Bonded Goddess V2 Chapter 1

A week ago…

After returning from our vacation, we immediately resume our counselling and that helped us greatly. Our counselling session truly mend our relationship.

During the day we mostly just spend time our time and almost barely left the house. Well, we still would go out for a date, shopping and pick up the essentials. At the night, we going to Luben Club, it had been a pleasant time so far.

Every time we went there, Evelyn always dressed to kill and attract many attentions. Be women or men. She got many invitations but politely declined them. Well, she dressed like that mainly just to show her smugness to two. Because she fucking knew she was drop-dead sexy and gorgeous, she knew her body was out of this world and she knew that everyone knew it.

Even now, Evelyn was dressed to kill. Her choice of cloths tonight was enhancing her dynamite body into super sexy dynamite body. I want her dressed normally but you know woman… They want to looks best no matter where they are. Sigh. Evelyn looks amazing and deadly in her black velvet dress, the thin fabric flattering her body while looking comfortable and effortless. But at the same time, dress could only be described as tight-fitting to her super sexy body. The thin straps of it left her arms bare and most of her upper chest exposed, showing off a healthy amount of cleavage without being indecent. Her glorious round butt was like asking them to be spanked or groped as her hips swayed with each time she walked. The dress ended just above her knees, it was fashionably short but it wasn’t so short. But enough to made men droll over her long white legs and on top of that, she wore black high-heels, to make her legs looked sexier.

And she had her long silver hair into one long pony tail flowing freely down her waist and it had black ribbons laced in it. And Evelyn doesn’t wear bra, so her big breast jiggle a bit as she walked. I could see men staring at her as she walked beside me while holding my hand tightly.

“Are we going to come to this place every night?” Annoyed, Evelyn asked.

I sighed. Evelyn dislikes going to the club but she didn’t argue with me, mostly just asked the same question when we’re going there. For the reason why she’s hated going there because of two enemies she got over there (At least, that what she see from her perceptive.) and always got into cat fight with them. I don’t want to know why they start the cat fight though. The two are Grace and Marie by the way. I wish they could get along. Oh, I will tell what happen when they meet for the first time later.

“I promised, tonight is the last time we visit this place for this month.”

“Well, you better keep that keep promised.”

Then we went inside and entered VIP lounge, I saw Grace and Marie. They were sitting at table chatting. Grace is my ex-girlfriend back in military and Marie, the owner of this club! They looked great and drop dead gorgeous as usual. Not gorgeous as Evelyn but still gorgeous. Everyone who meets them for first time would think they are sisters but both of them are mother and daughter!

Grace wearing silky black gown than clung to every curve. It reached from the back of her neck all the way down to her ankles. The dress didn’t reveal anything beside her white shoulders and can considered as polite dress. Well, it still very sexy no matter how I looked at it. The dress held her waist tight, and made her round ass looks visible. I bet she would wiggle that ass when walked.

And as for her daughter, Marie. She looked amazing in her dark blue dress, the thin fabric flattering her body while looking comfortable and effortless. The thin straps of it left her arms bare and most of her upper chest exposed, showing off a healthy amount of cleavage without being indecent. The dress ended just above her knees, and she wore white high-heels, so her legs looked great.

They look happy seeing me but then snorted as they saw Evelyn. This already repeated over and over for a week but tonight, I need them to stay quiet. Not gonna lie, I’m happy because they might fighting over me. Before went to Evelyn’s world, Marie declared that she’s going to steal from Evelyn. I understand that she attracted to me. But I don’t know about Grace though. I mean, she’s my ex-girlfriend and it’s over between us. She also a married woman and Marie’s mother! She supposed to stay put and sighed together with me and RK when Evelyn and Marie clashed, not joining her daughter!

Before they lashed out to each-others. I told them to do not start anything funny because I really serious conversation with RK while giving him a signal. The girls nodded while still glaring each other. At least, they’re not going at it tonight. Phew.

