by them. I didn’t notice them opening the gates, damn… if only I had paid more attention, I could have charged at them and then run away. It would not have been easy, but anything would be easier than facing an eternity of starvation there.

“Wake up, thrash!” the balding man said. He was the chief slapper.

I opened my eyes, and I was filled with loathing and malice in that instant. I felt my devils peeking into his soul. “You’re the thrash, bastard,” I said in a low voice, “You are so bad in acting, if you were an actor, you would have to pay people to watch your movies.”

“What did you say, scum?” the bald man said, in an angry voice. It reminded me of the epic Gilgamesh, I don’t know why.

“What? You’re not just a bad actor, you’re also deaf…” I sighed loudly, and then muttered to myself, loud enough for them t hear, “Stuck a simple minded idiot and an ignorant deaf man… haah… what a pain in the ass!”

“Who are you calling a simple minded idiot?!” one of them said, while the other cried out, “Who are you calling an ignorant deaf man?!”

“Ah, you’re not deaf?” I said, outing on a surprised face, “ah jiji, you’re still ignorant though.”

The men pretended to be cool, but I could see the provocation working. It was always fun to provoke people, particularly those who were weaker, and hence even if I was involved in an ultimate brawl, I would still win. A double win, I say. Ah, the happiest moment of life!

“Heh,” one of them said, pretending to find things funny, “Congratulations, criminal… you are the most hated person in the whole of Vaerian!”

“Ah, it is an achievement, I take it?” I said with a thoughtful face, “Did I perhaps steal that title from you?” And then the ultimate move: I smiled a good natured and cheerful smile, devoid of all the malice gathering underneath. They hate it. Everyone does, that innocent smile, while provoking someone.

“Don’t get on our nerves, kid!” Balding said, cupping my face with one hand.

“Eh, fragile… handle with care,” I commented, with a pleased face. I closed my eyes, showing off my eyelashes. It was not only weird to be called a kid, but it was also a breath of fresh air to deal with these two ruffians. They probably would not get the reference, as they were not from earth. But you do get it, right?

“Hah, fragile or not, you will break under us,” Bald said with a pleased face. Did he perhaps thought that I was being serious? What a really ignorant man… it’s actually sad. People like these, wriggling underneath the higher ups. And then Balding had to join in, “No one will spare you! Lord Leonardo and His Majesty will surely kill you, criminal!”

“Oh,” I said with an incredulous face, “So, you’re telling me that saving the life of a princess is a criminal act, and planning a murder of a man from another place is okay… I see the logic, hmm… shall I test it out?” I smiled, wriggling my fingers and tilting my neck around.

All of a sudden, I felt a huge blow on my face.

Yep, Balding was a simple minded idiot. But a brawny simple minded idiot. I would be knocked out easily in a simple and fair match, but what fairness? This was an uneven battle in every way I look at it. I had no condition favouring me… except my big mouth, and of course, my charms~ Don’t laugh suckers, I was forty two, who looks twenty four… so you might as well guess that I AM charming~

Back to the blow on my cheek. I felt the inside of my mouth have a funny taste. I recognised that taste. It was blood… the inner walls of my mouth probably tore a little.

“What?” I said with a pout, “I was only kidding, ojii san… you need to loosen up a bit~” Of course NOT. I was NOT in any fucking way joking. I was ready as heck to try out the theory of murderers not considered criminals.

“Shut up!” Balding said. He was the more serious of the two, though Bald was no less serious himself.

Bald held his hands over my thin wrists. It was such a tight grip, I was sure that there would be marks later. Holding my hands together like a maiden, he began tying my hands together extremely tightly.

“Ah, please be gentle~” I said with a blush. I was having way too much fun. The men probably felt awkward because they didn’t address that statement. It was to my advantage that they were bashful. “S-senpai!” I said, as Bald tied the seventh knot, “I… I didn’t know you were into… these hardcore stuff…”

That made Bald’s cold composure drop off, as Balding avoided me. He didn’t want to be a source of fun for me, how mean! But I was going to get out my share of fun at his expense ahahhah.

Bald tied my hands together, which he tied to some kind of hook that suddenly descended from the top of the cell. Darn, I was to be a punching bag.

