Dragged into class transfer Volume 1 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Kisaragi Fairy1

 ――Kisaragi Fairy。

In a nutshell she’s a girl that does as she like.

Her parents are medical practitioners, they wish for Fairy would succeed the house.

She’s been studying properly since she was a child, and the people around says 「She’s cute like a real fairy」

But, her appearance is odd, she passed the high school entrance exam and it was decided that she’ll go in the female class.

She continued to answer her parent’s expectations as she dedicate everything on study.

Television, anime, nor manga, she endured those things.

That girl has come across a certain magazine after high school.

Fairy yearned for it when she was young, it was a doujin of an idol anime2

What’s drawn is a decent idol but she’s actually sleeping her way up the career ladder on the back.

Fairy who received shock from it’s content has completely been absorbed to the story.

Then, she was strongly influenced.

As a result, the clothes she wear now became gyaru.

Like the behind the scenes of the Idol, she enjoyed the gap she had until now.

She’s walking around the town with flashy clothes, she lures cool men.

Following the flow and it’ll naturally be sex and lewd things turned to be her hobby.

Once her body learned pleasure, she did it again and again.

As a result, Fairy has transformed to a gyaru3 bitch4

She’s a merry existence in the class.

But, the school can’t say anything because her grades are excellent, the classmates think that the Gyaru Fairy is cool.

Basically, everyone of the girls in the class are virgins5

Meanwhile, Fairy has experience so she’s a subject of yearning in a sense.

Since she became an object of yearning, Fairy went further to be a bitch.

Moving further to bitchery6 she learned the joy of sex further.

And now she’s like this.

When she was blown off to the otherworld, this is what she thought.

(Is there a man here?)

She thought.

Though there’s a boy named Ozawa Hironobu, he’s excluded from the candidates.

She might as well have an ikemen target for sex in this otherworld.

She met the vice commander while thinking of that.

A blonde blue eyed ikemen, Fairy has fallen in love at first sight.

If she fell in love at first sight, she’d fuck him no matter what it takes.

That’s her creed.

(Fufu, everyone seems to be fast asleep)

After the talk about status, they were lead to their respective bedrooms so they could continue to talk tomorrow.

They have courteous hospitality to the otherworlders as they were given their respective rooms.

Most of the students have received shock from coming to the other world and the deaths so they’re sleeping.

But, that’s a good chance for her.

There’s no one so it’s a good chance to be in relationship with the ikemen vice commander.

(Let’s search for the room…)

She pretend to search for the toilet’s location but she’s after the location of the vice commander.

She completely knows his room.

Fairy silently went towards the room of the vice commander.

(If I can enter somewhow…)

She stands and knocked in front of the door.

The faint light leaking from the gap means he’s not asleep yet.

(Even if she’s not sleeping I’ll attack him, Ushishi…!)

As she make a vulgar laugh, the door opened.


The vice commander’s appearance is about to sleep.

That figure is wonderful.

Fairy went in immediately and embraced him.

「Wait, what are you…!@」


Fairy was in tears.

「Fairyy…is scared…eeen~, Een~!」

「A-are you okay?」

The vice commander is troubled, he closed the door as he expects that it’s dangerous if the voice was heard, she was let in.


Fairy made a guts pose in her mind.

「What’s wrong? This late at night…」

「I got scared when I was about to sleep…」


The vice commander sympathized and rubbed Fairy’s back.

「Certainly, you suddenly came on unknown otherworld after all. I can understand your anxiety」

「Please…hug me even just for a while~」

「Understood. If it’s that, then…」

He can hug her to the extent of lending a hand.

Of course, Fairy isn’t satisfied.

(A cute girl like Fairy is in front of you so it’s okay if you push me down immediately…!)

Fairy who want’s it in, she lost strength on and went dizzy on purpose.

「Ah, I can’t stand up after feeling relieved~. Please let me take a rest」


The vice commander lead Fairy to the bed while supporting her.

Fairy felt impatient as she’s not being attacked immediately.

「T-thank you very much…thanks to vice commander, I felt at ease」

「I’m glad. Please come back to your room after you rest」


Parting a bit, Fairy laughed softly.

「Vice commander…no, Aizu-san is really kind」

「It’s our work to support the otherworlder」

「Your face is cool too, you’re popular, aren’t you?」

「There’s someone keeping company with me」

He has a lover?

Fairy had a smile floating in her mind.

(The feeling of making an honest man fall is the best!)

The heart and body seems to melt away.

Fairy suddenly felt motivated.

「Do you have a girlfriendー? Fairy…Aizu-san is my type though」

「Haha, thank you very much. But, we’re forbidden to have relationship with the otherworlders」7


「The otherworlder has to return to their original world in the future. We can’t do it because parting would be painful」

「But, don’t you think you’d work hard if you have someone you like?」

「I do know that…」

Fairy has noticed the atmosphere, Vice commander has averted his glance.

(This type of guy needs me to be pushy… He’s looks are good so he shouldn’t be troubled with women, push…or rather he should be weak to temptation)

If he’s a bit more of a serious type, though he’s being attacked slowly as the lover’s grumble is heard, he’s the type that doesn’t have faith with the woman he’s in relationship with nor resistance, that you can approach with a praise pattern.8

If it’s a complete virgin type you can use strong willed temptation but for the vice commander, push or pull, any of them would be effective.

「That’s right…someone like fairy…isn’t your type after all」

「T-that’s not true! You’re cute!」


Timing the turning up and facing him, Fairy has her front pushed ahead.

This way, her cleavage would be shown to the guy.

The vice commander noticed it too and his cheeks reddened.

(Oh, he’s innocent in come places…?)

Then, she can be a bit more pushy.
Fairy had her hands reach the vice commander’s crotch.


  1. Kisaragi(如月) Means the second lunar month and (妖精) Read as Yousei has a furigana of Fairy, she also refers herself wih fairy so Don’t tell me that I should be using Yousei
  2. Ahahaha, I’m ready! I’m l@dy~
  3. Just search gyaru in google
  4. I’m putting the literal TL but in Japan, bitch means slut, someone commented wanting to correct me but I want to type bitch
  5. Except her
  6. Does this word even exist?
  7. And then there’s Firana
  8.  もう少し生真面目なタイプだったら、恋人の愚痴を聞くところからじわじわ攻めるのだが、女性と関係を持つことに信条的に抵抗を持つことがないタイプは褒めながら近づいていくパターンがいい。