I went where RK’s sitting. By the way, if you don’t remember. RK is Indonesian bald man with very build body. He is my best friend and war buddy. He is retired as soldiers and now, apparently working as arms dealers. He currently is staying in this country for business matter. I heard from him that he would return to Indonesia next month.

We sat on one side of the bar while Evelyn was on the other side with Grace and Marie. The bar was busy with other VIP people just going about their own business and enjoying themselves, but it was not so much crowded that so I could see the ladies from where we were sitting.

“Seriously, that Evelyn girl still look amazing, Kyou.” RK said as he was staring at Evelyn before gulping his beer. “You better keep her.”

“I won’t let her go,” I answer confidently as I glanced at Evelyn and noticed that they were all drinking their wine quietly while glaring at each other. When they got the wine though?

But also, can’t they just smile each-others? They are basically are flower in this place but with them emitting cold aura like that, it made people uncomfortable. I’m thinking to going over there and tell them to calm the hell down, but I decided not to. I honestly did not want to be in the middle of it. Who knew what they were all glaring at each other about. Sure, I could be the source. But sometimes they still at it without me as source. So, I gave up. I had had enough of cat fights and had been scratched and punched for my efforts the last time I had tried to get involved. We were all grown adults here anyway, and I wish they all could figure out a solution to their situation without my interference.

“So, what do you want to talk about?” RK asked while refilling his glass and pouring mine.  “You want to talk to me, right?”

“Ah, about that… I don’t know what to say,” I mumbled.

“What with that look? That’s totally not like you. When you still in army. You usually just and went ahead complain”

I sighed. Right, if anyone could help me out with some advice on what I could do, then RK would do. Because I really did not know what to do right now and I just needed some friendly advice. Back in our days together in army, RK could good giving advices. Hell, most of our teammate problem can be solved thanks to him!

“Yeah, you know lately… I-”

I start telling him of my intention to get back to work despite my new wealthy status now and other problem but RK just put what the fuck face… Hey, don’t give me that face!

The money problems which, according to me, had been the cause of everything would not be a problem anymore. Because something amazing had happened. And by something amazing, I mean something big enough to solve all of our problems.

Let’s talk about it… You know, right after Evelyn and I had returned to my world from hers, I had been pulling my remaining equipment out of dimensional storage. I had not been expecting anything out of the ordinary, so it really surprised me when I found a strange, giant box. This box is almost big as cargo. A box I certainly had not put there because it definitely did not belong to me. So, where had it come from, I wondered. And what the hell was inside it?! It was not everyday when you just came across things like this and I had to wonder at first if it was dangerous to open it. But I had to find out what was in it one way or another, so I took a risk and opened it.

What I found was really shock the hell of me. It was not what I had expecting at all! I saw mountain of gemstones. It was few tonnes of Adamlite were nestled inside! The most expensive gems in Evelyn’s world. I could almost remember when she had first shown them to me and given me one. And what had she said about the gems again? Oh, they were easy to find but not easy to get. They were really beautiful, and I had never seen anything quite like it in my entire life.

And this also one of the sources our problem! If I’m not let myself thinking getting this gemstones, both Evelyn and I won’t have problem. But now I had a lot of it, and it was worth more than I could possibly imagine.

I had no idea who had put the giant box in there or why they did it. It could probably be Sera or Fianna, or perhaps it was Emilia. That was what I thought anyway, and I could not think of anyone else who would do something like that for me. Or anyone who could have access to this amount of Adamlite.

With this mass of treasure, which was worth a fortune by the way, I believed I really did not need to work anymore. I mean, why would I when I had so much wealth in my grasp now?! It almost made RK have a heart attack at the sight of so much Adamlite. He had told me that he just needed about 10kg of it for the time being and then he would send the money. Apparently he going to sell that to certain rich country. And when I had received it a few days later, the number of zeros had almost made me doubt the state of the world’s economy! I shouldn’t have been surprised though, because just a few grams of the gems could make someone a millionaire. What more 10kgs of it?!! With that, I have became a billionaire.