“Ah, by the way…” I said, eyes cast sideways with sufficient amount of blushing, “Are you comfortable with three men…? Senpai… who is top and who is bottom between the two of you?”

That must have done it, because they were glaring at me. If they had technology to shoot fire out of the eyes, I would have been a burnt pile of human flesh.

“Shut it, criminal,” Balding said with a ‘I Don’t take NO jokes’ face., “You will be tortured; you will not be able to take the ordeal any longer… but that does not mean the ordeal will stop.”

“Ordeal, huh?” I said with a smirk, “What ordeal? As if I am not living through one already…. Say, when are the torturers coming to make me ‘suffer’? I can’t wait to greet them.”

“Who do you think we are?” Bald roared, and then gave me a goof punch beneath my chin, making me bite my tongue. Now, my tongue is throbbing with the pain.

“Duhh, comic relief!” I said, but my face was not smiling anymore. It was hard to keep on pretending to find things funny. My fun was running late, and was being cut short. I got some more blows on the face. It is always the face. Why can’t they leave the face? It was my only asset at that time.

And then it began: The volley of the cold and steel feeling of ships on me. Thank my stars I was still clothed in some of that coarse rice bag material. Darn, it really insulated some parts of the pain. It was really lucky.

I didn’t yell out loud, or cry out, or even shed a tear. I was planning to make erotic faces, pretending to be a masochist. But nah, it was impossible to pretend to be something as dangerous as a masochist. But, I could maintain a plain face, even as they scourged my skin. Phew… it was a relief that they didn’t use the Roman torture technique, where the whips really tore off the skin with the little hooks attached to the whips. It was a NORMAL whip and that was worth being grateful about.

It’s not like I didn’t cry out because it did not hurt, because I tell you. It fucking hurt like hell. One would think that they were junior satans, torturing me as a purgatory. It hurt, but it was still bearable. I mean, compared to the military training and torture there… this was still bearable.

Back in the training camp, they would make it so fucking hard to be grateful to be alive. I still can’t imagine why on earth did I even choose to join it? I mean, I was basically begging them to kill me.

The military people made you take squats with barbells, all around the base till they decide it was time to stop. And this was just for the most minor ‘faults’, you were not allowed to get sick, saying that people get sick when they don’t train hard enough and they would increase the training, like dud what the fuck? I’m glad I never really got sick. RK was really sick once, and then missed the mark by about three centimetres in the shooting practice, and the trainer was so mad, RK had to stay up all night running thirty laps around the base.

And the worst amongst them was the chief instructor Mr. Sakata. He was exactly like that other vengeance filled teacher from Assassination Classroom, who wanted to replace karasumi Sensei. He was the object of MY CHIEF HATRED. The day I was taken back, when I tried to escape. I was brought to the room, the torture room, where the bad children who tries to run away are really prosecuted. Damn, that was way worse than this.

A wetness started spreading all over me. And the stench of the smell of blood made me scrunch up my nose in disdain. As I opened my eyes, one of them was down, probably due to a definitely purple blow. I looked at them, I couldn’t smile even though I wanted to.

But I looked on, with disdain.

I have this talent of telling people what I want them to know. I looked down on them. I really did look down on them. They were nothing compared to Mr. Sakata, who was the embodiment of the world Evil and Cruel. My lowly view of them was apparent, I knew they could see how high and mighty I thought of myself, and how lowly I thought of them.

Bring it on! That was what I was saying. Let’s see who gets tired first.

As they gritted their teeth with anger, I gritted mine with pain. It was painful, even if it was bearable.

“I never thought I would have to use this!” Balding said, hands in an inner pocket.

Ah crap… my mind was spinning. What else do they have?

“Hey, Jason! Don’t go overboard!” balding rebuked Bald whose name was Jason. Jason? From Tokyo Ghoul? Oh my fucking god… he was so differently similar to him! It was almost funny. But Bald could never be the real Jason. Tokyo Ghoul’s Jason would kill me in one go with his torture techniques.

“Shut it, Casa!” he retorted.

Casa? Mi casa? Ah… now I remember that one time with the Spaniards… the party with us and them. Mi casa es tu casa. My house is your house. That was the first time I had indulged in a group sex. It was awkward at first but it got fun. Ah, those old wild days!

