Dragged into class transfer Volume 1 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Youko sensei 4

「…But, before that」

Did Youko sensei notice something? She opened her status screen slowly.

Power: 48

Defensive power: 45

Speed: 39

Mana: 48

「It really is. Fellatio seems to improve my status too」

「All of it had +3」

「The method and the number of increase is still an unknown number. it might be random, if it’s repeated then Ozawa-kun’s status might change too」

「Might be. It’s still an unknown ability」

「That’s why…I have to test it properly」1


Youko on top, had the penis hit her hole, then she lowered her waist.

The penis had inserted on her lewd tight hole, it seems to be opened.

Even though he just came inside on missionary position earlier, Youko’s pussy is tightening strongly that it greets Hironobu’s penis.

(Sensei taking the initiative…feels good…)

Though he can do it on his own timing on missionary position, cowgirl position’s timing is controlled by the partner.

Women in dominant position is what Hironobu yearned for.

「Hey, Ozawa-kun…Look. It entered」

Youko opened her legs, making an M shape and showing the part where they’re connected.

Youko’s body under the moonlight is mystical, coupled with the situation, it feels mysterious.

Though the head is dazed, the body obediently desires Youko’s vagina.

Just inserting it a bit and the penis is making a reaction.

「Ah, N, Amazing…! You already ejaculated twice and it’s still hard」

「Sensei is also energetic…」

「It can’t be helped. It’s been a while. Also, for me to violate a male student…fufu」

「Could it be that Sensei is…」

「Yes. I had such delusions. Sadly you’re not my student」

「It’s impossible for a female class after all. Still, you had such delusions?」

「Looking down like this…it feels the best♪」

「You’re quite lewd than expected, Sensei」

「Even Sensei has sexual desire you know. Now, prepare yourself, Ozawa-kun…!」

「Eh, wait, suddenly…aaaaaaaa!」2

It made a clapping sound as the root has completely inserted in.

「Ah…Ah, nn」


「Haahaahaahaa…just putting it deep inside made me cum lightly」


「Maybe, the two of us have good compatibilities with our bodies」

「Is that so?」

「Then, let’s try it…!」

Youko began to move her waist again.

Tracing everything from the tip to the root, she moved the vagina from shallow to deep.

Especially her entrance shuts tight, she’d raise her waist and he’d feel the sense to ejaculate rising whenever she put it down.

(I’m glad that she did fellatio earlier…)3

He thought that he’d let out just repeating it several times.

「Ahn, Un~! Ozawa-kun…It feels good, your hard thing is…Naan~!」

「Sensei, I told you…it’s too intense…」

「Don’t endure and let it out anytime」

「Haahaa…E-Even if you tell me that…!」

He endures it instinctively.

But, Youko’s erotic cowgirl position and intense vaginal pressure, Hironobu has no room to spare.

「Sensei, no good…if you do that…Aaaa!」

「You can let it out」

「I told you that it’s no good…cumming…I’m letting it out…!」

「Hora, release your super thick semen!」



He’s been forced to ejaculate.

His penis trembled, it’s spilling out semen.

「More…you can do more don’t you…?!」

「Sensei, I…just came…Aaaaaa!」

Though he just ejaculated, Youko doesn’t stop moving her waist.

On the contrary, she further speed up her movement.

Bending forward to the pushed down body, the explosive breasts is resting on Hironobu’s body.

Every time she shake her waist, the breast waves, making a sensual sight.

(If you show me that…It’ll stand up again…!)

The penis inside Youko’s vagina got hard again.

No, it feels like it has been erect after ejaculation.

Having it being stroked by Youko’s vagina, it’s reacting to her lewd body.

「Ozawa-kun’s penis…is big, hard…ahn, ah, ah, it’s really amazing」

「P-Please…loosen your pace a bit…」



Youko had the initiative now.

It’s exactly a reverse rape situation.

He thought he want to experience it once but the actual experience feels fun, painful and mysterious.

「Now, Ozawa-kun…cum again」

「I just came…so doing it immediately is…」

「What about this?」


Then, the moment he thought so,Youko’s vagina tightened further.

Kyuu, it’s so strong like it’s being gripped by two hands.

(Shit, this is dangerous!)

His penis trembled and grew further.


Hironobu ejaculated.

「Aaaanu~! Ozawa-kun’s semen is coming inside Sensei’s womb」

「Haahaahaa…Sensei, I told you it’s impossible already」

「Horahora, Let’s go again!」


While moving her ass, Youko repeated the intense cowgirl sex.

It’s making a sound banging each other, Hironobu feels like releasing it again.

He never thought that there would be a time where he’d be violated violently by a woman.

「Naaa! It feels good…Sensei too…I’m going crazy!」

「Too intense…I told you that it’s too violent…!」

「Aaaaaa! Cummiiiiiing! Sensei is cumming tooo!」

「Wait, sensei!」?


Youko bent her body and climaxed.

She’s climaxing but she’s not stopping her waist.

「Moving your waist while cumming…it feels good! Ahn, N, Anuu!」

「Sensei…I told you it’s impossible already!」

「Still, boys should do their best.」

「Ku…Ah, Ah!」

The pleasure makes you unable to run away even if you want to, Hironobu wanted to ejaculate again.

「Sensei…cumming…! I’m releasing it again…!」

「Let it out to your hearts content! Ejaculate! Sensei is cumming tooooo!」

「Aaaaaaa, C-cumming already…!」

To match the movement of Youko’s ass, Hironobu also did his last thrust.



Stabbing the uterus to his heart’s content, Youko peeled off her eyes.

Hironobu grabbed her waist.


「Sensei too…Cummiiiiiiiiiiiiingggg!!」

Today, Hironoby has released the most amount of semen.

Semen overflowed in the vagina at once, it became sticky.

「Ah…Ha, ka, kuu…!」

Youko faces the heaven, trembling, unable to move.

She’s drooling from the edge of her mouth and her whole body lost strength.

「Sensei…came… It feels so good…sex…it’s the first time…!」

Youko fell down.

Hironobu embraced her.

(M-Me too…impossible…!)

His consciousness flew out.

(With this…I understood my ability a bit… I have to investigate it after waking up…)
Thinking that, Hironobu’s consciousness has sank deep.


  1. Oh sensei, you’re just horny
  2. Hahaha, he sounds like a girl
  3. (フェラで抜いてもらってよかったぁ……)