Dragged into class Transfer Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Firana 3

「Hironobu-sama, please…」

Firana went up the bed and she stuck out her ass on all fours.

「From the back…I want it in from the back」

She requested a doggy style.

Her genital is already overflowing with love juice that it no longer needs foreplay.

Looking at his thing like she wants it, shaking her ass, he just ejaculated yet he’s erect again immediately.

(Firana is too lewd!)

He had deluded repeatedly violating a beauty from the back.

To think it actually happened, it became impossible for Hironobu to not put it in.

「It’s okay to put it in? Firana?」

「Of course…! Come~…!」

If she’s left as it is, Firana might put it in by herself, that’s how unbearable it is for her.

Hironobu caught her waist and applied his penis.

「Ahn~ Uuu…a hard thing…I can feel it…」

「It’s really wet」

「When I’m servicing Hironobu-sama, I also reached my limit. Please…please violate me like a beast」

It seems that she can’t suppress her own arousal either.

(If you tell me that then…)

There’s no other way but to live up with the expectations.

Hironobu slowly inserted.

「A, Aaaaaaa, Nn, a, aaaaa!」

「Kuh…It’s really tight」

「Hironobu-sama’s hard thing…is coming in…aaaaa, this is …really…amazing!」

「No matter how many times I say it. Firana’s insides feel so good that I might ejaculate immediately」

「Please release it on the deepest place, okay?」



Hironobu wasn’t able to answer back to that strong request.

(There are times when a horny woman is scary. Well, since it’s sexy, whatever happens don’t matter)

Firana moves by her own and made the penis insert her.

「Aaaaaaan~! It’s coming in deep!」

「The deep is tightening awesomely」

「Shake it…your waist, a lot…now〜…now!」

「Got it」

Gripping the ass that draws a smooth curve, Hironobu began the piston.

Panpanpan, the lewder the sound the more pleasurable it was.

「I love this sound! It’s the sound of Hironobu-sama attacking me…!」

「Firana’s ass is really beautiful」

「No~! It’s embarrassing that it’s in full fiew」

「Then, let me look at it more」

Hironobu has spread the ass.

The anus and the vagina connecting to him can be seen clearly.

The anus twitch every time he grind his waist, it’s colored beautiful pink and it has no hair either.

(She’s…excreting from here)

It’s so beautiful that he can’t imagine dirty things coming out of itt.


「What’s wrong?」

「You’re looking too much」

「Ah, sorry…」

It’s too beautiful that he can’t stop observing the anus.

「I’m moving my waist properly so…forgive me」

「N, geez, Hironobu-sama is a hopeless man!」

「Sorry, sorry」

Pulling himself together, Hironobu resumed his piston.

Her ass is plump and her body jiggles like jelly every time it’s nailed.

Despite that, it’s tense, and it’s beautifully round, the ass can be called perfect.

The curve is beautifully constricted, just looking at her back without a strand, it’s the best as he can ejaculate multiple times.

「Nnnnn~! It’s hitting!~ Aaaaannn~!」

「When I knock your womb, it gets even tighter」

「I-I don’t intend to tighten it…aaaaaan~! It feels too good…!」

「You’re a lewd princess, Firana」

「It’s Hironobu-sama’s fault」


「Since I met Hironobu-sama in the dream and made lewd things with him…since then, my body desperately wanted Hironobu-sama」

「Oh? Then what did you do while I was gone?」


Firana hesitates to speak

(I’ll be asking since it looks interesting)

Hironobu thought, so he decided to ask her.

「With this lewd child. Have you endured it so long?」


「You didn’t do it with other men right?」

「Obviously! My body is Hironobu-sama’s after all!」

「Then, how did you endure it?」


「If you don’t answer I’ll stop moving」

Slowing down the pace, Hironobu threatened her

Then, Firana shook her head.

「Noooo~! Thrust it in more!」

「Then, you know what to do?」

「Au… I-I’ll tell you…I’ll tell you so please don’t tease me」

She faced him and her cheeks blushed red.

「I-I did it alone! While thinking of Hironobu-sama」

She confessed.

(A child like Firana masturbating…!)

Knowing that fact makes him even more aroused.

It’s noticed that his penis grew even further.

Furthermore, it’s enough meal by itself. He could never be this glad.

「Hey, Firana. How did you masturbate?」

「I-I won’t say that」

「…you didn’t learn from a while ago?」

「Aaa, geez! Hironobu-sama is really cruel! …I touch there myself」

「In what manner? Do it now」


Firana had her eyebrows look troubled

But, she knows that Hironobu is serious so she reached for her crotch while remaining on her all fours posture.

「In my crotch…the bean…I’m touching it, aaaahn~ like this!」

「Then, continue」

「Eh, noo…~! If I do that…I! Noooo~!」

He began to move his waist again and she writhes in agony as she was overwhelmed.

The bean must be her clitoris. While she fiddle with her clitoris, Hironobu pierces her.

「N-No~…if this continues, I…!」


「Cumming…! Ahn~ But, that’s no good! Together with Hironobu-sama…Ahn~!」

「Firana had worked hard earlier. You can cum earlier」

If she asks with tears on her eye, he can’t refuse that.

Firana is easy to climax so Hironobu strengthen his piston.

「Aaaaaaaaaa! Too intense, you’re being rough…! Aaaa~ Nooo~! I’m cumming!」

「Then cum! Firana!」

「G-geeeeez! I’m cumming already! I…c…ummiiiiing! Kyaaaaaan~!」

Firana who reached climax averts her upper body.

Hironobu desperately endures as the vagina shuts tightly.

(This…might be bad… but…!)

‘I want her to feel more’

HIronobu gripped the waist stronger

「I’m going to make Firana feel even more」
Saying that, her eyes became watery much more than a while ago.