As I was ruminating about those days, I felt my sweat dripping onto my wounds, making it as sore a possible. Tsk. Don’t judge me. I have a good memory, sometimes too good, it becomes a pain.

Bald Jason suddenly opened a small bottle of potion and sprinkled the contents on me. It felt like acid, it burnt like acid. Only, it didn’t show on my fleshly body. Either that or the initial bloodiness of my body stopped reacting to other factors.

“What the fuc- argh!” I muffled up my speech, as the pain began to spread all over my insides. The feeling of being pierced with a thousand needles FROM THE INSIDE was so bad, it made me want to jump up and down, roll over the floor, kill somebody like Bald Jason or Balding Casa… do anything really, to feel something aside from the pain. The pain, I wanted to cry out, to ease the pain. BUT NO! I’m fucking stubborn. I would NOT do anything that would make them feel any better. All they deserved was a septic pipe up their virgin asses. Ah you have no idea how I wanted to tera off my skin.

The pain continued. And more than the pain, it was the uncertainty of how long the pain would last that made me feel like my heart would stop. It would be nice if my heart stopped though… they would be in trouble. The thought calmed me down. The thought that if I die, THEY would be questioned and even KILLED. It made me feel a cruel sense of joy… so, I stopped struggling. And when I stopped struggling, the pain was so much easier to bear. HOWEVER it was till there. Or, maybe I jut became numb.

I can’t say how long it lasted. I can’t remember clearly what happened after that. But I was semi conscious. A ringing kept repeating in my ears, as I fell unconscious, and as I awoke… the ringing was persistent.

I do recall, however, Bald Jason and balding Casa talking as they untied me. They said things on the line of they cannot kill me, because of orders and all that. BULL’S EYE! I was right! They would be in so much trouble if I died. Because my death was their princess’s death.

And… guess what did they do! Guess!

They HEALED ME! Hah, how fucked up can thigs be? They healed me completely. When I was fully conscious, they fucking healed me. of course, that’s just the physical wounds. The pain from the pain potion was still under effect as I felt prickling of knives on my skin. But something was better than nothing. And my clothes were replaced with a cleaner prison clothes of the same rice bag material.

“Life sure is uncertain,” I said to myself, almost pleased with life. I did some hamstring stretch. They did heal my wounds well good, it was always a better thing to be prepared. I wondered how long would it last… this torture and the like, it seemed to me that they were assigned to torture me. But after that what? For how long? These uncertain answers made me weak to the stomach.

Another sound of footsteps!

it was not Bald Jason or Balding Casa this time. The foot steps were much lighter and sounded like someone with an armour. It could easily be Leonardo, but the metal was lighter than his usual armour, I was sure of that.

And then the figure appeared: The tall figure of the woman I had faced when I escaped. Yes, you’re right. Evelyn’s precious nee sama. Hah, Elsha, was it? She was a woman of her own, and it was really nice to watch her. Not really. I mean, she was one of the ‘enemy’ anyway.

And why on earth was she there? To torture me as well?

I wonder how many people will take turns to torture me? I was like a toy… damn, that thought will take a really long time to leave my head. Why am I such an over thinker? sigh.

I went to the end of my cell again. Should I pretend to be asleep? Should I be awake? What will make the torture milder? Think fast, Kyou!

As she reached the cell, she stood there and didn’t enter. I snored softly. It was more convincing, the new snore version… at least that’s what I thought.

“Hey, criminal,” she said, her back to the cell, leaning on the bars. I could choke her from the inside of this cell. “Too late, I saw you awake,” she said.

Her normal conversation voice was okay. You know, like, it wasn’t as scary as it sounded when she was in a warzone or when she was angry. It was almost gently even.

I couldn’t stop my gaze, as I marvelled at the possibility of her femininity.

“Is there something on my armour or back?” she said, still facing he other side. She was incredibly perceptive. How could see feel a pair of eyes on her?

“Ah, no… I was just wondering,” I said, digging my own grave, “whether you are a woman after all…”

“Excuse me?” she said, voice going to battle mode. Suddenly, the air around her was all fired up, as if her aura even had colour. She remined me of Cordelia from Code Geas. incredibly strong on the battle field, and yet still a woman.

