Dragged into class Transfer Volume 1 Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Fairy’s attack1

「W-what are you trying to do…!」

When she touched the groins, the vice commander had an interesting twitching reaction.

The situation is bad as expected he thought as he brush off Fairy’s hand.

(But, it’s not too desperate)

He’s a man, and the status of the vice commander is overwhelmingly stronger.

It could be shook off easily if you consider that.

He can just drive out Fairy out of the room if he’s angry. No matter what you think, Fairy is being rude.

But, he doesn’t.

That means…

(This means that he has that intention too…)

This is the knight’s quarters. Obviously, there’s no woman at all. He said some hypocrisy speech, there must be a reason why they can’t disturb the morals by meddling with the otherworlders.

(On the contrary, that’s how much they have accumulated?)

No matter how attractive they are, if women aren’t near them then it’s just useless treasure.

The young woman is tempting in front of him.

There’s no man who’d give strong priority in ethics in this situation.

Fairy who has a lot experience playing with men can confirm that.

(Forcibly just like this…!)

Fairy took off the vice commander’s trousers.

「I-I told you no!!」

「Just let me, okay~♪」

He only resists with his mouth but his actions doesn’t reflect it.

The other side is already interested in this. If she tempt it a bit more and he’d fall for it easily as expected.

(Now then, take ‘that’ out from the underwear♪)

Fairy exposed the lower half of the vice commander



When she saw that symbol of a man, she was at loss.

(N-No way…!)

She never thought of it. This isn’t what she came for.


It’s almost the size of a child, the meat spear2 of the vice commander is that small.

No, it’s not a spear but you can say that it’s a dagger.

That’s how small it is.

(It’s already trembling…it’s erect?)

Fairy has a technique to make men get erect immediately so she played around with the penis.

Since it’s already trembling, it can be said that it’s already erect.

(…Hey, if I don’t make a reaction the atmosphere would turn strange…!)

Fairy gave out appropriate words.

「I-It’s big…!」

Fairy spoke out an unexpected ad-lib

(Was that bad? Well, men should be happy as long as you say that it’s big…)

When she sent the vice commander a fleeting glance, he became a bit proud.

「Well…I’m often told that」

Looking at him slightly embarrassed, It’s thought that he’s serious.

(I-Is that a joke…? Did he take the flattery of women seriously?)

Considering how popular he is, she thought that he’s skillful on treating women.

If she assumes another thing.

(…Are the men in this world…small?)

There’s also the possibility that the vice commander has a big penis.

Of course, she cant confirm as she hadn’t seen from other men.

(But, there’s also that possibility…)


A penis should be big, hard and long.

Apart from the face and character, penis defines a man.

Anyway, everything can be endured with a big penis.

(I-I was fooled by thinking that he’s an ikemen…!)

That said, she can’t just run away here, Fairy was fully motivated before so she’s already horny.

(Uu~ I’ll take even this penis)

She faced the other side, Fairy stood up and pushed out her ass.

「Aizu-san’s…big thing, please put it inside Fairy…!」


The sound of drinking saliva can be heard.

Fairy took off her panties, raised her skirt and she thrust out the shape of her ass.

(It’s wet, also it should be okay since the penis is small)

She’s convinced that she can do without foreplay.

The vice captain can’t endure it anymore, he can’t speak out his denial and he gripped her waist.

「A-are you really sure?」

「It’s okay」


「I know, I won’t tell anyone」

Fairy isn’t the type that boasts sex.

If she’s asked, she’d give out a good answer but she’s silent most of the time.

They can keep their relationship as long as she keep quiet, she’ll get along with him conviniently.

(We don’t know when we’ll return, it should be good to be with the vice captain in the future)

It’s not preferable to make strange troubles.

「Aizu-san, hurry up」

「I, I know. Then…I’m going in」

Saying that, Aizu moved his waist

「Ahn~ Aizu-san…hurry up and put it in」

「It’s in already」


‘Shit.’ ‘I’ve done it’

(There were also small men like this before)

She panicked before because it’s her first time but she now has experience.

Fairy showed up her smile.

「That’s not it, go in deeper!」

She tried to fool him.

(It should be find like this…!)

The vice commander doesn’t seem to mind it and he began to move his waist.

「Kuh…It’s tightening strongly…! This is an otherworlder’s…!」


With back stand posture, the two people are having sex.

The vice commander that works hard desperately leaks a sigh.

On the other side, Fairy is.

(I’m not satisfied at all~!)

The only fun thing on the otherworld is for her to bang men on this world.

This happening to her made her lose interest.

「Haahaahaa…Amazing! For such a lewd woman to exist」

A vice commander class man.

His partner is an honorable young lady of a distinguished family.

That woman was brought up well on her early so she’s not thought to be an aggressive type so far.

(But the way he moves his waist is good)

As expected of a trained one, Fairy likes her waist being used fast and strong.

Her plump ass is making a bang as it hit, it’s making a nice sound.

(If only his penis is big…)

She thought of flirting with other men, but she’s not expecting too much.

「Haa…Ah, ku…it’s good, Ah!」

The panting voice is nice but he can’t raise it satisfactory.

Fairy who has a big penis principle doesn’t have fun at all in this situation.

(Well, but…if the he enjoys it so it’s fine…)

If she can’t see the other side then it would be worse.


The penis grows inside the vagina, she should match release timing soon.

「Sorry…I’m, already…!」

「You can let it out anytime…Ahn!」

‘Let’s pretend feeling aroused for the time being’

The other seems to be feeling good after all.

「Aaa, I-It’s already…no good! I’m releasing it!」

「Release it!」

In the end, he moved his waist at an incredible speed.


He pulled out his penis and the vice commander has ejaculated on Fairy’s ass


Glancing towards her back, he’s showing a face distorted in pleasure.

He’s sweating a lot in his forehead, biting his lips as he looks at her, he thought of her as a really dear existence.

(If only his penis is big…)

The vice commander who finished ejaculating sat down in the bed dizzy.

Fairy arranged her disordered clothes.

She’s used to this work already.

「You’re really an amazing person. It’s been my first time to be this crazy」

「I’m glad that you’re satisfied」

「It’s been the first time that I came first ever in my life」


Even if there’s the chance of them having sex in the future, it’s impossible for Fairy to cum first.


Fairy sighed in her mind.

(Let’s try searching for a man in this world a bit more)

Though it’s quite a hopeless situation but, she can confirm it in a few days.

There should be no person that’s quite serious, she has confidence on not being able to be exposed.

(Aah~ At least there should be a man that came with Fairy on this otherworld)

She’d have her way to have sex with that man ;

(Huh? Speaking of…)

She noticed one person.
Fairy remembered a certain man.



  1. It’s supper effective, vice commander use harden, It’s not very effective
  2. Penis