Chapter 1 – Reborn

The mysterious figure starts to follow since the driver had already left, I had another plan in mind we were going to meet up at the abandoned building in downtown which is about a 10-minute walk. Which should give me enough time to lose this sucker.

Moving through the alleyways. I encounter an emergency ladder heading up to the roof. I use that to escape once on the roof. I use the chance to start running. Jumping building to building using the skills that I have learned over the years.  A large jump was coming, using the momentum to jump across I make a leap over to the next building then tuck and roll to disperse the momentum to the ground, then I continue with my sprinting on jumping on objects to move the next building.

Trying to escape the pursuer, I didn’t look back. Another large jump was coming up this one is around 15 feet, unknown that I can make it so I use all my momentum to prepare for a leap before I could leap a sudden flash strikes the sky.


I get shot in the back hitting one of my kidneys. I roll around on the roof in pain.

“Guhhh *cough* damn…”

I crawl to the half edged wall and post my self on it. I take a quick glance at my wound there is a big hole maybe a 357. Or a 44. But it was some kind of revolver. My gun on the left side of my body. I reach for my gun and aim at the Mysterious figure, However, due to rapid blood loss,  my vision is getting blurrier. A good sight on the figure I ease the pressure on the trigger before my finger has fully pulled the trigger my hand gets shot, causing me to drop the gun.

“Ahhh Fuck!!!”

The pain hurts and heavy….

The Mysterious figure is arms lengths from me, He looks down and I look up. Unable to map out who it is my vision starts to focus. The shocking reveal who it is.

“Hahaha…. I had a feeling let me guess I’m the black dot on the clean floor, but I can’t believe it would be you, of all people. You would be the one to do it. Haa… before you do anything promise me this. Don’t let my daughter get close to the table. I prefer her to live a life of freedom”

“I cannot promise but I can’t make sure she doesn’t”

“Okay then…. I’ll take it. And hey…. You know the new leader is using us right? Before it goes to shit, take him down and fix the aim of the Underground”

“Yes, I know… well then SelViko your time has come, thank you for being there for me in the times of need, I love you, bro….”

“Me too”

He raises his gun and aims the barrel to my head unable to dodge or avoid this outcome. I close my eyes as I listen closely to the sound of the heavy rain hitting me, Waiting for the time to come.  

“Thank you,”  I say quietly.

“Your welcome” *Bang!!!*

From the shot to the strike of light, one’s life is moved up to another place unbeknownst to humans. The soul goes to a white room.

Ughhh… my head where the fuck am I? Shit… it’s soo white I can’t see shit fucking light mode looking ass. No wonder they banned it in all the countries.

No roads no nothing in sight. Heath who walks aimlessly will fall, thy one can survive. 


An interruption resounds the white room. My eyes move to the cough. What my eyes see is someone whose face cannot be described, the face of a goddess. Even the hottest and sexiest girl in my country can’t compare and she was a real beauty *Ahem*, but who is she?

“Welcome to the Below heaven, Above Hell. Well, there is no special name so I just call it a ‘White-room’ But I thou welcometh you. The questions you will ask are answers I will give. One, you have died from a weapon you call a gun in your world. Two, Why? You are here well, I pulled your soul out of circulation. And lastly,  you cannot go back to your world, it is impossible but possible.”

“Ahh o-okay, I still have questions if I may ask” I politely ask her while looking at a face that is censored with pure whiteness

“Yes, you may and just a quick response to your thought. A Human cannot see my face as Gods cannot be depicted the divines of one being is too powerful enough to cause destruction”

“Ahh I see, Okay question one, Why was I chosen there must be multiple others that could. Next, you said it’s possible but impossible what do you exactly mean about that?. third, If I say no what would happen to me?, and finally why am I here?

“Well, to answer your curiosity. The reason being the laws cannot be broken. For your first and third question, you were coincidentally chosen out of the pool of available souls as I can only choose 1 out of 100 souls every 2,000 years from the start of the world until it’s fall but be not worry the world won’t fall on my watch. Oh and coincidentally your personality and character have piqued my interest which is another factor in choosing you but if you decide not to your soul will be cleansed and I will have to use my power to re-pick out of the 99 souls left. To conclude why you are here, the matter of my world is soon to fall in chaos in 26 years it will not destroy but it will be chaos more lives will be lost than your histories’ war in 1945. It is something that I would love to avoid however I’ve tried many interferences that were in my power which still could not prevent it and had to reverse time. Even if I kept trying my own powers will be severely weakened that would not be good for the world’s stability. So I will ask you, would you goto come to my world and try to prevent the mass chaos even if the chaos happens, please at least have minimal casualties”

“I-I- don’t deserve however personally this is something out of a novel, a chance to change my own regrets but its.

“Your eyes are something is unique about you, everyone human being has something unique. And the eyes you hold is the unique part of you”

“You know I had a daughter and I love her, I just want to look over her in heaven”

“I’m sorry that’s impossible. Once in heaven, I cannot tell you what happens but for sure you don’t get to see her.” 

I love my daughter and leaving her behind unexpectedly hurts my heart, it’s something that it will be hard to move on from.

“I-I can’-” she cuts me off before I can finish.

“I will say this her fate is something not set in stone but for sure she will be safe as long as she doesn’t do anything that rewrites her yellow path” Guessing the yellow path is the 

“Okay, I’ll do it. I will choose to be reborn”

“I thank you for your choice. I will give you something unique when you get reborn at the age of five you will get two gifts from me additionally. I pray for your safety”

The goddess floats closer to my field of vision and has her fingers touch my forehead and pushing me back, and making me fall on to my back.

“This is something will block you from achieving your goals, so I’m sorry this is for your own good,” she says in a considerate tone. 

‘What does she mean?’ I say in my head while my body receives the warmness of the unknown.

Today marks the day of Reborn Reaper’s eyes. The world of the unknown he will come to know soon that the world can become dangerous….