“Ha? I mean, excuse me, princess,” I corrected myself. The last thing I wanted was to get her even more angry. “I meant to compliment your ability to switch personas on and off the battle field.”

She probably didn’t buy it. But she didn’t say anything else; she stayed there for a while, her back to me.

And then it occurred to me: She was actually a bad conversationalist! Wooo…. I felt like a genius all of a sudden.

“How may I help you, princess?” I said casually. It’s not like I was a great conversation starter either. I had spent so much of my time, recently, either arguing, yelling OR trying to provoke people. It was hard to keep track of reality.

“Oh, well…” she began, hesitant at first but smoother later on, “I wanted to see you before your judgement.”

“Judgement?” I repeated, and then almost yelled as realisation hit me, “See ME? ME?!”

“Yes, you,” she said, head tilted in a way that her only her head was  facing me, “Even though you are a criminal and probably the most hated man out there as of now. I wanted to see you, to give my compliments.”

“haa?! Excuse ME?” I cried out. Was she trying to pull my legs? Or trying to provoke me? But she looked sincere, and soft… it is making me moist.

“Don’t be so surprised,” she said, calmly, “Have you ever been to a restaurant?”

“Yeah… more or less… why?” I mean, I did go to several expensive restaurants when Yuriko forced me to go out with her, for her to brag to her other friends. Ah, that bitch will never stop creeping into my mental world at this rate. Everything reminds me of her, and it makes me hate her even more.

“When you go to a restaurant, and you really enjoyed the food, you give your compliments to the chef, correct?” she continued, and I nodded, even though I don’t do that. “It’s the same thing here. I am a warrior, and as such, there are only a very few people who have forced me to fight seriously… and you are one of them. I thought I should give you my compliments, though I don’t know what exactly do they say in such a time.”

“Oh…” I mouthed. It was like saying GG to your team mates when you go into a battle in a game.

“It really is a pity, that we had to meet as enemies, with you as a criminal in such a fashion,” she said, almost sounding sad, “Having someone like you in our side would have been so fortunate, but I suppose luck and fate are two things that doesn’t bend to our will.”

I was surprised. Wait, no. I was capital lettered SURPRISED!

Why was Elsha doing this to me? Why did I feel all weird?… I didn’t like this feeling. I had decided to hate every single one of them who are responsible for my wretched misery. And yet, seeing her like that, makes me want to question my thoughts again. And that is never a good sign for a battle- mode. Argh!

“Too bad we aren’t allies,” she said, and then stopped leaning on the bars. “Farewell, pray to your god that the King is in a good mood tomorrow.”

She turned to face the cell for once, and she smiled.

It was not sly or sneaky or even a grin. Just a slight smile. But it had been so long since someone smiled at me that way, I felt a lump on my throat. Darn, she is making it harder for me.

She then walked away, with the same light steps and metalling sound of her armour.

“Hey, princess!” I said. I mean, YELLED.

She stopped and tilted her head to face me.

“Thank you.” I said sincerely.

She merely nodded.

After that, it was the same again. Just me and the empty stone cell.

I don’t remember when I fell asleep or how I fell asleep. But I did fall asleep. I didn’t dream anything, but I woke up in cold sweat. I felt my sweat cooling all over my face and back, wetting my coarse garments.

Not long after waking up, the stone cell sounded again; there were footsteps again. If my eras were right, it was two men.

TWO MEN! I mentally felt elated. It was not Bald Jason or Balding casa. What a pain! I was hoping to have some dirty talking fun again! Why were they there anyway? To continue the ritual of torturing me?  They derived some kind of sadistic pleasure by making me feel pain. It was the worst feeling, to feel like the BOTTOM! hah, just kidding, that is not even a feeling.

They were not talkative like  Bald and Balding. but they were precise and concise. They did what they were asked to do… the perfect pawns to run a kingdom. They were as priceless as the higher ups.

And one of them opened the cell door and entered.

“Get up,” he said. It felt weird. Not being called a criminal, or a rapist OR even just names… that was what felt weird. It caught me off guard that I actually OBEYED him! Shocking, right?!

He took the opportunity and cuffed my hands with steel shackles behind my back, police style.

“Get out,” he said, pushing me out.

