Dragged into class transfer Volume 1 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Sex reward’s effect 2

「Aphrodisiac effect…Sensei’s ability understood it」

When Hironobu asked, Youko shook her head.

「That’s right. Also, there’s a possibility that Sensei is affected by your aphrodisiac」

「But…Sensei’s ability is…」

「It’s nullifying abnormal state. Perhaps, the effect of the aphrodisiac can’t be counted as an abnormal state」

「But, analysis was possible」

「Grasping is one of your abilities after all. I think it’s a convenient ability」

「Perhaps, after one round, the change in Sensei’s appearance is…」

「It’s embarrassing to say but it’s the effect of the aphrodisiac. 」

「I see」

Certainly, if that’s so, then Youko’s sudden change would be understood.

After having sex on missionary position, she turned to a nympho, Hironobu was surprised.

(Well, that kind of Sensei is okay too…)

Getting reverse raped by a beauty of a teacher isn’t a bad thing either.

「Huh? But, Sensei right now is normal? Is the aphrodisiac temporary?」

「No. It’s not temporary」

「Is that so?」

「I can keep my reason for now but honestly…I feel I want to push you down immediately. It can’t be nullified by my ability but I seem to be able to suppress it a bit. Else, I can only eliminate my desire with sex」

「But, the effect of the aphrodisiac is certain?」

「Yes…just looking at you makes my heart beat fast」

When Youko said that directly to his face, Hironobu felt his heartbeat getting faster.

She’s a big breasted beauty.

There’s no man who could resist if they’re approached by this person.

(Aphrodisiac effect means…Just having sex with them once will make them madly in love with me…?)

In short, it’s possible to make a harem easily.

(Really!? Yes!)

There might be beauties in the other world, for some reason if he can have relationship with them, he might be able to make a harem.

It’s Hironobu’s delusion and dream to make a harem.

Since he’s never popular until now, he had given up from the possibility of hit happening.

(I have to enjoy being sent to the otherworld after all…)

Since his war potential is low anyway, it would be good for him to enjoy the otherworld life.

Thinking about helping to defeat the Maou and living on the other world typically is also good.



「I intend to be your ally from the beginning but this is real…No, I’ll protect you instinctively」


「It’s because I don’t think I can hold my feelings well」

「Got it. If sensei feels like it, you can come to me anytime. I’ll raise your status too, isn’t that two birds in one stone?」


「By the way, have you planned what to do after this?」

「Let’s see…」

Youko applied her finger to her chin.

「First, we have no choice but to follow the knights」

「Right, we don’t know what to do yet」

「We have to take care of the mental state of the other students too. They’re still calm right now, but they might do selfish actions and it would be even more troublesome if it becomes a confusion」

「I think they’re unrest」

「That’s why, Ozawa-kun shouldn’t move selfishly okay?」

「U…It’ll end in that after all」

He thought of enjoying the otherworld life but, it seems that he can’t move selfishly.

「Also, it would depend on how much war potential the enemy has」

「Making the vice commander an enemy would be troublesome after all」

「If they have room to be knocked down, why would they bother summon teacher?」


With the power that can defeat the Maou, they should’ve attacked already.

Considering that he’s inside the castle, his status might be low for a vice commander.

「Suppose that the enemy is strong, Ozawa-kun’s ability would be our key」

「You mean that I’ll use my power to raise everyone’s status?」1

「With the possibility of defeating the enemy in a short period, it would be greatly possible」

「haha…I don’t want to be in that kind of situation」

He wants to make his harem leisurely and relaxed.

If the situation turned into them raising their status impatiently, it would be quite a pinch.

It’s definitely a unenjoyable situation.

「I’ll have a harem if this continues」

Ahaha, he said it jokingly.

「By the way, is Youko-sensei in favor of making a harem?」

「I can’t monopolize you…It’s regrettable but, sensei has to accept what you want」


Is this the power of the aphrodisiac?

Clearing over the monopoly and making them tolerant.

With this, he can safely make a harem.

(I don’t want to see women fighting each other after all)

If it’s like that, they’d hit each other everyday.

It’s a strange story, it’s thought that assassination isn’t even popular.

「It’s a convenient ability, for me」

「Yes. You might even make the balance of the world collapse」

「Right. Well, I don’t have such strange ambitions, I want to go leisurely」

「Understood. Sensei will support you as much as possible」

Youko laughed.

(Shiiiit…! Sensei is really cute!)

He’s really glad that he’s able to have sex with this person.

Furthermore, due to the effect of the aphrodisiac, they’d be able to do it anytime after this.

(Okay! I’m going to enjoy the otherworld life! …To the extent I won’t die though)
Hironobu has sworn in his mind


  1. YES!