But to me, becoming filthy rich did not mean that I would be able to just stay silent and not go to work though. I believed I still needed to work and be able to do something with my time. If my sex marathon with Evelyn continued, I was afraid that it would turn me into some sort of sexual deviant! So, I really needed to keep my mind focused on other things to avoid that. And the best way was to keep myself occupied with something very normal and decent to balance out that part of my life.

After all, balance was necessary in every part of life. Right?!!

Apparently not to everyone though because Evelyn was of a different opinion. I suppose sometimes it was easy to forget that she was a princess and maybe these things did not matter to her as much as they did to me. Because I needed to work and keep my life balanced, not just sit at home and spend all my money without doing anything else.

When I had expressed this to Evelyn however, she had lashed out on me. She had just gone on to fuck me angrily until she couldn’t move. Like really, she had just taken control of my body and taken me places I had never been before. By the time she done with me, I smiled with pleasure and her point had been made. Clearly!

I had received the message loud and clear that Evelyn did not want me to go back to work! Who was I to try and cross this woman, she could be a badass when she wanted to be and her favourite way of punishing me was through too much pleasure from that beautiful body of hers.

Despite this, I knew my own nature too well of course. I was just too much of a workaholic. It did not matter to me how much money I had now or would have in the future, it was just in my blood. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to have the money now. Coming from a place where I had been in prison and had to restart my life all over again, I appreciated not having to worry about money EVER again. And having enough to take care of my lovely Evelyn and give her everything that she needed. Which she seemed to think was a good enough reason to just sit back and relax and have a lot of sex. But I had to work and keep my mind active. Keep myself occupied with something and have new challenges to sharpen my mind at least. I did not mind having a sex marathon after work or over the weekends but waking up every day and not doing anything but that was not a good option to me.

“And that’s how it is… What do you think? I can’t just sit back and not do anything; you know? I need to work,” I asked RK, the bald man who sat beside me.

“Then get the job?” RK reply as he looks disinterested.

I know what this bastard going to say and as I thought the friendly advice did come the way I had imagined it too. RK won’t give a shit if it’s boring and my problem is bored him. FUCK.

“Come on, man. Back in our days, you usually give good advices.”

RK snarled at me a little and took a drink of his beer.

“Dude, I am not some counsellor or advisor,” RK said, then shot me a look. “What you just told me is something I really can’t comprehend or understand…”


“Hey, aren’t you my friend,” I pointed out in reply annoyingly, “And friends counsel and advise each other sometimes.”

The bastard just thinks about this for a second as he took another sip of his cold beer. I waited for him to ponder on whatever was going through his mind and hopefully decide to offer me some helpful words of advice.

“Well, I suppose,” He finally replied.

If you understand then give me some friendly advice! I truly lost here!

“This is the best place around, right?” He suddenly said that.

Hey, don’t change the subject!

“…Yeah, It is,” But I acknowledged.

Yes, Marie’s club was nice club, that was true, and I was really enjoying my drink. It was a nice night out with friends, and I was sitting here with RK. It was nights like these where I just relaxed and enjoyed myself with a drink in hand. It reminded me that our life was good now, and that Evelyn and I could afford to just take time to enjoy ourselves like this. No more monsters, no more fighting. Just good old regular fun with friends. The place was well managed, and the bartenders were really good at their jobs. There was really nothing to complain about.

“Well, if you want to work that much, you can work as bartender if you want. Marie definitely will accept you and she might overpay you. There, I give you the advice,” RK smirked.

“I feel like an idiot by asking you…”

“Then don’t ask me… Just like I said, your so called problem is something I don’t understand…. Hah! Well, for your other problem. I can’t see that as one! You complaining about daily sex with that Evelyn chick? Just what the hell, dude? That’s weird even for you. Hell, I’m even more than willing trade my wives with yours”

“Not gonna happen in this lifetime or next lifetime.”

“Then why you complain?”