“Careful!” I growled. he didn’t flinch or even blinked at me. HE WAS THE KING OF NONCHALANCE!

“Get moving,” eh said again in his monotone voice. it was NOT commanding or requesting. He was NOT imploring me to do stuff, nor was he ordering me to do stuff… no threats of punishment or anger, just plain monotone. It was far creepier than it sounds now.

Both the men, held either sides of me and walked with me. They were probably escorts for me to go to the ‘Judgement’ Evelyn’s sister had mentioned the day before. I don’t even know if I was nervous. Because I was angry as hell with the KING. I remembered the first time I was there in the throne room. FUCKING throne room… All he wanted me to do was play the role of a fucking jester, like hell I would.

I knew it!

I was not that bad in memory! It was the SAME room! That same room, argh I get angry thinking about it. I get angry all the time.

The escorts brought me inside. I tried to protest, but their arms were strong as barbed wires, hurting as I tried to wriggle out. They were skinny, but damn strong.

“Welcome, Criminal and rapist Ogawa Kyousuke!” The King’s voice thundered. Imagine a local god Zeus… he was just like that- a local Zeus. His voice boomed around the room.

I looked around. This room had been renovated again. There were so many people. And on the centre of the huge pedestal was the Imperial throne, where of course was places smugly was the King’s ass. A little lower, on either sides, in a semi circle were other grand thrones. Two on either sides. On the king’s direct right were Evelyn’s mother and Emilia. And to his left were Elsha and Evelyn.

All the women looked so alike, it was like looking at Evelyn through the years. They all wore calm and nonchalant faces. Not even Evelyn seemed to be worried. I was half sure she was worried, though.

“Bend before his Majesty!” The guards near me said. The two silent escorts were not there anymore. They were the ultimate Vaerian shinobis. Kyou Approved!

I didn’t, though. There was no way I was bowing in front of the man that tried to separate me with Evelyn, the man responsible for more troubles than he was worth. And, he was NOT my King! I would bow only before the law of Japan!

“He is not MY king, fu-” I began, as Evelyn’s eyebrow twitched, I ended mildly, “gentlemen.”

“What insolence!” some of the people around said, cursing my decision not to bend to the man whose head I would spill open any time, day or night if I were given the opportunity.

The King had a puffed up smile on his face that made me detest him even more. He was very well pleased with the people around me forming opinions about me. Hah, joke’s on you jiji, I don’t give half a damn about YOUR subjects.

“Behold, the man, the criminal!” he announced with emphasis to the hall filled with HIS subjects. They all either sniggered or spoke amongst themselves. Emilia had a grin on her face, obviously playing around with me. Evelyn’s mom and Elsha still looked placid and calm, and Evelyn was calm too, aside from the slight movement of her eyebrows when she felt anxious. I didn’t care, but being humiliated was not the best feeling to feel, and neither was it the best experience to experience.

“He not only kidnapped, raped and hypnotised the second Princess, my people!” The king continued, “He also infiltrated the Noble Taebutopia Rey household in the absence of your hero Leonardo Taebutopia Rey!”

Everyone gasped.

Like seriously? The fuck? They didn’t know? Then why did they call me the most hated person in the whole of Vaerian? It made nonsense. The audience was rigged. That was it. This audience wasn’t here to judge me, or watch as the King judged me and pronounced the sentence. The audience was there to serve the purpose of public humiliation. Ah, what a flashy King… it would mean the world to me if I could publicly humiliate him in front of HIS subjects.

“This piece of thrash also,” he continued, “molested The daughter of the Taebutopia Rey household, Miss Sera Taebutopia Rey, and now she is still recovering from the shock!”

Evelyn’s face changed colours. She wasn’t expecting this. It was a relief that she didn’t know. And it made me so fucking mad to be accused.


Me? ME?! Molesting Sera? Sera was basically mine, she had her debt to pay me: her virginity! And yet, I did not touch her or go even close to her in that way. I know, I spanked her often! But that hardly counts!

“I did NOT expect a king of such a large country to be so petty and even lie about things,” I said, unexpectedly calmly. Hah, it was the CALM before the storm. And then one of the guards struck me on the face.

