Dragged into class transfer Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Youko sensei 2

Taking of the panties, a transparent string went down her crotch. That’s how wet Youko’s place is, it’s ripened lewdly.

(I wonder if I can enter immediately…)

She doesn’t seem to be a virgin1, if it’s this wet then it can be inserted instantly.

Virgin is adorable but there’s also the feeling of wanting to have sex with an experienced woman.

「Ozawa-kun… 」

Thin pubic hair grows between Youko’s crotch. It’s to the extent that you can call it smooth and slippery.

「Sensei’s hair is thin」

「D-Don’t report such things」

「No, I’m glad because I like it thin」

Also his partner isn’t a virgin so Hironobu can speak without delicacy.

Youko said ‘that’s why’, it’s because it’s her so he’s expecting an interesting reaction.

In that respect, Youko had answered Hironobu’s expectations.

「Don’t just look at your nude sensei, take it out」

「Take out what?」

「Y-You know it already」

「I won’t know if you don’t answer. What is it Sensei? Tell me」
「Uu…doing this to sensei…」

But, Youko already said that she give up.

「P-penis… I want to see Ozawa-kun’s penis!」

「Roger. Then…」

Hironobu took off his pants and exposed his erect penis.
As excepted it clutched into her explosive breasts. It’s not just the erection but it’s so hard that it has the power to pierce the heavens.2

Seeing that, Youko was,


She said with her eyes wide.

「Really!? Yay! Youko-sensei praised me」

「D-Don’t say such stupid things! Hey, hurry up…」


「Like I said, that big…penis, hurry up and put it inside Sensei」

「I know」

When the meat was applied on the honey pot, Hironobu slowly sank his waist.

「Ah, it’s…coming in. This sensation…it’s been a while…!」

「Sensei is insanely narrow. You haven’t done it recently?」

「S-shut up. Sensei is a teacher…」3

「Yes, okay. Since it’s been a while, don’t mind me as I do it」

「Wait, Aaaahn~!」

He thrust it deep inside instantly.

Youko bent her body, she turned her jaw up as she feel it.

「T-that…so sudden, so deep…Aaahnu…haaa!」

「It’s tightening so hard…」

If this continues, he might release it just like that.

(I just put it in but that dream was real as expected)

The feeling and warmth of the vagina is identical.

If he had no experience, he would ejaculate just by moving his waist.

That’s how pleasant Youko’s pussy feels, the tightening is intense.

「I’m moving then」

「G-Go on…Ozawa-kun should move as he likes」

Hironobu began to piston while gripping Youko’s waist.

The vaginal walls narrows tightly and it can be felt as the wall presses.

While the glans is being wrapped up, love nectar is being secreted on a moderate warmth.
Firana’s insides were pleasurable but Youko’s pussy is also quite the thing too.

「Ahn, Nu, Ozawa-kun’s thing is hard」

「Does it feel good?」

「It’s hard, the head is standing so hard that it’s turning over that place!」

「That’s why…sensei…don’t tighten so much」

Youko’s genitals presses it.

He endured it somehow while gritting his teeth but he might cum immediately if this continues.

(On sensei’s case, the shaking of her breast isn’t that impressive)

At best, the breast swings back and forth every time the waist swings.

Touching both chests, looking at it squashed, the feeling of ejaculation rises.

(It might be a waste…)

While expecting an early ejaculation,

「O-Ozawa-kun’s penis…got bigger…」

「Sensei’s inside feels good that just a bit more and I’d cum」

「Good, let out a lot. Sensei too… n, ah, ah, I’m about to cum…!」

It can be felt that her vagina convulses.

It grows narrower and it fits the meat spear.

Gentle just like that, and, wrapping it up powerfully, Hironobu has reached the limit.

(Ah, I have to think of other things…)

He tried to distract himself but it doesn’t work.

Just looking at Youko’s breast and face rises his excitement already.

Even if it’s said to not look, she’s too attractive to avert the glance.

(Most of the men have this kind of delusion)

While holding and massaging Youko’s explosive breasts, violating her.

Hironobu is doing what everyone is dreaming right now.

(I can’t endure it anyway…!)

His meat spear has gone numb and he felt paralyzed.

Hironobu thought that it’s a matter of time before he ejaculates, he grabbed Youko’s explosive breasts.

「Ya~ So sudden…my breasts!」

「Sensei’s breasts is seriously sexy. I always wanted to massage it this way」

「Ahn~ Noo~! Strong…the shape of my breasts…!」

The breast of Youko transforms as it was being caressed.

While rolling his finger on the center of her nipples, he eagerly makes her feel good.

「S-sensei…I’m about to…」

「Naaaa! B-Big…Ozawa-kun’s penis got bigger…n, ahn~!」

「I’m going to release it, I’m pulling it out」


Saying that, Youko had her thighs hold Hironobu’s body.

「Wait! Doing it inside is bad!」

「But, there might be no effect if you don’t release it inside」

「E-even if you say that…!」

As expected cumming inside the female teacher would be a big problem.

That said, Youko doesn’t let it go, he can’t stop moving his waist as it feels good.

「Sensei…Sensei…! Ah, already…!」

「Go on, cum inside! Sensei too…I’m about to cum…!」

「Ah…I can’t, cumming!」

「Aaaaahn~! Kuunuuuu, n, n, Aaaaaaa!!」

Youko raised a lovely voice bent forward and writhed.

Hironobu’s semen was released all at once.

(I-I’m cumming inside…but, it feels good…!)

His penis bounces up and down, semen was released interestingly.

He ejaculated again and again, the desire feels refreshing.

「Ah…It’s coming, ha…Ozawa-kun’s semen…na. It’s hot…nooo…」

「Haahaahaa…I really can’t stop. Sensei…again…aaaaa!」

The last drop was poured.

He released an inexcusable amount of semen inside the teacher’s vagina.


Youko finally let go of the hold and Hironobu’s penis was pulled out.

The female teacher had her honey pot had love nectar and semen mixed in, it was soiled white.

「Amazing, Ozawa-kun. It felt good」

「Me too」

「Let’s look at the status」

Power: 45

Defensive power: 42

Speed: 36

Mana: 45

「All of the values are +5」

「This is…my ability…?」

Hironobu confirmed his own status but there’s no particular change.

「Sex reward is…is to reward the sexual partner…in short, it’s the power to add value on status」

「Haha…An ability that’s like me?」

「No, Ozawa-kun might probably become our savior」

「What do you mean?」

Hironobu asked.

「We’ll talk about it later. Rather, let’s continue…?」

Youko’s eyes are completely of a beast.


  1. Nooo, we can’t taste the virgin sensei!
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  3. Sensei, Kyoushi