Dragged into the class transfer Prologue 1

Prologue 1: Inside the dream

(Huh…Where’s this…?)

When the ordinary high school student, Ozawa Hironobu opened his eyes, he had such thoughts.

His surroundings is like covered with haze that he can’t see anything.

Only the dim light is making this world.

(This might be a dream…)

Fluffy sensation, unknown scenery.

Hironobu highly thinks that it’s a dream.

(Since I came to the dream world…)

Thinking that, Hironobu decided to stroll in the dream world.

He wasn’t able to keep his consciousness clear this far so he felt that this might be a good experience so he walked properly.

But, the landscape doesn’t change no matter how far he walked.

The situation is hardly interesting.


He was playing a game before he slept so he thought of at least a scene where he’d fight a monster would appear.

Fighting a monster and dying, he don’t want to think of pain but he wants a bit of change.

(If there’s nothing…it’s fine to have at least a beautiful girl coming out)

It can’t be called a thrilling experience.

But it would be a good service at least to talk to a beauty.

(Well, in my case, it would be the maximum service)
Hironobu is a normal high school student.

Of course, if you go to school, you’d have a few friends. He has a otaku friend that lends out his eroge.

(Because of him…!)

Hironobu in school…no, he’s a celebrity among girls.

That’s when an otaku friend brought an eroge at school.

It was a new lent game where Hironobu received the software.

But, that friend made a fatal mistake.

Among eroge friends, there’s a rule that when they lend out the eroge it must be put inside a bag so it won’t be known.

It’s to protect their honor, it’s a law that must be never broken as a friend.

That friend forgot that of all things.

Hironobu accepted the new product without bag but…on the way home he grandly fell down on the girl class next to him and the game has jumped out of the bag.

It’s not necessary to explain the details afterwards.

Next day the girls in the school gave him a nickname of Eronobu.

There’s one thing to be surprised.

It’s the influence of the girl class.

There’s a girl class in the first grade but it’s where the excellent women are gathered so they have a terrible unity.

In addition, among the girls in this school, there’s one above them. ーーIt’s filled with charisma (Beauties impulsively gather)

For that reason, the nickname Eronobu was spread in no time.

This degree would be ended with a funny story but ero boys receive cold treatment from the girl class so it hit Hironobu hard too.

Some of the boys tried to protect it but it sank in vain before the overwhelming resistance of the girls.

Nobody could resist in front of every girl class that’s on the top of the school castle.

(Just remembering it make me feel sick…)

It’s depressing if he wakes up from the dream in the school.

(I beg you, let a beauty come out)

Hironobu thought that it’s nice if inside the dream.

He has a nickname of Eronobu, but Hironobu is ero so he’s not ashamed by the name.

He masturbates everyday, he repeats obscene delusions.

Treating the girl classmates a slave inside a dream, building a harem.

(Well, that’s impossible though…)

The world won’t change where he could overturn them.

It can’t be helped.

「Heeey! Is there someone here?! If you’re a beauty then you’re welcome~!」

Hironobu shouted instinctively.

He’s surprised that a voice came out so he shouted multiple times.

「…like there’s someone here」

Hironobu turned his heel to return, then.


A slender voice was heard from somewhere.

He looked around to check.

But, he can’t find it…

(…Right. What did I expect?…)

It was a woman’s voice. For some reason, it feels like it’s a super cute child…!

But, reality is different. There’s no one but self exists in this dream world.

When he’s about to give up.


There’s really a voice.

Hironobu headed to where he hear it.



There’s a girl that showed up from the haze.

Her appearance is of a princess.

Lovely dress and a light blue hair. It’s length is up to the shoulders and her eyes are clear wherever you look.

It’s like a girl that’s a heroine on an anime or a game.

(Disgustingly adorable…!)

Hironobu fell in love instantly.

Lewd delusions repeated endlessly in his head.

(She looks docile, she has an elegant atmosphere…also, above allーShe’s big breasted!)

Hironobu looks only there because the dress she wears displays the valley.

Girls of the same generation would begin to be fixated there.

For the virgin Hironobu, it’s impossible to suppress the arousal.

(I want to push her down right now!)

Push her down, grab her chest and massage it until I’m satisfied.

It’s good that it’s inside the dream world, Hironobu’s delusions…desires didn’t stop.

But, it’s that fault why he can’t act in this dream world.

In a sense, if he had a courage to push her down, he might have a girlfriend or two right now.

He can’t do it because he’s concentrated on eroge everyday.

(Dammit…! Even in my dream world…!)

The desire swells in his crotch.
Hironobu’s crotch has made a great tent inside his dream world.

(R-reality within the dream…!)1

The glans that hit the cloth is painful. It’s being reproduced realistically in this place.

Furthermore, his glance towards the girl in front of him went down.


Her cheeks blushed and she wasn’t able to say anything.

The gesture was so lovely that Hironobu’s groins got hurt further.

(Shiit…with the fluttering glance, I wonder if I’m disliked…)

It’s the worst to be disliked by a girl even in your dreams.

‘This isn’t a convenient dream after all’…he felt depressed.


「Pleaseーembrace with me!」
The girl shouted.


  1. (リ、リアリティのある夢だぜ……!)