“Shut up, criminal!” he said, His eyes were filled with scorn. Naturally… what was I expecting? Anyone would be against me if it was THE king saying that; I can’t even blame the guards. It was the King. That was the problem. yes, THAT. The King is nothing more than an IT to me.

“Hmm, your guts… you’re so amusing,” he said with a mocking smile, “I shall drag out all amusement at your expense, criminal.”

“Ha, fuck no,” I said, getting so mad, it actually overheated me and cooled me down, “I was the one who derived all amusement from YOUR wife, you sorry fuck!”

Now everyone GASPED! And I mean the REAL thing!

I had already confessed it to Evelyn and she was shocked but I was just glad that it was out of my chest or else it would have been a problem.

Even the guards were so shocked, they didn’t even strike me. Not yet, at least.

“What?! What do you mean?” He thundered. And he was very foolish, instead of looking to his wife for affirmation, he was looking at me with stone cold eyes. It was very amusing. It actually made me  laugh out with glee.

“What?” I said, “I mean exactly what I said. I fucked not just your daughter, but also your dear wife! She was so fucking wet! The only thing that bothered me was that she yelled your name, as she orgasmed!”

The guards around me regained their senses and held me, I was not even trying to get away. Even if I die, I die! I would not be sad or regretful of how I died.

The King immediately stood up, and somehow flew to the ground with his magic. I needed to learn so many more spells. I wondered whether Fianna would still be willing to teach me even with such a bad reputation.

“You deserve to die! Blasphemy!” He roared, raising his right hand to strike me , or to cast a spell to blow me away.

But Evelyn and her mother were right behind him, holding on to him, restraining him. They looked like twins. Only the eyes were a little different. I could make out their slight differences when they were together, like the colour of their irises, and the very subtle slant in Evelyn’s eyes. But apart, they looked exactly alike.

“Dear, please! if you kill him, Evelyn will die as well!” his wife pleaded. hah, nice way of saying, I LOVED HOW HE FUCK ME, DON”T KILL HIM AUTHUR!

Evelyn shed some tears, “Don’t do this father! You promised to let him go if I marry Leonardo!”

And the Hell?

Why does she take decisions all by herself? Did I approve of it? Hell NO! I hated how she did things. For US. For ME. If it really was for US and for ME, she should talk to me about it and not just go about with the decision. We had a communication gap that would eventually be a problem.

He stopped his arm, mid air.

“Huh?” I sniggered, “The King can’t pocket a fact? Let me tell you more, your majesty…” my voice had now switched too completely mean and crude mode, “Your beloved wife felt so good, with me penetrating her. She was like a little virgin! Why, you seem to be very NOT satisfying… maybe it’s just the size of you ‘knife’ that is the problem.”

And then more blows to my face, to my body. But it didn’t hurt. It didn’t hurt at all. Elsha had also flown near the king, as Evelyn and her mother was till holding on to him. Both the King and Elsha were super mad. They could explode any moment kind of mad. And Elsha never looked more similar to her father before.

“And the way she moaned-” I struggled to say, as I was down, still getting beaten. It was worth it. The king’s face was all I lived for. And it wasn’t even the best part.

You know the best part? When he looked at his wife’s face, in a way that questioned her fidelity. Not this part, bitches, but what came after. As he saw the guilt written all over her face. Yes, the face he made after seeing that whatever bullshit I just said out loud was true as fuck. Hah, that was the face that made me so fucking glad, I didn’t mind going to the grave with that face as the last thing I saw before death.

I smiled as bright as could. It was not even a fake smile. It was the only true smile I had in recent times. It was the face of victory that I went down with.

Their faces had a fear that I always thought only I could feel, and damn, it felt so fucking good, better than sex. It was the ultimate feeling that I enjoyed. As the beatings grew worse, I head Elsha’s command to keep me under maximum supervision.


From an empty cobbled stone cell to the maximum supervision. Guess who suddenly became a VIP?

As my vision blurred out, I did one last thing I had to do. The thing I had to absolutely do so that even if I die, I won’t come back to haunt y’all: I raised my middle finger.

And then I blacked out.

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I’m sure some of you still doesn’t understand, this is where Kyou’s mental instability get worst and more apparent. He is getting stupider and crazier.

And he won’t stay that long.