Well, you must be confused, right? We were talking about my other problem. My first problem is about me getting job while other one about my daily sex with Evelyn. Yeah, if it was from normal person perceptive, I must be an idiot!

But you have no idea! Because I truly have become fucking animal when I’m around her! It was that great that I always think about everything else!

It was true that everything had gotten a whole lot better after we had come back to my world after leaving Evelyn’s world. My life was really good right now and there was a great improvement from the man that I had been before. My relationship with her was healing slowly, but there was progress, nonetheless.

But in return my social life had dimmed significantly, and I had become almost anti-social over the period we had been back. I was in my own little world with Evelyn and nothing else around us mattered and no one else mattered either.

Sometimes I actually forgot that we had other people in our life besides each other because we were really hooked onto one another and had no intention of stopping. But despite our little fantasy world, we did have other people in our lives, and they needed to see us too once in a while. Which was why we had made the effort to come out tonight and enjoy some time with our friends.

It was a hardship leaving the house though, and it had taken several minutes of trying to separate from each other. Quick kiss always become French kiss. Quickie always become hard long and hard sex!

I had been messed up Evelyn’s perfect silver hair several times as we kissed, and she tried to use those amazing pink lips of hers on me. And she knew I had trouble saying no to her superb blowjobs when they were so good.

Lately, I have become insatiable! Guess the lust I had for her is already surpassed my normal lust.

That was all thanks to the amazing and sexy woman in my life who kept me on my toes. To be honest, she mostly kept me on my back in bed and she showed me pleasures I had never dreamt of. We had been on a sex marathon for two whole weeks after we had returned and made ourselves comfortable in my house. I had not been able to keep my hands off her and I knew she felt the same way. Judging by how much she kept me naked and satisfied.

It had been really great just behaving like two teenagers who had just discovered sex for the first time, and I did not know just how much I had needed that time alone with her. Just the two of us, shut away from the world and enjoying each other’s bodies. Learning new ways to keep pleasuring each other, then repeating the old ways until both of us were nearly worn out with pleasure. It had all been great, and together with our counselling sessions, our relationship was on the mend. The only downside to our incredible sex life was that it was really hard for us to separate from one another.

Every single time we even cuddled innocently or tried to spend time in the same room, we would somehow end up tearing each other clothes from our bodies. It seemed as if we only had to just look at each other and it would eventually end up in sex! Even when she was not even trying to entice me, I would be enticed regardless. It was so effortless with her. And no matter how many times we indulged in each other’s bodies, we only wanted more.

And Evelyn always made sure to get something special for me, like sexy clothes or slutty clothes for her to show her hot body in. Even the seemingly innocent things, like food and water, were simply fuel to further aid in our nasty, marathon sex sessions.  Sometimes I would hear the shower running and convince myself that I could let her have some time to herself, but I would just find myself walking towards the bathroom and leaving a trail of clothes on the floor as I undressed myself too.

When Evelyn washing dishes in the sink, and I would sidle up behind her and grind my thick cock between her naked butt-cheeks, grinding into her until we both lost control. Within minutes, Evelyn’s boobs would be splashing into the soapy water as I drilled her. Evelyn would change the sheets on the bed, and minutes later Evelyn would be squirting all over them as I fucked her brains out.

No matter how many times I released my sperms inside her, I would always get hard for Evelyn, and I wondered if it would ever stop.

Fuck, I hoped not! I wanted to want her forever.

I have memorized every curve and edge of her body, every mark on her skin. Just like I wanted her to do with me. My body was hers to do with as she pleased. I wanted this fire that we had to continue burning, even though it was making me a bit anti-social. It was really good for Evelyn and I to be close and to be together, so I was not going to complain about that. I would just enjoy it for as long as I could. Until maybe I was too old to get it up. Well, it’s not like I could get aged.

Evelyn’s obsession in sex had become draining my swollen balls, and everything she did aided that purpose. She made sure to wear the skimpiest of clothing around me at all times. She would, out of nowhere, give me sizzling hot strip-teases. Sometimes, she would sneak up behind me and grope my throbbing cock through my clothes while purring in my ear. She would shake her butt when she knew I was watching, and made sure to add a little extra bounce to her step, making those huge boobs of her really jiggle. She would sit on my lap whenever she got the chance, grinding her hot ass into my thick cock, grinding my dick along the length of her ass crack before stepping away, happy in her teasing of me. Sometimes, when I was on the couch, she would step onto it and start swivelling her hips, lifting her skirt to show off her soaked vagina, grinding herself into my face. And she would often join me in the shower. As our slippery bodies rubbed together and our hands groped each other under the pretense of washing, it didn’t take long for us to get down to business.

Since returned, I always saw her naked. It was pretty awesome. I had exclusive access to her hot body. I saw her bare ass every day, and the only good part of watching her walk away from bed was watching each round, firm cheek jiggle with every step. I saw Evelyn’s bare, trimmed cunt at every opportunity, and it made my mouth water. It was such a raw, sexual sight, my hot Evelyn’s bare cunt. Each time I saw it sent a jolt of sizzling lust through me. And of course, I got to see her huge, jiggling breasts every day, and the sight never got old. Each mammoth, round, soft breast, each hard, rubbery nipple, it made my cock pulse with need.

There had been a time when I honestly thought that I wouldn’t survive my heartbreak and the betrayal that I had felt. But now, the light feeling inside my chest had erased all of that and I was grateful for the love that Evelyn gave to me.

And when she did nothing, I would attack her. The funny thing was that even if we both did not do anything; we would still find ourselves in some position or another having passionate sex. As if someone was remote controlling us and drawing our bodies together all the time. So that basically no matter what we did or did not do, everything would lead to us having sex one way or another. Just us having sex at home like some kind of animals during mating season.

Seeing her ass, and knowing I had had that… it was a thrill. Seeing her tight pussy, and knowing I had felt it stretched around my cock was a point of pride. And seeing those huge tits, and knowing I had touched them, squeezed them, sucked them, and fucked them, that I had cum all over them and made them my property… it made all the torture she put me through worth it.

And she had returned the favor. I can’t count how many times I caught her staring at my crotch or lustily eyeing my firm body or my butt. Whenever I was naked, Evelyn had a hard time taking her eyes off my cock. I would catch her eyeing it up, studying every inch lustily. Sometimes, during the sex, she would slowly stroke me, admiring my cock with her eyes and her hands. She would weigh my balls in her palms as well, squeezing my sack lustily. One thing was clear: Evelyn loved my cock and balls.

At this rate, I would fast become a non-productive person in society. Obviously, Evelyn would disagree. Because in her eyes, I was very productive. Especially when I had her against the wall in the shower. Or underneath me on the bed, or on top of me. Or I got behind her. So, I would be only productive to one person in society. Eh! I was getting carried away again and thinking of having wild sex with Evelyn. Gah! What had I become? Even now, surrounded by so many people in a public place, I could still manage to think about her in that way and if given the opportunity to sneak to a private place I wouldn’t hesitate to get her naked.

“I honestly don’t know whether I should cry, laugh or envy you when you explain that in great details” RK said in a sarcastic manner.

“Why would you say that? Don’t you see where I am coming from, really?”

RK looked up and looked me straight in the eye. He looked as if he was about to tell me something so wise and profound. Something I had not thought of myself and he was going to enlighten me. I honestly hadn’t thought he would, I mean, RK was unpredictable at times. So, this came as a surprise and I waited eagerly for his opinion.

“You, my friend, are an idiot. You should just think of the money that I sent you as retirement money,” RK paused for a moment then continued. “Take it, and finally spend some time with that beautiful woman of yours without worrying about a thing.”

I sighed, seeing that he really did not understand me. It wasn’t that I did not want to spend time with Evelyn, because I did. But I also needed something else in my life. Some kind of purpose besides fucking. As much as I loved it and Evelyn was phenomenal at it, I still needed to work. Why was it that no one in my life could understand that?! First Evelyn, and now my friend too?! It was as if everyone was against me.

“That you have a lot of money and somehow still want to trouble yourself with work?” He scoffed. “Sorry if I don’t quite get that.”

It seemed my friend did still not understand my predicament and I honestly did not know how to explain to him in a way that he would understand.   He had a lot of money but still had his business, so I thought him of all the people should be able to understand me.

“I can’t just spend all day at home doing nothing but, you know.” I explained again.

I remembered a time before when I had been a very social person. My ex-wife and I would have a gathering of some sort every other week and we had a large circle of friends. I wanted to have that kind of life back somehow, and also give Evelyn a chance to expand her social circle. So, this was more than just about work, it was about my social life as well. I needed to get out more.

“So why don’t you just travel around the world.” He suggested. “Enjoy the life!”

I sighed, why it was not getting through to him? No, this bastard just enjoying this! I was a more than capable man, with too much time on my hands. That was never a good combination to be honest, and it wasn’t like I would be going out shopping at every turn to curb my boredom at being idle.

“You can’t work for the rest of your life either so what is your point?” he asked.

“My point is that I need something to keep me busy…”

“Isn’t the girl doing that already?” He smirked.

I sighed and felt like rolling my eyes. Which at my age, would be a very immature thing to do I supposed?

“Can you be serious for like one minute?”

“That, my friend, would be defeating the whole purpose of this outing. I came here to catch up and relax, not be serious. Why are you being such a party pooper anyway?” He raised a brow.

I sighed again, “If we keep traveling. Someday we will run out of places to visit, then what? Do you see my point?”

RK looked at me, “I understand what you are saying, even though I don’t agree with you of course.”

I gave him a pointed look at that, hoping he was going to follow up that statement with a more positive response in my favour.

RK sighed and continued. “If you really want to work that much, and don’t want to work as bartender in this place. Which is I cannot understand why. Then how about you join my security company?”

My eyes widened in surprise. “Why did not you say something when I asked about a job months ago?”

Why the hell he was giving me the option now? Maybe I had just worn him down with my talk of wanting to work even when he clearly disagreed with my choices? Who knew, I was just glad he was at least considering my point of view. Maybe I could gather up the guts to wear out Evelyn too and get her used to the notion.

RK shrugged and drank the last of his beer. “Well, because Grace told me to give you the dirtiest job with one hell of a payment as you requested.”


I quickly turned and looked at the ladies again, my eyes finding Grace. She was still glaring at Evelyn while drinking her wine. Her eyes met mine as she noticed then that I was looking at her. She gave me a smile as she obviously misunderstood something and when my eyes landed on Evelyn, she was glaring at me. I quickly looked back at RK.

“Great, now when we get back to the car I am going to be attacked again.” I sighed.

My friend laughed at me. “That is your problem, not mine. You just have to deal with it. To be honest, if my wives act like that then I truly bless man!”

“You know, you are a really mean friend,” I said to him and he laughed again.

Then he looked at me as if something had just dawned on him.

“You know what,” he started. “Maybe you can work under me for now. I have something that will keep you very busy.”

I was sure my eyes were shining at that moment. It felt too good not to be happy about it. I would finally have something to do and keep myself occupied.

“That would be great, RK.” I said, meaning every word.

“Yes, I have a few jobs for you,” he replied with a smirk on his face.

I wasn’t sure, but it looked like quite an evil little smile to me. Which made me wonder what kind of jobs he had in store for me exactly. But I was willing to find out. After all, I had survived such a great adventure in Evelyn’s world, and seen things I had never thought I would before. I had even challenged someone to a duel and won it by some miracle. So there was very little in this world that could scare me, I was up for any challenge that might come my way. In fact, I welcomed a little bit of adventure in my life. It would really do me some good and bring some excitement back into my life.

So, I smiled in turn and answered, “Now that is exactly what I am looking for.”

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